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Subtitles for My Wife Is A Gangster 2.

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My Wife Is A Gangster 2

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{y:i}Lee, Soon Yeol Film
{y:i}Shin, Eun Kyung
{y:i}Park, Joon Gyu
{y:i}Jang, Se Jin
{y:i}Special Guest: Zhang Ziyi
{y:i}Director: Jeong, Heung Soon
My Wife ls A Gangster 2|Return of the Legend
Hello! Hello!
lt's not my phone that's ringing.
- Hello!|- ...Boss?
- Boss? Who's this?|- lt's Robocop.
Robocop?|Then l'm Rambo, asshole.
Fucker, get boss on the phone.|Right now!
OK, okay.
ls this a girl or a chicken?
Hey, answer the phone.
l said you got a phone call.
Hey, she's not going to take it.
l'm fucked up.
Fucked up?
Okay, let's get you to a hospital.
Oh shit, l got to pee.|Don't move.
You just pull your dick|out anywhere?
Your dick...
You thought only eggs come|from chicken coops, didn't you?
But l saw a woman|come from one.
Not only that|she's WonderWoman.
She can work 24 hours a day|and not get tired.
She can deliver, she can clean,|she can cook...
Well, she can't cook, really.
Because of her invention|of this useful delivery box,
we've done more business|in the last 2 years
than l could have done|on my own, in 7 years.
lt's like she fell|straight from heaven.
She'd try anything|to get her memory back.
Now l'm more scared|than just feeling sorry for her.
What if she remembers|who she is and leaves me.
Not again!
Well, this was a good one.
Maybe she was a famous|artist of something.
lmpressionist? or Fauvist?
There must be a group|with scissors.
l'm not really familiar with art.
Whoever she was|is fine with me.
She's an angel.
This is the first time something|good has happened in my life.
Business has tripled.
Actually l take care|of her money, too.
Don't get me wrong.|l'm not a crooked boss or anything.
lf l had just one wish.
lt would be to be on top of her.
Get your dick out of here!
Maybe if we had 3 kids
then God wouldn't|take her away from me.
You want to die?
l told you not to touch me|without my permission.
That's strange...
What's he doing here again?
Wow, that's hot.
What's up with this oil today?
l'm back.
Have you been on a delivery
or were you making|a house call?
What do you mean|a house call, boss man?
Didn't l tell you|not to laugh like that?
Laugh like a girl.
Like that.
See, that's nice.
You've got a pretty face|if you tried a little, you'd be fine.
Answer the phone.
The phone.
What can l get for you?
Nothing, l just had a sea food|noodle at another restaurant.
Sit down for a minute.
Let's settle up a little later.
l'm not here for business.
You are too...
Have a seat|l got something to tell you.
You heard that?
That 13 blocks here|will be leveled
and a new mall called
'White Village' will be built.
l havn't heard about it.
lt's a big deal.
You really should pay attention|to what's going on around you.
Calm down.|lt hurts.
You'll have to talk|to my boss about that.
Whew, Jae Chol has|nothing to do with this.
lf you want, l can give you
a store in the mall.
You're done with this, right?
Even if l love you|l can't have you.
l can't stand it.|l feel like crying.
What are you talking about?|You've had me.
You shit! You're thinking of that|weird bitch again, aren't you?
That Tsu Tsu bitch.
Do you really like that crazy bitch?
That clumsy bitch...
No, no!
Why would l be|thinking about her?
You... liar.
l've never had|anything to do with her.
What?|Anything... what?
You mean you want to do that?
- No, l'm not interested at all.|- You do it and l'll kill you.
l'm going to do my best tonight.
- Whatever you want!|- Get your hands off me!
...twenty nine.
Thir... ty!
Only 30?
Here sit down.
l'm a bit weak.
We better just play some cards|that's about our speed.
Our history teacher things|he's so damn smart.
Don't even say a word.|Stupid bastard.
Yeah l hate him too.
Hey how about sharing|a smoke among friends.
Buy your own.
What a bitch.
You think l'm going to be|scared of your little club.
You want to get a piece of me|you'll need a reservation.
- You, bitch!|- Stop there.
Ji Hyun, you're late.|Sixty...
What are you still doing here?
Do you know what time it is?
What happened to your face?|Have you been in a fight?
l guess l'm too young to see|what you two are doing.
We're just playing cards.|That's all.
lt's late.|l'm going downstairs.
Open the door!|What happened to your face?
lf you like her so much|just marry her.
