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Monanieba CD2

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I understand, but this is not an argument for the letter"s authors.
Maybe the artist"s talent isn"t a strong argument for them either?
They have in mind his stand.
What are you talking about? Talent is kindness, and that"s already a stand!
I understand that Sandro Barateli is your friend and pupil.
By the way, do you know that he"s my relative?
No... I didn"t know that.
Even a close relative.
Write a protest, esteemed Mikhail.
Barateli is arrested, but he"s not convicted.
I was just executing the people"s will, masses stand behind that letter.
And each word coming from the masses is the holy of holies for me.
Write a protest, esteemed Mikhail.
To write a protest?
Yes, I have nothing against it.
Wait, wait... What do you mean, "nothing against it"?
What can you possibly have against the truth?
The truth? Nothing.
Well, l"ll write it!
Go ahead, write it. But take that letter into account, too.
What does that letter, that filth have to do with it?
That provocation?!
Not a provocation, but a document registered in thousands of places.
- I don"t care where it"s registered. - You"re wrong, esteemed Mikhail.
It"s my duty to take the position of the majority, for the majority decides.
What majority? What are you talking about?
One man of reason outweighs a thousand idiots.
I understand that you"re talking about me.
Stand up for him. Defending one person is not such a big deal.
But remember, as the letter"s authors see it, you"re protecting the enemy.
Yes, your friend and my relative is our enemy now.
And we are his victims.
Who is the enemy?
Who is the enemy?!
Children go ahead of the line, children ahead of the line.
Let us through, let us through.
Children ahead of the line!
- Baakashvili. - Your document.
The parcel is accepted.
Koreli, Elizbar.
Exiled without right of correspondence.
Where was he exiled to? Where? To what place?
You"d better tell me he is not alive, that he"s dead.
Stop torturing us! Say that he"s dead...
The parcel is accepted.
Exiled without right of correspondence.
My dear, you can"t go there.
Mikhail Korisheli has been arrested.
Go away before you get in trouble, too.
Esteemed Varlam!
Help us, help us, please!
Sandro is perishing.
Save him!
I beg you, esteemed Varlam!
Help us, esteemed Varlam!
Aunt Nino, they brought logs to the station.
People say there"re the names
and addresses of the exiled on them.
Perhaps Uncle Sandro has written his name, too.
My mother sent me to you.
Keti, get up! Hurry up, let"s go.
Amiran Abashidze
l"ve found it.
L"ve found him, mother! Mother!
Sit down in the chair. Would you like to smoke?
Thank you, I don"t smoke.
Believe me, your sincere confession will help to alleviate your lot.
The leader of the secret organization, Mikhail Korisheli himself,
named you as one of its active members.
It"s immoral to slander an honest man
in order to extract false evidence.
Anything that is useful for the common cause is moral.
What good can the prosecution of the innocent do the common cause?
There"s irrefutable proof that each "innocent" is an enemy of the nation.
Like myself.
You don"t believe me?
How can I believe you
when I myself was arrested on no grounds at all, for nothing.
And now you try to resort to any means
to make me sign a false testimony.
And if we confront you with Mikhail Korisheli,
what would you say then?
Nobody will ever convince me that Mikhail Korisheli is an enemy.
If such honest people are being arrested,
then you have to arrest the whole country.
Bring in Mikhail Korisheli.
Is it true that you were a Pontoss spy?
What was your mission as an agent?
I was to dig a tunnel from Bombay to London.
Who helped you?
- The entire group of conspirators. - Namely?
- How many people? - 2,700.
You don"t remember the names, of course?
There"s a list of the conspirators. I think you can easily find it.
In what acts of sabotage were you engaged?
To exterminate the population, we had poisoned corn sown.
Was Sandro Barateli a member of your organization?
Yes, he was.
You two can talk.
L"ll leave you alone for a while and be back after I see to my business.
Listen, Sandro.
I thought a lot. I was thinking all nights through.
We must name as many people as possible as the nation"s enemies.
They can"t arrest them all.
And when the number of the accused reaches an astronomical figure,
those at the top will think twice, convene an extraordinary assembly
and expose all the criminals
that have misled the government. Do you understand, Sandro?
