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Subtitles for Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD2.

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Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD2

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Alexandra! Time to get up!
- When will you be back? - I'm working late today.
- May I invite my girlfriends over? - And your boyfriends too.
I know. The meat's in the freezer.
There's canned soup in the closet, and applesauce for dessert.
- I'll wash the dishes. - Good girl. Goodbye.
Smoking again before breakfast?
I told you not to do that. Sit down and eat.
Take some bread. Don't rush.
Liuda, I promise you, it's the last time.
I'll pay you back when I receive my check. Please, another 5 rubles...
Do you want me to wipe your nose too?
You don't believe me? I can show you my bank book.
Where do you expect me to get money? It doesn't grow on trees.
D'you think I like coming here? It's because of my condition.
Your condition is called hangover.
It's no problem for me to give up drinking!
I've been invited to be a coach next year.
I'm going to be late, get out!
You're a bitch! What about everything I bought you, have you forgotten?
You drank up everything you bought!
It was my money, I had the right to drink!
I don't want to see you again!
We were divorced seven years ago!
Couldn't you just lend me two or three rubles?
I really need it!
There! Take whatever I have. I'm leaving me just 10 kopecks for bus.
You're an angel, Liuda. I swear, I'll pay you back!
There's still a stain, look!
Some stains don't come out. That'll teach you to be neater.
- There you are. - Thank you.
You have a ticket?
Your package...
- Ticket please? - It's a suit.
How interesting.
You've got it? Is it clean?
I've just chosen the most stunning pair of shoes.
I want you to see them.
Do us a favor and wrap it up once more.
I'm sorry, but there's a paper shortage in the country.
Why is it that generals always have the same kind of wife?
I would have made a perfect general's wife!
For that you would have to marry a lieutenant first
and for years move with him from one small town to another.
In life, there's such a thing as luck, you know.
That's why I buy a lottery ticket every week.
You win yet?
Sure I did. I won a ruble twice.
It's the categorical imperative. It was Kant who thought of it.
Mankind should work for the maximum...
- That's Gourin. - Where?
There must be a certificate that goes with it.
How you doing? Want a drink?
- Want some vodka instead? - Yeah, just a little.
Excuse me, are you Gourin?
Everything is okay.
To solve these problems is your job.
You're being paid for it.
I don't want to hear that something can't be done.
I'm interested in what you're doing so that it will be done!
You were right to get tough with him.
Does the chief engineer have any questions? The director?
What were the reasons for missing last month's
established quotas?
We were short on tank trucks.
- Why did that happen? - Because none were empty.
- What measures have been taken? - We even called the minister.
Sergey Stepanovich, you will personally look into this.
We have to determine a schedule reducing future loading tie-ups.
The meeting is adjourned.
Could you tell everybody that this afternoon meeting is being cancelled.
I'll have to be at the City Hall.
At last the municipality is taking an interest in what we're doing.
We're holding on on sheer enthusiasm.
It's time the government thought about solving this problem.
Do you know how many people are suffering from loneliness?
Look at the numbers and you can see how alarming it is!
In Moscow alone, it's alarming!
Loneliness is the danger facing us.
The birthrate goes down, alcoholism's up!
From an economic point of view, a single worker is inefficient.
He can't concentrate, he's obsessed by his loneliness.
- I think it's open to discussion. - All right. Let's discuss it.
The club was founded only three years ago.
Is it a success? Have many lost souls found one another thanks to you?
Yes, indeed! For this period we married twelve couples.
Though marriage is not our priority.
Don't think of us as a marriage broker. We're a friendship club.
Today, lonely souls don't know how to meet one another.
People just watch television and don't even know who lives next door.
Among those who got married, two were living
in the very same apartment building.
They wouldn't have met one another, it was only because of our club.
And that's what you call urbanization!
I came to enroll in the club.
I'm sorry, but our enrollment for unmarried women is closed.
We'll start recruiting women at the beginning of next year.
But you're still accepting men?
Yes, single men can join up.
Why, isn't it unfair?
We already have two single women for every single man.
Couldn't you make an exception?
Listen, call me at the beginning of next year.
I see. Goodbye. Don't call us, we'll call you.
You can see what's going on.
You at the municipality do nothing but talk
when you should be helping us.
How can we help?