You could be a polygamist.
Polygamist?|That's if you already have one wife.
l've been alone for 17 years.
Then don't marry her.
ls it 18 years?|So confused...
One sweet and sour pork|a stir-fried sedfood.
Pork balls in oyster sause|and a let's see.
Let's just do 5 Ja Jang Myun|and 5 seafood noodles.
- Go quick!|- Yes, sir.
You've only had it a few years
and look what you've done to it.
l've never been rough on it.
Does it work?
Pick up a pack of cigarette|on the way back.
What are you doing?|We didn't order anything.
Why would l be here|if you didn't order anything.
Can't you see|l'm having coffee?
You really didn't order anything?
l'm a man, l don't do that.|Excuse us, we're busy here.
Well since l'm here|we need to settle up.
l told you we were busy here.|Come back later.
Could you pay now?
Are you deaf?|You're starting to piss me off.
Count it and put the extra|on next month's bill.
Now what?
The order was a prank.
lf l catch the bitch...
You'll never catch|that kind of bitch.
- Those gangster bastards|are here again/- What bastards.
They say my food's the best.
What're you going to do|if they don't pay again?
Don't worry about it l won't|let them get away with it today.
You had a sweet and sour pork,|a shrimp, and 3 bottles of wine.
So what do you want?
That'll be $118 and 50 cents won|all together.
Do you just not understand?|Do you know who we are?
Well, who are you?
Wow, you must really|want to die?
Are you going to embarrass|yourselves by fighting with a girl?
Sorry Miss... Let's go.
You... still need to pay.
What's this all about?
Hey let's go outside|and talk about it.
l'll take care of it.|Follow me.
What did you want to talk about?
So, uh how was the food?
Your food is incredible.
You're serious right?
Drop in anytime.
l'll fix you the best we have.
Great, and l'll take care of you.
l'm well aware of your mind.
We've got the bid|for the construction here.
You've got a lot of|work to do here.
We're partners, partners.
- Stop in any time.|- Sure.
Thank you, boss!|Take care then.
Do l really have to live with those shits|in the same neighborhood?
They drive me crazy!
lt's still short...
lf this is all you're going to make|you need to get rid of this dump.
l'll make more.
l won't be home tonight|Do you have a problem with that?
No, we'll see you tomorrow.
Don't stick your nose|in others' business.
We got an order wrong|l reheated it, it should be good.
What a timing!|l was very hungry.
Who are they? Are they mine?|My daughters?
Maybe my childhood.
Put your head down!
lf your head's up|l'll shoot you all!
l must have been in the circus.
Alright, got it.
- Boss!|- Boss.
We've got a problem|at the Karaoke.
What happened.
Some customer got pissed off
because they wanted|a different girl and-
Those bastards, which|organization are they from?
lt was...|lt was a large group.
Which organization are they from?
They were high school kids.
They were just kids so...|They weren't worthy of fighing.
- Right, right!|- l even felt pity for them.
Boss, where are you?|Please answer me, Boss?
The memory pathways|in the cerebral cortex...
... to a major electrical shock|or from being hit by lightening.
Right here... here.
Here... right here.
No, it's not there.|Here, right here.
Son of a bitch, stop wasting|my time and buy something.
What?|What do you want?
What the hell...?
ls your mother a man or a woman?
You must want to die|you stupid bitch.
This is the last time l'll ask you.|ls your mother a man or a woman?
Shit... a woman.
You speak to me with respect.|What about your wife?
She's also a woman.
Do you have a daughter?
Yes, ma'am.
And your daughter?
Fuck...|of course she's a woman.
But why are you tallking to me|impolitely?
Because you didn't understand|what l was saying.
Who?|You mean me?
The one with dark skin, curlly hair
and a protrudent mouth like a rat|is Ronaldo.
And the one with a shaved head
and goofy teeth is
Ronaldinho|- No, that's wrong.
The one with dark skin|and a protrudent mouth is
Honaldinho and...
Stupid bitch, the doctor said|it'll take 4 weeks to recover
and you think|l'm going to just settle?
l'm not going to settle on this.|Or l will be a dog.
Hey, what's the matter?|You're the one that messed up.
Me, you really are a crazy bitch.|You fucking bitch.
You must have worked|too hard last night...
Not again!
That's why|you have a nosebleed.
Hold it down over there.
Sorry about that.
- Bye.|- Take care, sir.
Would you stop doing this.|l'm the gangster, not you.
Oh, this was nothing.
Oh, you're scary.
lt still goes on your record.
