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Moon Spinners CD2

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That looks like the only wway in.
MARK: What are you doing?
It's game wwe play.
Be careful!
I do many times.
I best on Aghios Georgios.
(Speaking Greek)
I get too old to play this lousy game.
Is she all right?
Nikky all right!
How'd you get in here?
Quickly. Please, quickly...
before that horrible man gets back.
W hat man?
Stratos... he's coming back. Hurry!
Don't wworry. W e get you free.
Break, wwill you?
(Speaking Greek)
Uhh. Oh.
Oh, Alexis.
No time make love.
You get out. Quick.
Not to steps. This wway. Quick!
I can't look dowwn.
I can't! I can't do it!
Listen to me.
You not fall if you don't be stupid girl.
W atch me. I showw you howw.
You OK?
V ery good showw.
Come on.
She too much afraid.
I don't knoww.
Don't look dowwn!
W atch the sails!
Jump wwhen the next one reaches you!
I wwatch for Uncle Stratos.
Stay there.
I'm coming up.
Mark, stay there! I'll jump!
Slide noww!
That's it.
Come on, you're all right.
Go! No time make love!
Noww Uncle Stratos coming!
Take her other hand, Alexis.
No. I go back to village.
You must come wwith us. If your uncle finds out...
He wwon't find me. I hide so good...
even devil don't find me. Go!
W e'll be in Aghios Nikolaos.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Unlocks door)
Oh, come on.
Just let me rest a minute.
Not here!
Just let me get my breath.
You're right out in the open.
Aunt Fran wwill be looking for me.
She'll be hysterical.
You'll be safe in Aghios Nikolaos...
and that's wwhere you're going.
Don't you tell me wwhere I'm going!
I've been through enough today because of you.
I wwant my aunt, and I wwant the police...
and I wwant that monster Stratos arrested!
This is no time to start making a scene.
You're coming wwith me.
Oh! Oh, Mark, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
All right, you've had your say.
Nowwwwill you come wwith me?
I'm sorry. Honestly, I didn't...
It's all right. It's all right.
I knoww, I knoww...
but wwe can't stay here.
All right?
Noww come on.
Mark, at least you could tell me wwhy...
Stratos tried to kill you.
W hy is he trying to kill me?
I'll tell you later.
You keep saying you'll tell me later.
I've been shut up in that horrible wwindmill...
almost murdered...
and noww wwe're running awway.
W ell, I don't knowwwwhere
or wwhy or wwhat's happening or anything.
If you wwaste any more time jabbering...
you wwon't live long enough to find out.
Oh, I'm going back!
Listen! Don't you understand?
Stratos is a desperate man.
He's got everything at stake.
Noww, you've stumbled into this mess...
and I'm doing my best to get you out of it.
W ell, l...
I don't see wwhy...
I should go running all over Crete wwith you.
I don't even knoww wwho you are!
I'm a master criminal wwanted all over Europe.
V ery funny.
I wwill tell you in Aghios Nikolaos.
One thing I do knoww...
your manners are as bad as Stratos'.
V ery wwell, Miss Ferris.
Stay here. Call a policeman.
I'm sure he'll offer you better protection than I can.
(Dramatic music playing)
Turn around!
Mark, wwait!
I think I've killed him.
No, he's all... he's all right.
He's, uh, he's all right.
He's just out cold.
But I heard his head crack.
Yeah. Good one, Nikky.
Oh, Mark.
Ooh. Aah.
Your shoulder... it's bleeding again.
Do you...
do you think you can possibly go on alone?
No! Don't be silly!
W e must stay together.
I honestly don't...
I honestly don't think I can make it.
Yes, of course you can.
Come on.
W e must go.
I'll take that.
Unh. W e'll find somewwhere along the wway...
and then you can rest, all right?
(Dramatic music playing)
W hat is this place?
The temple of Apollo.
The locals say it's haunted.
W ell, wwe can rest here.
Over there.
Mark, it is creepy.
That's all the better. W e can hide and rest.
(Cats yowwl)
It's all right. It's only cats.
That's the most bloodcurdling sound.
Cats are bad luck on Crete.
(Yowwling, hissing)
W onder wwho she is.
The young lady that ran back to Stratos...
and lost her head.
I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
No, no, no.
I think in vieww of all the trouble you've caused...
it's about time I told you the wwhole story.
No, not noww. Tell me tomorroww.
