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Monanieba CD1

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"Georgia-Film" Studio
The concluding film of a trilogy:
"A Prayer", "The Wishing Tree", "Repentance"
Written by
Directed by Tenghiz ABULADZE
Director of Photography Mikhail AGRANOVICH
Production Designer Georgy MIKELADZE
Musical Supervision Nana DZANELIDZE
Musical pieces
by classical composers are used in this film
Avtandil MAKHARADZE as Varlam Aravidze, Abel Aravidze
lya NINIDZE as Guliko Merab NINIDZE as Tornike
Zeinab BOTSVADZE as Ketevan Barateli Ketevan ABULADZE as Nino Barateli
Edisher GIORGOBIANI as Sandro Barateli
Kakhi KAVSADZE as Mikhail Korisheli Nino ZAKARIADZE as Yelena Korisheli
Nato OCHIGAVA as Ketevan Barateli (as a child)
Dato KEMKHADZE as Abel Aravidze (as a child)
What a splendid cake, my dear Keto!
Thank you.
Oh, God! What a misfortune!
What happened, Apollon?
What a great man we have lost!
Oh, my God... Oh, God!
Was he your relative?
More than a relative!
He was my closest friend.
Lucky you!
This is the end to my luck! My dear Varlam is gone!
And still you"re lucky to have known such a man.
We"ll never have a mayor as good as he was.
I hope you do well in your studies?
What a man we have lost! What a great loss!
What a painful word, "death"! What a painful word!
My condolences.
By the way, why is he not buried in the pantheon?
He must have not wanted it himself?
Good for Varlam, he was known for his modesty.
Thank you.
I commiserate with you over your loss.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Varlam is not dead, no!
His soul is here, over us, it"s hovering in the air.
Tseretso is here.
Pull yourselves together!
Thank you very much, patron. I appreciate it.
Hurray for our benefactor Tseretso! Let"s give him a round of applause!
Ladies and gentlemen!
In a few minutes
the parting bell will ring
and we"ll commit to the earth
the remains of a great son of his motherland, a man of a lofty soul,
a bright mind and a kind heart,
loved by everyone,
our highly esteemed Varlam Aravidze.
I think many of you have taken notice of the highly emotional
and wise inscription on the wreath from the friends of the deceased.
"One dead man is sometimes better than a thousand live ones."
Our dear Varlam had many virtues,
it"s hard to enumerate them all.
He had an extraordinary gift
to turn his enemy into his friend, and his friend into his enemy.
Indeed, this is a quality of the chosen!
A coffin, like a smorgasbord,
stands in a spacious vault.
And faces grow dim in a faded mirror.
But there"s no death,
only a somersault of sinful flesh
and agonizing fear.
May you rest in peace, indefatigable toiler!
Rest in peace in your native earth.
He"ll be gone, another"ll come into this blooming world.
Why didn"t your sweetheart honor the funeral with her presence?
Don"t say nonsense.
Though everything went off well even without her.
Shut up, will you?
My dear boy! My poor orphan!
Poor Abel...
What"s the matter with you? Stop clowning, it"s enough.
Why is this portrait here?
Why is he howling, damn it?
Don"t get up, l"ll go and look.
What"s the matter? What"s wrong?
Lt"s Varlam over there! Don"t go there, Abel!
Don"t come near, Abel!
- Varlam! - What?
The corpse.
- Arrest him. - Yes.
Who saw him first?
How are you, esteemed Guliko? When did you see him first?
I woke up this morning and saw him, poor thing, propped up against a tree.
- We"ll have to arrest the deceased. - What do you mean, to arrest?
We need it for the inquiry.
In an hour you"ll have your dear Varlam back safe and sound.
Go ahead, then.
But do it in gloves.
What times we"re living in... They arrested Varlam himself.
- Well? - Have you been there?
- I have. - And what?
They didn"t receive me.
Someone had forestalled us.
My highly esteemed neighbor Abel!
Did you really hope they would help you?
What else can I do?
- Why is he butting in? - He"s a fool.
