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Monsters Ball

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( thunder rolls )
( retching )
( toilet flushing )
( water running )
( engine starts )
Woman: Evening, handsome.
Man: Hi, Lucille. How you've been?
Lucille: Okay.
- Waitress: Evening, Hank. - Hey, Betty, how's your mama now?
She's good.
Lucille: Here you go.
How you been?
- Pretty good, and you? - Pretty good.
How's Sonny?
He's all right, I guess.
( humming )
( knock on door )
Vera, how are you doing?
- I'm good, how are you? - I'm good.
It's all right.
- You want a drink? - Oh yeah, thanks hon.
Sonny: Wild Turkey.
Vera: I'm sore, so go easy, darling.
Yes ma'am.
( panting )
- Thanks, Vera. - You're welcome.
What's the matter, hon? You look so sad.
Sonny: I'm fine.
You wanna get something to eat?
- Talk? - Take care, Sonny.
( folk music playing )
Morning, Pop.
This shit's cold. I'm gonna get some more.
Pop: What the hell are those niggers doing out there?
I said something to you. Did you hear me?
Damn porch monkeys. Be moving in here soon.
Sitting next to me... watching my TV.
There was a time when they knew their place.
Wasn't none of this mixing going on.
Your mother, she hated them niggers, too.
Tell them to get the hell off my property.
- You put that thing down. - Boy: We came by to see Sonny.
I don't give a damn who you come by to see.
Get them out of here right now.
Hank: They're your buddies. Tell them to get out of here.
What are you standing there for?
You watch your ass, all right?
( TV playing )
- You got everything you need? - Yeah.
- Hank: Be careful walking around. - Yeah, yeah.
( TV playing )
Man: You see these two boys here?
They're my sons.
They were on my property.
No need to be scared of no little boys. They ain't come to hurt you.
No need to be letting off no shotgun to tell them to leave, either.
You understand?
Then keep 'em off my property.
They're friends to your son, okay? He invited them here.
They ain't trespassing, they ain't hurting nobody.
Man: Next time you wanna play cowboy, I'm over here all the time.
Well, you keep them off my property.
- I think you heard me, sir. - I think you heard me too.
All right?
Come on boys, let's go.
Aw, shit!
- You're all right, Dappa. - Yeah, I'm all right.
- You're sure? - Yeah. It was loose.
Did you see what you did, Sonny?
Yeah, I'm sorry. It was my mistake.
- Yeah, it was. - It won't happen next time.
Let's just keep going till we get it right.
( laughter )
That's none of your business.
- ( more laughter ) - Woman: Woo!
I'm surprised you're talking like that to me.
- You being a woman, you know? - I'm a liberated woman.
Better watch out, Georgia Ann,
Tommy's gonna sue you for sexual harassment.
Georgia Ann: Oh, that's okay.
Booter, how you doing?
Just give me the $2.50, Sonny.
I got it, Booter.
- You keep the rest of it. - Thanks, Mr.Grotowski.
Hank: Just like I said, no more mistakes, all right?
I wanna make damn sure nobody makes any mistakes, especially you.
So when it gets time for us to do it...
you can't mess up.
That goes for me too, and the rest of them.
You ain't no different then us, you can't screw it up.
- ( Dappa mumbles ) - Yeah.
- That's Hank's boy. - Georgia Ann: It's in the genes.
Yeah, but he's a boy.
- Yes, he is. - He will be a man tomorrow.
Man: In England, they give the guy a party the night before.
They call it the Monster's Ball.
They don't want no lawyer, no preacher, or anything like that around...
So, it's just you and me.
We can't think about what he did or anything else about him.
It's a job. We have to do our job right.
- ( buzz ) - ( gate opens )
Man: I've been drawing a lot. What about you?
Boy: Yeah.
Look here, we ain't got a lot of time.
I'm going to give you all my drawings...
all my clothes.
When you get older,
they may fit you and you may want to wear them.
I'm not gonna see you again after this?
