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Studio Ghibli presents A FILM BY MIYAZAKI HAYAO
In ancient times the land lay covered in forest...
...where from ages long past dwelt the spirits of the gods.
Oracle says to get back to the village.
The Old Man, too.
- He says something's wrong. - No birds.
No animals...
I'll go to him. You get back home.
Something's coming!
What is it?
It's not a person...
Oracle's called everyone in.
A demon god!
Yakul, run!
It'll attack the village!
Don't touch it! Its curse will be on you!
Quiet your rage, I beg you!
O forest god who cannot be without name, why do you rampage so?
- A monster! - Run!
Stop! Do not destroy our village!
Stop! Still your rage!
Get up!
- It's down! - Ashitaka!
Bring Oracle!
Watch the fire!
Don't touch it! It's no ordinary wound!
He's hurt! Where's Oracle?!
All of you, stay back!
Pour this water over it...slowly.
O raging god unknown to us...
...l bow before you.
Where you have fallen we will raise a mound and perform rites.
Bear us no hate, and be at peace.
You loathsome rabble!
You shall know my hatred and my grief!.
This is very, very bad.
The boar-spirit came from far to the west.
A poison within him goaded him on, rotting his flesh...
...drawing evil as he ran, making a monster of him.
Prince Ashitaka...
Show your right arm.
Prince Ashitaka, are you steeled to gaze upon your fate?
Yes. I was resolved when I let my arrow fly.
The scar will seep into your bones and you will die.
Can nothing be done?!
He was defending the girls, and the village!
Can we but sit and wait?
You cannot change your fate.
You can, though, rise to meet it.
This was inside the boar's body.
He was in agony. It shattered his bones, tore at his entrails...
What else could have made him that way?
Calamity has befallen the land of the west.
Journey there, and see with eyes unclouded.
There might be a way to lift the curse.
More than 500 years have gone since the Mikado drove us into this land.
Now we hear how his power fades...
...and the fangs of his Shoguns are broken.
But the blood of our tribe likewise grows thin.
And now, bitter fate... the youth who was one day to lead us...
...must journey far to the west.
The law forbids that we watch as you go. Farewell.
Kaya, you can't be here!
I don't care. Remember me by this.
But it's your jeweled dagger!
Keep it with you to guard you.
I'll think of you... be sure of that.
As will l, Kaya.
Move up!
A warrior!
His head is mine!
My arm!
Don't let him get away!
Let me pass!
A demon!
The scar's growing...
This gruel tastes like hot water!
There he is!
Will this do?
This isn't money!
Give back my rice!
Could I see that, please?
Woman, this is pure gold!
Is it coins you want? I'll pay you.
Give me this.
Is there a money-changer here?
I'm just a simple priest, but I'd say this is worth three sacks of rice!
Wait, young sir!
That's mine! Give it back!
Hey! Don't be in such a rush!
No need to thank me. It's I who should thank you.
I saw what you did before against those samurai.
You fight like one possessed!
Ah, you see those men, too? Keep your gold hidden, my lad.
Hearts have grown hard throughout the land.
They'll rob you in your sleep. Shall we run?
So the boar became a monster...
I tracked it back to where the samurai attacked the village, but...
You lost it.
See over there?
When I was last this way, there was a fine village here.
There was a flood, maybe, or a landslide. I'm sure many died.
The land teems with the twittering of bitter ghosts...
...dead from war, sick or starved and fallen where they stood...
A curse, you say? This world is a curse.
Ah, this is good!
I shouldn't have gotten into that fight. I killed two men.
You saved me that task.
Give me your bowl.
We all die.
Some now, some later.
Hm, an elegant bowl...
You remind me of the old tales...
A brave people, far to the east...
...who used stone arrowheads and rode red elk...the Emishi.
First, though, avoid the jaws of death.
Or so my old teacher used to say.
Eat, my lad. It's your rice!
Would you know what this is?
It was in the body of the giant boar. It's what killed him.