This is tactics.
A cunning, crafty tactics.
We"ll sign everything, we"ll bring it to absurdity, to absolute nonsense.
We"ll make thousands of absurd statements.
The tunnel from Bombay to London, and so on.
Eventually, the government will understand everything.
It will become indignant,
get, with its iron hand, at the throat of the villains
and destroy them.
L"ve been suggested all this by the wisdom of imagination.
Do you understand me, Sandro?
We should trust no one,
no one"s deeds or words!
We must be vigilant and know how to detect an enemy.
That"s our paramount task. And not an easy one, ladies and gentlemen!
Even more complicated, because out of every three people, four are enemies.
Don"t be surprised! Quantitatively, one enemy is more than one friend.
It"s always been so.
And it"s so today.
Our Motherland is in danger, ladies and gentlemen!
Let our people become like a tight fist,
like the Great Wall of China
the enemy would be powerless to surmount.
It would also be appropriate to recall a Chinese wisdom.
Confucius said:
"It is hard to catch a black cat in a dark room.
Especially if there is no cat."
No doubt, we"re confronted with a most difficult task.
But there"re no barriers we can"t overcome.
If we want it very much...
we will catch a cat in a dark room.
Even if there is no cat.
L"m glad you came. What"s the news?
Wait, l"ll find out everything.
3-17, please.
Nika, it"s me. Nino is here.
Any news about our men?
Yes, I see. All right.
Everything will be the way we want it to be.
Of course, the arrest of Sandro and Mikhail is a mistake.
We must summon up patience, both you and I.
You"ll see, Nika will do everything. They"ll look into it and free them.
You must be strong, Nino.
Don"t forget that you have Keti. You"re responsible for her.
L"m sure it will end well, everything will be all right.
They"re bound to find the truth and set Sandro free.
L"m sure of it!
Nino, l"m thinking now of your girl.
Keti must become a good citizen and an honorable woman.
Your misfortune must not lead her astray.
Don"t forget
that we"re serving a great cause.
The future generations will be proud of us.
But since the scale of events is so grand, big mistakes are inevitable.
It may even happen that innocent people are victimized.
But I can already hear our favorite "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven
which will surely sound all over the world very soon.
What happened, mommy?
We have lost our father...
They have blown up the church.
What"s the use of knocking? There is no one there. Yelena was arrested.
Don"t you see that the apartment is sealed up?
Yes, I got it.
I see.
L"ve brought them, esteemed Varlam.
Yes, certainly.
Yes... Goodbye.
Whom have you brought?
Those Darbaisseli. L"ve carried out your directive.
Which Darbaisseli?
That you instructed me to bring.
I instructed you? Are you crazy?
Esteemed Varlam, you told me to find
and bring everyone by the name Darbaisseli.
Where are they?
In a truck.
Let them go home at once.
I thought you"d thank me. I brought you a truck full of enemies.
And you, instead of gratitude...
For tracking down just one spy, Rictafelov got a flat and a raise.
Why are some people so lucky?!
Do as I say.
Or you"ll get behind the bars instead of them.
Let them go home now!
Esteemed Varlam!
Have I done all that work in vain?
L"ve been chasing these damn people for a month, I got them all together.
Let"s lock them up in a cellar, they may come in handy tomorrow.
Go apologize to these people, and set them free.
Then come back, sit at that table and write...
At that table?
And write your resignation.
But you know that l"m illiterate.
Get out!
Don"t let Doksopulo leave. And you come in here.
Can you explain what it all means?
Doksopulo dear, please, go in.
All right, the hell with you and with them! Arrest them all.
Thank you, esteemed Varlam!
Don"t be afraid and listen carefully.
Tonight they will come for you.
Here"s some money and train tickets.
Hurry up, you may still manage to save yourselves.
Mommy, who was that woman?
Keti, get ready, quick. We have to leave!
- Where are we going? - To the country.
To the country?
Yes, to the country. Hurry!
- Will we be back soon? - Yes.
Peace onto this house. Are you Nino Barateli?
Keep your hands off! Let her go!
Mommy! Mommy!
Keti, don"t be afraid!
Nino Barateli bid farewell to her past.