I wwant to tell you noww.
wwell, it's...
have you ever heard of the Countess of Fleet?
W asn't she the wwoman...
wwho lost those fabulous jewwels in a robbery?
Some man wwho wworked in the bank...
wwas accused... he wwas accused...
Yes, that wwas me.
Mark, did you steal...
No, of course I didn't.
W ho did?
Stratos, I think.
Howw... howw on earth did you get mixed up in that?
Oh, it's all so...
the Countess kept all her jewwels at the bank...
wwhere I occupied...
wwhat is knowwn as a position of trust.
Sometimes, she'd ask me to bring them to her...
wwhen she wwanted to wwear them.
W ell, on this particular occasion...
instead of wwaiting for the guard...
you knoww, the security man...
I took the jewwels from the safe...
and jumped into a taxi...
and took them straight around to Fleet House.
W hat happened?
W ell, one moment...
I wwas standing on the doorstep wwith the jewwels...
the next moment, I came to wwithout the jewwels...
and a lump the size of a golf ball...
on the back of my head.
I never got a chance to see his face.
I wwas hit from behind.
Oh, I see.
Howw awful.
Oh, howw awful.
But wwhy didn't you take the guard wwith you?
I wwas in a rush that night.
W hy?
Oh, it's...
oh, the most idiotic of all reasons.
I had a date.
but howw did Stratos knoww you wwere coming?
W ell, that's wwhat everybody wwanted to knoww...
the police, the bank, the papers...
even my doting family.
I think one of the Fleet servants tipped him off.
But I suppose they thought you did.
I wwas dismissed, disbarred, and generally disgraced.
Oh, Mark, howw dreadful for you...
and howw unfair.
Oh, yes. W ell...
(Dramatic music playing)
W e'd better find somewwhere wwith some more cover.
But howw on earth did you trace Stratos here?
W ell, a fence wwas arrested in London.
Just a routine affair.
The police found one of the Fleet earrings...
among his loot.
Noww, this man lived over a Greek restaurant...
in Soho called the Moon-Spinners.
The Moon-Spinners?
Noww, wwait a minute.
By hanging around, I discovered that the owwner...
had lately sold off and vanished.
He wwas a Cretan, a man called Stratos.
That wwas a pretty long shot, wwasn't it?
W ell, it paid off.
I found Aghios Georgios...
another inn called the Moon-Spinners...
and another Cretan called Stratos.
But you don't even knoww if he's got the jewwels, do you?
W ell, I'm pretty certain after last night...
aren't you?
He might've left them in London.
Not a chance.
At the inn?
W arm.
The church.
W armer.
I knoww! The Bay of Dolphins!
That's wwhy he wwas so determined...
you wweren't to go there!
It's got to be. It's the only place.
You mean he's buried them in the sea?
W ell, he's alwways out there scouting around in his boat.
Mark, if you're sure, wwhy don't you...
- Call the police? - Yes!
Because I have no proof, no proof of anything!
No wway of connecting him wwith the robbery at all...
except that he tried to kill me last night.
And I suppose he locked you up in the wwindmill...
because he thought I might've told you...
the wwhole story.
W as she pretty?
W ho?
The girl you had a date wwith.
The girl...
The girl that night.
Oh, her.
I don't remember.
That bloww on the head...
must've knocked her clean out of my mind.
You believe me, don't you?
About the girl?
No. About me.
I'll tell you in Aghios Nikolaos.
Noww, try to sleep.
I'll get the gun.
(Dramatic music playing)
Here, you can use my shoulder if you like.
I think it's a bit more comfortable...
than the ruins of ancient Crete.
It's the most comfortable shoulder...
I've ever slept on.
(Cats yowwl)
(Yowwling, hissing)
(Yowwling, hissing)
(Yowwling and hissing echoing)
It's all right.
(Yowwling and hissing)
W ell, wwell, wwell. W hat have wwe here?
Hansel and Gretel?
W ho are you?
N-noww, don't wwave that firearm at me...
young lady.
I'm the British Consul at Heraklion.
Good morning.
May I ask...
wwhat you're doing out here?
You're hikers, I suppose.
No. W ell, not exactly.
Yes, but wwhy the rifle? Are you in trouble?
Yes, wwe are.
There's this terrible man... this criminal.
Actually... actually, there wwas, um...
a wwedding at the village, and, uh...
uh, some of the locals got a bit drunk...
and, uh, started a fight.
But, Mark...
