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Subtitles for Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven 1975.

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Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven 1975

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[ Skipped item nr. 1 ]
Last week, it was 1,600.
I'm getting slower.
l'm not getting any younger.
l must put some sausages in the stew.
Father is sick of your salads.
No wonder he keeps grousing!
lf you knew how much poison there is in meat and sausages!
Nothing but chemicals!
l know what proper nutrition is.
Dad likes his meat, Helene, and he works for what he likes.
People just don't know what's good for them.
But go ahead. lt's yourselves you're harming.
One man's meat is another man's poison.
Dad wants what he's always been used to.
You can't change him.
And why should you?
He's healthy.
You won't make a vegetarian out of Dad.
l don't want to, Mom.
But people should know what they're eating.
Ernst can tell you all about the chemicals in sausages nowadays.
Nothing but chemicals and preservatives!
Yes, yes.
Franz was telling me about Finland.
lt rains all the time, he said...
and it's as cold as ice...
especially now in spring.
But we've booked, Ernst!
Besides, heat's no good in my condition. l need a mild climate.
And anyway, better cold than hot.
Anyway, it's quiet there and that's the main thing.
The whole year, l stand in the cold-store and l have to spend...
my vacation at the North Pole! lt's stupid!
You must think of our child, Ernst.
l know why we're going to Finland.
lf you don't think, l have to think for two.
Do you think your Ernst would be so strong if he didn't eat meat...
just your salads?
Don't worry, Mom. l'll be OK.
l just meant, because of the climate...
How often have l told you you should retrain for another job?
Then you wouldn't have to stand in that cold-store. lt's unhealthy, anyway.
Ernst always wanted to be a butcher.
You have to be able to change your life. Everyone knows that.
We are interrupting our program for a special news flash.
At a chemical plant near Frankfurt...
a mentally deranged worker...
beat his personnel manager to death...
and then committed suicide on a machine in the production hall.
The cause of this terrible tragedy is still unclear.
The police are continuing their investigations.
And now, we return to our music program.
The things that happen nowadays!
What's keeping Dad?
lt's past 6:00.
He'll come. He always has.
''At a chemical plant,'' they said.
ls a tire factory a chemical plant?
Sure it's a chemical plant. Everything's chemicals nowadays.
Where do you think all the dirt and pollution come from?
That'll be Dad. He must have forgotten his keys.
l don't have much time.
There's something l have to tell you, Emma.
Something terrible has happened.
To Hermann?
Yes, he's....
He killed himself. At the plant.
He's dead?
Yes, but...
there's worse to come.
Before that...
Before that, he killed someone. Beat him to death.
The boss's son, Dr. Berthold.
At the chemical plant.
Hermann must have heard something about mass layoffs...
and he just blew a fuse.
Telephone for you, dear. l think it's your mother.
l told her not to phone during working hours.
Hennecke hates it.
She said it's important, dear. She's all worked up.
OK, l'll go.
Hello, Mom!
Sorry to phone you, but--
Mother, you know that....
Yes, but listen...
it's about Dad.
-You must come right away. -What's happened?
Dad's dead.
He killed himself.
And there's something else.
Oh, Mother, don't cry!
You mustn't cry.
Just a moment.
Something's happened to my father.
Mom, take care of yourself!
Don't get upset!
l'll come as soon as l can.
My Hermann.
l couldn't even see him.
And you know what they're saying?
That he's a murderer.
A murderer, Corinna!
Mom, l'll come.
l'll come right away.
l have to talk to you. Give me a drink!
You leave us in the lurch...
and l'm fool enough to reward you for it.
what's up?
lt was my mother.
Dad's dead. He's killed himself.
And there was something else, too.
l don't remember.
But l have to go.
My sweetheart's getting sentimental in her old age.
Have another whiskey and forget the whole thing.
Who has a family nowadays?
Who, l ask you?
And at your age!
You're as free as a bird.
Have another drink before your next number.
Then we'll go home and fuck like rabbits...
and tomorrow, everything will be forgotten.
You're crazy, Gustav.
l couldn't sing a note now.
After all, it's art l'm creating.
Oh, yes...
Art and life.
And fresh rolls in the morning, and whiskey in the evening.
Drink your milk and forget the bogeyman.
l can't.
l've always kept in contact with my mother.
She stood by me as best she could.
l can't let her down now.
You're too soft for this business.
Just too soft.
Yes, l suppose l am.
l'll get changed and clear out.
''...and cleft the bond of love in twain...
''with one stroke of the whip.''
Who's that by?
By me.
The poetry of business life.
Ciao, Gustav!
Beat it!
How could it have happened?
-My God, l have no idea. -When did you hear about it?
Turn your head this way!
Please don't!
That's no way to photograph a lady. Can't you see the state l'm in?
Have some understanding!
What impression did your father make lately?
l don't know.
The same as always. Perfectly normal.
Did he make any remarks to you?
We didn't talk much.
l don't want to be recognized in the photos.
You're damaging my career. What if my colleagues recognize me?
Did your father-in-law suffer from depression?
No. He never talked about himself.
-What was your relationship like? -l don't know.
We just talked about everyday things.
-Did your father complain about his work? -Dad?
He never complained.
He'd been doing this job for over 20 years.
Sometimes he looked tired.
But all he said was...
''l'm not the youngest anymore.''
Weren't there ever family quarrels?
l mean, living on top of each other like this.
That's only natural.
lt happens in all families.
But never for long, and never seriously.
Did he often pick quarrels?
Dad never picked a quarrel.
He avoided conflict where he could. He was the quiet sort.
What about your childhood?
Did he never beat you?
l got my share of whacks. You know how it is.
Did he ever give you a real beating?
-Yes, probably. -What made him do that?
l haven't the faintest idea.
Any idea how this thing could have happened?
l wasn't there.
l can only think he went crazy.
Simply crazy.
Things like that happen.
Excuse me, Mrs. Küsters.
l don't want to bother you.
l can imagine how you feel.
But maybe you could answer a few questions.
l don't want to distress you, but it's my job to report on this case.
You knew your husband best.
You're the one who's most likely to know the truth.
And that's all l'm interested in. The truth.
Yes, l understand.
You have to write about it.
But today?
What can l possibly say today?
My head's all empty.
lt's all empty.
lt's not always easy for us either.
if it isn't possible today, maybe l could come some other time?
