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Mosquito Coast The CD1

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My father was an inventor.
A genius with anything mechanical. Nine patents, six pending.
He dropped out of Harvard "to get an education, " he said.
I grew up with the belief...
...that the world belonged to him and that everything he said was true.
Look around you. How did America get this way?
Land of promise. Land of opportunity.
"Give us the wretched refuse of your teaming shore."
Have a Coke! Watch TV.
Have a nice day.
Go on welfare.
Get free money.
Turn to crime. Crime pays in this country.
Why do they put up with it? Why do they keep coming?
Look around you, Charlie.
This place is a toilet.
The whole damn country is turning into a dope-taking, door-locking...
...ulcerated danger zone of rabid scavengers...
...criminal millionaires and moral sneaks.
Nobody ever thinks of leaving this country. I do.
I think about it every day.
I'm the last man.
I want an 8-foot length of rubber seal with foam backing.
This country's going to the dogs.
Nobody cares.
"l just work here." That's the attitude.
Buy junk, sell junk, eat junk.
-Don't want it. -That's what you asked for.
Who are you working for? The Japanese?
-lf you don't want it, just say so. -Just said so. Don't want it.
Look. Made in Japan. I don't want my hard-earned...
...American dollars converted into yen. I want an American length of rubber seal.
Do you work here?
All right, we'll get it someplace else. This is not the only place in town.
Or maybe I should have said, "Sayonara!"
I tell you, Charlie, I'm not goin' back into Hatfield again.
I'm sick of dealing with people who want things I've already rejected.
Things they see on TV.
They talk about nuclear destruction as if it were a game show topic.
All winter, Father had been saying, "There's going to be a war in America.
"It's coming, " he said. He was restless and talkative.
He said the signs were everywhere. In the high prices, the bad tempers...
...the gut worry, and the stupidity and greed of people.
Bloody crimes were being committed in the cities...
...and the criminals were unpunished.
It wasn't going to be an ordinary war, he said...
...but rather a war in which no side was entirely innocent.
It's like a human's insides.
Entrails and vitals.
See, that's his digestive system.
Circulatory system.
Respiration. Lungs.
Fatty tissue. Kidneys.
The ammonia?
That's his plasma.
Got it?
But, Dad...
...what is it?
It's perfection. That's what it is.
Where is he, Mrs. Fox?
Mrs. Fox!
He's not here right now, Mr. Polski.
He had to go to Hatfield to get a part for something.
I can see his truck, Mrs. Fox.
He's there fooling about in his workshop...
...when he should be rigging up a cooling system in the barn!
I have asparagus rotting all over the place.
Now, you tell him to get down here and now!
He was pretty mad. Something about a cooling system.
Forget that. I got something much better for him out there.
Honey, he's gonna love it. I'm gonna knock his socks off.
I'm gonna straighten his hair.
Where you been?
About half a glass of water.
What is this?
Got a match, Doc?
You get here late, the asparagus is rotting, and you ask me for a match?
If it wouldn't be too much trouble.
Mr. Fox.
Jerry, what's he doing? He won't answer me.
I don't know.
Now he cooks a glass of water.
What is this thing? It looks like a stove.
My baby.
It's my baby boy.
Fat Boy. That's what we'll call it. Fat Boy.
-This is foolishness! -Patience, Doc.
Please, I've got work to do.
Come on, Doc! Take a look.
Boy, ain't that something?
But how did I do it? Where's the juice?
Where's the electrical cord?
I made ice out of fire.
Yes. So it seems.
Wanna see how it works?
No, no! Some other time. Here.
This is just a scale model.
I'm planning on building you a huge one, Doc. What do you think?
What I think is...
...I'm in the asparagus business, not the inventing business.
You're missin' the point, Doc.
I can preserve the excess with Fat Boy here.
-With that thing? It's too small. -I told you, this is a scale model!
And it's ingenious, Mr. Fox. That's why I hired you.
But I also hired you to do what I ask you to do.
To come up with a simple, practical cooling system in the barn...
...and not fool around with crazy schemes and go off in my time...
...inventing contraptions!
Now, please, to work!
What's this? It's not a rest period! We have work to do.
Close that door. We'll lose all the cold.
He didn't like it very much, Dad.
He hated it. Positively hated it.
Absolute contempt.
But I'm glad of that.
That's what really gets me cookin'. What would have happened if he liked it?
Then I really would've been worried. Then I'd have gone back to bed.
What do you know? We got a couple of minutes, okay?
All right. Here you go.
Migrant workers.
