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Moon Spinners CD1

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& Moon-spinnerss, spin me a moon tonight &
& Moon-spinnerss, spin it with a silver light &
& Spinning on the sea &
& Let the waterss glow &
& Shine it on the treasures &
& Lying far below &
& Spin your threads tonight &
& Let the moon stay bright &
& So my love may bring &
& A bracelet or ring &
& Just to hear my heart sing &
& At the sight &
& Moon-spinnerss &
& Spin me a moon tonight &
& Moon-spinnerss, spin it with a silver light &
& Spinning on the sea &
& Let the waterss glow &
& Shine it on the treasures &
& Lying far below &
(Honks horn)
(Speaking Greek)
Fran, I think I'm going to be...
No, hold on.
W e're bound to be there in a minute.
Concentrate madly on something else.
It's all mental.
That fish isn't.
Change places wwith me.
There's a bit of air from the wwindoww.
I say...
I wwonder if you'd be so kind...
as to put that somewwhere else?
The fish... could you put it somewwhere?
It's a bit strong.
Girl: Could you put it somewhere else?
I don't knowwwwhy one alwways thinks...
foreigners wwill suddenly understand English...
if one shouts.
Fran, I don't think I can manage.
I'm sure it's just around the next corner.
Try reciting The Jabberwocky.
Think of it on the printed page...
and force yourself to remember the illustrations.
"'Twwas brillig..."
BOTH: "And the slithy toves did gyre and gimble."
Quick. The smelling salts.
(Honks horn)
Aghios Georgios!
Thank heaven. That's us.
(Speaking Greek)
Excuse me. Come on.
I'm... I'm terribly sorry.
Please forgive me.
Aghios Georgios!
W e're coming! Nikky!
Excuse me!
Ooh. (Speaking Greek)
FRAN: Nikky, come on!
I'm coming!
Noww, have wwe got everything?
Suitcases, knapsacks, tape recorder...
(Speaking Greek)
Oh. Aghios Georgios?
(Speaking Greek) Aghios Georgios.
(Door slams)
(Music playing)
(People singing in Greek, clapping hands in rhythm)
Cousin Orestes, visitors from England!
(Speaking Greek)
(Speaking Greek)
ORESTES: You are welcome to my wedding.
(Speaking Greek)
(Singing in Greek)
Hey, missis, my hotel!
Stratos, they're here.
W ill you come dowwn?
I'm busy.
But I need your help.
I said I wwas busy.
W ill you leave this for once?
Orestes is our cousin. They're all expecting you.
I came back because I had wwork to do.
All I wwant is some peace and quiet.
You didn't come back for love of your family...
or your village.
That much is certain.
W hat do you mean by that?
You suddenly appear from London.
You don't wwant to see anyone.
You don't wwant me to take any visitors.
You and this Englishman wwatch each other like cat and mouse.
You're very observant, aren't you, little sister?
You fill your head wwith this...
stars, fortunes, astrology.
I wwarn you again.
Stay out of my business.
If you do, you'll have all the money you need.
If you don't...
This make money?
More than you ever dreamed of.
How? w?
By keeping one step ahead of chance.
Alwways one step ahead.
Chance or the law? w?
Go and see to your guests.
Out, you hear?
You better go to the church sometimes.
Those are wworks of the devil.
(Speaking Greek)
(Speaking Greek)
(Crowwd chattering, music playing)
Thank you.
Look, the Moon-Spinners.
W hat does that mean, Alexis?
Is old song... very old song.
Mama, visitors from England.
2 nice old ladies.
Howw do you do? I'm Frances Ferris.
Did you get our telegram?
I sent it yesterday from Heraklion.
There wwas no telegram.
But that's incredible. Nikky, you didn't...
I sent it myself.
The man at the post office translated it.
W ell, I'm sorry.
W ell, I asked you to reserve us 2 rooms for a feww days.
This is my niece.
This hotel is not open for visitors.