- 'Cause I'm a bad man. - Who says?
I do.
But I want you to know something.
You ain't me.
- Yes I am. - No, you're not.
You're everything that's good about me.
You're the best of what I am, that's what you are.
This man you see sitting here today, you ain't.
Hey, baby. You look nice, today.
You always look nice.
Tyrell, did you tell your daddy what you won at school?
Oh yeah, right.
My drawing's getting used for the school magazine cover.
- You know what I did? - What did you do?
Go on, just tell him. Don't be playing no guessing games.
Tyrell: I made a picture of you...
sitting alone...
in jail.
The theme was solitude.
Way to go, Ty. Way to go. Put it there, boy.
Not too bad.
What's going on with the car?
It's leaking radiator fluid.
Take it in right away. Have them check the hoses.
The car get too hot, you're gonna be in trouble.
The house?
I'm losing it.
I can't afford to make the payments no more.
Not no more.
Man: I'm sorry, baby.
Ty, let me and your mama talk for a second.
Man: Come on, now.
Only reason I'm here, so you can say goodbye to your son.
I been coming here for damn near 11 years, Lawrence.
And I'm tired.
I'm tired of coming here.
- Officer #1 : Time. - So soon?
I got to get going, baby.
Time for me to go, Ty.
I'm gonna call you. You wait by the phone, okay?
Come on now. You got to let go.
Woman: Come on, Tyrell.
For every time I hurt you, I'm sorry.
Officer #1 : Come on.
Officer #2: Ma'am, let's go.
Let's go.
Officer #2: Ma'am, let's go.
- ( door closes ) - I know my way out of here.
Come on.
Hank: He don't have any outstanding appeal, so...
looks like we're definitely gonna do it tonight.
Everybody okay?
- You all right, Georgia Ann? - I'm okay.
Hank: Dappa, is that hood ready?
Yeah, it's fixed and ready to go.
All right.
Anybody got anything to say?
Hank: Tommy?
Tommy: He likes to draw. It calms him down.
- Yeah. - Okay.
Phil, will you make sure he's got whatever it is he needs to draw with?
Yes, sir.
Hank: Tommy, why don't you lead us in prayer?
- Guard: Open cell 13! - ( buzz )
I'm here for your stuff, man.
Tommy: ...that the Lord save us his anointing.
Ye will hear Him in His holy Heaven,
and the saving strength of His right hand.
Be careful with this.
Don't worry about it, man.
- Close 13! - ( buzz )
Worry's all I've got.
...some in chariots, some in horses.
but we remember the name of the Lord, our God.
They're brought down and fallen, but we are risen and stand upright.
Save us, Lord. Let the King hear us when we call Him.
TV host: Sky surfing is when you skydive,
with a board attached to your feet, and try to do different maneuvers.
A camera flyer flies with a camera on top of a helmet,
filming the sky surfer...
and flies with the sky surfer for capturing the moves.
My camera flyer is my husband, Craig O'Brien.
Sonny: I'm gonna put these on nice and loose.
Everything's gonna be okay, right?
Yes, sir.
What about my last phone call?
Warden says it's a bad idea.
Turn around.
Maybe you could call my son and tell him that I tried.
I don't think so.
Sonny: Okay.
- Open 13. - ( buzz )
TV host: Our freefall is usually around 60 seconds,
and the normal altitude we jump from is 12,500 feet.
Let's go.
- Hank: Close 13. - ( buzz )
TV ad: Starting to feel a little cramped by your present surroundings?
Maybe it's time to expand your horizons.
Maybe it's time to think about ReMax.
ReMax Associates lead the real estate industry--
I'm going to be right back. Stay right there.
TV ad: ReMax can help you find a new home that meets all your needs,
while selling your current house
to someone who will find it absolutely perfect.
If you're looking for results, look for ReMax.
Nobody sells more real estate.
( beep )
( buzz )
Lawrence: Where's my paper and pencil?
It's my right to have my paper and pencil.
