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Subtitles for My Tutor Friend (2003) CD1.

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My Tutor Friend (2003) CD1

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Presented by CJ Entertainment
in association with Discovery Venture Capital
Corea Entertainment production
Hey, transfer student.
I'm here to give you a lesson, not to play hide-and-seek.
Pricks like you always think it's cool to fail a grade.
Look at him.
You, son of a bitch. This is a no-smoking area!
- You bastard! - What?
- That hurt. - Why'd you hit me?
- Wasn't it blue? - It was pink.
Are you okay, Jong-soo? Our leader's still alive.
Did you hit me? It was you, huh? Tell me, you shitheads!
Who the hell threw something at me?
You rotten punks.
If I told you to behave, then you should listen.
This is why I can't wear skirts.
Where are you going, asshole?
I heard you're the boss here.
Of course I am, asshole. You son of a...
Then keep being the boss. I don't care.
Hey asshole, think you'll be the boss then?
Fuck, you're just a tutor.
Fuck? Oh my godness!
You little twirps. You wanna die?
You couldn't hold out and quit again?
Mom, I can't do it.
Think making a living is that easy? Have you forgotten already?
After your father lost his job, I had to work so hard...
Okay, just give it to me.
Deliver it to Room 201, 202 in Chungwon Building.
I got you another tutor job.
If you give up on this one, I'm giving you up.
Remember my rich friend I told you about?
She wants you to teach her son for three months.
All you have to do is making him study for two hours.
Do your best. This job will cover your tuition for a semester.
She's right.
So, you must be Su-wan. I'm Ji-hoon's mom.
How do you do?
It's the last room upstairs. My poor face...
So you're the new teacher.
Nice to meet you. Wow, you're handsome.
Kim Ji-hoon?
Ji-hoon is my elder brother, I'm Sae-hoon.
I see.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
You're very pretty.
Cute boy, he's got good tastes.
Good luck with my brother.
This is a teenager's room? It's big enough for a family.
Hi, I'm Choi... I'm Choi Soo-wan
your new tutor.
Damn it, I told you I didn't want a tutor!
Stop staring, damn it.
So you're 21? So am I, born in March.
Got a problem with that?
How dare you? Regardless of age, I'm your teacher.
I don't know how you got that way.
No, I don't care. You little prick
better behave, got it? what I want to say.
Fine then. It's fine with me.
Frankly, I don't like to be called teacher.
So let's be friends.
So how shall we have class?
I'm busy with classes on Tuesday, so...
Tuesday and Thursday, from seven to nine.
And from one on Saturday.
Textbooks, procedures, it's all up to you.
But it's up to me whether I come or not.
Just fill in the hours and go.
Money? I'll just give it to you.
Mom, do I have to do it?
So what's your point?
Alright, I'll do it! I'll just do it, okay?
Smoke later.
I'm smoking because I'm pissed now,
so are you asking me to be pissed later?
It's hard to have class.
Then don't piss me off.
Damn it. Then don't piss me off, too.
And textbook?
This is my English textbook.
Don't push it, okay?
What are you doing?
The best of its kind.
What is?
Don't you know? Looks just like a flat screen TV.
Your nickname's Country Chick, huh?
How'd you live with a face like that?
Is this your tutor uniform?
You wore it last time, so did you even wash it?
Kim Ji-hoon speaking.
- Gross, he's got the same ring tone. - I don't want to go.
There aren't any hotties there.
I'm getting tutored right now.
So what are you bastards doing not studying? Hang up.
Try reading it.
This is boring. Man, this is so boring.
Where are you going?
No, I just came in.
I was studying, and went to the store.
Tell your teacher to have dinner with us.
That's why I came home early today.
It was on such short notice, so I'm sorry there isn't much.
But eat plenty.
Yes, Ma'am.
Let's pray.
Like I've always said,
we're able to sit at this table thanks to our heroes.
Due to the gangsters who fought for us since Japan's occupation,
Sirasoni, Kim Du-han, Lee Jung-jae, lm Hwa-su, Yoo Ji-kwang,
We're sitting here thanks to these wonderful and great ancestor.
I'm grateful for them to bring this tasty food to our table.
Thank you. Thank you. The end. Let's eat.
Have a nice dinner, teacher.
Sir, what is this? It's delicious.
Cow testicles.
Hey! Don't eat at my house anymore.
You're disgusting.
Stop staring or I'll turn your eyes into golf balls... what I said to myself.
Please forgive my evil thoughts.
When I tutor him, I imagine ripping his guts out
and letting it rot.
