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Subtitles for Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD2.

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Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:01.73,00:00:05.33 - Did he behave?[br]- He tried to bribe me. 00:00:05.40,00:00:09.36 - A good price, I hope.[br]- The Revolution's broke. 00:00:09.44,00:00:13.04 We'll show him how to get rich[br]with a few phone calls. 00:00:13.11,00:00:17.64 With late charges,[br]it'll be $300,000. 00:00:17.72,00:00:21.81 $200,000 for the ambassador[br]and $100,000 for Juarez. 00:00:23.29,00:00:26.81 $200,000 for the ambassador[br]and $100,000 for Juarez? 00:00:26.89,00:00:31.16 $300,000 for two kidnappings.[br]A real bargain. 00:00:47.68,00:00:49.65 Where's Juarez? 00:00:52.92,00:00:55.18 In the shack, up there. 00:01:00.09,00:01:02.69 - I see no one.[br]- One second. 00:01:02.76,00:01:05.79 Charlot, are you listening? 00:01:05.86,00:01:08.53 Bring out Ernesto. 00:01:10.20,00:01:12.47 Have him wave. 00:01:16.07,00:01:18.87 Enough.[br]He can go back in. 00:01:18.94,00:01:21.67 You saw him?[br]Now, give us the money. 00:01:27.75,00:01:30.24 What if I refuse? 00:01:30.32,00:01:35.78 Young man,[br]you want Juarez alive? 00:01:39.56,00:01:42.09 One second, please. 00:01:53.41,00:01:55.47 Thanks a lot! 00:02:08.06,00:02:10.86 Charlot![br]They're off and running! 00:02:31.22,00:02:33.55 Bring Ernesto out. 00:02:35.19,00:02:37.45 Have him wave. 00:02:40.29,00:02:42.73 He can go back in. 00:02:51.77,00:02:54.33 And if I refuse? 00:02:54.41,00:02:58.43 You want Juarez alive? 00:03:00.18,00:03:02.08 One second, please. 00:03:14.29,00:03:16.35 Quick! 00:03:16.43,00:03:20.30 - The pictures for our posters![br]- Lino'll paint some! 00:03:31.84,00:03:33.67 We got it! 00:03:35.78,00:03:37.84 Holy shit! 00:03:38.88,00:03:41.22 Interesting. 00:03:43.39,00:03:46.65 Politics isn't all bad. 00:03:46.72,00:03:49.85 I wondered[br]why people went into it. 00:03:49.93,00:03:53.26 - Now I know.[br]- They paid! 00:03:53.33,00:03:56.70 - Call that chicken feed?[br]- You too? 00:03:58.54,00:04:00.44 Curly's getting mad. 00:04:00.50,00:04:03.41 They've got problems up there! 00:04:03.47,00:04:05.44 Look at the Yanks. 00:04:05.51,00:04:08.97 $1,000 the Yanks[br]get there first. 00:04:09.05,00:04:11.38 - $2,000 on mine![br]- $3,000 on the Yanks. 00:04:11.45,00:04:14.68 - I call you.[br]- Three on the Yanks. 00:04:16.55,00:04:20.39 - Why the Yanks?[br]- Mine have no style. 00:04:21.49,00:04:24.43 5,000 on the Yanks,[br]the capitalists. 00:04:24.50,00:04:26.86 Mine look bad right now, 00:04:26.93,00:04:29.23 but look at Curly! 00:04:29.30,00:04:31.73 10,000 on the Marxists! 00:04:31.80,00:04:35.40 - 12 on the capitalists.[br]- 15 on the Yanks! 00:04:35.47,00:04:38.17 15 each on the capitalists! 00:04:38.24,00:04:42.27 I'll give you boys a break.[br]30 says I take you both. 00:04:43.51,00:04:44.48 Okay? 00:04:49.09,00:04:51.75 Damn fools! 00:04:52.79,00:04:55.49 - You see that![br]- $30,000! 00:04:55.56,00:04:58.59 The next war will be like that. 00:04:58.66,00:05:00.76 One big bang! 00:05:00.83,00:05:03.53 No one'll ever know who won. 00:05:07.31,00:05:09.93 You know something? 00:05:10.98,00:05:14.81 I liked Ernesto.[br]The best man we've met. 00:05:14.88,00:05:17.14 A man has to die[br]to be appreciated. 00:05:17.21,00:05:19.31 Another thing. 00:05:19.38,00:05:21.98 He was straight. 00:05:23.95,00:05:26.25 Coming or not? 00:05:26.32,00:05:29.19 The money, Lino! 00:05:32.13,00:05:34.46 We're rich! 00:06:00.49,00:06:03.29 Are you sure[br]you speak English? 00:06:03.36,00:06:05.26 To perfection! 00:06:05.33,00:06:07.82 - Where did you learn?[br]- High school. 00:06:07.90,00:06:11.83 - You went to high school?[br]- Till eighth grade. 00:06:11.90,00:06:13.73 Go on. 00:06:23.28,00:06:25.18 Stop. 00:06:25.25,00:06:27.34 - Was it good?[br]- Fine. 00:06:29.19,00:06:32.55 I think you'd better keep that. 00:06:34.43,00:06:38.52 Aldo can't speak English,[br]but he has a good accent. 00:06:41.23,00:06:46.83 Paris traffic is bad,[br]but so is New York's. 00:06:49.34,00:06:51.67 "I speak fluent English." 00:06:52.71,00:06:54.54 - Fluent![br]- I do! 00:06:54.61,00:06:57.34 - We get to choose?[br]- Of course! 00:06:57.42,00:07:02.38 You're heartwarming[br]in that skirt. It suits you well. 00:07:05.22,00:07:09.09 - Do you have a magazine?[br]- Right away, sir. 00:07:30.48,00:07:33.75 You're overdoing it. 00:09:33.57,00:09:36.44 My glasses.[br]One second. 00:09:37.81,00:09:39.78 Fluent! 00:09:41.08,00:09:46.02 - Where were we?[br]- We stopped there. 00:10:13.61,00:10:16.64 Relax, Charlot. 00:10:19.08,00:10:21.81 Next job in English, 00:10:21.89,00:10:24.85 we send Jacques and Aldo. 00:10:24.92,00:10:29.69 - It went fine.