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Subtitles for Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD1.

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Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD1

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:01:02.32,00:01:03.88 Enjoy yourself: 00:01:03.96,00:01:05.93 It's much later[br]than you think. 00:01:05.99,00:01:09.73 to Janine 00:01:49.54,00:01:54.20 MONEY MONEY MONEY 00:03:21.86,00:03:27.36 38,982th sunset[br]in the history of cinema 00:03:35.41,00:03:39.01 During its numerous[br]interruptions, 00:03:39.08,00:03:41.38 the defense has maintained, 00:03:41.45,00:03:45.39 by means of absurd[br]and deceptive argument, 00:03:45.45,00:03:50.58 that this case,[br]being tried under criminal law, 00:03:50.66,00:03:54.42 is actually a political trial! 00:03:54.50,00:03:57.40 Gentlemen of the jury,[br]make no mistake! 00:03:57.47,00:04:01.09 These five men are criminals. 00:04:01.17,00:04:04.07 I use the term advisedly. 00:04:04.14,00:04:08.20 These five common[br]criminals have used 00:04:08.28,00:04:13.68 their fertile imaginations[br]in the cause of Evil. 00:04:13.75,00:04:17.18 They have only utilized[br]political unrest 00:04:17.25,00:04:20.02 to screen[br]their sinister activities. 00:04:20.09,00:04:23.52 Look into their eyes,[br]try to detect 00:04:23.59,00:04:28.46 the faintest glimmer,[br]the least whiff 00:04:28.53,00:04:31.29 of a political ideal or thought! 00:04:31.37,00:04:33.33 I ask you, Your Honor... 00:04:33.40,00:04:34.80 I ask you, the jury... 00:04:34.87,00:04:37.34 I ask you, the people... 00:04:37.41,00:04:41.81 what is the common denominator[br]of all their criminal acts? 00:04:41.88,00:04:45.44 Money... 00:04:45.51,00:04:47.95 nothing but money! 00:04:48.02,00:04:50.99 Or, in the language[br]of these gentlemen... 00:04:51.05,00:04:52.68 "loot." 00:04:52.75,00:04:58.49 As for politics,[br]they couldn't care less! 00:04:58.56,00:05:01.32 Moreover, psychiatrists[br]have found 00:05:01.40,00:05:04.70 that the IQ of[br]these five specimens 00:05:04.77,00:05:08.57 is woefully below average. 00:05:08.64,00:05:12.30 The medical report[br]on Simon, for example, 00:05:12.37,00:05:16.07 states that he displays[br]cyclical symptoms 00:05:16.14,00:05:19.77 of neuroses ranging from[br]hysterical depression 00:05:19.85,00:05:21.41 to acute paranoia. 00:05:21.48,00:05:24.38 I will cite just one fact 00:05:24.45,00:05:27.29 about this individual,[br]this Simon... 00:05:27.36,00:05:30.72 that fact concerns[br]his activities 00:05:30.79,00:05:35.20 near an automobile[br]assembly plant, in 1961. 00:06:21.34,00:06:23.90 Simon Duroc and his friends 00:06:23.98,00:06:26.64 stole 8,523 tires[br]in 11 months! 00:06:26.71,00:06:30.34 It was his first conviction...[br]three years in prison. 00:06:30.42,00:06:34.48 From then on,[br]he was lost to society. 00:06:41.66,00:06:43.49 WE GIVE AWAY APPLES 00:06:43.56,00:06:46.93 - Fill her up, sir?[br]- 25 francs' worth. 00:07:21.17,00:07:25.11 There you are, sir![br]Clean your windshield? 00:07:35.38,00:07:37.68 Calling Fox Bravo Hotel,[br]Golf Romeo. 00:07:37.75,00:07:41.59 This is T6 Juliet Papa, over. 00:07:42.86,00:07:46.55 If you read me,[br]make a 180-degree turn and land. 00:07:46.63,00:07:49.36 We know you are[br]transporting weapons. 00:07:49.43,00:07:54.89 Fox Bravo Hotel, Golf Romeo,[br]do you read me? 00:09:00.94,00:09:02.49 Fill her up, sir? 00:09:02.57,00:09:04.56 Fill her up. 00:09:42.84,00:09:46.87 There you are, sir![br]Clean your windshield? 00:10:02.40,00:10:04.92 Hey, my money! 00:10:05.00,00:10:07.66 I'm being robbed! 00:10:11.47,00:10:13.94 My money! 00:10:26.89,00:10:30.79 Thus was born the team[br]of Jacques and Charlot. 00:10:30.86,00:10:35.59 From 1960 to 1965,[br]they made the headlines regularly. 00:10:35.66,00:10:40.83 From 1965 to 1970,[br]they took a vacation... in prison. 00:10:40.90,00:10:42.96 But we have[br]no details about that. 00:11:29.18,00:11:31.48 With Sabena,[br]you're already there 00:12:27.14,00:12:30.08 Come on, over there! 00:12:35.25,00:12:37.18 Been to school? 00:12:37.25,00:12:39.55 Can you read?[br]Read that! 00:12:41.59,00:12:43.52 Did you stop? 00:12:43.59,00:12:46.65 - Why not?[br]- I didn't stop before... 00:12:48.30,00:12:50.29 I stopped after! 00:12:54.14,00:12:56.57 I didn't see it! 00:12:56.64,00:12:58.73 My ear! 00:12:58.81,00:13:01.30 Are you hurt? 00:13:01.38,00:13:03.50 I'll take you to the hospital. 00:13:03.58,00:13:05.48 I'll hospitalize you! 00:13:05.55,00:13:07.45 Your car okay? 00:13:07.52,00:13:10.51 Take me to the airport![br]The airport! 00:13:10.58,00:13:15.45 - The hospital?[br]- Take me to the airport! 00:13:16.59,00:13:20.08 - The hospital?[br]- The airport! 00:13:20.16,00:13:22.49 Open the door! 00:13:22.56,00:13:24.90 Climb in! 00:13:34.58,00:13:37.07 We going or not?[br]Let's go! 00:13:37.14,00:13:39.24 Is this your car? 00:13:40.51,00:13:42.48 Are you deaf? 00:13:42.55,00:13:45.95 - You keep saying "Eh?"[br]- Louder! I can't hear. 00:13:46.02,00:13:47.99 Is this your car? 00:13:48.06,00:13:50.42 Yes. Why? 00:13:53.83,00:13:56.85 Where's the door key? 00:13:56.93,00:13:58.63 The key? 00:13:58.70,00:14:01.43 I lost it. 00:14:07.78,00:14:11.11 - What're you doing?[br]- My eyes hurt. 00:14:17.69,00:14:19.41 Well done! 00:14:19.49,00:14:21.85 Look, we've got[br]to catch a plane! 00:14:21.92,00:14:24.25 Car papers. 00:14:24.33,00:14:27.26 License and registration. 00:14:55.76,00:14:58.73 This is a stolen car. 00:14:58.79,00:15:01.06 A stolen car? 00:15:01.13,00:15:04.00 - Impossible![br]- It's a stolen car! 00:15:05.07,00:15:09.73 Wait a minute![br]Look, I don't know this man. 00:15:09.80,00:15:12.33 I just met him... 00:15:12.41,00:15:14.47 Open the door. 00:15:14.54,00:15:16.94 Can't you open this door? 00:15:19.28,00:15:21.84 I've never met him! 00:15:21.92,00:15:24.25 - Do you know me?