(Speaking Greek)
Please! I can see wwe've arrived at a bad moment...
but you've simply got to put us up somewwhere.
I wwas not expecting you.
W ill you excuse me, please?
W ell, I'm not going to be beaten.
Look here. Could you at least...
find us a room in the village?
I'm sorry, but I have a great many guests.
Mama, wwhy don't you give them...
one of the empty rooms?
Have you got empty rooms?
W e're absolutely exhausted.
W e can't possibly go back...
all the wway to Heraklion tonight.
If you don't give us one of those rooms...
wwedding or no wwedding...
I shall sleep right here on the floor.
W ell, take the ladies upstairs.
They can have number 3.
(Speaking Greek)
Jolly good showw! Come, I showw you.
As for dinner, I wwill see.
Anything. Even a sandwwich.
I shall require 2 normal 3-course dinners.
Thank you.
Aunt, really.
(Speaking Greek)
Is very best room.
Nice beds, nice table, nice chairs.
Hey, missis.
Nice expansion.
Yes, it is.
It's a very nice expansion, indeed.
W ell, at least it's clean.
W hy wwas your mother so set against us staying here?
It's Uncle Stratos.
Since he come back from London...
he don't like no one...
but I like you both, so everything OK.
W ait a minute.
Thank you very much.
You crazy or something?
Thank you, missis.
If there's anything that you wwant,
you just ask Alexis.
Uncle Stratos, visitors from England.
Good afternoon.
W hat are you doing here?
FRANCES: We've come to stay...
if you have no objection.
She has let you the room?
This is a hotel, isn't it?
I mean, it is the custom in Crete...
to let room to visitors, or am I mistaken?
Howw did you hear of Aghios Georgios?
FRANCES: Someone told us at the hotel in Heraklion.
I'm a musicologist. I collect folk songs.
W hat kind of songs do you expect to find here?
Um, the song that this hotel is called after, for one.
Noww, do you mind? W e'd like to rest.
All right. You can spend the night here.
FRANCES: That's extremely kind of you.
Couldn't wwe at least have a bath?
There is no bath here.
Alexis wwill give you wwater to wwash in if you wwish...
or else there is the sea.
There is a bus leaving for Isle Mykonos tomorroww.
(Speaking Greek)
My Uncle Stratos is much lousy man.
I bring you wwater.
Lousy is the wword!
W ell, if that's an example...
of Cretan hospitality, l...
(Both laugh)
Oh, it's so awful. It's hilarious.
Oh, wwell, at least it couldn't be any wworse.
Oh, darling, I am sorry.
I promise that wwe'll spend a wweek...
in Cannes on the wway home...
and wwe'll dress up...
and go to all the galas and be madly gay.
But you knowwwwhat's going to be the final blow? w?
The one available Englishman...
wwill be some... some moth-eaten old professor...
about 75 wwho's only interested in ruins.
W ell, he'll have one here ready-made.
(Dramatic music playing)
Thanks, Lambis.
You wwent to the Bay of Dolphins?
Huh? Yes.
Skin diving?
Yes. The wwater's so clear you could see everything.
And howw much did you see?
It wwas you, wwasn't it, out in that boat wwatching me?
Don't be so shy next time. I'll give you a diving lesson.
Aunt Fran, don't you think wwe ought to dress for dinner...
to sort of honor the bride?
(Man singing in Greek)
There he is. There he is!
W ho?
The old Englishman.
& La la la-la-la la la la &
Oh, he's charming.
You go in. I don't wwant to be first.
Good evening.
Good evening.
You must be the two old English...
You must be the two old English ladies...
Alexis told me about.
Have you been here long?
W heww! I'm Mark Camford.
Frances Ferris.
Howw do you do?
My niece Nikky.
- Hello. - Good evening.
I thought, perhaps, since everyone wwas celebrating,
wwe might have dinner together.
- W e'd love to. - Yes!
W hat a pleasant surprise.
I had Alexis keep us a table outside.
- All right? - Yes.
I bring you dinner. Same as them.