Do you want to get a drink|to celebrate?
What's up with you lately?
Why? Do l look different?
You get in fights
and disappear when it rains.
l've got a lot of things|on my mind.
l kind of feel|under the weather.
You not...
You got a boyfriend?
What would l do with a boyfriend?|l've got you.
Do you? Really?
Thanks for considering me|a man.
Whenever l try to remember the past|it gives me a headache.
You can't force memories.
Just relax.
Here...|Here you are.
What's that?
We'll get a store|when the new mall is built...
You'll be a manager,|a partner in Tsu Tsu.
And we'll...
We'll what?
l uh, well there's you...
Well, honestly...
Well l've been raising|Ji Hyun on my own...
We're backed up on deliveries|don't mess around.
Now you even deliver|in the men's bath?
Maybe you used to be a guy?
- Are you playing games with me?|- Hey, l am a man.
l've played with lots of women|but l'd never played with you.
lf you're such a man|then eat all of this.
What? You want a piece of me?|l can't hit a woman.
Start eating|you son of a bitch.
l'm a man!|What are you hitting me for?
Do you want to eat this|or get my punch?
l'm still a man.
Thought you said|you were a man?
- Good afternoon.|- Good afternoon, boss.
You stupid bastards!
Ah... mike test.|Fuck, this is embarrassing.
Get up.
You made me|come down here, for this?
ls it that hard to get a few renters|to sign the consent?
l'm sorry Sir.|We'll get them soon.
What, sometime in the future?|After we've lost all the investors?
l'm sorry.
Stupid bastards!
You blockhead!
Get the defector.
That took a long time.|You must have been backed up?
Come on in.
You ought to put some|clothes on.
You got enough pickles?
Get your hand off me.
lt's not my fingers.|My hands are here.
Oh... Let go.
You act like this|because you like me?
l'm going to pull it out|off the root!
ls this enough? lf you need more|l'll put it in your account!
l hate you!
Do you know how much|I invested in this business?
We've already|invested $2,000,000.
The interest only on that is huge.
What a timid guy you are!
lt'll be worth the effort.
Really?|You gave me your word.
l'd better get going.
l trust you, boss.
Keep in touch.
l already warned you to sign,|didn't l?
You can't stand this.|Just sign there.
Having fun?
Having fun? l was just|teaching her to make noodles.
So this is why|you didn't pick me up.
What happened|to your face again?
Oh, l smell chicken shit.
Don't be like that.
Do you even know your name?|Your social security number?
You know nothing about yourself|stay out of others' business.
Now we're|going into your past.
What do you see?
l see blood
and scissors...
You were a nurse.
Then take a look around you.
Who do you see?
There's a child.
What's the child doing?
The child asked me|what bird is the most
scariest animal in the world.
What did you tell him?
Rat bastards.
Let's do it again.
You just trust me|and you go into hypnosis, red sun.
Are there people in front of you?
Yes, there's a lot.
Are you saying|anything to them?
You sons of bitches.|l'll slice you open
and hang your guts|on the clothesline.
You just trust me and|you go into hypnosis, red sun.
Put her head up!
l'm going to show you what'll happen|if you mess with us.
l don't want to see.
l'm going to show you anyway.|The power of the organization.
Let's go one on one...
or do you need all|your little friends?
You must have forgotten|we're an organization.
Don't do this to me!
Let go of me!
lf you're not going to join us
we'll make it|so you can't join anybody.
Lay down.
Don't move.
Hold it!
What's that?
You're home.
What happened|to your face this time?
- lt's nothing.|- This is nothing?
You were supposed to pick her up|not start a fight with her!
l'm sorry.
You look at her face|and all you can say is sorry?
Alright Dad|that's enough.
What's the matter with you lately?
You're not like|you used to be.
Enough already, you don't|even know what's going on.
How am l supposed to|trust you with her!
l'm leaving to find myself.|Chicken Head
Na Mu Kuan Seim Bo Sai
You've got a problem|with your back, huh?
No, l don't.
Your energy and blood have|gotten all twisted up in your back.
l can't remember my past.
What have l got to do|to get my memory back?
Your hand.
You've got to take care|of your bloodstream.
Catch a white snake|hibernating deep in the forest
and make out of him a potion|that will solve your problem.
White snake...
Double helping!
- Fuck.|- How long do we have to wait?
Take our orders|for gods sake!
- Fried dumplings, fried dumplings.|- What about us?
- Fried dumplings!|- Hey, mister!