Far to the west...
...deep in the mountains, is the forest of the Deer God.
There no man may tread.
The forest of the Deer God?
They say the beasts there are giants, as they were in ages past.
I knew he'd go...
It's not far now! Stay on your guard!
Here they come!
The wolves!
Calm the oxen! Don't rush! Form your ranks!
Keep your powder dry!
Let them come in range!
Number 1 , fire!
Number 2, fire!
They weren't much, as monsters go.
Those were just the pups. Where's the mother?
It's Moro!
Come on!
Got her!
She's a god. She won't die from that.
She did some damage...
Move them out.
What about the ones who fell?
Form up and move out!
He's breathing!
Hang on!
I am Ashitaka! I have come from far to the east!
Are you ancient gods of the forest of the Deer God?
A kodama? Are they here, too?
You're hurt. Keep still.
They won't harm you. They're a sign the woods are healthy.
They'll bring their lord!
Who? The wolf?
No, a huge monster!
It's gone!
Yakul's not afraid. There's no danger here.
We beg passage through your woods.
Let's go back! Please!
There's a trail across the river. We'll never get through these woods!
The current's too strong.
And if we don't get this man back soon, it'll be too late.
Are you showing us the way, or getting us lost?
Sir! These things aren't helping us get home.
There's more and more of them!
This is your mother? A fine tree!
That girl and the wolves... so this is where they live...
We're getting in deeper, sir. This way leads into the other world.
Yes, let's take a rest.
Three toes...and still fresh.
Sir! What's wrong?
Are you all right, sir? You're awfully pale...
I told you!
Did you see something?
Forget it.
Hang on a little longer.
I'm sorry.
It's gone...
Why does he suddenly feel so light?
Hey! It doesn't hurt!
I'm cured!...ow! No, it's broken.
Sir! You're exactly right! We're back at the ironworks!
It's a fort!
Lady Eboshi's ironworks.
They melt iron sand into iron.
- Someone's coming from the woods! - The wolf princess?
It's me! Koroku the ox-driver!
It's true! He's crossing the lake!
What's all this noise?! Be quiet when I'm writing!
Koruku's come back from the dead!
You're not a ghost.
- Where are the others? - Four of you fell...
It's just us left.
It's never the guards that die.
Who's the man in the hood, sir?
An outsider...
Listen, Riflemen...this gentleman carried your man all the way here.
Thank him.
Ow! Don't grab me there!
Hey, you! Wait!
First, my thanks for bringing back our men.
But something bothers me...
You got here in less than half the time we did...
...through the Deer God's forest, carrying two...
Koroku! You're alive!
Look at that leg! How are you going to drive oxen now?!
Scaring me half to death! The wolf-god should've eaten you!
Then I could find a better husband!
Toki! They're all listening!
Toki, save your love-talk for later.
And you! Leaving them there to die!
Some escort you are! You don't do any real work here.
At least act when there's danger!
What could I do?
Thank you. My husband's an idiot, but I'm glad he's safe.
Good. I was afraid maybe I'd done something wrong.
You look very handsome. Show us your face.
I would like to thank the traveler. Bring him to me later.
It's good you're back. I apologize.
Don't say that, Milady. He'll just take advantage of you.
Forgive me, Toki. I shouldn't have let it happen.
If you hadn't been there, Milady...
...the wolves would've got them all.
Go and rest, Traveler.
Hey! You are handsome!
We had to fight off Moro to bring this rice, you know.
Dish it out!
Toki was right!
- He is handsome! - A bit young...
That never stopped you before!
Quiet out there! We lost two men!
There's lots of handsome men here!
Bunch of cowherds!
Come over to our place, Traveler! Forget this stinking barn!
Watch your mouth! We risked our lives to bring the rice you're eating.
And who made the iron that bought that rice?
We work those bellows all night long!
I would like to see where you work, if you don't mind...
We'll have to work in make-up!
Rouge, too?