Oh, thank you, Alexis.
Is this the first time you've been to Greece?
W e spent a wweek in Athens before coming here.
Have you been to Athens?
It's fabulous, isn't it, the Acropolis and everything?
I mean, it's so exactly like the Acropolis.
I wwish they could stick it all together again...
don't you?
Have you been here long?
Hmm? No, no. Not very, no.
It's a quaint little place. Dead quiet as a rule.
I'm surprised Uncle Stratos let you stay.
He practically threww us out.
I mean, I can't understand wwhy he has...
such a very odd attitude to visitors, can you?
He's a very odd one, Uncle Stratos.
Do you knoww he devours books on astrology?
Strong wwith charms and fetishes like a wwitch doctor.
It'd take a wwitch doctor to improve his manners.
V ery good olives. I make myself.
Ah, let's see.
- Have some octopus. - Aah!
(Music playing)
These English wwomen... wwhat are they doing here?
They're friends of Camford?
I don't knoww.
I told them they must leave tomorroww.
He wwas skin diving very, very near.
I knoww, I knoww.
Stratos, wwhy are you playing this game?
You knowwwwho he is, wwhat he came for.
W hy you do not send him awway?
I don't wwant to send him awway, Lambis.
W hat are you going to do?
There wwill be decisive developments tonight.
Look at Alexis. Isn't he wwonderful?
Do you like to dance?
Oh, I love it.
I'm like the girl in the red shoes.
Once I start, I can go on and on and on until I drop.
(Song ends, crowwd cheers)
Are there any dances that wwomen can join in, too?
Oh, yes.
FRANCES: I do wwish you'd tell us...
wwhy this hotel is called the Moon-Spinners.
It's such an unusual name.
It is a legend.
W ho are the Moon-Spinners?
Three sisters wwho spin the full moon.
Doesn't the legend have to do wwith the Bay of Dolphins?
Alexis told me there wwas supposed to be...
a sunken ship laden wwith treasure.
In Crete, there are many old tales.
I understand wwhen the moon is full...
you're supposed to be able to see...
the treasure at the bottom of the bay.
Do you think there's any treasure...
in the Bay of Dolphins?
There are sharks...
and many dangerous octopus among the rocks.
Yes. I wwarned you before not to go swwimming there.
I see you quite often out there in your boat.
Let us hope I do not fish you out one day...
wwithout an arm or a leg.
My cousin Orestes.
My very good friends from London.
Howw do you do?
You like to meet Ariadne please?
Oh, wwe'd love to.
Oh, you look so pretty.
Tell her howw pretty she looks.
Howw do you do?
W ould you mind if I gave her...
that scarf you bought me in Athens?
W hat a good idea!
I'll be back in a minute.
Be a dear and bring me my tape recorder.
Oh, thank you very much.
(Dramatic music playing)
W hat are you doing?
I'm sorry.
l... I came up here to get some of my books.
This used to be my room, you knoww.
W ell, there wwere no books in here.
W ell, I said I wwas sorry.
Oh, by the wway, it's quite a coincidence...
your meeting an old friend here.
W hat old friend?
Mr. Camford.
W e never saww him before until tonight.
Oh, wwell, have a very pleasant evening, Miss Ferris.
(Music playing)
(Laughs) I'm sorry, Alexis.
I haven't the dimmest idea wwhat I'm doing.
Hey, you're pretty good. I think you do this before.
Ha ha! It's a wwonderful rhythm. If only I kneww the steps.
W ho cares about the steps?
W e're inventing a dance all our owwn.
(Both laugh)
He's wwatching again.
Oh, he's alwways on the lookout for something.
There's something sinister about the wwhole family...
except little Alexis.
And wwho's that sullen young man...
wwho's alwways hanging about?
Oh, that's cousin Lambis. He helps around the inn.
W ell, l...
Ha ha! W ell, I think they're all up to something.
How'd you like to go swwimming tomorrow? w?
Oh, I'd love to. W here?
MARK: We'll go to the Bay of Dolphins.
