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Subtitles for My Girlfriends Boyfriend (Eric Rohmer 1987).

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My Girlfriends Boyfriend (Eric Rohmer 1987)

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The change in the last paragraph is:
''ln the hope that the Ministry of Culture's commitment...
''set at 812,000 francs...
''will not be altered...''
City Hall? Public works, please.
''My friends' friends are my friends.''
May l sit here?
Of course.
l know there're other tables, but when l'm alone,
the guys always bug me.
You're safe with me!
You work here?
No, l got an entry pass, and l feel a bit awkward...
Forget it, l'll sit there.
No, stay! l hate to eat alone!
So do l, but l don't always want to see the same faces.
l change restaurants every day... l know them all around here.
At noon, l don't eat much.
Me neither, usually. This morning l had an errand
and had to skip breakfast. So...
You a student?
l work at City Hall. Cultural Affairs.
l'm still in computer school. Know where it is?
The one nearby?
l'm a senior... One more month and my carefree days are over!
My nomad days, that is.
Except in class. l'm always on the move.
Me too... l get around a lot.
You live where?
The Belvedere, at St. Christophe.
That huge place?
We're neighbours. l'm at the Lozere.
ln Cergy Village?
That's it!
l don't really live there. lt's just my address.
You like where you are?
Very much.
To me it's a barracks.
l'd call it a palace.
From outside, maybe, but... inside?
Ever been?
No, but l can imagine it.
You're more independent than in a lot of small buildings.
l sound like a brochure.
But it feels like being in a luxury hotel.
Sure, if you don't stay too long...
Anyway, l'm sort of a transient.
l live with a friend. My boyfriend.
Home's really at my folks', in St. Germain.
l sleep there some weekends.
l used to take Fabien with me, but... he doesn't like it there.
Yet my folks like him.
He does sports on weekends. Forget it!
Especially water sports. l hate the water!
Do you... have a lover?
Not for the moment. Not here, not in Paris, not back home.
l'm from the sticks.
But you have had?
Of course! But just now, it's a total blank.
l've no man in my life.
You're right.
You've got plenty of time.
You have friends, no?
Not really. lt's the only thing l really lack here.
l'm in no rush for a lover.
l have to get back.
l set my own schedule. l have a dream job.
No one above me or under me, really.
No direct superior,
no private secretary, either.
But l have to get my work done.
Sometimes l work through lunch...
but it's healthier to take a break.
You say you hate the water?
For drinking?
Oh, swimming! No, l'm scared of the water.
- Never go to the pool? - God, no!
lt's not dangerous.
l know, but the chlorine, the crowds... ugh!
And l nearly drowned once.
You can't swim?
l can... badly.
lf you could swim, your fear would vanish.
Starting's the problem.
l'd like to. Fabien spends half his life in the water.
Can't he teach you?
l won't let him.
Maybe someone with more authority could...
He's not that way.
l often go to the pool at noon, instead of lunching.
Not many people, it's restful...
The gates to the park are open now, you can lie in the sun...
l'm a good teacher.
l could gently teach you to vanquish your fear. Want to try?
Love to.
For some reason, l trust you. But it'll bore you silly.
No it won't. l think it's fun.
By vacation time you'll swim life a fish!
Go on, l'm holding you.
- Don't let go! - Hang on!
Sure... now relax! Breathe out...
Blow into the water... Open your mouth...
Again... Take it easy!
That's it! Keep it up!
l'll... swallow it!
Don't be afraid. l've got you!
Easy does it.
Blanche, this is Alexandre.
- Been here long? - Just got here.
We're leaving.
Catch you next time. Come here often?
- No. You? - Seldom.
Who was that fellow?
A friend of Fabien. Power and Light engineer.
Gorgeous Alexandre.
He is handsome.
He interest you?
He's... noticeable.
l've seen him around.
All the girls ogle him, but he doesn't turn me on.
l don't think he's your type.
Why say that? You don't know me.
Well enough to know you're no girl for him.
l'm not cute enough?
That's not it at all!
You're much better-looking than the chicks he usually dates.
He doesn't choose. He grabs what he finds.
He waits for the girl to make a move.
Since l wait for the man to move, we'll never team up.
Come in.
Hi. Did you find it easily?
Right with you.
- You OK? - Fine.
And you?
Fabien... Blanche, my swim teacher.
A bad teacher. l pushed you too hard the other day.
You were very gentle. l felt no strain.
lt's always like that at first. You get tense.
Stop! You're not my teacher.
Where'll we meet?
Who, me? Going to the pool?
No. She's not either. l'm helping her on an errand.
l didn't plan to come back here.
We'll be late. l must go to Pontoise, then we're off
to that party in Paris.
Want me to go with you? What do l do while you confer?
He's taking an amp to be fixed. That takes hours!
l'll be a second. You'll learn something.
l learn by day. At night l rest!
l don't mind coming back to get you, but it'll take
at least half an hour!
He's right. Go with him.
l hate to ditch you.
You're not.
l'll see you Monday.
- See you Monday. Sorry. - Not to worry. 'Bye.
She's sweet. ln her place l'd be furious!
l said l'd go to the pool and l didn't.
She asked me to help with an errand, and l didn't.
lt's not your fault.
She was just being nice.
Who knows if she wanted you around?
Mind your own business. You don't know her.
She's a sensitive, thoughtful girl.