[br]- We'll see in a little while. 00:10:31.40,00:10:34.09 I've seen some[br]good-looking broads. 00:10:47.65,00:10:49.91 "Ate Daze"? 00:10:52.65,00:10:55.35 Not listed. 00:10:55.42,00:10:56.72 Nothing. 00:10:56.79,00:10:59.78 Jacques said[br]it was all here. 00:10:59.86,00:11:03.09 No "Ate Daze,"[br]no "Wick." 00:11:03.16,00:11:05.25 I'll take care of it. 00:11:19.84,00:11:21.94 Let's sit down. 00:11:29.05,00:11:33.58 - What'd you say?[br]- I asked if we could wait. 00:11:33.66,00:11:36.13 You're sure you said that? 00:11:36.19,00:11:40.13 I'm sure.[br]We're waiting, aren't we? 00:11:40.20,00:11:42.10 Fine. 00:11:51.21,00:11:52.87 How's my hat? 00:11:52.94,00:11:54.84 My hat. 00:11:54.91,00:11:56.88 The hat's fine,[br]but the rest... 00:12:16.43,00:12:19.16 Y'know, you really[br]are heartwarming. 00:12:19.24,00:12:22.60 - Oh, hello.[br]- It's gloomy up here. 00:12:22.67,00:12:26.67 Downstairs is gay and lively,[br]but here it's gloomy. 00:12:26.74,00:12:28.94 You're right.[br]Would you like a drink? 00:12:29.01,00:12:32.11 - Champagne![br]- I'll get it for you. 00:12:34.22,00:12:37.12 I make 71,000 francs[br]a month. 00:12:37.19,00:12:39.71 - Interesting![br]- Belgian francs. 00:12:39.79,00:12:42.09 You're Belgian? 00:12:42.16,00:12:44.63 I work soil and beasts. 00:12:44.70,00:12:48.63 - You work what?[br]- Soil and beasts. 00:12:48.70,00:12:52.40 - I'm an agricult![br]- Agriculturist. 00:12:52.47,00:12:55.44 I'd like five glasses[br]of champagne. 00:12:55.51,00:12:59.20 - All for you?[br]- For a small celebration. 00:13:00.41,00:13:03.71 Where are the men[br]who fly the plane? 00:13:03.78,00:13:05.65 The pilots?[br]Over there. 00:13:05.72,00:13:07.27 Over there? 00:13:08.52,00:13:10.68 We can't go see them? 00:13:10.75,00:13:14.35 No visitors allowed[br]because of the hijackings. 00:13:14.42,00:13:18.22 The fifth glass.[br]Better be safe than sorry! 00:13:18.30,00:13:20.35 With all these imbeciles... 00:13:20.43,00:13:22.90 Anything can happen. 00:13:25.20,00:13:27.23 So they're over there, you say. 00:13:27.30,00:13:29.80 - Aren't they bored?[br]- Who gets these? 00:13:29.87,00:13:32.54 I'll show you. 00:13:32.61,00:13:36.57 Make sure no one[br]hijacks the champagne! 00:13:37.85,00:13:40.54 - What is it?[br]- A passenger's treat. 00:13:40.62,00:13:41.78 Evening, Captain. 00:13:45.42,00:13:46.95 Thanks for your help. 00:13:47.02,00:13:49.29 Don't you panic. 00:13:49.36,00:13:51.12 We're used to it. 00:13:51.20,00:13:54.29 - So are we. Altitude?[br]- 8,000. 00:13:54.36,00:13:58.23 Go up to 12,000[br]and keep circling to the left. 00:13:58.30,00:14:02.33 Contact the president[br]of the airline's insurance company. 00:14:02.41,00:14:05.17 He has an urgent appointment 00:14:05.24,00:14:07.90 with Mr. Smith[br]and Mr. Wesson. 00:14:30.77,00:14:34.10 You speak French?[br]Great! 00:14:34.17,00:14:36.23 Put that away! 00:14:36.31,00:14:38.64 Well, now... 00:14:39.91,00:14:44.35 we've just heard[br]that one of the planes you insure, 00:14:44.41,00:14:48.91 a 747, to be exact,[br]has been hijacked. 00:14:48.99,00:14:52.25 It so happens,[br]quite by incidentally, 00:14:52.32,00:14:56.09 that we specialize[br]in rescuing such planes. 00:15:01.37,00:15:02.76 Two what? 00:15:02.83,00:15:05.30 - Two million.[br]- In what? 00:15:05.37,00:15:06.89 Dollars, naturally. 00:15:08.81,00:15:10.93 10% 00:15:11.01,00:15:15.00 - 10% of what?[br]- Of the price of the plane. 00:15:15.08,00:15:18.91 What if, unfortunately,[br]they were to blow it up? 00:15:18.98,00:15:23.18 20 million is what[br]you'd owe the airline. 00:15:23.25,00:15:27.21 And you want[br]these two million in cash. 00:15:27.29,00:15:29.28 Naturally. 00:15:29.36,00:15:32.12 - And at once.[br]- Yes, that, too! 00:15:33.16,00:15:36.50 And where do I find[br]that much at this hour? 00:15:36.57,00:15:39.73 That's your problem.[br]You're the insurer! 00:15:39.80,00:15:43.86 This lady next to me[br]kept pestering me. 00:15:43.94,00:15:46.74 "How do they fly at night[br]and not get lost?" 00:15:46.81,00:15:50.44 I said we'd ask the captain. 00:15:50.51,00:15:54.08 So he told her,[br]because I already knew. 00:15:54.15,00:15:56.92 He said,[br]"See the little green light 00:15:56.99,00:15:59.82 on the tip of the left wing? 00:15:59.89,00:16:03.09 And you see[br]the little red light 00:16:03.16,00:16:08.00 on the tip of the right wing?[br]Well, we just fly between them!" 00:16:08.07,00:16:10.73 Suppose I accept? 00:16:10.80,00:16:14.29 Then it's all arranged.[br]Don't worry. 00:16:14.37,00:16:18.00 An hour from now,[br]if we're not followed, 00:16:18.08,00:16:23.38 we'll phone you a password[br]to transmit to the pilot. 00:16:23.45,00:16:27.71 And the plane will go beddy-bye[br]in New York tonight. 