Polski's peons.
Right out of the jungle. Didn't know when they were well off.
They think this is a paradise. I'd trade places with them in a minute.
You know what they got down there? Geothermal energy.
All the juice they need 5,000 feet under the surface.
It's the earth's bellybutton.
Imagine the problems they have in the jungle without refrigeration.
If they saw an ice cube they'd probably think it was a...
...a diamond, or a jewel of some kind.
Ice... civilization.
I want to show you boys something.
They call this place the "Monkey House."
-Who calls it that? -Kids.
I'd whale the tar out of 'em. Don't let me hear you call it that.
Look at this place. These are poor people. Look at what they own.
Look at what they eat. They don't even eat the asparagus they cut.
I don't think we should be here.
They welcome visitors, Son.
It's a custom from the jungle.
"Be kind to strangers. Never know when you might be one yourself."
That's the law of the jungle.
But this isn't the jungle, Dad.
No? No, because no jungle is as murderous and foul as this is.
They trade green trees for this ruin. It's pathetic.
And it makes me mad...
...because they're going to end up being part of the problem.
It would take courage to go there.
Go where?
The jungle.
Not ordinary gumption...
...but 4:00 in the morning courage.
And who's got that?
What is it?
I think something's going to happen.
Like what?
Something terrible.
When you're young, the world seems like a big and a strange place.
If you think about it too much, you start to worry.
But Dad's not young and he's worried.
He's always like that before a new invention.
You know him. He's got a lot on his mind.
But something is going to happen.
Something good.
-Good night. -Sleep tight.
-Hey, boys! -Cornelius!
-Come here and give me a hand! -Good morning. What that?
I got somethin' for ya. You're gonna love this.
-ls that right? -Yeah.
I need four men, two on each side.
Cornelius, grab that thing with the wheels on it.
We're not allowed to go in.
What's going on in there?
Beats me.
We're not allowed to go in!
-Little Charlie's here! -Your father great man!
He my father, too. We all his children.
Charlie, come here. I want you to do something for me.
Take this and give it to Polski.
I'll take it, Dad. I'm dressed.
Charlie's the oldest. I want him to do it.
This is a historic occasion.
Sit down. Sit down there.
"Ever heard of the Mosquito Coast?
"l hope not because that's the reason we're going there!
"See, I'm not only quitting this job but also this sad ruin of a country.
"Good luck, Doc! You'll need it."
Charlie, your father is the worst kind of pain in the neck.
A know-it-all who's sometimes right.
I've come to see he's a dangerous man. You tell him that.
Tell him he's a dangerous man!
And one of these days, he's going to get you all killed!
Daddy, you take a picture of me.
Don't waste film.
-Leave those. -It's only the breakfast things.
-Leave them. We're getting out of here! -I'll start loading things up, okay?
Mother! Come on.
-But what about all our books and things? -lf it's not in this pile, it's not going!
-Where are we going? -Can I ride shotgun?
No. Put the bags in the back of the truck.
April, come on! Don't put everything in the cab!
No, your mother's gonna ride up there.
-Hurry up, Mom! -Go to the back seat, guys.
Girls, in the back.
-Can I ride in the back here? -No, no! It's not safe.
"Under the bam Under the boo
"Under the bamboo tree
"Two live as one
"One lives as two
"Two live as three
"Under the bam Under the boo
"Under the bamboo tree"
Good-bye, America! And have a nice day!
-I'm Reverend Gurney Spellgood. -Pleased to meet you.
-You can call me Gurney. -Call me Brighton.
Jerry, sit down.
Mrs. Fox, I'm Captain Smalls. Come on over here. I have a seat for you.
The sea around us. The earth beneath.
This night commit this food to thy keep.
-Amen. -Amen.
We don't say prayers at home.
Captain first, Reverend.
"The last shall be first."
-No, "some." -Pardon?
"Some of the last who will be first and some of the first who will be last." Luke.
I was quoting Matthew.
You were misquoting Matthew. Matthew says "many," not "some."
You certainly understand my mission, Mr. Fox.
And a pretty good knowledge of the Scriptures, too.
I've tinkered a bit with the Bible. God's owner's handbook, isn't it?
Except it doesn't work.
So, this is your first visit to Mosquitia?
Actually it's more than a visit. We're planning to stay.
Stay there?
Why would you want to?
That whole country's back in the Stone Age.
Sounds perfect.
Mr. Fox!
There you are. I've got a gift for you.
It's the latest. The Blue Jeans Bible.
It was designed by a psychologist.
