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Subtitles for Mummy The - Full-Screen Collectors Edition.

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Mummy The - Full-Screen Collectors Edition

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Thebes: City of the Living.
Crownjewel of Pharaoh Seti the First.
Home of lmhotep, Pharaoh's high priest.
Keeper of the Dead.
Birthplace ofAnck-su-namun,|Pharaoh's mistress.
No other man was allowed to touch her.
But for their love,|they were willing to risk life itself.
What are you doing here?
Who has touched you?
My priest!
Pharaoh's bodyguards.
You must go! Save yourself!
-No.|-Only you can resurrect me!
l won't leave you!
Get away from me!
You shall live again!
l will resurrect you!
My body is no longer his temple!
To resurrect Anck-su-namun...
...lmhotep and his priests|broke into her crypt and stole her body.
They raced into the desert...
...taking Anck-su-namun's corpse|to Hamunaptra, City of the Dead...
...ancient burial site|for the sons ofpharaohs...
...and resting place for the wealth of Egypt.
For his love, lmhotep dared the gods' anger|by going deep into the city...
...where he took the black Book|of the Dead from its holy resting place.
Anck-su-namun's soul had been sent|to the dark underworld...
...her vital organs removed and placed|in fiive sacred canopicjars.
Anck-su-namun's soul|had come back from the dead.
But Pharaoh's bodyguards|had followed lmhotep and stopped him...
...before the ritual could be completed.
lmhotep's priests were condemned|to be mummifiied alive.
As for lmhotep...
...he was condemned|to endure the Hom-Dai...
...the worst of all ancient curses... so horrible,|it had never before been bestowed.
He was to remain sealed|inside his sarcophagus...
...the undead for all of eternity.
The Magi would never allow him|to be released...
...for he would arise a walking disease,|a plague upon mankind... unholy flesh-eater|with the strength of ages...
...power over the sands...
...and the glory of invincibility.
For 3,000 years,|men and armies fought over this land...
...never knowing what evil lay beneath it.
And for 3,000 years...
...we, the Magi, the descendants of|Pharaoh's sacred bodyguards, kept watch.
You just got promoted.
You're with me on this one, right?
Your strength gives me strength.
Wait for me!
Run, Beni! Run!
Get inside! Get inside!
Don't you close that door!
Don't you close that door!
The Creature remains undiscovered.
And what of this one?
-Should we kill him?|-No.
The desert will kill him.
"Sacred Stones.
"Sculpture and Aesthetics.
"Socrates, Seth, volume one, volume two...
"...and volume three."
"Tuthmosis"? What are you doing here?
l'm going to put you where you belong.
Look at this!
Sons of the pharaohs!
Give me frogs, flies, locusts...
...anything but you!
Compared to you,|the other plagues were a joy!
l am so very sorry. lt was an accident.
When Ramses destroyed Syria,|that was an accident.
You...are a catastrophe!
Look at my library!
Why do l put up with you?
Well, you put up with me because l can....
l can read and write Ancient Egyptian...
...and l can decipher hieroglyphics|and hieratic...
...and l'm the only person|within a thousand miles...
...who knows how to properly code|and catalog this library, that's why.
l put up with you because your father|and mother were our finest patrons.
That's why!
Allah rest their souls.
l don't care how you do it,|l don't care how long it takes.
Straighten up this meshiver!
Have you no respect for the dead?
Of course l do!
But sometimes, l'd rather like to join them.
Do it soon before you ruin my career...
...the way you've ruined yours. Get out!
My dear, sweet baby sister...
...l'll have you know...
...that at this precise moment|my career is on a high note.
"High note." Please, l'm really not|in the mood for you.
l've just made a bit of a mess|in the library...
...and the Bembridge scholars|rejected my application again.
They say l don't have enough experience|in the field.
You'll always have me, old mum.
Besides, l have just the thing|to cheer you up.
No, Jonathan,|not another worthless trinket.
lf l have to take one more piece|of junk to the curator to try and...
...sell for you....
Where did you get this?
On a dig down in Thebes.
My whole life l've never found anything.|Please tell me l've found something.
l think you've found something.
See the cartouche.
lt's the official royal seal of Seti the First,|l'm sure of it.
-Perhaps.|-Two questions:
Who the hell was Seti the First,|and was he rich?
