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Moulin Rouge CD1

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"There was a boy"
"A very strange|enchanted boy"
"They say he wandered|very far"
" Very far"
" Over land and sea"
"A little shy"
- Turn away from this village of sin,|-"And sad of eye"
for it is a veritable|Sodom and Gomorrah.
"But very wise"
"Was he"
"And then one day"
"A magic day"
"He passed my way"
"And while we spoke|of many things"
"Fools and kings"
" This he said tome"
" The greatest thing"
" You'll ever learn"
"Is just to love"
The Moulin Rouge.
A nightclub.
A dancehall and a bordello...
- The Moulin Rouge!|-ruled over by Harold Zidler.
A kingdom|of night time pleasures,
where the rich and powerful|came toplay with the young|and beautiful creatures...
of the underworld.
The most beautiful|of all these...
was the woman I loved.
A courtesan,
she sold her love to men.
They called her|"the sparkling diamond, "
and she was the star...
of the Moulin Rouge.
The woman I loved...
- I first came to Paris...
one year ago.
It was 1899,|the summer of love.
I knew nothing of the Moulin Rouge,|Harold Zidler...
or Satine.
The world had been swept up|in bohemian revolution,
and I had traveled from London|to be a part of it.
On the hill near Paris|was the village of Montmartre.
- It was not, as my father had said--|- A village of sin!
But the center|of the bohemian world.
- " Of the revolution "|- Musicians, painters, writers.
They were known as|"the children of the revolution. "
and that which I believed in|above all things--love.
Always this ridiculous|obsession with love!
There was only one problem--|I'd never been in love.
- Luckily, right at that moment,
an unconscious Argentinean|fell through my roof.
He was quickly joined|by a dwarf dressed as a nun.
How do you do?
My name is Henri Marie Raymond|Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa.
- What?|- I'm terribly sorry about all this.
- We were just upstairs|rehearsing a play.|- What?
A play, something very modern|called Spectacular Spectacular.
- And it's set in Switzerland.|- Unfortunately,|the unconscious Argentinean...
suffered from a sickness|called narcolepsy.
Perfectly fine one moment,|then suddenly--|unconscious the next.
- How is he?
Wonderful. Now the narcoleptic|Argentinean is now unconscious.
Therefore, the scenario will not|be finished in time to present|to the financier tomorrow.
He's right, Toulouse.|I still have to finish the music.
- Find someone to read the part.|- Where in heaven's name are we|going to find someone...
to read the role of a young,|sensitive Swiss poet/goat herder?
Before I knew it, I was upstairs,
standing in for|the unconscious Argentinean.
"The hills animate "
"With the euphonious symphonies|of descant"
"Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha "
Oh, stop, stop!|Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop that insufferable droning.|It's drowning out my words.
Can we please just stick|to a little decorative piano?
There seemed to be artistic differences|over Audrey's lyrics to Satie's songs.
I don't think a nun|would say that about a hill.
What if he sings, "The hills are vital,|intoning the descant"?
- No, no. The hills quake and shake.|- No, no, no, no. The hills--
The hills are incarnate|with symphonic melodies!
- No.|- No. The hills--
- The hills--|- The hills--
Are chanting|the eternal mantra.
Frank is living in my foot.
"The hills are alive "
"With the sound "
" Ofmusic""
The hills are alive with|the sound of music! I love it!
- The hills are alive--|- With the sound--
" Of music "
It fits perfectly.
"With songs|they have sung "
" For a thousand years "
- Incandiferous!
-Audrey, you two should|write the show together.|- I beg your pardon?
But Toulouse's suggestion that Audrey|and I write the show together...
- was not what Audrey wanted to hear.|- Good-bye!
Here's to your first job|in Paris.
Toulouse, Zidler|will never agree.
No offense, but have you ever|written anything like this before?
- No.|- Ahh!
- The boy has talent!
I like him! Nothing funny.|I just like talent.
The hills are alive|with the sound of music.
See, Satie, with Christian|we can write...
the truly bohemian revolutionary show|that we've always dreamt of.
- But how will we convince Zidler?|- But Toulouse had a plan.
- Satine.|- They would dress me in|the Argentinean's best suit...
and pass me off|as a famous English writer.