Look at this, kids. It's just what I've been warning you about.
"Of making many books there is no end. Much study is a weariness of the flesh."
"There are many rooms in my Father's house, but I am the door."
Don't slam it on the way out.
May God forgive you.
Have a nice day.
Thank you. I will, Brother!
It's a whole lot hotter than this in the jungle.
-You've never been there, have you? -No.
We're from Baltimore.
I study communication in school.
I hate school. It's so boring.
What's your favorite band?
Mine's The Executioners. I love the lead guitarist. He is so cool.
He reminds me of James Dean.
Your father's a missionary. You don't live in Baltimore.
Yes, we do.
My father has two churches. One's in Guampu, and the other one is in Baltimore.
It's a drive-in.
What kind of drive-in?
There's only one kind. You know, outdoors with cars.
Gosh, you're stupid.
So, what's your old man do?
My father's an inventor.
He invented this mechanical mop. You sort of dance around with it.
It works by itself. You have to see it.
My father's a genius.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I could be your girlfriend, if you want.
I think about you when I go to the bathroom.
Come here, honey.
"He's all right What do you think about Jesus?
"He's all right What do you think about Jesus?
"He's all right...."
Where's my bag?
Honey, look at this place! It's beautiful!
-Everybody ready? -Yeah!
I think about you when I go to the bathroom.
-Amen! -Amen!
All right, Mother, let's get this show on the road.
Come on, kids, let's go. Everybody's got a long way to go.
Let's go!
Look at him, Charlie. I love him when he's like that.
Happy hunting, Reverend.
Thank you very much, Mr. Fox, and you, too.
-Look at all the boats. -They're beautiful.
Hey, sweet peas, come to Papa.
The twins are asleep.
Tell her, Charlie.
-Dad bought a town. -You're joking.
-Drunken German. -He fell asleep.
Not before he signed this.
You're looking at the new mayor of Jeronimo.
-You bought a town? -A small town.
Where is it?
Jeronimo? Launches can't go up there. Too shallow.
Well, Mr. Haddy, we'll just have to experiment.
Experiment? Why you want to go to Jeronimo?
We've bought it.
Ran out of room in America, Mr. Haddy.
Here, let me take the wheel.
It's against regulations.
-What regulations? -It's my launch.
I steer. You passenger.
-Experiment. -Haddy, you all right there?
There is no channel here.
Don't give up, Haddy. Right?
Stay back!
Stay back! No channel.
Keep looking.
Oh, my God. Mr. Haddy!
-You all right? -Channel! Channel! Channel!
All right.
Can you get in all right?
"l don't own a VCR And a house or a car
"And I got no color TV"
Them Zambus.
Ask him where we are, Haddy.
It's Jeronimo.
This is it. Jeronimo!
Stay back there.
Give me room, Son. Haddy, get ready on the bowline.
-Can we help you? -I've been looking all over for you.
-Shall I get the luggage? -Help Mother.
Now, don't run, boys.
Jerry, help me with this.
Careful, girls.
-Can we take our bags? -No, no, leave them there.
-Can you see the town yet, Allie? -Yes.
Perfect. It's perfect.
Everything we need is here. Right here.
Yes, yes.
Starting from scratch.
This is what I've always dreamed about.
Don't look at me that way, Mother. This is our home.
This is life. This is not a vacation.
Can you see it, Charlie?
No, Dad.
Can you see it, Mother?
See what, Allie?
Why, a beautiful house. Right in front of you.
Me no see no house.
This will do for the kitchen. That could be the laundry and wash house.
Tie it all together with a platform and put the sleeping quarters up above.
It's like the hub of a wheel with the crops radiating out.
I smell a bit of a swamp back there. We'll have to drain that.
Put a plant there, pump up river water for the fish farm.
Slash and burn the area.
We have four or five acres of good growing land.
Boy, have we got some work to do.
I don't want to hit you.
Perhaps if I hit them...
...and you take them out.
-Let me hold. -Okay.
Okay, take that away, will you?
Dad, there's a big pile of cut wood here.
-Wood or lumber? -Lumber.
Look, girls, look. Come and have a look.
These are wonderful treasures. Look. Here. You take that.
Look at that. What a beauty.
Where is she?
-It's all right, honey. It's all right. -Leech attack all over this place.
-Some of them baboons bigger than man. -Okay, Mr. Haddy, thank you.
Oh, my God.
Look at you.
Look at me?
Look at you.
What's that?
I miss my old home in America.
Me, too.
We all do. Now, who wants some orange?