[br]- I don't know him. 00:15:24.32,00:15:26.55 Tell them you don't know me! 00:15:26.62,00:15:28.55 I don't know him. 00:15:28.62,00:15:30.75 Is this your car? 00:15:30.82,00:15:32.38 No! 00:15:32.46,00:15:36.66 I had an accident[br]two miles from here. 00:15:36.73,00:15:40.69 This gentleman...[br]you moron! 00:15:40.77,00:15:42.76 Wait a minute. 00:15:42.84,00:15:44.70 My car's a wreck! 00:15:44.77,00:15:47.76 You have to come with me. 00:15:47.84,00:15:49.90 This is a stolen car. 00:15:49.98,00:15:52.84 What the hell do I care? 00:15:52.91,00:15:56.82 It's not my fault![br]I'm going to miss my plane! 00:15:56.88,00:16:00.58 You can't take me in! 00:16:00.65,00:16:03.75 I have to be in Paris[br]in four hours! 00:16:03.82,00:16:06.32 You can take a later plane. 00:16:06.39,00:16:08.88 Say something![br]You got me into this! 00:16:08.96,00:16:12.46 - I didn't steal the car.[br]- What the hell do I care! 00:16:12.53,00:16:15.63 Tell them what happened! 00:16:15.70,00:16:18.54 I found the car[br]and I don't know him. 00:16:18.61,00:16:21.90 You can explain at the station. 00:16:25.85,00:16:28.11 - Do you understand?[br]- Yes, I do... 00:16:28.18,00:16:32.59 - I've got to get to Paris.[br]- As soon as we check your story... 00:16:35.59,00:16:37.56 Just routine...[br]a formality. 00:16:37.62,00:16:39.42 Then you can go. 00:17:01.35,00:17:05.55 "Lino Massaro,[br]head of a gang of art-forgers." 00:17:05.62,00:17:08.02 I don't know him! 00:17:10.79,00:17:13.62 So you don't know each other? 00:17:13.69,00:17:16.36 I just stole the car! 00:17:19.03,00:17:21.09 Lino Massaro got five years, 00:17:21.17,00:17:24.37 so did Aldo Maccione,[br]who couldn't explain 00:17:24.44,00:17:28.31 that the car and the paintings[br]were two different matters. 00:17:33.71,00:17:37.48 So that you'll understand,[br]I'll describe in detail 00:17:37.55,00:17:40.32 what these men did after prison. 00:17:40.39,00:17:43.45 And I say, today, why not us? 00:17:43.52,00:17:47.02 PROSTITUTES OF THE WORLD, UNITE 00:17:48.06,00:17:51.66 The fact that so many of you[br]answered our call 00:17:51.73,00:17:55.29 shows you feel[br]the old order is finished. 00:17:55.37,00:17:59.64 We will not be[br]the last French colony! 00:18:07.82,00:18:11.62 No more secrecy,[br]no more ghetto. 00:18:11.69,00:18:13.81 Come out in broad daylight! 00:18:13.89,00:18:17.25 We took to the streets first,[br]2,000 years ago. 00:18:17.32,00:18:20.59 The sidewalks belong to us! 00:18:27.73,00:18:30.03 What would men be without us? 00:18:30.10,00:18:32.23 Nothing! 00:18:35.94,00:18:37.43 Nothing! 00:18:37.51,00:18:41.91 We are not their property! 00:18:47.25,00:18:51.16 We are the hub[br]of a huge industry 00:18:51.23,00:18:55.29 which brings in billions.[br]We will no longer be exploited. 00:18:55.36,00:19:00.10 Prostitution is a factory[br]that we can manage by ourselves 00:19:00.17,00:19:03.33 since we are the tools! 00:19:07.67,00:19:10.47 We are thousands[br]gathered here today. 00:19:10.54,00:19:12.94 Tomorrow, together, 00:19:13.01,00:19:15.35 we can be millions! 00:19:23.09,00:19:25.99 No more bosses! 00:19:26.06,00:19:28.08 No more exploitation by men! 00:19:28.16,00:19:30.96 I do not wave the red flag[br]of Communism 00:19:31.03,00:19:34.16 nor the black flag of anarchy. 00:19:34.23,00:19:36.96 I wave the pink flag of love 00:19:37.04,00:19:39.47 and of liberty! 00:19:52.92,00:19:55.65 We accept our duties, 00:19:55.72,00:19:58.95 but we want our rights[br]to be recognized! 00:20:01.86,00:20:03.89 And we will win. 00:20:03.96,00:20:08.49 We'll win by proving that[br]prostitution is a public service. 00:20:08.57,00:20:12.03 I'll go even further.[br]We want to be declared 00:20:12.11,00:20:15.60 a public utility! 00:20:20.08,00:20:22.61 For our protection, 00:20:22.68,00:20:26.05 for social security benefits,[br]for retirement pensions, 00:20:26.12,00:20:30.18 for the recognition of our rights[br]and against all the injustices, 00:20:30.26,00:20:35.09 I hereby proclaim[br]a general strike of all prostitutes! 00:20:41.84,00:20:45.24 For the liberty of prostitution! 00:21:01.99,00:21:03.75 What style! 00:21:03.82,00:21:06.52 You were sensational... 00:21:06.59,00:21:08.42 brilliant! 00:21:10.33,00:21:13.96 I didn't know[br]you could talk like that. 00:21:14.03,00:21:16.56 You surprised me. 00:21:16.64,00:21:19.77 You should be an actress,[br]not a whore. 00:21:21.21,00:21:24.87 I never thought of it.[br]Don't be mean. 00:21:24.95,00:21:27.78 I'm not. I meant it! 00:21:27.85,00:21:32.51 What you don't get is[br]that it's not an act, it's for real. 00:21:32.59,00:21:35.92 C'mon, it looked like[br]a church social! 00:21:35.99,00:21:38.22 You were all enjoying it. 00:21:38.29,00:21:40.69 Sure, but it's still serious. 00:21:40.76,00:21:43.59 You'll have to explain it to me 00:21:43.66,00:21:46.26 because I still don't get it. 00:21:46.33,00:21:48.56 - What?[br]- All that! 00:21:48.64,00:21:52.13 What are they after?[br]What are you after? 00:21:52.21,00:21:54.80 Can't you see[br]that pimps are finished? 00:21:54.88,00:21:56.60 So that's it! 00:21:56.68,00:22:00.14 Look at what's happening[br]all around you. 00:22:00.21,00:22:02.15 Times have changed. 00:22:02.22,00:22:06.81 You, with your pinstriped suit,[br]the Mercedes, 00:22:06.89,00:22:09.65 him with his cap.[br]I tell you, you're obsolete. 00:22:09.72,00:22:12.78 I'm obsolete? 00:22:12.86,00:22:14.88 Let me get it straight. 00:22:14.96,00:22:17.52 Today the workers[br]fire the bosses? 00:22:17.60,00:22:21.16 You've got it![br]That's just about it. 00:22:21.23,00:22:25.14 I'll never fire you, boss. 00:22:29.11,00:22:32.17 You spoke of self-management. 00:22:33.38,00:22:38.98 - That's what I said.[br]- All right, say I accept it, 00:22:39.05,00:22:41.18 even in the whorehouses. 00:22:41.25,00:22:43.15 What then? 00:22:43.22,00:22:46.12 But it means[br]there are no more bosses! 00:22:46.19,00:22:49.63 - Can't you understand?[br]- Nicole, you of all people, 00:22:49.70,00:22:52.29 you can't say I'm a boss. 00:22:52.37,00:22:54.20 Never, to anyone! 