He was the second pharaoh|of the 19th dynasty...
...the wealthiest pharaoh of all.
Good. l like this fellow.
-l like him a lot.|-l've already dated the map.
lt's almost 3,000 years old.|And if you look at the hieratic just here...'s Hamunaptra.
Dear God, don't be ridiculous.
We're scholars, not treasure hunters.
Hamunaptra's a myth|told by ancient Arab storytellers... amuse Greek and Roman tourists.
l know all the blather that the city|is protected by the curse of a mummy...
...but my research leads me to believe|that the city may have actually existed.
Do you mean the Hamunaptra?
Yes. The City of the Dead...
...where the pharaohs presumably hid|the wealth of Egypt.
Yes, in a big underground|treasure chamber.
Come on. Everybody knows the story.
The necropolis was rigged to sink|into the sand on Pharaoh's command.
Turn a switch and it would disappear|into the sand with the treasure.
As the Americans would say,|it's all fairy tales and hokum--
My goodness! Look at that!
You've burnt the part with the lost city.
lt's for the best, l'm sure.
Many men have wasted their lives|in the foolish pursuit of Hamunaptra.
No one's ever found it.
Most have never returned.
Come! Step over the threshold.
Welcome to Cairo Prison,|my humble home.
You told me that you got it|on a dig down in Thebes.
-l was mistaken.|-You lied.
l lie to everybody. Why not to you?
-l'm your sister.|-Which makes you more gullible.
-You stole it from a drunk!|-Picked his pocket, actually.
Stop being ridiculous.
-Why exactly is this man in prison?|-This l did not know.
But when l heard you were coming,|l asked him that myself.
What did he say?
He said he was just looking|for a good time.
-This is the man that you stole it from?|-Yes, exactly.
-Why don't we go sniff out a spot of tiffin--|-Who are you?
-And who's the broad?|-"Broad"?
l'm just a local sort of missionary chap,|spreading the good word.
-This is my sister, Evy.|-How do you do?
-l guess she's not a total loss.|-l beg your pardon.
-l'll be right back.|-Ask him about the box.
We have found.... Hello. Excuse me.
We both found your puzzle box...
...and we've come to ask you about it.
You came to ask me about Hamunaptra.
How do you know the box pertains|to Hamunaptra?
Because that's where l was|when l found it. l was there.
But how do we know|that's not a load of pig's wallow?
-Do l know you?|-No, l've just got one of those faces.
You were actually at Hamunaptra?
-You swear?|-Every damn day.
-l didn't mean that.|-l know. l was there.
Seti's place. City of the Dead.
Could you tell me how to get there?
l mean, the exact location.
-You want to know?|-Well, yes.
-Do you really want to know?|-Yes.
Then get me the hell out of here!
Do it, lady!
Where are they taking him?
To be hanged.
Apparently, he had a very good time.
l'll give you 100 pounds|to save this man's life.
Madam, l would pay 100 pounds|just to see him hang.
-200 pounds!|-Proceed!
300 pounds!
Any last requests, pig?
Yeah. Loosen the knot and let me go.
Of course we don't let him go!
500 pounds!
And what else?
l'm a very lonely man.
His neck did not break!
l'm so sorry. Now we must|watch him strangle to death.
He knows the location to Hamunaptra.
-You lie.|-l would never!
This filthy, godless son of a pig|knows where to find the City of the Dead?
And if you cut him down,|we will give you....
-Ten percent.|-Fifty percent.
Cut him down!
Do you really think he'll come?
Yes, undoubtedly, knowing my luck.
He may be a cowboy, but l know the breed.|His word is his word.
Personally, l think he's filthy,|rude, a complete scoundrel.
-l don't like him one bit.|-Anyone l know?
Smashing day for the start|of an adventure, O'Connell?
Yeah, smashing.
No, l'd never steal from a partner, partner.
That reminds me,|no hard feelings about the....
-Happens all the time.|-Mr. O'Connell.
Can you look me in the eye and guarantee|this isn't some kind of a flimflam?
-Because if it is, l am warning you--|-You're warning me?
Let me put it this way, my whole|damn garrison believed in this so much...
...they marched across Libya|and into Egypt to find that city.
When we got there, all we found...
...was sand and blood.
Let me get your bags.