No, thanks.
Nobody loves America more than I do, you know.
That's why we left, 'cause I couldn't bare to watch.
You kids have got to understand this.
It's like when my mother died.
She'd been strong as an ox.
Fell down, broke her hip, went into the hospital and caught double pneumonia.
She's laying in bed dying and I went over and held her hand.
She looked up to me. You know what she said?
"Why don't you give me some rat poison?"
I couldn't listen. I couldn't watch, so I went away.
People said I was the height of callousness.
It's not true.
I loved her too much to watch her die.
I'm not here to boss you around.
I'm here to work for you.
And if I'm not working hard enough, you just tell me and I'll work harder.
You just come up and say:
"Mister, you gotta do a whole lot better than that."
And I will.
What do you want to do first? Where do you want to begin?
You tell me.
Fish farm? Chicken run? Bridge? What? You tell me.
Right. I heard that.
You want to begin with the planting. That's sensible.
Take care of the animal needs first.
Come along, we've got it all worked out.
Go to your assigned row according to the colors that... were told about earlier. These are pumpkin seeds.
About this deep, this far apart.
Jerry, corn for you.
-How are you doing, Charlie? -All right, Dad.
Right now, someone in America is pushing an electric squeezer...
...down a garbage disposal and saying it's busted.
Someone else is opening a can of chocolate-flavored soup...
...because the car wouldn't start to eat out. They really wanted a cheeseburger.
-That for true, Father? -That's right, Francis. That's why I'm here.
That's why I came.
It was not an easy life those first weeks in Jeronimo.
It was no coconut kingdom of free food and grass huts...
...and sunny days "under the bam, under the boo. "
Watch the strings, kids.
Good morning, ladies. Let's get up. I need this tent out of the way.
Charlie, help your mother with the tent.
This was work and more work. A routine that took up every daylight hour.
In Hatfield we had done pretty much what we pleased.
Here things were different.
Have you got some flooring up there?
Charlie's supposed to have the flooring up there for the men to work.
Let's get that lumber up here now.
It's an absolute sin to accept the decadence of obsolescence.
Why do things get worse?
They don't have to. They could get better.
We accept that things fall apart, but they don't have to.
Things will last forever.
We eat when we're not hungry, drink when we're not thirsty.
We buy what we don't need and throw away everything that's useful.
Why sell a man what he wants? Sell him what he doesn't need.
Pretend he has eight legs, two stomachs and money to burn.
It's wrong. Wrong! Wrong!
There are people in New York who'd kill you for a quarter.
You don't dare take a walk for fear somebody'll stick a knife in your ribs.
Stay home and they come in through the windows.
Ten-year-old homicidal maniacs on every corner.
They go to school.
They go to school.
You know what the biggest problem with the 20th century is?
People can't stand to be alone.
Can't stand it.
Double-digit inflation and a $2.00 loaf of bread.
Great. You're going to be my fish farmer, Mr. McGregor.
-I think about it. -Right. You think about it.
We'll breed all the fish we need to eat right here. It'll be here when we need it.
Just scoop 'em up and put 'em in the pot.
We gotta get this cleared up. Clear all this trash out of the water.
How am I doing, boy?
Fine, Dad.
Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as invention, you know.
It's just magnifying what already exists.
Father often talked of things being revealed.
That was true invention, he said.
Revealing something's use, and magnifying it.
Discovering it's imperfections and proving it...
...and putting it to work for you.
God had left the world incomplete, he said.
And it was man's job to understand how it worked.
To tinker with it and to finish it.
I think that was why he hated missionaries so much.
Because they taught people to put up with their earthly burdens.
For Father there were no burdens that couldn't be fitted...
...with a set of wheels or runners or a system of pulleys.
-Look what we found. -Can you help us?
-What have you got, girls? -Can you fix it?
Yeah, I can get this going.
Don't just sit there, honey, pedal.
No need to worry about these kids' education, Mother.
This is the education they need.
This is the kind of education every American should have gotten.
When America's devastated and laid to waste by nuclear holocaust...
...these are the skills that are gonna save 'em.
Not finger painting or home economics, or what is the capital of Texas...
...but survival!
Rebuilding a civilization from a smoking ruin!
Hey, it's Mr. Haddy, Charlie!
Hey, kids. Good to see you!
How's everything?
They're going to be longer 'cause I'm gonna put cuffs on them, okay?
-Hello, Mr. Peaselee. -Hello, ma'am.
Can I help you with something?
That is a nice yellow, isn't it?