Listen to my advice:
Put an iron cage on the grave,
with a lock on the door, close it, just like that,
put the key in your pocket, and that"s it, let them dig then.
The lion"s in the cage. Let anyone try to touch him.
Even pharaohs never had such pyramids.
Your group goes behind that grave!
Don"t make a step without my command, l"m in charge here!
And you move over here.
No smoking, no talking, keep your eyes and ears open!
Take your positions! Move!
Abel, the prefect himself is overseeing the operation.
Yes, he"s a warm-hearted man, he did not abandon me in my time of misery.
Abel, do you see those brightly lit windows beyond the cemetery?
- Yes, I do. - My relative lives there.
When he learned that we"d be at a stone"s throw from his house,
he had prepared a royal feast.
He"ll be offended if we don"t pay him a visit.
You want us to leave the grave?
No one will show up before midnight. If anything, the guards will call us.
- I don"t know. Ask the prefect. - So you"re for it? L"ll be back.
- Philip. Meliton. - Yes, sir!
Do you see that house, with a big lamp in the window?
Yes, sir!
We"re going there.
If anything happens, call us right away. Is it clear?
Yes, sir!
- When did you give up drinking? - Yesterday.
Yesterday? O Lord, may my friend Philip"s soul rest in peace.
Enough, or you"ll drop dead!
Boring life is not worth living.
Drink, sleep off, and drink again!
I beg your pardon, dear sir! One can"t do it here!
What a poet he was, eh? The king of poets!
Halt! Don"t move! Or l"ll fire!
L"m going to strangle you, bastard!
Let me go! Let go of me!
So it"s you who"s desecrating our grave, scoundrel?
Just let loose the dogs on him!
Good Lord, it"s a woman!
Defendant Barateli!
During the preliminary investigation you confessed that
you had thrice dug up the deceased and carried him to the family"s house.
Do you confirm that fact and do you plead guilty?
I confirm the fact, but I don"t plead guilty.
But you did plead guilty during the investigation.
It"s a lie, I never pleaded guilty during the investigation.
Is that your spade?
Yes, I dug up the deceased with this spade.
But where"s the bullet which was extracted from my arm?
- So you did dig up the deceased? - Yes.
That"s what you"re guilty of, that"s the fact of the crime.
Yes, I dug him up from the grave, but I don"t plead guilty.
Be seated.
Please, be seated and observe the court order.
The trial has already taken place and the verdict has been passed!
Sit down!
As long as I live Varlam Aravidze will not rest in the ground.
This verdict is final, without appeal.
For it was pronounced by Providence to both of us: Aravidze and me.
I will dig him up three hundred times, notjust three!
Sit down!
Your Honour, the defendant is agitated, it"s only natural.
May I have the floor?
The counselor for defense may speak.
Your Honour, dear citizens!
Today we"re dealing with an unprecedented case.
The deceased had been thrice dug up from his grave. Three times!
It is an indisputable fact that the motive was not robbery:
The valuables buried with the deceased had not been touched.
What was it then? What was the motive of the crime?
I tried to talk to the defendant, but she refused to speak.
Therefore, we"ll have to conduct both a hearing and an investigation,
and, certainly, pass the verdict, right here.
That"s why I ask this court to listen carefully to the defendant.
The defendant may speak.
Of course, all of you wonder why l"m persecuting the deceased.
It is the last thing I would want,
settling a score with a dead man.
Vengeance doesn"t bring me any joy.
It"s my misfortune.
My cross.
But there"s no other way for me.
So, who is Varlam Aravidze?
I was eight years old when he became our mayor.
Shortly before his death, Einstein raised his voice
for the last time to tell the world of the tragedy of a modern scientist.
This was his testament:
"The fate of a modern scientist is tragic.
His inspiration leads him to clarity and inner independence.
By almost superhuman efforts
he had forged a weapon of his own social enslavement
and destruction of his personality.
The situation even reached a point
where the political authorities had muzzled him.
Has the time really passed
when the scientist"s intellectual freedom and independent research
could enlighten and enrich people"s lives?