Once Satine heard my modern poetry,|she would be astounded...
and insist to Zidler that I|write Spectacular Spectacular.
The only problem was, I kept hearing|my father's voice in my head.
You'll end up wasting your life|at the Moulin Rouge...
with a cancan dancer!
- No, I can't write the show|for the Moulin Rouge!|- Why not?
- I don't even know if I am|a true bohemian revolutionary.|- What?
- Do you believe in beauty?|- Yes.
- Freedom?|- Yes, of course.
- Truth?|- Yes.|- Love?
Love? Love.
Above all things,|I believe in love.
Love is like oxygen.|Love is a many-splendored thing.
Love lifts us up where we belong.|All you need is love.
See, you can't fool us.
You're the voice of the children|of the revolution!
We can't be fooled!
Let's drink to the new writer|of the world's first bohemian|revolutionary show!
It was the perfect plan.
I was to audition for Satine,|and I would taste my first|glass of... absinthe.
" There was a boy"
I'm the green fairy.
"The hills are alive "
"With the sound of music "
"A very strange|enchanted boy"
"Yeah, freedom, beauty"
"Truth and love "
- "The hills are alive "|- " No, you won't fool the|children of the revolution "
- " No, you won't fool the children "|- "With the sound of music "
- " Of the revolution "|- We were off to the Moulin Rouge.
And I was to perform|my poetry for Satine.
Harold Zidler|and his infamous girls.
- They called them his "Diamond Dogs. "|-" The Diamond Dogs"
" Voulez-vous coucher"
"Avec moi cesoir"
"Hey, sista, go, sista|soul sista, flow, sista"
- " Hey, sista, go, sista "|- " If life's an awful bore "
- " Soul sista, flow, sista "|- "And living's just|a chore that we do "
- " Hey, sista, go, sista "|- "Cause death's not much fun "
-" Go, sister, giuchie, giuchie, ya ya "|-"I have just the antidote"
- " Dada "|-"And though I mustn't gloat|at the Moulin Rouge"
- "You'll have fun "|- Ooh-la-la!
"Just scratch|that little niggle"
- " Have a little wiggle "|- " Creole Lady Marmalade "
- Moulin Rouge!
" Voulez-vous coucher|avec moic esoir"
" Voulez-vous coucher|avec moi"
" Got some dark desire "
" Love to play with fire "
"Why not let it rip "
" Live a little bit "
" Here we are now|entertain us "
" Voulez-vous coucher|avec moi"
" 'Cause we can cancan "
" Outside it may be raining "
" But in here|it's entertaining "
" The Moulin Rouge|is the place to be"
" 'Cause we can cancan|Yes, we can cancan "
"Here we are now|entertain us"
" Outside things|may be tragic "
"But in here|we feel it's magic"
Yeah! Whoa!
The cancan.
-"Because we can cancan"|-"Hey, sista, go, sista|soulsista, flow, sista"
"Hey, sista, go, sista|soulsista, flow, sista"
" Giuchie, giuchie|ya ya, dada "
" Giuchie, giuchie|ya ya here "
"Because we can cancan|Yes, we can cancan"
" Creole Lady Marmalade"
"Because we can cancan|Yes, we can cancan"
"Yes, we can "
" 'Cause it's good for your mind "
"Hey, sista, go, sista|soul sista, flow, sista"
"Voulez-vous coucher|avec moi "
Psst, psst.|Mission accomplished.
We successfully|evaded Zidler.
" Cancan, cancan""
" Cancan, cancan""
It's her,|the sparkling diamond.
"The French are glad "
"To die "
" For love "
" They delight"
"In fighting duels"
But someone else|was to meet Satine that night.
"But I prefer a man"
"Who lives "
Zidler's investor.
"And gives expensive jewels "
The Duke.
"A kiss on the hand "
- Oh, my!|- " May be quite continental "
" But diamonds are|a girl's best friend "
"A kiss may be grand, but it"
- Wow!|- "Won't pay the rental|on your humble flat "
" Or help you feed|your pussycat "
"Men grow cold|as girls grow old"
"And we all lose our charms|in the end"
" But square-cut|or pear-shaped "
"These rocks|don't lose their shape "
" Diamonds are|a girl's best friend "
- When am I going to meet the girl?|- Tiffany's!
