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Monella CD1

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The memory can never forget the beauty of a young rump...
"Heh heh, "yeah not even after death...""
What a piece! Hey!
Such vulgarity...
Well what did you expect...
with a mother like Zaira?
And with a papa like Andre...!
Is it true that he's the father?
"Nothing is true, and nothing is untrue..."
"Hey, Maestro!"
"Oh, hah hah..."
"I'll strangle you, you little wart!"
"Well, didn't she get here yet...?"
"No, not yet..."
"Will you stop looking at the clock,"
"you're not going to find her there,"
your obsession is unnatural...
What's wrong?
You are not happy?
'very happy... Huh...!
You bother to ask...?
"Ehh, his obsession was my obsession at his age, heh heh..."
"Naa-naa, when we were young,"
"you fooled around with me,"
"not with a dumb poopy-doll. The likes of her, come out of nowhere..."
"What do you mean "nowhere","
she's Zaira's daughter!
In fact... imagine a woman...
"...who worked as a hat checker in the cloakroom of a transatlantic liner, huh!"
Well what's so bad about working in a cloakroom?
Because she came back... knocked-up and unmarried!
She returned with Signor Andre...
"What a pair, Zaira and Mr. Bang-a-bang!"
"Bang-a-bang, you kidding"
"...he was considered the best, unequaled Chef the Normandie ever had!"
Listen I say what you see you believe...
and I see Signor Andre living in Ca del Mosto sitting on his ass...
"together with a lady who acts as his governess,"
"but is his lover, as everybody knows..."
"...and a young lass,"
"...who he treats like a daughter,"
despite the fact that her surname is her mother's!
"Ah, 'tis the life I would lead!"
Blessed is he who can do it...
"'mmnaahh, look at you slobbering,"
"but I can tell you one thing,"
...nobody's getting our son without my approval!
"Besides what's the hurry, they're too young yet!"
Ehh... How about if they've already consumed...?
"Oh yeah, well that's just too bad,"
'cause I know my son He doesn't take after his father!
Hey... he's no fruit!
Oh you can bet on that and he's not indecent either like you are...!
Well he is my son too... or isn't he?
"Hmmm! Ohhh! You piggy...!"
Make Waaaaaayyyyooweeee!
See you are very lucky...
What do you mean I'm lucky?
You're lucky 'cause you're fun...
"Hmmm... yeah, lots o' fun...?"
So what does that mean?
'you come with me I'll show you...
You're supposed to knead the bread today...!
"Look I don't get paid, but you do..."
"Oh... come on, hug me...!"
My hands are full of dough
Give here...
What are you doing...?
Cleaning you what else...?
"Oh you're right, Lola, I'm so lucky..."
No... you excite me too much...
And so...?
And so first we have to get married!
"Oh, with me no and with whores yes huh?!"
"For your information,"
I don't go with those kind of women!
"Don't be wayward with me, Lola..."
or you'll make me lack respect...
"Don't be wayward with me, Lola?"
You must be an idiot!
"Listen, Masetto..."
they say virginity is only a crumb of bread...
and the first birdie that comes along takes it away...
In other words...?
You're just a dodo!
"You're almost naked, most of the time..."
"It's so hot,"
"What do you want me to dress like, a nun, huh?"
Who do you think of all the time...?
"Of you, just you, all the time..."
"Oh god, y' driving me crazy..."
And I'm here waiting...
"Oh, yes..."
Signor Tommaso... the bread too has risen!
"Should I pick you after lunch, about 3 o'clock?"
"No, go respect somebody else..."
Shameless thing...
Talking to me...?
Could've brushed up 'little bit
"Oh, I leaned on some flour sacks..."
"Huh, I'll tell y' what you leaned on!"
I'll brush you dear...
Ouch...! Why did you hit me like that?!
Of all the cheek!
Blessed the cheek...!
Heh... I think I prefer them headless...
bodies alone are more expressive...
and above all... they don't lie...
"Right, the quintessence of being... Coito... ergo sum!"
"En effet, all the rest, is nothing but, distraction..."
"No, go ahead say it,"
"an illusion, a fraud a lie,"
"no, no even worse, eh... a curse!"
"Work, success... progress..."
It's all bullshit...
"Only there... I, am...!"
Some of the credit I think is due to the black and white...
"Eh, huh... Zaira was made for black and white!"
I'll never forget...
first time I saw her...