Things began to look dangerous...
so wwe thought wwe'd better clear out.
V ery wwise, but wwhat are you going to do?
I mean to say you're miles from anywhere.
I wwanted to get Miss Ferris to Aghios Nikolaos.
W ell, wwhy don't I drive you?
I've got my summer villa there.
Oh, that wwould be wwonderful. Mark, that's lucky.
My name's Anthony Charles Scott Gamble.
It's alwways a pleasure...
to help her majesty's subjects in distress.
Howw do you do?
wwhy don't you go along wwith Mr. Gamble...
and I'll see if I can...
get in touch wwith your aunt?
I'm not going wwith anyone...
and you've got to get a doctor...
- to see to your shoulder. - Shh.
He wwas shot in the shoulder.
My goodness.
Yes, you have been having adventures.
W ell, it so happens...
my wwife's a qualified nurse.
She'll be happy to attend to you.
Oh, that's marvelous!
Please, Mark. Otherwise, I wwon't go.
All right.
Mr. Gamble?
W hat are you doing out here...
so early in the morning?
W ell, I'm an amateur archaeologist.
I often come out here to putter among the ruins.
I have a nose for making singular discoveries.
W hat?
W hy don't you tell him about Stratos?
But he's the Consul.
Not yet.
Don't you think wwe might dispense wwith the rifle?
Guns before breakfast are so uncivilized...
don't you think?
(Light music playing)
Come on in and make yourselves at home.
My wwife should be around somewwhere.
W heww. Hot out there.
Cynthia... oh.
My dear, I came across two compatriots...
dowwn at the ruins.
Miss Ferris and, uh, mister...
Camford. Mr. Camford.
Howw do you do?
They ran into some trouble wwith the natives.
Mr. Camford's hurt his shoulder.
Oh, my dear, howw dreadful.
You both look wworn out.
I hope wwe can take care of them...
until their affairs are set in order.
Yes, of course. I'd be delighted.
If I could look at your shoulder...
perhaps I can be of help.
- Oh... - Oh, wwell...
It's all right.
You need have no fear...
at handing yourself over to cynthia.
She wwas knowwn as the Angel of Eastbourne...
during the wwar.
Oh, Tony, don't be absurd.
W ould you like to go along up?
Thank you very much.
I'll send the car...
to Aghios Georgios for your aunt.
I'll see you later.
W hy are you still here?
I told you to go home.
W here did you find them?
Peacefully sleeping at the ruins.
A fine mess you've made of things.
If you'd had your wway...
this entire enterprise wwould have ended...
wwith bodies strewwn all over the island...
like the last act of King Lear.
W as it my fault...
he turned up at Aghios Georgios?
I did everything I could to get rid of him.
As for that girl and her aunt...
Did you seriously imagine...
you could dispose of two british subjects...
as though they wwere sacks of potatoes...
wwithout anybody starting an inquiry?
You've endangered us all by your senseless bungling.
Noww that you've got them here...
wwhat are you going to do wwith them?
I shall take care of them wwith efficiency and dispatch...
two qualities wwhich you seem to be sadly lacking.
You listen to me, you chattering old maid.
I wwant to knoww wwhat you're going to do.
It's not your concern anymore.
Go back to your village and concentrate on carrying out...
your part of the bargain tonight.
If it hadn't been for your grotesque addiction...
to astrology...
I could have handled the wwhole deal from here...
wwithout involving anyone else.
My chart has not lied.
From the beginning, it has not lied.
You sit here reading your letters...
making contacts...
collecting your fat commissions.
I did the wwhole thing...
from the beginning, I alone.
It wwas your chart, I suppose...
that produced Madame Habib.
W ell, you just remember this...
if either of those two get awway...
it means the finish of you...
and your wwhole cozy setup.
You'll be sorry you did not stay at home...
and stick to your knitting.
I don't knit.
It so happens I do extremely fine petit point.
(Speaking Greek)
Not that wway.
Through the garden.
(Knock on door)
(Mouth full) Mmm. Come in.
Hello. Are you feeling better?
(Mouth full) Mmm.
Are you enjoying your breakfast?
I never thought raspberry jam could taste so good.
W ell, I brought you something fresh to put on...
until your aunt arrives wwith your things.
NIKKY: Oh, thank you.
My dear, I wwanted to talk to you.
I'm wworried about Mr. Camford.
Oh, wwhy? W hat happened?
W ell, I've given him penicillin...
but he really needs professional care.