After her number,|I've arranged a special meeting,
just you|and Mademoiselle Satine.
- Totally alone.|- Cartier.
After her number,|I have arranged a private meeting,
just you and Mademoiselle Satine|totally alone.
- Alone?
- Yes, totally alone.|- Totally alone.
" 'Cause we are living "
" In a material world "
"And I am a material girl "
Come and get me, boys.
- Ow!|- Oh, my.
Excuse me.
- Black Star, Roscor.
Talk to me, Harry Zidler.|Tell me all about it.
"There may come a time "
- "When a lass needs a lawyer"|- Ohh!
" But diamonds are|a girl's best friend "
"There may come a time "
" When a hard-boiled employer"
- "Thinks you're-- "Aah!|- "Awfully nice "
Don't worry, don't worry.|I'll sally forth and tee things up.
- Ohh!
- Is the Duke here, Harold?|- Liebchen, would Daddy let you down?
- Terribly sorry!
- Where is he?|- He's the one Toulouse|is shaking a hanky at.
Excuse me, Christian.|May I borrow?
"Diamonds are a girl's best|Diamonds are a girl's best friend"
- Are you sure?|- Let me peek.
Let me finish. I'm ever so sorry!|It's so embarrassing.
- That's the one, chick pea.
I hope that demonic little loon|doesn't frighten him off.
Clean yourself off, you bourgeois pig!
Sorry. Sorry.
- Will he invest?|- Pigeon!
After spending the night with you,|how could he refuse?
What's his type?|Wilting flower, hmm?
Bright and bubbly? Ah!|Or smoldering temptress?
I'd say smoldering temptress.|We're all relying on you, gosling.
- Ole!
Remember, a real show|in a real theater,
with a real audience.
- And you'll be--|- A real actress.
- "Cause that's when those louses "|- Ooh!
-" Go back to their spouses"|- Be jeweled vision!
- Amazonian goddess!|-"Diamonds"
- "Are a"|- I've got some exciting news!
- I believe you are expecting me.|- Yes. Yes.
I'm afraid|it's lady's choice!
- Aw!
Satine! Satine! Satine!|- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Satine! Satine! Satine! Satine!
I see you've already met|my English friend.
I'll take care of it, Toulouse.|Let's dance.
Hit her with your most|modern poem!
-"Feel the beat|of the rhythm of the night"
-"Dance until the morning light "|- Ow!
"You can leave them|all behind "
"Feel the beat|of the rhythm of the night"
-"Dance until the morning light"
- "You can leave them all behind "|- That seemed to go well.
- Incredible.|- He has a gift with the women.
I told you,|he's a genius.
Whoo! Whoo!
That Duke|certainly can dance.
So wonderful of you to take|an interest in our little show.
It sounds very exciting.|I'd be delighted to be involved.
- Really?|- Assuming you like|what I do, of course.
I'm sure I will.
- Oh-ho!|- Toulouse thought|we might be able to, um,
do it in private.
- Did he?|- Yes, you know, uh, a private...
- poetry reading.
Mmm, a poetry reading.
Oh, I love a little poetry|after supper.
" Entertain us "
" Here we are now|entertain us "
- " 'Cause we're stupid "|- Hang on to your hat!
" Diamonds "
Hah! Hah!
" Diamonds "
" Square-cut|or pear-shaped "
"These rocks won't lose "
"Their shape "
" Diamonds "
- Fantastic!|- "Are a girl's "
" Best-- "
Satine! Satine! Satine! Satine!
Don't know if that Duke's gonna get|his money's worth tonight.
Don't be unkind, Nini.
She fainted,just fainted.
Satine! Satine!|Satine! Satine! Satine! Satine!
Satine! Satine!|Satine! Satine!
- You frightened her away!
But I can see some lonely|Moulin Rouge dancers...
looking for|a partner or two!
- So if you can Hunk-Hunk,
you can Hunkadola with them!
-All together, now!|- Out of my way. Quickly.
Oh, Marie.
Oh, these silly costumes.
-Just a little fainting spell.|- All right, you girls.
Get back out front and make|those gents thirsty. Problems?
- Nothing for you to be worrying about.|- Don't just stand around.