We were horribly rude to her!
She was tactful.
She saw we were in a hurry.
And so we are!
So let's move it!
What are you doing?
What's the rush if l'm going with you?
l'd like to be early. You never know.
Must we go?
You never said you didn't want to go.
lt's too late now. And l hate to cancel dates.
They like you more than me.
You go alone. Tell them l'm sick,
which is true!
You don't feel good?
You sick?
No, but l'm stiff.
l ache all over.
l'd better rest.
l'd better take you home.
Don't bother. l'll go to Mom's.
She'll take care of me.
Call you tomorrow. Monday l'll be back, fresh as a daisy.
Lea? How are you?
Fine, thanks.
Apologize for what?
You didn't ditch me.
lf l'd known... Sorry!
No, you really spared me a chore.
l did want to rest.
l'm limber again, ready to swim for miles!
Don't take that literally!
No, how about tomorrow?
Let's have dinner together.
l don't drag him with me everywhere.
l want to talk to you. For your ears only.
Then come to my place for dinner.
Like it?
lt's very pretty.
They will put some grass in, no?
lt'll grow.
The view's different from here.
You can see the lakes!
You can see the Defense, and all the way to the Eiffel Tower.
Got any binoculars?
So l could watch Fabien when he windsurfs.
He windsurfs?
Funny, so do l!
Good luck!
lt's great to have a place where you can change things.
l can't at my folks'.
At Fabien's l don't feel at home.
l'd love to turn things upside down, but l won't.
We quarrel enough as it is.
He's adorable, but he gets on my nerves!
For example, he's so sweet l can't lie to him!
You don't have to.
Sometimes you do!
Some things are better left unsaid.
Especially little things.
lf l ever went out with another guy... he'd throw a fit!
l'm very faithful...
but it could happen.
And it could get serious.
With the other guy, l mean.
l'd have to choose.
But l could only leave Fabien in slow stages.
So for a while l'd have to lie...
when l'd rather tell him outright: ''l don't love you''.
Do you love him now?
l still do.
But he's getting tougher to take.
He's too self-centred.
- You say he's nice. - They can go together.
He makes no demands,
but he's got no initiative, either.
Last Friday, for example...
if he'd really wanted me to go with him, l'd have gone.
l wish he'd seen l was faking illness, and gotten mad.
With him, all my little games fall flat!
He can't put himself in my place.
He's not considerate.
l'm old-fashioned:
l like men to be considerate, attentive.
l like to be taken care of.
He's too young.
Maybe an older man would suit me better.
lt must be lonely living here.
l feel less lonesome here than in a little house.
You've really got no boyfriend?
Maybe l'm too choosy.
Yet at the pool yesterday...
that guy caught your eye.
He's above average. That's why l noticed him.
He's not your type.
l have a type?
Let's say...
l like nice looks.
- Surprised? - Yes and no.
lt depends what you mean.
l don't like 'em ugly either.
But Alexandre is a seducer, knows it and uses it.
Still, he's bright,
has a good job,
he's a good catch.
l just can't see you with him.
l'm not cute enough?
He's not serious-minded.
And l seem serious-minded?
What do you know?
Can you swim in those lakes?
Not there. Beyond the trees there's a swimming area.
You never come to the pool.
l belong to a club and only go for practice.
He's a champ!
No, l need to improve.
When l do something, it's all the way.
You know Alexandre?
Yeah, l see him at tennis.
Since we're on about the same level, l enjoy playing him.
He doesn't swim?
Not at practice, anyway.
Why do you ask?
Just curious.
We saw him at the pool.
He swims well!
He's never had any problems.
He's always had it all!
Sports, music, math, lit... everything's easy for him!
Too easy!
l'd like to be in his shoes!
Not me.
When you're good at too many things...
it's hard to choose.
When all the girls want you, you hesitate, then pick the worst.
He has terrible taste in girls.
l'll get it.
But the other day he was with one who wasn't too awful.
At the pool?
Girl in the blue swimsuit with a red anchor on it. You didn't see her?
He dates so many girls... and they're not as bad as you say.
You're easy to please!
Hope you find me prettier!
Sure do.
lf l'm prettier than them, and he's sexier than you,
then he ought to be with girls prettier than l.
But you don't think he's sexier.
l'd rather be me than him.
Vain creature!
So go with him!
That's not the point.
He'd brush you off?
That'd be the pits. With his taste.
Just because he's handsome doesn't mean l want him.
l hate guys who expect girls to fall into their arms,
who don't do a thing, as if it were normal.
Just because he's not after you!
He realizes l'm different.
Not like those girls who swoon over him.
Are there so many?
l know one who's dying of love for him.
And she's very cute.
He doesn't want her?
- She hasn't tried. - She should!
According to you, he wants them all!
ls this girl for real?
Yes, but it's not Blanche.
Don't listen to her!
She's getting used to my dumb jokes.
Very dumb jokes!
But not mean.
- Know Blanche? - We've met, but where?
- At the pool. - Right... Care for anything?
Sure. Coffee.
Two coffees, please.
Go often?
Every other day. One day we swim, one we lunch.
l do the same, but l must go on odd days,
you on even: So we never meet up.
- You serious? - No, l hardly ever go.
l lack your stamina in passing up lunch.
lt's not stamina: we enjoy it.
Maybe. But you don't need to watch your figure.
ls that a dig or a compliment?