We're short of funds, we're short of men!
You know as well as I do that in Moscow
there're five single women for every forty-year-old bachelor.
But we can't abandon those who need us!
How lucky I found you!
Someone put me in the old group, where all the women are grandmothers.
Well, you're not exactly a spring chicken, either.
I don't feel like hanging around old women.
All right, I'll have you transferred to the younger group,
from 35 to 50 years old.
Couldn't you make it younger than that?
There's only the group from 25 to 30, and you've got arthritis.
You can't dance with them, so don't come complaining to me again.
I give you my word, I won't.
All right, I'll put you in the youngest group.
Only don't say you haven't been warned.
And you, please, drop in Thursday.
You'll fill in our test forms, and then we'll send you an invitation.
- Thank you. Good afternoon. - See you Thursday.
How about that? Chief engineer in a factory and he comes to us.
99 percent are intellectuals. They suffer more than the others.
But you should see the ladies. Gorgeous human beings!
Well-bred, intelligent and pretty too!
You wonder what do men want. It's a mystery.
Of course, that's not a problem for you there, at the City Hall.
Why do you say that? I'm single, too.
Come on.
Well, if even at the City Hall...
Look, I might be able to help you.
There's a man I set aside.
He's a chief executive. And only fifty-three.
Thank you very much. I can cope myself.
Your rear suspension is squeaking.
And I thought I was just imagining it.
You ought to get it fixed soon before it gets worse.
All right, I will.
Where are we going?
We're going to my place.
No, I'm not going to your place!
Don't get nervous. My wife and daughter are still on vacation.
No, we shouldn't do that!
I want you to see how I live.
Please, say yes!
There's nothing in the fridge, but I brought some apples from the south.
We haven't seen one another for ages!
The last time I saw you, it must of been the 20th of June.
The eighteenth.
I'm always afraid that I'll call my wife by your name.
I guess it's because I think of you every minute.
No, not here, I don't want to.
I missed you so much!
That must be my mother-in-law!
- I'll go and look in the eye-hole. - No, don't move.
- Does she have a key? - No.
Calm down then.
It's all my fault. I called her from the airport.
Now she'll have something to tell my wife.
You can say you were sleeping.
I think she's gone.
I think I'd better be going too.
You said you had the whole evening free.
I have a lot of work to do for the office.
I meant it when I said how much I missed you.
You're upset because of what happened.
You think I'm foolish.
Come on, it could've happened to anyone.
- Will you give me a call tonight? - Yes, of course.
No, wait.
Don't forget, call me tonight.
Is something wrong?
Yes, something's wrong.
Oh, flowers? Where did you get 'em?
A man gave them to me.
When are you gonna get rid of that piece of junk?
If you take care of a car
it can last a hundred years.
You've led a perfectly honest sort of life,
and what d'ya got to show for it, just a couple of hairs on your head.
Baldness is in style nowadays.
- Is that in style too? - That happens when you're nervous.
What a surprise!
It's great to see you! How did you know we were here?
I didn't find any of you home, so I figured you were in the country.
I came to say goodbye.
I've decided to go home. I've hung around Moscow for too long.
I owe you money. I'll send it when I get my first paycheck.
Are there a lot of people under you?
Nearly three thousand.
Organizing all that must be very hard work.
It's hard getting the first three workers organized, then it's easy.
- Is something wrong, mother? - I'm all right, go on talking.
I'm always holding you up to the children as an example.
You've achieved everything you wanted to.
Only don't tell them that once you've gotten everything you wanted
you feel like howling.
- You ought to get married. - It's not a question of marriage.
It is. Though it's not easy in your line of work.
Men are afraid of women who earn more than they do.
Where are the men nowadays? They're getting fat and lazy.
You go to the theatre or museum and what do you see? Only women.
The men are watching television or drinking with their friends.
Once they reach forty, they vegetate.
They don't even polish their shoes, it's disgusting!
I hate men who wear dirty shoes. It's crude.
You ought to be prosecuted for exploiting a skilled worker.
It was your idea to put some away for the winter, so don't complain.
Do you know that Ghena brought a girl friend along?
I'd better go before his father says something stupid.
- Gourin came over. - He's been drinking again?
No, he's fine. He's like that every time he comes out of the hospital.