" Come out of the garden, baby"
"You'll catch your death|in the fog "
"Young girls "
-"They call them the Diamond Dogs"|- Yaah!
Find Zidler.|The girl's waiting for me.
- That twinkle-toes Duke|has really taken the bait, girl.
With a patron like him,|you could be the next Sarah Bernhardt.
Oh, Marie, do you really think|I could be like the great Sarah?
Why not?|You've got the talent.
You hook that Duke, and you'll be|lighting up the great stages of Europe.
I'm gonna be a real actress, Marie.|A great actress.
I'm gonna fly away from here.|Oh, yes, we can fly, fly away from here!
- Duckling, is everything all right?|- Oh, yes.
- Of course, Harold.|- Oh, thank goodness.
You certainly weaved your magic|with that duke on the dance floor.
- How do I look?
- Smoldering temptress.|- Oh, my little strawberry!
How could he possibly resist|from gobbling you up?
Everything's going so well!
"I'll meet you|in the red room"
-"Close the door and dim the lights"|- Unbelievable!
Straight to the elephant!
This is a wonderful place|for a poetry reading.
Don't you think?
- Poetic enough for you?|- Yes.
A little, uh, supper?|Maybe some champagne?
I'd rather just, um,|get it over and done with.
Very well.
Then why don'tyou...
come down here?
Let's get it|over and done with.
I-I prefer|to do it standing.
- Oh.|- You don't have to stand.
It's sometimes|that it's quite long,
and I'd like you|to be comfortable.
It's quite modern what I do, and it|may feel a little strange at first,
but I think if you're open,|then you might enjoy it.
- I'm sure I will.|- Excuse me.
The sky is-- is--
with the blue birds.
I know. Come on.|Come on.
- I think--
There might be some shaking.|Oh, riki-tiki-tiki-tiki.
Um, is everything all right?
Um, I'm a little nervous.
- It's just sometimes|it takes a while for,|- Oh!
you know,|inspiration to come.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.|Let Mummy help, hmm?
- Does that inspire you?
- Let's make love.
- Make love?|- You want to, don't you?
- Well, I came to--|- No, tell the truth.
- Can't you feel the poetry?|- What?
Oh, come on.
- Feel it.
- Free the tiger!|- Oh!
Big boy.
He's got a huge talent!
Yes, I need your poetry now!
- All right.
- It's a little bit funny.|- What?
This f-feeling inside.
I'm not one of those who can--|who can easily hide.
Is this-- Is this okay?|ls this what you want?
Oh, poetry. Yes.
Yes. Yes, this is what I want,|naughty words.
- I-- I don't have much money,|- Oh, naughty!
-but, boy, if I did,|- Oh, yes!
- I'd buy a big house|where we both could live.|- Oh, I love them.
- Oh, it's so good!|- If I were a sculptor--
- Wonderful.|- But then again, no.
- Wonderful.|- Or a man who makes potions|at a traveling show.
Oh, don't! Don't!
- No, no, no. Don't stop.|- I know it's not much.
Give me more!|Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Oh!
- But it's the best I can do.|- Oh, naughty! Don't stop!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
"My gift is my song "
"And this one's for you "
"And you can tell|everybody"
"That this is your song"
"It may be quite simple, but "
"Now that it's done "
"Hope you don't mind|I hope you don't mind "
"That I put down|in words"
"How wonderful life is "
"Now you're in the world "
"Sat on the roof"
"And I kicked off the moss "
"Well, some of these verses "
"Well, they|they got me quite cross "
"But the sun's been kind "
"While I wrote this song"
"It's for people like you "
"That keep it turned on "
"So excuse me forgetting "
"But these things I do "
"You see, I've forgotten "
"If they're green|or they're blue "
"Anyway, the thing is "
"What I really mean "
"Yours are|the sweetest eyes "
"I've ever seen "
"And you can tell|everybody"
"This is your song "
"It maybe quite simple, but"
"Now that it's done"
"I hope you don't mind|I hope you don't mind "
"That I put down|in words "
"How wonderful life is "
"Now you're|in the world "
Looks like he got the job!
I can't believe it.
I'm in love.
I'm in love with a young,
handsome, talented duke.
- Duke?
Not that the title's|important, of course.
I'm not a duke.
- Not a duke?|- I'm a writer.