00:16:27.78,00:16:32.15 "Ginette's striptease[br]isn't as good as Julie's." 00:16:32.22,00:16:33.75 Perfect! 00:16:33.82,00:16:36.26 And now please,[br]turn off your radio. 00:16:36.33,00:16:39.16 Say nothing[br]and take me to Montreal. 00:16:39.23,00:16:42.53 If you like, you can then go[br]beddy-bye in New York. 00:16:47.17,00:16:50.23 Are we rich?! 00:16:51.27,00:16:53.17 We're rich, you know. 00:16:53.58,00:16:55.84 How'll you spend it? 00:16:55.91,00:16:58.21 I can't believe... 00:16:58.28,00:17:03.48 I was a car thief,[br]and now I've got billions! 00:17:03.55,00:17:05.78 Millions! 00:17:05.86,00:17:08.72 Maybe I don't have the build, 00:17:08.79,00:17:10.99 but I have a right to dream, 00:17:11.06,00:17:12.96 to have lofty thoughts[br]sometimes. 00:17:13.03,00:17:16.93 I always love[br]other men's wives. 00:17:17.00,00:17:20.06 - How do you get rid of them?[br]- Get rid of them? 00:17:22.41,00:17:24.47 It's easy. 00:17:24.54,00:17:27.20 You tell them to go,[br]and they go? 00:17:27.28,00:17:29.25 Once I tell them, that's it. 00:17:29.31,00:17:31.34 I can't fall in love. 00:17:31.42,00:17:33.18 I can't. 00:17:33.25,00:17:36.31 Do you know[br]how much a girl costs? 00:17:36.39,00:17:39.36 We've got money now! 00:17:39.42,00:17:42.42 You never know[br]what can happen. 00:17:42.49,00:17:45.79 You've got to stay focused! 00:17:47.70,00:17:51.03 He's going to hurt somebody! 00:18:11.42,00:18:14.62 Lunge, Lino! 00:18:14.69,00:18:15.66 Good. 00:18:16.63,00:18:18.53 Ad out! Ad out. 00:18:21.36,00:18:22.66 117-love! 00:18:28.17,00:18:31.90 Be courteous, gentlemen,[br]or I'll stop the match. 00:18:31.98,00:18:34.38 11! 00:18:51.26,00:18:53.66 Carrying anything? 00:18:53.73,00:18:57.10 A little.38, why? 00:18:57.17,00:18:59.40 I've got a fun job. 00:19:01.07,00:19:02.97 Here? 00:19:04.88,00:19:09.07 The casino cash-box[br]leaves in 10 minutes. 00:19:09.15,00:19:13.48 There'll be a driver and a guard.[br]Let's have some fun. 00:19:15.59,00:19:17.38 Just us two? 00:19:17.45,00:19:20.51 Maybe our friend[br]needs a laugh, too. 00:19:24.09,00:19:26.15 Doing all right? 00:19:26.23,00:19:29.36 "Our nature must[br]always come out." 00:19:30.93,00:19:32.63 What're you talking about? 00:19:32.70,00:19:36.83 What was the point[br]of starting a new career? 00:19:36.91,00:19:39.14 You're going[br]to blow off our vacation 00:19:39.21,00:19:42.94 for a lousy $20,000! 00:19:43.01,00:19:48.01 It's not for money,[br]it's to have some fun! 00:19:48.08,00:19:50.42 To kill time, Simon! 00:19:50.49,00:19:53.55 Can't you just relax[br]and do nothing? 00:19:53.62,00:19:56.02 There goes[br]our society of leisure! 00:19:56.09,00:19:59.86 - You call this fun?[br]- You're challenging the whole theory! 00:19:59.93,00:20:02.96 Take Aldo and Charlot.[br]They're enjoying themselves. 00:20:03.03,00:20:05.66 Yours, mademoiselle? 00:20:09.91,00:20:13.36 Want to knock over[br]the casino cash-box? 00:20:14.88,00:20:18.71 Fuck you! We're on vacation![br]Let me pick up the girl! 00:20:18.78,00:20:21.84 Sure, this is how[br]we'll pick up girls! 00:20:21.92,00:20:24.18 Look at that fool! 00:20:27.82,00:20:29.82 Looks like a train starting. 00:20:29.89,00:20:31.95 That's walking! 00:20:32.03,00:20:35.46 - Come on, you too![br]- Who walks like that? 00:20:35.53,00:20:38.30 I always walk like that[br]for the girls. 00:20:38.37,00:20:40.50 Watch the way I move. 00:20:40.57,00:20:43.06 Not like that, Simon! 00:20:44.14,00:20:46.67 - The leg like that.[br]- Smoother! 00:20:46.74,00:20:49.44 You have to see it[br]to believe it! 00:20:51.08,00:20:53.35 That really does[br]something for you! 00:20:53.42,00:20:56.91 Terrific![br]That's how you pick up girls. 00:20:59.12,00:21:02.09 - He's riding a bike![br]- Style and class! 00:21:02.16,00:21:04.15 - Not like that![br]- Yes, like that! 00:21:04.23,00:21:07.13 I taught him![br]I'll show you. 00:21:08.70,00:21:12.40 - Italian-style![br]- Not like that! 00:21:12.47,00:21:14.56 Like this! 00:21:15.84,00:21:17.81 Smooth! 00:21:18.84,00:21:21.50 Simon, watch! 00:21:23.88,00:21:26.21 Let yourself go! 00:22:50.17,00:22:53.23 Lino, how do you[br]want the pasta? 00:22:55.04,00:22:57.77 - What'd he say?[br]- Tomato sauce. 00:23:11.35,00:23:14.15 Show me where we are. 00:23:15.26,00:23:17.78 We're there. 00:23:17.86,00:23:22.23 - Where are we going?[br]- There, to Haknan-Hwahwa. 00:23:22.30,00:23:24.43 Is there an airport? 00:23:24.50,00:23:27.10 At Haknan-Hwahwa?[br]A small one. 00:23:27.17,00:23:29.97 So, to Hakna-whatever. 00:23:30.04,00:23:33.50 Aldo, the dog and I[br]will take the plane. 00:23:33.58,00:23:37.17 Because I can't stand[br]any more vacation! 00:23:37.25,00:23:40.65 But why stop[br]at Haknan-Hwahwa? 