I imagine him getting run over, and his two legs break.
I imagine a brick falling on him and smashing his brains.
Father, please forgive these sinful thoughts.
Now that your sins will be forgiven...
Wait, there's more!
When that bastard smokes in front of me...
The way you smoked in the gym looked spectacular.
When you spun around and flicked your bud,
your back was so flexible, and your legs were so stretched,
it was the greatest move I've ever seen.
Actually, the gym is no-smoking area.
By the way, how did you fall two grades behind?
Kim Ji-hoon.
I'm Madeleine.
It's Yang Ho-gyung. You're not Madeleine.
I use my Korean name only for official reasons.
Do what you like.
Give it to me.
'Contradiction. ' Calvin Klein. You use cologne, right?
I thought this would suit you.
Contradiction. Isn't it perfect?
The two of us meeting in a place like this.
This is a contradiction.
Why don't you just marry him?
That's the idea. I finally met the dream guy I was waiting for.
Dream guy?
Ho-gyung, one sec.
Hey, you old fart. Heard you got a taste of living abroad, dickhead.
No wonder I didn't like you.
Yeah, so how'd you ever know what goes on in the other land?
That queer hairstyle...
Oh gosh. I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have acted weak from the beginning.
Now it's time to come out strong.
Whatever he says to you, pretend not to listen.
And drill him with hard questions. Throw them at him.
And then say, "You don't even know this?"
- Okay, he's dead meat now. Victory! - Victory!
Just do it!
Hi, Country Chick.
As if the moon went into the clouds. As if, like, or as.
These are used for similes. Number three is correct.
Can you give me some examples?
Ugly like Country Chick. Ugly as Country Chick.
As if the Country Chick is ugly.
Excellent. Next question.
You feeling alright? Why are you smiling? Wanna die?
- It's good to smile. - On pretty faces it is.
The next question deals with a group of poets.
Oh boy, this might be too hard for you.
It's blood.
Hurry and wipe it! You'll stain the desk!
Is the desk more important?
Whenever I see blood, I feel nauseas, okay? Hurry and wipe it.
Where are you going? We're not done yet.
Change your damn ring tone.
Hi, you've reached Kim Ji-hoon's phone.
Who the hell are you to answer Ji-hoon's phone?
Where the hell are you? Why are you with Ji-hoon?
Give him the phone. Now!
What? You bitch.
Do you want your head shoved down the toilet?
Come the hell out.
So I can put your face in a mixer and drink it!
Ji-hoon, honey. Are you still in the shower?
Hurry and come out. Since you're gone... Go to hell!
Stop the circus act.
Forgot your clothes?
Then turn around, so I can get dressed.
What are you doing?
We have an hour left of class.
Then go in an hour, and say I'm sleeping.
No, I can't do that.
Just shut up and go later, I'll give you the money.
Do you want me so much?
I can't lie.
Hold it in, okay? How could you want your student?
You're scaring me.
That's not what I meant.
Why do you want to get tutored anyway?
If it's to make a fool of me, then stop getting tutored.
I'm not doing this for myself,
my old dad wants me to.
My old dad is really scary.
He'll cancel my credit cards if I don't do this.
So don't get so upset. It's bad for your health.
Let's live easily. See you later.
Hey! Hey!
Who are you?
Were you that bitch on the phone?
Why are you coming out of Ji-hoon's place?
I'm his tutor, so what?
Tutor? You're in college?
Then how come you look so tacky? Watch it!
You're in high school, huh? I'm older than you, so be nice!
Wanna play it rough, tacky girl?
The way you look is a relief.
I know it'll never happen,
but if you flirt with Ji-hoon for even a second, you're dead.
Just tutor him well. Got it?
You rotten tramps. Don't you have any older sisters?
Do it with the light on, idiot. You scared me.
Hurry inside.
Hey, Kim Ji-hoon! What's up?
You're my handsome man I fell in love at first sight
If it's okay, I want to wake up by your side
Feel it!
Don't worry at all
I already know what you're thinking
I don't have any past love or memories
I love only you Why don't you trust me?
You're the only one in my life till I die
No, even if I die, my love is only for you
So please open your heart, trust me and love me
I reserved...
You idiot. You hit the cancel button, not to reserve button!

What did you do now?
Wanna die?
It wasn't me!
Freeze, it's the police!
Tell them there's one more.
Say they missed a pretty boy looking bastard, okay?
- Go! - Get the hell going!
They said Kim Ji-hoon isn't a minor.