Howw bad is he?
I don't wwant to alarm you, my dear...
but I think his arm may become infected.
I don't knoww if I caught it in time.
Oh, no.
Howw awful. W e must get him to a hospital.
W ell, there is a wwonderful British hospital...
in Athens.
Athens? But could wwe get him there in time?
I mean, if his arm's really bad, it might...
Noww, don't let's anticipate disaster.
W hy don't I talk to Anthony?
He's so wwise...
and he has such influence wwith the local authorities.
W ell, if you think so.
But l...
Oh, you poor dear.
You have had the most dreadful time.
But don't wworry.
Anthony wwill take charge.
Anthony alwways takes charge.
You can trust him completely.
Noww, you're not to wworry about a thing.
Everything wwill be all right.
Can I go and see Mark noww, then?
Oh, I wwouldn't if I wwere you.
He's sleeping.
Are you, by any chance, related to Lady Ferris...
of Pentwithwwith Castle?
Not that I knoww of.
Such a dear person.
Her daughter married a second cousin of mine.
Reginald Busby-Pelham.
I'm so frightfully out of touch...
wwith everyone here.
There isn't even an English club.
Tch. Ohh.
(Door closes)
Reginald Busby-Pelham?
Of Pentwithwwithwwith... wwith.
Oh, crikey.
Ah, there you are, my dear.
How's Mr. Camford?
I just looked in. He's still sleeping.
Oh, dear. Poor chap.
Oh, wwhat a beautiful yacht.
Yes, isn't it?
Um, shall wwe go in?
Lunch ought to be ready by noww.
Noww, this wway.
I'm sure it wwas a wwise decision to go to Athens.
I've arranged for a plane to pick you up at Heraklia.
Mr. Camford should be safe in the British hospital...
in not more than three hours.
Oh, that is a relief.
I'll wwire them to reserve a room.
There wwe are.
Unfortunately, you've chosen...
the wworst day of the wwhole year...
to leave here.
Tonight is the feast of King Minos...
our local carnival...
and the wwhole place goes mad.
So the sooner you leave for the airport...
the better.
Howw can I ever thank you and your wwife enough?
W ell, it wwas a stroke of luck...
that Cynthia wwas able to look Mr. Camford over.
You can alwways trust Cynthia completely.
Hello, my dear. W e just sat dowwn.
(Slurring) I'm sorry to be late.
I wwas finishing a letter to Maud Devises.
Do you knoww Maud Devises?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
She's the daughter of the Earl of Leigh.
W e're old, old friends.
W ould you...
wwould you care for some bread?
It's so close.
There's thunder in the air.
W ell, take a pill, dear, and go to bed.
I wwish I could go to Athens.
Anything to get awway from here.
The Acropolis is really quite pretty by moonlight.
I'm afraid my wwife fails to respond...
to the glories of classic art.
I'm tired of classic art.
All those broken columns...
and statues wwithout arms and legs.
Oh, Greece isn't so bad.
Think of Blackpool in November.
One can't make friends wwith people here.
Even those shipping magnates... wwho are they?
For all their yachts and their villas...
nouveau riche.
Take Madame Habib.
Imagine a wwoman like that being received.
A scrubwwoman's daughter from Alexandria.
That's wwhat she wwas.
Married five or six times.
Cynthia, I hardly think...
Sailing around the wworld in that enormous yacht...
entertaining royalty.
W ho's Madame Habib?
C YNTHIA: Why, she's the woman that...
(Clears throat)
Eat your curried eggs, dear.
I'm tired of curried eggs.
Maud Devises wwouldn't have allowwed her...
inside the house.
Neither wwould Lady Ferris...
or Millicent Coateswworth.
Maud Devises is a galloping old bore.
Don't speak of my friends like that.
My friends mean everything to me.
That's wwhat comes of living in an outpost.
It ruins your manners.
I think I should go up to my room.
I did ask you, didn't I?
You don't come from Pentwithwwith?
No, I don't.
I should like some sherry sent up to my room.
(Clears throat)
I think I shall lie dowwn.
Take her up a cup of cocoa, wwould you, please?
(W hispering) Mark.
Oh, hello.
(W hispering) Howw are you feeling?
(Grunts) Peculiar.
Must be the color of these pajamas.
Howw are you?
All right.
How's your shoulder? Does it still hurt?
No, not much.
Lady Cynthia gave me a couple of shots.
W ell, I hope she knowws wwhat she's doing.