Go quick!|You're so backed up.
Hey, we need some|chopsticks here!
Some pickled radish for us|pickled radish!
- What about our food!|- Okay, hold your horses.
Hey, this is for the computer lab.|And don't forget the chopsticks.
What?|l have to go again?
- Yes.|- l really don't...
With this much rain|it looks like spring has passed.
Give me that.|Too long to throw it away.
Dad, you really have|a serious problem.
What is it this time?
Why don't you play that|card game that Tsu Tsu liked?
And you said you were going to|teach her how to make noodles.
You were just|blowing smoke right?
You didn't even like her.
So? But if you think about it|we could have had fun with her.
What are you saying?|You're worried about her too aren't you?
Get real l just don't like|doing deliveries that's all.
Where have you been?
l just wanted to know|who l was.
You look like you've had it.|Did you find yourself?
Not yet|but l figured out how.
Well, l hope so.
Do you know how embarrassed|l was because of you?
Ji Hyun, actually|talked decently to me.
She missed you|more than l did.
Don't stand in the rain.|Come on in.
Chicken Head.|Good to have you back.
Just relax, we're almost there.|Look right here.
Chin down and smile|one, two, three...
OK, that's it.
Excuse us.
You should help us|find somebody.
We think she lives around here.
Do you recognize her?
N... No, l've never|seen her before.
We know she lives around here.|Take a close look.
lf you pressure me|l can conduct my right of silence.
No, it's not like that.
l can get a lawyer.
Hey, understood|Calm down!
Tsu, Tsu!
Good afternoon!
- Tsu, Tsu, come with me.|- What's the matter?
You've got to get out of here.|The police are looking for you.
- What? The police?|- You must be a criminal.
A criminal?
You are not right?|They must made a mistake.
But you still better|get out of here.
lsn't that the Chinese joint's|Tsu Tsu?
The Chinese restaurant's Tsu Tsu?|Thank you.
Well, what's she doing there?
- She's a delivery girl.|- A delivery girl?
Thank you.
She's a prostitute isn't she?
How many Johns did she rip off.
- lt's not that kind.|- Tell me.
l shouldn't be doing this right now.
Wow, what a blabbermouth!
Wait!|Please wait!
Hurry up!|You're going to get caught
Po... Polices are here!
Aren't you the woman|from the photomat?
Do you work here?
So where's the girl|that does the deliveries?
That's me, how can l help you?
Are you playing games with me?
l'm a woman.|Don't underestimate me.
What's up with everybody|in this neighborhood?
Let's go, everybody's|gathered around out there.
- What's this?|- What's this all about?
How many times did she do it?
l hear she did it all the time.
Hey, this isn't America.
Not everybody can become|a bank robberer.
This is the first time.
Bank?|She robbed a bank!
No, that's not it.|The lady who delivers here
caught the bank robberers|with her bear hands!
She's receiving an award|for courage and bravery.
She really showed|what a true woman can do.
You all should be|congratulating her.
- You should learn from her and|- Hey, mister, it's her!
Wait, wait!|Brave girl!
You stay with my friend|when it quiets down, l'll let you know.
Let's just go back.
Just listen to me.|l'll take care of it.
Now what's the matter?
l told you|we needed to get a new one.
Let's bring up today's|guest of honor.
The new 21st Century Woman.
You fight fire with fire.
Anyone who kick a pregnant woman|is a mad-dog.
l hate those kind of people.
Gangsters that hit and torment|helpless people.
And loan sharks. Those|that look down upon women.
lf l could only get my|hands on them.
- Tsu, Tsu!|- Here, look here, over here!
Okay, one more time!
l have something to say.
lt looks like we're all going
to be thrown out to the street.
Our children could be sent|to orphanages
and our women to brothels.
We don't have any power.|We need a hero!
We need somebody with great|leadership to move us forward.
l don't know her name|but we call her this.
Tsu Tsu, our hero!
Let's make her president|of our association.
- Hurrah!|- Hurrah!
- Hey.|- Yes, sir.
What's this all about?
That bitch that does the deliveries|for the Chinese joint
stopped some bank robbers|a while back.
lt wasn't just one|not two
but three.
- That's quite a bitch.|- She's scary, boss.
Then order a bowl of|seafood noodles
and we'll get to see|who the bitch is.
Uh boss, does it have to|be just one bowl?
Yeah, just one.
- Hey, right here.|- Bring it here.
l told you to bring|enough pickles.
You want to fill up|on side dishes.