Hank: I know.
Your paper and pencil's on the way.
I promise you it is.
( TV playing )
( keys clicking )
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Here you go, Lawrence.
Is that done?
Sonny: Let's see.
Wow. That's nice.
It's real nice.
I don't look this good in person.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
You're welcome.
You all right?
- Just breathe. - Hank: Sonny.
Sonny, sit down.
I said, sit down. Sit down.
Come on, Lawrence. Come on, buddy.
Let's go. It's all right.
Just let go.
- ( Lawrence breathes heavily ) - Let go.
Let go. Come on.
Come on.
Lawrence: I've always believed
that a portrait captures a person...
far better than a photograph.
It truly takes a human being to really see a human being.
Wait a minute.
Come here.
What the hell is this, Tyrell?
What did I tell you about eating this shit?
Didn't I tell you don't be eating that shit?
Look at this. Look all this fat!
This fat ass! Look all this nasty fat!
Where they at?!
Look at all this candy!
You ain't eating all this candy! You crazy?!
Look at this room! It's a mess!
Why is it a mess? 'Cause a fat piggy lives in this room!
Get your ass on this scale!
Get on the scale! What does it say?
- Tyrell: 189. - 189?!
You ain't lost no weight!
( Tyrell cries )
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go wait for your daddy to call.
Warden: It is ordered and adjudged
that the judgment pronounced and set forth
sentencing the defendant to death
in the manner and by the authorities as provided by statute,
shall be executed at this time.
Lawrence Musgrove,
do you have anything you'd like to say?
Push the button.
( breathes heavily )
Hank: Hey. Do you know what you did?
Do you know what you did?
Are you listening to me?
Do you know what you did?!
Do you know what you did?!
You fucked him up! You fucked up that man's last walk!
How would you like it if somebody fucked up your last walk?!
You're like a woman, like your fucking mother!
You shouldn't have done that, you son of a bitch!
Get up, you fucking pussy!
You are a piece of fucking shit!
Do you understand me?!
- Easy, easy! - Get your fucking hands off me,
- you fucking nigger! - Hank! Hank!
- This ain't you! - This is me, Phil! This is me!
And I'm the man who could have your job!
Don't let me catch you touching anybody that outranks you again!
- Do you understand me? - Yes, sir!
"Yes, sir"?
- I don't want to hear you. - I just keep the peace.
You piece of shit!
You got-- bleeding.
Get up! Get out of my goddamn house!
You get out! Come on!
You lousy piece of shit!
Get up!
What are you gonna do, huh?
What are you gonna do?!
See? How do you like that, huh?
Are you a tough guy now? Are you tough?
Say something.
Say something!
Get up.
You hate me.
Answer me.
Sonny: You hate me, don't you?
Yeah, I hate you.
I always did.
Well, I always loved you.
Hand me the scissors.
Hold on a minute.
- Where are you going? - I want to put these up.
- How much? - That'll be $2.85.
Billy, I'm moving as fast as I can.
I'll put this dress on and I'll be right there.
- You don't need to. - Damn car still acting up.
It's not just your car. You've been late every day.
I've been trying. I need this money.
- I'll lose my house. - Look,
go home, relax. Take some time off.
You shouldn't be here right now anyway.
That's why you should have given me the week off.
- With some pay. - We already got a new girl.
- Let's get this over with quick. - Is there a passage
- you'd like me to read? - No.
All I want to hear is that dirt hitting that box.
He was weak.
You can say something if you want, once we've covered him up.
- How are you doing? - All right.
- You want to see a menu? - No, I know what I want.
What you gonna have?
A bowl of chocolate ice cream...
and a cup of coffee.
- Black, sugar, cream? - No, black.
- That's it. - Is that it?
( dialing )
Hey, Vera, it's Hank.
Is it too late?
Chocolate ice cream. Here you go.
I'll take a plastic spoon for the ice cream.
Oh, Goddamn! Sorry about that.