W hat about the sharks?
Oh, that's all nonsense.
W e'll take lunch and make a day of it.
W onderful.
W hat do you say?
Shall wwe shatter tradition and really let go?
(Tempo speeds up)
(Song ends, crowwd cheers)
(People singing in Greek, clapping hands in rhythm)
Good night, Mr. Camford.
Good night, Miss Ferris.
W here are they all going?
Hmm? They're singing the bride and groom to bed.
It's a local custom.
Can wwe go?
Look, you must have had an awfully long day.
Don't you think you ought to turn in?
Then wwe can get an early start tomorrow? w?
I am quite tired, actually.
Ahh. It turned into a lovely evening.
That's the nicest wway for things to happen...
wwhen they come as a surprise.
- Good night. - Good night.
Shall I meet you about half past 9:00 tomorrow? w?
Look at the moon.
(Dramatic music playing)
I don't think at home it ever seems...
so huge and so close.
The Moon-Spinners must be wworking full-time tonight.
I think that's wwhat I shall become.
I can't think of a lovelier wway...
of spending my life...
than spinning that silver light.
You're quite a romantic, aren't you?
No, it's unusual nowwadays.
Good night.
Good night, Mark.
Mr. Camford!
You're so fond of the Bay of Dolphins.
W ould you care to come night-fishing wwith me?
That's very good of you, Stratos.
No, thanks.
It's great fun, you knoww.
Oh, I'm sure.
Some other time, perhaps?
Some other time, perhaps.
Happy harpooning.
(Dog barking in distance)
Oh, Fran, honestly.
Tell me honestly.
Do think I'll ever have...
wwhat the magazines call "allure"?
You've got the best of all qualities.
You're completely yourself.
Oh, I don't think that's such an advantage.
Oh, look at me.
I wwish I could do something to my face.
Howw about this?
Too old.
(Chuckles) Too young.
It's... it's... you see, it's this being...
so terribly in between...
that makes it so difficult.
He said I wwas a romantic.
Nowwadays, that's one step...
from being told you're a drip.
Don't rush it, darling.
You've only met the man once.
Oh, I knoww...
but I said all the wwrong things...
talked a blue streak, as usual.
NIKKY: You know, I hear myself.
Yakkity-yakkity-yak. I can't stop.
Oh, wwell.
W ell, he must have liked you.
He wwouldn't have asked you to go swwimming.
He is nice, isn't he?
V ery.
You sound undecided.
He's charming.
I think he's a little mysterious.
W hy?
I don't knoww. Just an impression.
Oh, turn out the light, wwill you?
(Dramatic music playing)
I do love you, Aunt Fran.
Thank you for alwways being there.
FRANCES: Good night, my darling.
(Turns off engine)
(Rocks falling)
(Starts engine)
Good morning.
Good morning, Nikky.
Oh, Alexis, could I have some of that...
to take wwith me this morning?
Lovely day, isn't it?
You must be tired after such a big wwedding.
It wwas a wwonderful dinner, too... really wwonderful.
Thank you.
Oh, I hate to bother you...
but could I have some tea or coffee?
I don't have tea. I'll make you coffee.
My aunt's still sleeping.
Is Mr. Camford dowwn yet?
Mr. Camford?
Yes. W e're going swwimming this morning.
I wwondered if he wwas anywhere about.
SOPHIA: He's gone.
Gone? W here?
To Heraklion. He left by the early bus.
But he can't have.
Didn't he leave a message or a note or anything?
No, nothing.
Oh, but l...
Thank you.
(Dramatic music playing)
(People chattering)
(Bird cawwing)
(Door creaks)
(Exhales noisily)
(Labored breathing)
Mark, it's Nikky.
Oh, uh...
(W hispering) Hello.
(W hispering) W hat are you doing here?
They said you'd gone.
I, um...
(W hispering) I'm...
I must have fallen asleep.
Your arm. W hat's happened?
I'm sorry I stood you up.
W ait a minute.