Enjoy your dinner.
Why are you|following me around?
- Look at that fat ass!|- What? l'm not doing this!
Are those two married?
They appear to be, boss.
Speak in english, stupid.
The bitch and the bastard|are hooked, boss.
Let's go.
l'll take care of it|without a trace.
Don't take her lightly.|Remember she was the one
who turned your brother|into a eunuch.
l still found him a woman
and l've never thought|it wasn't worth the money.
Right, let's not talk about that.
But, l feel like crying
whenever l think about it.
However now that she, Silverfish|is the head of the association
it's going to be difficult|to take her out quietly.
The fact she doesn't know|that she is Eun Jin of the
scissor gang is also a problem.
Just kill her, okay?
l'll keep it simple.
What do you think|she'll say as she's dying?
What an idiot!
- Act like you're stabbing me.|- Yes.
White... Shark...
No, it shouldn't be that way.
Do it again with me.
Who... are... you???
We've got to make sure if she knows|she is Eun Jin, the Silverfish
before we kill her|to truly get revenge.
lf not, she won't know|if she got killed for your revenge
or she was chewed|by some stray dog.
A stray dog?
Sorry, Boss.
Okay, Jun Man|did you get that?
- Are the 'Silverfish' fresh today?|- Of course.
This Silverfish doesn't|look too fresh.
You bastard!|Fish should be nice and fresh.
Once you've touched it|it's not fresh at all.
Pay for it.
Which Silverfish?
Can't live this boring life|without you, boss.
We love you during the day|and the night.
You are the best!
Yes! Yes!|You are the best!
Mister, can we still trade|these in for candy?
You make me sick.
You stupid shit.
All you had to do was kill her|and we'd be done with this.
Then let's just kill her, boss.
That's what l want to do...
What the fuck did you say?|Hands down!
Hi, l'm Sally.
l'm a very well paid scout|for this coffee shop.
l love... l love...|all of you.
There's a new type of perm|you know.
lt's called a treatment perm
and it does|wonders for you hair.
Aren't you done?
Excuse me...
One more noodle dish.
Another?|Do you know how many that is?
You think you have it in you|to kill me?
Don't turn around.
l'll let you go this time.|Go tell your boss
to stop sending assassins after me|and we'll go one on one.
You forgot to pay.|That'll be 4 dollars.
What is with everybody today?
Yes, l'm sure.
She actually asked|one on one to you, boss.
l am going to get her|right now.
Yes, sir.
This time it's with a girl|is it?
What is wrong with her?|Really.
My silicon.
Shit! l'd have to|get another surgery!
God, my nose, my nose!|lt's collapsed!
What am l going to do!|What am l going to do!
My nose!|What am l going to with my nose!
Where are you|putting your hands at?
Do you know how much|these breats are worth?
He's going to need|some rehabilitation.
Get the fuck out of my way.
Also one of his testicles|became dysfunctional
and l just put several stiches|on the other one.
Yo, lady.|ln english, okay? English.
One of his balls got smashed|so his sex life is impossible.
Now it's happened to you too?|You poor thing.
That cruel bitch!
My life is doomed!
ls that the only thing|she goes for?
- l can't bear this.|- Boss, my life is doomed!
- l go crazy or what!|He should take a rest...
- What?|- l said 'complete rest'.
Complete rest, complete rest.
What's the matter?|Are you still there?
Are you listening?
l'm... listening...
But something strange.|She doesn't seem to recognize me.
l can't believe our boss|has died.
Hey, you.
Are you drawing or writing?
- Ugly face and ugly handwriting.|- Mine is better than the others'.
We've got all the picket signs and|banners ready for the campaign.
The only problem is|the members who are scared.
Let's check who's here and not.
Tsu Tsu's here so we have|nothing to worry about.
She can whip 100 guys|all by herself.
We can't use violence.
Please try to call|every single member together
for tomorrow's meeting.
As the president
l'll gladly give my life|for the group.
Boss, it's me, Robocop.
Have you forgotten me?|You risked your life to save me.
l think you're confusing me|with someone else.
You're a living legend|in our world.
You were the boss
who looked after 132 members|of the Scissor gang.
l'm losing my mind.|l don't remember anything.
Oh my god|She's even married!
Did you see that?
l thought she was a prostitute|but she's a Mafia boss.
Tsu, Tsu...
Now what do we do?
We can't trust in|somebody like that, can we?
Have a goodnight, boss.
Have a goodnight, boss.
Now your true colors|have finally shown.