Has he forgotten, in his blind quest for the scientific truth,
about his moral responsibility before humanity and about his honour?
Our world is under threat of a crisis
the scope of which seems not to be realized by those in authority...
The released power of the atom changed everything but our way of thinking,
and thus we keep sliding down to a catastrophe never seen heretofore.
For the mankind to survive, we have to learn to think in a new way.
The most difficult task of our time is to avert this threat.
At this decisive moment,
l"ll be appealing to you with all my feeble capacity."
Our program "The world"s great thinkers: Albert Einstein" is over.
Now listen to a concert of light music.
The vibration has damaged not only the frescos.
There are cracks in the walls of the church.
If it goes on this way,
the church will collapse.
By the way, the church stands on piles.
We ask you to immediately stop laboratory experiments in the church
and put up as soon as possible a new building
for the research institute.
You mean to say that you"re against science and progress?
We"re against the science that destroys ancient monuments.
Esteemed Varlam!
Only you, as the town"s mayor, can save that church.
We count on your help.
Doksopulo, what was that church directive about?
Lt"s about a dilapidated church.
- Who says it"s dilapidated? - It"s almost ruined.
Almost. You hear that? Almost!
The building is almost ruined,
it"s the nidus of infection.
There"re snakes and lizards breeding in its foundation.
No one attends your church anymore.
Long past are the times when people were being told that God created man.
The fact that we all had descended from a monkey was concealed.
That"s why it"s been decided to pull the church down and on that place...
Wait, Doksopulo!
Esteemed Doksopulo!
The Church of the Mother of God
is one of the greatest monuments of early Christianity.
A cultural monument!
Demolishing it means
cutting off the life-giving roots
that nourish and spiritually enrich our people.
Then throw into fire the works of Rustaveli and Dante!
Stop playing Bach, Beethoven, Verdi!
Let"s demolish the St. Peter Church, Notre Dame, Svetitskhoveli...
Esteemed Varlam!
Our church used to have some unique relics.
Through centuries our ancestors had protected them up to this day.
But they"ve been lost without a trace.
Now the building is collapsing.
But we...
Doksopulo, give me the text of my directive on the laboratory.
Look what"s written here:
"I deem appropriate the construction of a new building of the laboratory.
However, in view of lack of funds, we should temporarily abstain from it."
You see, we"re concerned, too.
But it seems we can"t put it off any longer, you have convinced me.
Doksopulo! Do you have a mother?
- How old is she? - Very old.
Aren"t you supposed to take care of her?
The same goes for that church, the monument of the 6th century,
our pride and our history.
A son should never leave his sick mother without care.
Remember it well.
We should be grateful to these noble people
for opening up our eyes, for telling us the truth.
I give you my word that I won"t spare any effort to solve this problem.
And the experiments, as far as I know, are conducted at a minimal capacity.
It will go on this way until the new building is erected.
If the high voltage installations work at a full capacity,
not only the church, but the whole town will blow up.
What did you say?
L"m destroying this document in your presence.
You can go.
- What else can I do for you? - That"s all, thank you.
Then let"s clarify some biographical details.
The biographies of esteemed Miriam and esteemed Mosse,
those representatives of blue blood, are well known to me.
As for esteemed Sandro, l"m interested in just one fact.
Dear Sandro!
Have you ever heard of a Tarasi Taraskaneli?
Of course, I have. Tarasi Taraskaneli is my great-great-grandfather.
It turns out we have a common forefather.
L"m also a descendant of Tarasi Taraskaneli.
- In what way? - Yes, yes, I am.
But we"ll talk about it later. Now you"d better tell me this.
You live on the town square in a two-story house, don"t you?
During the ceremony a girl was blowing soap-bubbles from the window.
Was that your apartment?
I see everything, I notice everything.
So beware of me, be careful.
Though, this is no time forjoking. As a matter of fact, this is life.
Some blow soap-bubbles, others prosecute the enemies of the people.
You artists are burning with creativity.
Paupers are begging, murderers are killing, whores, pardon, are whoring.