- It's all right. - Shit!
I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry.
Bring me some napkins or something.
I'm sorry about that. And you said a what--
Plastic spoon.
- Where's Lucille? - I'm trying to fill in for her.
- Hank: I'm ready to pay this. - Yep.
- ( machine beeps ) - What's the deal here?
I don't know. I just over-rang this thing.
If you can't get it open,
tell me how much it is, and I'll pay you for it.
Here's $4.00. Keep the change.
Vera: Hey, cowboy, feel like some late- night pussy?
Hank: I guess so.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Yeah, well...
I ain't been feeling too good.
Busy with this and that and the other.
- How have you been? - All right.
So how's Sonny?
I can't do this tonight, Vera.
- Are you sure, hon? - No, not tonight.
- I'm sorry. - No need to be. Some other time.
All right.
You can keep that money.
Vera: I'm going to.
- Man: Have a seat, Hank. - Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you seeing me.
Man: What brings you here?
Sir, I'm resigning
and I wanted to come by and tell you personally.
I appreciate that, Hank.
Why don't we wait a few weeks before we submit the paperwork?
That wouldn't do anybody any good to wait on that.
I've got my mind made up.
All right.
We're gonna miss you.
I brought my badge in and...
- Why don't you keep it? - I ain't got no use for it.
Hank: There you are, Pop.
We got each other...
- Remember that. - Yes, sir.
I quit the team.
That was a mistake.
I can't do it anymore.
You're reminding me of your mother.
I guess that's bad, right?
Your mother wasn't shit.
That woman failed me.
I got more pussy after she killed herself...
than I did when she was living as my wife.
The point is...
she quit on me.
You're doing the same.
Leticia: Goddamnit!
Let's go. Hand me my purse.
Come on. Get out!
- Why, Mama, what's wrong? - We've got to walk.
( honking )
Tyrell, get off that street!
You'll get yourself killed.
Don't do that! Don't do that!
Hank: This is jim-dandy. This is just what I'm looking for.
Hank: At the same time, it's the most expensive one.
But if you're willing to talk price a little...
Attendant: We put quite a bit of work into it.
We could talk about it.
Hank: Let me think it over. You have my number.
- Attendant: All right. - It was a pleasure.
- Hank: Nice seeing you. - Nice talking to you.
See you.
Come on, T. Let's go.
That's what you think your mama looks like?
Yeah, sort of.
- See you in the morning? - Yeah.
- You too, young man. - Bye.
Bye- bye.
Come on, T. Get up!
Come on, T. Get up!
Leticia: Help me!
Help me! Wait!
Come back here!
Help us!
Please, help us!
Help us!
Come on, T.
Come on, baby. Wake up!
Wake up!
- He was hit by a car! - It's okay.
We need to get him to the hospital.
Right now! Right now!
We'll need a gurney out here. There's a kid. I think it's bad.
Hank: We'll need some help.
Are you the boy's mother? Please, follow me.
Is that your boy?
Guard: What happened?
I think he got hit by a car.
That was his mother.
- She said he was hit by a car. - Hit and run?
I don't know. I picked them up--
Guard: I need you to file a police report if it was a hit and run.
Hank: Shit, I don't even know them. I wouldn't know what to write.
Guard: Just stay, tell the police what you did and saw.
It'll be five minutes.
Wait! That's my baby!
Wait! That's my baby!
That's my baby!
Hank: I know you're not supposed to move people,
but I didn't know what else to do.
The boy was laying there...
and the woman was hysterical.
I did the best I could do. I just lugged him in the car
to come here as quick as I could. That's what I did.
Detective: You did a good job.
So you were just passing by?
Yeah, I don't know the lady at all.
Detective: I'll give you my card.
We'll do a follow- up if we get anything.
We might call you as well, if we need to.
- That'd be all right? - Whatever you need me to do.
I got your number right there.
Is that it? Can I go?
Yeah. Thanks.
Will that boy make it all right?
No, he died.