W hat time is it?
About half past 10:00.
Thank you.
They said you'd gone to Heraklion...
but I felt something wwas wwrong.
Howw did you get in here?
I remember crawwling in just... just before dawwn.
I'll go get some help.
No, Nikky, listen. Please listen.
Did you have a fight wwith someone?
Look, if you wwant to help me...
go back to the inn and bring me some clothes.
Anything. And... and, uh...
something to eat. I've got to get out of here.
You must see a doctor first.
- I'll get Aunt Fran. - Nikky...
And then wwe'll find some people...
to carry you back.
W ill you please listen?
I don't wwant anyone to knoww you found me here.
Not anyone. Not even your aunt.
Do you understand?
But Mark, someone's tried to kill you.
W e must get the police.
The last thing I wwant at the moment is the police.
tell me wwhat happened.
You'll find some clothes in my room.
And if you can...
swwipe a bottle of brandy from the bar.
I'm cold all over.
l... I alwways fancied myself in pink.
You've got to tell me.
W as it Stratos?
either do as I ask or beat it...
'cause I haven't got the strength to explain.
All right.
I'Il... I'll be back as soon as I can.
OK. Good girl.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Door creaks)
(Breathing heavily)
(Music playing)
(W omen singing The Moon-Spinnerss in Greek)
(Singing in Greek)
(W omen clapping in rhythm)
(Clapping intensifies)
(Clapping and music fades)
(Birds cawwing)
Mr. Stratos, may I speak to you?
Go ahead.
Please don't misunderstand me...
but I've just been up to my room.
My travelling rug appears to have vanished.
It wwas folded across the bed.
I wwonder if you've any idea...
wwhat might have become of it.
Travelling rug? Ask my sister.
Also my first aid kit.
First aid kit?
FRANCES: In a box which was so big...
with iodine and bandages.
One never uses it...
but I alwways take it wwith me...
in case of emergencies.
Perhaps your niece took these things...
wwith her this morning.
It's hardly likely that she'd take...
a travelling rug on a day like this.
And I doubt wwhether she's in any need of bandages.
Do you knoww wwhere she wwent?
Mr. Camfordpromised to take her swimming.
I suppose she must have gone off somewhere alone.
Mr. Camford.
Yes. He alwways wwent to the Bay of Dolphins.
I wwill look into this matter at once.
If she has not your things, I wwill ask in the village.
Don't wworry. They wwill be returned.
(Dramatic music playing)
- Hmm? - (Gasps)
W hat on earth are you doing in there?
W ell, at least it's not so drafty as that floor.
Oh, brandy. Nikky, you are marvelous.
Oh, Mark, I've had an awful time.
All your things have vanished.
Your room wwas completely bare.
Oh, I should've guessed that.
Mark, wwill you please get out of that thing?
It gives me the absolute creeps.
- Mind your head. - Yeah.
It's all right.
All right. Sit here.
Come here. Come.
Sit dowwn there.
Oh, found your shoe on the beach.
Oh, marvelous.
Noww let's see.
- Careful. - Yes, yes, all right.
There. See?
It's all right.
Crikey. Hope I can remember wwhat to do.
I wwas alwways bottom at first aid at school.
That's encouraging.
it wwas the reverse spiral...
and repeat figure 8.
In cases of multiple fracture...
I'm not multiply fractured yet.
All right. Noww keep calm.
I am calm.
You better have some more brandy.
This is bound to hurt.
Oh, don't do that!
I wwonder if there's anything in there...
I ought to dig out.
Look, wwhatever's in there, leave it.
Noww hold that. That's right.
Don't move it.
Did Stratos actually try to kill you?
Don't ask questions.
He almost caught me at the inn just noww.
I nearly fainted.
Are you sure he didn't see you?
No. No. I'm sure he didn't.
All right.
Please tell me wwhat happened.
I don't wwant you to become involved.
You've got to go to the police.
If he finds you, he might try it again.
W ell, look, that's my affair.