Don't forget! We'll be waiting!
Don't mind them, sir.
Lady Eboshi spoils them.
A good town has happy women.
But women working the bellows in an ironworks?
Their presence defiles the iron.
Milady buys up the contract of every brothel girl she finds!
She's kind, that's all.
There's rice on your face, old man.
But she's not afraid of ancient laws, or of curses.
Or of gods, either.
You should've seen her with Nago!
A huge boar-god. He ruled the forest around here.
We couldn't get near the mountains.
All we could do was sit here and look up at them.
The sand down below was worked out.
Lots of people had their eye on this place. The boars got them all.
To get sand, we have to clear the trees.
Nago got mad.
There they go again!
Then Lady Eboshi came along with her guns.
Sir? What's wrong?
Does your arm hurt?
I was just thinking about that boar...
He must have died full of hate.
Sorry to keep you waiting...
That's good iron.
We were late with tomorrow's shipment.
Let's have a rest. Tell the others.
Some think you're spying for the samurai, or the wolf princess.
Many have their eyes on our iron.
May I ask why you're here?
I'm sure you know this.
It shattered the bones of a giant boar, rotted his flesh and made him a monster.
When I tried to stop him, I was left with this scar: a curse unto death.
Where is your land? I've never seen an elk like yours.
Between north and east. That's all I will say.
Answer when you're asked or I'll cut you in two!
What do you plan to do?
See with eyes unclouded.
'Eyes unclouded'?
I see.
Come. I'll show you my secret.
Take over, Gonza.
My garden, where none dare come.
Come, if you wish to know my secret.
Good evening.
We've just finished.
It's still heavy.
You hold it so lightly...
Too light and it'll fall apart.
They aren't for me. They're for the other women here.
Won't that be a sight!
This is the new gun these people have contrived.
The Chinese ones are too heavy.
It will kill monsters and pierce samurai armor.
Beware! Lady Eboshi wants to rule the world!
I'm sorry to rush you. I'll send sake later.
Won't that be nice!
You stole the boar's woods and made a monster of him.
Now will you breed new hatreds with those guns?
I regret that you suffer.
I fired that shot.
It is me that brainless pig should have cursed.
Would your right hand like to kill me?
To lift the curse, my left would, too.
But I fear it would not stop there.
Must it kill us all to be at peace?
Milady...Osa speaks. not scorn the young man's strength.
Young man, I too am cursed.
I know well your rage and your grief.
I know this, but I beg you not to kill this lady.
She is the only one who looked upon us as human.
Without fear of our disease...
...she washed our rotting flesh, bandaged us...
Life is suffering. It is hard.
The world is cursed, people are cursed, but still we wish to live...
Forgive my foolish raving...
They're back.
At night they come to plant trees and take back the mountain.
Ashitaka, will you stay here and work with me?
Do you want even the Deer God's woods?
Without the ancient gods, the wild ones are mere beasts.
With the forest gone and the wolves with it, this will be a land of riches.
That girl will be human.
Mononoke, the wild girl whose soul the wolves stole.
She lives to kill me.
It is said the blood of the Deer God will cure disease.
It could cure these people, and perhaps even lift your curse.
Milady...what do you think?
Very well made. Perfect for ruling the world.
But it's still a bit heavy.
Oh, dear!
Look who's here!
Let me work the bellows.
Huh? Hey, wait!
May I try?
If he insists...
You really came!
What did I tell you?
Look, she's fixing her kimono!
You'll never keep that pace.
It's hard work.
Yep. We work four days' straight.
Is life hard here?
Yeah, but it's better than life in the towns.
We eat our fill, and the men know their place.
I see...
- You go tomorrow? - Stay longer!
Work here!
Thank you, but there is someone I must meet.
She's here!
The wolf princess!
It's her!
I don't want to fight you!
She's after Milady!
Build up the fires! Riflemen to the stockade! Keep her inside!
Stay at your posts!
She's up on the roof!.
Don't get excited! Keep working!