00:22:54.27,00:22:57.26 Aldo, do I treat you[br]like a boss? 00:22:57.34,00:22:59.40 No, boss! 00:23:00.64,00:23:03.04 You asked for it! 00:23:05.71,00:23:09.58 Be serious for two minutes. 00:23:09.65,00:23:11.55 What about us? 00:23:11.62,00:23:14.55 You girls have had[br]some rough times. 00:23:14.62,00:23:15.68 That's right. 00:23:15.76,00:23:18.69 And we were always there,[br]ready for anything! 00:23:18.76,00:23:21.75 - I'm not arguing.[br]- Summer camps for your kids, 00:23:21.83,00:23:24.63 who took care of all that? 00:23:24.70,00:23:27.57 You did.[br]But that's not enough. 00:23:27.63,00:23:30.07 What do you want? 00:23:30.14,00:23:32.73 We want social security,[br]for example. 00:23:32.81,00:23:37.64 I told you, boss,[br]you can't argue with Communists! 00:23:37.71,00:23:41.31 Hey, cut it out, okay? 00:23:41.38,00:23:44.91 - He's a pain![br]- Talking politics bugs me! 00:23:44.99,00:23:47.51 Come on, go, go! 00:23:49.02,00:23:52.29 I'll stop the Mercedes[br]and you take the subway! 00:25:35.33,00:25:37.85 Good morning![br]This is a robbery. Don't move. 00:25:37.93,00:25:40.90 Stay calm. Thank you! 00:25:40.97,00:25:42.26 Please don't move! 00:25:43.67,00:25:45.16 The door. 00:25:52.21,00:25:56.98 Press the alarm button.[br]Call the police, that's it! 00:25:58.08,00:26:00.78 Now call them. 00:26:05.03,00:26:06.96 Hello, Mr. Policeman! 00:26:07.03,00:26:09.93 The Bank of Paris is being held up.[br]Come right away! 00:26:10.00,00:26:12.83 - Everything's okay.[br]- We're on our way. 00:26:12.90,00:26:17.50 Goodbye now.[br]The police'll be right here. 00:26:30.78,00:26:32.58 Goodbye, Officer. 00:26:32.65,00:26:36.18 - Say goodbye![br]- Goodbye, Officer. 00:26:36.26,00:26:39.09 Papa, this time[br]it was worthwhile. 00:26:39.16,00:26:41.18 No, listen, Daniel... 00:26:41.26,00:26:44.09 we'll talk about it tomorrow. 00:26:44.16,00:26:47.83 I've had it up[br]to here for today! 00:26:47.90,00:26:51.00 Let's say my day[br]was a little... special. 00:26:51.07,00:26:53.16 I feel like I live in weirdoland. 00:26:53.24,00:26:57.30 What's gotten into everybody?[br]No! I don't want to go crazy. 00:26:57.38,00:27:00.01 I'm in a hurry,[br]so give me a lift... 00:27:00.08,00:27:02.45 Papa, I have to explain! 00:27:02.52,00:27:05.21 - You must understand.[br]- Well, be quick. 00:27:05.29,00:27:09.62 Capitalism's had it,[br]the Fifth Republic has had it! 00:27:09.69,00:27:13.49 Communism's had it,[br]the consumer society has had it! 00:27:13.56,00:27:15.89 Cars have had it! 00:27:15.96,00:27:18.95 You've got to wake up[br]and help us! 00:27:19.03,00:27:22.52 Fine, but right now let's go,[br]I'm in a hurry. 00:27:22.60,00:27:25.50 Close this thing[br]or I'll get pneumonia. 00:27:25.57,00:27:27.87 Pull toward you. 00:27:28.91,00:27:31.84 - What's this?[br]- Hide it! 00:27:33.08,00:27:34.57 What is it? 00:27:34.65,00:27:37.58 1/3 gasoline, 1/3 ether,[br]1/3 oxygen. 00:27:37.65,00:27:42.21 - What do you do with it?[br]- You light it and it explodes. 00:27:42.29,00:27:44.45 It explodes! 00:27:44.52,00:27:46.46 Come on... 00:27:46.53,00:27:48.55 come with me. 00:27:50.03,00:27:53.59 - You light it where?[br]- There. 00:27:53.67,00:27:57.47 - It'll go off![br]- You said cars have had it. 00:27:57.54,00:28:00.30 Let's see if[br]I've understood you. 00:28:02.78,00:28:07.21 See? Now I understand.[br]You just had to explain. 00:28:09.18,00:28:12.64 Here, this is for the subway. 00:28:12.72,00:28:13.74 Fascist! 00:28:13.82,00:28:18.66 3,000 whores at the meeting,[br]and what for? 00:28:18.73,00:28:20.45 To go on strike! 00:28:21.66,00:28:25.06 - Cut the deck.[br]- Wait a second! 00:28:25.13,00:28:30.33 And their slogans,[br]their demands... 00:28:30.40,00:28:33.80 "Our bellies belong to us,"[br]"Sex is money"... 00:28:33.87,00:28:35.74 A low blow. 00:28:35.81,00:28:39.40 "We own the sidewalks,"[br]"No more pimps"... 00:28:39.48,00:28:42.81 wait... social security! 00:28:42.88,00:28:45.98 Don't listen to Communists! 00:28:46.05,00:28:48.45 And that's not all, Jacques. 00:28:48.52,00:28:51.39 I also had[br]a little run-in with a... 00:28:51.46,00:28:54.59 a young jerk[br]with cute ideas, too. 00:28:54.66,00:28:57.53 - So poker tonight...[br]- I understand. 00:28:57.60,00:29:00.09 If this can comfort you[br]in any way, 00:29:00.17,00:29:02.53 I feel the same way. 00:29:02.60,00:29:08.04 We pulled a little job today.[br]No big deal, just a little job. 00:29:08.11,00:29:12.77 Charlot neutralized[br]the police station... perfect! 00:29:12.85,00:29:15.54 I took care of the bank. 00:29:15.62,00:29:17.88 Perfect! 00:29:17.95,00:29:20.35 10,000 francs! 00:29:20.42,00:29:24.29 - Less 6,000 expenses...[br]- It's to be expected, Jacques. 00:29:24.36,00:29:27.42 Boys, you've got[br]to understand one thing. 00:29:27.49,00:29:29.99 It's vital.[br]We've got to wake up. 00:29:30.06,00:29:32.09 We're on the brink! 00:29:32.17,00:29:35.26 - Let's get through our heads![br]- Can I talk? 00:29:35.34,00:29:38.70 You said it yourself:[br]Capitalism has had it! 00:29:38.77,00:29:42.47 The consumer society[br]has had it. 00:29:42.54,00:29:46.17 And cars...[br]cars have had it! 00:29:46.25,00:29:49.48 - The Fifth has had it![br]- What's the Fifth? 00:29:49.55,00:29:52.31 - The French Republic, you idiot![br]- Can I say one thing? 00:29:52.39,00:29:55.01 We're obsolete! 00:29:55.09,00:29:56.39 Fascist! 00:29:58.29,00:30:01.16 Thanks. 00:30:01.23,00:30:04.16 - Where's mine?[br]- Coming up. 00:30:04.23,00:30:05.86 We're obsolete. 00:30:05.93,00:30:09.16 Aldo's right.[br]You are obsolete. 00:30:09.24,00:30:11.29 And I'll tell you why. 00:30:11.37,00:30:15.03 Because you keep looking[br]for money in banks! 00:30:15.11,00:30:17.80 But that's not where it's at. 00:30:17.88,00:30:21.47 And your streetwalkers[br]are walking out? 00:30:21.55,00:30:25.71 Naturally. All women[br]are taking up politics, 00:30:25.79,00:30:27.58 even hookers. 00:30:27.65,00:30:30.52 They vote, they hold[br]conferences... 