Definitely a compliment. Lots of girls envy you... Boys too.
Oh! You saw right through me!
No, l avoid pools, especially in summer.
You in school?
No, l'm...
She's a big shot at City Hall.
ln local government.
- You're so young! - Not really. l'm 24.
- 2 years older than me! - You're a bit backward!
We can't all have an M.S.!
- Ph.D.! - Sorry!
- Engineer? - Power and light.
He's got a great job. You should marry him.
You've got a fine job too.
So? Money attracts money!
- Like it here? - Very much.
15 TV channels, a lake, tennis courts, golf soon,
2 legit theatres, who could be bored?
l'm joking, but l like it here too.
l don't belong in a big city or the sticks.
l was made for big cities.
But l feel more a part of Paris here
than if l lived right in the centre.
l cover all of metropolitan Paris from here,
north to south, east to west. l'm a metropolitan man !
l spend hours on public transport too, but it's no blessing.
- Get organized! - What's to be organized?
Someday l'll tell you. Sooner or later.
What're you talking about?
You'll find out!
Do you even know?
You got me. Hit the nail on the head.
You're in what?
Cultural Affairs.
Not my bag. Ever deal with Financial Affairs?
With Mr. Tissot?
Keeps tabs on the tabs, he does! And Mrs. Donangup?
- Who? - You don't know Mrs. Don'ang'up?
No, l know Mrs. Gillet.
That's her. Always says: ''Don't hang up''!
Don't make fun of people!
- Am l being mean? - Not at all.
- She's always kind. - l'm not!
Sooo positive!
Beats being negative.
l see big virtues and minor flaws.
l've spent half an hour finding you!
l said here.
You said the main square!
You don't listen.
l do! The main square's there!
This is the main square.
No, the other's the main square.
This is called the main square... Sit.
Now l don't have time.
A drink?
l don't feel like it any more.
ln that case,
l'll see you back... 'Bye, girls.
Pleased? Still like him?
He's very clever.
l sounded like a complete idiot!
No, why? You were wonderful.
l didn't say a word.
What could you say?
Maybe l talked too much.
No, it's always the same, it's me.
When someone interests me, l freeze.
Now's your chance. He and that girl weren't so cosy!
- Think so? - Sure.
But don't let someone beat you to him.
Today, you got in line.
Now, if you run into him, you'll manage on your own.
On my own? l'd be petrified!
When l want to dazzle, l sound dumb... so l shut up.
You must talk to him.
He loves bright people. You're too smart to sound dumb.
Take my advice: be like him,
be witty, make fun.
l can't. lt's not my style.
At most, l can playact a bit.
But not with someone l want to love me.
l want to be loved for who l am, not who l pretend to be.
Then don't chase a guy like him.
You'd suit lots of other guys! Naturally!
Don't bother with a guy who's not worth it!
- You here? - Looking for you.
l had meetings all day.
l have news that's both good and bad.
- Like what? - l leave tomorrow.
- You're leaving? - On vacation.
- Wonderful! - But l won't see you.
You'll be back.
Not here. Wherever l find work.
Wait and see.
lt's settled. lf l leave Fabien, why come back here?
- You've had a fight? - Not at all.
Let's change the subject. l need rest.
l meant to go in July when he gets time off, but...
l'm going alone.
To my grandparents'.
l may go to the Pyrenees, or maybe the Alps.
- He'll join you? - Fabien?
You gotta be kidding!
You believed me?
- You're not going? - Sure l am.
You're going together?
l adore you! You always believe me.
But l don't want to lie to you.
My parents and Fabien always think l'm lying.
So l lie a lot.
l'm sort of leaving with a guy.
You don't have to tell me.
- l want to. - l hate knowing secrets.
No one'll grill you.
Maybe l'm in love.
And Fabien?
l said ''maybe''. lf l'm in love, l'll leave him.
lf l'm not...
l don't really think l am.
l just want to sock it to Fabien.
lf he loved me, he'd have timed his vacation with mine.
But he hates changing his plans.
And for him work's sacred.
Sure. He's just starting out...
His career's more important than l am.
lf you love him, his career matters.
l don't really love him. l never have.
He's too self-centred.
l'd like to find someone who'd counsel me, understand me...
who'd just try and please me now and then.
He can't even conceive of that.
l don't like people trying to please me.
Like, l hate presents.
You always get things you don't want.
Well, l like them. Even things l don't want.
As for the guy l'm going off with...
We won't really be alone, there's a bunch of us...
l doubt he's Mr. Right,
but l just might fall in love...
l don't want a passing affair.
l'm no manhunter.
Maybe less than you, deep down.
l've been alone 2 years!
Right, l said deep down.
You're after the ultimate, l'm after stability.
You'd never guess, eh?
- Come for dinner? - l'm too rushed.
l'll walk you to the station.
- Wanna go to the French Open? - Tennis? Got a ticket?
Yeah, and l can't go.
How much is it?
Nothing. Fabien got it from his club.
- Will he go? - Yes. Do you mind?
The seats are numbered, we'll sit together!
So what? He won't eat you.
lt's tricky, after what you told me. He may ask questions.
What can he ask?
Tell him the official version: it's the truth, or almost.
But l so hate lying.
lf a subject comes up where l know something secret,
l blush even when l'm telling the truth. So...
He won't know why you're blushing. And you won't talk of that.
Of what, then? We've hardly met.