I surely like this color.
Thank you.
Mr. Fox!
A very good morning to you.
Oh, God!
Well done, Foxes.
Well done.
Mrs. Kennywick... that you?
Yes, sir, Father.
Now, we haven't seen you in God's house in quite a while.
Jeedoof to you.
Jeedoof to you, Father.
What can we do for you, Reverend?
The word has spread upriver of your doings.
I thought I'd come and have a look for myself.
Mrs. Fox. How nice to see you.
-Hello. -I love your parrot.
It's Arthur.
I brought some preserves from Aurora specially for you.
Thank you. Will you thank her for me?
Papaya and yams, I believe.
-State your business, Reverend. -It's the Lord's business I'm about, Mr. Fox.
Is that so? I didn't know the Lord was franchising in the neighborhood.
The Reverend looks a little hot. Perhaps some cold tea, Allie?
The Lord sent me here, Mr. Fox.
That's what I love about you people, your complete lack of presumption.
The Lord hasn't any idea this place exits!
If he did, he'd have done something for these people a long time ago.
But he didn't! I did!
The river doesn't belong to you.
Nor to you! But this place belongs to me...
...and I didn't give you permission to come ashore!
This man cannot speak for you, good folk!
The Lord is your Father!
I'm a fair man!
If any of you wanna go listen to this man across the Jeronimo state line...
...I won't stop you! Any takers?
"And Pharaoh said....
"And Pharaoh said:
"'Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice...
"'...and let you, lsrael, go?
"'l know not the Lord...
"'...neither will I let lsrael go! '"
Exodus 5.
Now, get off my land.
What Father had promised that first day in Jeronimo...
...was now there for everyone to see.
It was all as he predicted...
...but more orderly and happier than we had imagined.
He called this notch in the jungle "a superior civilization. "
"Just the way America might have been, " he said.
When Mom and Dad come down, on a count of three, we'll say:
"Happy Thanksgiving," okay? One, two, three.
Happy Thanksgiving!
-Dad, you look nice. -You look spackoid!
You look nice!
-You look funny. -No, he doesn't! He looks nice!
-You look great, Mom! -You look wonderful.
Have a seat, madam.
-This chicken looks great. -This is the life!
You've made a wonderful meal.
Our first Thanksgiving in the new world.
-Let's eat! -This looks really good.
-Can I have some white meat, Dad? -After your mother. Right, honey?
White, please. Thank you.
The green beans look good. Everything looks good.
Good-bye, honey.
Good-bye, Dad.
-'Bye, everybody! -'Bye, Dad! See ya!
Are you ready? Come on!
The sandwiches!
They're in the basket!
Come on.
Mr. Haddy, one time, he told us about this neat cave....
Let me lead the way. I know this jungle like the back of my hand.
Okay, I'll help you.
"Silent night
"Holy night
"All is calm
"All is bright...."
We have to buy our food here at the camp store. See those nuts?
Gather them and we'll put 'em over here and we'll use it as a bank.
Okay. Each one is $1.00 U.S.
-I want to buy some food. -Do you have any money?
Leon got none.
Start diggin'!
I'll be the schoolteacher!
-Let's ask Dad to help when he gets back. -No.
Dad wouldn't understand. Don't tell Dad or anyone about Acre.
'Cause it's our secret. No one else can know.
Your father can do magic.
It's not magic. It's science.
Science is worse!
You don't know that. My father could have made a fortune being an inventor.
How come he ain't rich, then?
Because he wanted to come here and build a town in the jungle, spackoid.
And he said there's gonna be a nuclear war in America.
You're all wrong.
Father told everyone he was making a monster.
"I'm Dr. Frankenstein, " he used to say.
He called one set of pipes its "lungs" and another its "poop shaft. "
And two tanks, "a pair of kidneys. " He always spoke of the plant as "he. "
"He needs a gizzard today. "
Or, "This will fit straight onto his liver. "
Or, "How's this for his gullet?"
Here, Mama, here!
I want you by my side. There's history being made here this morning!
Expedition photographers?
Jerry, you got the camera?
Francis, you're in position?
I want you to light Fat Boy.
You're the youngest. You'll live longest to remember this moment.
Drainy? Mr. Maywit....
We're taking a picture.
Everybody in, Drainy? All righty, smile.
You're waking up.
This is no miracle. This is thermodynamics.
I hope we don't have to rescue him, Mother.
It's all right. Allie knows what he's doing.
What that Father got there?
Haven't you ever seen a snowball before?
Ice from fire!
That cold water, Father!