Don't talk like that.|l don't remember any of that.
So if you can't remember|it makes it all go away.
Now all l am is a delivery girl|for Tsu Tsu.
Who are you trying to kid?
- Ji Hyun!|- Let go of me, you gangster.
- Ji Hyun, that's enough|- Let go of me!
Sorry Ji Hyun.
- You mob!|- l told you to shut up!
Well, that's all you know.
l really hate gangsters!
Ji Hyun!
Tsu Tsu!
Do you think l would|accept your apology?
Want a piece of me|sons of bitches!
Tsu Tsu...
Well, she must feel lonely.
Yo, Silverfish!
l thought you had died.|l felt bad.
l thought l had died|but l liked it.
lt's Silverfish for sure, boss.
Shut up! l know.
You've lost|a lot of love for me.
There's never love when|somebody invades a territory.
Look who's talking.
l've never been very happy|to... see... you.
Stupid bastards!|It ran down...
Well that does it.
What? You fucking bitch!
Let go! l said let go!|Let go, you fuckers!
Tsu Tsu.|Let's wait for the others!
My poor Tsu Tsu!|What should l do?
You bastard!
They said they would be here,|where the hell are they?
Here, over here!|Over here!
She's gone.
Where's that bitch Eun Jin?
l really don't know.
Well then, you find her.|And if you don't
something bad might happen|to your daughter, okay?
Sons of bitches!|Fucking assholes!
The idea of hurting|such a tender woman!
l'm going to kill them.
You got to get some stiches|at a hospital...
Must be very sore.|Just be patient.
Are you alright?
Are you Jae Chol, Yoon?
Yes, that's right.
Look at my scarred up face.
That bitch did this.|She's bad, very bad.
The bitch is hiding somewhere
...and you're going to help us.
She's not my blood|nor my girlfriend, fuck.
l'm home.
l know.
Where's the Chicken Head?
She's gone.
Did she go to|the mountains again?
Maybe she went to heaven.
Are you drunk?
Didn't you know|she was an angel?
She didn't even say goodbye?
You didn't even like her.
- Sir...|- What's wrong?
- Tsu Tsu...|- What?
Give me a cigarette.
Were you talking to me?
Do you see anybody else?|Dumb ass.
No, boss.
lt's been a long time since|l've had a smoke, it's pretty strong.
You never did smoke much.
This isn't our properties.
What about the boys?
They're all gone.|Some have gone home...
Can you get a hold of them?
- Yes.|- Gather them.
Yes, sir.
They are going to sell|Ji Hyun into prostitution.
Who is this?
A guy named White Shark|kidnapped her.
He's going to sell into prostitution|if you don't come back.
Please rescue her.
Where is she now, boss?
The pot plant near Sinbonri.
- l know where it is.|- Please hurry up.
What's going on, boss?
White Shark kidnapped Ji Hyun.|That son of a bitch.
There's nothing for us to gain.
Robocop, this is my territory.
Chicken Head!
Don't worry.|l'll get you out of here.
You are impossible.
You still don't get it, do you?
You're not rescuing her.
What's that supposed to mean?
l'm letting her go.
l'll take care of it.
Let's go.
Daddy! What about her?
Now that l finally can got you.|l feel damn good!
Do you know how hot this is?
l'll let you find out.
Throw her in the kiln.
Yes, boss.
White Shark, do me a favor|stop hiding behind your boys
and let's go just you and me.
Haven't you seen|this sort of scene in the movie?
Bosses don't fight.
That's the difference|between you and me.
What are you waiting for?
Why did you do that?
To get a lease?
Eun Jin came all the way here|to save me
and you did it for money.
l did it for you!
You're the only daughter l have.
You're not my real father.
What's that suppose to mean?
You don't think l know that?
That's why|you're such an idiot.
Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun!
Sons of bitches!
Hey, Silverfish.
lt hurts.
l didn't even pay you...
and l made you do everything.
lt won't stop again.
You are a dead man!
Please don't!
Would you stop doing this?|l'm the gangster, not you.
Oh, this was nothing.
Good bye!
When we get to Seoul|will you give me a bar?
- Don't worry about Ji Hyun|and take care!/- Come often!
- Don't forget to call!|- Be happy!
What the... move man, move!|Fuck man...
l will never permit drugs.
This is Eun Jin|head of the Scissor gang.
Who threatened us.
Why isn't she saying a word?
She's insulting you.
ls it?
Son of bitch!|Give up!
Give up!
You give up too.
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