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Subtitles for My Wife Is Gangster.

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My Wife Is Gangster

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Presented by|Suh Se-Won Production Co.Ltd.
a Hyun Jin Cinema production|{y:i}There is a living legend in our organization.
Distiributed by Korea Pictures Co.Ltd|{y:i}The situation was bad
Starring|Shin Eun-Kyung
{y:i}no match for Big Brother
Park Sang-Myun|Ann Jae-Mo|{y:i}lt was art in motion.
{y:i}Bruce Lee would have been ashamed
Co-producer|Park Mi-Jung
Written by Kang Hyo-Jin, Kim Moon-Sung
Director of photography / Jun Jo-Myung|Lighting director / Shin Kyung-Man
Edited by Park Kwok-Ji|Recording / Live tone
Executive producers|Suh Se-won, Lee Soon-yeoul
Directed by|Cho Jin-Kyu
No one's ever heard from|or seen those two again.
Wow~ Big Brother is a legend.
Very few organizations|can claim to have one.
Think yourself lucky to be|working for a legend!
Got it?
Ya shore can say that...
Get rid of that accent of yours!
lt's making me look bad.
Big Brother, it's me.
l'm Shitboys hometown friend.|My name's Koh Yong-Man.
He's got potential, sir.
Put him to work in the kitchen!
What'd you say, you cheap whore!
l know how to handle little bitcones
How dare you talk to Big Brother.
What's that?
lt's a horse bone...
Hello, what?
Boss, they've found her!
ls mom dead?
l'm here. Hold my hand.
Will she recognize me!
- Yu-Jin!!|- Eun-Jin..
Eun-Jin, l'll come back for you!!
Why's she still here?
Got to come impressive cutlery here.
What do you think you're doing?
You're real fucking' geniuses!!
Shut the fuck up and|scrub down for surgery!
lt's no use to open her up|at this point.
l will only cause her more.|l can sit your throat and out you up like sashimi.
How's that for pain?
You want me to beg?
This is a non-smoking building.
That little...
Are you O.K.? l'm really sorry...
Never mind, just get out here
- Soo-ll, what's wrong?|- No, no. Nothing.
Boss, this is a non-smoking building.
Whoever acts up in front of|my sister is a dead'man.
Yes sir!!
- Sir?|- l mean, yes ma'am!
You must have hated me|all those years.
We'll start you on|motherapy tomorrow.
You're well enough|to have surgery.
- Sis..|- Eun-Jin...
l need to ask you to do|something for me.
Name the bastard...
What is it?|l can do...l mean anything.
l want to see you get married.
What's the big deal?|Everyone does it.
l want to get it over|with this month. Get to it.
Big Brother, are you sure?
Do l look like l'm joking?
Do you have anyone in mind?
Anyone here up for the ask?
Chicken shits...
Find me a groom!
Could you give us an idea|of what you like?
Just make sure he don't look like you!
We heard good things|about this place.
Find us an eligible bachelor...Pronto..
Hiya? My name's Sherry.
Talk about cheap...
She knows what she's doing...
Come on get to work.
You're as scaly as a crocodile...
You have to accentuate... Ow...
What is all this shit?
These are just the basics.
Does she always talk like this?
Men love the way l talk.
They say it's my best quality.
Shut your trap and get to it.|l'll bust your ass!
Fine. Get yourself a real stylist.
Are you crazy?|Bitch, get back to work!
You won't even let me talk
and now you're scaring me.
Stop scaring her.
After you get their attention|with your looks.
You get your hooks in|with some sweet talk.
Sweet talk?
lt's all in the nostrils.
Ohh~ honey!
Oh... honey!
No, not like that. Ohhhh~honey!
Why're you shaking like that?
These are added bonuses.
You shake these and
you've got him wrapped|around your fingers.
Ohhh, honey!
Not like that, boss.
Ohh~ honey!!|Come on!
Get out.
How do l look?|l went to sleep like this
Good thinking...
Where are they?
This way.
Where you going?
Fool!|Put your shoes back on!
May l present Mr.& Mrs. Kim,|they own Chosun textiles.
Sang-min graduated from|an lvy League university.
He's finishing up his Pb.a right now.
And this is...
How about a self-introduction?
The name's Cha Eun-Jin|26 years old.
l'm in good health.