That"s the end of my story.
On behalf of everyone
who was unjustly punished, I demand
that Varlam Aravidze
be dug up from his grave by his own relatives.
I protest!
All you"ve heard here is a lie and slander!
Slander? Prove that it"s a slander!
You mean that the deceased should not be buried?
No, you must not bury him!
Let the carrion crows tear him to pieces!
Burying him means forgiving him,
shutting our eyes to everything he had perpetrated.
I publicly declare once again:
If you don"t dig him up,
I will get him, I will not leave him in peace!
She"s crazy, ladies and gentlemen, she"s absolutely crazy!
She doesn"t deserve a trial. She"s insane, she can do anything, bitch!
Leave the court immediately!
Leave it? And you sit here, gaping and listening to that fool!
We haven"t come here from the moon, either. We"re not idiots!
Any questions to the defendant?
Then this court is adjourned for today.
No one is without sin, my boy. We all were born in sin.
Help me, Tornike. The sun is rising! The sun!
Don"t be afraid, Grandpa. It"s dark in here, you can"t see anything.
There, a ray! Do you see it?
What does it want from me? Why is it pestering me?
Let"s black it out, or else l"ll bleed up.
Why will you bleed up, Grandpa?
Look at my fingers. Do you see blood trickling down?
When the sun rises, I start bleeding.
Let"s black the light out, quick, or l"ll lose all my blood.
Stop it, Grandpa! Stop it now and calm down!
Why are you pestering me?
Why are you prying into my soul?
Why all this soul-searching?
L"ll have you put out in a moment!
L"ll have you extinguished!
You see? L"ve blacked it out.
It went completely out.
Grandpa is dead!
Mother! Grandpa has died!
Dear Guliko, l"m sorry I have to leave you.
They say my father was a bad man, l"m going to dig him up!
Did you know about all this?
About what?
About Grandpa.
Your grandfather did nothing wrong.
That was a very complicated time. It"s difficult to explain it now.
What time has to do with it?
A lot!
The situation was different.
The question was to be or not to be.
We were surrounded by enemies. They were fighting against us.
You want to say that we were supposed to pat the enemies on the back?
But Barateli wasn"t an enemy.
He was.
He may have been a good artist, but he didn"t understand many things.
I don"t mean to say that we made no mistakes.
But what is the life of one man when the happiness of millions is at stake?
We were confronted with great tasks.
One should remember this and be more broad-minded.
You measured human lives arithmetically.
The most important thing was to keep it in proportion, right?
Spare me your irony, smart guy!
You"re old enough to know that for a public servant, public interests
should always be above personal considerations.
Yes, above personal considerations!
Man is born a human being, he becomes a public figure later.
You have your head up in the clouds, but reality is different.
Varlam was always guided by the interests of society.
But sometimes he had to act against his will.
And if he were ordered to destroy the world, would he have done it?
You know what?
Your grandfather never killed anyone with his own hands!
And you did fire at a human being! What kind of morals you"re talking of?
I didn"t know who I was firing at.
What difference does it make? You did fire at a human!
Yes, I did... And it makes our guilt even worse.
- Whose guilt? - Grandfather"s, mine, and yours.
What do you blame me for?
Forjustifying grandfather and for following in his steps.
You"re a worse murderer than me, because you don"t pity that woman.
Why should I pity her? Are you out of your mind?
You"d rather strangle her than ask her forgiveness.
I couldn"t imagine that you were such an idiot!
She digs up my father from his grave, and l"m supposed to apologize?
Yes, I will strangle her, and you too, if you don"t come to your senses.
I shall not let her desecrate the deceased!
I hate you.
I hate you!
No one is without sin... We all are born in sin...
A young man"s psyche is very unstable.
Depression, insomnia,
the disruption of the daily routine...
Even a grown-up would get depressed seeing a dead man every day.
He needs rest. This medicine
should be given to him three times daily.
Tornike is a strong boy, don"t fear for him.
A state of shock normally doesn"t last long.
I think tomorrow he will already come into contact with you.
Of course, the court will pass some sentence.
But what am I to do? Keep burying my father every day?
She will get what she deserves.
Come on, they won"t give her as much as a year. She"ll get off with a fine.
