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How many times last night?
Is that possible?
If you read that book you could do it even ten times
Oh OK! Jerk-off king
What if we stop growing because of this?
I guess we shouldn't over do it
But I keep getting hard-ons
I know, me too
How was this morning?
It's been three days.
Must be nice! I haven't done it even once yet
How could someone who jerks off seven times a day do it?
Maybe your right...
Was Candy in your dreams last night?
Yesterday, finally
I grabbed
- Her hands - Then?
I came
Did you see Candy's in your dream?
No, it was too dark in the water!
Have you seen a woman's?
No, you?
Not yet! But I suppose Sang Min has...
What's wrong?
I get a hard-on whenever I hear words that sounds like "pussy"
That must be tough
Are you okay?
- Are you okay? - I'm fine!
Be careful.
Sang Min!
Your acting is getting better
How was she?
Of all the women I have touched so far
She was the firmest
Sang Min have you seen a women's?
- You haven't seen it, yet? - No. Have you?
Of course, I haven't
Young Jae has a porn tape at his place
Let's go borrow it from him
1988 Yong Chun Middle School
Attention! Greetings Good morning
What is it? No greetings?
Young Jae was on duty last week
Who is it this week?
It's Chun Soo but he isn't here yet
Then the class captain can do it instead
- Greetings! - Good morning
I always say this but students should
fulfill their duty and teachers likewise
By doing so, the peace of this society is maintained
And being late for school
is against student's duties
Always remember this Understood?
Yes, sir.
Class captain, you tell Chun Soo to see me in my office when he comes
Yes, sir
Okay! That's it for today
- Greetings! - Thank you, sir!
Young Jae! Should I buy you a drink?
No, I'm fine!
Shame on you! I refuse to watch it!
Good thinking! Let's eat instead.
What does a woman's look like?
You sure you don't want a drink?
No, it's okay! I'll just tell you.
It looks something like this.
It's strange looking.
Does it taste like that too?
Do you think it needs seasoning?
Can we go watch your tape when your parents are out?
Only if you take us to the warehouse
with the porn magazines
My dad will kill me. I've only seen it through the window
I'll get kicked out too if my parents find out
your eating your lunch after the second class?
Are you sure you're students?
Good! I was hungry.
Teacher wants to see you
Damn, if he has something to say why doesn't he come to see me
Yesterday I rooted a girl I met at the roller skating ring
What is rooting?
You know, humping.
Why were you humping at the roller skating ring?
No stupid!
Don't you know fucking?
How did you do it?
First we went to the park and started drinking
Then I asked her!
What did you say?
Hey, they call me stallion are you gonna give it to me?
Give you what?
Damn! Shut up.
Then what happened?
She said her nickname was Candy
and she said okay.
Okay for rooting?
So I started humping away
Then she screamed like a cat and scratched my back
- Want to see the marks? - Yeah!
Loneliness or sadness can't make Candy cry.
But when she bangs does it really work?
Can you feel it?
Yeah, I think I need to do itjust a bit more
What about you?
Don't disturb me! I'm gonna come!
Let's do it too!
Do what?
How can we do it without a girl?
No problems, we'll hook up on Sunday at the roller skate arena
I'm not interested in animal sex
Does that look human to you?
Did you come?
Look at Dong Hyun studying hard
Yes, mom!
The melons are really sweet Eat some?
"Fantastic Adolescences"
She moaned softly and she brought
her lips close to my chest
Then she tickled me with her tongue
She licked my ears
and she kept going lower past my neck
to the angry part of my body
then started petting
My fingers are being sucked into
her tidy cave
Her cave was flowing with sweet juices
Strong aromas of fruit... aromas...
I realised whilst eating a melon that there are many ways to eat it
Of course, if the melon was to be in platonic love with me
I would never have rooted it
Listen to that Kids are doing drugs
and sleeping around...
even middle school students are doing it!
But thank God our Dong Hyun is not like that
That's right!
No, no. Keep shaking!
What about her?
Kinda flat
Sang Min what about them?
Oh! I'll try to hook them up.
Hey, I don't want to.
Wanna ride with us?
What are your names?
My name is Hoon, Park Hoon and my nickname is 'Big Unit'
I'm Min, Oh Min and they call me 'Stallion'
My name is Hyun, Min Hyun My nickname is 'Crazy Train'
I'm Seok Gu! Ji Seok Gu, and my
nickname is Casanova.