Got a whole lot of muscle working.
l mean, men...
She means employees.
Right. 50 employees.
And my territory. No l mean...
She means she owns|a body guard company.
What do your parents do?
Cut the crap.
Hey, you wanna tie the knot?
The sooner the better.
Make sure this doesn't happen again!
Yes, boss?
Get me an old couple to play my parents.
Yes, sir!
- Where to boss?|-The hospital.
Where have all the good men gone...
Who knew it would be|so hard to get married?
Big Brother.
l heard that one's soul mate|is usually within 2km radius.
Screw that theory.
The fools within 2km radius|of me are worthless.
What the fuck!
See you later. See ya.
Hey you over there! Stop!
Hey you!
Stay here.
Learn how to drive.
Come here, you little punk.
You fuckin'retard.
You ruined my outfit.|What the hell is this, fuck!
Get up, l said get up.
You little sissy...
What the hell?
Ass hole. l'll...
Let's go!
Hey bitch!
How dare you smoke outside!
This ain't your backyard!
Fuckin'punk bitch.|l oughta kick your ass!
What the fuck!
Come here, bitch!
What the fuck?
What's she doing?
l'll kill you bitch!|Come and get it!!
She's a woman.|This is not at all chivalrous.
Get out of here.|Mind your own business.
Please calm down.|You can't hit a woman, please!
He gives new meaning|to 'han-headed'
Just needed a few stitches, that's all.
Ok. Yes, sir.
You O.K. man?
ls she all right?
Of course. And... compensation.
No, no thanks.
Take it. You never know.
No, l don't want it. Please.
- Well, suit yourself.|- l'll see you later.
He looks pretty slow to me.
Shut up, you're the one who's slow.
Hi, how can l help you?
35 years of age.
Name is Kang Soo-il.
He's a civil servant.
Looks pretty slow but in this case...|lt's a favorable characteristic.
He's had 58 blind dates|with zero success rate.
Where and when?
Tomorrow at 7pm. At Marche.
Good evening.
-Give me some of them fish cakes.|-Yes, sir.
l just hope things work out tomorrow.
l feel sorry for the poor bastard.
How's he gonna survive her?
Did you just rag on Big Brother?
l'm just worried for her.|You're too sensitive.
Oh, fuck, it's hot.
Hey... how old are you two?
l'm 56.|And she's 54.
Good, yes. good!
lf it's a right with you.
We'd like to get it over with|as soon as possible.
Me too. He looks so dependable.
We'll get them a new apartment and|pay for the wedding.
We're just so lucky to get such|a great son in law.
lsn't this wonderful?
ln all my years in the business.
l've never seen|such a perfect couple.
But l just think
What is it?|ls there a problem?
They've known each other|for such a short time
ln my years of experience.|Time is not very important.
Even rich cake shouldn't|be cooked for too long.
He's absolutely right.
lt's all up to him...
Well, why don't we|leave these two alone?
-Yes, Wonderful idea.|-Yes, it is.
Have a good time, dear.
-lt's really weird.|-What is?
lt seems like|l know you from before.
Why, did you borrow money|from a loan shark?
No, l mean l just feel that
we may have known each other|in a little life.
Then would you be up to marring me?
You're not getting any younger...
-You mean right away?|-Yeah.
Wait. Wait here.
No wonder he's still single...
Are you all right?
Who were they?
l'm not sure.|l think they're White Shark's boys.
Get out of here, now!
Why are you here and|why are you sweating?
l was feeling a little warm in there.
Let's go inside.
l wanna read you something,|from the bridges of Madison Country.
l've been saving it up for when l propose.
l've got one thing to say to you|and l'll only say it once.
l hope you will listen.
ln this uncertain universe, a feeling|this strong comes but only once in a lifetime.
Will you marry me?
Please accept these.
Getting a real kick out of this?
What? What'd l do?
Hey, wait...
l'm here at the store, boss.
Just wanted to know what color|rice cooker you want.
-Whatever!|-Yes, sir
lf there are any empty seats,|l'll put your teeth out. Got it?
Don't fuck up. Hey put him on.|Yeah, you got the equipment?
Come by tomorrow for the rehearsal.
Look at that fool,|getting all worked up.
l don't know, weddings just|make me feel so sentimental.
Don't you feel strange?
Go on ahead.|l'm going to the sauna.