00:30:30.59,00:30:32.58 Women's Lib...[br]and why not? 00:30:32.66,00:30:34.75 It's natural! 00:30:34.83,00:30:38.49 If you want money, Lino,[br]get a job as Treasurer 00:30:38.57,00:30:42.13 of Women's Lib! 00:30:42.20,00:30:45.14 - What d'you mean?[br]- It seems clear to me. 00:30:45.21,00:30:49.57 Al Capone and Company[br]are all finished. 00:30:49.64,00:30:52.01 20 years behind. 00:30:52.08,00:30:55.48 All you're good at now[br]is making spaghetti... 00:30:55.55,00:30:58.81 and Aldo takes care[br]of that, not you. 00:30:58.89,00:31:01.72 All right, wise guy... 00:31:02.82,00:31:06.02 You talk big,[br]but what do you do? 00:31:06.09,00:31:07.96 Me? 00:31:08.03,00:31:11.00 I've got so many jobs,[br]I'm getting dizzy. 00:31:11.06,00:31:13.00 I wing corporation[br]presidents. 00:31:13.07,00:31:15.63 It's pretty funny 00:31:15.70,00:31:19.23 because I shoot[br]rightwingers, 00:31:19.31,00:31:21.64 the far right pays me, 00:31:21.71,00:31:24.37 and the far left gets blamed. 00:31:24.44,00:31:27.35 How's that again?[br]I'm a bit deaf. 00:31:27.41,00:31:30.51 I said I wing[br]rightwingers, 00:31:30.58,00:31:33.38 the far right pays me, 00:31:33.45,00:31:35.85 and the far left gets blamed. 00:31:35.92,00:31:38.58 - How is it?[br]- Good. 00:31:38.66,00:31:41.65 Politics is the only[br]reality today... 00:31:41.73,00:31:43.56 a booming business. 00:31:44.76,00:31:48.36 Politics is fine,[br]but which party? 00:31:48.43,00:31:52.63 No! Above parties.[br]Above! 00:31:52.71,00:31:54.80 There's your loot. 00:31:54.87,00:31:57.27 The government... 00:31:57.34,00:31:58.94 big business... 00:31:59.01,00:32:00.57 labor unions! 00:32:00.65,00:32:04.88 I get 20,000 francs[br]to wound a corporation president. 00:32:04.95,00:32:09.39 A big labor union like the CGT[br]is richer than a bank. 00:32:12.29,00:32:14.59 What if you kill one? 00:32:14.66,00:32:16.69 I said I wound them. 00:32:16.76,00:32:19.63 I don't kill! 00:32:19.70,00:32:21.96 Never! 00:32:22.04,00:32:24.77 You know what the CGT is? 00:32:24.84,00:32:27.10 - No, what is it?[br]- The labor union. 00:32:27.17,00:32:29.47 We'll really have[br]to start from zero. 00:32:29.54,00:32:32.07 Of course, you don't[br]know the CGT. 00:32:32.15,00:32:34.84 But politics can't be[br]improvised. 00:32:34.91,00:32:38.01 We should take lessons.[br]We must take lessons. 00:32:38.08,00:32:40.48 So, as Simon said,[br]they studied politics 00:32:40.55,00:32:45.89 and the nuances of an era[br]based on extortion and hostages. 00:32:45.96,00:32:48.72 That's how they'd make money! 00:32:48.80,00:32:52.49 Students and experts followed each other[br]for three days and nights, 00:32:52.57,00:32:55.26 defining leftists, 00:32:55.34,00:32:59.57 Maoists, Communists,[br]fascists, anarchists. 00:32:59.64,00:33:04.17 Their "teachers" never dreamed[br]that these were men without ideals, 00:33:04.24,00:33:06.11 without a cause. 00:33:06.18,00:33:09.17 They'd serve any cause[br]for their own profit. 00:33:09.25,00:33:11.77 The UN of disorder[br]doesn't exist. 00:33:11.85,00:33:14.91 The UN of anarchy[br]has yet to be created. 00:33:14.99,00:33:18.62 It will be born[br]of the defunct Crime, Inc. 00:33:18.69,00:33:21.25 On February 13, 1972, 00:33:21.33,00:33:24.89 a new chapter in gangsterism[br]was being opened. 00:33:24.96,00:33:28.09 Hoodlum imagination[br]is coming into power! 00:33:28.17,00:33:33.16 "Stalin, born in 1870,[br]died in 1953. 00:33:33.24,00:33:37.80 Took power in the USSR[br]after Lenin died in 1924, 00:33:37.88,00:33:40.74 killing millions." 00:33:40.81,00:33:44.81 Imagine a man with no license,[br]driving a Ferrari at 200 mph. 00:33:44.88,00:33:48.55 He's bound to kill[br]10 people a day. 00:33:48.62,00:33:50.85 Stalin was the road hog[br]of the Revolution! 00:33:50.92,00:33:52.98 For Trotsky,[br]the armed prophet, 00:33:53.06,00:33:57.36 "Revolution is permanent."[br]Stalin understood it only too well. 00:33:57.43,00:34:00.46 He had him killed in Mexico. 00:34:00.53,00:34:04.13 That's where he ran him over[br]with the Ferrari! 00:34:06.04,00:34:07.97 Weren't we told that? 00:34:08.04,00:34:11.03 Aldo, "The road hog[br]of the Revolution" 00:34:11.11,00:34:13.31 is a metaphor. 00:34:13.38,00:34:16.44 I thought so![br]Stalin with a Ferrari... 00:34:16.52,00:34:18.78 Dialectical materialism 00:34:18.85,00:34:22.08 is the basis[br]of all political thought. 00:34:22.16,00:34:26.18 Dialectics means you go[br]from analysis to synthesis 00:34:26.26,00:34:29.06 like shifting gears. 00:34:29.13,00:34:30.82 So that's... 00:34:30.90,00:34:33.06 you know how it works? 00:34:33.13,00:34:35.33 It allows you to shift 00:34:35.40,00:34:39.10 from a specific analysis[br]to a general conclusion. 00:34:39.17,00:34:42.23 You can go both ways[br]and not lose sight 00:34:42.31,00:34:44.74 of your starting point. 00:34:44.81,00:34:47.44 Cars have automatic shifts now. 00:34:47.51,00:34:50.04 That was invented by Lenin. 00:34:50.12,00:34:53.95 You've heard the experts[br]I called in. 00:34:54.02,00:34:57.18 They were very expensive. 00:34:57.26,00:34:59.38 I thought you should know. 00:34:59.46,00:35:02.09 Now you realize[br]the contradictions 00:35:02.16,00:35:06.66 that exist between[br]different ideas, systems, 00:35:06.73,00:35:10.07 theories, countries, 00:35:10.14,00:35:11.97 and flags. 00:35:12.04,00:35:14.03 I hope you're confused. 00:35:14.11,00:35:16.01 You mean,[br]you hope we aren't. 00:35:16.08,00:35:18.31 Perfect! He's confused. 00:35:18.38,00:35:22.37 Because if you know[br]that you understand nothing, 00:35:22.45,00:35:24.42 you're above confusion. 00:35:24.48,00:35:27.39 And you'll make lots of money! 00:35:28.86,00:35:31.92 Our new sphere of action 00:35:31.99,00:35:34.82 will utilize the contradictions 00:35:34.89,00:35:40.42 of those who say "Love one another,"[br]then kill each other! 00:35:40.50,00:35:43.33 Our specialty, as I see it, 00:35:43.40,00:35:49.10 is to be the specialists[br]of clarity in confusion. 