Yes, you're right.
Filthy, rude, a complete scoundrel.|Nothing to like there at all.
Bright good morning to all.
Oh, no. What are you doing here?
l'm here to protect my investment,|thank you very much.
Quit playing with your glasses|and cut the deck, Burns.
Without my glasses|l can't see the deck to cut it, Dave.
O'Connell, sit down.|We could use another player.
-l only gamble with my life, never money.|-Never?
What if l was to bet you $500|that we get to Hamunaptra before you?
-You're looking for Hamunaptra?|-Damn straight we are.
-And who says we are?|-He does.
Well, how about it?
ls it a bet?
-All right, you're on.|-What makes you so confident, sir?
-What makes you?|-We got a man who's actually been there.
What a coincidence, because O'Connell--
Whose play is it? ls it my play?
Gentlemen, we got us a wager.|Good evening, Jonathan.
Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.
The only thing that scares me|are your manners.
Still angry about that kiss?
lf you call that a kiss.
Did l miss something?
Are we going into battle?
Lady, there's something out there.
Something underneath that sand.
l'm hoping to find a certain artifact.
A book, actually.
My brother thinks there's treasure.
-What do you think's out there?|-ln a word, evil.
The Bedouin and the Tuaregs|believe that Hamunaptra is cursed.
Look, l don't believe in fairy tales|and hokum, Mr. O'Connell...
...but l think one of the most famous books|in history is buried there.
The Book ofAmun-Ra.
lt contains within it all the secret|incantations of the old kingdom.
lt's what first interested me in Egypt|when l was a child.
lt's why l came here, sort of a life's pursuit.
And the fact that they say it's made|of pure gold makes no never mind to you?
-Right?|-You know your history.
l know my treasure.
By the way...
...why did you kiss me?
l was about to be hanged.|lt seemed like a good idea.
What? What did l say?
What a surprise!|My good friend, you're alive!
l was so very, very worried.
Well, if it ain't my little buddy, Beni.
-l think l'll kill you.|-Think of my children.
You don't have any children.
-Someday l might.|-Shut up!
So you're the one who's leading|the Americans. l might have known.
So what's the scam? You take them|into the desert, and leave them to rot?
Unfortunately, no.
These Americans are smart.
They pay me half now,|half when we return to Cairo.
-So this time l must go all the way.|-Them's the breaks.
You never believed in Hamunaptra.
Why are you going back?
You see that girl?
She saved my neck.
You always did have more balls|than brains.
Good-bye, Beni.
"George Bembridge...
" 1860....
"ln 1865 with...."
For heaven's sake, girl,|it wasn't that good of a kiss, anyway.
Where is the map?
And the key? Where is the key?
The key? What key?
The map! We forgot the map!
Relax. l'm the map. lt's all up here.
That's comforting.
-The key!|-Evy?
Hold on to this.
Can you swim?
-l can swim if the occasion calls for it.|-Trust me.
lt calls for it.
What are we going to do?
-Wait here! l'll go get help!|-Right!
l say, bloody good show, chaps!
And did l panic?
l think not.
Get 'em out of the water!|Come on, dogies!
Give them a smack, would you!
This is a messed-up country.
We've lost everything!
All of our tools, all the equipment...
...all my clothes!
lt looks to me like l've got all the horses!
lt looks to me like you're|on the wrong side of the river!
l only want four! Four!
l only want four, not a whole bloody herd!
Can you believe this cheat?
Just pay the man.
For heaven's sakes, can't believe the price|of these fleabags.
-Very good.|-You probably could've got them for free.
-You just had to give him your sister.|-Yes.
Awfully tempting, wasn't it?
Never did like camels.
Filthy buggers.|They smell, they bite, they spit.
l think they're adorable.
This one is strong.
Good morning, my friend.
What are we doing?
Patience, my good barat'm. Patience.
Remember our bet, O'Connell?|First one to the city, $500 cash.
$100 is yours if you help us win that bet.
My pleasure.
...nice camel.
Get ready for it.
For what?
We're about to be shown the way.
Will you look at that?
Can you believe it?
Here we go again.
So long, Beni!
That serves you right.
Go, Evy! Go!
Do they know something we don't?
They are led by a woman.
What does a woman know?
That's a statue of Anubis.
lts legs go deep underground.