The fire mustn't go out!
- Is she alone? - Yes. We have her cornered.
It's Milady she came for.
Oh well...come on.
Can you hear me, Princess Mononoke? I'm here.
If you would avenge your tribe... are some who seek vengeance for husbands...
...killed by wolves.
Come out! We have a score to settle!
There she is!
Out of the way! You'll get hit!
It's a trap! Stop!
Wolf-God Princess! Go back to the woods!
Don't die for nothing!
I knew it!
Let him do as he likes.
Got her! She's falling!
Stay back!
Even cut off, the head can still bite.
Aim where she falls.
Stay back!
Wake up!
Get her!
Don't let her go!
Kill her!
Are you all right, sir?
Out of my way!
Villain! You're one of them, too!
Step aside.
What are you doing?!
The girl is mine.
I'm sure she'll make a lovely wife.
There is a demon inside you. And in her.
Look on this! It is the form of the hate within me!
It rots my flesh, and summons my death!
Do not make the hate grow!
Enough talk of your curse!
I'll cut that arm off!.
Someone take her!
Don't worry. She'll be all right.
I will take the girl!
Wait! You don't treat Lady Eboshi like that!
Don't move!
Kiyo, no!
He still walks...
- How's Milady? - Safe, sir.
Bring me my gun! Riflemen, assemble here!
They won't get away!
Toki, quick!
You can't pass, sir.
The gate can't be opened without leave.
Turn back, please...
You helped one of us. We don't want to harm you.
I came on my own two feet. I will leave on them.
It takes ten men to open that gate!
Sir, no! You'll die!
He moved it!
Move aside!
Stop! Your princess is safe!
I'm coming!
Yakul, let's go!
I thank you.
He's gone...
He's mine!
Did they shoot you? Are you dead?
Why did you stop me? Speak while you still live!
I didn't want you to die.
I'm not afraid to die if it will drive the humans away!
I knew that when I first saw you.
You've wasted your life by getting in my way!
I'll cut your throat! That'll shut you up!
I don't listen to humans!
You're beautiful...
What's wrong, San? Shall I crunch him for you?
The apes...
Apes! Do you mean disrespect to the tribe of Moro?
This is our forest.
Give us man.
Give us man and go.
Leave, before my fangs find you.
We eat man.
We eat him.
Let us eat man.
Why would the tribe of the apes...
...want to eat a man?
We eat man. We have his strength.
We want strength to drive humans away.
You won't get that power by eating a man.
All that will do is turn you into something else!
We plant trees. Humans destroy them.
Forest does not come back. We kill humans.
The Deer God is with us. Don't give up. Plant your trees.
We will fight for you to the last!
Deer God will not fight. We die.
Wolf girl not care. Wolf girl human.
You monkey! I'll break your neck!
Stop it!
It's all right.
You go ahead. I'll take care of the human.
What about him?
Can we eat him?
No. Go on.
Come here. Let's be friends.
Help me carry your master.
You're smart. You know not to set foot on this island.
Humans stink!
Go where you will. You're free.
There he is!
The night-walker! At last!
Quick! Come and look!
There's why we've been sitting in these stinking bearskins!
Don't look! You'll go blind!
This from the West Land's best hunter?
This is a charter from the Mikado...
...allowing us to subdue the Deer God!
At night he becomes the night-walker.
As night becomes day he changes form.
He's vanishing...over there!
I know.
Over there.
There's hundreds of them.
They're not from these woods.
They're lords of some other mountain.
It's Okkoto!
From the South Island?
There's no mistaking those tusks.
Looks like he brought his whole tribe!
He's seen us! Fall back!
Come on! Jump!
There's no wound!
If you're awake thankYakul. He watched you the whole time.
How do you know his name?
He's told me all about you, your village, your forest...
The Deer God brought you back to life, so I'll help you.
I had this dream...a golden deer...
We're here to kill the humans and save the forest.
Why are there humans here?