You'll get to know him.
He's not that interested.
Nor am l.
l only talk to him because of you.
lf you ever split up, l'd never see him.
lf l leave him, he'll be available.
So are you.
Who knows what may happen?
Don't you like him?
He's very nice.
But my girlfriends' boyfriends...
l feel the same way...
lf he's no longer my boyfriend?
But he was! This may be silly, but...
he's a no-no!
l was only joking. You'll have a friendly chat.
l think he's a lot like you.
You have more to talk about with him than l do.
We don't have much to say.
You said that when you're in love, you don't know what to say.
Here you're not in love... So?
And you may see Alexandre.
lt's now or never!
Lea told you she gave me her ticket?
That guy who's leading, l saw him at Wimbledon last year.
What time is it?
- Game of bridge? - Now?
Why not?
Got the cards?
Coming Adrienne?
To play bridge.
- Come on! - You sulking?
So let's talk. Call me.
OK, if we can play...
Try another match?
You do what you want. l've seen enough.
Spending all day in the sun, in a crowd...
This isn't my thing.
A drink?
No, l'm tired, l'm going home.
- Sure? - And l have things to do.
Might do you good.
No, really.
'Bye Blanche. Hope to see more of you next time.
That girl's really weird.
Good to see you. l wanted to apologize for Saturday.
When l'm in a vile mood, please shake me out of it.
l don't get it, what did you do?
l left with your date, and you left alone.
Who? Alexandre?
Not Alexandre, silly! Your date, Fabien!
He's Lea's boyfriend!
l know he is,
but you came with him.
Hardly. Lea gave me her ticket,
and l wound up sitting beside him.
Oh? l thought you were closer. Anyway, he likes you.
He's very fond of you and was sorry you left.
l'll bet!
You sore at him?
No, he's Lea's boyfriend and l see him with her, that's all.
Scared she'd be jealous? She must be hell when she is.
l don't steal my girlfriends' guys!
lt's over, she's all but left him.
He told you?
l sensed it. You can sense those things.
l don't know what he saw in that girl!
She's my best friend. Don't knock her!
Don't get mad! l'm not knocking her!
l just said they didn't belong together.
They're trapped.
Can l tell you something?
Now don't scream!
l sang your praises. l went overboard.
- Sang my praises? - An expression.
Anyway, he started it... Praising you!
l felt guilty because you'd left.
He said you were a great girl...
Not the self-centred kind who gets mad for nothing...
lt was my cue to cover you with praise. So there!
OK, l don't know you very well, but you're charming,
and l have a real instinct about people.
Who asked you? ls it your business?
Hold it!
Anyway, he wasn't listening, he had Lea on his mind!
Bashful lovers annoy me so, l'd say anything to bug them!
What'd you tell him?
Nothing. l knocked Lea, and praised you to the heavens.
A waste of time, he's lovestruck, deaf to the world.
lt was a waste of time!
Hey, you seem all sweetness, but...
you don't mince your words.
Got a lover?
Not right now.
You don't seem to want Fabien.
l won't saddle you with Alexandre. He's even less your type.
As they're the only two half-decent lays around...
look elsewhere, it's a big world!
Sorry about the other day, l had to get home.
Doesn't matter.
Anyway, l sort of abandoned you.
But that girl can be so possessive...
no way to get rid of her.
But l think she's really fond of you.
l know!
Well, have a nice weekend!
Same to you.
lt's a small world!
This place is like a village.
Once l ran into the same person 7 times...
and l'd already greeted him.
Doesn't bother some people, but it does me.
Should l say ''hi'' each time...
or pretend not to see him, or simply avoid him?
You could smile!
7 times?
Today it's only the second.
Once again, have a good week-end.
l'm off to windsurf. Been yet?
No, l've always been too busy,
and with this weather...
lt might not rain,
but there's a good wind on the lake.
Come along if you want.
- Now? - Right now.
l had an errand to do, but it can wait.
lt's stuck. l can't unzip it.
lt's the lining.
l'm so impatient!
These things usually happen to me and l flip!
l can't see you flipping.
l was furious at the store earlier!
Why? Because it's Saturday? Crowded?
The check-out l thought was the fastest took forever!
l went nuts!
Not really nuts...
When l get that impatient, l just want to drop everything,
l must make myself keep at it!
But you don't give up.
Just once, l was buying some little thing...
l quit to show my anger without beating myself up.
l'm the same way.
Sometimes l may want something really badly,
but l'll wait for ages, then suddenly drop it all so...
lt's weird, but...
Lea and l have almost nothing in common.
lt's not physical effort, she can be tougher than l am.
Not just swimming, but walking, even holding a racket tires her.
Yet she can dance all night or shop all day.
That exhausts me!
What relaxes me tires her and vice versa.
How can you live together?
We don't. Lea doesn't live at my place.
She crashes there weekdays and goes to her folks' on weekends.
l could go, but don't care to.
She feels the same.
She thinks l didn't want to go on vacation with her. She's wrong.
lf she'd warned me, l could've managed.
She just took off to her grandparents'.
That where she is?
l know, she told me.
She told me, too. l don't have to believe her.
There's a guy involved!
lf she leaves me, too bad.
lt'll hurt at first, but l'll get over it.
She's too young for me, and l'm too young for her, too.
l'm dining with friends. Join me?
No, l have plans.
Will you be here tomorrow?