00:35:49.18,00:35:50.94 You follow me? 00:35:51.01,00:35:52.88 No, it's not clear. 00:35:52.95,00:35:55.64 I'll be more precise. 00:35:55.72,00:35:57.98 I've a job in mind. 00:35:58.05,00:36:01.65 But for this job,[br]we have to merge. 00:36:01.72,00:36:06.25 That is, Lino, Jacques and me,[br]with your permission. 00:36:06.33,00:36:09.42 Why didn't you say it,[br]instead of confusing us? 00:36:09.50,00:36:14.06 That's what they do in show business.[br]And you don't know show business! 00:37:25.04,00:37:27.94 - Tremendous [br]- Adventure 00:37:28.01,00:37:30.98 - Stupendous [br]- Adventure 00:37:31.04,00:37:33.84 - Erotical [br]- Adventure 00:37:33.91,00:37:36.78 - Political [br]- Adventure 00:37:36.85,00:37:39.68 - Adventure [br]- Adventure... 00:39:31.53,00:39:33.33 Shut up. 00:39:37.00,00:39:40.34 Johnny, may I get[br]your autograph, please? 00:39:42.64,00:39:44.40 For Janine. 00:39:46.15,00:39:48.48 - Who's Janine?[br]- His sister. 00:39:48.55,00:39:50.17 Hello, everyone. 00:39:50.25,00:39:52.81 Today's top news:[br]Johnny Hallyday. 00:39:52.89,00:39:55.05 The pop singer is still missing. 00:39:55.12,00:39:57.32 We now know he was kidnapped... 00:39:57.39,00:39:59.88 the most daring[br]kidnapping in years. 00:39:59.96,00:40:03.90 The big question:[br]Why Johnny Hallyday? 00:40:03.96,00:40:06.40 Is it political... 00:40:06.47,00:40:09.23 - Happy?[br]- Terrific! Great start. 00:40:14.31,00:40:16.83 Biggest headlines[br]since the general died. 00:40:16.91,00:40:19.64 - What general?[br]- Bugeaud! 00:40:24.08,00:40:29.15 Le Monde: "Johnny's fans[br]swear to find him." 00:40:29.22,00:40:32.12 - Find you?[br]- Here! 00:40:32.19,00:40:34.96 L'Aurore: "Why Johnny?" 00:40:35.03,00:40:37.22 Yes... why? 00:40:38.46,00:40:42.26 Combat: "Johnny Hallyday,[br]or the political abduction." 00:40:42.33,00:40:44.46 Terrific! 00:40:47.17,00:40:49.20 A one-track mind. 00:40:53.28,00:40:55.41 Make it to cash. 00:40:57.35,00:41:01.08 As long as we can all[br]get a share of that. 00:41:02.15,00:41:05.75 Your career is set for[br]the next 10 years... 00:41:05.83,00:41:07.82 that's a modest estimate. 00:41:07.89,00:41:10.23 Easier than a bank. 00:41:11.26,00:41:14.26 - Who gets it?[br]- Him. 00:41:18.94,00:41:21.43 Your stunt isn't cheap. 00:41:21.51,00:41:25.14 A publicity campaign[br]would've cost 10 times more 00:41:25.21,00:41:28.70 with no headlines[br]or TV coverage. 00:41:29.75,00:41:33.24 How do you like[br]your new career? 00:41:33.32,00:41:36.69 I like it, but I need time[br]to get used to it. 00:41:36.76,00:41:40.12 The methods are new,[br]and I'm feeling old. 00:41:40.19,00:41:44.36 It looks like it's the wave[br]of the future. 00:41:44.43,00:41:48.13 Mr. Georges?[br]A call from Mr. Belley. 00:41:48.20,00:41:50.79 - Inspector Lamotte.[br]- Inspector Dufour. 00:41:50.87,00:41:53.63 - What is it?[br]- We need to talk to your boss. 00:41:53.71,00:41:55.94 Do you have[br]an appointment? 00:41:56.01,00:41:59.00 No, but tell him[br]it's personal and urgent. 00:41:59.08,00:42:00.64 One moment. 00:42:07.45,00:42:10.25 The police? What's it about? 00:42:10.32,00:42:12.65 It's personal.[br]Yes. 00:42:12.73,00:42:15.09 Last door in the hallway. 00:42:19.30,00:42:21.63 Come in, gentlemen. 00:42:23.30,00:42:26.64 - What's the problem?[br]- Inspector Lamotte. 00:42:26.71,00:42:28.50 Inspector Dufour. 00:42:28.57,00:42:32.44 We're sorry to bother you, 00:42:32.51,00:42:36.68 but we've arrested this man. 00:42:36.75,00:42:40.48 He robbed some places[br]near here last night. 00:42:40.55,00:42:43.82 He came here, too.[br]What did he take? 00:42:43.89,00:42:46.79 - Came here?[br]- Yes, here, last night. 00:42:46.86,00:42:50.12 I haven't noticed[br]anything missing. 00:42:50.20,00:42:52.49 We're positive. 00:42:52.57,00:42:54.73 It can't be! 00:42:54.80,00:42:58.10 - It was here?[br]- Yeah, yeah! The safe. 00:42:58.17,00:42:59.97 The safe? 00:43:00.04,00:43:03.50 I just opened it.[br]Everything's fine! 00:43:03.58,00:43:06.57 Perhaps, but... 00:43:06.65,00:43:10.31 better make sure,[br]for your security and ours. 00:43:10.38,00:43:12.85 Mistakes are so easily made. 00:43:12.92,00:43:14.85 Please make sure... 00:43:14.92,00:43:17.82 Of course, if you insist. 00:43:17.89,00:43:20.48 We're sorry to take up[br]your time, but... 00:43:20.56,00:43:25.26 A double-check[br]is better than one, right? 00:43:28.37,00:43:31.56 Oftentime,[br]you think you have... 00:43:31.64,00:43:35.20 seen everything,[br]and then you realize 00:43:35.27,00:43:38.37 you haven't seen everything. 00:43:38.44,00:43:40.74 See? Nothing's missing! 00:43:40.81,00:43:43.51 Sit down, please. 00:43:43.58,00:43:45.98 - Sit down![br]- What's this mean? 00:43:46.05,00:43:49.71 We'll explain.[br]Put your hands on your head 00:43:49.79,00:43:52.76 and look over there. 00:43:55.36,00:43:58.06 He was right,[br]nothing's been stolen. 00:43:58.13,00:44:01.10 He was absolutely right. 00:44:02.10,00:44:04.47 You were right. 00:44:04.54,00:44:08.84 Now, he's a little bit[br]less right. 00:44:08.91,00:44:12.04 No, no![br]Look over there. 00:44:15.01,00:44:17.78 That's not very nice, sir![br]Over there, I said. 00:44:17.85,00:44:20.98 - Conk him on the head![br]- That's no place for it. 00:44:21.05,00:44:25.08 - You might need it![br]- On the head! 00:44:25.16,00:44:27.39 No, he's very nice. 00:44:27.46,00:44:30.33 - Very polite.[br]- Very refined. 00:44:30.40,00:44:32.36 He's loaded, too! 00:44:32.43,00:44:35.37 It's a pleasure to deal[br]with a man like him. 00:44:35.43,00:44:37.96 I mean that! 00:44:38.04,00:44:40.20 - A man of distinction...[br]- Stand up, sir. 00:44:40.27,00:44:43.73 Go way over there... 00:44:43.81,00:44:45.97 and kneel. 00:44:46.05,00:44:48.95 Good! Now, don't move.[br]Thank you! 00:44:49.01,00:44:51.61 There's some more[br]down there! 00:44:51.68,00:44:53.71 So there is! 00:44:53.79,00:44:55.75 Stupid of me to forget. 00:45:02.23,00:45:04.70 The plane for Asunción. 00:45:04.76,00:45:07.63 You're late![br]Too bad, it's on the runway. 