Are you gonna give it to me?
Give you what?
Hey, give him yours
Hey, did you guys come here to have sex with us?
No, of course not
If we wanted to would you?
You know, I mean...
- Give it to you? - Yes!
Do you even know how to root?
She said root!
I think we should go.
Yes, I think we should.
See ya next time.
Stay right there you little piece of shit! Sit!
Take off your clothes fuck wits
Didn't you hear me, assholes?
Hurry up and kneel!
Close your eyes.
Now I want to hear sounds of your nicknames
Crazy train goes chi-chi
and the stallion goes hee-hee Got that?
Big unit is... you are...
I like that. You go squirt-squirt, understand?
If you don't do it properly
I'll cut your faces
- Got it? Understand? - Yes!
Open your eyes and it's a shaving day.
Excuse me.
Do I know you?
I'm Yoo Ri! Kim Yoo Ri
From Gwang Chun high school.
Ah, Kim Yoo Ri
What are you doing here?
- I am the new trainee teacher. - Is that right?
It's time for the staff meeting
Your swift attention is requested
Okay, see you around.
Hey, is that him?
Your high school crush? Your handsome prince?
Are you nuts? How can he be a prince?
Hey, you just saw him How can you say that?
But I think he's a dull looking dork
Can't you tell the difference between dull and natural?
New trainee teachers shall look after
your students according to your subjects until the Sports carnival next month
That's it for today.
- Hey, Mr. Gong! - Yes.
Your class for the second straight month finished last in test scores
Any thoughts on this?
Nothing huh?
No, sir.
Well, then keep up the good work.
Good morning?
I am Hwang Gap Tae the P.E. teacher.
You must be the P. E trainee teacher? I knew it at first sight
because you were so tall
I am the P. E trainee
Good morning. I am Yoon So Jung Nice to meet you!
I am the math trainee.
Calm down!
Calm down!
Let's say hello
Dong Hyun what are you doing?
At ease!
- Greetings! - Good morning!
Why aren't they bowing?
We are at ease, dork.
- Attention! - Enough!
This is our new trainee Kim Yoo Ri.
No, I mean trainee teacher Ms. Kim Yoo Ri.
Say hello and please cooperate with her
Good morning!
Nice to meet you all? I just want to
say that everyone should study hard
Because your teacher is having a very tough time
as a result of everyone's test scores.
If your grade falls by one for this month's exam
you run one around school playground with me
If it falls by 2, then it's twice around and if you fall by 3, you get the idea?
- You know... - Wait!
If it falls by more than 10 grades
You'll run 10 rounds carrying me on your back
Well, that's enough
I expect extra attention
and preparation for this month's test
Miss Kim we'll study hard,
if you sing us a song.
Enough! Stop being foolish
Please just one song.
Do you promise to study hard if I sing you a song?
Whether I am sad or filled with worries
I don't cry Why should I cry? I'll never cry
Let's go run out to the field smiling
Let's sing a song looking up the bright blue sky
My name is, my name is my name is Candy
When I'm alone I get lonely
Then talk to myself in the mirror
Smile, smile smile Candy!
Don't cry Candy!
Trainee teachers are still teachers
You start giving in to everything they ask you to do, there is no end to it
Think of yourself as a real teacher from now on
And I'm sorry about my behaviour.
After all these years I didn't even greet you properly.
Good morning Mr. Gong.
Are you okay?
I did all that for him.
Do you really love him?
Of course!
You are really going to kiss Mr. Toilet?
Of course, I wil
He will fall in love with me Just you wait
Hey, what did you call him?
I didn't know there were such dirty princes
He should at least shave.
You don't know how much it hurts to kiss an unshaved man
Lips are not the only place
you get to kiss, y'know.
I have only ten behind me how can I fall ten grades?
You should be happy you get to run with Candy!
I can't run since I don't have anyone behind me
You two are lucky. You guys can fall more than 10 places
I'll fall more than 20 places and carry Candy for 20 laps
I'm gonna fall more than 30 places
I may not carry her but I wish I get to hold her hand at least
Hey, you wanna make a bet who gets to hold Candy's hand first?
What's the bet?
I say, you do
- Okay! - I'm on!
But can we not call our trainee teacher 'Candy'?
It keeps reminding me of Chun Soo 's Candy
Then what?
How about mermaid? Mermaid will hold my hand first
I suppose you are confident?
What's up with him?