- A writer?|- Yes, a writer.
-No!|- Toulouse?|- Toulouse?
Oh, no. You're not another of Toulouse's|oh-so-talented, charmingly bohemian,
- tragically impoverished proteges?|- You might say that, yes.
Oh, no!
- I'm going to kill him!|I'm going to kill him!|- There might be a small hitch.
- Toulouse told me--|- What about the Duke?
- My dear Duke!|- The Duke!
- The Duke?|- Hide! Out the back!
My dear, are you decent|for the Duke?
Where were you?
Mmm. I, uh--
- I was waiting.|- Dearest Duke.
Allow me to introduce|Mademoiselle Satine.
Mmm, monsieur, how wonderful|of you to take time out of|your busy schedule to visit.
The pleasure, I fear,|will be entirely mine, my dear.
I'll leave you two squirrels|to get better acquainted. Ta-ta.
A kiss on the hand|maybe quite continental--
But diamonds are a girl's best friend.
- Mmm.|- Woof.
Oh. Well.
After tonight's|pretty exertions on the stage,
you must surely be in need|of refreshment, my dear.
Don't! You...
just...|love the view, hmm?
Oh! Oh.
I feel like dancing!
Yoo! Whoo-whoo!
Uh-- Uh-- Um-- Um--
Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoo!
- You see, I should like|a glass of champagne.|- No!
It's--|It's a little bit funny.
- What is?|- This...|- Feeling.
- feeling...|- Inside.|- inside.
- I'm not one of those--|- I'm not one of those...
- who can easily... hide!
I don't have much money,
but if I did,|oh, I'd buy a big house...
where we both could live.
- " I hope you don't mind "
" I hope you don't mind "
"That I put down|in words "
" How wonderful life is "
" Now you're in "
"The world "
That's very beautiful.
It's from|Spectacular Spectacular.
Suddenly, with you here,
I finally understood|the true meaning oft hose words.
"How wonderful life is|now you're in the world. "
What meaning is that,|my dear?
No, no!
Don't you toy|with my emotions.
You-- You must know the effect|you have on women.
Let's make love!
You want to make love,|don'tyou?
- Make love?|- Mmm!
I knew you felt the same way!
Oh! Oh, Duke!
Get out ofhere or he'll kill you.
Yes, you're right.|We should wait until opening night.
Wait? Wait?Uh--
There's a power in you|that scares me.
- You should go.|- I just got here.
Yes, but we'll see each other|every day during rehearsal.
We-We must wait.|We must wait until opening night.
Get out.
Do you have any idea--|any idea what would have happened...
if you were found--
Oh! Oh, my G--
- Let's have a little peekaboo.
Oh, right on target.
Right. I'll put her in bed.
I'll put you in bed.
I forgot my hat.
- Foul play?|- She--
- Oh, Duke.|- It's a little bit funny,
this feeling inside.
Beautifully spoken, Duke.|Yes, let me introduce you. The writer.
- The writer?|- Yes, we were rehearsing.
You expect me to believe that scantily|clad, in the arms of another man,
in the middle of the night,|inside an elephant, you were rehearsing?
How's the rehearsal going?
- Shall we take it from the top, eh?|- I hope the piano's in tune.
-Sorry. Got held up.|- Can I offer you a drink?
Oh, my goodness!
When I spoke those words to you|before, you--you filled me|with such inspiration.
Yes, I realized how much work we|had to do, so I called everyone|for an emergency rehearsal.
If you're rehearsing,|where's Zidler?
- We didn't bother Harold.|- My dear Duke, I'm most terribly sorry.
Harold, you made it. It's all right.|The Duke knows about|the emergency rehearsal.
- Emergency rehearsal?|- Mmm, to incorporate|the Duke's artistic idea.
- Hmm?|- I'm sure Audrey will be|only too delighted--
- Audrey's left.|- He's what?|- The cat's out ofthe bag.
Yes, the Duke's already a big fan|of our new writer's work.
- That's why he's so keen to invest.|- Invest?
Invest!|Oh, yes, well, invest!
You can hardly blame me|for trying to hide, uh--
- Christian.|- Christian away.
- I'm way ahead of you, Zidler.|- My dear Duke.
Why don't you and I go to my office|to peruse the paperwork?