What do you mean? Pay a fine, and you"re immediately released?
Oh God, the laws we have!
We"re being planted a dead man,
and the culprit is not put in jail.
Abel, if I see the dug-up Varlam once more, l"ll go mad.
L"m sure I will!
Listen, old chap.
L"ll send my boys after her and she"ll become as meek as a lamb.
No, it won"t work.
Worse luck for her, l"ll stick her like a pig right on Varlam"s grave.
Come on, cut it out...
Abel, there"s a limit to everything, you have to make up your mind.
Don"t you understand that l"m losing my son!
He almost went crazy when his grand- father died, and now another murder?
Don"t use our son as an excuse. My boy is not a coward.
He was the first to attack that slut with a rifle!
I understand you, Abel, you"re protecting your son.
But one day he will ask you why you did nothing at all
when his grandfather was dug up from the grave.
If you make a mistake now, he"ll never forgive you.
Shall we try to settle it with her once more?
Out of the question. She went wild when she heard about the money.
It looks like she"s really out of her mind.
Tell me, please, has her head been checked?
Yes, she"s all right.
The doctors" conclusion is one thing, and the facts are another.
You think her behavior can be considered normal?
She"s taken all kind of vengeance: She desecrated poor Varlam,
she disgraced you in the eyes of the entire town.
What else does she want? Lt"s obvious she"s reached her goal!
But she keeps saying: "l"ll dig him up anyway!"She"s absolutely crazy!
It makes no difference now.
The expert established that she"s sane.
Wait, wait... What do you mean, no difference?
If the defendant is mentally ill,
there will be no trial.
She will be sent to a hospital to be treated... forever...
- Wait, how do we do it? - It"s very simple.
Mr. Dzhui, Abel"s lawyer, will request another examination.
- And who"s the chief expert? - Dorofey.
Did you hear it, Abel? Our Dorofey.
How come we didn"t think of it before?
No one could imagine it would go so far.
Your Honor, esteemed Prosecutor, our esteemed public!
Be patient, we haven"t started our work yet.
That"s why I ask for your attention!
This trial cannot go on. The defendant is ill.
The medical experts" report is on file.
The medical experts" report is on file. Item No. 76.
It says:
"The defendant is not mentally ill.
She is a psychopathic personality
prone to affecting acts."
I ask you a question:
Can such personality develop a delirious idea?
It certainly can!
Through the trial l"ve been listening carefully to what the defendant said.
Some moments of her unfortunate life story
had moved me to tears.
But the defendant"s persistent claims that even if she"s given 100 years
she will dig up the deceased anyway,
the strange categoricalness of that declaration
go beyond obsessive ideas and simply turn into delirium.
And delirium is a symptom of mental disturbance.
Meanwhile, the law forbids to bring a mentally disturbed person to trial.
It"s necessary that our authoritative doctors and experts
should have their say.
I earnestly request the court
that the defendant be sent to a hospital for another examination.
Your Honor!
L"m surprised at the superficiality of my colleague"s reasoning.
"Can the defendant develop a delirious idea?"
He poses an unexpected question.
And he answers it himself: "She certainly can."
He paints the picture of a person possessed by delirious ideas,
about whom it is written clearly: "She is not mentally ill."
I hope my colleague will excuse me, but such perfunctory judgement
of the fate of a long-suffering person is a patent sacrilege.
The severe mental trauma, the abnormal living conditions
had affected the defendant"s health
and, as the psychiatrists say, deformed her personality.
But her vengeance is not the result of a decision nurtured for years,
but a temporary insanity, not psychosis but a reaction of protest!
Your Honor! The members of the jury!
L"m not asking for your leniency, I plead with you
to take into consideration all the aforesaid
and, based on this, pass on the defendant the verdict of "not guilty".
O Lord...
What is it, my son?
I came to confess, Father.
L"ve been sinning, my soul is split in two.
Man has been split in two since he tasted the forbidden fruit
and learned what"s good and what"s evil.
It"s not a great sin.
It"s not the split l"m speaking of.
My conscience is split in two, it"s my conscience.
L"m preaching atheism while wearing a cross.