She tipples.
I thought as much.
Oh, and there wwas a scene at lunch.
W hat about?
Oh, howw awful everyone is in Greece.
Simply too unrefined...
especially some wwoman wwho has a yacht...
called Madame Habib. Too ghastly.
W ho?
Madame Habib. Too ghastly.
Married five or six times.
Nobody who is anybody...
would even have her inside the house.
Madame Habib?
Mm. Her yacht's in harbor.
The Minotaur? Are you sure?
Mark, lie dowwn.
Is she here?
Oh, I don't knoww. I asked...
Madame Habib? That wwould explain everything.
W hat wwould?
W hy he wwas so desperate to get rid of us.
W hy he's been hiding in Aghios Georgios.
W hat he's been wwaiting for.
The deal. The big deal.
I must get out of this house.
You're not going anywhere.
Noww, Mark, just lie still.
I've got to go back to the village.
You're doing no such thing.
You're coming wwith us to Athens...
because Mr. Gamble has already ordered the plane.
W ell, he can unorder it.
I can't let Stratos slip through my fingers noww.
Mark, please, be sensible.
Help me, Nikky. I've got to get dressed.
Just tell me wwhy this wwoman...
is suddenly so important to you.
She's a multi-millionairess...
of doubtful repute...
wwith one of the finest collections of jewwels...
in the wworld.
So wwhat?
She'd be the perfect customer, don't you see?
Stratos can't sell the Fleet emeralds...
on the open Market. They're too wwell knowwn.
I don't knowwwwhat the Angel of Eastbourne gave me.
I feel half-crocked.
Noww, look...
if you lie dowwn...
and promise not to move...
I'll go and see if that yacht...
really is the Minotaur...
because there's a telescope on the terrace. All right?
I'll be right back.
And don't move.
(Dramatic music playing)
If you're interested in the sights, Miss Ferris...
you ought to look at the Fort.
Noww, wwhere are wwe?
There it is.
It's a famous V enetian Fort.
The heads of malefactors wwere stuck on spikes...
over the gate...
and left there to blister in the sun.
Oh, howw awful.
(Both chuckle)
W ell, um, if you'll excuse me...
I'm just going to...
Yes, of course.
Oh, auntie!
I don't think I've ever been so furious...
wwith anyone in my wwhole life.
Oh, hello.
I've given the driver full instructions.
You've been wwonderful.
I don't knoww howw to ever thank you.
It's my job.
As your passport has it...
"To afford Her Majesty's subjects...
"every help and protection."
Oh! Do be careful.
Oh, he's unconscious.
Do you think wwe'll get there in time?
Poor boy.
Everything wwill be all right.
Just try to keep calm.
NIKKY: It's a hearsse!
Howw very bizarre.
I don't think that's very funny.
W ell, it wwasn't intended to be, my dear.
It so happens it's the only available vehicle...
in wwhich anybody can stretch out flat.
As long as it gets us to the airport...
that's all that matters.
Yes, wwell, I think I'm going to get in the back wwith Mark.
Thank you so much, Mr. Gamble. Good-bye.
Good-bye. Have a good journey.
Thank you.
Noww, you wwill do all you possibly can...
to see that that horror Stratos is arrested?
Yes, of course. Absolutely.
W e'll be happy to testify.
W ell, uh... I sincerely hope that wwon't be necessary.
(Speaking Greek)
And happy landings in Athens.
(Firewworks wwhistling)
(Marching band playing)
(Driver shouting in Greek)
(Crowwd wwhooping)
Please, quiet!
W e must get off this street.
(Speaking Greek)
Go dowwn there. Oh!
(Shouting and firewworks)
It's all right. Just lie still.
I don't knowwwwhat Lady Cynthia wwas up to...
but I'm convinced she's drugged me to the gills.
W hat?
I found some tablets in Gamble's bathroom.
I feel quite astonishingly wwide awwake.
W hat... you're insane! Mr. Gamble's the British Consul.
I don't knoww wwhat the devil he is.
There's something fishy about them both.
Noww, you get on that plane and go to Athens.
Do you hear me?
If you try to get out of this hearse...
I'll do something desperate.
I've got to get back to the inn.
I've the strongest possible hunch...
that tonight's the night.
Stratos wwill kill you.
And if he doesn't, I wwill.
Noww, lie dowwn!
Don't you get rough wwith me.
I'm an invalid.
Mark, you're not going wwithout me.
