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Na Cha The Great

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While handing over his throne to Xia Yu...
Di Shun had few words of wisdom for him
Yao Di's full name is Fangxun Yiqi.
Na Cha...
The people are scared...
Na Cha, what are you up to?
I need to take a leak.
Yao Di is the son of Di Ku
When passing his throne to Xia Yu
Di Shun had few words for Yu.
Yao Di's whole name is Fangxun Yiqi.
Sit down.
Yao Di passed his throne to Di Shun.
Di Shun Passed his throne to Xia Yu.
When passing his throne to Xia Yu...
Di Shun had few words for Yu.
Na Cha, sit properly
and listen carefully to...
these core words of rule passing from...
Yao to Shun and continually to King T ang
Di Shun told Xia Yu
The people are scared and Taoism is weak
The only solution is concentration.
People's heart refers to one's desire.
Like you sitting here,
What you want is to have fun.
You've to restrain your desire...
and sit here properly.
Only then can you practice T aoism well.
Sit well...
Iike your brothers Jin Zha and Mu Zha.
T aoism can't develop in your restless heart
Had enough of this heart and T aoism!
I need to teach you a lesson.
You really make me angry.
Na Cha...
Excuse us, master. I'll take care of him
Knees down!
Why? I don't understand.
You disrespect your master.
It means you disrespect the heaven.
Kneel down now!
Then the master ought to do the same too.
It's said the heaven ordered Cang Xie...
to create letters on bamboo. The master
hit me with bamboo. He has no respect too.
Don't plead for this naughty kid.
He's so young and been down for a while
What good will he be without his lessons!
Pardon him this time
Hey kid
Na Cha.
Go on
How come?
Put it down...
Sir, what are you doing?
What are you fooling with?
Sir, don't be unreasonable...
My pears...!
Sir, you're really too much.
This is the only means of my livelihood
What's this all about?
What the hell!!
I make a living with this.
I'm so grateful to you both
Third Prince...
Use magic to enter the gate to save time
or the King Dragon will worry about us.
Nonsense! We're in the world of humans
T o act like normal human beings...
will be interesting
What have you got inside?
Open it up.
Look. This fish seems big
and why is it slippery and hard to hold!
Let me grab it for ya some...
What for?
What are you doing?
Fight! Don't always watch!
Do it. I'll help whoever loses.
Little lady, I'll hit him real hard.
Who asked you to hit him?
Not fair. You're armed, but he's not.
Screw you!
No way... hit harder!
He stands no match for him!
You're tall but useless.
Li Gen, take my turn.
Y es.
Come on
Something happened!
What is it?
Let me go. It's the demons!
Demons? Where are they?
He was right here!
Have you seen the demons?
The nation is peaceful.
The king is a strong leader.
How dare you fool the people? Catch him.
I just asked a question!
I didn't make up the news, but he did.
I didn't.
You're a liar.
You did say it.
Catch him.
Please don't. I didn't saying nothin'
He's making trouble. There's no demon
I must say, you did harm Chen San
Who's Chen San?
The one who just got caught.
I'm afraid his wife and little daughter...
have to become slaves of officials...
in order to escape death.
Is being an official that fierce?
Who's senior? That official or captain?
Don't say this or you'll be in trouble.
What trouble again?
Don't go. I've questions to ask you.
T alk to me.
Leave me alone
If the coral isn't good, I've got a pearl
I've lost her with you blocking the way
You should make it up for me.
How can they hit someone as they like?
It's lucky they're alive despite such torture!
Two of my sons died here!
Demons, fairies, soldiers... it's all the same!
Let's move on
I'll show you something else over there.
I suffered when entering the gate...
and suffered again while leaving it.
No matter how hard you work,
it's these guys who have the last laugh!
When I entered the gate this morning,
I helped one of the officials...
to catch fish from a basket.
Why are they so polite to them?
I'm afraid they're the sons of officials.
You're wrong this time.
So what if they're officials' sons?
My father is an official too
T o tell you the truth...
My dad is the captain of Chentang Gate.
Rascal, where've you been?
I just went out for a walk.
Brother is still naive. Please forgive him.
I intended to go out for fun,
but I learnt many things this time.
If I got stuck there, I'd learn nothing!
Father, I've something to ask you.
Follow me inside.
Kneel down.
I've something to say.