It was in Le Havre...
I was already a chef on the Normandie...
and she was in charge of the cloakroom in first class...
"Huh... - She was wearing her black uniform,"
...White collar... black stockings...
"pure, white skin..."
A bombshell!
She was having an affair with somebody else...
and she gave him up for me...
"She eh, sacrificed him for me..."
"And you, in exchange,"
"sacrificed travels, adventures, 'n' straying about as you pleased... hmm"
All I gave up were today's myths
That boom of theirs will blow them up...
"When I'm out here I can laugh at all the trouble the world's getting itself into,"
all I need is what is in my plate...
and in my bed...
"that is "la joie de vivre","
Pepe... Ca del Mosto... your friendship...
Hmph... Zaira's derriere
And... Lola's... smile...
Must I imagine she's not your daughter Andre...?
It is not for you to imagine...
"Ughhh! That looks sinful, Ma-ma..."
They're already blessed...
Praised be the Lord...
Praised be... - Now and forever amen
Now and forever amen
"I've something for you, dear"
"...the good Pope, John the 23rd,"
he'll always protect you...
See if the water's boiling and check the salt...
...a little bit too salty...
For Andre nothing's too salty...
He's all salt I know...
"All right let's get a move on, wash your hands,"
"and fix a tray with 2 plates, 2 glasses,"
a bottle of wine and four rolls...
Yeah yeah...
"Here... take it up to the Master,"
he's in the studio with Pepe...
"What's eating you, Zaire?"
Eh my daughter's no longer a child...
Praised be the Lord...
Here Padre... this is the heel of the salami...
the prior's portion...
"Oh, the hindquarter, thank you child"
"Thank you and God bless, thank you..."
Is it true that you and Maxime had a mistress in common...
the famous danceusce?
"Oh, she was famous all right But not for le dance"
She once had 12 men on-the-trot one after the other
She likes ceremonies
But Maxime was impotent; was he not?
he got her warmed up and then I took over
"Like I said she likes cerem... Pepe, Attenio!"
"Oh Lola, Bonjour mon petit"
What a pleasure to see you
"Bonjour, Mr. Pepe"
Mama prepared you something to eat and drink
Mmm... the smell of baked bread!
More likely of baker boy
Incidentally how is Thomas Santou?
What do you care? You don't have to marry him
"Well, if he makes love the way he bakes bread...!"
You are a very lucky girl
Monsieur Pepe
Can I leave the tray here?
Or does it hinder the projector?
Leave it there. Leave it there
Thank you...
It's not the tray that's going to blur our view...
Ah-ah... not that!
It's off limits...
I'm like Bluebeard... every door except one
"And that, where did you get that?"
One of my old ships...
The Atalante...
It's still working...?
I think so... take a look
Help me...!
"All right, all right, come on, come on then... hm..."
What are you doing? Put me down
"All right, you can go now..." along
Take them as a present...
Come on! Let us get on with our work...
"Yes, very delicate work... you never know,"
you could mistake one ass for another
She's simply delightful...
She's a Charlotte Russe...
And something even more...
An unquenchable pussy of natural talent!
No! That one...
Ah! Who's that?
"A country bride, name's... Carla"
"...shameless, twat"
"Yet she lives in constant fear,"
which lends a certain licentiousness
Where did you come across her...?
"She was in Michelle's atelier looking for a dress,"
"'t was just a candid shot, she wasn't really posing..."
"I'll shoot her later this afternoon,"
full service in the buff...
With the hat though...
I guaranteed her that the pictures would only be published in France...
although no Italian editor would dare take the chance. Andre...?
You come along too...?
"Yes, of course..."
Only eh... I feel sorry for her...
Ahh... she's going to be disappointed...
what we want from her... is far less than she's willing to give
You do me a favor if you come
Oddly enough...
Michelle is rather jealous when I'm alone among such models...
"Well, you know women,"
always trying to turn you into someone else...
that's why every now and then I have to make it very clear...
that I will continue to ehh... give free rein... to the rest of my desires
"Bravo Andre,"
"show everyone that "toi c'est toi...""
and that it's their choice whether to take you or leave you
"Merci, mon ami, I'll walk with you..."
it's a beautiful day!
And what if someone came walking through?
He'll enjoy the view...
The Normandie was a floating house of pleasure...
And what pleasure!
"There, there, there..."