Tomorrow l relax.
lt'll be sunny all week. How about some evening?
l'm busy early in the week. Thursday or Friday?
No, l can't. Saturday?
Not at all.
We meet again.
- Been to the lakes? - l'm on my way.
The weather's lousy, but the wind is good.
Come along if you want.
l can't. l'm off to Paris.
l'm going, or it'll be too late.
- Saturday? - OK.
- Where's your car? - ln the lot.
See you!
Do you sail?
Boats, but on the ocean.
l've only dabbled at windsurfing.
l have to go, too. You going to Paris?
By and by.
l can take you.
Well, it's that...
You've got your car?
l'm taking the train.
Come back by train!
l wanted to go home first...
You live far?
Will you be long?
Not really...
l see l'm not being helpful! Have a nice evening. See you.
You're really hopeless!
For a shy girl, you talk a lot!
l can talk with you, and Lea...
with people at the office...
With everyone, in fact!
Except when l freeze.
When l like someone...
or think l do,
l go dumb.
Or l say stupid, trivial things.
See who l mean?
Alexandre? We kidded you a bit, you really interested in him?
Did you stay with him the other day?
l blew it!
He gave me an opening.
Offered to drive me to Paris.
Like a fool, l hemmed and hawed...
lt upset my plans, which were upset anyway.
He backed off,
and l missed a great chance!
There'll be others, and...
You're not missing much!
l can't see why you like this guy!
You're like Lea!
You say he's a ladies' man, but not for this lady!
Maybe you're just different.
How so?
l don't know, but...
l can't see you with him.
He's handsome and l'm ugly? That what you mean?
Silly! You're not ugly!
- You think so. - Not a bit!
l think you're very pretty, pretty as anyone.
Not as pretty as Lea! Don't talk nonsense!
OK, let's talk about Lea!
This might surprise you,
but Lea's not my type!
l didn't notice her... she chased me.
lf l'm attracted to a type at all, you come much closer.
Stop this flattery! l didn't think you were like that.
lt's not flattery. lt's what l think,
spoken as a friend.
l'm trying to understand, you:::me:::
l love Lea but we're too different.
Maybe l love her unexpectedness.
But l feel closer to you, and l've only known you for a week.
That's the difference between love and friendship.
ln love, you don't feel you're on his level.
l wonder. But speaking of levels...
Alexandre's way beneath you!
You mean morally?
Physically, too.
He's ordinary: everyone's type. Loving him makes you ordinary.
Maybe l am ordinary!
You overrate me.
l rate you high and l'm right! l think you're terrific!
l say it and it's true!
l don't believe you!
l'll be going.
Tomorrow it'll be nice. Leave your car, l'll pick you up.
Good night.
Better than the smell of fried fish and trash.
l brought Lea here one Sunday. She swore she'd never be back!
l feel like l'm in a foreign country.
Here l accept things, like odours, that disgust me elsewhere.
Actually, it's like travelling through time.
When workers would picnic on the banks of the Seine...
l thought all that was over.
These people aren't from Cergy.
They live in crowded high-rises, in crummy suburbs.
To them, this place is the Palace of Versailles!
l prefer the smell of hot-dogs to exhaust fumes
in a Sunday afternoon traffic jam.
Me too.
There's the river!
Yes, behind those trees.
lt loops around. There you can see it.
lt drops down
close to where you live.
There's the tower!
lt flows on,
circles around the town, by the...
Power and Light building.
l know a nice towpath along the river.
Are you crying?
ls it the sun?
No... l don't know...
Maybe the silence...
or the hour, because...
when the sun starts to set, you feel a pang of anxiety...
And l feel good...
Too good, in fact!
Why too good?
Too good... l'm sorry.
May l?
lt's nerves.
Never mind.
lt's OK. Especially if they're tears of joy.
l wish they were, but that's not it.
Tell me if l can help.
No, no...
Just silly girlish ideas.
it's something l can't tell you... especially you.
Especially me? Why?
Can you tell me?
l'm crying because you're here,
and it's with you...
Want me to go?
No, don't go!
l'm happy with you.
l'd like...
l should...
l'd like to be as happy with someone else as with you now.
You'll have your Alexandre.
l don't know if l could be as happy with him.
So forget him.
There's no reason not to feel...
as happy with a lover as with a friend.
Sure, but that's often how it is.
l feel better with you now...
than with Lea.
Let's not talk.
May l?
You're adorable!
No more.
- You agree? - l guess.
l don't know.
l think l really like you.
l won't do anything you don't want.
You thought l wanted to?
Yes, l'm very wilful.
l do nothing l don't want.
But Lea's a close friend.
So that's it.
l thought it was...
Yes, a little.
But mostly Lea.
she's having a ball.
This your revenge?
Certainly not!
l'm not thinking of Lea...
but of you and me.
l feel we're alone on a desert island.
l used to dream of seeing a girl in a forest.
We'd meet in a clearing...
come together, spellbound,
make love,
then drift apart again,
still nameless.
lt's a boy's dream, not a girl's.
l'd have said a girl's...
Mine, in fact...
But what?
l'll be off.
No, not now.
When, then?
lt's over.
How, over?
lt was great, and to stay great it mustn't go on.
You don't want to see me any more?
Sure l'll see you.
But only as a friend.
A friend?
We're not in love.
You love someone else.
So do l.