Perhaps that"s why my life got so confused...
After preaching atheism,
it"s good to go to church and confess your sins.
No, you didn"t understand me.
L"m worried about losing, little by little, my moral principles.
I don"t see any difference between good and evil any longer.
L"ve lost faith! Faith!
What faith?
L"m ready to forgive everyone
and justify any loathsomeness:
Snitching, treachery, cowardliness, deception, baseness.
Then you"re a Christ, my son! Lt"s not for you to complain.
You"re not lying, are you?
No... it"s an absolute truth.
You think so?
Who are you trying to deceive, hypocrite?
You will grind to dust anyone who stands in your way.
If you"re struck on one cheek, you won"t turn the other one,
you"ll strike back so hard that the other"s neck is broken.
Your kind is not capable of splitting!
You don"t give a damn about good and evil.
It"s not splitting you"re worried about, it"s fear that"s killing you!
What fear?
You fear yourself.
All your life you"ve been after prestige, proud of your model family,
and, suddenly, your world is collapsing.
- No! - Yes.
Your father is thrown out of his grave,
you"re losing your power, your only son rebels against you.
All that stood for the name of Abel Aravidze is slipping away from you.
And you"re left alone, helpless and weak.
- No! No!!! - Yes, you"re afraid!
You"re being eaten up by your fear of loneliness.
For a lonely unbeliever
thinks only of death.
Yes, l"m afraid!
L"m surrounded by emptiness.
All my life l"ve been trying to run away from it, pretending and lying.
Both my family and my work
are just self-deception, for I am afraid to be left alone with myself.
Afraid to think.
About what?
About what"s most important.
Who are you?
What do you live for? What"s the point of your existence?
Who are you? What did you live for?
And you?
And you?
Who are you?
Who are you, Abel Aravidze?
Abel Aravidze, Abel Aravidze...
Who are we? What did we come to this world for? Where are we rushing to?
You know what? Forget all this nonsense.
Tomorrow everything will return to normal and you"ll live as you used to.
Trying to atone for your sins?
A coward, that"s what you are!
If it were up to me, I would have sent you right to Hell!
Who are you? Who are you? Answer me!
Didn"t you recognize me, my boy?
So you came to confess to the devil?
Abel, what"s the matter with you?
What is this?
What is it?
There"s no truth, it"s the end... My life is over.
Are you all right?
Take it. Pull yourself together. Everyone is looking at us.
What does the Prosecutor have to say?
I demand that the case be re-examined,
legally brought to trial,
and henceforth be known as "Aravidze versus Barateli" case.
L"m telling you that Aravidze will not rest in the ground.
As soon as l"m released, l"ll dig him up.
I hope that Ms. Barateli is not the primitive creature
that believes it"s possible to achieve a moral objective
by an immoral act, by insulting a deceased.
It"s possible, because Aravidze is not dead!
- You think... he"s alive? - Yes, he"s alive!
And as you defend him, he goes on living and corrupting the society.
Just a minute.
Excuse me. So you"re asserting that he"s alive?
Your Honor, members of the jury, esteemed Prosecutor!
I categorically demand that the defendant Barateli be sent
to a psychiatric hospital for examination.
And I do repeat as categorically: The defendant is sane!
This has been established by an expert examination and recorded in the report
which is in the file.
What is the opinion of the jury?
I think so, too.
It"s the court"s unanimous decision that this session be adjourned.
Goodbye, esteemed members of the court
and esteemed public.
L"ll dig him up anyway.
Evening, spring, and shadows clumping,
On the branch a bird is jumping.
May a new dream me enfold.
Moon has waned Earth to behold.
L"m Tornike Aravidze, Varlam Aravidze"s grandson.
What do you want?
I came... I came to ask your forgiveness.
L"m not the God to give absolution.
I fired at you. L"m a murderer.
Oh God, what a fateful star I was born under,
if I have made even you, an innocent boy, a murderer?
Evening, spring, and shadows clumping,
On the branch a bird is jumping.
Are you making fun of me?
L"m crazy, don"t you know it? Crazy.
L"m really crazy.
Tomorrow they"ll come, take me by my arms
and drag me to a lunatic asylum.
A lunatic asylum?