"Ahh, now it's as pink as a rose"
"Ahh, I like that"
"Yes, lovely"
"Pepe, prepare her!"
"I, have finished..."
Our trophy is up for the bidding...
I shall be the first...
And then the others will all join in
How many others...?
"As you wish "mon amour, mon chef!""
Sante... Merci...
Eleven to go...
"I could turn that bakery into something you wouldn't believe,"
"a big, modern money-making factory..."
Quiet! Ch-ch-ch...
"Eh th-th-th There... there... Don't make noise, quiet!"
"The-they're the, Cavaliers, cavaliers of Italy, hey!"
"I really don't see any Cavaliers,"
A couple of twats maybe
"He who sees sees huh! He who sees sees! The Cavaliers of Italy..."
He's nutty...
They call them Gildo the Voyeur Everybody knows him...
What's a voyeur...?
"It's somebody who gets his rocks off spying on you,"
like those Italian Cavaliers there...
Well who are the Cavaliers of Italy...?
They're our dickey-birds...
...cavaliers... He keeps going peek-a-boo...
"Oh, he doesn't hurt anybody,"
he just looks that's all...
"Like I was saying,"
"I want to set up a factory, real modern,"
"for the mass-production of breadstick,"
"sandwich-bread and fresh egg noodles,"
for export mostly in Germany...
"And raise laying hens,"
"mass-production eggs for our noodles,"
"automatic heaters and automatic feeders,"
"'got so many things in mind we can do together, Lola..."
And I have only one!
"Let's get outta her, that nut's there"
So what...
' doesn't seem to bother anyone...
didn't you say he just watches...
"I want you, Tommaso"
"Take me Tommaso, now! - Ohh!"
"Do what you have to do whatta you waiting for, Tommaso?!"
What I'm waiting for is for us to get married!
"Look he's not waiting, poor thing, you're cruel. You're gonna make him cry"
Get your bloomers back on...!
"No, I'll do nothing of the sort,"
not before you avoid respecting me...
"Rape me, screw me, do me!"
Are you crazy...
"...only a few days before our wedding,"
n' you want to ruin it all...
Don't worry it's not gonna get ruined
"What if I don't like you,"
and it's all wrong...
"One must experiment before the wedding,"
"I have to know beforehand, and make sure that you love me, ahh..."
You want to be sure of my love?
My respecting you is the very proof of it
"You're being silly, Lola, you're talking nonsense!"
"I want an apology, Lola..."
An apology?!
"Where do you think you are, in a tearoom or something?"
I know what you got spinning your head
"You're worried I'm gonna betray you,"
and put the horns on you
"Which is what you deserve probably,"
you think virginity...
is an insurance policy against your getting the horns!
The poor boy...
"I could put horns on you before and after our marriage,"
just like that!
"Faggot! Go on, go marry your noodle factory!"
"Come back, Lola, where are you going?"
To find somebody who's less of a jerk than you are!
"A virgin, ole..."
Is there anyone willing not to respect me...?
Come back here
"Hey you, Voyeur..."
What's going on...?
I scared him too
"No, you what you should listen to me... Hmm?"
Stupid... stupid... Let go...
...You're right I'm pretty stupid
Oh the dressmaker! I had an appointment at five...
"Don't worry, we'll make it..."
"Sonia, come"'s so nice here
"Get the damn thing started,"
"I don't wanna get there too late,"
for my bridal gown I'm supposed to try it on...
"What's the point in going, if you're not gonna marry me anymore?"
You can go fly a kite while I marry somebody that I like...
What the hell is the matter with this all of a sudden?!
"Look if you don't hurry,"
you're gonna bleed to death before I get to the dressmaker...
"Yeah well you better get out and get my handkerchief," my side-pocket...
I don't feel any handkerchief...
There's really nothing much in there...
Shuttup Not very much...
"Put anything on it, a strip of your blouse,"
"your skirt, whatever!"
Wait a minute...
Don't worry...
Hold still...
"The juices of women are a potent, and immediate disinfectant..."
Wow! You're really too much for me...
"Well, it's true..."
"What goes on in that little head of yours anyway, huh?"
Only because today is Easter...
It's the last time I'm going to step in
I just find it inhibiting...
What is this disgust?
I'm surprised at your repression!
"Knowing how talented your finger is! Ow, ahhh, goddamn bird..."
what've you been eating?! -Ahh...
"Let me take care of it,"
give here...