Mrs.Musgrove, I'll give you my card
and you feel free to call me anytime
that you can remember anything about this.
I'm so sorry.
Can I get something to clean that off?
That's mine.
- Here's your purse. - He's gone.
- My baby. - Yes, ma'am.
He's gone. He's gone.
( Leticia sobs )
Will you take her home?
I don't really know her.
- I'll take her home. - That's a good idea.
Hank: Yeah, I'll take her home.
Could you do me a favor and throw that away for me?
- Yes, sir. - I'd appreciate that.
Hank: Where do you live?
Ma'am, you'll have to tell me where you live.
Now, I'll go in your purse.
I'm letting you know I'm going in your purse
to find an address on you.
You should call some of your kin people
or a friend or something.
I'm going to have to go.
You gonna be all right?
They told me to call the Coroner's Office in the morning.
I'm sorry?
They told me to call the Coroner's Office.
They said they gonna do an autopsy.
I don't know why they'll do an autopsy.
He was hit by a car.
I imagine that'll help them find out who did it.
You really believe they'll do that?
I believe they'll try their best.
He's a Black kid.
You think they'll do that?
Here's your bag. I'll leave it on the floor.
I'm real sorry.
Just want to say sorry about Sonny.
- We liked him a lot. - We feel bad, sir.
Which one of you is Willie and which's one's Harry?
He's Willie.
He's Darryl.
I'll see ya. I appreciate that.
I'm going over to the cafe. Do you want a ride?
You sure you don't mind?
I'm going that way anyway.
( country music playing )
Is this music all right with you?
- 'Cause I can change it. - No, it's cool.
You ain't got a car?
It's broke.
I'm saving to get me another one.
Leticia: $8.64. Thank you.
Hank: Thank you.
You have a good shift, okay?
Leticia: Thanks.
- Leticia: Thank you. - You're welcome.
Hey, Pop?
- Look it here. - What are those for?
I bought a gas station.
- That right? - Mmm-hmm.
It's all bought and paid for.
- We own it. - ( Buck sneezes )
Don't say "we." You own it.
I didn't buy it.
- Yeah, well... - I wouldn't have bought no gas station.
Is that right?
I would have stuck to what I knew best.
- What's that? - Corrections Officer.
Well, I ain't a Corrections Officer no more.
I'm a gas-station owner.
I already made the deal. It's too late, Pop.
You want me to fix you something?
Here you go.
How are you doing?
I'm doing all right. Tired.
- You gonna eat something? - Chocolate ice cream.
Plastic spoon.
You got it.
Thank you.
- You're all set? - Mmm-hmm.
- About time for you to get off? - Mmm-hmm.
Did you want me to give you a ride?
I really couldn't ask you to do that.
It's right on the way home.
- You sure you don't mind? - No, I'd be happy to.
- Hank: It's right on Prospect Street. - Leticia: Clement's?
- Yeah, Clement's. - You bought Clement's?
Leticia: I know Clement.
- I can't stand that man. - He ain't going to be running it.
Leticia: Well, that's good.
Thanks for the ride.
Can I ask you a question?
Why did you help me?
- What do you mean? - When you took us to the hospital.
Why did you do that?
I don't know. I guess--
I just--
doing the right thing, I guess.
My son died.
well, he--
he died and then--
I never was a very good father.
He was a good kid.
I guess that somehow I just--
when I see what you're going through there
it made me think about something. I don't know.
You know when you feel like you can't breathe?
And you can't get out to--
from inside yourself, you know?
Do you want to come inside?
I like these curtains.
I got these here curtains on credit.
I never heard of anybody getting curtains on credit before.
What do you think? Ain't they cute?
I love these curtains.
Hank: They're good and red all right.
I got--
I got these curtains right here on credit.
And the man told me...
that I wasn't supposed to get this deal.
But I think he liked me,
and he told me I could have these curtains on credit.
I said, what the hell?
Red curtains will be great for my place.
So I said, I'll take it.