What's wrong with him?
Fool, don't you get it?|When will you learn?
Fool, you aren't got nothing over me.
What'd you say?
Nothing. She won't give me a discount.|l oughta bitch slap her.
Let's go!
Come on in.
No, cold water dip first.
Fool, it's hot and then cold!
l ain't about to|my sausage in there.
-What are you staring at?|-What up?
This fool's giving me an|attitude for splasning him.
Are you gonna let him|get away with that?
Jackass son-of-a-bitch.
Pretty pussycat.|There you go...
What now...
Boss, l heard that bitch Mantis|is getting married.
Married? Mantis?
So, she's getting married.
- This calls for a celebration.|- Should we send her a bouquet?
That's not good enough for her.
You do not want to get caught,|so do it right.
You fuck-uos.
How come only nightclub|where are here?
This is|no club opening.
But, Big Brother we had to|close up 5 clubs to get these girls.
You said not to tell anyone on the outside
Did you pick out this dress?
They said it was the best.
Look how low cut it is.|You trying to take a peek at my nipples?
No, no... ni,nipples, No sir.
Almost ready?|Wow, you look beautiful
Ladies and Gentlemen,|the bride and the groom.
Dearly beloved,|we are gathered here today
to join Kang Soo-ll and Cha Eun-Jin|in holy matrimony.
May the Lord bless these two.|say Amen Hallelujah!
Hey, sit down.|Stay down.
l said stay the fuck down!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we've prepared|a special martial arts event today.
A never before seen event!|Fantastic action!
And now you are witnessing the climax,|to this special performance.
Yay! They're giving it their all!|Let's give a big hand to the performers.
Wow what's performance!|Amazing! Stupendous!
Thank you!
l prepared something to read|to you on our first night.
Would you like to hear it?
Hold on a sec.
l, Kang Soo-il,|swear the following to my wife.
First, l will not look at any|other woman except my wife.
Second, l will take my wife|out at least once a week.
-Do l have to pledge something, too?|-No, just stay by my side.
l'm hot, l'm gonna take a shower.
How gross.
- Tell me you love me.|- l said shut up!
Hello... Yeah boss?
What honeymoon!?
He's back?|l'll take the first light up.
Shut up and goodbye.
Sorry about last night.
l gotta go back tonight.|Somethings come up.
l'm not usually a big drinker|but l think ruined it over last night.
Damn, he talks a lot.
Did you make reservations?
Welcome back, sir.
Nothing better than a trip overseas...
Don't l look great or what?
Who the hell is that?
l'm the new guy. Yong-man.
New guy?
Who the fuck brought him in?
l, l did sir.
As a gift to y'all.
l'm gonna break a few knees.|Who wants to be first.
Where the hell is Mantis?
She's home...|taking care of a few things.
- She's on her honeymoon.|- Honeymoon?
When are you going to|visit your parents?
They're taking a trip overseas.
What do you think you're doing?
Trying to make you|more comfortable.
Don't even lay a finger on me|without permission.
O.K., l won't.
- Why you bossing me around?|- lf you don't like it, get the fuck out.
l'll cut all your balls off|motherfuckers...
-All we have in the fridge is water...|-Thirty, so on!
- Water and lemon|- Thirty nine...
Make mine seafood flavor.
Forty. Forty
How was your trip sir?
Heard you were on a trip yourself?
Something came up.
You knocked up?
l'm planning to get a divorce.
You trying to fuck with me?
No, sir.
So are you looking after the business?
l heard White Shark's boys|are rearing their ugly heads.
They can't touch us, sir.
- You can leave now.|- Yes, sir.
Women, can't depend on them.
They go out and get knocked up.
Hey, lady. One more!
Big Brother.|l think you should slow down.
Do you find me|attractive as a woman?
Boss, as far as l'm concerned...
You're just like the rest.
Must be|a pain working under a chick.
-Boss!|-Tell it like it is!
When l was laying in a corner|after my head got bashed in,
you said this to me:
"Blood is thicker than water,|but loyalty is thicker than blood."
Where your fellas think you're going?
What up?
l said l'm paying tonight...
What the hell?
l hate to ask you this,|but could you go somewhere else?
l be asking nicely.|Don't test my patience.
You want a piece of my muthafucka?
Guys wanna hear me sing?