Father, what have you done?
What does it all mean? What are you accusing me of?
The court decided she"s crazy and ordered to put her in an asylum.
I didn"t ask them to.
She"s not crazy, no! And she"s not guilty.
The hell she isn"t!
For how long will you continue to live by lies?
Because of that slut, you want me to dig up grandfather from his grave?
Yes! Lt"s all disgusting! I can"t bear any more lies!
- Calm down, Tornike. - Leave me alone!
Don"t you feel ashamed of yourself?
For the sake of your own well-being you"re ready to cut anyone"s throat,
declare an innocent person a criminal, a normal one crazy!
Is there anything sacred for you?!
Doesn"t your conscience bother you?
Do you know why grandfather hid in the bunker?
- Shut up, little viper! - Because he was ashamed!
- Stop it, Tornike! - Leave me alone!
I hate you, I hate you all! This is not a home, it"s a grave!
Shut up, you shit!
You"re not a man any longer.
Tornike, open the door now! Do you hear me?
Tornike, open the door, I said!
Tornike, open the door. Open up.
To my dear grandson from grandfather Varlam
May your name be cursed...
as your life and deeds, Abel Aravidze!
What have you done!
May your blood...
turn to water...
and your bread...
to dust!
May your flesh...
burn in Hell"s fire...
and not be honored...
like your father...
with an earthly burial!
Why were you born...
devil incarnate...
Abel Aravidze?
And why was your father born?
And your son?
Lt"s grown so dark, it"s pitch dark!
Oh God, all this is so senseless!
"Having fulfilled his duty, he passed away, a loyal son to his Motherland,
an exemplary citizen and an irreproachable man.
May his blessed memory live forever
in the hearts of his friends and comrades."
So you knew Aravidze well?
He was fifteen years older than me.
He would have been 78 now.
He had lived a big, eventful life.
He was a good man, a great man!
But people say that his sins gave him no peace.
Not at all, my dear! People talk such rubbish.
There was no other man in the world
as pure and sympathetic as he.
His only concern was how to be useful to people.
Excuse me, does this street lead to a church?
I want to know whether this street leads to a church.
No, this is Varlam Street, and it doesn"t lead to a church.
Then what do you need it for?
Why have a road that doesn"t lead to a church?
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The End
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Mannen Som Log
Manon des Sources
Manon of the Spring
Mans Best Friend
Map Of The Human Heart 1993
Mar Adentro
Marci X
Maria Full Of Grace (2004)
Marias Lovers
Marilyn Monroe - The final days 2001
Marius 1931 CD1
Marius 1931 CD2
Marnie (Hitchcock 1964)
Married With Children 1x01 - Pilot
Married With Children 1x02 - Thinergy
Married With Children 1x03 - Sixteen Years and What You Get
Married With Children 1x04 - But I Didnt Shoot the Deputy
Married With Children 1x05 - Have You Driven a Ford Lately
Married With Children 1x06 - Whose Room Is It Anyway
Married With Children 1x07 - Al Loses His Cherry
Married With Children 1x08 - Peggy Sue Got Work
Married With Children 1x09 - Married Without Children
Married With Children 1x10 - The Poker Game
Married With Children 1x11 - Where Is the Boss
Married With Children 1x12 - Nightmare On Als Street
Married With Children 1x13 - Johnny B Gone
Marrying Kind The (George Cukor 1952)
Marrying The Mafia CD1
Marrying The Mafia CD2
Martian Chronicles The 1980 CD1
Martian Chronicles The 1980 CD2
Martin Lawrence Live Runteldat
Marx Brothers - Horse Feathers (1932)
Mary Poppins 1964 CD1
Mary Poppins 1964 CD2
Mask of Zorro
Masque of the Red Death The
Masques (Masks)
Massacre 1989
Master And Commander - The Far Side Of The World (2003) CD1
Master And Commander - The Far Side Of The World (2003) CD2
Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People 1963)