Kneel down first
Say it. What do you want to say?
Do the fairies, demons and officials...
specialize in terrorizing people?
Answer me.
Father, please don't be angry.
You're full of nonsense. You'll make...
big trouble if I don't look after you.
I just seek an answer
Have more people keep an eye on him
Kids are naughty...
Master T aiyi from Mount Qianyuan
Fairies from heaven, officials on earth;
they're all the same!
Shao Tsou was ruthless.
But there will be a good leader.
You're a fairy.
Why don't you save the suffering people?
Na Cha, you saw the people suffering.
Why did you just watch?!
I was alone.
I couldn't cope with the soldiers.
Want me to teach you some skills?
Master, please...
3rd Prince...
You are a horny fellow, eh!
There're pretty women in Dragon Palace,
but those on earth are different.
These two are nothing special.
Yeah. I saw one that day...
Lost her later in the woods.
Haven't laid eyes on her again!
Say, you're good at magic and stuff
It'd be easy to find out where she is.
What do you know!
T o act as a human is fun.
You stinking kid, what are you doing?
I smell, so I'm having a bath.
Get out of the water or you're dead.
Is the river yours?
Wherever there's water it's mine!
There's some water in my belly.
Is it yours too?
Stop it. Stop fighting.
I've told you not to fool around.
Who the hell is this?
You're a hunk. Why're you so weak in fighting?
I did tell you not to fool around.
3rd Prince, how are you?
There's been a murder!
Someone will pay for it.
These people don't want to live anymore.
He killed someone.
He died for nothing.
I sentence you to lifetime slavery
Who'd dare to kill...
the lmperial official of Heaven Palace?
Who dared to kill...
the lmperial official of Heaven Palace?
Whoever comes from Heaven Palace,
is an unreasonable bully.
Even harder to mention things on earth.
You cheated us. Where did you go?
If master knows, he'll hit you hard.
I fooled around and made some trouble.
Little Master, What trouble did you make?
I killed an official from Heaven Palace
Sea Patrol Yecha.
Want to tell my dad, right?
Of course. I've to.
My dad asked you to look after me.
You didn't do a good job. If he knows,
you'll be hit 300 times with a stick.
T ough for you to avoid it
It's not enough if your lips are sealed
You'll have to beg me not to say a word.
Little master, please don't...
Only on one condition!
Don't follow me if I tell you to.
I wish to have fun on my own.
Never follow me.
I'll come home when I'm satisfied
Just take it as nothing. Understand?
No? Okay.
Or I'll tell my Dad what happened today.
About this incident you cannot say.
If master knows, we'll be in trouble.
I beg of you. Please...
You couldn't say it. Never...
I beg of you. Please...
No matter what, you mustn't say it.
Never, okay?
It's a deal. No regrets
Father, Y echa Li Gen was killed,
but the killer hasn't been found.
Then go and find it out.
Anything else?
I think someone who could kill Yecha...
cannot be a commoner
If he's found,
please tell me how I should handle it.
Hit to death. No matter who he may be
3rd Prince, the killer has already left!
Where should we start?
What's the problem?
Little master has behaved well
We never left him. Don't worry, master.
I ask you not to follow me.
We've been feeling scared for 3 days.
Please do us a favour.
No. Don't pretend you're pitiful.
You're usually fierce to people.
I know you
I lost a fight with someone once
What are you playing so happily about?
Don't go. Play with us.
I'd rather it'd be just us both
But I see you guys.
What? You...
If you don't go, I'll make you a slave.
What? What's this?
I think it's no loner fun.
How can you hit people as you like?
Stay away.
They want no disturbance.
How can you hit anyone as you like?
I'll kill you.
Go, quickly.
Okay. Don't bully people anymore.
I've taken out a tendon of the...
devil dragon as my father's belt.
T ell Li that Aoguang of East Sea is here
Master, Aoguang of East Sea is here.
Your good son...
What do you mean?
Your son killed Yecha Li Gen,
then killed my third son.
He has got to make it up for them...
or the mainland will be flooded with...
the water of East Sea because of you.
Please release your hand.
Why do you say this?
Of my 3 sons, the first 2 are always good.
The youngest... is still small.
That's him. Ask him to come here.
Ask Na Cha to come here.
Please don't be angry. If this is for true,
I won't spare this naughty son.