00:45:07.70,00:45:11.53 - It's gone?[br]- It'll take off any second. 00:45:11.60,00:45:13.57 When's the next flight? 00:45:13.64,00:45:15.97 Tomorrow. 00:45:17.28,00:45:19.84 It's gone? 00:45:20.88,00:45:23.25 I'm sorry to bother you. 00:45:23.32,00:45:27.25 It's about your flight[br]AS 262 for Asunción. 00:45:27.32,00:45:29.48 Quite by accident,[br]I've learned 00:45:29.56,00:45:33.39 that there's a bomb[br]in the rear luggage bay. 00:45:33.46,00:45:35.69 I called to warn you. 00:45:35.76,00:45:39.66 No, I can't give my name.[br]I'm a flight captain and... 00:45:39.73,00:45:41.83 No, be reasonable! 00:45:41.90,00:45:44.49 I can't give you my name. 00:45:44.57,00:45:46.47 At least, I've warned you. 00:45:46.54,00:45:48.06 Yes, a bomb. 00:45:48.14,00:45:50.34 A bomb. 00:45:50.41,00:45:53.54 B... as in boo-boo! 00:45:55.65,00:45:58.71 Did you miss[br]the Asunción flight? 00:45:58.78,00:46:00.95 You're lucky.[br]It turned back 00:46:01.02,00:46:03.72 because of a technical problem. 00:46:03.79,00:46:06.09 Why don't you give me[br]your tickets? 00:46:06.16,00:46:09.36 - It turned back?[br]- Technical problem. Is it safe? 00:46:09.43,00:46:13.33 - Don't worry, just a check-up.[br]- It's not serious. 00:46:14.37,00:46:16.96 Shall I take your luggage? 00:46:19.51,00:46:22.13 - Heaven's on our side.[br]- We're lucky. 00:46:22.21,00:46:24.44 What's meant to be, will be. 00:46:25.74,00:46:28.34 Aldo's really getting fat! 00:46:34.49,00:46:37.18 What about the other bag! 00:46:38.32,00:46:40.72 First, this one under your arm! 00:46:45.50,00:46:47.49 You booked my suite? 00:46:47.57,00:46:48.76 With bath? 00:46:48.83,00:46:51.53 A suite with bath.[br]Stay behind me! 00:46:51.60,00:46:53.94 Behind me![br]Who's the boss? 00:46:54.01,00:46:56.24 You, Don Maccione. 00:46:59.81,00:47:01.54 - You're ogling![br]- No. 00:47:01.61,00:47:04.10 Cigarette! 00:47:19.57,00:47:21.80 Take my coat. 00:47:24.47,00:47:27.67 My sunglasses. 00:47:45.92,00:47:50.26 Moron![br]Stay six feet behind me! 00:47:50.33,00:47:53.20 Or I'll send you back to Sicily! 00:47:54.63,00:47:58.80 Jackass![br]Where are your brains? 00:48:09.88,00:48:12.37 What are you looking at? 00:48:12.45,00:48:15.22 - Nothing![br]- At the girls! 00:48:15.29,00:48:17.65 Looking at girls! 00:48:17.72,00:48:20.49 Yes, you were. 00:48:20.56,00:48:23.05 - Want spaghetti?[br]- What kind? 00:48:23.13,00:48:25.76 - You name it... ouch![br]- Ouch, what? 00:48:25.83,00:48:28.53 - Don Maccione![br]- Address me by my name. 00:48:33.54,00:48:36.17 Wake up, we're almost there! 00:48:37.71,00:48:40.20 What's that look for? 00:48:41.28,00:48:43.04 Nothing. 00:48:45.38,00:48:48.55 Don't forget[br]that I've met Juarez. 00:48:48.62,00:48:51.71 He says the ambassador[br]is a humanist. 00:48:51.79,00:48:54.62 He's wonderful and won't[br]give us any trouble. 00:49:47.81,00:49:50.84 - Coffee, Aldo![br]- No coffee. 00:49:50.92,00:49:53.65 - No coffee?[br]- I forgot it. 00:49:53.72,00:49:55.38 Next time! 00:49:55.45,00:49:58.45 Lino, pass[br]the tanning lotion. 00:49:58.52,00:50:01.46 You drive me nuts[br]with your tanning lotion. 00:50:01.53,00:50:04.98 Why not a bubble bath?[br]Put your shirt on. 00:50:05.06,00:50:07.29 - Give me the lotion.[br]- You clown! 00:50:07.37,00:50:09.36 Listen, Simon. 00:50:09.43,00:50:11.93 - I'm fed up with picnics.[br]- Me, too. 00:50:12.00,00:50:15.34 Fine! If there's no news[br]tomorrow, we go home. 00:50:15.41,00:50:17.81 There will be. 00:50:17.88,00:50:20.57 How old is your wife? 00:50:20.65,00:50:22.77 She's 25-26. 00:50:22.85,00:50:26.34 How old?[br]25 or 26? 00:50:26.42,00:50:29.11 - 26.[br]- Then say so. 00:50:29.19,00:50:32.68 - You lucky bastard![br]- We should've kidnapped her. 00:50:32.76,00:50:35.28 - His wife?[br]- Sure. 00:50:36.60,00:50:38.72 Any children? 00:50:38.80,00:50:41.70 A girl and a boy. 00:50:41.77,00:50:44.10 How much do you make? 00:50:45.97,00:50:49.41 - Could be interesting.[br]- How much per month? 00:50:49.47,00:50:52.10 1,5 million pesos. 00:50:52.18,00:50:54.84 - How much?[br]- 1,5 million pesos. 00:50:54.91,00:50:56.88 Tell me in dollars. 00:50:56.95,00:50:59.42 You divide by four[br]and take away... 00:51:00.92,00:51:03.82 - So that's...[br]- $4,000. 00:51:03.89,00:51:06.15 - How much?[br]- $4,000. 00:51:06.22,00:51:09.56 - He earns more than me![br]- And lots more than me. 00:51:11.33,00:51:14.23 But I get room and board. 00:51:14.30,00:51:16.89 Olvidados calling Manou. 00:51:19.34,00:51:21.27 Can you hear me? 00:51:23.44,00:51:25.84 Hello, this is Manou. 00:51:25.91,00:51:28.21 Mike Alpha November,[br]Whisky Oscar Oscar. 00:51:28.28,00:51:30.81 I read you loud and clear. 00:51:38.19,00:51:39.62 That button. 00:51:39.69,00:51:41.85 Calling Manou,[br]can you hear me? 00:51:41.93,00:51:43.90 Loud and clear. 00:51:43.96,00:51:48.26 The government is convinced[br]the ambassador's already dead. 00:51:48.33,00:51:52.27 They refuse to exchange[br]the 30 prisoners. 00:51:52.34,00:51:56.50 Send proof[br]he's still alive. 00:51:56.58,00:51:59.17 If they don't comply[br]by midnight, 00:51:59.24,00:52:02.87 execute the hostage. Out. 00:52:02.95,00:52:06.21 Got the message. Out. 00:52:06.28,00:52:08.48 Sit down. 00:52:09.89,00:52:12.22 Midnight![br]What about the time difference? 00:52:12.29,00:52:15.23 - Midnight here, or where?[br]- Midnight here. 00:52:15.29,00:52:17.92 - How do you know?[br]- It's midnight here. 00:52:18.00,00:52:20.62 I insist on one thing, Simon. 00:52:20.70,00:52:24.26 We've got to send proof[br]that he's alive. 00:52:24.34,00:52:27.33 We'll take his picture. 00:52:27.41,00:52:29.40 That's what we planned. 00:52:29.47,00:52:31.87 And you think that will work! 00:52:31.94,00:52:34.97 - How'll you send it?[br]- How about the mule? 00:52:35.05,00:52:37.07 Come with me. 00:52:38.28,00:52:40.84 Stand over there. 00:52:40.92,00:52:44.01 Please, don't move.[br]Aldo! My glasses. 00:52:44.09,00:52:46.02 Don't move. 00:52:46.09,00:52:47.82 These glasses? 