00:23:40.72,00:23:43.35 Just look at[br]what's become of us! 00:23:43.42,00:23:45.68 And look at him! 00:23:45.76,00:23:47.78 He's sick! 00:23:47.86,00:23:51.16 No, no![br]Paris, Paris, Paris! 00:23:58.87,00:24:02.24 Lino, the tanning lotion! 00:24:09.61,00:24:12.78 Charlot, give me a hand! 00:24:16.19,00:24:19.49 You must've caught a whale! 00:24:28.30,00:24:30.32 Easy! 00:24:30.40,00:24:33.27 You nut, I was sunbathing! 00:24:33.34,00:24:36.64 A Michelin 42/12. 00:24:36.71,00:24:40.44 A Michelin 42/12,[br]a very good snow-tire! 00:24:40.51,00:24:44.11 - You've had too much sun![br]- It's not the sun. I know tires. 00:25:47.98,00:25:51.31 Why did we rent a sailboat? 00:25:51.38,00:25:54.01 If we had a boat with a motor, 00:25:54.08,00:25:57.21 there'd be five girls here. 00:25:57.29,00:26:00.02 Why a boat with sails? 00:26:07.00,00:26:09.29 What's that? 00:26:09.37,00:26:11.46 What's that? 00:26:11.53,00:26:13.93 A friend of mine,[br]a leftwinger, 00:26:14.00,00:26:16.73 runs a summer holiday camp. 00:26:16.81,00:26:18.90 He gives suntanning lessons. 00:26:18.98,00:26:22.88 He told me[br]there's a triangle right there, 00:26:22.95,00:26:25.44 that nobody thinks about. 00:26:25.52,00:26:28.61 Jacques, ever study suntanning? 00:26:28.69,00:26:31.88 When do we turn in the boat? 00:26:31.96,00:26:34.62 When do we turn in the boat? 00:26:34.69,00:26:37.16 Are you being funny? 00:26:37.23,00:26:41.06 I told you, Paris! 00:26:41.13,00:26:44.07 Aldo! The girls! 00:28:23.60,00:28:27.56 What'd I tell you[br]about those girls? 00:28:27.64,00:28:31.27 - What'd I tell you?[br]- "Something's fishy." 00:28:31.34,00:28:34.83 And here we are...[br]going where? 00:28:34.91,00:28:39.61 I know one thing:[br]they're not cops. 00:28:39.68,00:28:43.05 It's not the way[br]they do things! 00:28:45.09,00:28:47.06 "Yoo-hoo! 00:28:50.63,00:28:56.16 Come have some pasta,[br]come have some spaghetti!" 00:28:56.23,00:29:00.90 He's right, you two[br]are morons, animals! 00:29:00.97,00:29:04.63 How many times... 00:29:04.71,00:29:09.58 how many times have I told you[br]girls mean trouble! 00:29:09.65,00:29:12.88 - How many times?[br]- Never! 00:29:13.95,00:29:17.48 If we can't get broads,[br]with all our money, 00:29:17.55,00:29:19.54 what good is it? 00:29:19.62,00:29:23.68 I like men, not so much[br]because they're men, 00:29:23.76,00:29:26.59 but because[br]they're not women! 00:29:26.66,00:29:30.46 I didn't see you two[br]fighting off those girls! 00:30:02.27,00:30:05.17 Who shut the door[br]when you left Ernesto? 00:30:05.23,00:30:07.46 - Aldo did.[br]- You're sure? 00:30:07.54,00:30:09.80 I was there. 00:31:03.13,00:31:06.93 Mr. Ernesto, you know that... 00:31:07.00,00:31:10.69 Jacques, you tell him.[br]What'd I say about him? 00:31:10.77,00:31:12.43 He said that... 00:31:12.50,00:31:15.70 of all the men we'd met... 00:31:15.77,00:31:20.87 General, you were the best.[br]He said you were straight. 00:31:20.94,00:31:23.57 I even added[br]you were honest. 00:31:23.65,00:31:25.58 Yes, that's right. 00:31:25.65,00:31:28.45 Thank you very much. 00:31:29.52,00:31:31.58 You know the procedure: 00:31:31.65,00:31:33.45 One, kidnapping: 00:31:33.52,00:31:35.92 two, ransom. 00:31:35.99,00:31:40.36 I'll only ask for the $2 million[br]from the plane. 00:31:48.87,00:31:52.81 Give me your Swiss bank[br]account number and you're free. 00:32:03.69,00:32:05.92 So, what's the number? 00:32:05.99,00:32:09.29 Mr. Ernesto, how did you find us? 00:32:09.36,00:32:11.95 You're noticeable[br]when you're on vacation. 00:32:12.03,00:32:16.33 Your behavior[br]isn't very Marxist. 00:32:16.40,00:32:18.33 But you aren't Marxists. 00:32:18.40,00:32:20.73 you're cheap hoodlums! 00:32:23.61,00:32:24.73 Easy, there! 00:32:37.32,00:32:40.12 I'll bet $1,000 he talks. 00:32:40.19,00:32:41.92 $2,000, he doesn't. 00:32:41.99,00:32:44.08 I'm with you, Jacques. 00:32:47.06,00:32:48.93 Well? 00:33:03.18,00:33:06.11 $2,000 he doesn't talk. 00:33:06.18,00:33:08.51 $3,000, he does. 00:33:09.82,00:33:11.75 $5,000. 00:33:19.80,00:33:23.82 $10,000, he misses,[br]and $20,000, he doesn't talk. 00:33:23.90,00:33:25.63 Double that. 00:33:25.70,00:33:29.10 What about that Swiss[br]account number? 00:33:29.17,00:33:31.11 Screw you. 00:33:32.17,00:33:34.14 Screw you! 00:33:34.21,00:33:36.01 I'm not as good a shot[br]as you are. 00:33:36.08,00:33:37.60 Screw you! 00:33:40.45,00:33:42.01 Paper tiger! 00:33:44.65,00:33:47.21 You're a paper tiger. 00:33:57.53,00:33:59.06 Relax, it's phony. 00:33:59.14,00:34:01.19 - What'd he say?[br]- $10,000 he won't talk. 00:34:01.27,00:34:02.90 - I'm in.[br]- How much? 00:34:02.97,00:34:04.53 $15,000. 00:34:06.21,00:34:07.18 I won! 00:34:07.24,00:34:10.74 - $15,000 he talks.[br]- $15,000 he talks. 00:34:10.81,00:34:13.91 I'll cover all three[br]for $50,000, okay? 00:34:13.98,00:34:16.38 Well, Mr. Bandit? 