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My Son the Fanatic

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Madelaine was a delightful girl.
She still is, of course.
And a little bit|plumpish at times.
{y:i}- [Man] As you said, twice.|{y:i}- [Woman] Rice is very good.
- For reducing diet.|- Cricket is excellent.
{y:i}Farid was captain.
Mrs. Fingerhut... Hilda...
{y:i}This boy of ours,|{y:i}I can assure you,
he's all-round type,|going whole hog, but not on field.
{y:i}At school he carried the prizes home.|{y:i}Now at college he's top student of year.
Oh, is not difficult.
{y:i}- [Horn Honks]|- The chief inspector.
About time. He should have been|home hours ago.
The law never sleeps at night.
{y:i}Put on a cheerful face.|{y:i}Blast it!
This is happiest|occasion of life.
[Speaking In Foreign Language]
Ah! [Laughs]|Hello, sir.
I will arrange all engagement|party details personally.
Our tradition is beautiful|in this respect.
You enjoy our food when I bring it|personally to police headquarters.
Chief Inspector, please|inform me absolutely in confidence.
Farid is top police material,|isn't he?
Isn't he training|to be an accountant?
Law and order|might be more reliable.
Crime is everywhere out of control,|wouldn't you confirm?
My boy says the same.
Get camera. Now is moment.
{y:i}Please, sir, would|{y:i}a pose be all right?
For private use exclusively.
{y:i}Bring champagne too.|{y:i}Please come.
Hey, Farid!
- Oop.|- [Chuckles]
{y:i}Ready? Smile.
{y:i}[Man]|{y:i}### In this green and pleasant land ###
{y:i}### We have a treat you understand ###
{y:i}### In the mountains of the mind ###
{y:i}### There is a spirit you will find ###
{y:i}### Just like an angel from above ###
{y:i}### We turn to the little|{y:i}words of love ###
{y:i}### Ancient cross and Zion star ###
{y:i}### Eastern wings and praise toJah ###
{y:i}### This is our land ###
{y:i}### This is your land ###
{y:i}### This is our inheritance ### ###
{y:i}[Woman On P.A.]|{y:i}Your attention, please.
{y:i}Passengers are warned|{y:i}that for security reasons...
{y:i}baggage may not be left|{y:i}unattended at any time.
{y:i}Baggage left unattended|{y:i}will be removed immediately...
{y:i}and may be destroyed.
{y:i}You see that chimney, sir?
{y:i}Is so tall it can be seen|{y:i}from Inkley Moor.
{y:i}The man who built the mill...
toasted his future on top|of that chimney with champagne.
Actually, he built it so tall...
{y:i}so that the smoke will fly over|{y:i}the house of one of his rivals.
{y:i}This town was the center of|{y:i}worls textile industry.
{y:i}Even Ayatollah Khomeini wore a robe|{y:i}made in this city in a mill over there.
{y:i}Actually, you won't see it, because|{y:i}it was demolished some years ago.
{y:i}Local people and|{y:i}religious types don't like.
Condom and all, you know,|hanging from the rose bushes.
{y:i}Good, good.|{y:i}Final decoration is done.
{y:i}Here we'll be having|{y:i}my son's getting-engaged party.
He's marrying Madelaine... Madelaine|Fingerhut... the top policeman's daughter.
He impressed her no end.
This restaurant, sir,|belongs to my friend Fizzy.
There, that fattish one.
[Chuckles] We came together|to this country.
He had five pounds|which he borrowed from me.
Look, now, and look at me.|[Chuckles]
{y:i}Your name too small|{y:i}on front here.
Don't block parking space.
Come. Eat.
I'm eating to capacity when|I have one minute of silence.
I must have date|of engagement party.
- Yes, yes, coming up.|- Tomorrow for definite, huh?
Okay, okay.
[Foreign Language]
{y:i}Top-class place, sir.|{y:i}Almost.
Here you are.|Thank you.
Thank you, sir, and, please, sir,|les meet again.
Call me personally by name, Parvez.|Thas me. Or at home.
- Thank you very much.|- Auf Wiedersehen, sir.
[Man] Come on.
Charlie, just wait. We're|almost back to the hotel, okay?
- Just slow down. Slow down, Charlie.|- Aw, come on.
Oh, give us a bit.
- I say.|- Hey. Hey, stop.
- Stop. I'm goin' in my pants.|- Do not water new upholstery, sir.
Come on! Get out!
- Come on, come on.|- Hey. Fuck. Get the fuck off. Get off!
{y:i}I told a German about you.
Rich-smelling, new in town.
Ta very much.|You'll be wanting commission next.
- Am I later taking you home?|{y:i}- He's paid for an all-night job.
But I think he's lookin' a bit|on the bright side.
- I'll wait then.|{y:i}- Will ya?
Ta. How have you been?
Same. You know, I liked our, uh...
- What?|{y:i}- Little talks.
[Charlie Sighs]
Please, sir, no smoking indoor.
Smell is deafening.
Oh, come on.
- Go!|- Don't touch me,
in case I go left|instead of right.
Look straight ahead, sir.|[Laughs]
[Charlie Grunting]
{y:i}[Grunting Continues]
[Grunting Quickens]|Oh, fuck.
For weeks I haven't|slept for ten minutes.
He throws away his things.|He won't talk.
Who would have sons?|Thank you.
Will you say something|about what you noticed?
I've been observing daily.
I don't want to be some fool|interfering with his freedoms.
He gets easily rude|with me now.
His mother's side of the family.|[Chuckles]
Let me show you a place.|I need the air.
Surely there's air|everywhere about.
Come on. Is not far.