That explains why he hasn't come around begging for a while.
He was such a nice guy!
It's because he was so nice that he became like that.
Everybody wanted to drink with him,
and he couldn't refuse because he was too nice.
Now all his friends have disappeared and left him all alone.
I'm sure he'll get better.
I thought so too at first, I even took him to see doctors.
How I begged! I've done my best.
Marina, why don't you have some more?
Do you know how workers were hired in the old days?
Shut up, I wasn't talking to you. You're always interrupting me.
Marina has never heard this story.
They gave a worker all the food he wanted.
If the man ate poorly, he wasn't allowed to work there.
What have I done wrong? I want some bread.
I met a client whose husband hunts whales for a living.
They make a beauty cream on the side.
You use a little at bedtime, and in the morning your wrinkles disappear.
What do they put in the cream?
I swear, your skin'll look like marble.
All our players have gotten jobs.
I've been asked to coach several times.
For years I didn't realize how I was living.
I haven't been to a game in over a year.
No, I've got to call it quits.
Right. You're still a young man.
A man can start over again if he really wants to.
This is the pippin. Over here we have strawberries.
And here... Have an apple.
I did this years ago.
You know, I've always envied you. The love you share.
I was told how to meet a single man. You go to a cemetery.
You're bound to meet an intellectual who's a recent widower.
You let him look at you, and the next thing you know...
A friend of mine actually married an architect that way.
Liuda, you're unbelievable!
It takes a lot of work to make a marriage.
I'm sure that someday I'm gonna be lucky.
Mother, why didn't you ask me to do that?
I get tired just sitting around.
She's getting old, isn't she?
Her husband's death was pretty hard on her.
She was only five years older than we today
when we first met.
As if it happened yesterday.
Hot tea here! Get your hot tea here.
That's it. I can't carry it forever.
Over here. Thank you, my son.
I know, I'm not proud of my shoes either.
Well, I don't care about your shoes.
But they upset you, don't they?
I can tell it from your face.
- Is face reading your hobby? - Sure.
I can tell that you're not married.
Because you don't see a wedding ring on my finger?
Even if you were wearing three wedding rings on each hand,
you still have that unmarried look about you.
You mean single women have a special look about them?
Their look is kind of searching.
The same look police usually have,
an executive has it, and a single woman has it too.
- I'm in the police then. - No.
- An executive? - No...
You work in a factory, but as what? Specialist, right?
Though I see you also in a position of leadership.
Maybe the factory union leader. Is that what you do?
Yeah, you're almost right.
I'm a specialist myself. A tool and die maker.
I'm single in case you're interested.
- Then you're not so perfect. - I've just had bad luck in marriage.
I see, you had a bitchy wife.
No, she was sweet. She even found herself a second husband.
So that was your fault?
Actually I'm a very nice guy.
And how about..?
What? Oh, I love to have a drink!
But never on the job and never on an empty stomach.
Not far from where I live there's a pond and birch trees.
- You sit in the shade... - With boisterous children around.
No, we go where no one bothers us.
And we always make sure to leave the place clean.
I've got a friend who has an ulcer. He can't eat anything.
But he likes to watch us eat. It makes him feel good.
When you make a sandwich of rye bread with slices of onion
and maybe some anchovies...
You're already making me feel hungry.
You're invited then.
I don't go any place with men I don't know.
- Never made an exception? - Goodbye.
Could you carry my samovar?
All right, but let's hurry up.
- I think I'd better see you home. - What for?
I happen to have five rubles, so I can offer you a ride.
That will be enough only for one way.
I'm gonna walk home. Walking never hurt anybody.
- What is your name? - Goga.
But you can call me Gosha.
All right, Goga. That's all I need.
You're getting home pretty late. I've been waiting two hours for you.
- Why? - Because I had to see you.
- Why? - I need you.
All right. Come on up, I'd like you to meet my daughter.
- You've got a daughter? - Are you surprised?
Do you have a husband waiting too?
Is what you need an unmarried woman?
You and your husband had a fight and you use me to pay him back?
With an observant mind like yours
you ought to work as a weather man.
Come on in.
I want you to meet a friend of mine, Georgy.
Alexandra. Pleased to meet you.
Put all this in the refrigerator, will you.
All right. No husband.
- What do you think? - It's all right.