He gets hard on whenever he hears a word that sounds like "pussy"
Must be tough
Do you have a boyfriend?
Not yet!
Don't ask or think about irrelevant things
Your exam is tomorrow
Tell us about your first love.
If you study now and I'll tell you
during the lunch break
Teacher what is 'freedom' in English?
Isn't freedom something else?
What is freedom?
The tampons, you dork!
Freedom is the most important thing.
Hmm, what day is it today? Yes, the 16th
You translate, number 16
Can't you translate even a short sentence?
Oh right!
What? Tampons? You idiot!
You idiot why did you say tampon?
You stupid!
Is that all you think about??
You pervert!!
Isn't that a good sight?
Yes. I couldn't wait for lunch time when I was a student
No, I mean the trainee
She's pretty, has a hot body and even sings well
She is just a child
Please watch your tongue
That teacher was my first love.
What's he doing now?
That's a secret
Then what about the first kiss?
Not yet...
but I think I will soon
With who?
Hm well...
How do you make babies?
Do I have to answer that?
Don't worry, we will teach him
Thanks, Dong Hyun
Just call me Hyun
Min Hyun?
It's a real pleasure to meet you
It's an honor
Me too!
Can I have your autograph?
Oh, sure. Why not
- Me too - Me too
I can't write with this
It's ran out
Why don't we have lunch, okay?
- What's with them? - Try some of this!
I love hot peppers
Oh, it's hot?
I suppose you should try some too
What did you just say?
How's been the last couple of days?
No, it's fun?
You made it so easy for me
That's good
By the way, what made you decide to become a teacher?
It's doesn't pay well and this job requires commitment and duty
What is wrong with being a teacher?
I think teachers are the best
I am even going to marry a teacher
You still sound like a student
There are lots of differences between love and reality
Always think twice
No matter what I am going to
marry a teacher
I wonder
who you will marry
I really wonder
- Teacher! - Yes?
You don't have a girlfriend do you?
Why? Does it show?
Who would like an old teacher like me?
They say, where there is
a will there is a way.
Someone will surely come your way
It felt like silk
I felt electric shocks all over my body when the pen and her hand
You win! Seok Gu your wish is our command
Lets go to your parent's motel and peep at people have sex
Are you going to rest?
Give me a room
That'll be 5000 won and
your room is 308
Sit down
Let go
Is that rooting?
do it one more time
Do what?
This time it's her underwear
What? You want to touch her pussy?
No, you have to tell the color
of her panties
Okay, let's do it
No, you can't do that
Why not?
That's something you shouldn't do
But if I win I am going to go to Seok Gu's warehouse
Me, too
You shouldn't I am warning you
Hey, it's you Dong Hyun
What are you doing here?
Oh. Well Nothing What are you doing here?
I live over there
Oh, I see
Did you come to see the Mr. Gong?
No, why would I? I was just passing by.
Oh, do you like melons?
Yes, I eat it almost everyday
Good, why don't you take these.
Thank you!
- Enjoy them - Oh, no!
I'm okay. Thank you
Just wait here, okay?
Are you okay?
Sure are you okay?
Just wait here.
Where are you going?
Go on.? Take this
Thank you Dong Hyun
Are you all right?
- Are you all right? - I'm okay. It just grazed
Are you sure? Let me take a look
Can you stop looking?
Thanks for the jacket
Study hard for the test and enjoy the melons
I'm going now
What are you doing?
Hey, come on
Okay. I am not gonna do it
What is this? Is this rape?
I will be your fiance soon?
It took me 100 days to kiss
Fine! Suit yourself! Keep it till the end
We'll do it on our honeymoon then I'm gonna sleep. Damn!
What? I am busy. I have to go
Okay! I'll undress
Wasn't it hot? I'll turn around
Yoo Ri
I'm sorry! I come back later
Yoo Ri, if you could come back in 40 minutes
No we were about to leave
Yoo Ri, you look very sexy with your clothes all wet and stuff
You want to look sexy?
Thirsty. Yes thirsty. You don't know that because you are thirsty
Right, I heard
from So Jeong this morning
Listen carefully all men are the same
If a woman comes in with her clothes all wet
All men are seduced
Everybody is seduced
Mr. Toilet that teacher is a man too
Let's go
It's raining Where are you going
holding your underwear Are you crazy?
One more thing about prince
Wait! The important thing is to make him
forget the fact that you were once his student
Then it's up to your sex appeal
Aren't you gonna go?