Matchstick Men
Matrix Reloaded (2)
Matrix Revisited The (2001) CD1
Matrix Revisited The (2001) CD2
Matrix Revolutions The CD1
Matrix Revolutions The CD2
Matrix The
Maurice 1987
Mauvais Sang
May (Lucky McKee 2002)
McKenzie Break The 1970
McLintock CD1
McLintock CD2
Me Myself I
Me Myself and Irene
Mean Creek 2004
Mean Girls
Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD1
Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD2
Meet Joe Black
Meet The Parents
Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002)
Melody Time
Memrias Pstumas
Men Behind the Sun
Men In Black
Men Make Women Crazy Theory
Men Suddenly In Black
Men in Black 2
Men in Tights
Menace 2 society
Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
Mephisto CD1
Mephisto CD2
Mercury Rising
Message in a Bottle
Metroland 1997
Metropolis (anime)
Miami Tail A 2003
Michael Collins CD1
Michael Collins CD2
Michael Jackson Moonwalker 1988
Michael Jordan To The Max 2000
Michel Vaillant CD1
Michel Vaillant CD2
Michelangelo Antonioni - Blow up
Mickey Blue Eyes 1999
Middle of the Moment
Midnight (1998)
Midnight Clear A
Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Midnight Express 1978
Midnight Mass 2002
Midnight Run CD1
Midnight Run CD2
Mighty Wind A
Milagro De P Tinto El
Milieu du monde Le (Alain Tanner 1974)
Millers Crossing 1990
Million Dollar Baby CD1
Million Dollar Baby CD2
Million Le 1931
Mimic 2
Minimal Stories 2002
Minority Report 2002
Miracle On 34th Street
Miracle Worker The
Mirror The 1997
Mishima A Life In Four Chapters DVDRip 1985 CD1
Mishima A Life In Four Chapters DVDRip 1985 CD2
Mission Cleopatra
Mission Impossible (1996)
Mission Impossible 2
Mission Mumbai
Mission The CD1
Mission The CD2
Mission en Marbella
Mississippi Burning CD1
Mississippi Burning CD2
Mississippi Mermaid 1969
Missouri Breaks The 1976
Mogambo CD1
Mogambo CD2
Mohabbatein CD1
Mohabbatein CD2
Mokey Business
Mole The CD1
Mole The CD2
Molly Maguires The CD1
Molly Maguires The CD2
Mommie Dearest (1981)
Mona Lisa Smile CD1
Mona Lisa Smile CD2
Monanieba CD1
Monanieba CD2
Monella CD1
Monella CD2
Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD1
Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD2
Monkeybone - Special Edition
Monsters Ball
Monsters and Cie
Monthy Python - Life Of Brian
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Pythons Life of Brian
Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
Moon Child 2003 CD1
Moon Child 2003 CD2
Moon Spinners CD1
Moon Spinners CD2
Moonfleet 1955
Moonlight Whispers 1999
Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD1
Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD2
Mosquito Coast The CD1
Mosquito Coast The CD2
Most Terrible Time In My Life The (1994)
Mostly Martha
Mother India 1957 CD1
Mother India 1957 CD2
Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven 1975
Mother Night 1996
Mother The 2003 CD1
Mother The 2003 CD2
Mothman Prophecies The
Moulin Rouge CD1
Moulin Rouge CD2
Mouse Hunt
Mrs Doubtfire
Mrtav Ladan
Muhammad - Legacy Of A Prophet CD1 2002
Muhammad - Legacy Of A Prophet CD2 2002
Mujer mas fea del mundo La
Mummy Returns The - Collectors Edition (Widescreen)
Mummy The - Full-Screen Collectors Edition
Muppet Christmas Carol The
Murder By Numbers
Murder In The First 1995
Murder Most Foul (1964)
Murder My Sweet 1944
Murder at the Gallop
Muriels Wedding
Musketeer The
My Babys Daddy
My Beautiful Laundrette
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Boss My Hero
My Bosss Daughter 2003
My Girlfriends Boyfriend (Eric Rohmer 1987)
My Life as a Dog 1985
My Life to Live
My Neighbors the Yamadas (Isao Takahata 1999) CD1
My Neighbors the Yamadas (Isao Takahata 1999) CD2
My Son the Fanatic
My Tutor Friend (2003) CD1
My Tutor Friend (2003) CD2
My Wife Is A Gangster 2
My Wife Is Gangster
Mystery Of Rampo