- Oh, Bettina.|- Come on.
Is... [Panting]|Is magnificent!
There were places back home|I used to go.
With a girl, actually.
Uh... Hey?
{y:i}- Hey.|- [Laughs]
- [Screams, Laughs]|- Careful.
Oh! Oof!
Oh! There are|icicles going inside! Ah!
Those trousers|will have to come off.
- Hmph.|{y:i}- [Laughs]
{y:i}- [Dirt Falling On Paper]|{y:i}- We can't afford new shoes.
You're not a coolie|to carry baggage through mud.
There are many abnormal occurrences|in the taxi business.
Usually not|involving a wet bottom.
Hamid had to transport a tortoise|in a box to Newcastle.
I saw a strange building...
which reminded me of the ruin|near your grandfather's house in Multan.
Take me there, "Papu."
Minny, how has Fizzy|done so well?
He was always greedy for things.
Ah, he was a greedy little boy.
{y:i}You are easily made happy...
and like things|always to be the same.
Thas why you never made a success.
Not a success?
- Driving taxi for 25 years is not a...|{y:i}- All right.
All right!
{y:i}[Angry Voices Arguing]
{y:i}[Door Slams]
{y:i}[Arguing Continues]
{y:i}- [Farid] Madelaine!|{y:i}- [Madelaine] Don't walk away from me!
- Just stand still, Farid.|- Madelaine, stop embarrassing yourself.
{y:i}[Farid]Just why don't you...|{y:i}Just go!
{y:i}- [Vacuum Whirring]|- Now! I want you to go right now!
Where is she going?
- Why are you fighting?|- Why do people fight?
Whas the problem here?|Can I help you, Farid?
{y:i}Here's 300 now.|{y:i}I'll give you the rest later, okay?
Where's that going?
You used to love making a terrible noise|with these instruments.
You always said there were more|important things than|"Stairway To Heaven."
- You couldn't have been|more right, Papa.|- Where are you going?
To college! Papa, go inside.|You'll catch pneumonia.
I have been driving|12, 14 hours nonstop.
Many times I have gone through|the red light. Everywhere I'm hurting.
Is hell on wheels.
- Don't do it for me.|- Who else to do it for?
{y:i}### [Saxophone] ###
{y:i}[Woman]|{y:i}### Les start with the ABC of it ###
{y:i}### ### [Blues Band]
{y:i}### Roll right down to the XYZ of it ###
{y:i}### Help me solve the mystery of it ###
{y:i}### Teach me tonight ###
{y:i}You know how you complain|{y:i}when your food goes cold.
{y:i}### The sky's a blackboard ###
{y:i}### High above you ###
{y:i}### lf a shooting star goes by ###
{y:i}### I'll use that star|{y:i}to write "I love you"###
{y:i}### A thousand times across the sky ###
{y:i}[Phone Ringing]
Hello? Yes?
Just a minute.
Is someone calling you. A shit.
Shh! Minoo!|Hello, Mr. Schitz.
Coming, coming.|Directly on call. Immediate service.
I think we should have a party here.
Mr. Schitz, here I had|my first job in England.
{y:i}Fizzy and I, five years. Double shift,
seven days a week.
- But they wouldn't put me in their team.|{y:i}- Team? What team?
- The management team?|{y:i}- No, no, cricket team.|{y:i}We were the best players.
I could spin a little.|[Grunts, Laughs]
{y:i}[Laughing Continues]
- What business are you doing here, sir?|{y:i}- Out-of-town shopping.
- Everything under one roof.|{y:i}- Oh.
The land and the labor|is cheap, yeah?
What was the name of|that woman you recommended?
- Bettina.|- You tried her yourself?
Sir, I just joke with them and all.
[Man] Gettin' sociable|at last, Parvez, eh?
{y:i}[Men Laughing]
Hey, hey. Shh, shh.
Fuck off, Parvez!
{y:i}[Woman] Hey, piss off!|{y:i}You can't sit here!
Shove it, you twat!
Are all those people|your colleagues?
Sir, a lot of these drivers|are very low-class types.
They can hardly speak English.
So you're better then?
"Gentleman" is my code.
And that stops you|from enjoying women?
There is respect, sir,|but not degradation.
Respect is no substitute for pleasure.
What in life do you enjoy?
Your family?
I left mine.
Thas not a very nice thing, sir.
What do you know about it?
I think we boys are going to start|to enjoy ourselves.
Now couldn't you just|kiss every part of her?
Couldn't you just kick|every part of him?
[Laughing]|Get her a drink, please.
Like to have some lunch?|Have some lunch.
She's good.|She's very good. Les go.
{y:i}[Woman]|{y:i}Thas 20, 40, 60.
{y:i}Thank you, sir.
Excuse me. Uh, sorry.|Urgent personal matter.
Madelaine, Miss Fingerhut.|Faris dad, Parvez and all.
Excuse me.
Food is waiting anytime.|Why not come Sunday, eh?
We've packed up.
Engagement is off?
He didn't tell you?
Suddenly you don't like my boy?
But I thought you were|arranging a marriage for him?
{y:i}A month ago|{y:i}he took me out to tell me.
But all this time I have|been preparing party.
He wanted someone|he had more in common with.
I'll break open his face until he obeys.
The best thing,|I'll discuss this with your father.
You don't know anythin', do ya?
{y:i}Farid told my father he was the only pig|{y:i}he'd ever wanted to eat.
- Bettina, your ride's here!|{y:i}- [Bettina] Cheers!
You bastard!|You lyin', fuckin' bastard!
- Hey, come on!|- Givin' her a lift!