According to Bembridge scholars,|we'll find a secret compartment there...
...containing the golden Book ofAmun-Ra.
Jonathan, you're meant|to catch the sun with that.
What are these old mirrors for?
Ancient mirrors.|lt's an ancient Egyptian trick. You'll see.
Here, this is for you.
Go ahead. lt's something l borrowed|off our American brethren.
l thought you might like it.|You might need it...
...for when you're....
What are you looking at?
Look for bugs.
l hate bugs.
We're standing inside a room|no one has entered in over 3,000 years.
What is that God-awful stench?
"And then there was...
Hey, that is a neat trick.
-My God. lt's a Sah-Netjer.|-What?
-Preparation room.|-For what?
For entering the afterlife.
Mummies, my good son.|This is where they made the mummies.
What was that?
Sounds like...bugs.
He said bugs.
What do you mean, bugs? l hate bugs.
The legs of Anubis.
The secret compartment should be hidden|somewhere inside here.
You scared the bejesus out of us.
-That's my tool kit.|-l don't think so.
Perhaps l was mistaken.
Have a nice day, gentlemen.|We have a lot of work to do.
-Push off! This is our dig site.|-We got here first.
This here's our statue, friend.
l don't see your name written on it, pal.
There's only four of you...
...and 15 of me.
Your odds are not so great.
-l've had worse.|-Me, too.
For goodness' sake, let's be nice, children.
lf we're going to play together,|we must learn to share.
There are other places to dig.
According to these hieroglyphics|we're underneath the statue.
We should come up between his legs.
When those damn Yanks go to sleep... offense...|-None taken.
...we'll dig up and steal the book|from under them.
Are you sure we can find|this secret compartment?
Yes, if those beastly Americans|haven't beaten us to it.
-No offense.|-None taken.
Where did our smelly little friend go to?
What have we here?
Blue gold.
This will fetch a mighty fine price.
-Let's get us some treasure!|-Careful!
Seti was no fool.
l think perhaps we should|let the diggers open it.
l think we should listen|to the good doctor, Henderson.
Yeah, sure. Let them open it.
So they ripped out your guts|and stuffed them in jars.
They'd take out your heart as well.|Know how they took out your brains?
We don't need to know this.
They'd take a sharp, red-hot poker,|stick it up your nose...
...scramble things about a bit|and then rip it out through your nostrils.
That must hurt.
lt's mummification.|You're dead when they do it.
lf l don't make it out of here,|don't put me down for mummification.
Oh, my God. lt's a....
lt's a sarcophagus.
Buried at the base of Anubis.
He must have been someone|of great importance.
Or he did something very naughty.
One more.
Help me! Help me!
Who is it?
"He That Shall Not Be Named."
This looks like some sort of a lock.
-Whoever's in here sure wasn't getting out.|-No kidding.
lt'll take a month to crack|into this thing without a key.
A key?
A key! That's what he was talking about!
-Who?|-The man on the barge.
The one with the hook.|He was looking for a key.
That's mine.
-What do you suppose killed him?|-Did you ever see him eat?
Seems that our American friends had|a little misfortune of their own today.
Three of their diggers were...melted.
Salt acid. Pressurized salt acid.
Some kind of ancient booby trap.
Maybe this place really is cursed.
For goodness' sake, you two!
-You don't believe in curses?|-No.
l believe if l can see it and touch it,|it's real. That's what l believe.
l believe in being prepared.
Let's see what our friend|the warden believed in.
What is it?
A broken bottle.
Glenlivet. Twelve years old!
He may have been a stinky fellow,|but he had good taste.
Take this. Stay here.
-No, wait! Wait for me.|-Evy!
Excuse me, but didn't the man|just say "stay here"? Evy!
Mr. Henderson! Wake up!
We will shed no more blood,|but you must leave.
Leave this place or die.
You have one day.
-Are you all right?|-Yes, l'm fine.
-You sure?|-Thank you.
That proves it. Old Seti's fortune|has got to be under this sand.
For them to protect it like this,|there's got to be treasure down there.
These men are desert people.|They value water, not gold.
You know, maybe just at night|we could combine forces?
Tough stuff, try a right hook.
Ball up your fist and put it up like that.
Then mean it. Hit it here.
l mean it!
Okay, it's time for another drink.