- Take your jacket off. - And what about dinner?
Let me rest first. I'll start making dinner in a few minutes.
No, just relax.
- Are you going to eat? - And what if I am?
In that case you can start peeling the onions.
Dinner is ready!
- How does your mother call you? - Maroussia.
I think I'm gonna call you Maroussia too.
And I'll call you Vassya.
I've got a lot of nicknames already.
There's Jora, Youra, Gosha, Goga, Georgy...
Do you work in the same factory that mother does?
No, we don't work together.
Though we're going to live together, I hope.
You mean that you want to marry her?
Have you known her for a long time?
Forty-four hours and about twenty-two minutes.
But Mother has always been of the opinion
that you have to know a man well to marry him,
and that takes time.
Right, to marry a person after only a two-day acquaintance
is a very thoughtless act.
It's best to wait about a week.
So you can let me know next Wednesday.
There's a good way for us to get to know one another.
I invite you and your mother for a Sunday picnic in the country.
Well, goodbye, it's been a pleasure. Don't show me out. I know the way.
- What does he do? - Tool and die maker.
- Where did you find him? - In the train.
I didn't know you were cruising for men in trains.
I'm a little surprised.
Not half as surprised as I am, though.
Why aren't you dressed yet? We had a date. Did you forget?
- Forget what? - Our picnic!
Mother, you gotta get up!
- What's going on? - The picnic.
For goodness sake, it's Sunday. Let me sleep.
You can sleep in the fresh air.
We're being late.
We can give you a hand with that.
No, no, women aren't allowed to make shashlik.
Go and sit down.
- Relax. - Thank you.
Here, chef, take this.
Go to sleep now.
Friends! It's a special toast that I've the pleasure to propose today.
This is a special occasion -
the birthday of our dear friend Gosha.
- What birthday? - You didn't tell them?
It's no big deal.
Oh, he's a very humble kind of guy.
I don't think I have to remind you
of the outstanding virtues of our extraordinary friend.
Yes, you do.
Is there somebody who doesn't know how talented and clever you are?
I don't know anything.
In that case, I propose a toast in honor of his hands.
At first glance they're average human hands,
but all that is just an illusion.
Actually, they're golden hands.
We're in the presence, my friends, of Master Tool and Die Maker!
In our Institute there are scientists and Ph.D's
who could have retired ten years ago
without anyone ever noticing
that they have gone.
But when Gosha was out last year and hospitalized,
I beg your pardon, ladies, for getting rather personal,
only they removed his appendix,
well, then half of the lab stopped dead.
As for me, if I received a doctorate, at least 70 percent of it comes
from the apparatus that Gosha invented.
And I'm sure that my opinion is shared
by the majority of my fellow workers at our scientific institute.
To your hands, my dear friend!
- Happy birthday, Gosha! - To your hands of gold!
Well, did you like my toast?
Have you got a Ph.D.?
Isn't it obvious?
- What is the world up to? - It's winter again.
- Winter, you think? - Yes, it's winter, I reckon.
Your cozy, drowsy homes me beckon
To come and forever in there remain.
- Then what's to happen? - Then January comes.
- January, you believe? - Yes, I believe so.
I have been reading that white book since I began to grow,
This time-old primer with pictures of snow-covered stumps.
- What'll be the outcome? - April will dawn.
- April, you sure? - Yes, I am sure.
I definitely heard, and it wasn't some allure,
the sound of a reed-pipe on the neighborhood lawn.
What's the conclusion?
That we go on living
And make summer dresses from gauzy cotton.
You think there'll be chance for us to put them on?
Just make them, that's what I believe in!
We should be prepared, for however strong may be the blizzards
Their bondage is bound to come to an end...
I feel bad about your birthday. We owe you a present.
You've got a lot of time before December comes along.
My birthday is the 23rd of December.
- And what was today? - It was an exhibition.
I was a total stranger to you, wasn't I?
Not any more because my friends told you everything.
What about all these scientists and Ph.D.'s?
All the rest was real, the friends, the scientists, the shashlik.
I'm what they said I'm.
Although they put it on a little thick, exaggerated.
Well, we'll find out in a couple of years.
That's good. I was afraid that what they said would give you
an inferiority complex.
I felt something like that.
Though, I do think that in a family the man should be superior.