Say, tomorrow?
At 10:00?
lt's your job, l suppose.
All right, then, come.
See you tomorrow.
Chin up, Mrs. Küsters!
Chin up!
lt's strange.
People live side by side for years...
and hardly know each other.
And you know what will come of it?
What our dear colleagues will make of it?
One trumped-up story after another.
l can see it now. ''Was the factory killer insane?''
''The man who beat his son, beat his boss to death!''
-That's how they'll present it. -Of course they will.
There's a grain of truth in it, after all. That can't be denied.
lf they make a sensation out of it that's their business.
l'll tackle it quite differently. l'll stick to the truth.
l want to find the true cause.
lf only l knew how to get through to the old woman!
How it affects her.
Will it change her awareness?
That's what l'd like to know.
lsn't the method exactly the same?
The method may be the same, Marianne.
lt's the results that count.
Okay, Mrs. Küsters!
A bit closer to the stove!
And now, stir!
Yes. That's good.
Was your husband satisfied with your cooking?
Or did he sometimes complain?
Hermann was a quiet man.
He never complained.
lf he didn't like something, he said so.
You knew where you were. He was fair.
He was always fair.
That was fine.
Now let's take one of you working.
Would you sit down there?
Go on talking, Mrs. Küsters. l'm listening.
l suppose your husband liked a drink now and then?
Of course. Every man does.
With the other workers.
Sure, he liked a drink.
And when he came home drunk? What happened then?
He was never drunk, not so as he couldn't stand upright.
He never drank much.
He would go straight to bed and fall asleep.
And were there ever any quarrels?
l used to laugh when he couldn't walk straight...
and l'd say, ''You old boozer!''
Then he'd say, ''Leave me alone...
''l feel awful. l'm going to bed.''
And he was off.
And now, one of you making the bed.
lf you think so.
No. Don't hold the blanket so high! lt's covering your face.
How was your husband with the kids?
That's so long ago.
Thirty years or more. But one thing l do know.
He was far too good. They could get away with anything.
Sure, he hit the roof sometimes.
But he was younger then.
He'd smack them or give them a beating.
To tell you the truth, l got one or two myself...
when l upset him.
But later he calmed down.
He became very quiet.
So, that about wraps it up.
Just a shot in the sitting room.
Maybe one of you holding a picture of your husband? A recent one.
l'm sure you have one.
This is the last picture of him.
Taken three weeks ago at the zoo.
On Sundays, we often went to the zoo...
on Sunday.
lf you'd just turn towards me.
And the photo this way.
Yes, that's good.
Tell me, your husband wasn't so young anymore.
The work must have been pretty hard for him.
Did he never complain?
Was he dissatisfied with his bosses?
My husband never complained.
Maybe he'd say, ''lt was tough today.''
But that was all.
He accepted his superiors.
l didn't ask often, either.
We just lived our lives, day in, day out...
without asking each other much.
Maybe l should have asked him more.
Perhaps he had troubles.
He just bottled it all up.
He was such a kind-hearted man.
He didn't do it for himself. He did it for the others...
who were in the same situation.
For those...
who would have been laid off, too.
He was too good for this world.
That's what Max said, his foreman.
l have an idea.
We'll show them! A shot of you at the factory gate. What do you say?
At the factory gate? l don't know.
-Mrs. Küsters? A telegram for you. -Thanks.
A telegram from my daughter.
She's arriving at the airport at 12:00. l have to pick her up.
You have a daughter? l didn't know that!
She doesn't work here. She's away a lot.
Corinna's a singer, you know.
A singer? That's interesting!
l'll take you to the airport.
At 12:00, you said? l can manage that.
Well, thanks. l'll just get ready.
My name's Niemeyer. l'm a reporter.
Corinna Coren.
Can l drive you back to town?
l'm reporting on your father's case.
Did his death come as a great shock to you?
Yes. lt took me completely by surprise.
l'm on tour right now, you know.
Yes. lt's terrible.
We reporters are said to be a hard-boiled bunch...
but it's not true.
These things really touch us to the quick.
There were so many people in the apartment.
The papers are probably full of it.
lt's a good thing l haven't read them yet.
They're bound to say nasty things about your father.
And he was such a good man.
Say he was a good man!
Yes, Mom, he was a good man.
l'll do my utmost to report as objectively as possible.
l promise you...
l'll do all l can.
That's good. Thanks.
l told you what my husband was really like.
May l invite you to lunch?
You must be hungry.
Yes, l am.
Pretty hungry.
lt'll be easier to talk, too.
And there's a lot l'd like to find out from you.
You can find out everything, everything you want to know.
Thanks a lot.
But l have so much to do.
Later, Mother, later.
What l'm most interested in, Miss Coren, is your childhood.
My childhood?
l never had a proper childhood.
We were very badly off.
We had nothing in those days.
But, dear, we always looked after you.
Yes, Mom, sure.
But compared to nowadays!
How could you have afforded it?
left home at an early age?
What do you call early?
After high school. l wanted to study.
And your father wasn't supportive?
He couldn't see why a girl should study.
Ernst wasn't interested, and that left me.
But he never put obstacles in your way, Corinna.
You were free to do what you wanted.
Dad didn't like students, Mother. You know that as well as l do.
You never really studied anyway.
Yes. Things turned out differently.
l became a singer.
So your mother told me.
How did that come about?
lt was fate.
l just sing.
And l write my own lyrics, too.
-Excuse me a moment. -Certainly.
Don't be offended by her. She's always been a bit strange.
Not at all. l'm not offended.
On the contrary!
l'd like to speak to the editor working on the factory murder case.
l'm the daughter.
My name's Coren.
Corinna Coren, that's my stage name.
My real name is Küsters.
Yes, l'm a singer.
l'm sure you've heard of my record.
lt was a big hit:
''Men? Who Cares About Them?''
Yes, of course l'm willing to talk to you. With pleasure.
l thought you'd be interested.
Any time.
-How about this evening at 8:00? -lf you like.
Yes, l would like.
-Where's my mother? -She went to wash her hands.
Miss. The check, please!
We can't cancel the vacation, Mom.
There's money tied up in it. We saved up the whole year.
You can't go away now, after what happened to Dad!
You can't just go off! He's not even been buried yet!
You can't just run away...
and leave me...
all alone.
l'm carrying a new life inside me.
l have to think of that.