Unlike my brother, sir...
...l know when to say no.
And unlike your brother, miss..., l just don't get.
l know.
You're wondering...
...what is a place like me|doing in a girl like this.
Yeah, something like that.
Egypt is in my blood.
You see, my father...
...was a very, very famous explorer.
He loved Egypt so much...
...he married my mother,|who was an Egyptian...
...and quite an adventurer herself.
l get your father, and l get your mother...
...l get him, but....
What are you doing here?
l may not be... explorer...
...or an adventurer...
...or a treasure seeker, or a gunfighter...
...Mr. O'Connell...
...but l am proud of what l am.
And what is that?
l... a librarian.
And l am going to kiss you...
...Mr. O'Connell.
Call me Rick.
Oh, Rick.
-There is a curse upon this chest.|-Curse, my ass.
-Who cares?|-Have a care, Mr. Henderson.
On these hallowed grounds,|that set forth in ancient times... as strong today as it was then.|-We understand.
What's it say?
"Death will come on swift wings...
" whomsoever opens this chest."
We should not be here.
This is not good.
lt says, "There is one...
"...the undead...
"...who, if brought back to life,|is bound by sacred law...
" consummate this curse."
Let's not bring anyone back|from the dead then.
"He will kill all who open this chest...
"...and assimilate their organs and fluids...
"...and in so doing, he will regenerate...
"...and no longer be the undead...
"...but a plague upon this earth."
Well, we didn't come all this way|for nothing.
-That's right.|-lt's the curse.
lt's the curse.
lt's the curse! Beware of the curse!
Stupid superstitious bastard.
l've dreamt about this|since l was a little girl.
You dream about dead guys?
Look, the sacred spells|have been chiseled off.
This man must've been condemned|both in this life and the next.
-Tough break.|-Yeah, l'm all tears.
Now, let's see who's inside. Shall we?
l hate it when these things do that.
ls he supposed to look like that?
l've never seen a mummy|look like this before.
He's still....
He must be more than 3,000 years old...
...and it looks as if he's still...
Look at that.
What do you make of this?
These marks were made with...
This man was buried alive.
And he left a message.
"Death is only the beginning."
Oh, my God.
lt does exist.
-The Book of the Dead.|-A book?
Who cares about a book?|Where the hell's the treasure?
This, gentlemen...
...this is treasure.
l wouldn't trade you for a brass--
Look at that.
There's your treasure, gentlemen.
Now we're onto something.
l believe you need a key to open that book.
What do you think|these will fetch back home?
We hear you boys found yourselves a nice,|gooey mummy.
lf you dry that fella out,|you might be able to sell him for firewood.
Look what l found.
You're in her seat.
Scarab skeletons, flesh-eaters.
l found them inside our friend's coffin.
They can stay alive for years|feasting on the flesh of a corpse.
Too bad for our friend, he was still alive|when they started eating him.
So somebody threw these in with our guy,|and then they slowly ate him alive?
Very slowly.
He sure wasn't a popular guy|when they planted him.
He probably got a little too frisky|with the Pharaoh's daughter.
According to my readings...
...our friend suffered the Hom-Dai,|the worst of all ancient Egyptian curses... reserved only|for the most evil of blasphemers.
l've never heard of this curse|having actually been performed.
-That bad?|-Yes, well, they....
They never used it|because they feared it so.
lt's written that if a victim|of the Hom-Dai should ever arise...
...he would bring with him|the ten plagues of Egypt.
That's called stealing, you know.
According to you and my brother...'s called borrowing.
l thought the Book ofAmun-Ra|was made out of gold.
lt is made out of gold.|This isn't the Book ofAmun-Ra.
This is something else.
l think this may be the Book of the Dead.
The Book of the Dead?
Should you be playing around with it?
lt's just a book. No harm ever came from...
...reading a book.
That happens a lot around here.
What's it say?
"Amun-Ra. Amun-Dei."
lt speaks of the night and of the day.
You must not read from the book!
Go, go!
What have we done?
Where'd they come from?
l ain't waiting around to find out.
My glasses. Where are my glasses?
Leave me! Leave me!
Could you help me find my--
Wait for me!
Who's there?
Who's there?
-Run, Evy!|-Go, go! Run!