But is that normal?
Is that normal?!
This is how it used to be, but it will never be this way again.
We"ll turn our town into Paradise!
With your help, my dear people, with your assistance.
The audience is over.
Perhaps Aravidze doesn"t know about it?
Why did they arrest those old people, can you explain it?
Some spies!
They"re not guilty of anything.
Of course, it"s because of the church.
Calm down.
That"s his revenge for having to tear his directive.
L"ll go to him, he must set the old people free immediately,
or let him arrest me, too!
Calm down, dear Sandro. What do you have to do with it?
I took them to Aravidze, l"m to blame for their arrest, it"s the church...
- It"s not because of the church. - Why, then?
- I don"t know. - You don"t know?
Sandro, you must calm down.
I promise you, l"ll do my best.
Varlam will look into it and report to me.
What is there to look into? What?
Lt"s not fair, Sandro. What do you want from Aravidze?
He wasn"t here...
Stop your ravings.
Go home and let me deal with it...
Yes, Varlam.
Varlam, we should use discretion in such matters.
No. Yes. Of course.
Thank you. Goodbye.
You"re a strange man, Sandro.
A real crank.
Varlam looked into it and set them free.
What do you say now?
I don"t know if Sandro Barateli can be compared to the great Botticelli,
but I know that Nino Barateli looks like Botticelli"s heavenly Madonnas.
I hope I didn"t scare you, lovely Nino?
One kisses hands of common mortals,
as for goddesses and saints, one ought to bow down to them.
Dear Nino, l"ve heard so much about you,
about the artist Sandro Barateli and his beautiful wife.
I have dreamed of meeting you and seeing your pictures.
But Mikhail and Yelena kept me waiting...
That"s slander, esteemed Varlam.
It"s you who is constantly busy, especially lately.
Dear Sandro, l"d like to apologize for my zealous assistants.
L"m glad you so timely stood up for the unfairly punished old people.
- How long had they been there? - For 24 hours.
- Poor things must have been scared? - Not much, they"re not easily scared.
Well, they"re the old guard, right? Esteemed Mosse, beautiful Miriam.
And this is the most important member of the family, Keti Barateli.
Dear Keti!
Dear Keti, please!
Thank you.
Keti, take Abel to your room to play.
Sandro has already met our esteemed Kaiosro Doksopulo.
As for Geno Rictafelov...
his name sounds like rictafela, a children"s game of tagging.
It"s a piece of wood to tap a stick with.
Anyway, both of my companions are first-rate singers.
That"s a talent, too, my dear hostess.
Forgive us for being a little tipsy,
we talk too much, we sing, we even stumble a bit.
We won"t bother you for long.
Any of your works can do credit to the world"s finest museums.
Excuse me, Nino.
That"s the kind of painting we need:
Serious, thoughtful, profound.
Dear Sandro!
Is it really impossible
that our contemporaries would have
such spiritually inspired faces,
instead of the stereotyped, soulless physiognomies, all looking alike?
Why can"t we paint a toiling woman as a Madonna?
What could be more beautiful than a working person? Nothing!
Although you"ll have a lot of antagonists, isn"t it so, Yelena?
Of course, it"s absolutely true.
They will say: "What do we need this art for?
This is just chamber art, fit for a boudoir.
In fact, it"s escapism."
And I would say to them:
"Sometimes escapism
means plunging into the greater reality.
Our people need the great reality."
Though, do you know how our enemies may interpret it?
As a call to anarchy. Yes, yes, to all-out anarchy.
And who is this?
Very good, Sandro, very good!
And here"s our Nino. Splendid work!
It would be interesting to look into their brains. What"s going on there?
Dear Sandro, at least they"re literate.
And what ignoramuses I have to deal with in my line of duty!
- Isn"t that true, dear Yelena? - Absolutely true.
Today we need to have beside us the artists exactly like you.
You have a great mission.
We must enlighten the people, elevate their cultural level.
Dear Varlam!