When the woman has a larger salary
or a position of superiority, the marriage can't work.
- Are you serious? - Absolutely.
I've seen enough of this already.
How much are you making?
Don't worry, I earn much more than your mother does.
We should be prepared, for however strong may be the blizzards,
Their bondage is bound to come to an end!
So allow me, Miss, to offer my hand
For a dance at this New Year Ball of the Wizards.
The moon is a sphere with a candle inside,
The carnival figures around us bend.
A waltz has begun, so give me your hand
And go left-right, left-right, left-right!
- Is it all right? - It's fine.
Don't worry, our director is always on time.
- How do you do? - How do you do?
I'll be ready in two minutes.
We can start when you want to.
Excuse me, but haven't we met before?
Have I ever filmed you here?
No, I think you're wrong.
Have you ever spent your vacations at Sochi?
Most people have spent a vacation at Sochi sometime.
I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rodion Rachkov.
It's a name you hardly hear in Russia these days.
Yes, when I was young, foreign names were more common.
Edward, Robert, Rudolph...
The French delegation just called. They'll be here in half an hour.
Thank you.
Have I changed all that much?
No. It's just I'm surprised...
So many years have passed...
I never thought you'd become a director.
I've only been a director for three months.
Shall we begin? I'm really very busy.
All right, sure.
We're ready to go here.
Go ahead, please.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!
The men in the audience are free to do whatever they want to.
Our products are primarily of interest to women.
When I think of what I might've missed,
if I had decided to sleep over at Tonia's that night.
Or if I had taken another train.
I was thinking the same thing.
How come you never did get married?
I was waiting for you.
But there was a man in your life?
But now it seems like it happened to someone else.
Are there any snapshots of you as a kid?
Yeah, a couple.
You must've been funny looking.
- You must show them to me later. - Okay.
- I warn you, I snore. - So what?
I'll whisper in your ear "shsh" and you'll be quiet.
There's another thing. I can't stop tossing and turning.
I'll take you in my arms to make you stop.
Good idea, let's try.
Oh, my God! I didn't see what time it was!
Alexandra'll be home any minute!
So early?
Put the sheets in the closet!
The pillows, too.
- There're glasses in there. - Put them in the bottom drawer.
Who was the idiot who invented this contraption?
Why are you sitting in the dark?
Cause we're watching television.
So what? Would you please stop bothering me!
No! I have no desire to meet you.
She's not your daughter.
Born at the end of July, yes.
You've been counting.
May I come in?
All right. We can meet on Gogol Boulevard at 17:45.
But not more than 15 minutes. I'm really very busy.
- Hello. - How are you?
You're alone, not with your mother?
My mother died eight years ago.
I'm sorry.
Now what do you want?
I want to see my daughter.
What for? You've been getting along without her until now.
Until now I didn't know she existed.
You didn't want to know you mean?
You were never so cruel before.
And guess who taught me that?
As for me, I feel as if a new life has started
now that I know I have a daughter.
A grown-up daughter to boot. You don't have to look after her
staying up at night, to walk her to school...
If I'm guilty of hurting you,
I've been punished enough, so there's no need to do it.
Yes, I've led a useless life all right.
I've always pretended it was just a rehearsal,
that real life still lay ahead.
I've been married twice.
My first wife ran out on me and I left the second one.
And now here I am, alone with no kids, with no wife,
not even anyone I can really call a friend.
How many times I've imagined what it would be like meeting you.
All the words I've so carefully prepared.
Now you're here and I don't know what to say.
For many years I didn't stop loving you.
But then I became hateful and bitter.
I wanted you to know about my success,
to make you see how wrong you were.
But now I think that it was all to the good.
I wouldn't have become a success if you had stayed.
I'm glad that you didn't marry me then,
because in that case I wouldn't have met a wonderful man
whom I love now.
Believe me, everything will work out for the best.
Life begins at 40. It may sound trite, but it's true.
Goodbye, and please don't call me up anymore.
I want to see my daughter!
No, you won't go there! I'm going with you!
- This is none of your business. - This is my business!
I'm gonna lock the door!
I'm going with you!
- Where are you going? - Nowhere.
You're right. It's getting late. You can go there tomorrow.
Wait, I'm coming with you! Let go of me!