Mr. Burns. Thank goodness.
l was just starting to get scared.
l've lost everyone. l--
My eyes. My eyes.
Please help me.
He took my tongue.
Please don't leave me.
Damn it! lt's a trapdoor.
There must be a switch|around here someplace.
Run, you sons of bitches! Run!
Go! Go!
Come with me|my Princess Anck-su-namun.
There you are! Stop playing hide-and-seek.
Let's get out of here.
-Move!|-Did you see that?
lt was walking. lt was walking!
l told you to leave or die. You refused.
Now you may have killed us all.
You have unleashed a creature|we have feared for 3,000 years.
-Relax. l got him.|-No mortal weapon can kill this creature.
He's not of this world.
-You bastards.|-What did you do to him?
We saved him before the creature|could finish his work.
Leave, all of you, quickly,|before he finishes you all.
We must now hunt him|and find a way to kill him.
l already told you l got him.
Know this.
This creature is the bringer of death.
He will never eat, he will never sleep...
...and he will never stop.
May the good Lord protect|and watch over me... a shepherd watches over his flock.
No? Okay.
The language of the slaves...
...l may have use for you.
And the rewards...
...will be great.
My prince.
Where are the other sacredjars?
l thought you said|you didn't believe in fairy tales.
Encountering a 3,000-year-old walking,|talking corpse...
...tends to convert one.
Forget it. We're out the door,|down the hall and we're gone.
-No, we are not.|-Yes, we are.
No. We woke him up,|and we are going to stop him.
What "we"? "We" didn't read that book.
l told you not to play around|with that thing. Didn't l?
Yes, then me. l woke him up|and l intend to stop him.
How? You heard the man.|No mortal weapons can kill this guy.
Then we are just going to have|to find some immortal ones.
-There goes that "we" again.|-Will you listen to me? We have to do--
Once this creature is reborn his curse|will spread till the earth is destroyed.
-ls that my problem?|-lt is everybody's problem.
l appreciate you saving my life|but when l signed on...
...l agreed to take you out there|and to bring you back.
l've done that. End of job. End of story.
-Contract terminated.|-That's all l mean to you?
You can either tag along with me...
...or you can stay here|and try and save the world!
-What's it gonna be?|-l'm staying.
l'm the last of the Royal Air Force|still stationed out here, you know.
Some bloody idiot spilled his drink.
All the other laddies died in the sky|and were buried in the sand.
Good chaps, every one of them, too.
Hi, Winston.
You know, O'Connell...
...ever since the end of the Great War,|there hasn't been a single challenge...
...worthy of a man like me.
Yeah? We all got|our little problems today.
l just wish l could have chucked it in|with the others...
...and gone down in flame and glory...
...instead of sitting around here|rotting of boredom and booze.
Back to the airfield.
-Has your sister always been--|-Yes, always.
We're all packed,|but the boat doesn't leave till tomorrow.
Tail set firmly between your legs, l see.
You don't have a sacred walking corpse|after you.
How's your friend?
He had his eyes and his tongue ripped out.|How would you be?
l'm so pleased... meet you.
Prince lmhotep does not like to be touched.
A silly Eastern superstition, l'm afraid.
Please forgive me.
Mr. Burns...
...Prince lmhotep thanks you|for your hospitality.
And for your eyes.
And for your tongue.
But l am afraid more is needed.
The Prince must finish the job...
...and consummate the curse|which you and your friends...
-...have brought down upon yourselves.|-Wait! No!
Good luck, boys.
Sweet Jesus! Tasted just like....
"And the rivers and waters|of Egypt ran red...
"...and were as blood."
He's here.
-Evelyn!|-So you're still here.
We've got problems.
Beni, you little stinkweed.|Where you been?
We are in serious trouble.
You saved me from the undead.
l thank you.
We are in very serious trouble.
-He seems to like Evy.|-What's that about?
-What's this guy want?|-Only one person can give us any answers.
-You!|-Miss Carnahan.
-Gentlemen.|-What is he doing here?
Do you really want to know,|or would you prefer to just shoot us?
After what l just saw...
...l'm willing to go on faith.
We are part of an ancient secret society.
For over 3,000 years|we have guarded the City of the Dead.
We are sworn at manhood to do all to stop|the High Priest lmhotep from being reborn.
Because of you, we have failed.