00:34:16.45,00:34:19.11 The Swiss account. 00:34:24.43,00:34:26.73 I don't remember. 00:34:27.76,00:34:29.86 We'll see. 00:34:29.93,00:34:32.03 Drop your pants. 00:34:33.07,00:34:35.06 Drop your pants. 00:34:36.64,00:34:39.01 Why should I[br]drop my pants? 00:34:39.08,00:34:40.98 You'll see. 00:35:08.47,00:35:10.80 It's funny! 00:35:10.87,00:35:13.40 Lino, try it! 00:35:15.34,00:35:18.11 It's funny! 00:35:18.18,00:35:21.15 It's funny, Ernesto! 00:35:27.92,00:35:31.86 Does little Poupoune[br]know Switzerland? 00:35:31.93,00:35:35.26 - I've got an offer...[br]- No! 00:35:39.50,00:35:43.17 UBS in Zurich, 9461. 00:35:43.24,00:35:48.77 Ask for Hugo Frichthafen,[br]he'll take care of it. 00:35:48.84,00:35:51.34 You are a humanist! 00:35:51.41,00:35:54.28 It'll surprise Frichthafen! 00:35:54.35,00:35:56.44 - But...[br]- But what? 00:35:56.52,00:35:58.49 - Ernesto, can I say...[br]- Shut up! 00:36:00.46,00:36:02.45 Go ahead, tell him in Italian! 00:36:02.53,00:36:04.93 - Go f...[br]- Very good, Lino. 00:36:04.99,00:36:07.69 Juarez! 00:36:07.76,00:36:12.03 I thought he was honest,[br]and straight! 00:36:12.10,00:36:14.43 He was a bastard! 00:36:14.50,00:36:16.37 Know what he did? 00:36:16.44,00:36:18.34 I gave him the number, 00:36:18.41,00:36:21.24 and he took the $2 million. 00:36:21.31,00:36:24.28 But that's not all![br]He pumped us dry! 00:36:24.35,00:36:26.58 Took all the money we had! 00:36:27.62,00:36:31.02 And that's not all.[br]He turned us in to the police. 00:36:31.09,00:36:33.82 And yes, to the French police! 00:36:33.89,00:36:38.69 These men are not innocent,[br]I know. 00:36:38.76,00:36:41.09 But they are prophets! 00:36:42.53,00:36:46.37 The innocent have full hands[br]and light hearts. 00:36:46.44,00:36:48.67 The accused have empty hands 00:36:48.74,00:36:53.77 but their hearts are heavy[br]with the threat of death! 00:36:53.84,00:36:57.71 Where, Mr. Prosecutor,[br]is their fortune? 00:36:57.78,00:37:02.81 Do the accused have[br]sumptuous villas by the sea? 00:37:02.89,00:37:05.45 Or mansions in rich suburbs? 00:37:05.52,00:37:07.75 No! They own nothing! 00:37:07.82,00:37:10.69 They own nothing[br]because they are fighting 00:37:10.76,00:37:14.82 against a political system[br]based on property! 00:37:20.10,00:37:23.63 With all due respect,[br]Mr. Prosecutor, 00:37:23.71,00:37:27.70 the growing unrest[br]in the world today, 00:37:27.78,00:37:30.90 the solidarity strikes, 00:37:30.98,00:37:32.74 the riots, 00:37:32.82,00:37:35.72 add proof,[br]if it's needed, 00:37:35.78,00:37:38.28 this is a political trial! 00:37:38.35,00:37:42.12 In fact, politics[br]is on trial here! 00:37:42.19,00:37:48.82 The real defendant[br]is not sitting here today. 00:37:48.90,00:37:51.33 The real defendant 00:37:51.40,00:37:54.67 is our immoral modern world, 00:37:54.74,00:37:56.83 its electoral chicanery, 00:37:56.91,00:37:59.84 its tactical pacts[br]and tactical wars! 00:38:01.71,00:38:05.15 These men, the accused, 00:38:05.21,00:38:08.71 have simply tried to blow up[br]an unsanitary atoll 00:38:08.78,00:38:12.41 called politics! 00:38:12.49,00:38:14.39 He's oversimplifying. 00:38:14.46,00:38:18.89 The system is not on trial here. 00:38:18.96,00:38:22.42 The accused placed it on trial[br]before I did. 00:38:26.27,00:38:28.07 Not to oversimplify, but... 00:38:28.14,00:38:31.16 The system is on trial here. 00:38:31.24,00:38:35.34 Its survival may even[br]depend on the verdict. 00:38:36.68,00:38:41.91 We know the political opinions[br]of the accused. 00:38:41.98,00:38:45.82 If any doubt still exists, 00:38:45.89,00:38:49.45 this revelation[br]should clarify it. 00:38:49.53,00:38:51.79 All the money[br]from the hijacked plane 00:38:51.86,00:38:56.35 was turned over spontaneously 00:38:56.43,00:39:01.93 to Ernesto Juarez 00:39:02.00,00:39:06.70 so that the Revolution[br]might triumph in South America. 00:39:12.11,00:39:16.24 I assume that[br]the defense has proof? 00:39:16.32,00:39:20.28 Of course, Mr. Prosecutor. 00:39:22.19,00:39:25.39 A $2 million transfer 00:39:25.46,00:39:29.99 from anonymous account[br]UBS Zurich 9461 00:39:30.07,00:39:36.77 to equally anonymous[br]account 26578 ZK. 00:39:47.48,00:39:50.21 What if they escaped? 00:39:50.29,00:39:52.58 What are you saying? 00:39:52.65,00:39:56.78 They escape, you're safe.[br]You haven't given in to pressure. 00:39:56.86,00:40:01.32 The protesters will stop...[br]protesting. 00:40:01.40,00:40:04.89 And you are no longer[br]embarrassed. 00:40:04.97,00:40:08.30 An escape![br]That sounds good, but... 00:40:08.37,00:40:11.34 someone will have[br]to be declared responsible! 00:40:11.41,00:40:14.90 Of course,[br]I'll assume full responsibility. 