- What's going on? - There's gonna be a fight.
- What about? - About me.
All right, let's have the story.
I used to go out with Volodya Kopylov.
Now I'm going with Nikita and he loves me.
I'm in love with him too.
And Kopylov and his pals are out to get him.
They don't want him to see me anymore.
Nikita has bruises all over.
That shows he really loves you. Let's go and help him.
I wanted to call the police, but mother wouldn't let me.
She said this is something we should handle ourselves.
- Right, that's the best way. - There are five of them.
- Thought it over? - Yeah, you're punks.
- Who's a punk? Me? - You! You're another punk!
- And maybe he's a punk too? - You're a bunch of punks!
Take it easy, boys. Five against one, is it?
You know I don't think I like those odds.
I'd advise you to mind your own business, pop!
It's just that five against one isn't my idea of a fair fight.
I don't believe in beating up ladies and sick old men,
but I think I can make an exception for you though.
That was just for practice.
- Just a preventive measure. - They read books.
He could've broken my arm, you know.
- Are you an expert in judo? - That's right.
Now get lost, pops!
Why shouldn't we take our friend over there with us?
Well, bastard, I got the message!
The evening's been quiet till now, but things are gonna pick up.
You want a taste of my boot, too?
Oh, you tripped!
Stay down!
Now take it easy.
Let me go! Don't bother me!
We'd better be going.
You dare lay a hand on him again or even touch him...
- Tough girl! - You bet!
- Are we gonna tell mother? - No need to.
Why not? I want her to know what you've done.
You acted like a real man.
Any man would do it.
Making a decision and fight for it is a man's duty.
You wouldn't be proud of a woman just because she can cook a meal?
I don't know how to cook a meal.
That's all right, I'll teach you.
Why didn't you continue your education?
- What for? - To become an executive.
Should everyone be an executive?
No, not at all, but everyone wants to.
Ever hear of the Roman emperor Diocletian?
At the very height of his empire,
he just gave away the crown and settled down somewhere in the country.
And when he was asked to take over again, he said:
"Once you've seen the cabbages that I've grown,
you'll stop asking me."
- He never went back? - No.
You see, not everybody wants to be some kind of leader.
Although it seems to be the only case in the history of the world.
So you'd rather grow cabbages?
I prefer doing the things I like doing.
I don't care a damn about prestige or stupid fashion.
I love the kind of work I do
because I know that I'm needed.
I love my friends,
because we never get tired of each other, of our talks.
I love your mother because... because I love her.
- Why are you laughing? - It's fun talking to you.
You think you're as happy as any man could be?
No, not really.
If I could get a glass of cold soda now,
then I'd consider myself absolutely happy.
- You shouldn't have done it. - Done what?
I told her everything. I couldn't help it.
Using your fists is no way to settle problems.
- And if they don't understand words? - Then you didn't explain properly.
And you, a grown-up man, should've known better than that.
Now these boys are going to believe that might makes right.
They'll learn that using violence they should expect violence in return.
I want you to promise me
you'll never do anything like this without my permission.
Yes, ma'am...
But I want you to respect my wishes as well.
If you talk to me in that manner once more,
I will never set foot in this house again.
As for the decisions in this house, I'll be making them.
For the simple reason that I'm the man here.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Alexandra, one of your friends.
Please never raise your voice to me like that.
I was so afraid you'd get hurt. I'm sorry.
You want to see mother?
So you're Alexandra?
Please come in.
- Will you join us? - Well, thank you.
Alexandra, would you mind?
- This is for you. - Thank you.
Are you going to introduce me
or should I do it myself?
Meet Rodion Rachkov, he's a television cameraman.
An old friend of mine.
So old that he didn't even recognize me when he saw me.
- Georgy and Alexandra. - It's a pleasure. Sit down, please.
- Would you like some cognac? - I won't say no.
There you go.
I think I have some lemon around.
Well, what did you think of the show?
Mom looked a little nervous.
- You were on TV? - Oh, who cares?
You made quite an impression with our bigwigs.
They saw in you a real leader of today.
There're plans to make a film about you.
About a woman who has made herself,
coming all the way from a common worker to a factory director.
- Who's the director? - Let's have a drink...
What d'you mean? Katerina, of course.
Oh yes, sure...
How long have you been working at television?