The girl is San, my daughter.
The humans are everywhere. Go back to your mountain and kill them there.
We kill for the forest of the Deer God.
Why is there a man here?
The Deer God healed his wound. We must give him back.
The Deer God saved him? The Deer God healed his wound?!
Why did he not save Nago?
Is he not guardian of the forest?!
The Deer God gives life, and takes it away.
Have you boars forgotten even that?
No! You begged the Deer God for him.
You did not beg for Nago!
He feared death...l, like him...
...carry within me a poisoned human stone.
Nago fled. I remain, and contemplate my death.
Go to the Deer God!
I have lived long enough, San.
The Deer God will take my life.
No, Mother! You've protected the Deer God!
We are not fooled! Nago was beautiful and strong. Our brother would not run!
You wolves ate him!
Silence! You slander my mother!
Hear me, O wild mountain gods...
It was I who killed Nago.
He had become a demon, and attacked our village.
A huge boar. Here is my proof.
I came to this land to ask the Deer God to lift this curse.
He healed my wound, but the scar remains.
I must suffer until the curse destroys me.
Okkoto! Good! Someone who can listen.
Okkoto, wait!
You mustn't eat him!
You are Moro's daughter. I have heard of you.
Your eyes...
Stand back. I will not eat him.
Wolf-God Princess...
Do not fear. I tell of Nago's end.
My thanks to you, young one.
It grieves us that a demon has come from our tribe.
Lord you know how I may lift the curse?
Leave this forest. When next we meet, I will have to kill you.
You cannot win against the guns of the humans.
Look on my tribe, Moro. We grow small, and we grow stupid.
To go on in this manner... to end as game the humans hunt for meat.
To risk all on a final battle is to play into human hands.
I ask not for the help of wolves.
Should we die even to the very last, we will leave the humans in awe.
The Deer God!
Keep the oxen together!
Hold your fire...let them come!
Reload! Quick!
That damned Eboshi's fighting the wrong enemy!
You go on ahead and hide.
Here they come!
Well done.
We're moving out. Tell the others.
Hello, Jiko.
The Emperor presses, and you sport with country samurai...
Lord Asano sets them against me.
Asano? A powerful man...
He wants my iron.
Greedy, isn't he.
But now is no time to fight men.
The boars are gathering in the forest.
Give him the iron.
Keep your promise to the Emperor, then smash Asano.
Quick, Milady! Asano's men are coming!
Speak of the devil! A messenger.
A messenger. Remember your manners.
Welcome home!
Aren't you going to see him?
Eboshi, Mistress of the ironworks, you have fought well!
I bring a message from my lord. Open your gates!
We hear you fine from there!
Milady took this mountain from the boars!
Now it's worth something and you want it!
On your way!
You have no respect, woman!
No respect?
We haven't had respect since we were born!
You want iron? Have some!
They're really something!
Samurai or forest god, they don't care.
Eboshi's women don't lack courage.
What good is this paper?
Well, it's helped in getting the best hunters and trackers.
We're after gods, not just beasts.
Yes, Milady?
Do you know who this paper is from?
The Mikado.
- Mikado? - Who's he?
The Emperor.
They're really something!
Off you go.
As we make iron here, the forest grows weak.
That way costs fewer lives.
We've spent too much time and money.
We didn't send 40 riflemen just for the iron.
So the Emperor says, at least.
Surely he doesn't believe that the Deer God's head confers immortality?
I'm not privy to the thoughts of the Emperor.
Best not to be.
You have my word.
The boars will be easier than Moro and her tribe.
Call out that shady bunch you've got hidden under the cliff.
So I'm found out, am l?
One more thing...
Did a young man pass by here?
Riding a red elk?
He left.
They make my skin crawl!
They're not ordinary hunters. They're special scouts.
Let us go with you!
Don't trust those men!
We can't help you from here if anything happens!
We've learned how to shoot...
That's the reason I want you here.
I fear humans more than forest gods.