Shit, that's right!
Get it right, you asshole! You sons of bitches!
Why haven't you left yet?
You're not asking to stay over, right?
You're not my type.
Take a taxi and go.
What's wrong with you? Gone crazy?
I've met a lot of misfits before,
but you're the worst.
Why do you go to school? To show off your money?
Even though you pay me to tutor, you shouldn't do this.
I should get some respect at least.
You're not even a person, so what's the use in learning?
Watch your mouth.
Why? You wanna hit me? Fine! Hit me!
You should be ashamed of being two grades behind.
Then stay in high school until you're 30 or 40, you bastard!
As long as I got paid, I thought it would be okay,
but I can't sell out my pride anymore.
Guys who are all talk aren't really tough. He's a fake.
You need to be tougher on guys like him.
But seeing the way he acts and looks at me,
could he really hurt me?
It's all an act. Sis, you don't know high school kids these days.
A third of our class pierced their ears. Some even pierced their bellies.
Why isn't mom answering the phone?
Shit! What a shame...
Aren't you coming in?
Sit straight.
Don't be late anymore.
Call me two hours earlier if you're late.
So I won't waste my time.
I thought you didn't want to come anymore.
If you disagree with me, then fire me. And we'll call it quits.
I've had a truckload full of tutors before you.
But I was never the one to say quit first.
They're the ones who left first.
I thought you'd quit in less than a month.
But this is fun.
I've never quit something I started.
We'll see who is fun.
We were going to study phrases, right?
Hey, do we really have to study?
Then what else is there to do here? Date?
Let's study.
Chinese phrases are usually on tests, so listen carefully.
You know 'Four Enemies One Soul, ' right?
Yeah, fighting thugs on all four sides.
'Small Needle Big Molehill. '
Exaggerating your ass off.
'Dark Play Good Shot. '
Good shot? I know good shots.
In pool, you have several good shots to win the game.
Like for example, you have the snap shot.
'True Intimacy Friendly Foe. '
Listen carefully. You may think you have a lot of friends now,
but if you're not true to them, then it won't last.
If you run out of money, then they'll leave you in a flash.
Watch your mouth, bitch.
What? What did you just say?
What the hell are you doing?
No smoking during lessons. Do it on break time.
No, just quit instead.
Damn it.
What did I tell you? You have to come out strong.
That was my advice.
I'm the one who said guys are hypocrites.
So I'm the one who gave her courage.
Hey, hey. I'm the one who taught her the special methods of tutoring.
What's wrong with you two? It's my life that I'm risking.
So this occasion is for me. To me!
Remember, come out strong one more time,
then you'll totally control him.
Don't worry. He's in the palm of my hands.
English idioms can only be memorized.
Since your brain is blank, it'll be to your benefit.
Really funny.
You should memorize these idioms.
Be careful, watch out, take care...
That's what you should do.
Put up with, bear, and stand are other examples.
They always come out on tests, so memorize them.
Here's an easy way to memorize them.
Imagine a bear standing.
The bear stands, so...
That's right. When a bear stands, so will his dick.
Get your head out of the gutter.
You better not hit my head again.
I told you to turn off your phone!
It's yours.
Si-kyung, is that you? Where are you? Really?
When? I missed you so much.
You sent a postcard to our club, but you didn't mention me at all.
When? Really? Okay. Bye, bye.

There's actually some guy who calls you?
He's on a different level compared to your airhead girls.
I bet he's ugly.
He's more handsome than any actors on the planet.
I haven't seen him, so don't lie.
He's not a bonehead like you who only likes pretty girls.
So you accept the fact you're ugly? It's a good thing.
It's mine.
Kim Ji-hoon speaking.
I can't hear you. Speak slowly and clearly.
You can't! I can't let you go today!
If you keep this up, I'll tell your dad!
Get out of my way! It's urgent!
I won't move.
I'm not kidding, damn it!
You can't go!
You're driving me crazy.
Hey! You rotten bastard!
Engine stop!
What situation is this?
We're on our way out to buy a textbook.
Your teacher can buy it herself.
We were going to pick it together.
And she didn't know the bus to the bookstore.
You little...
Yes, we need an English textbook.
One that fits Ji-hoon's level just right.
Then go buy a book,
and take a picture with it to show me proof.
Ji-hoon! Ji-hoon!
Hey! What are you doing here?
So they're up there?
You two wait here.
Hey, so why did you come?
Think I wanted to come here?
So you couldn't resist and sided with him?
You worthless traitors.