00:40:14.98,00:40:16.57 The accused will rise. 00:40:16.65,00:40:19.17 Everybody stay calm! 00:40:20.22,00:40:23.12 This is about those three clowns[br]dressed in red! 00:40:23.19,00:40:25.42 Let's go, baby-doll! 00:40:25.49,00:40:29.42 This is an escape,[br]and we want no trouble. 00:40:29.49,00:40:33.22 So let's all sing[br]"The Marseillaise." 00:40:33.30,00:40:35.53 All together![br]One, two, three! 00:40:35.60,00:40:37.26 Sing, sing! 00:40:37.33,00:40:39.23 Sing out! 00:40:39.30,00:40:41.39 Louder! 00:41:11.17,00:41:14.57 Aldo, the government's with us.[br]Slow down. 00:41:14.64,00:41:17.97 Leaving Paris[br]always means trouble! 00:41:18.04,00:41:21.13 But this time,[br]they've been very fair! 00:41:21.21,00:41:22.91 Fixed us up with an escape. 00:41:22.98,00:41:26.91 We have to go to Africa,[br]we promised. 00:41:26.98,00:41:30.75 Where's that damn plane![br]Where the hell is it? 00:41:30.82,00:41:33.75 I've got it![br]I know where it is. 00:41:33.82,00:41:38.16 It's behind us.[br]We have to go back. 00:41:38.23,00:41:40.89 It's behind a hill back there. 00:41:40.96,00:41:43.73 Hang on![br]I'll make a U-turn! 00:41:50.71,00:41:54.57 I've already told you[br]this is a phony escape! 00:41:54.64,00:41:58.17 Take your time![br]You'll kill us. 00:42:12.63,00:42:16.03 I'm telling you,[br]nobody is following us! 00:42:16.10,00:42:18.12 Slow down, we've got time. 00:42:25.54,00:42:27.41 There! 00:42:28.84,00:42:31.75 Unbelievable![br]Stop. 00:42:31.81,00:42:33.97 - Stop![br]- We can make it! 00:42:34.05,00:42:36.81 - I said stop.[br]- They can't catch me! 00:42:36.89,00:42:39.41 Stop![br]We'll have to explain. 00:42:39.49,00:42:42.46 You missed a stop sign. 00:42:46.93,00:42:49.26 - Did you see a stop sign?[br]- Where was it? 00:42:49.33,00:42:51.13 Where? 00:42:51.20,00:42:53.36 - 150 yards back.[br]- There's no stop sign. 00:42:53.44,00:42:55.77 There's no stop sign. 00:43:00.58,00:43:03.14 - Officer...[br]- Tell him! 00:43:03.21,00:43:06.77 This car isn't ours,[br]it's a government car. 00:43:06.85,00:43:10.84 The plane over there[br]is a government plane! 00:43:10.92,00:43:13.41 The plane is[br]taking us to Africa. 00:43:13.49,00:43:16.65 We're not wanted here,[br]so we have to go. 00:43:16.73,00:43:20.22 Jacques, you try! 00:43:20.30,00:43:23.63 Well, it's an African problem. 00:43:23.70,00:43:26.63 Above all,[br]it's an African problem. 00:43:26.70,00:43:30.43 Because your bosses 00:43:30.51,00:43:33.20 made a deal with us.[br]They said, "We'll arrange for it." 00:43:33.28,00:43:35.57 They arranged it. 00:43:35.64,00:43:37.87 "But you'll go to Africa!" 00:43:37.95,00:43:40.14 You are blocking us... 00:43:40.22,00:43:43.74 and they just unblocked us! 00:43:43.82,00:43:46.38 You're making a big mistake. 00:43:46.46,00:43:52.49 They asked us to go to Africa. 00:43:52.56,00:43:55.22 You heard him.[br]They just unblocked us! 00:43:55.30,00:43:58.66 You can't block us[br]when they unblocked us! 00:43:58.73,00:44:02.53 He can't explain it.[br]He's a cyclical neuropath. 00:44:02.60,00:44:04.54 I'll have to explain it to you. 00:44:04.61,00:44:08.10 Silence! This neuropath[br]did plenty for you! 00:44:10.18,00:44:12.24 One at a time. 00:44:12.31,00:44:15.81 One at a time?[br]We're all together. 00:44:15.88,00:44:18.75 It's a question of Africa! 00:44:19.79,00:44:21.88 Gentlemen, please,[br]one at a time. 00:44:21.96,00:44:24.82 Your establishment is[br]uncoordinated! 00:44:24.89,00:44:29.02 You block us[br]when they unblocked us! 00:44:29.10,00:44:30.29 Makes no sense. 00:44:30.37,00:44:34.53 Your job is to unblock[br]so things flow. 00:44:38.51,00:44:40.77 Over that hill. Fast! 00:44:40.84,00:44:43.31 Not so fast, take the road! 00:44:43.38,00:44:45.61 - Faster![br]- Not so fast. 00:44:45.68,00:44:47.77 - Not so fast![br]- Not so fast. 00:44:48.88,00:44:51.25 - The road's faster![br]- Watch out! 00:45:07.74,00:45:10.07 Stop pushing! 00:45:13.51,00:45:15.31 Well, let go! 00:45:15.38,00:45:19.75 He's holding me. Let go![br]He had me by the tie. 00:45:19.82,00:45:22.48 That moron! 00:45:23.89,00:45:26.18 Come out of there! 00:45:26.25,00:45:30.05 A driving neuropath! 00:45:30.13,00:45:36.03 - Where is he?[br]- We never should've left Paris! 00:45:38.50,00:45:40.26 Let me tell you. 00:45:40.34,00:45:44.67 We're going to have a talk,[br]a nice little talk! 00:45:44.74,00:45:47.40 - You neuropath![br]- Imbecile! 00:45:47.48,00:45:49.64 What's wrong?[br]There's the plane! 00:46:06.70,00:46:12.36 Here's the spectacular climax[br]of the recent trial in Paris 00:46:12.43,00:46:14.46 that has attracted[br]so much attention. 00:46:14.54,00:46:17.80 The Minister of Justice[br]has resigned. 