With the Deer God dead, things will become clear.
Is the Deer God's head all the Emperor really wants?
We may have to fight the riflemen, too.
We can't trust men. Stay on your toes.
Don't worry about Lady Eboshi. I'll protect her.
- You will, will you? - What?!
Maybe if you were a woman...
Does it hurt?
You could end it all by jumping, you know.
When your strength returns, the scar will grow restless.
I feel like I've slept for days.
I dreamed San was tending to me.
I hoped you would cry out in your sleep, so I could bite off your head.
A beautiful woods...
Are the boars moving yet?
Go back into the cave, boy. You can't hear it...
The cry of the woods trampled under by boars...
I sit here listening to it and to the crumbling of my body...
...and wait for that woman...
...dreaming of the moment I crush her head in my jaws.
Can't humans and the forest live together in peace?
Can't this be stopped?
The humans are gathering.
Their fire will reach even here.
And San? Do you intend to take her with you?
How like a human to think only of himself!.
She is a daughter of our tribe. When the woods die, so will she.
Set her free! She's human!
Silence, boy!
What can you do for her?
The humans who violated the forest threw her in my path as they ran from me.
Now she cannot be human, and she cannot be wolf.
My poor, ugly, lovely daughter...
Can you save her?!
I don't know, but together we can live.
How? Will you join with San and fight the human race?
No. All that does is cause more hatred.
There is nothing you can do, boy.
Soon the scar will kill you.
Leave here when the sun rises.
Can you walk?
Thanks to you and the Deer God.
Yakul! Were you worried?
My legs are so weak!
It's so quiet...where are the kodama?
I can smell the ironworks...
Thank you for guiding me. I have a favor to ask you.
Give this to San.
Let's go.
What a stench!
That's not just smoke. It's to blunt our sense of smell.
That woman!
She knows we're here...
- It's a foolish trap. - A trap?
They're trying to lure the boars out of the woods.
They're planning something.
We've got to warn them! They'll be killed!
Okkoto is no fool.
The boars know it's a trap, but still they'll charge.
They are a proud race.
The last one alive will still be charging forward.
They're cutting trees.
To anger them.
Mother, this is farewell.
The smoke will blind Okkoto.
I will be his eyes.
As you will.
Although there is a life for you with that boy...
I hate humans!
From Ashitaka? For me?
It's pretty...
You two go with San.
- I will stay with the Deer God. - Let's go.
The tribe of Moro fights with you! Where is Okkoto?
Thank you.
The ironworks!
Let's go!
Who goes there?!
Let me pass!
Who was that?!
He's stopping them!
Don't waste your arrows!
You're right! It is him!
In the flesh!
Are you all right?
As you see us!
They thought they'd catch us while the men were away!
We showed 'em!
- They thought we'd be easy! - Where's Lady Eboshi?
She took every man who could move and went to kill the Deer God.
We're cut off and can't reach her!
The Deer God? So that sound before...
Sir! I've still got your bow!
What about his saddle and cloak?!
- But... - Useless!
Koroku, thanks!
I'll bring help. Can you hold out?
We'll pour hot iron on them if we have to!
Hurry, Ashitaka!
Bring Lady Eboshi!
They're bringing boats. Hurry!
Bring Lady Eboshi! We'll fight, too!
I'll be back!
We'll be here!
Get that man!
They're after us, Yakul!
Burning flesh...
Stay back!
Show me the wound...
Wait here. I'll be right back.
Stay, I said!
We're almost there...
Who goes there?!
Outsiders are not allowed here.
I have a message for Lady Eboshi.
She's not here. State your business and I'll pass it on.
I will speak to her! Where is she?!
Young you're alive...
You've had a bad time...
There's still men buried.
It was horrible...
The ironworks are under attack.
There's still time. The women are holding the inner stockade.
The bastards!
Asano waited till we left!
Where's Lady Eboshi?
She's gone after the Deer God.
Call her back!
If you're done, get out of here!