It will be twenty-five years soon.
So you were at the very beginning?
Even then I knew
that television was the future of mankind.
- I wanted to explain... - I understand...
It would change our life.
There will be no books, no newspapers, no theatre, no movies.
- What will remain? - Only television.
- That's some misunderstanding. - I understand.
I can agree about the movies.
But theatre... This is a special art.
Let's talk about it in another twenty years.
In twenty years the world will be nothing like today.
- Have you ever visited the studios? - No, never.
I can arrange it if you want.
I think I'll go now.
I'm pretty tired. I think I'll get to bed early.
Don't go. I want to talk to you.
We'll talk tomorrow. I better go.
I won't let you leave here!
She's in a very bad mood today.
He won't ever come back.
I'll never see him again!
Damn you. Why did you have to do this to me again?
What did I do now?
- Do you know who this man is? - Rodion Rachkov.
- He's your father. - My father's dead!
As you can see, he's very much alive and pretty well.
Don't cry. You know what Moscow thinks of tears.
We shouldn't be sitting around, we should do something!
How long has it been since he disappeared?
A week.
Why don't you swallow your pride and go see him yourself?
Oh, what pride. I would go to the ends of the earth...
We don't know where he lives.
Look in the phone book, that's all. What was his last name again?
I don't know.
A good start.
You didn't... Is anything gone from the apartment?
What do you mean?
All right, I'll find him. A tool and die maker, you say?
Yeah, he works in some sort of institute.
Does he have any particular marks I can look for?
A scar, for instance?
Not that I know of.
They took out his appendix.
That's not what I meant.
Wait for me here.
Let everyone in and no one out.
If need be, shoot first and ask questions afterwards!
Is there a Georgy living here?
Alias Goga, alias Gosha, or Yuri or Jora?
There's only a man named Georgy living here. Right in there.
- Is he in there? - I don't know.
He's there all right.
You'll have to go around. They're redoing the walls.
To the right. And to the right again.
- Gosha. - Nikolai.
Has it been raining hard?
For three days now.
What's going on in the world?
Another airplane was hijacked.
What's wrong with you?
Katia, you don't know how lucky you really are!
You often said that at our age it's impossible to fall in love.
Because a man's faults come out.
Yes, but he doesn't have any faults.
He's the most perfect man in the whole world!
How did you expect her to tell you that she made more money than you?
She lied to me!
That was just a misunderstanding.
No, that's the matter of principle.
Her big problem is
that a man's social standing is more important for her
than his, that is, my personal standing!
Translate it.
- Look... - Some more vodka?
Go and see who it is.
I told you that I'd bring him here. And that's what I've done.
Who brought who over here isn't very sure.
- Where is she? - In there.
Eat some more.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Gosha. - I'm Antonina.
Sit down, please.
It's about time we were going...
I propose that we all get together at least once a week.
From now on it's like we're in the same family.
That's an original way of putting it.
- Have you got dinner ready? - Sure.
Let's eat. I'm very hungry.
What's wrong?
It's been such a long time!
Eight days.
No. I looked for you a long time!
Not everything works out right away,
And Moscow was built not in one day.
It never took your word for it,
It only believed in love.
Whether covered with soft snow,
Or glistening in autumn glow,
It will warm a lonely soul
And nurture a tree in a grove...
Vera ALENTOVA as Katerina
Alexei BATALOV as Gosha
Irina MURAVYOVA as Ludmilla
Alexander FATIUSHIN as Gourin
Raissa RYAZANOVA as Antonina
Boris SMORCHKOV as Nikolai
Yuri VASSILIEV as Rachkov
Natalya VAVILOVA as Alexandra
Oleg TABAKOV as Volodya
Yevghenia KHANAYEVA as Rachkov's Mother
Valentina USHAKOVA as Nikolai's Mother
Victor URALSKY as Nikolai's Father
Zoya FYODOROVA as Concierge
Lia AKHEDJAKOVA as Club Manager
Tatiana KONYUKHOVA as Herself
Innokenty SMOKTUNOVSKY as Himself
Georgy YUMATOV as Himself
Leonid KHARITONOV as Himself
Pavel RUDAKOV as Himself
Veniamin NECHAYEV as Himself
English Subtitles by Tatiana KAMENEVA
The End
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