- What's the story?|- The story?
Well, if I'm to invest,|I'll need to know the story.
Ah, yes.|Well, the story's about--
Well, the story's-- the story's about--
- Well, it's-it's about--|- It's about love.
- Love?|- It's about love|overcoming all obstacles.
And it's set in Switzerland!
- Switzerland?|- Exotic Switzerland!
India. India!|It's set in India!
And there's a courtesan.
The most beautiful courtesan|in all the world.
But her kingdom's invaded|by an evil maharajah!
In order to save her kingdom,|she has to seduce the evil maharajah.
But on the night|of the seduction,
she mistakes a penniless--|a penni--
penniless sitar player...
for the evil maharajah,|and she falls in love with him.
He wasn't trying to trick her|or anything, but he was|dressed as a maharajah...
because he's appearing|in a play.
I will play penniless|tango-dancing sitar player.
He will sing like an angel,|but dance like the devil.
Yes. Yes, all right.|And what happens next?
Well, the penniless sitar player|and the courtesan,
they have to hide their love|from the evil maharajah.
The penniless sitar player's sitar is|magical. It can only speak the truth.
And-And I will play|the magical sitar.
- You are beautiful.
You are ugly.
-And you are--
- And he gives the game away?|- Yes!
- Tell him about the cancan.|- The-The tantric cancan--
It's an erotic spectacular scene|that captures the thrusting,
violent, vibrant,|wild bohemian spirit...
that this whole production|embodies, Duke.
- What do you mean by that?|- I mean the show will be...
a magnificent, opulent,|tremendous, stupendous,
gargantuan bedazzlement,
a sensual ravishment.
- It will be...|- "
Spectacular Spectacular!
" No words in the vernacular"
" Can describe|this great event "
"You'll be dumb|with wonderment "
" Returns are fixed|at ten percent "
"You must agree|that's excellent "
"And on top of your fee "
" You'll be involved|artistically"
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
- " Elephants "|- "Arabians "
- " Indians "|- "And courtesans "
- "Acrobats "|- "And juggling bears "
- " Exotic girls "|- Fire-eaters!
-"Musclemen, contortionists|intrigue, danger"|- "And romance "
" Electric lights, machinery|and all that electricity"
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
" Spectacular Spectacular|No words in the vernacular"
" Can describe this great event|You'll be dumb with wonderment "
" The hills are alive"
"With the sound of music "
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
"So delighting|it willrun for50years"
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
Yes, but what happens|in the end?
"The courtesan|and sitar man "
"Are pulled apart|by an evil plan "
" But in the end|she hears his song "
"And their love|is just too strong "
"It's a little bit funny"
"This feeling inside "|Mmm.
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 years "
" The sitar player's secret song|helps them flee the evil one"
"Though the tyrant rants and rails|it is all to no avail "
- I am the evil maharajah!
- You will not escape!|- Harold, no one could|play him like you could.
- No one's going to.|- " So exciting, we'll make them|laugh, we'll make them cry"
- " So delighting "|- And in the end, should someone die?
" So exciting, the audience|will stomp and cheer"
" So delighting|it will run for 50 "
"Years "
Generally, I like it.
Zidler had an investor,
and the bohemians|had a show.
The end of the century!
The bohemian revolution|is here!
-" You won't foolthe children|of the revolution"
-"No, you won't fool|the children of the revolution"|- You're a beautiful woman.
- I love sex.|-"No, no""
While the celebration|party raged upstairs, I tried to write.
But all I could|think about was her.
" How wonderful life is "
Was she thinking about me?
" Now you're in "
"The world "
Duke? I'm not a duke.
I'm a writer.
He wasn't trying to trick her|or anything. It's about love.
It's about love...
overcoming all obstacles.
" I "
" Follow "
"The night "
" Can't stand "
"The light "
"When will I begin "
"To live again "
" One day I'll fly away"
" Leave all this|to yesterday"
" What more could your love|do for me"
"When will love "
"Be through with me"
"Why live life "
" From dream to dream "
"And dread the day"
" When dreaming"
" Ends "
" How wonderful life is "
" Now you're "
" In the world "
" One day I'll fly away"
" Leave all this|to yesterday"
"Why live life "
" From dream to dream "
"And dread the day"
"When dreaming "
- " Ends "
" One day"
" I'll fly away"
" Fly"
" Fly"
- Sorry!|- I didn't mean to--
I saw-- I saw|your light on, and...