Yes! Hey, don't give up You can do it
Let's go!
You top is a bit too wet
Hurry up.
Dear DJ Bae
Hey, hey! Did you hear!
Big News!!!
Listen! Shhhhh!
Tea Sik from another class looked up
the Ms. Kim's skirts with a mirror
And she wasn't wearing an underwear!
Let's go look. Let's go!
This will do
I'm so so... Sorry
It does hurt.
Having a conscience is a virtue
and it takes courage to keep it
If you're gonna cheat don't get caught. Understood?
Ms. Kim! I can't read the question 14 properly
It says "who is the historical figure?"
Ms. Kim!
I can't read question 15 Can you please write it on the board?
I'll kill after the test
I guess we have to come up with a better idea
I'll say!
I'm gonna look in directly
I am going to stick my face under her skirt
No way!
Are you daring me?
Watch this
You little pervert! You idiot
always thinking about dirty things
You little pervert! You idiot
Good thing I have changed today
That crazy idiot
Mr. Gong!
Would you like to have dinner together?
Or you can starve if you want
let's go
Seok Gu, no!
My God! What are you doing there?
- You are really crude, man - Why am I?
You're the one who stopped us from looking
and now you're the first to see her underwear
Really no panties?
I can't tell
She really wasn't wearing any
Anyway, you won so make a wish
Let's go to Seok Gu's warehouse
Are you sure she wasn't wearing any?
Beijing shark's fin Woo Long sea-slug
Order something delicious It's my treat
Chinese food is all the same I'll must have noodles
Try something more expensive
Okay, Then can I have noodles with extra noodles?
Sure. Then I'll have noodles too
Fried dumpling will be on the house, right?
Why did you bring the cup noodle?
I'm gonna eat it when I'm hungry
Did you bring the keys?
It's raining
It's pretty heavy Do you have an umbrella?
Of course not
I do!
By the way, you know who will be charge of class from tomorrow?
- Yoo Ri! - Yes?
The class Have you prepared?
Yes, don't worry
What's this?
Shaver, an electric shaver
Thank you but I wouldn't need it
I like the natural look
I like it natural too
but it hurts
No, it doesn't
Of course it doesn't hurt you
What if two of us get to...
Two of us do what?
Do you know what the kids call you?
I appreciate it Thank you!
There must be pictures of it
You never know, we might get to see women from all around the world
- What is it? Aren't you going in? - Let's have one more bet
What this time? Her tits?
Rooting, why? Chicken?
You're on. I always wanted to do it with
a Brook Shields look-a-like
I always thought Ms. Kim would be my first anyway
C'mon, can you guys stop it?
You're the only one who saw her underwear
Right, selfish pig
If you give up on the sex magazines I'll give up too
Okay, rooting it is
Why don't we go out? I'll buy you a drink
Aren't you too young to drink?
Do I still look like a student to you?
Once a students always a student
I'll buy the drink
But it's going to be soft drinks for you
- The rain has stopped - Yes!
I really enjoyed dinner
Don't mention it?
You are going to buy the drinks anyway
You are going have soft drinks anyway
Mr. Gong do you remember this?
What is it?
It was a present from you Take a closer look
This was your graduation present
Amazing you still have this key ring?
Of course I do!
Do you know how important this is to me?
C'mon, let's go!
You were right! It looks like a mussel
These mussels have hair
This is where you put it in
The holes are all wet
Hey, this woman got two men on her
I got two women doing it
I've never seen tits this big before
What are you doing?
I can't take it anymore I'm gonna do it with this
Hey, Seok Gu you are a genius.
I never knew I would ever enjoy noodles this way
The wrapping keeps getting in the way
Well, we're here
Mr. Gong since the dinner was a bit oily
why don't you come over to my place and have something like kimchee?
It's late Good night
I like getting wet in the rain
Mr. Gong!
You look sexier when you smile.
Young Je can I borrow this first?
No, can I read it first?
Let's read together
They are huge
Give it here
If we keep passing it around we'll lose track whose is whose
So we'll put our names on it
What if we get caught because of the names?
- Then just write our nicknames. - Yeah!
The P. E teacher is here.
You're stallion?
I am crazy train
Are you stallion?
I'm the big unit
Damn it! You read this kind of stuff
and all of you will commit sex crimes
Get down!
You make noise according to your nickname on each hit, understand?
Yes, sir
What were you again?
I am the big unit
It's squirt-squirt
What the!