"What are you tugging there, stupid...?!"
You'd like me to have one like that wouldn't you...?
"It's late, come on!"
"Oh, just barely in time..."
"Hey, wait up..."
"Can't we go together, slow down?"
"You crazy,"
"Showing the gown to the groom,"
"spells a marriage of ill-fated doom""
Watch out with your dressmaker huh?
A french seamstress who whores on the side...
that can get kinda heady
"She can influence you, don't forget that, Lola!"
Shut up!
How I could fall in love with an idiot like that!
I'd be waiting at the bar
"All of a sudden it rains,"
"what weather, look at it..."
"Unpredictable like women, yeah, 'eah..."
"Un moment, j'arrive... mon Dieu"
"Oh it's you, cherie..."
I was about to call you...
"I'm sorry I'm late, Madame,"
it started to rain and I was on a...
"Yes-yes-yes, all right, come along"
"Huh, with lightning too"
"Ooohh how beautiful, a work of art Madame..."
"Yes it's coming along well, undress and try it on"
Ehhh... I'm afraid it's not possible
Et pourquoi?
Don't have any panties
"You lost them by accident, cherie?"
"Well, in a way..."
it was an emergency
"Oh, je comprend..."
at your age it's very common
"and it happens often,"
Oh but I have what you need...
So you undress and I'd be right back
"Hurry, vite, vite..."
"Vite, vite? Ou'est-ce qu' il y a? ...Pourquois?"
Go on...
Here we are... these come from Paris...
they are trimmed with lace... tre's chic cherie
Thank you Madame Michelle...
You'll have them tomorrow
"Oh no no, you can keep them, darling"
It will be my wedding gift
"This is a lovely gown, dear..."
But I think you look best...
When you are in the nude
"Well, I can't go to church with just a veil..."
What a shame...
You're perfect as it...
"There are men who I know, cherie..."
who would... pay a fortune for a girl...
" you are, dear"
Might you be virgin...?
"Yeah, I feel like a dope..."
You said that they would pay a lot...
"Beaucoup, beaucoup d'argent..."
So many girls sit on a fortune without even knowing it
"lmagine, there's a gentleman I know who is ready to pay an enormous sum,"
"just to be near you... and admire you," total respect...
"Oh, no. It's a mania,"
ooohhh... in total respect!
"No, dear Michelle,"
"I thank you,"
but love's a lot of fun...!
And if it isn't I don' wanna do it...
Oh... excuse me a minute...
Madame Carla...?
Good evening
"...and how are you, Michelle?"
Through there...
Thank you
Silly tarts
Oh mon chou... you're a veritable angel
What... your husband Madame Michelle...
What kind of photos does he do?
"Photos of art, my dear..."
But models in Italy have no class
"Paris is another world, plus chic!"
Ahhh... Then why didn't you stay where you were?
For many reasons... my dear guerre... politics...
"And Cinema, the movies,"
I worked in wardrobe and he was cameraman...
But that was a long time ago...
"Voila... Perfection... not yet,"
You are missing the veil...
No moving... you're full of pins
...they hurt
"I accepted only because they're artistic photos, Signor Andre..."
"But of course, Signora Carla... eh, artistic, and... poetic!"
Don't squeeze your legs together then...
Now lift your slip...
Very good
Lean forward... has got to stick out
The highlight!
"We've just met,"
I naturally wouldn't want you to think badly of me
"On the contrary, I think very highly of you, Signora Carla..."
"Oh... pardon, I was looking for a veil',"
"Carla, you are worthy of D'Annunzio..."
Am I pretty...?
Hmmm... a... bijou
Here you are darling
"And your veil, you like it?"
I dunno...
It's a veil...
"What's the matter, dear..."
Are you upset?
"Oh, it's nothing..."
"could be because the day is gloomy,"
and that we're in the dark...
"It often happens the first time you put on a wedding gown,"
"but you get over it,"
"it's just a bit of, "cafardness""
Huh? Bit of ca'...?
"En francais you say "cafard""
"Ahh, I know that's "melancholy","
Andre says that to Mama when she's sad
Oui... you're melancholy and sad?
"No, I'm not sad, it's only that..."
"Only that, it itches like hell!"
"Oh bravo, Lola"
"when it itches it itches,"
which of course has nothing to do with your being a bride
'pretty long time...
I took the time it took...
Did it come out right?
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