00:52:49.09,00:52:51.19 Put your jacket on, Pops. 00:52:51.26,00:52:53.66 Ambassadors wear jackets. 00:52:56.90,00:52:59.17 Ambassadors wear jackets. 00:52:59.24,00:53:02.14 Let's go. Hurry up! 00:53:03.94,00:53:07.50 - He needs a shave.[br]- Out of the way! 00:53:08.85,00:53:12.65 Come on, be nice,[br]give us a smile. 00:53:12.72,00:53:15.62 - The smile makes the man.[br]- That's not original. 00:53:15.69,00:53:17.92 No, but I like it. 00:53:17.99,00:53:21.25 The mule's gone.[br]Who tied it up last? 00:53:21.33,00:53:24.85 - I just saw it.[br]- No mule, no picture. 00:53:26.33,00:53:28.80 Cut it out, Jacques! 00:53:29.90,00:53:32.56 Now... hold it. 00:53:36.91,00:53:39.07 I hate to butt in, 00:53:39.14,00:53:41.67 but these ruins are[br]known to everybody, 00:53:41.75,00:53:43.74 even dumb cops. 00:53:43.82,00:53:46.41 Might as well draw a map! 00:53:46.48,00:53:50.25 Want a group shot, with fingerprints?[br]Take it here. 00:53:59.43,00:54:01.80 He didn't smile. 00:54:05.17,00:54:07.54 I say this one. 00:54:07.61,00:54:09.87 The least lousy. 00:54:12.51,00:54:15.50 - Okay with you?[br]- Do I have a choice? 00:54:15.58,00:54:17.55 Write... 00:54:17.62,00:54:19.61 "I the undersigned... 00:54:19.68,00:54:22.12 A. Hebert,[br]Swiss Ambassador"... 00:54:22.19,00:54:24.25 Herzberg. 00:54:24.32,00:54:26.98 "Swiss Ambassador, 00:54:27.06,00:54:30.52 November 19th... 00:54:30.60,00:54:33.22 - At 4:00 PM..."[br]- Not so fast. 00:54:35.10,00:54:38.26 " still alive."[br]Underline that. 00:54:38.34,00:54:41.03 - A good idea.[br]- Still no mule. 00:54:41.11,00:54:43.17 The mule's over there! 00:54:44.24,00:54:47.41 I have just heard 00:54:47.48,00:54:49.78 my husband is still alive. 00:54:49.85,00:54:53.88 I hardly dare believe it.[br]I'm so happy. 00:54:53.95,00:54:55.65 And now... 00:54:55.72,00:54:58.15 I speak to the kidnappers. 00:54:58.22,00:55:01.28 I implore you 00:55:01.36,00:55:03.95 to return my husband quickly. 00:55:04.03,00:55:06.96 I ask you... 00:55:07.03,00:55:09.52 in the name of my two children, 00:55:09.60,00:55:12.09 Sylvie and Patrick. 00:55:12.17,00:55:14.10 They ask for him constantly. 00:55:14.17,00:55:18.13 At midnight,[br]your ultimatum expires. 00:55:18.21,00:55:21.47 I promise you... 00:55:21.55,00:55:27.14 if you return him to me,[br]you'll be free. 00:55:27.22,00:55:30.15 You're really a bitch! 00:55:52.98,00:55:55.10 Hail Free Switzerland! 00:57:00.28,00:57:03.84 Olvidados calling Manou. 00:57:05.68,00:57:08.65 Mike Alpha November,[br]Whisky double Oscar. 00:57:08.72,00:57:11.59 Prisoners released.[br]Free the hostage. 00:57:11.66,00:57:13.75 Thank you! 00:57:21.70,00:57:24.03 Are you crazy? 00:57:24.10,00:57:26.16 Didn't you hear? 00:57:28.31,00:57:31.33 Yes, I heard. 00:57:32.54,00:57:35.31 I didn't get my turn. 00:57:35.38,00:57:38.37 You have no right! 00:57:39.68,00:57:42.52 Hail Free Switzerland! 00:57:42.59,00:57:47.08 What's $5,000 in pesos? 00:57:47.16,00:57:49.63 I want a return match. 00:57:52.53,00:57:54.76 No. A return match! 00:57:54.83,00:57:56.32 That's enough! 00:58:32.44,00:58:35.53 - Where are the children?[br]- Waiting for us at home. 00:58:35.61,00:58:38.13 Thank you for coming. 00:58:39.24,00:58:42.65 In the name of[br]the Geneva Convention, 00:58:42.71,00:58:46.05 I protest this scandalous deed, 00:58:46.12,00:58:49.92 not for myself personally... 00:58:49.99,00:58:53.62 Well, there were five...[br]low-class specimens. 00:58:53.69,00:58:55.78 - Real nothings![br]- What language? 00:58:55.86,00:58:58.89 French spoken[br]by subhuman dumb brutes! 00:58:58.96,00:59:02.49 One was fat and[br]ate spaghetti all the time, 00:59:02.57,00:59:05.47 half-blind,[br]with 15 pairs of glasses, 00:59:05.54,00:59:09.27 but still took cockeyed photos.[br]Twisted minds! 00:59:09.34,00:59:13.94 The second was a tall fanatic[br]who never stopped 00:59:14.01,00:59:17.61 gambling with my life at poker.[br]He was deaf! 00:59:17.68,00:59:20.01 And Curly,[br]obsessed by mules! 00:59:20.08,00:59:24.78 Then there was one who always[br]screwed up... excuse my language... 00:59:26.46,00:59:30.12 he kept stroking his... 00:59:30.19,00:59:32.96 his gun, like a sexual object. 00:59:33.03,00:59:37.40 And the last one was completely gaga,[br]running around naked. 00:59:37.47,00:59:39.44 Carried his gun[br]under his armpit. 00:59:39.50,00:59:43.94 He was tattooed...[br]I don't know. 00:59:44.01,00:59:47.88 It must be an international[br]gang of hoodlums, 00:59:47.95,00:59:51.78 of mental defectives.[br]It was like being on Mars! 00:59:51.85,00:59:54.61 It was hell! They're a mafia... 00:59:54.69,00:59:57.78 a gang of monkeys! 00:59:57.86,01:00:00.05 Why'd they pick you? 01:00:00.12,01:00:03.36 - Why you?[br]- Probably because... 01:00:03.43,01:00:05.86 we're pure, lovely,[br]Swiss and neutral. 01:00:05.93,01:00:09.33 - We're from Lake Lucerne![br]- Will Switzerland take action? 01:00:09.40,01:00:11.99 I hope so, and I will demand 01:00:12.07,01:00:14.63 the capture of these ruffians! 01:00:14.71,01:00:16.67 He said I was fat! 01:00:16.74,01:00:19.18 And I'm obsessed by the mule! 01:00:19.24,01:00:21.47 He's got to be queer. 01:00:21.55,01:00:24.34 All that kissing last night... 01:00:24.42,01:00:27.28 no man acts like that. 01:00:27.35,01:00:29.55 Obsessed by a mule! 01:00:29.62,01:00:33.25 Maybe I'm a little well-developed,[br]but I'm not fat. 01:00:33.32,01:00:36.38 You're more than[br]well-developed. 01:00:36.46,01:00:38.52 But he's not fat! 01:00:38.60,01:00:40.72 Are you peeing or sputtering? 01:00:40.80,01:00:42.70 There, we're finished! 01:00:42.77,01:00:44.43 Let's go. 01:00:44.50,01:00:49.13 You're right, Lino,[br]you're slim. 01:00:49.21,01:00:52.01 If we ever find[br]that Swiss again... 01:01:36.22,01:01:39.71 The Revolution is[br]no longer me. It's you. 01:01:39.79,01:01:42.02 Maybe, General, 01:01:42.09,01:01:45.36 but let's get[br]something straight. 01:01:45.43,01:01:50.09 You're the Revolution...[br]you are you. 01:01:50.17,01:01:53.87 But we are us.