And staying here won't bring Dad back.
l daren't risk a miscarriage, the doctor said.
lt's all too much for me anyway.
-Don't you understand? -Yes, l understand you.
But, Ernst, you can't leave your mother alone with all this.
We have to think of the baby, Mom.
You must understand.
Have you lost all sense of decency?
we'll be back.
There's no alternative. Helene's nerves are worn to a frazzle.
lt's all right, my boy.
l'll be okay.
Go and help Helene pack.
-What's up here? -Mom's sore because we're leaving.
-No one can understand that. -lt's easy for you to talk.
You don't care about us. You come only on special occasions.
l was earning money.
l was singing.
Singing? You call that singing?
-l earn my money, too. -Shut up, damn it!
lt's true! All this commotion here!
My life's ruined.
My picture's in all the papers! But you don't care!
About what?
About this business with Father.
l don't care? Why am l here, then?
God only knows.
l wonder what goes on in that brain of yours.
Look who's talking!
How did it actually happen, this business with Dad?
No idea!
Max Lüders said there was talk of layoffs and so on.
And that Dad wanted to inquire.
That's all anyone knows.
lt probably led to an argument, and then it happened.
Dad was such a quiet type.
Oh, that'll be for me.
Maybe we should stay. Because of Mom and so on.
No, Ernst, we're going.
Or l'll go alone. But then....
l just meant, because of Mother.
She's not the youngest anymore.
Whose side are you on?
Mine or theirs?
Make up your mind!
O Lord, who in Thy mercy forgiveth all sinners...
forgive Thy servant Hermann.
Deliver him from the sufferings of purgatory.
Lead him, like all Thy children, to the light of salvation...
forever and ever. Amen.
Miss Coren, what are your plans for the future?
l have no firm plans.
Will you continue to sing?
Of course.
l'm at the start of my career.
l see no reason to break it off.
Will your father's actions help or hinder your career?
l'd prefer not to answer that.
But this business has made you known to a wider audience.
l will pursue my career as an artist.
Will you be performing here in Frankfurt?
l've had various offers, which l'm looking into.
l may well perform here.
Hello, Mrs. Küsters!
Your daughter has left already.
Can we help you in any way? Can we take you back to town?
Why don't you come and have coffee with us?
You could probably use it. lt'll do you good.
Come along!
l hope...
you've found some peace of mind.
lt was really a bit much for you.
All that agitation and so on.
lt has been awful these past few days.
For years, nothing happens...
and then, overnight...
everything comes crashing down on you.
Yes, my dear Mrs. Küsters...
it can't be easy for you, but....
How should l put it?
There's a lesson in it for all of us to learn.
Lesson? What is there left for you to learn?
You know everything, have everything...
Having something doesn't mean you know everything.
We know so little.
And what we have...
Marianne inherited.
The house and....
Oh, l see.
What we can learn from this affair...
is that it's not so simple...
the business with your husband...
and his being ''out of his mind,'' as they say in the papers.
That's not the real reason.
One must look for other explanations.
What your husband did is, in a sense...
not my Hermann.
He was always a quiet man.
There was never any of that.
Of course.
l said ''in a sense.''
One must realize that murder doesn't solve any problems.
Your husband tried to solve his problem...
but by the wrong means.
He could have done it better...
by seeking a solution on another plane.
his problem...
is the problem of all workers.
Only when they are strong and united can changes occur...
that will be of benefit to the whole of society.
An isolated deed...
especially a killing, doesn't help.
The working classes must unite...
and use the best means available...
to achieve socialism.
Hermann never said he was oppressed...
or exploited.
He always said that's the way it is in the world.
There have to be masters...
and servants.
Yes, because he wasn't aware that these conditions can be changed...
if everyone joins forces and fights together.
Then he'd have known there don't have to be servants and masters...
but that we must seek to give everyone an equal share...
of what we all produce together.
You see...
throughout the country...
in all the factories...
there are people working, making things that are sold for money.
But who pockets the money?
The workers are fobbed off with a tiny share of the profits.
The lion's share goes to the business owners...
to the capitalists.
And that is unjust.
lt has to be changed.
Surely you agree?
But not everyone can have the same.
The people at the top have more responsibility.
That's where you're wrong.
You see...
when there's a crisis, as we have now...
the capitalists push the burden onto the workers.
Look at the situation now.
We've seen it time and again.
Whenever there's a crisis in the capitalist system...
it's not the owner who's fired, or the manager.
No! They start at the bottom. The workers are the first to go.
They're put on short time.
Fringe benefits are cut. Taxes are raised.
That's what we're experiencing now.
And your husband refused to accept it.
ln the wrong way, admittedly, as my husband said...
driven by a feeling that something had to be done.
And he could have been helped...
if he had had the right people on his side.
Your husband must have been sensitive...
to the mood of crisis among the workers.
One thing l do know.
He didn't kill that man just to liberate himself.
He wanted to help the others, too.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
You put that so nicely.
That's certainly how it was.
Hermann always stuck his neck out for others.
He defended everyone and said you have to see the good in people.
That's the kind of thing my Hermann said.
Not so long ago, he said, ''Now they'll be laying some of us off.
''The foreign workers will be the first to go...
''and it hits them hardest.''
He always thought of other people...
and of himself last.
Your husband had the right idea, but went about it in the wrong way.
lf he'd been one of us...
he'd have had people...
who could have explained things to him.
One of you?
l don't understand.
Yes, Mrs. Küsters. We are Communists.
We are members of the German Communist Party.
But my Hermann was never a Communist.
He was always against them.
He said they're troublemakers who ruin everything...
who are out to destroy everything we've built up.
that's what people are told about us.
We are depicted...
as villains and enemies of the state.
And why?
Because we say...
what everyone's thinking anyway.
Because we uncover the abuses inherent in the system.
And certain people don't like that.
The parties, the government...
big industry.
A lot of our comrades suffer for being party members.
They're kept out of certain professions, prevented from working...
or becoming civil servants.
Just imagine...
a person's not allowed to work, because he thinks differently!
We just want to help people see the conditions they're living in.
That's all.
But we're doing all right.
People are content with what they have.
Maybe it's all way above my head.
Well, l'd better be going.
l'm sure you have better things to do than talk to an old woman...
and l still have so much to take care of.