We were born on different days|but we're brothers forever.
l came out of a comma because of you.
No matter what, you're my boss.
l cried when l realized the truth...
Now my heart is empty~
Now my heart is empty~
Who was that?
lt was you.
That was great!
You know what separates a low life punk|from a real life gangster?
Professionality, asshole!!
Without it,|you're just a low life punk. Got it?
Whew, you stink.
What are you doing?
l'm your husband.
You're cute when you're drunk.
l'll give you cute.
Don't talk like that to me.
You asked for it.
Marriage is not a death sentence.
-You think you can keep me away?|-What are you...
Don't mess with me.
l said "Never without my permission".
Did you do the deed?
Sorry man. My wife's away on business|and my son forgot to take the useing key.
l won't be about to make it tonight.
Oh yeah, tonight's your dinner party?
- Bring your son, Min-soo along.|- You think it would be O.K.?
There isn't much but l hope you like it.
That's fine.|Chinese food sounds good to me.
-Stop stalling and let us in.|-Yeah, we're starving.
- Good evening!|- Hello
There are many training machines.
You should exercise or|you would be like me.
You told me that the fat is|proportioned to a great personality.
Back in the days we got all the exercise|l need a bunch of fives.
l bet no one messed|with you back then.
Hey l can still hold my own|against the best of them.
These days so called|gangsters are a joke.
l heard they only|eat shrimp chips.
Double the wager!
Triple... how about you?
- Hey, l'm still in.|- Calculate later.
Help me with this problem.
Go ask auntie over there, she'll help you.
Auntie. What's a proper|expression for policeman?
Police man? A Pig.
That's true.|Cops these days are all pigs.
Eun-jin, you've got|a killer sense of humour.
But it's three words.
Three words?
Donut Munching Bastards?
- Hello?|- Mantis?
You've got the wrong number.
- There's no one here by that name|- Hey!
l need to speak with you.
l think you need to learn some manners.
lt's one thing to talk down to me.|But Donut Munching Bastards?
And the the uneasten bags of bread in the|fridge and hiring a caterer on my salary!
lt was convenient.
l can't take this anymore.
So, what, you're gonna hit me?
- l don't hit girls.|- Cut the bullshit.
You're really trying my patience.
- So what are you gonna do about it?|- And now the weird phone calls.
Mantis... What in the world.
Look here, you little sissies.
You're an embarrassment.
Getting your ass kicked like that.
lt wasn't like that man|that punk started it.
Shut the fuck up.
What the hell were the rest|of you doing while it was happening.
- lt's just that the aude was crazy...he...|- Yeah, l never seen a crazier son-of-a...
Hey that's him!|That's the guy!!
-ls he the one?|-Yes!
Man, you're one ugly mofo.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What the hell is this?
Hey you, once l take off|all my clothes.
Your ass is grass.
Big mouth s.o.b
l'm gonna bitch slab you|back to the holes y'all crawled out of...
Without a word~
You handed me a letter~
Deep within my heart~
l'm comming for y'all.
My heart is empty~
l feel profound sorrow~
Where the fuck?
Where you think you're going?
Stop following me!
l told you once l get naked...|l'd pummel your ass!
Eun-Jin!|l'm getting worse, aren't l?
Of course not.|The doctor says you're doing better.
You can come stay with us.
l see.
This is delicious.
Try it! Come on.
Don't mind me.
You should be more attentive|to your husband...
Watching both of you so happy
is going to help me get better.
That's good to hear.
Here! l'm sorry about what|l said the other day.
Forget about it.
l know you're upset about your sister.
All the more reason to try and get along.
-lt's for your sister|-l said forget about it!
Why do you have to be so mean?
l'm the man here and|l said sorry first.
So l should be grateful?
l never asked for your apology.
You don't know how to
be a part of a normal relationship.
So what is a normal relationship.|You tell me.
We'll sure isn't what we have.
l know it's difficult for two people.|We don't know each other to live together.
That's why we both have to try.
But you don't even want to|give it an effort.
Not once since our wedding day
have you bothered to properly arrange|the shoes by the front entrance.
You don't help out around the house.|You have no aspect for me.
And refusing sexual intercourse|without due cause is grounds for divorce.
So that's what it is.
Try jacking gift or better yet,|pay for a call girl.
What? You're an|awful human being.
My little Eun-jin has grown breasts...