And air conditioning!
Cool down your house! Get a decent night's sleep!
Increase productivity!
Ice is civilization!
That's why I'm here! That's why I came!
Okay, wait!
How many do you want?
Fat Boy looked like a miracle to the local Zambus.
And a kind of ice market was established.
Everything for free.
But Father was restless.
It was all too easy now...
...and everyone was taking his ice for granted.
Then Francis told him about an Indian tribe...
...a half a day's march into the mountains.
People who had never seen missionaries or anyone else...
...and they had certainly never seen ice.
These were the pure people he had talked of in Hatfield.
Friendly savages who would see his ice... ajewel, and be amazed.
Keep goin'.
Don't give up on me, boys.
Watch out!
Put it down if you have to! Put it down!
Okay, Charlie. Come up here. Hold it up here. Hold it.
Come on up!
Hold it! Hold it, Francis.
Okay, get out of the way.
Don't get your legs underneath it.
Come on, Jerry!
Just over this ridge. It's all downhill.
What's the matter with you guys?
-We'll have to go home in the dark. -Home?
We're not going anywhere until we deliver this ice!
All right, we'll camp here. Put it down.
So, where are we gonna sleep?
Right over there.
Across the street. At the Holiday lnn!
You two kids can lounge by the pool while I fix us up with a couple of rooms.
You want a king-size bed, don't you? I know I do.
I sure hope there's a color TV.
Want a roll of quarters, Jerry, for the jukebox? Play a few tunes?
I'm so sick of this whining from you! Pull yourself together! Be a man!
Come on, Jerry. It's all right.
There goes Charlie to get a Fudgesicle.
Careful crossing the road.
I'm looking for some wood to build a lean-to.
Hear that? Charlie's gonna show us how to build a camp!
Charlie know how.
Put out the fire. You're melting my ice.
What are you looking at?
This is the first time since creation that ice has ever melted here.
Think about that.
Come on!
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Mad Max II-The Road Warrior
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Madonna-Girlie Show - Live Down Under (1993)
Madonna - Truth or Dare
Mafia Doctor
Magdalene Sisters The
Magician The 1958
Magnificent Warriors
Magnolia (1999) Gowenna
Maid in Manhattan
Majestic The
Makai Tensho 2003
Making of alien vs predator
Mala Educacion La
Mala Leche
Mala educacion La 2004 CD1
Mala educacion La 2004 CD2
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Malcolm X CD2
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Malibus Most Wanted
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Mallrats CD1
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Mamma Roma Pasolini
Man Apart A
Man Bites Dog
Man Called Horse A CD1
Man Called Horse A CD2
Man Called Sledge A
Man On Fire 2004 CD1
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Man Who Knew Too Little The CD1
Man Who Knew Too Little The CD2
Man Who Knew Too Much The
Man Who Loved Women The
Man Who Shot liberty Valance The 1962
Man Who Went to Mars A (2003) CD1
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Man Who Would Be King The
Man Without a Past
Man of La Mancha (1972) CD1
Man of La Mancha (1972) CD2
Man of the Year The 2003
Man with the Golden Gun The
Manchurian Candidate The 2004
Mando perdido
Mangchi 2003
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Manhattan Murder Mystery
Mannen Som Ikke Kunne Le
Mannen Som Log
Manon des Sources
Manon of the Spring
Mans Best Friend
Map Of The Human Heart 1993
Mar Adentro
Marci X
Maria Full Of Grace (2004)
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Marilyn Monroe - The final days 2001
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Married With Children 1x03 - Sixteen Years and What You Get
Married With Children 1x04 - But I Didnt Shoot the Deputy
Married With Children 1x05 - Have You Driven a Ford Lately
Married With Children 1x06 - Whose Room Is It Anyway
Married With Children 1x07 - Al Loses His Cherry
Married With Children 1x08 - Peggy Sue Got Work
Married With Children 1x09 - Married Without Children
Married With Children 1x10 - The Poker Game
Married With Children 1x11 - Where Is the Boss
Married With Children 1x12 - Nightmare On Als Street
Married With Children 1x13 - Johnny B Gone
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Masques (Masks)
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Matrix The
Maurice 1987
Mauvais Sang
May (Lucky McKee 2002)
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Me Myself I
Me Myself and Irene
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Mean Girls
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Meaning Of Life The (Monty Pythons) CD2
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Meet The Parents
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Men Make Women Crazy Theory
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Men in Black 2
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Mentale La
Mentale La (The Code)
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Minority Report 2002
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Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
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