Oh, Bettina always gets|a ride, doesn't she? What about me?
- Leave it!|- You never give me a fuck...|He never gives me a lift!
- I don't give a shit!|- You slag!
Get in the fuckin' house!|Shut your mouth!
She always wants a ride.|Never has any money.
All her money goes into her arm.
She even sold her floorboards.
Well, you didn't buy any, did you?|They're riddled like her.
This is what drug types do?
Look out for sweats, mood changes,|frequent visits to the bog.
Also, the eyes.|Are they big or small?
Bloodshot, tired, vacant?|And his arms.
Look out for blue veins, bruises|and blisters.
There you go.
Is better the other drivers|don't know this.
They're envious of Farid|winning the prizes.
But you've always seen|what I'm so concerned about.
Well, you talk|about Farid a lot.
The other drivers like to pretend|they don't have families.
He used to love his clothes.
At weekends he worked|in those fashion shops.
I've never known a boy|with such enthusiasm for ironing.
I was worried he had gone homo.|[Chuckles]
- I told you he did some modeling.|- Yeah.
In London they wanted him.
I thought anything he wants|he can do.
Now he has become...
I never before cursed the day|I brought us to this country.
{y:i}[Man]|{y:i}### I'm checking out of ###
{y:i}### Hotel Loneliness ###
{y:i}### All my lonely days ###
Why are you getting rid|of these things?
I can always tell when you've|been reading "Daily Express."
{y:i}Farid! Do me|"the credit here," yaar"?"
Tell me something!|Why make me into the fool?
Madelaine not coming over tonight?|Why not? Thas what I'm asking here.
- Where are you going?|- To see Asad.
I'll get your coat.
Playing squash? Have you got rid|of the racket I bought?
I worked my ass off to pay for that!|Overtime!
All the time you shout and swear.|Thas why nobody speaks here.
- Let him go, you useless idiot.|- Useless?
Who earns the money?
I don't know what games you play|out there in the mud.
But is practically nothing now.
- Who spends it?|- There's nothing to spend|after all these years.
- Look at Fizzy.|His wife went on a cruise.|- Ex-wife!
{y:i}All you do is hand my money|{y:i}to your lazy relatives.|{y:i}What are they eating there?
{y:i}- Diamonds?|- I wish I were with them.
Go then!
I met Madelaine.
{y:i}Yes? What about the engagement?
I am intending to marry.
Yes? Madelaine is so nice.
Minoo has written to all three people|she knows in Lahore, announcing.
I've asked trusted people|for a suitable girl.
You go to others secretly|when I have handpicked Miss Fingerhut?
You used to kiss her?
Oh, stop it!
Is it wrong to find out|if our son is normal?
Normal is not perverted|like in your mind!
- Keep quiet.|- You might not have noticed.
Madelaine is so different.
- How?|- Can you put "keema" with strawberries?
In the end, our cultures...|they cannot be mixed.
Everything is mingling already together,|this thing and the other.
Some of us are wanting something|more besides muddle.
- What?|- Belief, purity, belonging to the past.
I won't bring up my children|in this country.
### [Blues Band] ###
{y:i}[Man Chanting]
{y:i}[Chanting Continues]
{y:i}[Man] Bow down saying,|{y:i}"Allah al Akbar. "
{y:i}Place your hands|{y:i}on your knees and say...
{y:i}[Foreign Language]
{y:i}"Glory to my lord, the greatest, "|{y:i}three times.
{y:i}This position is called...|{y:i}[Foreign Language]
{y:i}[Man Chanting]
{y:i}[Chanting Continues]
{y:i}[Chanting Continues]
{y:i}[Chanting Stops, Arguing Continues]
{y:i}[Parvez]|{y:i}Whas doing here?
{y:i}[Man]|{y:i}These boys are not welcome here.
They're always arguing with elders.
They think everyone but them|is corrupt and foolish.
{y:i}[Man] But they're not afraid|{y:i}of the truth. They stand for something.
We never did that.
{y:i}[Chanting Resumes]
{y:i}[Radio Static]
{y:i}- [Man on Radio, Indistinct]|{y:i}- [Clicking]
{y:i}[Man On Radio]|{y:i}Car 11. Come in, car 11.
{y:i}Parvez, yeah, your call number is|{y:i}asking for only you at Midland.
{y:i}[Foreign Language]|{y:i}Get moving.
Sorry, sir.|Four minutes only held up.
Tonight, little man,|we are being accompanied.
{y:i}She's wearing|{y:i}the finest cut tonight,
{y:i}cashmere, satin, silk.
{y:i}Don't you just love the sound|{y:i}of silk on skin, huh?
{y:i}And her boots are shining.
I call her Puss-In-Boots now.
{y:i}[Parvez]|{y:i}Why you come to our town, sir?
Oh, I wanted to try|a strange and awful place...
where everything was new to me.
- How is it?|- We'll see.
Tonight we will experience|Northern English culture.
Ah, we'll be in bed by 9:00 then.
{y:i}- [Schitz] Come along, Parvez. Join us.|- Oh, no, sir.
{y:i}I'll book you for the whole evening,|{y:i}little man.
Thas right.|You got no choice.
{y:i}[Man] My missus is going|{y:i}through menopause.
{y:i}You know, they get a bit silly|{y:i}at that period.
{y:i}She comes back|{y:i}from the doctor's last week.
{y:i}She's had the new lesbian operation:
{y:i}A- Strap-a-dick-to-me.
{y:i}Whas a-strap-a-dick-to-me?
Strap a dick to me.|Strap a dick to me?
Oh! He strapped|a dick to him.
Apparently it was just a spastic|trying to get to the bar for a drink.