00:46:17.87,00:46:20.54 This news seems[br]directly related 00:46:20.61,00:46:23.10 to another item[br]reaching our desk. 00:46:23.18,00:46:26.17 Arriving in Africa[br]without hindrance, 00:46:26.25,00:46:28.94 the five fugitives[br]who were on trial 00:46:29.02,00:46:32.92 have been welcomed[br]like true heroes. 00:46:32.99,00:46:37.22 Let's admit that men[br]capable of donating $2 million 00:46:37.29,00:46:39.95 to the cause of a Revolution 00:46:40.03,00:46:43.86 do not grow on trees,[br]even in Africa! 00:46:54.44,00:46:57.41 Citizens! 00:46:57.48,00:46:59.91 Comrades! 00:47:00.95,00:47:02.97 Brothers! 00:47:04.05,00:47:06.21 Hi, everyone! 00:47:07.26,00:47:10.22 Ladies and gentlemen! 00:47:11.39,00:47:16.96 Thank you for granting us[br]political asylum! 00:47:17.03,00:47:19.66 I want to tell you one thing. 00:47:19.73,00:47:23.43 l, the cyclical neuropath, 00:47:23.51,00:47:27.70 the head of Occidental Paranoia, 00:47:27.78,00:47:31.61 say that power is[br]at the end of a gun! 00:47:44.56,00:47:48.89 We wanted to be free 00:47:48.96,00:47:51.36 and we are free! 00:47:51.43,00:47:56.34 Better a good master[br]than a bad servant! 00:47:57.54,00:47:59.87 The shortest road 00:47:59.94,00:48:03.93 from barbarism to decadence 00:48:04.01,00:48:08.35 runs through civilization! 00:48:09.45,00:48:15.39 Comrades! Politics is nothing[br]but show business! 00:48:19.36,00:48:22.49 We have declared in high places 00:48:22.56,00:48:25.56 that all free men should have 00:48:25.63,00:48:28.83 neither work,[br]nor family, nor country! 00:48:32.71,00:48:35.61 We are paper tigers 00:48:35.68,00:48:38.11 but we are live tigers! 00:48:40.08,00:48:42.61 And we are against[br]self-management 00:48:42.68,00:48:44.71 in whorehouses! 00:48:48.16,00:48:53.36 I'm selling a 1971 Mercedes[br]convertible, a one-owner car 00:48:53.43,00:48:55.92 with 4,000 miles on it! 00:48:58.00,00:49:00.66 Long live Mao! 00:49:02.50,00:49:06.53 Long live Mao,[br]who never stole a Ferrari 00:49:06.61,00:49:08.87 and never ran over anybody! 00:49:08.94,00:49:13.47 And long live Free Switzerland! 00:49:35.70,00:49:40.70 The present government[br]is hanging by a thread. 00:49:40.78,00:49:43.90 Strikes, unemployment... 00:49:43.98,00:49:47.71 socialist ideas...[br]everything's rotten. 00:49:47.78,00:49:50.77 Honey, shall we have coffee here[br]or in the living room? 00:49:50.85,00:49:54.45 In the living-room.[br]I'll finish my business first. 00:49:55.49,00:49:58.55 The President is a puppet. 00:50:00.53,00:50:03.36 If you wish,[br]we'll overthrow him 00:50:03.43,00:50:04.90 and take power. 00:50:09.24,00:50:13.67 - Us?[br]- Is power really profitable? 00:50:13.74,00:50:15.33 Very profitable! 00:50:15.41,00:50:19.37 But if power is very profitable,[br]General, 00:50:19.45,00:50:21.21 why not take it yourself? 00:50:21.28,00:50:23.65 What, a military putsch? 00:50:23.72,00:50:26.48 No, very unpopular. 00:50:26.55,00:50:29.96 But with five idols like you... 00:50:30.03,00:50:32.36 General,[br]when it comes to politics, 00:50:32.43,00:50:34.95 we know approximately nothing. 00:50:35.03,00:50:39.76 Don't oversimplify,[br]we do have a certain grounding. 00:50:39.83,00:50:42.63 You are Marxists? 00:50:42.70,00:50:47.44 Marx taught us, primarily,[br]the notion of capital. 00:50:48.78,00:50:51.44 Excuse me, General, 00:50:51.51,00:50:54.11 I have one question. 00:50:54.18,00:50:57.91 Once in power, what do we do? 00:50:57.99,00:51:01.05 Make money.[br]Lots of money. 00:51:03.02,00:51:05.82 - We'd have to live here?[br]- At first. 00:51:05.89,00:51:09.52 So, General,[br]when do we take power? 00:51:10.70,00:51:15.19 Monday won't be possible.[br]The army is on a mission. 00:51:15.27,00:51:20.21 Tuesday, the Pope is arriving[br]on an official visit. 00:51:21.48,00:51:24.14 Wednesday![br]Does that suit you? 00:52:09.06,00:52:12.62 After arriving in[br]the East African Republic this morning, 00:52:12.69,00:52:16.15 the Pope was kidnapped. 00:52:16.23,00:52:20.57 Later on, the kidnappers called,[br]demanding as ransom 00:52:20.64,00:52:25.73 one franc from all the Catholics[br]in the world. 00:52:25.81,00:52:29.07 Yes, one franc[br]to free the Pope. 00:52:29.14,00:52:31.08 That seems surprising, 00:52:31.15,00:52:33.77 but the telex was reviewed 00:52:33.85,00:52:36.68 before reaching our desk. 00:52:36.75,00:52:39.31 It seems authentic 00:52:39.39,00:52:42.32 since the Vatican[br]has confirmed it. 00:52:42.39,00:52:45.99 Further confirmation[br]is expected from Africa. 00:52:46.06,00:52:48.09 Astonishment persists, 00:52:48.16,00:52:50.86 since security measures[br]were taken. 00:52:50.93,00:52:53.09 How could the Pope disappear, 00:52:53.17,00:52:56.10 be kidnapped between[br]the airport and his residence? 00:52:56.17,00:52:57.93 It's hard to understand. 00:52:58.01,00:53:00.94 Furthermore,[br]one franc per Catholic 00:53:01.01,00:53:04.00 makes a large sum. 00:53:04.08,00:53:06.57 Alms for gangsters! 