Back to work!
And the ironworks?
Now wait a minute!
They want to abandon the ironworks!
If we wait we'll be too late!
Send a messenger!
The woods are huge. He'd never find her!
Send one of your trackers!
Lady Eboshi's being used.
Were there any wolves with the boars?
San, er, the wolf girl?
I don't was pitch black when they came at us.
She was there.
We were in the front...
I don't know. Suddenly I didn't know what was going on.
The scouts put us out there to lure the boars in.
There were mines underneath us...
...and grenades from above.
Where's San?!
Be still! I want to help you.
A wolf!. There's a wolf still alive over here!
Sir, what...
Move! What are you doing, boy?!
He's going to take me to Eboshi.
So you're with them, are you?
What's more important, the head of the Deer God or the ironworks?!
Poison darts!
Give me a hand!
He's out!
Go through the swamp and hide near the lake.
The riflemen are with them. Be careful.
Take this. My last arrow's broken.
You go with them.
Take care of him!
Find San! That's where Eboshi is!
Don't fall behind the scouts. Today we finish this!
Well? How does it look?
Okkoto's hurt. He and the girl are going to the Deer God.
So they're going to ask him for help...stay with them.
But stay hidden, or he won't appear.
Of course.
Is that boar's blood on his face?
That's how they trick the boars.
Keep going! We're almost at the Deer God's pond.
Something's coming!
Something's wrong, Okkoto! Just a bit further!
Something bad is coming.
There's too much blood. I can't smell what it is.
The apes!
You did this.
It is your fault. Forest will die.
Is this how you thank those who fought for your forest?
You brought ruin.
Things neither animal nor human!
Neither animal nor human?
- They're here! - It's the end!
They've returned!
My warriors have returned from the land of the dead!
Forward, my warriors! To the Deer God!
Okkoto, no! Your warriors haven't come back to life!
They wear boar skins to hide their scent!
They're men!
Stop! They want us to take them to the Deer God!
Come out, Deer God!
If you are lord of this forest, revive my warriors to slay the humans.
Okkoto! Still your heart!
We're surrounded! He's done for. Leave him!
No! Then he'll become a demon!
Tell Mother it's the Deer God the humans want!
She'll know what to do!
We can't let our kind die out!
I'll kill the first one that moves, and tell the whole forest what you are!
I burn! A flame bursts from within me!
No, Okkoto! Don't turn into a demon!
An answer!
What is it?
- San's in danger! - Let's go!
I'm hot!
I don't want to be a monster! Okkoto!
Too slow! Get on!
A wolf!.
Go on ahead!
Eboshi, listen!
The samurai are attacking the ironworks! The women are fighting back!
Leave the Deer God!
The men are heading back! They're waiting for you!
What proof do you have?
None! I would have stayed and fought if I could!
So it's 'don't kill the Deer God, kill the samurai,' is it?
No! Can't the forest and the ironworks live together?
Whose side is he on?
Let's go back!
I've done all I can for the women. They can defend themselves.
There's the pond. He's around here!
It's now or never. Stay alert.
Do we need her?
We're killing a god. Let her do it for us.
Moro! Are you dead?
Where are you?
Leave, boy.
If we fight, the Deer God won't come.
Okkoto! Be still!
Okkoto! Give me the girl! Where is San?
San, can you hear me? It's me, Ashitaka!
Shut him up!
Shoot him down!
And here I was saving my last bit of strength for that woman...
Close up!
Stay away from him.
The curse will fall on you.
Can you not even speak now?
Well done. Fall back and tend to the wounded.
A horrible sight!
There he is!
Give me back my daughter!
Can you save San?
The Deer God...
Don't shoot!
Eboshi! Your enemy is not the Deer God!
Guns can't hurt him...
Only through the head...
Don't die!
Is the Deer God taking life?!
He's starting to change!
Watch closely.
This is how you kill a god.
He is also the god of death.
Do not shrink back.
You damn freak!