- I climbed up the--|- What?
I couldn't sleep, and I wanted to|thank you for helping me get the job.
Oh. Of course.
Yes, Toulouse--|Toulouse was right.
- You're very talented.|- Oh.
It's going to be|a wonderful show.
Anyway, I-I'd better go|because we, uh--
we both have|a big day tomorrow.
Wait. No, please, wait.
Before, when we were--
when we were--
when you thought|I was the Duke,
you said that you loved me,|a-and I wondered if--
- If it was just an act?|- Yes.
- Of course.|- Oh.
It just felt real.
Christian,|I'm a courtesan.
I'm paid to make men believe|what they want to believe.
Silly of me, to think y-you could|fall in love with someone like me.
- I can't fall in love with anyone.|- Can't fall in love?
But a life without love,|that's terrible.
No, being on the street,|that's terrible.
- No, love is like oxygen.|- What?
- A girl has got to eat.|- "All you need is love "
- She'll end up on the street.|- "All you need is love "
" Love is just a game "
" I was made for loving you, baby|You were made for loving me "
"The only way|of loving me, baby"
"Is to pay a lovely fee"
"Just one night|Give mejust one night "
"There's no way|'cause you can't pay"
- " In the name of love "
" One night|in the name of love "
" You crazy fool|I won't give in to you"
Don't--|" Leave me this way"
" I can't survive|without your sweet love "
" Oh, baby"
" Don't leave me this way"
"You'd think that people|would have had enough "
" Of silly love songs "
" I look around me|and I see "
" It isn't so "| Oh, no.
" Some people want to|fill the world "
"With silly love songs "
"Well, what's wrong|with that "
" I'd like to know "
" 'Cause here I go again "
Oh, no!
" Love lifts us up|where we belong "
- Get down! Get down!|- "Where eagles fly"
" On a mountain high "
" Love makes us act|like we are fools "
"Throw our lives away"
" For one happy day"
"We could be heroes "
"Just for one day"
"You|You will be mean "
No, I won't.
"And I "
I'll drink all the time.
"We should be lovers "
"We can't do that "
"We should be lovers "
"And that's a fact "
"Though nothing "
"Will keep us together"
"We could steal time "
"Just for one day"
"We could be heroes "
" Forever and ever"
"We could be heroes "
" Forever and ever"
"We could be heroes "
"Just because "
" I "
"Will always love you "
" I "
" Can't help loving "
"You "
" How wonderful|life is "
" Now you're in "
"The world "
You're gonna be bad for business.|I can tell.
" How wonderful "
" Life is "
" Now you're in "
"The world "
How wonderful|life was, now Satine was in the world.
Butin the Duke,
Zidler had got ten much more|than he had bargained for.
The conversion of the|Moulin Rouge into a theater will|cost a fantastic sum of money.
So in return,|I would require a contract...
that, um, uh,|binds Satine to me...
Naturally, I shall require|some security.
I shall require the deeds|to the Moulin Rouge.
My dear Duke, I--
Please! Don't think|that I'm naive, Zidler.
I shall hold the deeds|to the Moulin Rouge.
- And if there are any shenanigans,|- I--
my man servant Warner...
will deal with it|in the only language...
that you underworld|show folk understand.
Satine will be mine.
It's not that I'm|a jealous man.
I just don't like...
other people|touching my things!
I... understand...
completely, Duke.
Good. Now that we have|an understanding,
it would appear that, uh,|you have the means...
to transform|your beloved Moulin Rouge--
Into a theater!
I shall woo Satine|over supper tonight.
We will have created...
the world's first|completely modern,
entirely electric,
totally bohemian,|all-singing, all-dancing...
stage spectacular!
The show must go on!
Yes, the show would go on,
but Satine would not attend the supper|that night or the following night.
You have betrayed me!
Mad with jealousy, the evil maharajah|forces the courtesan...
to make the penniless sitar player|believe she doesn't love him.
Oh, yes! Of course!
"Thank you for curing me of|my ridiculous obsession with love,"
says the penniless sitar player,|throwing money at her feet|and leaving the kingdom forever.