Bettina, you have no idea|how relieved I am...
that the weight of drugs|have gone from my head.
But why has he never discussed|this new direction with me?
We all need something|to hold on to, don't we?
Hey! Somebody farted.|I can smell shit somewhere.
{y:i}Hey, is Salman Rushdie himself.
{y:i}What you're smelling here,|{y:i}folks, is a satanic asshole.
{y:i}If there's any of Rafsanjohnny's|{y:i}mates in here,
slip me a tenner and|I'll shoot the bastard for ya.
[Crowd Laughing Uproariously]
{y:i}If you fuckers all left town|{y:i}on the same day, we'd have two|{y:i}hours extra bleeding daylight.
{y:i}- You know why the fuckers smell so bad?|- Piss off!
{y:i}- Give the blind a chance to avoid them.|- You fuckin' bitch!
{y:i}I went to the doctor this|{y:i}morning and said, "Got any more|{y:i}sleeping pills for the wife?"
{y:i}- He says, "Why?"|- Will you let us through, please?
[All Chattering At Once]
You should be more careful, Bettina.
I like a plucky girl.
So this is the celebrated|Northern English culture?
I will inform the police|of this disgust.
Hmph. They were sittin'|at the next table.
{y:i}- ### [Jazz] ###|{y:i}- [Bettina] She says, "What?|{y:i}Is this too kinky for you?"
He says, "Oh, no, I already fucked|your cat and shat in your handbag."
Good. Now, bring here|the dark younger pussy...
- Oh!|- I saw down at the corner right now.
[Both Moaning]
- Margot? What for?|- To sing to me.
- Can't Bettina sing?|- No, her voice is too deep.
Your pockets better be, Fritz.|[Laughs]
Puss, puss, puss,|puss, puss, puss.
Behind the wheel is my racket.
Have you people got no ambition?
The puss wants to work.|I thought you immigrants were busy too.
Sir, where has it got us?
And how many of us are happy here?
I feel sorry for you people.|I really do.
- I feel sorry for you.|- [Laughing]
Go ahead.
{y:i}[Snorting Continues]
- What is it?|- Is good coke.
- A drug?|{y:i}- Thank God there's something|{y:i}good in this town.
- Not since you arrived.|{y:i}- [Laughs]
After a certain age there's no point|in sayin' no to everything.
There's a good drink for you.
Enjoy yourself with Bettina|when I'm finished.
I see how you look at her, huh?|She's delicate, isn't she?
How all... how all the parts|of women sing out.
Come. Come.|Run along, little man.
Bring back the black beauty|for double fun.
The quality of pussy|is not strained.
It falleth from|street corners like sweet rain.
My English is actually|better than yours.
Hmm.|### [Whistles] ###
Thas tragic, that is.
{y:i}[Schitz Shouts, Bettina Squeals]
Now, come on!
Shit. Damn it.
Thanks for helping me out.
{y:i}You talk about the lad a lot,|{y:i}but you never talk about yourself.
I had all these questions|I've wanted to ask you.
We were like children when we came.
The thing is, my father used|to send me for instruction...
with the "Maulvi,"|the religious man.
{y:i}But the teacher had|{y:i}this bloody funny effect.
Whenever he started to speak or|read, I would fall dead asleep.
Bang! [Snores]
Naturally I also annoyed him...
by asking why my best friend, a Hindu,
would go to "kaffiir," hell,|when he was such a good chap.
His eyes would bulge fully out.
{y:i}He would clip my arms and legs|{y:i}with the cane until blood came.
But it took no effect.|Still I would drop off.
{y:i}He selected another solution.|{y:i}He took a piece of string...
and tied it from the ceiling|to my hair here.
When I dropped off,|I would wake up like thus.
After such treatment I said good-bye|permanently to next life...
and said hello to... work.
But you can't blame the young|for believing in something beside money.
You've got to give Farid|a better philosophy.
- What type?|- I don't know.
How do you feel about things?
The purpose of life, all that.
{y:i}How we should treat each other.
Good, I think, where possible.
But I can't explain|the origin of universe.
I'm full.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, call me Sandra when we're alone.
This is the password, yeah, to you?
I don't know when I last kissed a man.
Do you mind?
{y:i}[Door Closes]
[Foreign Language]
{y:i}[Man] Disease-ridden, filthy whore.|{y:i}Look at her!
{y:i}So, our brothers, Allah's given us the|{y:i}earth and all things natural within it.
{y:i}Is all gifts. We have to look|{y:i}after every single little thing.
I've informed Fizzy we are|going tonight to his place.
there's a meeting for some friends.
Isn't it written that|you will respect your father?
### [Blues Band] ###
[Man]|### If I ###
### Attend church all day Sunday ###
### Yes, and cabaret all day Monday ###
{y:i}### Ain't nobody's business if I do ###
I'll tape this for you.
Or did you sell the player?
{y:i}### Lf I ###
- You're drinking already?|{y:i}- ### Stay out all night ###
I'll be waiting.
"Papu," I have such hopes|for this evening.
It has been so long since we had|a little enjoyable chatterbox.
What a magnificent joint.
Bloody old Fizzy has done good.
What a handsome big man|he's grown into.
Is he good?
Lately he's been having|some funny ideas.
- We must straighten him out.|- And with engagement party coming up.
Many thanks,"yaar,"|for the German.
Those krauts certainly|stuff themselves up.
- Mmm! Tasty.|- Ah!
[Foreign Language]
Mmm! More tasty!
[Foreign Language]
- Mmm! Extra tasty!|- Boy, have a look.
Bloody old Fizzy.