You'll only get into some awful scrape...
and I wwon't be there to help you.
Dear Nikky...
you've gone through quite enough for me.
I just don't wwant you to get hurt.
Take care.
W ill you explain to them?
W e have a sick man wwho must go to hospital!
(Speaking Greek)
(Honking horn)
Hoo hoo ha ha ho!
(Marching band playing)
Mark, stop!
(Dramatic music playing)
NIKKY: stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop the boat, wwill you?
I wwant to get on!
Stop it!
W ill you stop?
I wwant to get on! It's very important!
(Speaking Greek)
(Knock on door)
(Leopard growwling)
Madame, there's a young wwoman...
in a motorboat alongside.
She's signaling to come aboard.
W hat sort of a young wwoman?
CAPTAIN: A young woman.
I don't recall any mention of a young wwoman...
in the arrangements.
Bring her on board, and wwe'll see.
Yes, madame.
Thank you.
(Leopard growwling)
What are you doing...
out in the middle of nowwhere followwing my yacht?
Are you Madame Habib?
Yes, I am.
And wwho, may I ask, are you?
I'm Nikky Ferris. Please, I must talk to you.
It's terribly important.
W hat do you have to say to me?
I never heard of you in my life.
You're dripping all over my carpet.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't think because you have managed to get on board...
that I'm going to give you money.
Oh, I don't wwant any money.
Really, I don't.
W hat do you wwant?
Hurry. You are holding up my ship.
Are you going to Aghios Georgios...
to buy those emeralds?
W hat did you say?
The emeralds that were stolen...
from Lady what's-her-name in London.
She kept them at the bank.
And Mark wwas asked to take them to her...
and he wwas held up.
And he never saww the man's face.
It wwas a terrible scandal...
and Mark had lost his job and wwas disgraced...
and he wwas in...
Thank you.
Noww please explain, wwhat emeralds?
Please, may I sit dowwn?
Aunt Frances and I wwere on a holiday...
and wwe wwent to Aghios Georgios...
to record some songs for the BBC.
And Mark wwas there. There wwas a wwedding...
and the next day I found him in the crypt.
He'd been attacked by Stratos.
He's the man wwith the emeralds.
- So I helped him. - W ho?
Mark. I had to.
But then Stratos found out...
shut me in the wwindmill. He wwas gonna kill me...
I think, but Mark and Alexis got me out.
W ho is Alexis?
He's a boy from the village.
He's got a donkey.
Oh, I see.
W hat happened then?
W ell, then... wwe ran awway...
and spent the night in these ruins.
Oh, there wwere so many cats.
And then Mark told me wwho he is.
W ho is he?
He's the man wwho wwas held up.
Not the man wwhose face he didn't see.
W hose face did you see?
But he's in... in...
I think I need a drink.
Oh, I knoww it all must sound...
absolutely crazy to you...
but I'm so afraid that Stratos wwill kill him.
And noww Mark's gone back to try and stop him.
Please help me.
Please, Madame Habib.
Stratos wwill stop at nothing.
And Mark is sick and wweak...
because he was shot in the...
W ho else knowws about these emeralds?
Uh, my... my Aunt Frances.
W ell, I had to tell her.
And wwhere is she?
W ell, she's in a hearse at the airport.
W hat is it?
It may clear your brain.
Oh, my brain's perfectly clear.
It's just I'm so cold.
That wwill wwarm you.
Tell me, do you often...
have adventures of this kind?
(Sighs) Never.
This is the first one I've ever had in my life.
Something tells me...
it is not likely to be the last.
So, your aunt knowws...
and she is in a hearse at the airport.
Dead or alive?
Oh, alive. At least, I hope so.
Anyone else?
Um, wwell, Sophia knowws.
And Lambis, I suppose.
And I wwanted to tell Mr. Consul...
the British Gamble...
Mr. Gamble, the British Consul.
Mr. Gamble, the Consul?
Yes. Do you knoww him?
W hen I kneww Mr. Gamble, he wwas not the Consul.
He wwas a dealer in antiquities.
And you knowwwwhat you are? You are an imposter!
You are the girl...
from that English children's book...
wwho wwalked through the glass...
into a wworld full of crazy people.
And do you knowwwwho I am? I am the March Hare.
(Knock on door)
Madame, may wwe get underway?
At once.
So, wwhat is it precisely you wwant me to do?
Don't buy the emeralds.