00:53:06.65,00:53:09.45 Those are[br]all the details we have. 00:53:09.52,00:53:13.15 Other reports[br]should be coming in soon. 00:53:13.22,00:53:15.12 Please, stay tuned! 00:53:15.19,00:53:18.96 We'll interrupt our programs[br]to report the news. 00:53:19.03,00:53:22.02 The Pope caper? 00:53:22.10,00:53:26.06 We cleared about...[br]I mean net... 00:53:28.17,00:53:30.43 $ 12 million,[br]and no taxes. 00:53:30.51,00:53:33.00 None! 00:53:33.07,00:53:35.30 The Pope is marvelous! 00:53:35.38,00:53:38.44 Everyone knows that,[br]but not to that point. 00:53:38.51,00:53:40.88 It sells very well,[br]very well. 00:53:40.95,00:53:43.78 So many people love him. 00:53:43.85,00:53:46.72 The Pope was just fine. 00:53:46.79,00:53:49.62 Just fine! 00:53:51.69,00:53:53.72 Yes, I'm very happy[br]about the Pope. 00:53:53.80,00:53:57.32 That's adventure. 00:54:03.47,00:54:05.44 SHORT-TERM PROJECTS 00:54:05.51,00:54:08.27 ABDUCTIONS OF... 00:54:29.53,00:54:32.02 The End
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Mafia Doctor
Magdalene Sisters The
Magician The 1958
Magnificent Warriors
Magnolia (1999) Gowenna
Maid in Manhattan
Majestic The
Makai Tensho 2003
Making of alien vs predator
Mala Educacion La
Mala Leche
Mala educacion La 2004 CD1
Mala educacion La 2004 CD2
Malcolm X CD1
Malcolm X CD2
Malefique 2002
Malibus Most Wanted
Maljukgeori Janhoksa CD1
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Mallrats CD1
Mallrats CD2
Mamma Roma Pasolini
Man Apart A
Man Bites Dog
Man Called Horse A CD1
Man Called Horse A CD2
Man Called Sledge A
Man On Fire 2004 CD1
Man On Fire 2004 CD2
Man Who Knew Too Little The CD1
Man Who Knew Too Little The CD2
Man Who Knew Too Much The
Man Who Loved Women The
Man Who Shot liberty Valance The 1962
Man Who Went to Mars A (2003) CD1
Man Who Went to Mars A (2003) CD2
Man Who Would Be King The
Man Without a Past
Man of La Mancha (1972) CD1
Man of La Mancha (1972) CD2
Man of the Year The 2003
Man with the Golden Gun The
Manchurian Candidate The 2004
Mando perdido
Mangchi 2003
Mango Yellow
Manhattan Midnight
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Mannen Som Ikke Kunne Le
Mannen Som Log
Manon des Sources
Manon of the Spring
Mans Best Friend
Map Of The Human Heart 1993
Mar Adentro
Marci X
Maria Full Of Grace (2004)
Marias Lovers
Marilyn Monroe - The final days 2001
Marius 1931 CD1
Marius 1931 CD2
Marnie (Hitchcock 1964)
Married With Children 1x01 - Pilot
Married With Children 1x02 - Thinergy
Married With Children 1x03 - Sixteen Years and What You Get
Married With Children 1x04 - But I Didnt Shoot the Deputy
Married With Children 1x05 - Have You Driven a Ford Lately
Married With Children 1x06 - Whose Room Is It Anyway
Married With Children 1x07 - Al Loses His Cherry
Married With Children 1x08 - Peggy Sue Got Work
Married With Children 1x09 - Married Without Children
Married With Children 1x10 - The Poker Game
Married With Children 1x11 - Where Is the Boss
Married With Children 1x12 - Nightmare On Als Street
Married With Children 1x13 - Johnny B Gone
Marrying Kind The (George Cukor 1952)
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Masque of the Red Death The
Masques (Masks)
Massacre 1989
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Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People 1963)
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Matrix The
Maurice 1987
Mauvais Sang
May (Lucky McKee 2002)
McKenzie Break The 1970
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Me Myself I
Me Myself and Irene
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Mean Girls
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Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD2
Meet Joe Black
Meet The Parents
Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002)
Melody Time
Memrias Pstumas
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Men Make Women Crazy Theory
Men Suddenly In Black
Men in Black 2
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Menace 2 society
Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
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Middle of the Moment
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Midnight Cowboy (1969)
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Minority Report 2002
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Mission Impossible (1996)
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Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
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Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
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Most Terrible Time In My Life The (1994)
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