[br]And that's another story. 01:01:53.94,01:01:56.67 The people see you 01:01:56.74,01:01:58.80 as the liberators[br]of Latin America. 01:01:58.88,01:02:02.28 We don't want[br]to liberate anything. 01:02:02.35,01:02:07.72 - Serve the people? No![br]- I have big plans for you. 01:02:07.79,01:02:11.81 Two hijackings, the kidnapping[br]of a cultural attachés... 01:02:11.89,01:02:14.38 Hold on, General. 01:02:15.66,01:02:18.93 Simon, we came here[br]to get the money, right? 01:02:19.00,01:02:21.06 Absolutely! 01:02:21.13,01:02:24.47 Well, General?[br]We got the job done. 01:02:24.54,01:02:28.06 Let's have the $200,000! 01:02:28.14,01:02:31.54 Jacques,[br]we're among gentlemen. 01:02:31.61,01:02:34.51 Ernesto is an honorable man. 01:02:34.58,01:02:39.85 Just be patient.[br]Sit down, keep calm. 01:02:42.75,01:02:45.25 You hired us to do a job. 01:02:45.32,01:02:47.85 We did it and did it well. 01:02:47.93,01:02:50.05 We kept our end of the bargain. 01:02:50.13,01:02:52.29 Now you keep yours. 01:02:52.36,01:02:57.43 It's simple. You pay us,[br]we go, and it's over. 01:02:57.50,01:03:00.06 If you have other jobs later... 01:03:00.14,01:03:02.94 hijackings and so on, okay. 01:03:03.01,01:03:06.47 But as my friend said,[br]first settle this one... now! 01:03:06.54,01:03:09.24 We'll take cash. 01:03:09.31,01:03:11.41 You're only in for the money? 01:03:14.52,01:03:16.04 - Aren't you Marxists?[br]- Yes, Groucho Marxists! 01:03:18.16,01:03:21.79 Pay me, and I may become[br]a Marxist-Leninist. 01:03:25.50,01:03:28.12 You got any tanning lotion? 01:03:33.44,01:03:35.63 Well? 01:03:35.71,01:03:37.33 Check, or cash? 01:03:37.41,01:03:40.50 I haven't any cash now, but... 01:03:40.58,01:03:42.88 You're making us angry. 01:03:42.95,01:03:45.54 - I have an idea.[br]- No! 01:03:45.62,01:03:47.41 You don't know what it is! 01:03:47.49,01:03:51.11 I propose that we get $100,000[br]in cash right now 01:03:51.19,01:03:54.85 - And the rest in two weeks.[br]- No, no... 01:03:54.93,01:03:59.73 - It gets us off the hook.[br]- You like to simplify, but not this time. 01:03:59.80,01:04:02.32 Sorry, but you'll pay up[br]right now. 01:04:02.40,01:04:04.13 Yes, right now. 01:04:04.20,01:04:08.30 Gentlemen,[br]I'll be forced to arrest you. 01:04:08.37,01:04:10.97 You'll be tried[br]by my revolutionary court. 01:04:19.65,01:04:22.88 You have any tanning lotion? 01:04:22.95,01:04:25.39 Coconut oil? 01:05:08.40,01:05:11.99 If I'd known who I was hiring... 01:05:12.07,01:05:15.04 That's what happens[br]when you rely on ads. 01:05:16.57,01:05:19.81 Why didn't you stay[br]in show business? 01:05:20.85,01:05:23.54 No ear for it. 01:05:24.88,01:05:27.04 You'll regret this. 01:05:28.25,01:05:30.74 History is with us. 01:05:31.82,01:05:34.45 History will speak for itself. 01:05:35.49,01:05:38.93 I need men like you. 01:05:39.00,01:05:41.86 No work without pay. 01:05:41.93,01:05:44.53 A Marxist like you[br]should see that. 01:05:44.60,01:05:47.13 You set a bad example. 01:05:47.20,01:05:50.64 That's what we fight for.[br]We have nothing. 01:05:52.14,01:05:54.94 Why'd the 1871[br]Paris Commune fail? 01:05:55.01,01:05:57.64 They wouldn't attack[br]the Bank of France! 01:05:57.72,01:06:00.71 Historians all agree on that. 01:06:02.29,01:06:05.81 Work for me, Simon,[br]and I'll pay you well. 01:06:05.89,01:06:09.83 Like you did[br]for the ambassador? 01:06:13.60,01:06:16.09 You really are just[br]cheap hoodlums. 01:06:17.40,01:06:21.84 We must kill you all[br]to have a real Revolution. 01:06:21.91,01:06:24.10 Right. All bets are off. 01:06:24.18,01:06:27.94 Today's winners are not[br]strong, intelligent men. 01:06:28.01,01:06:31.24 Today's winner[br]is the cheap finagler 01:06:31.32,01:06:34.31 who handles blackmail[br]like a Winchester, 01:06:34.39,01:06:37.15 as well as confusion in clarity!
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Maria Full Of Grace (2004)
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Marilyn Monroe - The final days 2001
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Married With Children 1x01 - Pilot
Married With Children 1x02 - Thinergy
Married With Children 1x03 - Sixteen Years and What You Get
Married With Children 1x04 - But I Didnt Shoot the Deputy
Married With Children 1x05 - Have You Driven a Ford Lately
Married With Children 1x06 - Whose Room Is It Anyway
Married With Children 1x07 - Al Loses His Cherry
Married With Children 1x08 - Peggy Sue Got Work
Married With Children 1x09 - Married Without Children
Married With Children 1x10 - The Poker Game
Married With Children 1x11 - Where Is the Boss
Married With Children 1x12 - Nightmare On Als Street
Married With Children 1x13 - Johnny B Gone
Marrying Kind The (George Cukor 1952)
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Martian Chronicles The 1980 CD1
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Masque of the Red Death The
Masques (Masks)
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Matrix The
Maurice 1987
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May (Lucky McKee 2002)
McKenzie Break The 1970
McLintock CD1
McLintock CD2
Me Myself I
Me Myself and Irene
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Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD2
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Meet The Parents
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Men Make Women Crazy Theory
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Men in Black 2
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Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
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Minority Report 2002
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Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
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Most Terrible Time In My Life The (1994)
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My Bosss Daughter 2003
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