- No! No!|- No!
-Brilliant! Brilliant!
Oh, but a life without love,|that's terrible.
- Yes, but the sitar player...|- Wait, wait, wait!
with the magical sitar--
That's my part, Christian!|Th-That's my part!
- Don't you dare. No.
His magic sitar, who can|only speak the truth, says--
"The greatest thing|you'll ever learn is just to love...
and be loved in return. "
- A picnic, sweet lady?
Oh, well, we have so much to do,|so much work.
Well, if the young writer|can carry a blanket and basket,
I don't why see why you both|can't do it in my presence.
- So the magical sitar player|falls from the roof--|- Yes, I know. Don't tell me.
The greatest thing|you'll ever--
- Still at it, my sweet?
- Master...|- Alley-oop!
make... contract.
Oh, my dear, sweet Duke.|So many lines to learn.
Been trilling them|over and over.
For try as the Dukemay,
it was almost too easy for|the young writer and the lead actress...
to invent perfectly legitimate reasons|to avoid him.
Mademoiselle Satine, I haven't quite|finished writing that new scene.
The "Will the Lovers Be Meeting at|the Sitar Player's Humble Abode" scene.
I wondered if I could work on it|with you later tonight.
But, my dear, I've arranged|a magnificent supper for us|in the gothic tower.
It's not important.|We could work on it tomorrow.
Oh, how dare you!|It cannot wait until tomorrow.
The "Lovers Will Be Meeting in the|Sitar Player's Humble Abode" scene...
is the most important|in the production.
We will work on it tonight|until I am completely satisfied.
- B-B-But, my dear--|- Dear Duke, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Nice work! Splendid!
Bright and early tomorrow morning,|we begin on act two--
the lovers are discovered.
- Zidler.|- My dear Duke.
Everything is arranged for that special|supper in the gothic tower tonight.
You might as well eat it yourself,|Zidler. Her affections are waning.
- Impossible.|- I understand how important|herwork is to her,
but she's always at it|with that damned writer!
If I don't see her tonight,|I'm bally well leaving!
No, dear Duke!|I'll insist Satine takes the night off.
All right. All right.
8:00, then.
- You will come? Tonight?
- What time?|- 8:00.
- Promise?|- Yes.
- Are you mad?
The Duke holds the deeds|to the Moulin Rouge.
He's spending|a fortune on you.
He's given you a beautiful new dressing|room. He wants to make you a star.
- And you're dallying with the writer.|- Oh!
Harold, don't be ridicu--
I saw you together!
It's nothing.
It's just an infatuation.
It's-- It's nothing.
The "infatuation" will end.
Go to the boy.|Tell him it's over.
The Duke is expecting you|in the tower at 8:00.
"If I should die"
" This very moment"
"I wouldn't fear"
"For I've never known"
" Completeness"
"Like being here"
" Wrapped in|the warmth of you"
"Every breath of you"
"Why live life "
" From dream "
"To dream "
"And dread the day"
-How could I know,
-in those last, fatal days,
that a force|darker than jealousy...
and stronger than love...
had begun to take hold|of Satine.
Where is she?
-Do you think she'll|be upand about by tonight?|- Tomorrow morning.
Confessing? What kind of imbecile|do you take me for, Zidler?
She suddenly had|a terrible desire...
to go to a priest and--
and confess her sins.
- What?|- She wanted to be cleansed|of her former life.
She looked upon tonight|as her wedding night.
She looked upon tonight|as her wedding night.
- Her wedding night?|- She's like a blushing bride.
She says you make her|feel like a...
You know. Touched...|for the very first time.
The first--
She says it feels|so good inside...
when you hold her...
and you touch her.
Like a virgin.
She's made it through the wilderness|somehow. She's made it through.
She didn't know|how lost she was--
" Until she found you "
" She was beat, incomplete "
" She had been had|She was sad and blue "
"But you made her feel"
"Yes, you ma-a-a-de her feel "
" Shiny and new, ohhh "
" Like a virgin "
"Touched for|the very first time "
"Like a vir-ir-ir-irgin"
" Your heartsbeat|close in time"
-" Gonna give you all her love "|-" Give you all her love "
- " Her fear is fading fast "|- " Her fear is gone "
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