Stop teasing.
Don't you want to have a baby|and become a mom?
A mom?
l've always wanted|to have lots of children.
But l guess there's no hope of that.
l'm so scared that we'll live like this
and men just disappear|from the face of this earth.
There will be|no part of us to carry on.
l wish there will be someone 10, or 20 years|from now who is a part of us.
l promise you that l'll have a little girl|who looks just like you.
But you have to promise that|you'll be around for it.
l told the guy l'd pummel his ass to the ground|and then the knife went.
Welcome back. Big Brother!
White Shark's boys are|starting to get restless.
One of them came to our club and|caused a big commotion.
lgnore them until|the construction is finished.
- Hey, Romeo!|- Yes, sir!
Bring that ''expert'' of yours back here.
Right away, sir.
Admit it, it's not just to|get knocked up, right?
You're horny, right?
You'd better watch that mouth of yours.
Tell me the quickest and|surefire way to get pregnant.
Keep you shirt on.
How're you going to get knocked up|if you aren't getting any?
You have to learn how to excite a man.
You have to go straight|for the goldmine.
Like this slowly but firmly.
And if this doesn't work.
That's disgusting.|Men really enjoy this?
lt will drive them insane.
You busy?
Could we have a minute?
What do you want?
What are you doing?
Wait a minute.|What are you doing?
Stay still.
My neck, watch it.
l've never seen you undressed.
You up for another round?
For people got pregnant in that elevator...
- What's wrong?|- Stay still.
The owner did it|on that table and had twins!
Don't you want any?
Let's drink to the successful|on operation of the new building.
- Cheers!|- Cheers!
Well, if it isn't Mantis?
What the...
Nice little gathering you got here.
l'm entertaining clients.
l've always wanted a drink|poured by Miss Mantis.
l hope you gentlemen don't mind.
Now get the hell out of here!
- lt's my turn.|- l said leave.
Why don't we step out gentlemen?
Mantis, that's not polite.
Come on, take it!
You can add some soy sauce|if it's too bland.
lt's perfect.
l'm really sorry.
l know my little sister|is coarse and
stubborn on the surface.
But she's got a good heart.
lt's just that she's had a hard life.
But l know you'll stand behind her
until the end, right?
Yes, l will.
Good afternoon, Big Brother.
l brought it just in case.
Keep it covered.
And no matter what,|don't make the first move.
Yes sir!
Sit down.
He's got something to say to you.
l heard one of my men|got out of line with you.
l wouldn't go that far.
Hey, Eel, come over here!
Bring a knife.
lf there is one thing l despise,
it's people with no respect.
l think this is really unnecessary.
lt is very necessary.
Even we live by certain|unbreakable codes of conduct.
l thought l told you to bring a knife!
lt's all water under the bridge.
He was drunk and didn't know|what was going on.
That's right.
He was drunk and didn't know|what he was doing,
but you tried to gouge his eyes out!
Here kitty kitty~~
So l guess, l'm the one|who's owed an apology?
Or was that an outright challenge.
Meow, meow~
Kitty~~|Hey, pussy cat!
There's no need to make|mountains out of molebills.
There's no need for bloodshed.
Meet your opponent, Nanman.
He learned in Japan,|the righteous way to use a knife.
You choose the time and place.
What happened?
- Are you hurt?|- lt's nothing.
Where's Yu-Jin?
- ln the hospital.|- What?
Why are you telling me this now?
l called you all day|but your phone was off.
Why are you here now?
Where are you going?
To the hospital.
l just got back from there.
Visiting hours are over.|Let's go tomorrow.
Thanks for looking after her.
She's family.
Are you sure you're O.K.?
You must be starving.
l'll fix you something...
May l help you?
- l need some antibiotic ointment.|- Just a sec.
'Home Pregnancy Test'
What a pain in the ass. Damn!!
l tested twice and|they both came out positive.
Now all l need is|for you to get well.
Thank you.
For the sake of the unborn baby.
No more profanity.|No lights.
Only positive thoughts.
Soo-il must be happy.
He dosen't know yet.
You must tell him.
He's the father and
he's a wonderful human being.
-Hello?|-lt's me.
l never expected you|to call me at work.