But as your mother correctly|confirms independently,
he's greedy and all.
Tonight you eat and drink|as my guests.
- No, no, Fizzy...|- Without any quibble.
Wedding present,"yaar."
If I had known it was free,|I would have missed lunch.
I tell everyone, eat here|and you will never be constipated again.
We will bring a good selection.
Good, full selection. He's my only son.
Have a beer with Dad?
Seriously, these English...
You would be a fool|to run them down.
- I have been thinking seriously.|{y:i}- Good.
- Good.|{y:i}- They say integrate.
But they live in pornography|and filth...
{y:i}and tell us how backward we are.
There's no doubt, compared to us,|they can have funny habits and all.
A society soaked in sex.
Not that I have benefited.
Papa, I want you to do|something for me.
Have I refused you one thing?
Papa, there's a wise "Maulvi"|from Lahore. He's a good man.
We've invited him to offer us|a little instruction.
{y:i}Can't he stay a few days?
{y:i}- In our house?|- If you would give your permission.
He can stay?
Our house is open.
{y:i}This is why you left Madelaine?
Her father, Chief Inspector Fingerhut|of the police force.
- Papa!|- I don't want this anti-Fingerhut face.
But you are reminding me|of something disgustin'.
{y:i}The girl is okay, but Fingerhut...
{y:i}Couldn't you see how much|{y:i}he hated his daughter bein' with me?
And how... repellent he found you?
I never want to see those people again!
All right.
{y:i}If this is reality,|{y:i}that I am disgusting,
that I've never been a good man,
and I've never done anything worthwhile,|I must face it.
{y:i}After all, you have observed me|{y:i}for a long time.
{y:i}But tell me, at least you are|{y:i}keeping up with your studies?
Papa, there are suffering men|in prison who require guidance.
{y:i}What guidance?
If they are inside,|they must be fools.
Papa, I've never met men more sincere|and thirsty for the spirit.
{y:i}And accountancy... Is just capitalism|{y:i}and taking advantage.
You can't succeed in it unless you go|to the pub and meet women.
Fool! You are beginning to irritate|my ass! Whas wrong with women?
Many lack belief and therefore reason.
{y:i}Papa, the final message|{y:i}is a complete guidance.
- One thing I know!|{y:i}- Please!
Is not too late. I beg ya...
{y:i}to seek Allah's forgiveness|{y:i}for your mistakes.
Please, boy, don't go too far in this!
{y:i}No, it is you who have swallowed|{y:i}the white andJewish propaganda...
that there is nothing to our lives|but the empty accountancy for things,|for nothing!
I am swallowing nothing|but brother Fizzy's dinner!
- And it will give me indigestion now!|- Parvez!
But a wasp has gone into your gullet!
Parvez, for Gos sake.|Mayor is sitting over there! Eat!
I have lost my appetite.
This boy is massacring my life!
I've never seen him like this.
Leave me! I can walk.
A drinking taxi driver|is a bloody fool!
Who gave him the alcohol?
- Parvez.|- Papa, come on.
Parvez... What?
Little man, you are everywhere.
- Hello.|- Hello, little man.
This is him.
I'm organizing a party|for business acquaintances.
Your friend here,|he can fix the food,
but I can leave the girls to you, yeah?
For diversification.
But only the best puss-in-boots,|like Bettina.
Your father talks about you "nonstop,"|as he puts it.
- Your exams are going well then?|- Yeah.
- And what will you do later?|- Something good.
- Well, I hope so.|- And you?
How do you know Dad?
Oh, I see him about.
Why? What do you do?
I'm in industry.
He'll look after you, sir.
- Come on, Papa.|- Leave me alone!
- Parvez.|- Haven't you destroyed me already?
Rear seat, "yaar!"
Les not lose your license, too.
[Foreign Language]
[Engine Revving]
You think you are smart, mister?
{y:i}I know what it is.
I loved your company as a baby...
{y:i}and as a boy.
{y:i}I would get out of my bed|{y:i}only to look at your face.
For you, it was just growing up.
And for me, the best of life itself.
I'm going ahead|with all the arrangements.
He agreed?
He's beginning to see things|from another point of view.
{y:i}[Vacuum Cleaner Whirring]
Uncle. Uncle-ji.|Uncle-ji...
- Huh?|- What? [Foreign Language]
What? [Groans]
Oh, God.
{y:i}[Whirring Continues]
Don't miss a bit.
And do my shoes|while you're down there.
{y:i}[Men Talking]
Don't scratch my bonnet!|Whas this?
Surely you remember.
[Horn Honks]
Get dressed, Papa.
Is it what you want,|or what they have ordered you to do?
- Papa, you gave your word.|- Put him in the hotel, the Midland.
- I can get special rate.|- More boasting.
He will stir up the pots.
You don't know what these|religious people are like,
- imposing mad ideas.|- Papa, the people are thirsty. Thirsty!
I am beginning to feel bloody thirsty.
[Engine Starts]
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]
{y:i}[Farid] That extremely tall chimney|{y:i}on the left...
perfectly symbolizes the overblown ego|of the British industrialists...
in the 19th century.
It were built that high|so that smoke from it...
would blow over the house|of one of his rivals.
Actually, the Ayatollah Khomeini|wore a robe made here.
The place where it were manufactured|used to be on the right.
Unfortunately, it were|demolished some year ago.
{y:i}[Farid]|{y:i}Wrong way.
Let him see the true life,"yaar?"
On our left is, uh...
Hey, Parvez!
{y:i}[Farid] In the West, everywhere|{y:i}there is immorality.
And yet you take no action?