Does this justify killing innocent people?
To stop this creature? Let me think. Yes!
Question: Why doesn't he like cats?
They're guardians of the underworld.|He'll fear them till he's fully regenerated.
-Then he will fear nothing.|-You know how he regenerates?
-By killing everyone who opened the chest.|-And sucking them dry!
Stop playing with that.
When l saw him alive at Hamunaptra,|he called me Anck-su-namun.
And now, in Mr. Burns' quarters,|he tried to kiss me.
lt's because of his love for Anck-su-namun|that he was cursed.
-Even after 3,000 years--|-He's still in love with her.
That's very romantic,|but what's it got to do with me?
Perhaps he will once again|try to raise her from the dead.
And it appears he has already chosen|his human sacrifice.
Bad luck, old mum.
On the contrary, it may just give us|the time we need to kill the creature.
We will need all the help we can get.|His powers are growing.
"And he stretched forth|his hand towards the heavens...
"...and there was darkness|throughout the land of Egypt."
We must stop him from regenerating.
-Who opened that chest?|-Me and Daniels.
-And Burns.|-And that Egyptologist.
-What about my buddy Beni?|-He scrammed before we opened it.
-Yeah, he was the smart one.|-That sounds like Beni.
We must find the Egyptologist|and return him to safety...
-...before the creature can get to him.|-Right.
-She stays here. You three, come with me.|-Not me!
You can't leave me behind|like some old carpetbag.
Who put you in charge?|What do you think you are doing?
-Jonathan! O'Connell!|-Sorry, but he's a bit...tall.
You are not leaving me in here!
lf you don't open this door|in one minute flat....
This door doesn't open.
-She doesn't come out, and no one goes in.|-Right.
O'Connell! Jonathan!
Let's go.
l thought l could stay at the fort|and reconnoiter.
-Now!|-We're just gonna rescue the Egyptologist.
Let me guess...spring cleaning?
Nice shot.
Beni, did you fall down?|Let me help you up.
You came back from the desert|with a new friend, didn't you, Beni?
What friend? You are my only friend.
What the hell are you doing|with this creep? What's in it for you?
lt is better to be the right hand|of the devil than to be in his path.
As long as l serve him, l am immune.
lmmune from what?
-What did you say?|-l don't wanna tell you. You'll hurt me.
What are you looking for?|And try not to lie to me.
The black book they found at Hamunaptra.|He wants it back.
He said it would be worth its weight|in gold.
-What does he want the book for?|-l don't know.
Something about bringing|his dead girlfriend back to life.
But that's all.|He just wants the book, l swear.
Just the book, l swear. And your sister.
But other than that--
That's two down, two to go.
Then he'll be coming after Evy.
Guards in place! Reporting all clear, sir!
To hell with this.
l'm going downstairs to get a drink.|You want something?
-Get me a glass of bourbon.|-All right.
-And a shot of bourbon.|-Yeah, okay.
-And a bourbon chaser.|-l'll get your damn bourbon!
Don't worry about the door.
Get your ugly face off of her!
Look what l got.
You all right?
l'm not sure.
According to legend, the black book|found by the Americans at Hamunaptra...
...can bring people back from the dead.
-Until now l did not believe it.|-Believe it.
That's what brought our buddy back to life.
lf the black book can bring dead people|to life....
-Then maybe the gold book can kill him.|-That's the myth.
Now we just have to find out|where the gold book is hidden.
lmhotep. lmhotep.
Last but not least, my favorite plague...|boils and sores.
They have become his slaves.
So it has begun, the beginning of the end.
Not quite yet. Come on.
Bembridge scholars said|the golden Book ofAmun-Ra...
...was inside the statue of Anubis.
-That's where we found the black book.|-Exactly.
-The old boys at Bembridge were wrong.|-They mixed the books up.
Mixed up where they were buried.
So if the black book|is inside the statue of Anubis...
...then the golden book must be inside....
-Come on, Evy. Faster.|-Patience is a virtue.
Not right now it isn't.
l think l'll go and get the car started.
l've got it. The Book ofAmun-Ra is at...
...Hamunaptra inside the statue of Horus.
Take that, Bembridge scholars.
Let's go, let's go!
-Get it in gear.|-Let's get out of here.
-Come on, Evy. Hurry up.|-lmhotep!