Thanks for having me. lt made me feel better.
lt's good to talk to people.
Really good!
Don't cry, please!
You're welcome here anytime.
And if you ever feel lost or have any questions...
give us a call.
We'll always be there for you.
Come whenever you like.
l thank you from the bottom of my heart.
l called him.
We're going there this evening.
Benno's all hot for you.
Anyway, they have a lovely place full of precious things.
Really posh!
l thought they were millionaires.
When they said they were Communists...
l was flabbergasted.
l always thought Communists were dirt poor.
There are Communists and Communists.
Like everywhere else in the world.
There are poor ones and rich ones...
even among Communists.
lt's the same in East Germany.
The party bosses...
have their villas and can buy exotic fruits. The others...
don't have enough bread.
And even that...
is rationed.
Dad wasn't crazy at all to do what he did, they said.
He saw no other way out.
The Communists could have helped him.
Mom, don't fall for that!
lt's way above your head.
Leave that to others.
They're decent people, friendly and attentive.
They looked after me.
And l'm grateful for every kind word.
They're armchair Communists.
l know dozens of that sort from Munich.
They blather on about revolution...
and what should be done for the workers...
but most of them don't know a genuine worker.
They should go to the factories and do something.
But that's a different kettle of fish.
Don't be so hard on them. These people are different.
They're educated and not snobbish. l noticed that right away.
Stay away from people like that. They're up to no good, Mom.
At least they talked to me...
and took care of me.
Aren't we expecting too much of her?
Of whom?
Mother Küsters.
Who have we been talking about?
Sorry, my thoughts were elsewhere.
l think we're asking too much of her.
She was still shaken by the funeral and then...
all those theories.
No, Marianne. lt was perfectly all right.
l watched her closely.
She listened intently...
and took a lot of it in.
And don't forget, she's lonely...
so she's glad...
to be able to talk to someone.
She can't expect much from her family.
Old people tend to be mistrustful.
l think we scared her off.
She has always been warned about Communists, and now...
she'll keep well out of our way.
She'll come back to us one day.
l'm sure.
ln principle, anyone can perform here...
as long as they have...
some musical ability.
l'm not interested in political beliefs.
The main thing is that the audience listens...
and drinks.
And not too little, either!
But you have a certain aura, as one can see.
And you sing, too?
lt doesn't matter whether you can or not.
-l thought-- -You thought!
Thinking? Who thinks nowadays?
And people who sing certainly don't think.
Thank God!
Am l right or am l right?
Don't touch it, Jörg!
That won't buy you a meal.
l write my own lyrics.
Oh, that doesn't matter.
Beggars can't be choosers.
But l did choose!
That's what they all think.
And they're all fooling themselves.
Okay, when do you want to start?
l don't know...
She wants to start as soon as possible.
l see.
l see.
Then let's say Saturday.
At least it'll be jam-packed.
The first show around 11:00, the second at 1:00.
ls that all right?
Sure it's all right! They're the only rights we have here.
l must get back to work.
Cooking the books, if you get my drift.
Well then, all the best.
The ads with your name?
That business with your father.
Will that be okay?
that's okay with me.
''How could a seemingly quiet worker...
''turn into a bloodthirsty monster?
''Was Hermann K. really the man...
his co-workers and bosses knew?
''A glance at his private life reveals...
''who Hermann K. really was.
''Outwardly, a nice, friendly guy...
''always ready to help...
''what was he like at home with his family?
''A tyrant with an uncontrollable temper.
''A drunkard, feared by his family.
''His haggard, worn-out, prematurely aged wife.
''What must she have endured from this man?
''But still she defends him to the last.
'''He was kind-hearted, always nice and quiet and helpful to everyone.'
''But even she is forced to admit that he drank...
''and was often violent...
''and that she was sometimes on the receiving end.
''Her son speaks more frankly.
'''He often gave me a good beating, sometimes for no reason.
'''He could really lay into you when he wanted to.'
''But the clearest picture of Hermann K...
''comes from his daughter.
''She calls herself Corinna Coren...
''and looks to be making a career for herself as a singer.
''Describing her youth, she says...
'''My father never showed any understanding for me.
'''l wanted to study, but he wouldn't let me.
'''So l left home. l wanted to stand on my own two feet.
'''l studied, but my father was always against it.'''
What do you say to that?
What should l say?
What that man wrote!
that's how things are.
He said he wouldn't write anything bad about Dad...
and now this!
lt's all invented!
A pack of lies!
lt's his job to create sensations.
Everyone has to make a living.
People forget it as soon as they've read it.
Who really knew Father anyway?
You knew him. l knew him. And you know very well it's not true.
As well as l do.
And you even defend that person. You don't care about Dad.
You, his own daughter, carrying on with a man like that!
He's done a lot for me.
He has connections...
and l have to look out for myself, and Father's dead.
Yes, Dad's dead...
but l'm alive.
l'm still alive, Corinna! And l swear to you...
one day l'll call them to account.
Mark your old mother's words! l owe it to Dad.
My dear Mrs. Küsters, l received the letter...
you so kindly sent me.
We've considered the matter closely in the works council...
and even at a board meeting.
We all understand your grief, and we realize...
what a terrible blow it was for you.
But we concluded that we cannot accede to your request.
Let me explain briefly.
A works pension is paid...
only when an employee is killed in an industrial accident.
ln your husband's case, there was no accident.
He was himself to blame.
Added to which he killed Dr. Berthold...
causing serious harm publicly...
to the firm and the staff.
The publicity has seriously affected industrial relations.
l can assure you...
you have no legal claim.
The secretary of the chemical workers' union confirmed that.
As you can see, l've explored all possibilities.
l am very sorry.
You needn't be sorry.
You needn't be sorry at all.
l have my two hands.
l'll manage.
Well, thanks a lot, Mr....
-But what are you doing? Why? -l'm moving out, Mother.
But why? There's enough room here.
Don't worry about me. l'll manage.
Don't you like it here?
Of course l like it. But l don't get along with Helene, and....
Helene! This is my home, not Helene's.
Now everyone's deserting me.
l'll come to visit, Mother.
But l also need to be alone.
Everyone needs that.
-Everyone needs a place of their own. -l understand you.
Don't cry, Mother. l don't like it when you cry. Please don't cry!
You're moving in with that man, aren't you?