Hurry up and get down now!
What's going on here?
I am having a sexual education class
If they need to be punished I'll do it!
Look after them Mr. Gong
Your class came last for the third straight month
It's a first ever in this school's 75 years history
Three straight months!?
I have a favorite to ask
If we come in first on the Sports Carnival
I think Mr. Gong will feel better
We can do it, right?
Yes, Miss
I have a question
My grades went up 10 spots
then do you carry me for 10 rounds?
Dong Hyun will carry me first since you fell by 32 spots
I heard you did it on purpose because you wanted to carry me
So hurry up
I'm worried Dong Hyun will win the bet again
Is it possible to root in that position?
Didn't you see the couple at the motel?
Dong Hyun on her back makes it possible
Anything is possible. Better watch out
That hurts...
Anything good today?
Check this out
High school kids...
Good evening
this is DJ Bea
It rained hard tonight
On a night like this the pain of love deepens
Loving an older woman is much more painful
This is the story of Dong Hyun from Yong Chun Dong
19 days ago I fell in love
She is 7 years older than me
I wanted to keep her for eternity
But the thought of not being able to own her forever rips my heart in two
Did you really write a love letter to him?
Yes, and I am going to put it in her lunch box
I think you should reconsider
I thought about it enough
It's a pity that I can't see this tomorrow
I am sorry, I can't go to your engagement party
Tell your fiance Min Su that I am really sorry
Love has no limits Go for it Dong Hyun
Buy a bunch of roses then go to her
house and confess your love
Confess your love
Where are you going at this hour?
Going to buy roses
- Does he smoke? - What?
Come look at this
My... he's all grown up.
There is something I must say to her
but I could not meet her
Hey, hold it tight You're making it spill all over
Can't you see it's all foaming up?
Do you know what happens when you mix soda and this powder?
You can get woman high.
I used it on my girl last night and
she got so high we rooted twice
What's a squeeze?
The Candy I told you about before
This trainee's nickname is Candy too
so she's as good as my squeeze anyway
You are going to give this to her?
Give this to her first then wait for my chance
Ms Kim!
You must be thirsty Why don't you have some of this
I just opened it
Don't drink it
There is a bug in it.
- What the... - You prick
Mr. Gong I made this lunch
Really? Thanks I'll enjoy it
There is a caf called "Lovers" only about 5 minutes walk from here
Would you like to go later?
Well, I don't know. All the teachers may have dinner together
I'll tell you later, okay?
Didn't I beat you up enough yet?
I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
Dong Hyun, you saying you're gonna go one on one with him?
You're dead meat
Hey, you're gonna get high if you drink that
You can't fight them clear-headed
- What the? - You're all dead!
Hey, isn't that a letter in Mr. Gong's lunch?
- Try this rice cake! - You do!
This is between Chun Soo and me Leave us alone!
All right, all right You can have Ms. Kim
- Are you okay? - Doesn't it hurt?
It hurts like hell
Dong Hyun. Miss Kim is your squeeze forever
Looks like no more rooting bets anymore
Don't stray and go straight home
Don't go anyway!
- Understood? - Yes, sir!
Are you really going to confess today?
Yes! I even prepared the roses
Mr Gong!
Can we go to "Lovers" later?
I think I have to attend the teacher's dinner
I see!
I hope you meet somebody nice
Can't you give it to her now?
Why is your squeeze drinking alone?
Stop calling her my squeeze
go tell her straight up like you
stood up against Chun Soo .
It's been three hours already
Hey it's you Dong Hyun
Miss, I have something I must say
- When I first... - You!
Do you know who my first love was?
But, I am willing to accept your past
Before I met you Miss, miss
I think she completely passed out
Won't she wake up if we touch her?
Let's touch her and see what happens
Don't start imagining stupid things
We have to protect her until she wakes up
I'll go watch if my mom's coming back
I'll turned out the light, so my mom won't know we are here
I'll go with you
- Follow me! - Me too?
Do you think Dong Hyun will do it with Miss Kim?
I don't know Shall we make Dong Hyun drink
the love potion and see what happens?
I didn't feel anything when I drank it
Me too, nothing
Will Miss Kim want to do it with Dong Hyun?
Remember last time when we were peeping?
Woman was screaming when they're enjoying sex.
I still get a hard-on whenever I think about them
Have you got cup noodles here?