You're gonna get yours, Beni!|You hear me?
-You're gonna get yours!|-Like l've never heard that before!
Hang on!
Okay! Go, go!
lmhotep. lmhotep.
lt's the creature.
He's fully regenerated.
"Come with me, my princess.
"lt is time to make you mine forever."
"For all eternity," idiot.
"Take my hand...
"...and l will spare your friends."
Oh, dear.
-Have you got any bright ideas?|-l'm thinking.
You better think fast,|because if he turns me into a mummy...'re the first one l'm coming after.
He must take me to Hamunaptra|to perform the ritual.
She is right. Live today, fight tomorrow.
l'll be seeing you again.
That's mine.
Thank you.
Kill them all!
No! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Good-bye, my friend.
Come here, you little....
Come on!
-What about my sister?|-We're gonna get her back! Go!
You're next!
Come on! Give me your hand!
'Morning, Winston. A word?
What's your little problem got to do|with His Majesty's Royal Air Corps?
Not a damn thing.
-ls it dangerous?|-You might not live through it.
By Jove, do you really think so?
Everybody else we've run into has died.|Why not you?
What's the challenge then?
Rescue the damsel in distress,|kill the bad guy and save the world.
Winston Havelock at your service, sir.
Are you all right?
Do l bloody look all right?
How you doing?
You see that? l've never seen one so big.
Get off of me! Get off!
l need a new job.
My God.
We're back.
My God.
Paddle faster.
Hang on, men!
Stop it! You'll kill them!
That's the idea.
Here l come, laddies!
l loved the whole sand-wall trick.|lt was beautiful.
Excuse me.
A little help would be useful,|if it's not too much trouble!
Yeah. All right.
Quicksand! Get back! lt's quicksand.
Keep moving!
Nasty little fellows such as yourself|always get their comeuppance.
-They do?|-Yes.
Take those bigger stones first.
Take them from the top,|or everything will cave in on us.
Come on. Put your backs into it.
You've got the idea. Chop-chop.
l say!
Gents, you should come|and have a look at this.
lt's in my arm! My arm!
Hold him!
Do something! Do something!|Not that! Not that!
The Bembridge scholars|never wrote about this.
Let go of me.
Kill them...
...and wake the others.
-Can you see....|-Yeah.
-Can you believe....|-Yeah.
-Can we just....|-No.
-Who the hell are these guys?|-Priests.
lmhotep's priests.
All right then.
There he is!
Hello, Horus, old boy.
Time to close the door.
O'Connell! Jonathan!
Damn, these guys just don't quit, do they?
Keep digging.
The Book ofAmun-Ra.
Save the girl.
Kill the creature.
What are you waiting for?|Get out! Get out!
You all right? Let's go.
With your death, Anck-su-namun shall live.
And l shall be invincible!
The Book ofAmun-Ra! l found it, Evy!
The Book ofAmun-Ra.
Shut up and get me off here, Jonathan!
Open the book.|lt's the only way to kill him.
You have to open the book|and find the inscription.
l can't open it! lt's locked.
-We need the key, Evy!|-lt's inside his robes.
Look out! There's one....
Here's an inscription.
This keeps getting better and better.
-Do something.|-Me?
-You can command them.|-You have got to be joking.
Finish the inscription on the cover, idiot,|then you can control them.
Hurry up, Jonathan!
-l can't figure out this last symbol.|-What does it look like?
lt's a bird, a stork!
Yes, l see.
Destroy him!
l command you to destroy him!
Give me that book!
Now you die.
Evy! l've got it.
Keep him busy.
No problem.
Hurry, Evy!
-Hurry!|-You're not helping.
Now it's your turn.
l've got it.
l thought you said it was gonna kill him!
He's mortal.
" only the beginning."
Time to go.
You've lost the book!
-l can't believe--|-Come on!
-Couldn't we just--|-No, Jonathan!
-Wait!|-Come on, give me your hand.
Good-bye, Beni.
Go away.
Thank you very much.
You've earned the respect and gratitude|of me and my people.
lt was nothing.
May Allah smile upon you always.
Yes, anytime.
Stay out of trouble.
He's just leaving us here.
l guess we go home empty-handed again.
l wouldn't say that.
How about you, darling?|Would you like a little kissy-wissy?
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