Mom! lt's my life.
l'm not the youngest anymore...
and Ernst and Helene will be back soon...
and you won't be alone anymore.
lt's all right, my dear.
lf you don't mind, l'd like to come and see you.
l need to talk to someone.
My daughter's left, too.
Now l'm all alone.
We told you, you're welcome anytime.
Mrs. Küsters. She wants to come by.
We'd be delighted, Mrs. Küsters.
l'll be right there. lt's not far.
Thanks. See you soon.
Come in, Mrs. Küsters!
l'll show you something, and you can tell me what you think.
-l'll make you some coffee. -Thanks.
This is my paper.
l've written an article that also deals with your husband's case.
You know that dreadful story they published in that magazine?
l want you to compare it with what l wrote.
Yes, it was terrible.
When l read it, everything was a blur.
l felt all dizzy.
And l trusted him!
The swine...
the filthy swine!
He's not a human being, that reporter, he's an animal.
He wanted to write the truth, he said...
the truth about Hermann.
He was quiet and even-tempered, my Hermann.
Now he's portrayed as a drunkard and a bully...
-and he can't defend himself anymore. -Your husband must be rehabilitated...
his name cleared!
That's why my husband wrote the article.
Read it yourself!
That's better, much better!
What you've written is true.
But who'll read it?
That's only read by....
Not very many yet...
but more every day.
And time, Mother Küsters...
time is on our side.
lt would be good, very good, if lots of people would read this...
and not just the magazine story.
But that's how it is.
We're in God's hands.
No, Mother Küsters.
lt's not God-given the way things are.
Things can be changed.
And any change...
can only be for the better.
-But God-- -God is God...
and life is life.
And people are responsible for their own lives.
l don't know....
Maybe you're right.
But what you wrote is good.
l thank you for it.
You don't have to thank me.
lt was no more than my duty.
lt didn't stop raining, and it didn't get properly light.
You should have gone south.
lt rains in the south, too.
He did nothing but complain and was in a terrible mood.
With that weather!
There are lovely woods up there.
He was just too lazy to go for a walk.
lf you slave away all year...
you want a restful, lazy vacation.
l slave away all year, too.
But sitting down.
Oh, yes! Mother and son!
Stick together!
l'm not taking any more of this.
Always arguing, ganging up on me.
l'm moving out!
You can stay with your mother. l'll manage.
She doesn't mean it, Mom. She's just sore about the vacation.
lt didn't turn out as she'd planned.
She doesn't like being in the wrong.
And in her condition!
l had children, too, but l didn't behave like that.
Nobody's done anything to her.
l'm moving out.
That does it! l'll show you!
Hello, l saw your ad in the paper.
You have a furnished apartment?
Yes, l'd be interested. ls it quiet?
Oh, l see.
That's too bad. Goodbye!
-Ernst? -Yes?
You planned this during your vacation. Moving out.
But, Mom!
Never mind!
lt's all right.
Yes, l'm looking for something furnished.
Three rooms if possible.
Well, thanks anyway.
All the same, l'll manage!
Me, too, Helene!
l'll manage, too.
Even if you all desert me, it doesn't matter.
On the contrary, it gives me strength.
l promised Dad into his grave that l'd cherish his memory.
You two couldn't care less.
But l'm going to fight.
What kind of talk is that, Mom?
And what does it have to do with Dad?
That's my business.
And now l even ask you both to move out.
l ask you to.
But, Mom!
-Well, Helene? Have a good rest? -Not bad.
To what do we owe the honor of your visit?
l just want to pick up some stuff l forgot.
Don't worry! l'm going again.
What's going on here?
No idea!
-Mom's just talking nonsense. -l'm not talking nonsense!
-Never mind, Mom, we're all nuts. -Maybe you are.
l've got my wits about me.
Mom keeps talking about fighting.
Do you know what it's all about?
Leave her! She has her own notions.
Mom, today's my first show in Frankfurt.
Want to come? With Ernst and Helene?
-Thanks. l'd rather stay at home. -Then you come with Ernst.
lf you think so.
And if Ernst goes.
Great! See you tonight! Bye!
Singing! Don't make me laugh!
You see, l'm all international tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, l have a sensation for you.
Something that's never been seen before!
Ladies and gentlemen, what l'm presenting tonight...
is more than just a smash hit.
lt's nothing less than a miracle!
A slip of a girl...
but with such a voice...
with so much power and drive, so much strength,
she'll bring the house down.
You'll get your money's worth tonight.
l present to you...
l don't want to brag too much, or l might disappoint you.
At fairs, they used to show the female torso...
and the bearded lady. Do you remember?
The lady with three breasts...
None of that l can offer you tonight.
What l can offer is something more.
An experience, a sensation.
Polish your glasses! Loosen your ties!
That's right!
Ladies and gentlemen, l present to you today, here, at this hour...
the sensation!
Ladies and gentlemen...
l present to you not the living female torso.
l present to you...
the daughter of the factory murderer!
Oh, my God!
How can they allow that?
Here she is!
The streets, they stink
of dirt and shit
My chances sink
'cause Fred has quit
The sun is low
He let me go
l'm digging my grave
and no one says ''no''
says ''no'', says ''no''
Men, they forget
us women so quick.
That skin of theirs
is so damned thick
Women are women
from their heads to their toes
But sadly, with men
you're not clear how it goes
They brag about courage
they don't really have
Then they take their bow
without asking your leave
My Fred was all right
his kisses were sweet
When he lost all restraint lying
under my sheet
But a guy caught his eye
and he gave me the boot
What could l do
but part with the brute?
l want a new man
a real one with zest
Who knows a girl's worth
when she's giving her best
Men, they forget
us women so quick
That skin of theirs
is so damned thick
Women are women
from their heads to their toes
But sadly, with men
you're not clear how it goes
Come on, Mom! Let's go!
l checked out the place. lt's a perfect location.
Near the opera house facing away from the street, and quiet.
Just what l've always wanted.
Then you were lucky.
The tram stops just round the corner. l can get to work in ten minutes.
The furniture's nothing special, but it'll do for now.
We can add things as we go along, or replace them.
And we can move in tomorrow!
Ernst, your wife's in an awful hurry.
Don't be sad, Mom. lt's not far.
We can phone, and you can come visit.
Chin up, my boy! Don't worry about me!
Come on, dear! We have to pack!