Listen, l don't know if l love Lea,
but l feel more than friendly to you.
You mustn't.
Some things shouldn't be repeated.
l've been happier with you than with anyone else.
Then it'd be dumb to stop.
You're not thinking.
To you, l'm a replacement. As you were to me.
Are you crazy?
Don't spoil our memory.
lt'll be our secret.
You swear you won't tell Lea?
Where are you?
At your folks'?
Come to my place tonight.
You've moved the sofa.
An impulse, like it?
Very much.
- Want a drink? - l'd love one.
You see?
l haven't vanished.
l knew you wouldn't.
Surprise! We're neighbours again.
l'm back with Fabien.
You look amazed.
So you should. After what l told you!
But l was stupid.
l love Fabien.
l realize it when we part.
That guy l more or less left with...
a fiasco!
A complete blank!
There were other guys... not bad...
But not one clicked.
None of them holds a candle to Fabien!
lt's always been the same routine.
l leave him, try to cheat on him,
l pull up short,
l come back,
and fall into his arms.
His vacation's next week.
We'll leave together.
And you?
Things OK?
Just fine.
Like l said.
You're acting strange.
Sure, if you look at me like that...
lt's because
you seem different.
Not exactly like you were before l left.
This happens to me.
l don't see someone for a week or two, and l think they've changed.
But they haven't changed.
lt's my vision of them.
My way of looking changes.
Funny, no?
No, that happens to me, too, but...
the interval's longer.
Do l look different?
You're tanned, that's all.
So are you.
That must be it.
Been swimming?
A bit of windsurfing.
Then you've seen Fabien?
He was out Saturday and Sunday.
Alone? Don't answer!
lf ever you know anything awkward, l forbid you to tell me.
For now, we're euphoric. lf only it lasts!
Another drink?
By the way... like the tennis?
An interesting match.
Was Alexandre there?
Yes, but we hardly spoke.
- Did he recognize you? - Of course.
We exchanged a few words.
A few!
Just trivia.
l'm not nosy, you know.
l couldn't think of what to say.
l ran into him a few days later.
Couldn't talk to him then, either.
You still like him?
More than ever.
And l have a strong feeling he's interested. So...
l persist!
Maybe someday l'll connect.
l hope so.
You know how l feel about it.
But l won't try to stop you. l can even help you.
Free Saturday?
We're going to a party. Want to join us?
Who's ''us''?
Fabien and me.
l think Alexandre'll be there, too.
Well, why not?
- You OK? - Fine, and you?
- You're lovely! - So are you!
Find your way?
l wound up in Versailles.
The long way.
You didn't take the direct road?
- l got sidetracked. - lt's shorter...
Not everyone's here yet, but...
l'll be back.
Are we going to be like the other day?
l don't think so.
- Sore at me? - What for?
l don't know.
No, it's all working out.
l was right!
Whose house is this?
Friends of friends of Alexandre...
l only know 2 or 3... l don't know them...
Seen the garden?
l'll show it to you.
- How goes it? - So-so.
Very nice...
You too, very nice!
Join us in a drink?
l'll just have some water.
l'm drinking tonight. A glass of white wine...
White wine?
Pretty, huh?
lt's a lovely house.
Friends of yours?
Friends of friends.
Lea, you know them as well as l do.
l think so.
So we're all guests, and no one knows anyone.
That's the point of parties.
- Sorry, l have to leave. - So soon?
l have lots of work before vacation, l had to take some home with me.
Too bad, we don't meet often. You're off when?
ln a week and a half... See you before then.
ln fact, what're you doing Friday?
Nothing special, why?
A party at St. Germain.
What address?
l'm not sure. We can meet at the Columbia.
- 7 P.M.? - OK.
- We'll use your car? - My car!
Nice, the blue.
Told you he'd come.
Whose party is it?
My brother's pals' graduation party.
They're kids! What'll he do there?
lf he doesn't like it, he'll leave!
What a day!
Know what's happened?
l broke up with Fabien!
This time it's for good.
l hope not.
You'll patch it up, as always.
Not this time.
No hard feelings.
We didn't even quarrel.
lt was very quiet, matter-of-fact.
Surprised, eh?
Sorry, l don't believe it.
Vacations agree with me.
l'll put this here...
- When do you go? - l'm just back.
l may go again, but when?
With Fabien?
Yes... no... l don't know.
And you?
Next week.
l don't know where.
You like snap decisions, eh? Like me.
Where we off to?
Some friends'.
Friends' friends.
They nice?
Must be! My brother's pals.
You have a brother?
How old?
He's 18. Just graduated.
They'll think l'm an antique.
Us, too. lf we're bored, we'll go elsewhere.
l get it: you don't want to go alone, Fabien won't take you, so you pick me.
Us, that is.
As you say, if we're bored, we split. That it?
Besides, you may meet someone...
l won't ditch the two charming ladies l'm with.
Me you can, but Blanche...
Was the party fun?
Great. You should've stayed.
l had to work.
Besides, l had a feeling l was in the way.
ln the way?
ln our way?
You crazy? People there you didn't know.
Pretty vague...
l guess l can tell you...
l happened to be a witness
by accident...
to a romance between two people l know
who l thought were strangers.
l nearly introduced them,
until l saw they knew each other better
than l knew either of them.
Get it?
Maybe you knew the girl well...
No, no, she's not my type.
You have a type?