- Can you come home early?|- ls something wrong?
ls it a blackout?
l'm the secondman|in a local organization.
l've got over 50 men|working for me.
l got married to fulfill|my sister's dying wishes.
l never wanted to marry|in the first place.
Everything was staged.|My parents ard dead.
Stop! Let's make this simple.
l can overlook the lies.
l can live with the fact that|you don't love me.
But l can't let you|keep this line of work.
Promise me you'll get out.
That's not possible.
No matter what you do|l can't get out.
Fine! Then there's nothing|more to talk about.
Sit down.
Don't tell me what to do.
l don't want to put you or|your family in danger.
Be patient and it will be all over.
All over?
- When is that?|- Maybe a year...
Even 6 months...
Just do me a favor and|don't let Yu-Jin know this.
Hi. Baby.
Look at her,|she gets a ring from him
after knowing him for a week.
That's his thing.|He does that to every chick.
Let's get out here.
- l can't, l'm working.|- l said let's go.
lt's always about you isn't it?
Shut up bitch. Just do|as l say and stop asking questions.
Are you mad at me?
Yeah you bitch...
lf you stop saying that,|l'll be extra nice to you.
l'm just calling it as l see it.
So, is Eun-Jin a bitch too?
How dare you talk like that.|l'll kill you!
You fuckin'jerk!!|She and l are the same.
We're both women.|Where is it written that she's called 'Boss'
and l'm to be called 'Bitch'?
Where's Soo-ll?
- He's running late.|- He's a good man.
Be good to him.
l only want to live|with you and me, the baby.
Just the three of us.
Your baby deserves father.|Remember this.
When do you get off?
Why do you ask?
l'm gonna take you to a place where|they serve the best marinated crab.
l found a place that makes it like|the way they do back home...
- Wait here. l'll go get my stuff.|- Ok. Hurry up.
Hey punks,|you still hanging arund here?
Hey! Weren't you|a redhead before?
Fool... punk!|What's with you?
Come here, come on...
lt's a perfect day|for noodles and getting laid.
Honey!|Baby, what's wrong?
Call 119!|Someone call 119!
- Fuck. How embarassing!|- Stop talking!
Just before my old lady ran off,
she bought me the best crab dish.
Stop talking... stop.
Crab eggs are the best.|What do you say?
l always liked it mixed with rice...
Damn, l was gonna put this ring|in the rice and have you find it.
You're so fuckin' pretty today...
l know, so don't leave me.
You can cuss me out all you want...
Hello?|Sherry, so nice to hear from you?
Romeo...|Just a while ago...
What happened to Romeo?
S-stabbed...|Lowlife punks...
Nanman, it was that bastard...
Boil the potatoes first.
Wow, you're a pro.
First, you compliment me.
Clams, we need clams.
Oh yeah.
Let's just eat without it this time...
My wife's cooking for me.|l'll be right back.
Romeo's what?
What about our boys...
What the fuck you doing?
We're here to see Nanman.
Where'd you come from?
You little no dick jerk.|lt was you!
Shut up.
lt's good you're here.
We've wanted to meet you...
Boss, it's me.
lt might be prudent|to lay low for a while.
What the hell?|What is today?
l knew you were dirty|but l didn't think you'd go this low.
We must look like|a bunch of sissies
Please just don't kick me|in the stomach, l'm pregnant.
You turned me into a eunuch!
Stop it. l think this is|what you wanted.
Now that you got what you wanted.|Let my people go.
You're a smart man.|l can see why you'd want her.
Life wouldn't be the same|without her.
- Do not disturb the patient.|- ls she going to be all right?
She's just a lot of blood|because of the miscarriage.
Talk about keeping my hands clean.
My astrological all forces said
that there'll be fire works for me.
Gentlemen go ahead and grab your girls.
Everything's getting something.
Ooh... l'm not gonna get any|sleep light.
- Go out Namman!|- Boss!
l don't want to|waste money on you.
Good night. Goodbye.
Where's White Shark?
What the fuck?
Get out of here ladies.
You're White Shark?
You're not a human.
How could you do that to|a pregnant women?
Son of a bitch, he's ruined everything.
What should we do with him?
Dammmit stinks.
No, no, not the cigarette.
Sixty five men died in the fire.
He never liked violence|but the world wanted a hero.
Legends are hard to come by|in this day and age.
What is the difference between|a small punk and a real life gangster?
Umm, pro propane gas...
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