Mrs. Küsters!
l was just walking past...
and l thought l'd ring. l hope you don't mind?
On the contrary, Mrs. Küsters. We're always glad to see you.
Would you like something to eat? l've just made some sandwiches.
-Thanks. -Come in!
lt's all so hard for me.
When you have someone at your side for 30 years...
you don't need to talk much.
And the worries weigh only half as much.
Why don't you come to us with your troubles?
The main thing is to get them off your chest.
Yes. l feel so lonely...
so abandoned by everybody.
Since my husband's death...
the whole family's broken apart.
My daughter was always on the move...
but l thought, now that she works in Frankfurt...
she could at least live with me.
Even if she does work in that dive and drags her father's name in the mud.
And now my son...
has moved out with his wife...
and l'm all alone in that big apartment...
talking to myself.
-Good evening, Mr.... -Good evening, Mrs. Küsters!
l happened to be passing and l thought l'd ring.
Yes, that's fine.
Why don't you come along with us?
We're meeting some comrades for a glass of wine and a chat.
But l'm not prepared, and l'm not dressed right.
Nonsense, Mrs. Küsters!
Things like that are not important to us. Outward appearances don't count with us.
Well, all right...
if you don't mind...
l'll come.
Hello, Mom!
l thought l'd drop by.
That's nice. Come in!
-How are things with you? -So so.
How's the little one?
Good. He screams like all babies.
That's how it is.
And how are you?
Oh, you know.
l'm alone a lot.
l'm sorry about that, Mom.
Nonsense! You don't have to be sorry. lt has its good sides.
You have time to think when you're alone.
-You know, l've joined the Party. -What party?
The German Communist Party.
But, Mom!
You needn't worry.
They're ordinary people. They talk to me...
and they take me seriously.
Yes, they take me seriously.
l don't know much about politics, but they try hard to explain it.
The business with Dad, too.
And why? Out of the kindness of their hearts?
Everybody's out for something.
Once you realize that, everything becomes simpler.
l want them to be nice to me...
and to talk to me, and if they want something from me...
that's only fair.
l don't dare tell Helene. She'll throw a fit.
You don't have to tell her.
Just try to understand it yourself.
l'll try.
They give me strength when l sit here all alone...
with my thoughts eating away at me, you understand?
Yes, Mom. l understand you.
l keep thinking of Dad...
and what he did.
And slowly, l begin to understand why that happened with Dad...
and all those around him.
And that helps me.
lt's important. You understand?
Sure, Mom. You know what's important for you.
l don't blame you.
l'd better be going. Bye!
-My love to Helene and the baby! -l'll tell them, Mom.
...for socialism can neither be improvised...
nor brought about by a putsch or conspiracy.
lt can only be the outcome...
of struggle of the working classes and the people.
What the workers experience...
in the present state of crisis...
helps them develop their class awareness...
and prepares the ground for the class struggle.
The more the Party identifies itself with the working masses...
the closer this struggle will come.
We therefore demand...
the securing of jobs...
by increasing mass purchasing power.
We must put up resistance in the factories, in municipalities...
on the streets and in the squares.
We condemn the profiteers and the big combines.
Stop the extortion by multinational oil companies...
which exploit our people...
and destroy jobs with price fixing!
lt's not wages that determine prices.
lt's the monopolies.
No more short-time work and factory closures!
We demand an end to mass layoffs!
Dismissals without the provision of alternative employment...
must be forbidden by law.
Our Party urges all workers, employees...
union members, Social Democrats and Young Socialists...
to join forces in combatting...
those responsible for the impending...
social crisis.
Not the farming people and workers are our enemies.
We all have a common enemy who robs and exploits us.
Nobody's safe from sackings and price increases.
Let us act together. Today rather then tomorrow.
Let us act now!
Thank you, Comrade Tillmann, for your interesting remarks.
Today, we are able to illustrate his theoretical analysis...
with an authentic case.
l'd like to welcome Mother Küsters...
who joined our Party a few weeks ago.
You all know the tragic case of her husband, Hermann Küsters.
She has volunteered to speak to you today.
Good evening, everyone!
This is the first time l've ever spoken to so many people at once...
and l'm not as good a speaker as the others...
but l can explain, l think...
why l joined this party at my age.
l must confess...
it's not because of politics, which l know too little about...
but because of the people...
l've found among you.
And these people have told me...
that we mustn't accept everything as God-given...
that it's not all fate.
l believe them, and that's why l'm here.
l have come to realize...
there's a reason for everything...
for all the terrible things that happen in the world.
l was married to my husband for 40 years.
That's a long time...
but much too short as well.
Because, what did l do all those years?
l did what was expected of me...
what is expected of every woman.
l had children, kept house and so on.
And Hermann did...
what was expected of him.
He went to work...
went to war...
And that was the way of things.
But is that life...
l ask myself now?
ls that really life? Or did we just live...
in the way others wanted us to live?
Was that really our life? l don't know.
Down in the valley...
all you see is the mountain.
But up on the mountain...
you can see many valleys...
and mountains.
Forty years...
is a long time for two people to be together.
l thought l knew him...
and l thought there was no need to talk. We knew everything there was to know.
But that's not true...
not true at all.
We have no idea.
How my husband must have suffered to have done what he did!
And l knew nothing about it.
ls that life?
Other people's problems, that's what he talked about.
But we never really learned...
how to live together, or we weren't able to get through to each other.
How desperate he must have been, not knowing which way to turn!
He had nobody like you to talk to...
who might have told him what was right.
Things would have been different then.
And he wouldn't have been used after his death...
to fill those magazines with lies.
My husband is no murderer.
And he's not crazy either.
He's a man who hit back...
because he was beaten all his life.
and trampled on.
lf it's true what l've heard here...
that 1 percent of the population...
owns 80 percent of all wealth...
then he tried in his own way...
to fight this injustice.
The way he did it...
was wrong...
but l want to make amends for that.
l, Emma Küsters...
will join you in your struggle for justice today.
What you said was very good.
Really? l just said...
what came to my mind.
Yes, that was right.
Everything else in there is empty talk.
l don't know. l like it here.
Because you think they care about you. But you're wrong.
You're for it with all your heart. But them in there!
Take a good look at those people!
Do you think they mean all they say, like you?
That's why l joined the Party.
Because they misled you.