{y:i}Wild spice and variety of life|{y:i}goes everywhere,
like in Lahore and Karachi,"yaar?"
{y:i}- [Cartoon Continues]|- [Laughing]
Can I get you something?
To be honest, I'm a little chilly.
Chilly? He's chilly.
I'll get the fan heater.
{y:i}- [Phone Rings]|- [Laughing]
Where is it, the heater?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.|I'm only driver.
But I'm arranging everything|with red-hot tarts "tout de suite."
{y:i}- [Cartoon Continues]|- Yes, yes. I know the place.
Yes, yes.
You've thrown away my bottle?
What am I working for|if I can't even wet my mouth?
When you drink, you play that music.
{y:i}Whas wrong with Louis Armstrong?
- You don't know.|- Is too trumpety.
The German likes me to dress well.
{y:i}I must start getting like Farid...
and his long-beard best friend.
Laying down the law for other people.
{y:i}I don't know how you can talk|{y:i}to that man without wanting to...
give his whiskers a hard tug.
I might do it myself.
Then we will see what is underneath.
I'll tug so.
{y:i}### Lf you're gonna give me|{y:i}good kisses like that ###
{y:i}### Honey, don't you know I'm|{y:i}gonna give 'em right back ###
{y:i}### 'Cause thas a kissin'good way ###
{y:i}### Ah, thas a kissin'good way ###
{y:i}- ### Thas a kissin'good way ### |{y:i}- ### Now thas a kissin'good way ###
{y:i}### Mess around and fall in love ###
{y:i}### Don't mess around|{y:i}Don't mess around ###
- Taxi!|- Not for hire or sale.
{y:i}### Don't mess around|{y:i}Just hug me right ###
How beautiful you look tonight,|my love.
{y:i}### Bet your bottom dollar|{y:i}I'm with you, Dinah ###
{y:i}### Thas a huggin'good way ### ###
This is the bloody life, huh?
{y:i}### [Jazz] ###
I'm so happy to get out of that house.
Farid says the cultures cannot mix.
Jesus, they can't keep apart.
This is my first friend, Fizzy.
- And who is this friend?|- Uh, Bettina... Uh, Sandra.
We are fully booked here.
[Foreign Language]
Um, let me see. [Chuckles]
Where have I seen that tart?
She came with the German|who ate the whole kitchen,|and then said it was too salty.
- Hmm.|{y:i}- ### [Continues] ###
- Okay.|- Good.
Next door.|Everything is all right there.
{y:i}[Silverware Clattering]
I made a resolution|to try something new every day.
- Mm-hmm.|- I even signed up for evening classes.
- In what?|- Singing.
- Singing?|- Mmm.
Oh, good idea.|In school I loved the hymns.
- Yeah?|- One thing I regret.
Farid wanted to study|music and arts and all.
I didn't listen, but forced him|into science and maths.
- That caused resentment.|- [Chuckles]
You look like a hamster.
I'm not used to being|looked at with curiosity.
Nor me, really.
When you meet a new person,|you don't know where you are.
{y:i}Is like there's...
So why did you come here?
To feed my family only.
I never saw further.
You've been a dreamer.
I wanted to be a teacher.
{y:i}But me children were too young.
{y:i}Then me man died. I had debts.
I had a friend who was doing this.
If you had the choice,|what would you do?
Is been so long since|I've thought about anything.
{y:i}What is date for engagement booking?
At the moment, Fizzy brother,
I am completely engaged|and fully booked elsewhere.
"- Parvez," yaar.|{y:i}- Whole question of|"engagement is off," yaar,
for the time being,|at the moment, for now.
I am stuffed up far into the rear end.
The boy doesn't like the girl,|and the girl is fighting with...
Boy? You are giving|Fingerhut the finger?
But we were expecting|community policing at last.
Whas happened to your eyebrows?
I'm sorry. I can't stay.
All this is new?
Big Shis paying.
{y:i}[Zipping Sound]
You're seeing him often.
{y:i}Saves me from seeing anyone else.
You don't talk to him?
Thas not what he wants, no.
And those bruises?
That him, too?
Look, I think I look excellent.
If you don't like it, you can go.
{y:i}Well, go on!
You like me today, don't you?
{y:i}Because sometimes|{y:i}you're not so sure.
Do you know why you like me?
Is only that I can't help thinking...
that you are a magnificent,|special woman.
Is a feeling I want to push away.
Makes me feel good...
and as if I'm going mad.
You know what I've|always wanted to do?
Does your wife do that?
Why are you asking?
'Cause is something|I can't help thinking about.
She's too bloody ugly.
I lie in bed with the music on...
when I think of you.
I get a warm feeling in my stomach...
and I have to close me eyes.
These people are even|taking over our bed?
Where's your mother?
Busy in the kitchen, I think.
We always eat together as a family.
{y:i}Otherwise we would see|{y:i}one another even less.
I won't eat without you!
[Shouting Continues]
Look, just fuck off,|you sodding do-gooders!
{y:i}[Woman] We've got every|{y:i}fucking right! Every right to be here!
{y:i}- [Shouting]|{y:i}- Look, just sod off!
- Yes, yes.|{y:i}- [Phone Rings]
Bridge Taxis, Bridge Taxis. Is on|its way. I'm sorry about the delay.
{y:i}I'm on urgent business.|{y:i}Tonight, later, I will work.
But you must get me two drivers.
{y:i}Taking your girlfriend|{y:i}somewhere nice?
Whas her name?|Uh, Bettina. Everybody says...
Everybody says nothing!|Bloody fools!
[Women Laughing]
- Dirty bastard.|- [Laughing]
They are the top pillars|of the whole community.