- So I got me some red curtains. - Damn straight.
You sure suck that whiskey down.
I mean, Lord have mercy.
My husband used to love him some Jack Daniel's.
Like I said, it's a good drink.
- Wait. I'll show you something. - Okay.
Sit right here.
What you got? Some kind of a school annual?
These pictures right here--
these are my husband's drawings right here.
My husband, he drew those.
He got himself electrocuted over there in Jackson.
He got himself--
These right here, these are my son Tyrell's.
He drew these.
He drew all of these right here.
He got his talent from the old man, I guess.
Didn't he?
That's the only thing that negro ever gave that boy,
was some drawing.
Taught him how to draw.
It runs in the family, sounds like it.
You know...
he was a good kid.
He was a really good kid.
He was so good.
He was--
he really-- he loved me.
He really loved me.
I understand.
He was so fat.
You saw how fat he was.
I don't care what I brought in this house,
he just ate it up!
I don't care what it was I brought in.
I bring some Popeye's chicken,
that boy eat the whole thing before I can get a bite!
He would eat his ass off!
You haven't seen nobody eat like--
He would eat candy and gumballs.
He'd make me take him to the Super K-Mart
and he put them quarters in that gumball machine.
He had to wait till he get the red gumball.
He always had to get the red gumball.
He sounds like a character, I guess.
He'd get that red gumball
and he'd just eat on that red gumball.
I was a good mother.
I did-- every single thing I can think to do--
I was really good. I was really good.
- I was a good mother. - I understand.
I didn't want him to be fat like that.
I did not want my baby to be fat like that,
'cause I know, a Black man in America,
you can't be like that! And I tried to--
I was trying to tell him,
"You can't be like that,
you can't be like that in America, and a Black man."
I was just...
I'm not sure what you want me to do.
I want--
I want you to make me feel better.
I want you to make me feel better.
I want you to make me feel good.
I want you to make me feel good.
Can you make me feel good?
Can you make me feel good?
Can you make me feel good?
Make me feel good.
I don't know what to feel good's about.
Just make me feel good! Just make me feel good!
( Leticia wails )
( wailing )
( Hank grunts )
I felt it too.
I needed you.
I needed you so much.
I needed you so much.
I hadn't felt anything in so long.
Leticia: Thank you.
( retching )
You okay?
Me getting sick doesn't have anything to do with you.
Hey, Pop?
Buck: I'm in the damn bathroom!
Hank: What the hell happened to you?
I twisted my ankle trying to take a bath.
Damn it, I told you to be careful.
Buck: Goddamn!
Hank: Wiggle your toes.
- You feel that? - Yeah.
I'm sinking.
- What are you talking about? - I ain't worth shit.
- You stop that. - I can't clean myself.
Can't walk to the kitchen without falling.
Can't get to the phone before it stops ringing.
I don't feel like a man anymore.
You're a man, Pop.
Can't even remember what a woman smells like.
( hammering in background )
Girl: There's a man here.
Man: Where?
Man: Thank you.
- How are you doing? - Hey, how are you doing?
All right.
What can I do for you?
I got this '89 Comanche out there...
it needs a lube job, new points and plugs.
I was wondering if you'd work on it for me.
Yeah. When do you need it by?
Just as quick as you can, really.
Leave that alone, baby. Put that down.
I can get that to you about tomorrow afternoon,
late tomorrow then?
I'd appreciate it.
Maybe them boys of yours can-- if they're not doing anything--
wash it and wax it and everything?
I'm selling it.
All right.
I'll ask them. I'll tell them about it.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
I can't take this.
It was my son's.
It'd mean a lot to him. He'd want somebody to use it.
I ain't saying I don't want it.
I just can't take it.
I want you to have it. I really do.
It'd mean a lot to me.
Let's just take it for a little spin.
Come on.
- I ain't even got my shoes on. - We won't go far. Let's go.
You see how it drives.
- What the hell is this? - Stick shift.