They're all talk and no action.
And so it goes on for years...
until the goals they once had are forgotten.
But they want to help me clear my husband's name!
You really believe that?
Sure, l believe you believe it.
But those people don't give a shit about your husband.
When you talk like that, it makes me sad.
What you need, Mrs. Küsters, is a striking action.
Something to make people sit up and take notice.
To shake them out of their sleep.
What sort of an action?
We'd have to consider that.
But something can certainly be done.
You can always do something.
lf you ever need me, my name's Knab.
Horst Knab. l live at 24 Westendstrasse.
You never know.
Horst Knab, Westend....
l don't understand a thing.
You impressed them tremendously, Mrs. Küsters.
Did l?
l'm glad.
lt was great, what you said. lt really got under their skin.
l thought l'd just talk, as if someone were sitting there...
listening sympathetically.
That's all there was to it.
The people were all very quiet...
and l wasn't afraid anymore.
Yes, we could tell you weren't afraid anymore.
That was good.
When l went outside...
to the ladies' room...
someone approached me...
and said such strange things.
He said l needed an action.
''An action.'' That's what he said.
Knab's his name, Horst Knab.
He's one of those who want to destroy, instead of building things up.
They are people...
we can't even talk with anymore.
We have nothing to do with them. They're...
anarchists, Mrs. Küsters.
They are our enemies.
l told him right away...
l'd joined the Party...
because l believe it'll help me with Hermann...
and so on.
You can rest assured we will not leave you in the lurch.
lt's not much farther.
Here we are.
Thanks for everything!
Good night!
Haven't you promised the woman too much?
She's just waiting and waiting.
l thought something would happen.
l sit at home...
but nobody calls, nobody comes by.
Why doesn't the Party do anything?
We wanted to go to the factories and tell people the truth...
about my husband.
But nothing!
You must be patient, Mrs. Küsters. lt's a slow process.
But not that slow!
People forget so quickly.
lf we don't act now, it'll just fade away.
But Mrs. Küsters...
we can't work miracles.
We promised to help you, and we will.
But we must act now, while it's still fresh in people's minds!
Why aren't you doing anything?
My dear Mrs. Küsters, we are very busy.
We're in the middle of an election campaign.
We need to gain new voters.
That's our main task right now.
We won't forget you, but we have to put your case on hold.
There'll be time enough after the campaign.
But l need it now!
Something has to happen now! Now!
You can't let me down like that.
No one's letting you down...
but we have more pressing problems.
''The Party's right in any situation, fighting lies and exploitation!''
Your party's a bourgeois party, Mrs. Küsters, that's all.
All parties are.
But your party's a small party.
The smaller the party, the less power it has and the less courage.
They certainly didn't help with Hermann.
Because they can't.
lt's obvious.
They stick to the constitution and try to keep a low profile.
But they promised me!
They have to lie, like all the others. But we don't have to lie.
We're answerable only to ourselves.
We are free.
Maybe. But what can you do?
There are even fewer of you.
That's true.
But we make up for that with spirit.
We have more guts, Mrs. Küsters.
l was thinking. We could just enter the editorial office...
and demand a retraction of the article.
We'd sit on the floor and stay there...
until our demands are met.
You understand? Four or five people...
and you.
Yes, l see.
-And you think that would help? -Of course it would help.
The whole nation would take notice.
You want everyone to think about your husband, don't you?
Yes, l do.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
lt's the only way to achieve anything in this case.
Believe me!
l'll think it over.
l have to think it over first. Maybe you're right.
Another cup?
Yes, please! Thanks.
l promised my Hermann.
lnto his grave, l promised him.
lnto his grave....
-We want to see Mr. Niemeyer. -Yes. What is it about?
We want to tell him personally. lt's important.
-Do you know where Niemeyer is? -No idea. You can see he's not here.
-Then we'll talk to the editor. -He's in a meeting.
Then get him out! lt's important! We have important information.
Take it easy, young man!
l'll try, if you insist.
Dr. Linke?
There are some people here who say they have important information.
No, he's not here.
Take a seat! He won't be long.
Well, what is it? You have some information?
My name's Küsters, Mr....
-But that's-- -Exactly.
She's the wife of your ''factory murderer.''
-Mine? -Sure!
Your factory murderer. He's not ours, is he?
No, he's not our factory murderer. He's yours.
And you're responsible for this defamation.
To be quite frank, l can't remember the details.
lt was some months ago.
For me, it's right here.
Closer than anything.
And l want you to print the truth about my husband.
-That's why we're here. -My dear woman...
if we printed a retraction every time someone complained...
where would we be?
Write a reader's letter.
-Maybe we'll print that. -No!
l can't wait any longer. l want something to happen today!
l'm sorry, madam, but l must ask you to leave.
You refuse?
l won't be blackmailed.
-Then-- -Then maybe this will persuade you!
We declare the office occupied. You are all our hostages.
Follow our instructions and nothing will happen to you!
Against the wall!
And you! Call the guy who wrote that article!
What's up?
But that's....
Old Mrs. Küsters?
Others, too?
What do they want?
l see.
Of course. l'll be right there!
-What's going on? -l have to go to the office.
-Where? -The editorial office.
Some anarchists are up to something.
To what?
They've taken hostages.
At the editorial office, darling.
-What's that about my mother? -Your mother?
You just said ''old Mrs. Küsters.''
Yes, darling. Your mother's with them.
l don't believe it!
lt's ridiculous!
maybe not.
Anyway, it has to do with my article. That's why l have to go.
-Mother with anarchists? -God! l don't know any details!
Why are you shouting? What did l do?
l'm nervous.
l'm sorry.
l'll give you a call, okay?
Mother and anarchists!
Can you hear me?
This is the Küsters Commando.
We have occupied the offices of the lllustrated.
We're holding three hostages.
They will be shot if our demands are not met.
We demand restitution for Hermann Küsters.
He has been wronged.
This magazine portrayed him as a brutal murderer and a madman.
Which he was not.
He was a lone revolutionary.
ln his honor, we demand the release...
of all political prisoners in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Or people will die here!
Who's that?
The chief of police? About time!
We don't want any bloodshed.
We demand free passage with our hostages in a Mercedes 600.
Bring the car here. The doors must be open.
Have a Boeing 707 ready, with a crew of four...
so we can leave the country.