No, let's go buy some at supermarket
Sure, then let's do it here
I was going to explode If I reached out,
I could have touch her breasts
The thought of me being inside her made me shiver all over
Hello, hello, hello
Teacher Yoon this is Dong Hyun
Yoo Ri we're almost there
- Thank you! - Please, be careful
Mr, Gong!
Five years ago the start of a new semester. Do you remember?
A sudden burst of rain left me stuck at the bus stop
Then you appeared and said Are you a Gwang Chun high student?
Then lets share this umbrella" and we left.
When your hand touched mine, I knew
you were the prince I had been waiting for
Then beyond my wildest dreams
the prince became my teacher
Since that day all the time we spent together has been like a dream
You'll never know how much effort I put in trying to meet you again
I was so afraid you would think my emotions were childish
My feeling got stronger as we spent more time together.
I must confess to you
as I cannot hide my feelings anymore
Mr. Gong
I love you
Seok Gu lets do the rooting bet again
See who is first to hump Miss Kim
Dong Hyun!
Dong Hyun!
You know that your mother has always trusted you?
First class First class
Second class Second class
Write one wish on that piece of paper
What do we do with this?
This is this school tradition?
One person from the class that wins the Sports carnival will be
picked to read wish
Last year one trainee teacher wished
for a women's bathroom
Is that why boy's school has women's bathroom?
This tradition has been going on for 30 years
Please write a good one
Mr. Gong, please find someone wonderful to marry
Your class isn't too bad
But we are going to win, though
You never know what will happen
Have some You know, if we win this final,
that we win everything?
Didn't you see? Because of Gu Tae Shik
Because of Gu Tae Shik from Class 1 we are half a lap behind
He's the captain of the track team.
Don't worry! I am going to run in the finals
And when we win Mr. Gong will be overjoyed
We will now
have the 1000 meter relay as the final event of this year's Sports carnival
The runner and teachers please proceed to the starting line
I will escort Mr. Gong
Are you trying to win you piece of shit
We still did a good job coming on the second
We must win
Hey, isn't that the wish memo the trainee teachers wrote?
Something things are more important than rooting.
Let's win this one
- Okay, this one is for Dong Hyun - Lets go!
You piece of shit, are you gonna stand in our way?
Go, go class 6!
Lets give it all we have!
Why aren't you saying anything Miss Kim?
Whether we win or lose, I'll never forget the time we spent together
Lets try our best
Let's go class six Go Go Go
Class 6 is the best
Seok Gu!
This is our final day
So it is
Will we see each other again?
Of course. It's not like we are going abroad
According to school tradition
Dong Hyun from class 6 will pick a wish
Go ahead
Mr. Gong
Tell Miss Kim how you really feel
Once a student always a student
Yoo Ri
will you marry me?
At the age of 15 my wet dreams ended like that
Did you watch 'Entertainment Weekly' last night?
Yeah, I was shocked
How is it possible that Namil and Hyo Jin are going out?
It's Namil this time? It was Jong Kook last time
What a whore!
That bitch! Doesn't she have a scandal with Hiddink yet?
Anybody got any pads? Why the hell does
it have to start now?
- Got one? - Kyoung Lim, will this do?
You use that? Looks creepy.
I was chatting on the net last night
and one dude asked me out saying he was a full-on stud
He wanted to meet at Dae Huk Lor.
So did you meet him?
So I bolted out because he said he was drop dead good looking
And Uni students are full of cash these days
So what was he like?
What a friggin let down!
He looks were so insulting I kicked him in the balls right there
in the middle of the street
Hey, here comes the trainee teacher
Settle down and let's greet our guest
- Attention, Greetings! - Good morning
This is Mr. Ji Seok Gu our new trainee teacher for our class
No, I mean trainee teacher Mr. Ji Seok Gu
- Please give him your utmost attention. - Yes, ma'am!
It's so nice to meet you all. I want to say
Is that everybody should
study hard...
That's it. Thank you.
- Mr. Ji - Yes?
What do you call 'that' in English?
An English teacher should know basic
words. It's THAT. THAT
Any way, I hope we can have a pleasant time
for the next couple of weeks
Can I drink this?
We squeezed some for you
It tastes good
Okay, enough of that Let's start class
We'll study harder if you sing us a song.
Sing them a song I am sure they'll study harder
You promise you'll study harder
if I sing you a song?
Who are you?
I suppose you are the new trainee teacher?
Why? What's wrong?
I suppose you danced too hard?
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