Noww... nowwwwhat you've gotta do, uh...
is... is clear out of Aghios Georgios.
You see? You take the afternoon bus...
wwith your aunt to Aghios Nikolaos.
Do you understand? Noww put that dowwn... put that dowwn.
But wwhy us?
You're the one wwho's in trouble.
If he kneww you've been helping me...
he might take a potshot at you.
Mark, wwhatever is going on?
You've got to get out of here.
W ell, I'm not gonna leave you here like this.
You need help.
You've given me all the help I need.
Just stop ordering me about!
Up the steps. March!
- Hurry up. Come on. - Mark!
W ill you please be reasonable?
You look wwretched and wwhite.
You'll only faint in the sun or fall off a cliff.
I'm perfectly OK, Nikky.
Thank you for everything you've done.
See you at Aunt Agatha's next Tuesday.
You deserve to die a horrible, lingering death...
and I hope you do!
MARK: Beat it!
(Dramatic music playing)
Ah, Miss Ferris.
Your aunt has been wworried about you.
Oh, I'm on my wway back to the inn noww.
W here have you been all morning?
Looking for rocks. I collect rocks.
You carry them in that?
If I happen to find a lot. Rocks can be very heavy.
Howw many did you find this morning?
Not many.
In fact, none.
W ell, I mustn't be late for lunch, must I?
W ho needed this, Miss Ferris?
W ell...
As a matter of fact...
I wwasn't actually looking for rocks.
W ell, that is, I wwas at first.
But then I wwent up there into the hills...
and I came across this shepherd...
wwho'd broken his leg.
He'd slipped and broken his leg.
Oh, the poor man wwas lying out there wwith nothing...
so of coursse I had to do something.
Up... up in the hills?
Uh-huh. Uh, look.
Up there.
He wwas awfully grateful.
He wwas an awfully nice shepherd...
very old...
W ell, you showw me wwhere you left him.
I wwill make arrangements...
to have him carried back to the village.
Oh, he could wwalk. He wwalked awway.
He's quite all right noww.
He wwalked? W ith a broken leg?
W ell, good-bye.
Mr. Stratos, uh...
really, he's all right.
Perhaps it wwasn't completely broken.
I think wwe should make sure, don't you?
No. He's gone home wwith his sheep.
W hen a shepherd breaks his leg...
he alwways goes into this church to pray.
It's an old tradition in Aghios Georgios.
Mr. Stratos, I promise you.
He wwent over the mountains to...
You are a very bad liar!
You're also a very stupid girl.
You've come to see the beauties of Crete?
Let me showw you one.
Let me go! Leave me alone!
Let me go!
You see? There's no one here.
Mark! Mark, look out!
Howw much did he tell you, huh?
Answwer me.
Howw much do you know? w?
(Donkey braying)
Did you see her?
W ell, she wwas not on the beach.
She must have gone up into the hills.
It's a beautiful day.
It's so unlike her not to have let me knoww.
I'm, uh, going shooting in those hills wwith Lambis.
If wwe see her there, wwe'll tell her...
that you wwere wworried.
Oh, I don't mind...
so long as she's all right.
Hey, bon appetit, Mrs. Ferris.
Tonight, if wwe are lucky...
you wwill have quail for dinner.
It is a local dish...
stuffed wwith mushrooms and thyme.
Extremely tasty.
It sounds delicious.
So? These are guns.
You've seen guns before. I'm going shooting.
Something has happened.
Did you tell me the truth this morning?
The truth?
About Mr. Camford.
I must knoww.
I must knoww wwhat is going on.
You knoww wwhat I tell you.
That is enough.
No, it's not enough.
You tell me Mr. Camford left...
wwith the early bus. W hy? W hy?
W hy should I know? w? He's a visitor.
He comes and goes as he chooses.
I did not hear him leave.
W hy should you hear?
He left quietly so as not to disturb anyone.
And noww these guns.
I don't understand.
I'm afraid.
Please, Stratos, wwhatever happened...
tell me the truth.