We're taking two hostages. You know our demands.
The release of all political prisoners in the name of Hermann Küsters.
The decision on life or death is in your hands.
Long live the revolution!
About time you got here!
You're crazy!
Mrs. Küsters, tell them to stop their war games!
Shut your trap, you pig! Up against the wall!
They're stark raving mad!
They're demanding the release of all political prisoners in Germany.
They're either amateurs or madmen.
Shut up!
The car must be outside in one hour, as stipulated.
All hostages but two will be released.
Linke and Niemeyer will remain in our hands...
until our demands are met.
We want no police within a radius of 200 meters.
l'm warning you, we can see everything from up here.
All doors and windows must be shut.
lf our conditions are not met, the first hostage will be shot.
Okay. ln one hour!
The escape car has driven up.
After some time, Mother Küsters and the others came out
with the hostages.
The girl has her weapon
trained on Niemeyer's head.
Knab is guarding Linke
Mother Küsters accompanies them
evidently bewildered.
Ernst sees his mother,
breaks through the police line,
and runs toward her.
Ernst: Mom! Mom!
Mother Küsters walks
toward Ernst as if in a trance.
Horst Knab (close up)
Knab: Mrs. Küsters, look out!
Mother Küsters (medium close)
A shot rings through the night. Mother Küsters falls to the ground.
Knab shoots Linke dead.
Then he is hit, too.
Corinna approaches, kneels down,
takes her dead mother in her arms
and lets herself be photographed.
We want to speak to your reporter Niemeyer urgently.
-We have important information. -l'll see if he's here.
Don't worry. He'll be here.
Or maybe he hasn't the guts.
What do you mean?
What l say.
ls Niemeyer there?
-There are certain persons here.... -Persons?
Well, some people. l beg your pardon? No?
Oh, well. Too bad!
Yes. Thanks.
l'm sorry. He's in a meeting at the moment.
Just phone again, my dear woman, and say...
that among the persons or people, or whatever you choose to call us...
that Mother Küsters is one of them. Understand?
As you wish.
Sorry to disturb you, but l should tell you...
-there's a Mrs. Küsters-- -Mother Küsters.
Sorry! Mother Küsters.
Hello, Mrs. Küsters. Why didn't you say it was you?
Because l'm not alone, Mr. Niemeyer. l'm by no means alone.
We demand the retraction of your obscene article, Mr. Niemeyer.
Hermann Küsters was not a brutal criminal, as you portrayed him.
Hermann Küsters was...
a lone revolutionary.
That's your opinion, my young friend.
But do you think...
this will help the memory of your husband in any way, Mrs. Küsters?
We're not here to have a discussion. We're demanding something.
And we will fight to obtain our demands. Tell that to your editor!
That swine Niemeyer!
ln '68, the pig was demonstrating with us.
-Now they're sitting on the floor? -Yes.
lt looks quite picturesque.
And this, this.... What did you say he's....
-Knab. -Knab, yes.
Who is he?
Some washed-up anarchist.
Too scared to pull something really big.
Then everything's okay. l'll take a look at them.
Listen, darling!
Your mother's up to her nonsense again.
She's staging a sit-down strike here in the office.
They want me to retract the article, or something.
Yes, with two inane anarchists.
Be a dear! Get dressed and come over here!
You must make her see reason.
lt's all so ridiculous.
No. That's the problem. l can't.
l have to interview that theater guy...
who's resigned.
Look here, young man, we're only the local office in Frankfurt.
The real decisions are made in Hamburg.
You know that very well.
Then call the police and have us carried out!
What? All that bother?
With police and so on?
No. You'll get up on your own when you're hungry.
And there's an end to it!
The appointment's at 5:00. See you tomorrow!
And what should l do? l have to go now.
Just go home!
-This will sort itself out on its own. -But if they phone America or something?
They don't have contacts with America.
Don't worry your head about that.
See you!
-Well, what do we do now? -Wait and see what happens.
They're sure to take some action against us.
lt's the wrong method after all.
-ls it? -Yes.
The only way to achieve anything is to use force. Guns, hostages, blackmail.
Oh, no! No, no!
That would be wrong.
Quite certainly.
And everyone would be against us, and against Hermann as well.
But we would have achieved something. Roused people, shaken them.
But not with violence and threats.
You see, we do have much less power...
than the other side, don't we?
Good night!
Exactly that.
And because we have less power, but the more humane ideas...
we may resort to more desperate means.
l don't understand that.
l can't understand that.
l'm clearing off.
The whole thing's futile.
l'm staying.
How nice! Sit down!
Come on!
Mother, what's all the palaver about?
l want your friend to take back his filthy article.
And l'll stay sitting here until he does.
No one's interested in whether you're sitting here or not.
You're just making yourself look ridiculous.
Who to? To these people here?
lt's impossible to make myself look ridiculous to them.
Not these people.
Can you even remember what Dad looked like?
Why do you ask?
But it's true.
Sometimes when l want to recall him, my head's all empty.
And yet, l have nothing else in my head but Hermann.
Have l?
l don't know, Mom.
l don't know.
Come on now!
No, Corinna. l'm staying here.
As you wish.
l'm going again. Ciao, Mom!
-Corinna! -Yes?
Are you successful with your singing?
Yes, Mom. Thanks.
lt's okay.
Ciao, Mom!
Good evening!
Good evening!
l heard you were sitting here.
But l have to lock up now.
Go ahead and lock up!
l can't lock up as long as you're sitting here.
Then l can't help you.
Let me take you outside!
You can come back again tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow, and the day after, and every day.
But at night, you see, at night, it's a problem for me...
because l can't go home then.
and this evening, there's ''heaven and earth'' for dinner...
with blood sausage.
''Heaven and earth''?
Creamed potatoes and apples?
Yes, with blood sausage.
With blood sausage.
There's more than enough.
Maybe you'd care to join me? Come along with me!
But what would your wife say?
My wife has been dead a long time.
l live alone...
l'm alone a lot, you know.
l'm alone a lot, too.
There you are!
Then come along with me!
And we can consider...
how to make sure the truth...
is written about your husband.
How do you know that about my husband?
l read that article, and l knew immediately...
that it was a pack of lies.
My God!
Come along!
We're going home...
to eat ''heaven and earth''...
with blood sausage, and to think out a plan.
''Heaven and earth!''
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