Hank: Here's the insurance and title,
and all the papers you need. It's all set.
- Okay. - I'd like to see you tonight.
- We should do that. - Is that all right?
- I'll see you later. - See you.
Hank: That's good.
It's Leticia.
I'm coming on in, Hank.
Buck: Who are you?
You just walked in my house?
My bad.
- I thought-- - Hank?
- You're looking for Hank? - Yes.
Is he here?
Who are you?
My name is Leticia Musgrove.
me and Hank is...
Please, little darling...
have you got a cigarette?
But it look to me like you don't need to be smoking.
Come on.
Have you got one?
So, is Hank here?
Yeah. He'll be back shortly.
I'm Buck, his father.
Is that for Hank?
It's a gift.
I'll see he gets it.
Buck: Woo!
Hank must have done something right
to deserve a fine hat like this.
I guess he did.
In my prime, I had a thing for nigger juice myself.
Hank's just like his daddy.
He ain't a man till he split dark oak.
Hey, Leticia? Hang on.
Where are you going?
Hey! Where are you going?
- What happened? - I met your daddy.
- Get off me! - You can't do that.
Give me a chance. Whatever he did--
It don't matter a whole lot, do it?
- Give me a chance to talk to you. - Get off me!
Buck: We're family.
I'm your father. Remember that.
What's your problem?
- Hank: I believe that's it. - Thank you.
I didn't date that thing at the bottom.
No problem.
Anything below that line, I didn't do.
Now, you will take good care of him?
- Woman: Oh, yes. - Hank: 'Cause...
I want him to go out in peace.
You must love him very much.
No, I don't.
But he's my father. So, there it is.
They'll get you a TV set tomorrow.
Finally getting rid of me, huh?
They'll take care of you.
There's a telephone at the end of the hall. You can call me.
This is it.
I guess so.
I'm stuck.
Me too.
Buck: I don't want to go out like this.
Me neither.
Goodbye, Pop.
You want your car back?
No, I don't want the car back.
I mean for you to keep that.
I want you to know I sent him away.
I ain't got time to talk.
I wish you would talk to me.
Y'all ready to order?
- Hank: How are you doing, Ryrus? - All right. How are you?
- I'm all right. - Who's Leticia?
My girlfriend.
Sheriff's Department. Hello?
- Who's banging on my door? - The Sheriff's Department.
- Time to go, lady. - No, no wait.
- Time to go. - No. Here.
No, I don't take anything.
You settle with your landlord, then I go away.
No, I got the money.
I suggest you get fully dressed.
- I'm going to put you out. - You ain't putting me out.
I 'bout got the money. I'm still saving--
I painted the ceiling and the wall
and fixed it up a little bit.
I figured I ought to.
I'll move your stuff here so you don't have to worry with it.
I'm going to the kitchen to get a thing or two
so if you want to relax, make yourself comfortable.
Whatever you want to do.
- This is Tyrell's. - I thought I'd put it up there.
That's my boy's room.
All right. Here.
You can go up if you want to.
Can I look at these?
Yeah, go ahead.
That's him right there.
He don't look like you.
He got his mother in him.
Hank: I don't mind sleeping across the hall if you want me to.
- Maybe you should sleep by yourself. - No...
I wouldn't feel good
if you left me in here all by myself.
I just want you to be comfortable here.
I want you to be comfortable too.
Hank: I want to take care of you.
Leticia: Good.
'Cause I really need to be taken care of.
Can I touch you?
Did you feel that?
Oh yeah.
Did it feel good?
I didn't hurt you or anything?
Not in a bad way.
Nothing, I just--
I want to go out and buy some ice cream.
- Now? - Yeah.
It just feels right.
- Okay. - Well...
Can you buy me some?
What kind do you want?
I bought some chocolate ice cream.
Are you okay?
You sure?
You look real pretty.
Let's go out on the steps. You want to?
Let's go.
I went by our station on the way home.
I like the sign.
I think we'll be all right.
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