Hey assholes, Ji-hoon's nothing without money.
Today, I'm going to make you all regret siding with Ji-hoon.
Shit, do you like getting your ass whooped?
What? So he's in a fight right now?
You idiot, think you came here for a date then?
I thought you liked him, so how could you be so calm?
Stop acting like you're his mom.
If you're that worried, then go up yourself, damn it.
Stop smiling, you asshole!
Hurry and get off.
Get over here. Come closer.
The textbook. Hurry and stand straight.
Lean forward. Lean. Smile.
Smile. Raise the book. Smile!
Isn't he Kim Ji-hoon?
It is him!
Know him?
So this guy is your student?
So my temperamental sister is still alive?
Hurry and tell me what you know about him.
I heard this transfer student
trampled all over Lee Jong-soo, the boss of Surim High.
He was a third year senior. I heard he was so fast,
you couldn't see him move.
But why's he getting tutored?
Were there any rumors that he didn't hit girls?
I thought he was a fake.
But I didn't know it was him. Can I have this picture?
I wanna show it off.
Where are you going? Please don't leave.
You can't leave, okay?
You scared me.
Going somewhere, Ma'am?
I have an alumni meeting. Didn't your mom tell you?
Oh, right. So no one's home right now?
Ji-hoon is, why?
Stop that! My Ji-hoon is not that kind of boy.
But still.
Have a nice class. Go driver.
What was I going to teach you this time?
What's wrong with you today? You were going to teach verbs.
'Tutor Freezes to Death After Teaching Verbs'
Verbs might be a bit hard for today.
What else?
What's wrong with you? Feeling sick?
How about prepositions?
I like sex positions better.
What are you doing? Let's study instead.
Bear me my child.
No! No! No, we're still too young.
Are you fantasizing?
What's with you? I already have too many girls who want me.
Take this off, too.
But I'll have to go barefoot.
I know that, you idiot. Hurry and take it off.
See if he has anything else.
Satisfied now?
Hey, take this, too.
I'll tell my brother you said hi.
Of course you will, boy. Wait. Put these on at least.
If you get to know me, I'm a good guy.
Be careful going home.
Sometimes I vomit blood.
I must have tuberculosis.
Do you know that it's contagious?
I look too healthy to be sick.
So all this came from a middle school kid's bag?
Yes, isn't it great?
We should make him into a regular here.
If you beat up Ji-hoon, we'll give you everything.
Only if he comes.
Why do you scums always hang out at a pool hall?
Got nowhere else to go?
Think we like coming here because we wanna?
Then tell me where else we should hang out, asshole!
Stop babbling, idiot.
Are you Kim Ji-hoon?
Be nice to him, asshole!
He's a Makjubshi Gang boss and they control this turf.
You look like a real pain-in-the-neck.
Hey, have you heard of our gang?
I don't care what gang it is, but your zipper's open.
Bastard. Gonna hit me when I look down?
Crazy bastard. Then leave it open and fight.
Son of a bitch.

It's blood. Big trouble.
If he sees blood, he goes nuts.
You stood me up again, you rotten bastard.
Why aren't you giving me the chance to talk to you?
Anyway, lessons are over.
I'm too scared of you, so I can't come anymore.
I'd rather my mom kill me. Good-bye.
Stop pretending, and help me up.
What happened to you?
It's blood!
Don't scream, okay?
Be quiet or die.
Wanna die?
Will you be quiet?
Come on, damn it. Stop looking and bring the bandage. It's in that drawer.
What shampoo do you use?
But I use soap.
Don't be so rough, damn it.
Kim Ji-hoon.
What college?
I'm in high school.
Are you proud of that, asshole?
Here's your plane ticket, so go back.
I won't.
Go before I get angrier.
I blocked your expulsion, but there's no use in staying. So go!
No, you go.
I'm too old to study abroad, idiot!
I told you to punch faster, boy.
I won't go.
Give me all your credit cards.
Father! Please, not that...
Did you call, sir?
Clean out his pockets.
Dad, you're being too cruel.
Don't come closer. You'll die if you do!
Dad! Dad!
'Su-wan's Fried Chicken'
Open the door and come out!
Okay, already.
So what brings you to a chicken store, Madam?
Don't be so cold.
You being the only friend I can turn to makes me mad.
So you came to pick a fight again?
Ji-hoon was never like that.
Even though he fought sometimes, he was a nice boy.
And he never started the fights.
I think it was wrong to send him to America.
It was my idea, you see.
It's been a week since he ran away.
What if something bad happens to him, Kyung-ja?