Of course!
Like what?
Voluptuous women of 40!
- Why not? - Sure, why not?
You won't meet any tonight.
That's OK.
You have one?
Nosy, isn't she?
Am l nosy or not?
Yes, a little.
l don't feel well. Maybe it's the ice cream.
- A coffee? - A liqueur?
No thanks, l'd better go home.
- You have no car! - l can take you back.
There's a train soon.
Come on. lt'll take me a minute!
What's wrong with her?
Nothing. Just cold feet.
- lt happens to the best of us. - Cold feet? Why?
Don't play dumb!
She's afraid of me?
She's afraid you don't feel for her what she feels for you.
lt's so obvious that it's no secret.
Her fear is justified.
l'm surprised she hasn't figured that out!
Love is blind.
Love's a big word!
She's so in love with you that...
l don't want you playing cat and mouse with her.
Did l lead her on?
Where? When?
l've always been distant, even cold to her!
Then why'd you come? You knew something was up.
She didn't invite me! She's boring.
But you l like. lf you weren't taken...
Don't try to pick me up!
Never! Your guy's a friend!
My guy? He's my ex.
My things are in that bag. l've just moved out.
You're kidding!
l've left Fabien. l'm homeless!
Come to my place.
Hold on!
l'm going to my folks'! And l plan to stay there a while!
l'm too young to set up house. l suggest, sir, that you behave!
OK, l'll behave.
Sure you want to go to this party?
We'll stop by, then go to dinner.
Glad to see you! How're you doing?
You look glum! How come you're not away on vacation?
l'm going next week. And you?
l've already been. l come and go...
You going home?
That's cute! Do you have plans for this evening?
lf you want... l'm taking the train...
l'm going to a gallery opening in Paris.
A young painter, l don't know his work,
but he seems sensitive, could be interesting.
Want to go?
Come on, give in!
l don't know what l'll do, l was going away with Fabien...
Since l don't like the ocean...
and he doesn't like the country,
we had to compromise.
We realized we'd be better off separating!
For vacation and for good. Now l don't know where to go!
Come with me!
l'm going to visit friends.
We won't be alone.
You'll meet handsome guys.
That's an idea.
But what would Blanche think?
What about her?
That girl means nothing to me, got it?
She's my friend.
She'd die if l took her man.
l'm not hers and never will be!
She should know she hasn't a hope!
What do you have against her?
l think she's very nice... And very pretty.
But she's not at all my type.
What's your type? Aside from dumpy 40-year-olds?
Anyone but her. l'm allergic to small, moon-faced girls!
You're mean!
lf you must know, l like slender,
rather tall girls.
Blondes or brunettes?
With smooth, light, slightly tanned skin.
They really attract me. Especially when they have
big eyes and silky lashes.
Cut it out. You promised not to lay it on!
l'm not laying it on! You asked what my type was!
You're much closer
than Adrienne to my ideal.
You've always attracted me.
But fate was against it.
Fate! You control yours, don't be modest!
You're wrong! l don't like to push.
l'm no Romeo. The fact is, girls like me!
lt's given me bad habits.
lt can be a disadvantage.
They seek me out, so l just relax.
Means l don't always wind up with the best.
lf l like a girl, l'll meet her sooner or later...
Better later, then too soon.
Take us... l'm glad l met you now, not 6 months ago.
We're both available...
Stop it!
What's available mean?
And l don't like your kind of guy. l like to be wooed!
You were with Fabien!
You should have been insanely jealous.
Who says l wasn't?
Actions talk!
You should've done something wild!
Let's run away.
l'll kidnap you!
That's not so wild. And l said no!
l heard yes.
lt meant no.
l'll think of something wilder...
Come live with me!
You've even got your bags!
My place's too big for me alone.
When you're alone!
l'm alone now.
Stay that way.
My folks are expecting me.
Call them back!
They're asleep.
So they're not waiting up!
l might move in with you, but not now.
We've known each other 6 months, so wait 6 more months.
During that period, you mustn't date anyone else.
Then maybe l'll let myself be wooed!
l accept.
But you mustn't date anyone, either.
That suits me fine!
6 months is a bit long. How about 6 days?
You're going on vacation.
Then come with me!
lt's late. Take me home?
lt's funny, l can't see you a bureaucrat.
That's what you are though. You should be in the arts.
You never wanted to paint, or write?
l've no talent.
Even if l did...
l'm not sure l'd want to do it for a living.
Art for me is pure pleasure. Contemplating it is enough.
l can understand that.
lt's just that...
ln your office, they're all bureaucrats,
Real ones! lt's a bad environment.
All they think about is rank... climbing the ladder...
spending their lives...
stepping over people.
They don't even think about work... much less love!
l know what l'm talking about!
is just like that.
He's a brilliant bureaucrat. Period.
Better than average, but barely.
He's very handsome, that's sure.
lntelligent... clever...
More clever than intelligent. At times l wondered about...
his intelligence.
l fell in love with him to spite the people in my school.
They're the opposite: they affect artiness.
So they talk loud, act snobbish...
l may not find what l want.
l need a real artist,
with the soul of an artist,
and the allure of a rising young executive.
l'm dreaming, but people like that exist.
Heard of Yves Klein, who painted those big blue canvases?
Blanche, call me as soon as possible
See you, Fabien
Going to eat?
l was even going to meet someone.
l won't have much time for lunch. lt's a busy period.