Got him! Get the head!
Jiko! Bring the box!
The porters are dead! Quick!
Don't touch the body! It'll draw your life into it!
One head, as promised.
Moro's moved by itself!.
Come on, hurry! Run!
To the island!
I can't swim!
Then wade!
Give her to me! I'll kill her!
Moro's already taken her revenge.
Help me!
Don't waste your sympathy...
I promised Toki I'd bring you back.
He's looking for his head. We can't stay here.
Help me!
No! You're on their side!
Take that woman and go away!
Keep away! I hate humans!
I am human...and so are you.
Shut up! I'm a wolf!.
Keep back!
I'm sorry. I tried to stop it.
It's over. Everything. The forest is dead.
No, it's not. We're still alive. Help me.
Wait! Help us!
A little crisis and they're useless!
Don't stop!
The head's moving!
It's calling him here!
That's fixed it.
It's very quiet...
They're waiting for dawn.
I wonder if that young man found Eboshi...
I'm sure he did. She's probably almost here now.
Look at that face! Hey, Koroku!
Let him sleep for now.
I don't like the sound of that...
The night-walker!
Hold your positions!
He's coming this way!
We guard the ironworks! We promised Milady we would.
It's him! Ashitaka!
Get out!
The Deer God's coming after his head!
Touch that muck and you're dead!
Run into the lake! The water'll slow it up!
The men and Lady Eboshi are coming from the other side!
I'm going to give the head back!
He's coming!
What do we do?!
Stay calm!
To the lake!
Stay calm! Help the injured!
Not that way!
There goes the roof...
Once the forge starts to burn, it's all over.
As long as we're alive, we'll manage. Move out deeper.
There they are!
You're still alive? Good!
I'll give the head back. Put it down and run.
Give it back now? Don't be stupid. The sun's coming up.
Look...a brainless, swollen life-sucking god of death.
When the sun comes up, he'll vanish.
He's coming, Jiko. Quick!
Wanting all between heaven and hell is the human condition.
I don't want to kill you...
Oh, dear...
Don't look so stern...
We're surrounded!
Come on, sun!
Open it!
Don't you understand? It's too late!
Don't waste time talking to him!
Human hands must return it!
Well, I warned you...
O Deer God...
We return your head!
Be at peace!
Here he comes!
He's stopped...
The men!
Careful, she's hurt!
He's falling!
Hang on! Don't let go!
I didn't know the Deer God made the flowers bloom...
San, look!
Even if they grow back, they won't be the Deer God's woods.
The Deer God is dead.
The Deer God can't die. He is life itself.
Life and death are his to give and take.
He's telling us we should live.
I like you, but I can't forgive what people have done.
That's all right. You live in the forest, and I'll live at the ironworks.
Together we'll live.
Yakul and I will visit you.
Can you believe it? Saved thanks to a wolf!.
Someone bring Ashitaka. I want to thank him.
We'll start over again. We'll build a good village.
I give can't win against fools!
Ashitaka MATSUDA Yoji San ISHI DA Yuriko
Lady Eboshi TANAKA Yuko Jiko KOBAYASHI Kaoru
Koroku NISHI MURA Masahiko Gonza KAMIJYO Tsunehiko
Moro MIWA Akihiro Oracle MORI Mitsuko
Okkoto MORISHIGE Hisaya
Chief Executive Producer TOKUMA Yasuyoshi
Executive Producers UJlE Seiichiro & NARITA Yutaka
Original Story and Screenplay by MIYAZAKI Hayao
Producer SUZUKI Toshio
Original Music by HISAISHI Joe
Theme song ''Mononoke Hime'' Lyrics by MIYAZAKI Hayao, Music by HISAISHI Joe
Performed by MERA Yoshikazu
English Translation by Stephen ALPERT, MORIYOSHI Haruyo
Produced by Tokuma Shoten
Nippon Television Network
and Studio Ghibli
Directed by MIYAZAKI Hayao
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