Why is he so late?
Don't you have tutoring lessons today?
That's too bad. Si-kyung isn't your man anymore.
Here he comes!
It's a gift from Ji-hoon.
Wow, can I try it on?
Think it'll look good on you?
Shall I buy you one, too?
Get a life. Think you can afford this?
Wow, Ji-hoon, what a great watch.
It's a Bvlgari. It's my present to him.
It must be really expensive.
'Are you some kid to run away? '
'Think you're cool? '
'Hungry, huh? I'm eating noodles'
'I envy you to run away at that age'
'No, I wanna come, too'
'I like getting paid still, so don't come back'
'Wanna come home, huh? '
'Why won't you study abroad? '
'Can I go for you instead? '
- Kim Ji-hoon speak... - You finally answered!
Think this phone is for you?
Why'd you fill it with messages?
Let's meet. Where are you?
You hate going abroad that much? Others would die to go.
Forget it. I'll go crazy talking to you.
Hey, let's meet at your place today.
Just worry about your own life.
Come back, so I can give you a present.
I'm hanging up.
Anyway, why do you need to go to school?
Since you're rich, you won't have to worry later.
My old man wants me to graduate high school. Satisfied?
You like your dad, don't you?
I knew you had a nice side in you.
What the hell? Why did you come here?
Think this is your home?
You told me I had to fill in the hours to get paid.
You greedy snob. You make me sick.
Then what about you? You came for your present already?
Present, my ass. What is it? Give it to me.
Here it is. I'm your gift.
Have you gone nuts? I don't want it.
Listen carefully.
I'm your guardian angel who'll help you go, I mean, stay home.
What for? You want something from me, huh?
Dummy. You should be grateful.
Fine. Just don't call me Country Chick anymore.
Do I look like a Country Chick?
No, her sister.
Su-wan, Ji-hoon's father is here. Ji-hoon!
You can't go!
Go study abroad.
Want a beating?
Kim Bong-man!
What is it?
Sir, just give Ji-hoon to me instead.
Wait a minute. Ji-hoon still hasn't fulfilled his military service.
And he has no job, but you want to marry him?
Pardon? No, that's not what I meant.
I meant as Ji-hoon's teacher.
Sit first.
Sit and let's listen to Su-wan, I mean, his teacher.
Please sit.
Yes, if he studies abroad, it'll open up new doors.
And maybe he'll change into a new person.
But it could turn into a failure if he doesn't want to go.
And Ji-hoon could become a drug addict and join the mafia.
So what are you saying?
So if you could just trust him...
You're telling me to trust him?
Although I know it'll be hard to do...
To be more exact,
since this is about Ji-hoon's life,
I think it'll be good to respect his decision, sir.
If he makes the wrong decision,
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Mentale La (The Code)
Mephisto CD1
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Mercury Rising
Message in a Bottle
Metroland 1997
Metropolis (anime)
Miami Tail A 2003
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Michael Jackson Moonwalker 1988
Michael Jordan To The Max 2000
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Michelangelo Antonioni - Blow up
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Middle of the Moment
Midnight (1998)
Midnight Clear A
Midnight Cowboy (1969)
Midnight Express 1978
Midnight Mass 2002
Midnight Run CD1
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Mighty Wind A
Milagro De P Tinto El
Milieu du monde Le (Alain Tanner 1974)
Millers Crossing 1990
Million Dollar Baby CD1
Million Dollar Baby CD2
Million Le 1931
Mimic 2
Minimal Stories 2002
Minority Report 2002
Miracle On 34th Street
Miracle Worker The
Mirror The 1997
Mishima A Life In Four Chapters DVDRip 1985 CD1
Mishima A Life In Four Chapters DVDRip 1985 CD2
Mission Cleopatra
Mission Impossible (1996)
Mission Impossible 2
Mission Mumbai
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Mission en Marbella
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Mommie Dearest (1981)
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Monella CD1
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Money Money Money (Claude Lelouch 1972) CD1
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Monkeybone - Special Edition
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Monsters and Cie
Monthy Python - Life Of Brian
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1982
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Monty Pythons Life of Brian
Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life
Monty Pythons and the Meaning of Life
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Moon Child 2003 CD2
Moon Spinners CD1
Moon Spinners CD2
Moonfleet 1955
Moonlight Whispers 1999
Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears CD1
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Most Terrible Time In My Life The (1994)
Mostly Martha
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Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven 1975
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Mujer mas fea del mundo La
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Mummy The - Full-Screen Collectors Edition
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