This morning l went shopping, now l'm off to see my folks.
l'll be back Monday, but Tuesday l leave for St. Malo.
But l had to see you... l feel odd about the other night.
So do l.
Did you see Lea again?
Last night. She vaguely told me...
lt's not vague...
at least that's how l feel.
We decided to split up for good. There were no harsh words.
We both agreed to it.
We can't enjoy our vacations together.
Someone has to give in.
Just for vacations?
And the rest. The vacations brought it all to a head.
Why did we pick it up again when she came back?
You loved her. l always felt that.
No, l'd stopped loving her.
You wouldn't believe me.
Maybe l only went back because l knew l didn't love her.
What are you saying?
l know it's not easy to understand...
You won't like my explanation.
Does it make me look bad?
No, on the contrary.
lt may even have happened to you, inexperienced as you are...
As l am, for that matter.
But when you leave someone for someone else,
for a moment you miss the first person.
So if l went back to Lea,
it proves l'd really opted for you.
Why not say l came off a poor second?
Why always put yourself down?
Even if you don't care if l love you, at least believe me.
You were right to be mad at me. That's why l came.
To show you l'm no butterfly.
That's why!
You'll say it's unimportant, since you love someone else.
But it matters to me.
- What other? - Whosit...
l don't like him anymore.
Really? Since when?
OK, it took time, but better late than never.
How'd you find out?
Watching him talk to Lea.
l had nothing to say.
l wasn't intimidated, l didn't want to.
l realized that what l loved wasn't a person, but an image...
of a man chasing me,
a childish dream l'm too old for.
But now it's over.
The image has faded completely.
lt all happened in a flash.
What was white became black, and vice versa.
Even images don't disappear like that!
They can.
You see...
a month ago, if he'd fallen in love with me, or said he had,
l'd have been thrilled.
l'd have felt secure all my life.
But if that had happened, l think that,
there and then, l'd have lost interest in him.
And now l've met someone with whom the very opposite happened.
- You're happy with me? - Yes.
- Would you like to stay with me? - Yes. Don't leave.
l have to go, but l'll be back Monday.
To leave again?
but with you, if you want.
lf you don't change your mind.
l never will again.
ls that okay?
l have to go now.
What's more, l have to drop Lea's things at her folks'.
Then you'll see her?
Don't tell her.
l doubt she'll be there, but l wouldn't tell her anyway.
Though sometimes l really want to.
Better not. lt's too soon.
l want to do it gently. She might take it badly.
But it's all over between us.
Even so.
l'd better run.
See you in the restaurant, Monday? Here at 1 o'clock?
Sweet dreams!
lt's late, we'd better get back.
Time really flies!
l feel l've been with you for centuries.
Six days?
No, six months!
l'm off.
We can meet at a restaurant. The Olympia or the Columbia?
No... we might run into Blanche.
So what?
lf she sees us together, she'll flip. Remember Friday?
She realized then, and in time she'll find out.
But not so brutally. Being told is different than seeing it.
Depends how it's said.
Figure out a way, l want to be alone with you.
Somewhere no one will see us. Like the lakeside restaurant...
Blanche! You here? What a surprise!
l came for lunch. And you?
Just passing, with friends... They're down below.
l was looking for a phone.
May l sit down?
Am l bothering you?
l might as well tell you right out: the other day...
Don't tell me, l know.
You do?
l can guess, anyway.
Listen, it's alright.
You're sweet to come and tell me. Men are cowards!
That's a bit strong!
Well, 'bye. Oh, l haven't paid!
Now wait, Blanche.
Listen, l'm sorry.
From your point of view, l'm a rat, l know.
But l didn't promote it. You must understand.
We fell into each other's arms. l'm still not over it.
- l shouldn't have been so blunt. - lt's better that way.
You must hate me, no?
You, no. Him! He's crazy!
He has a right not to love you.
OK, but let him say so.
He always has.
Maybe to you, but he told me the opposite.
What? When?
You didn't know? Then l have news for you.
We dated while you were on vacation...
l took him home...
and we spent the night together.
You slept with him?
lt's impossible, you're making it up!
lt's absolutely true!
l certainly never expected this!
What was that act all about?
What act?
Yours, pretending to...
l didn't put on any act!
He did! Him and his weird routine!
Saying he was at his folks', when he was with you!
lt beats me! l don't get it! Drives me nuts!
Hold on, now l'm confused. He told you what?
He'd go to his folks'!
You saw him?
Across the way there, on Saturday!
You're delirious! You've lost your mind!
You saw Alexandre here Saturday?
l'm talking about Fabien!
And l mean Alexandre!
No, l'm talking about Fa...
You meant... Alexandre?
Yes, of course!
This is ridiculous!
You scared the life out of me!
How'd you know l was here?
l didn't.
Alexandre and l wanted a place where we wouldn't run into you.
So you thought l meant...
While l was away, then, you and Fabien...
You don't waste time! Moved right in!
Fabien! Alexandre! Come here!
And l thought l was in your way!
Forgive me, Lea. l can explain...
l got my revenge!
Sorry l'm late. Traffic...
Doesn't matter.
We're off tomorrow.
So are we.
- Sardinia? - Brittany.
Have a good vacation.
You too.
Why'd l worry about you?
Or l about you? Have a good trip.
Subtitles: A. Whitelaw & W. Byron.
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