Pillocks, more like.
Don't drop the food.
Margot, I am observing|naughty fingers.
- Keep them for nimble uses later.|- Nimble uses.
So, whas going on between you|and Bettina then, eh?
- What has she told you?|- She won't tell us nothing.
Thas how we know is serious.
Silly girls.|Imagine romances everywhere.
- What makes you think she likes me?|- She doesn't.
But when she mentions you,|she smiles a little bit.
{y:i}You're not like your son, then?
That lad and his people|look at you like scum...
and they frighten the punters.
- What do they say?|- Abuse.
{y:i}A little one was beaten up.
Dirty bastards took her up|to the moors and did her all over.
She were only 15.|No one touches me.
{y:i}- Everyone touches you.|- Oh, shut up!
- [Laughing]|- How many times|has my boy been there?
{y:i}A few.
I apologize for his behavior.|He's got many problems.
{y:i}Why's he taking it out on us?
{y:i}[Taxi Radio: Indistinct]
Welcome, delicious tarts.
Everything is ready but for you.
This way, please.|You look wonderful tonight.
{y:i}[Schitz]|{y:i}Whas the matter, little man?
- Everyone is thirsty.|{y:i}- [Woman] You can say that again.
{y:i}Why don't you get the drinks?|{y:i}Get the drinks!
- Don't ever do that to me again!|- [Schitz Laughing]
[Kissing Sound]
{y:i}[Laughing]|{y:i}Get the drinks.
{y:i}### [Techno Rock] ###
[Foreign Language]
{y:i}[Shouting, Cheering]
{y:i}### [Techno Rock Continues] ###
{y:i}[Whistling, Shouting]
{y:i}[Whistling, Shouting]
[Bottles Clinking]
[Foreign Language]
[Foreign Language]
Get going.|Otherwise I'll swipe you with my bat.
[Foreign Language]
Good show, girls.
Come along, love.|Back to the hotel.
I'm going with this one.
He can't afford your prices.
I'll have to make do|with you then. Come.
She's very hard to satisfy, little man.
[Door Slams, Engine Starts]
I love you looking after me.
Here. Lie on top of me|a little while.
- I must go.|- I want to hold you.
Mmm. Sandra.
No. You must stay.
I wish I could. Let me go.
No! Why should I?
Come on.
{y:i}[Zipping Sound]
{y:i}[Light Switch Clicks]
Again you're muddy.
Schitz is getting my full value.
Today I received a nice tip.
What will you do with it?
- Put it away for a better time.|- You know,
I want to take you|to that place I saw.
Can't we go on Sunday?
Is the first time|you've asked me to go out,
and I am gonna be too busy.
- Doing what?|- Looking after some things.
{y:i}[Men Chattering]
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]
- Right. Sort those out.|- No violence.
No violence. No violence.
{y:i}[Chattering Continues]
[Phone Beeps]
One word, please.
{y:i}I'm in need of some legal advices.
My work is here, so I will stay.
And bring your family?
You knew that?
You are so patriotic about Pakistan.
Is always a sign|of imminent departure.
Look, can you help me?
The point is, there are many|who reject the teaching.
They close their minds|and choose atheism.
{y:i}And thinking that bread is|{y:i}all that man needs to live by...
{y:i}and that the sky is empty.
{y:i}But right conduct is possible,
{y:i}provided that the preacher|{y:i}advises and warns...
{y:i}that in the military|{y:i}industrial state,
{y:i}that the greatness of Gos guidance|{y:i}is essential in guaranteeing repentance.
{y:i}- Loss of faith in all areas|{y:i}is common here.|- Farid!
{y:i}- [Chattering]|- Farid!
Whas the matter?
{y:i}Now I will never pay off mortgage.
{y:i}- I'll get a glass of water.|- I can't breathe!
{y:i}A few pounds is worth it|{y:i}for what we're trying to achieve.
{y:i}The house price will go up|{y:i}once the tarts have gone.
- One of the little ones|was beaten up on the moors!|{y:i}- [Phone Ringing]
Propaganda.|Why are you taking their side?
{y:i}- [Phone Ringing]|- Your great long-beard friend|wants to stay...
{y:i}in this immoral country!
Knowing of my|Fingerhut connections,
he wants me to help him|with the immigration!
The German is calling you.
Can you believe this?
They say you've lost control of him.
The boy will grow less zealous|when he improves overall.
Everyone says it was him personally...
who invited this man into your house.
They are agitated,"yaar,"|and complaining to me like mad.
{y:i}If he doesn't bugger off, I will|{y:i}report him to immigration authorities.
Fizzy friend, I have never|come to you before.
Yes, yes. Shut up.
But I haven't signed.
You came with that tart here.
{y:i}The community is small,
but the big mouths say you two|are doing something together.
All the drivers are up to it,|everybody in England.
{y:i}- Full time, in fact.|- You have never been cheap,|"yaar," but she?
Even you, friend, are divorced.|Let me...
{y:i}She is an old whore even|{y:i}a taxi driver could afford!
Everybody fucks her,|thousands of dicks!
- [Foreign Language]|- Minoo's parents paid|my fare to England.
- I came to your wedding!|- I know, I know.
You will stop seeing this woman.|Otherwise...
Stick it in your backside.|I won't beg, Fizzy!
You don't like this woman, do you?
What else is there for me but sitting|behind that wheel without tenderness?
Thas it for me, is it, until I drop|dead? Not another human touch?
{y:i}You are too certain|{y:i}of what everyone else should do.
- Go to hell!|- [Foreign Language]
Parvez! Ali!|Ali! Parvez!