Mr. Camford wwent to Heraklion.
Miss Ferris lost her wway.
I am going to shoot quail.
W hat is the matter wwith you?
Someone must have taken these things.
Yes, the children in the village...
the devil himself. W hat do I care?
(Dramatic music playing)
I think after lunch...
I'll wwalk along the beach and look for her.
I suppose you didn't find out anything...
about my things.
(Breathing heavily)
STRATOS: I'll watch the bay. You take the high country.
Search. Find him.
This time, when you shoot, shoot to kill.
(Recorder playing)
(W hispering) Alexis!
(Stops playing)
Over here!
For crying out loud!
W hat are you doing up here?
They said you'd gone to Heraklion.
Listen, Alexis...
are you my friend?
Nay, nay, but wwhat are you doing up here?
Can you keep a secret?
Go back to the inn and see if Nikky and her aunt...
have caught the afternoon bus to Aghios Nikolaos.
I wwant to be sure they've caught that bus...
you understand?
But wwhat's up?
You and uncle Stratos make pretty big stink, eh?
You bring me newws about Nikky.
Quick, like a mouse.
Then you're still my friend?
I think pretty lousy thing...
wwhen you go and no good-bye.
Of course wwe're friends... the best.
Noww off you go.
I bring you wword.
(Sheep bleating)
(Bells jingling)
ALEXIS: Did somebody scream?
It's Nikky!
For crying out loud, wwhat you doing in there?
Get me out of here, Alexis!
I'll get Mr. Camford! W e get you out all right!
Has my niece come back?
- No. - Then it's true.
She must've had an accident.
Perhaps she wwent wwalking in the hills.
She's been gone all day!
(Speaking Greek)
Don't you understand?
Anything may have happened.
She may be lying out there somewwhere hurt.
Did you find her?
She has not returned?
I'm terribly wworried.
I wwant you please to call the police at once.
The police?
My niece may be lost, kidnapped, anything.
Calm dowwn. Calm dowwn, Mrs. Ferris.
W e wwill look for her.
The best thing for you to do is go upstairs...
and get some rest.
Rest? I can't rest!
I've wwalked up and dowwn that beach...
until I thought I'd go mad.
Just a minute.
(Speaking Greek)
There. You see?
W e wwill search for her...
all of us.
Along the shore, in the hills.
I am quite sure...
that wwe wwill find her before long.
Thank you.
I wwill go get my coat.
I'm going back along the beach...
to look for her.
If she's found...
please send someone after me.
I wwant to knoww wwhere that girl is...
and I wwant to knoww noww.
Howw should I knoww wwhere she is?
I'm not her nurse.
I wwarn you, Stratos.
I wwill stand no more from you.
No more threats, no more lies.
After tomorroww night...
you'll never see me again.
If you have harmed that girl or Mr. Camford...
I wwon't rest until you have paid for it.
W e've been poor people, simple people...
but wwe have been decent.
I wwant my son to groww up decent.
Howw long wwould your decency have kept you
if I hadn't sent you money from England...
all these years?
Enough to buy this house...
enough to start this inn.
Better to have nothing...
better to starve and have some self-respect.
It wwas my money, not your self-respect...
that kept you and your brat...
and the wwhole family 15 years.
You send us money you wworked for honestly?
W hat do you knoww about me?
W hat I've wworked for, planned for, fought for?
Tell me wwhere she is, Stratos.
In God's name, tell me.
Get out of my wway, Sophia.
Either you tell me, or I'll go to the priest.
I'll tell the wwhole village.
I'll tell them that my brother Stratos...
is a criminal.
No, you wwon't, Sophia. You wwon't say a wword.
You knowwwwhy?
You love your son.
You wwouldn't wwant anything to happen to him, wwould you?
Even you... wwould not do that.
Oh, yes, Sophia.
Even I wwould do just that.
Noww get out of the wway.
(Dramatic music playing)
Door locked!
Never been locked before.
All right, all right!
That looks like the only wway in.
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