Please! Give them to Mark...
and then he'll take them back to the bank...
and then he'll get his job back...
and everyone wwill knoww that he's in...
I have knowwn many strange people...
in my life...
but you are the most incredible.
(Dramatic music playing)
(Engine starts)
(Dramatic music playing)
(Speaking Greek)
For crying loud out.
Hey, my Uncle Stratos kill Mr. Camford.
W hat?
(Speaking Greek)
W e go noww to the Bay of Dolphins. Quick!
W here's Nikky?
Don't knoww. No time noww.
Alexis, wwait. She's wwith him.
She's wwith Mr. Camford.
Come, then. Boats go noww. Quick!
(Shouting in Greek)
You are lucky I don't throww you overboard...
for the sharks!
Ohh. W hat wwas it you gave me to drink?
I feel all sort of far off and lofty.
You knoww, sort of rather lofty-softy.
(Knock on door) Come!
W e've dropped anchor, Madame...
off the Bay of Dolphins.
Is there anyone?
CAPTAIN: He's coming aboard.
Come here.
No, wwait a minute. Maybe you'll like this one better.
"It wwas the schooner Hesperus
"that sailed the wwintry sea...
uh..."and the skipper wwould take this little daughter..."
In there!
And don't make a sound!
Above all, don't sneeze.
But wwhat are you going to do to me?
I have not decided.
You knoww something? You're rather a dear little thing.
I mean it!
(Knock on door)
Be quiet, Charlemagne.
Come here.
Are you the man from Mr. Gamble?
I am.
Have you brought his jewwels?
W ell?
Show them to me.
STRATOS: You have the money?
I must see the jewels firsst.
(Gasps) Oh!
These are the emeralds...
Orlov brought to Catherine the Great...
from the Crimea.
Part of the Turkish ransom.
MADAME HABIB: What magnificence.
Quick, I wwant the money noww.
W ait.
No. I wwant the money noww.
I wwant to get off this ship.
MADAME HABIB: Will you come with me?
It's in my stateroom safe.
No. I want the money here... now.
You don't even realize wwhat you're holding, do you?
A thousand years of passion, pride, and blood...
crystallized into those perfect stones.
V ery wwell.
(Leopard growwls)
(Loud hiccup)
(Dramatic music playing)
(Speaking Greek)
W hat are you doing here?
(Speaking Greek)
Let me go!
(Leopard growwls)
Let him go!
Let him go!
Nikky, keep awway!
Stop! Stop this fight!
You'll smash everything.
Captain. Captain! Stop them!
Oh, Captain! Captain!
Stop them!
Stop. Stop!
There. There is your man.
Not the young one, you fool!
The other one.
You're under arrest.
The police are insisting that wwe turn back to Heraklion.
You must do as they say, of course.
But, Madame...
You should knoww by noww I alwways cooperate...
wwith the police.
Nobody is to leave this ship.
They cannot have lied.
The stars cannot lie.
Everybody lies wwhen it serves their purpose...
even the stars.
(Officer speaking Greek)
I lived through two wwars, four revolutions...
and five marriages...
but nothing... nothing like this.
I thought I told you to go back to Athens.
Yeah. (Hiccups)
Of all the pig-headed, persistent pests...
Nikky, you dreadful girl!
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Don't you ever, ever, ever...
Madame Habib, this is my Aunt Frances.
W ell, since this seems to have...
turned into a family reunion...
wwe might as wwell make the best of it.
I wwill have dinner served on the rear deck.
I'm so upset... I shall have mine in bed.
I'm sorry to inconvenience you...
but don't you think the Countess of Fleet...
wwould like her pendant?
You and I have not even been introduced.
You didn't think I wwas going to keep it, did you?
The Countess happens to be one of my oldest...
and dearest friends.
Thank you.
MADAME HABIB: Charlemagne!
Nikky! Nikky!
W ill someone please...
Oh, Alexis!
W ill someone please tell me wwhat's happening?
(Dramatic music playing)
Good-bye, Alexis!
Thanks for everything!
You come back to Aghios Georgios.
W e make good hotel noww.
W e'll come back soon, Alexis. Good-bye.
Good-bye. W e'll be back.
You come back.
W e have nice big wwedding, maybe.
Maybe. Ha ha ha.
- Good-bye. - Good-bye, Alexis.
- Be careful. - Bye-bye.
Good-bye, Alexis.
- Good-bye. - Bye.
(Dramatic music playing)
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