Here, Parvez, here. Here! Here.
[Radio: Indistinct]
{y:i}[Schitz] Well, I'm really glad|{y:i}to be moving on, little man.
The women are the one good thing|about this town.
What the hell is all this?
What are these bloody people|doing now?
[Men Shouting]
You bloody idiot!
Look out.
{y:i}[Schitz] Where are you going?|{y:i}I'll miss my flight.
Special shortcut, sir.
What are they doing here?
{y:i}Oh, no.
{y:i}We have no time for this.
Now turn around.
{y:i}Turn around and go back.|{y:i}Turn around now!
- Don't get out!|- [Shouting]
You fuckers!
Rashid, you fucking maggot dick!
[Screaming, Shouting]
Fuck off! Aah!
Indian fuck! Fuck!
Dad, what are you doing here?
{y:i}[Man]|{y:i}Get out of there!
She's a dirty whore!
She's a dirty, filthy whore!
She's a dirty, filthy whore!
- Who the hell is he?|- Out of my car, sir.
Get out of my car!
Put those back! Are you crazy?
{y:i}[Screaming, Shouting Continue]
{y:i}[Trunk Slams Shut]
{y:i}[Siren Blaring]
{y:i}Parvez!|{y:i}Parvez, open the door!
- Get this crap out.|- No.
{y:i}He could beJesus Christ himself,|{y:i}but he is leaving!
- If you shame me, I'm going away too!|{y:i}- All right.
I won't stand for the extremity|of anti-democratic|and anti-Jewish rubbish!
And he eats too much!
{y:i}Only the corrupt would say|{y:i}is extreme to want goodness!
There is nothing of God|in spitting on a woman's face!
{y:i}This cannot be the way|{y:i}for us to take!
Why are you so interested|in dirty whores?
What nonsense is this?
You do it to one of them, don't you?
{y:i}- Is been going on for...|- Farid!
- Answer!|- You listen to the gossip of fools!
{y:i}- They know you better than we do.|- Would they be drivers if they|were not ignorant fools?
We drive the women and they pay us.
Is all around. Everyone says so.
It makes me feel sick|to have such a father.
{y:i}[Sobbing]|{y:i}I never thought you were such a man.
{y:i}You are a pimp|{y:i}who organizes sexual parties.
You call me a fanatic, dirty man.
Who's the fanatic now?
{y:i}[Minoo]|{y:i}Parvez! Parvez!
{y:i}[Door Breaks]
You've killed him!
{y:i}- Farid!|- He'll recover, I'm afraid.
Papa, please, don't let him go.
He will do what he wants.
I'll be here alone like|the Englishwomen, waiting to die.
Minoo, just tell me, what can I do|to make you happy?
If you just tell me once,|then I'll know for good.
Is it true you have|a friendship with one of those women?
Yes, a friendship.
Filthy, selfish man.
Friendship is good, Minoo.
{y:i}I think it can be found...
in the funniest of places.
{y:i}All this time I stayed|{y:i}here to serve you,
and you were out laughing|with low-class people.
What a fool I've been made into.
{y:i}- What a waste!|{y:i}- [Footsteps]
{y:i}- [Door Closes]|- Go.
{y:i}Go to him!
Go! Go!
[Glass Shatters]
Remember two things.
There are many ways|of being a good man.
And I will be at home.
Will you come and see me?
I'll see everyone who loves me.
My brothers and sisters and all.
I have done nothing wrong.
- I know I haven't.|{y:i}- Yes.
One unforgivable thing.
Put self before family.
Oh, God, yes.
The first time, but not the last.
Is it because of her|that you won't come?
Perhaps one day the boy will tire|of his moral exertions and will need me.
{y:i}I'll wait.|{y:i}You will come home?
Do you want me to?
If you want to.
Otherwise I'll come and get you.
Is too late now for us|to be parted for good.
No, is not.
I can tell you have lost|your feeling for me.
{y:i}[Birds Chirping]
I have managed|to destroy everything.
I've never felt worse...
or better.
Can't we leave?
- Where?|- I thought India.
For a few weeks, Parvez, you...|You could show me the good places.
We can live cheaply, everyone says.
Thas a young people's thing,"yaar."
Why have you never been back?
No time, no money.
Come away. Is a chance.
Otherwise, what will we do|but the same thing every day?
You put such ideas in my head.
Thas good.
What do you want?
More than I've ever had before.
Your face.
Your hands.
All of you.
I want you.
{y:i}[Record Player Clicks On]
{y:i}### [Jazz] ###
{y:i}### Heaven, please send ###
{y:i}### To all mankind ###
{y:i}### Understandin'###
{y:i}### And peace in mind ###
{y:i}### But if is not askin'too much ###
{y:i}### Please send me someone to love ###
{y:i}### Someone to love ###
{y:i}### Show the world how ###
{y:i}### To get along ###
{y:i}### Peace will enter ###
{y:i}### When hate is gone ###
{y:i}### But if is not askin'too much ###
{y:i}### Please send me someone to love ###
{y:i}### Please send me someone to love ###
{y:i}### I lay awake nights ###
{y:i}### And ponder world troubles ###
{y:i}### And my answer is always the same ###
{y:i}### That unless man put an end ###
{y:i}### To this damnable sin ###
{y:i}### Hate will put the world|{y:i}in a flame ###
{y:i}### What a shame ###
{y:i}### Just because I'm ###
{y:i}### In misery ###
{y:i}### I don't beg for ###
{y:i}### No sympathy ###
{y:i}### But if is not askin'too much ###
{y:i}### Please send me someone to love ###
{y:i}### Please send me someone to love ###
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