Do you think that I, with my paintings,
or you, by your efforts,
can enlighten the people that had created "The Knight in a Tiger"s Skin"?
The people can be enlightened only by a spiritual pastor.
A moral hero.
Modesty is a virtue.
You"re right, Sandro, l"m not a spiritual pastor.
But have a little patience, do not hasten us.
Give us some time. A hero is born by his time.
Perhaps the time of trial will come soon, both for you and me.
What was Christ tortured for?
He was tortured for the truth.
Don"t be afraid, Christ isn"t dead.
He rose from the dead and flew to the sky, like a bird. He"s in the sky.
There"re only kind people there. Evil people cannot get there.
- Why not? - The evil ones are heavy.
- Why are they heavy? - You don"t know? Because of sins.
And a kind person"s soul is pure and light as a bird, it can easily fly.
- How do you know it? - My mother told me.
You know, this is a miracle-working crucifix.
If you ask it for something before going to sleep or during the new moon,
everything will come true.
- Everything? - Yes, everything.
Really? Everything will come true?
Can it revive my mother?
You have no mother?
Your mother loves you.
She"s alive, she"s in Heaven, with angels, and she"s looking at you.
She"s thinking about you.
- Nino, come here for a minute! - Coming!
We have to go, it"s time for the child to go to bed.
L"m going to ask your dad to let you stay here for a while.
Uncle Varlam, may Abel stay for a minute?
- For a minute, he may. - Thank you.
But only for one minute.
Esteemed Varlam, will you sing again?
Sing something else, please.
Don"t refuse, please, dear Varlam!
With great pleasure.
Tired with all these, for restful death I cry,
As, to behold desert a beggar born,
And needy nothing trimm"d in jollity,
And purest faith unhappily forsworn,
And gilded honour shamefully misplaced,
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disabled,
And art made tongue-tied by authority,
And folly, doctor-like, controlling skill,
And simple truth miscall"d simplicity,
And captive good attending captain ill.
William Shakespeare. Sonnet 66.
A regimen is a regimen.
Abel, allez-hop!
L"ll come to see you again.
Mommy, he galloped off!
A comedian. A clown.
Excuse me, Nino, it"s me again.
My silly boy took your crucifix. He says Keti gave it to him.
He believes this thing will revive his mommy. L"m glad I noticed it.
Take care of it, this is a very valuable thing.
Lovely Nino.
Will you include me in the list of your admirers?
- What is it? - I saw an awful dream, Sandro.
Let"s leave this town, let"s go to some faraway place.
As far from here as possible.
If they want to, they"ll find us wherever we are.
Oh God! That was exactly my dream! What are we going to do?
Nino, you remind me of the hare that is running like mad.
"Where are you running?" he"s asked.
"They"re hunting the wolves," he says.
"What do you have to do with it?"
"If they catch me, l"ll never prove l"m not a wolf."
My little wimp!
Sandro, that"s them. Sandro...
l"m sure that"s them!
Peace onto this house. Are you Sandro Barateli?
You"ll have to come with us.
As you wish.
Hello, esteemed Mikhail.
On what grounds did you arrest Sandro Barateli yesterday?
What is this?
Read it.
"The daub of some so-called painters has lately taken on
the characteristics of individualism.
That conceited hooligan of an artist...
He is connected to anarchist poets.
The other day, in a circle of his fellow artists he publicly threatened
to cut off, with his grandfather"s dagger, the arm of anyone
who would dare to even touch the Church of the Mother of God.
We wonder who is patronizing
this maniac by organizing his personal exhibitions?
The art of anarchist Barateli is a disgrace to our culture.
It is dangerous for our society.
If you don"t deal with this shady character,
we will appeal to the appropriate organs!
A group of artists."
And this letter was the reason for Barateli"s arrest?
L"m asking you.
You arrested him because of that rubbish, that filth?
The nation"s real enemies are those who wrote this.
They simply ran amok. It"s outrageous!
Barateli is my friend.
Moreover, he is my pupil, and l"m proud of him.
You mean to say that my friend...
and my pupil is an enemy?
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