My son is the Rain God.
He's killed by your son's evil magic.
If the Heaven Emperor knows it, you all will be dead
Why didn't he come here?
Dad, I killed a devil dragon today,
taken his tendon as a belt...
for your war-robe.
What else do you want to say?
This devil dragon took women forcefully
and wanted to kill me alive.
I just fought back and he couldn't stand
I couldn't help it, could l?
You...took his tendon out?
It's here. I don't give it a damn!
Just give it back to him.
Li Jing, turn over your naughty son to me,
or I'll report to Heaven Emperor.
Na Cha
I bore you for 3 years and 6 months,
and then gave birth to you. Never thought,
you would be the source of disaster for us.
What do you want?
You've to die to pay off my son's life
or your entire family will be dead
and I'll flood the land of Gate Chentang
...with the water of East Sea.
No one there can survive!
I'll pay for what I did.
I won't get my family...
and the common people involved.
I'll pay with my life for killing your son.
Na child...
Master, you can't watch our son...
This naughty son...better off be dead!
My son is the Rain God.
He's killed by a human being.
It's a disgrace for the Dragon Palace
You not only killed him,
but also took out his tendon.
A quick death would be too nice for ya
I don't fear death
Neither do I care how I'm killed.
Let's gather people at the seaside.
I'll cut my belly open, scrape my meat
for my mother and bones for father.
I won't do harm to my parents and people
What do you think?
Okay. If you don't come tomorrow,
don't blame that I'm ruthless.
Little master...
new clothes made by madam for tomorrow.
Fellow citizens of Chentang Gate,
For justice, l, Na Cha killed...
the 3rd son of King Dragon.
Aoguang threatened to report to Heaven
Emperor, to kill my entire family,...
and to flood the land of Chentang.
So I've made a deal with him.
I'll cut my belly open here today.
My life for his son's! T o scrape...
my meat for mother and bones for my father
I'm no longer the member of Li family.
Aoguang, you've to keep your promise...
not to harm my families,
and the people of Chentang Gate.
Na Cha...
Aoguang, what do you say?
I won't cause trouble to others.
Okay. It's a deal.
I may leave peacefully.
If Na Cha dies like this,
what's the justice?
Do you think you died with injustice?
I was harmed by Aoguang to cut myself...
for the people of Chentang Gate...
and scrape to break away from my family
I died too miserably.
T ongzi, to pick lotus from Wulian Pond
T aiyi, you want to...
resurrect Na Cha's spirit with lotus.
Careful! You're acting vs. the heaven
Na Cha, your spirit is still weak.
Rest yourself at the inner cave.
I'll teach you T ao craft 49 days later.
Yang Gen, this statue you made...
Iooks like that of Na Cha.
This statue is Mr. Na Cha.
He killed Prince Dragon to save us
and was forced to cut his belly open.
He's the savior of Sujuan and l
I made this statue, so I can worship him.
Mr. Na Cha, I'd never forget your favour.
Would never forget you at the seaside...
cutting your belly open.
He couldn't bear the suffering of...
the citizens and sacrificed himself!
So we should give him a bow.
How dare you block my lord's way?
We're worshiping the savior...
and don't know the lord is here.
Y es
Who's he?
He's the 3rd son of Captain Li.
Our savior.
He got rid of the fierce Prince Dragon...
for the people of Chentang Gate.
Poor Mr. Na Cha was...
forced to kill himself by King Dragon
Captain Li carried him to the river.
Nonsense! This is the Captain here.
Bastard, you made serious trouble...
and almost harmed the whole family.
Couldn't be good even when you're dead
How dare you be worshipped by the people!
Mr. Captain...
Na Cha killed himself because...
he didn't intend harm for his families.
How can you be so ruthless?
No more nonsense.
Forget it.
Don't argue with ignorant people like her
Get away...
Brother, you're really something!
What's father doing?
Playing chess with uncle Randang.
20 days already...still the same game.
I've something to say...
No. Master doesn't allow you to leave.
Please...I'll be right back.
Master is still at his game.
No one'd know if you keep mum
Oh boy, you sure are asking for trouble!
You don't know the wrong I suffered.
I must stop King Dragon harming people.
Please do me a favour.
Master already knows of this.
He said if you leave and anything...
goes wrong, he won't save you again.
So what? The worst is to die again.
You don't understand.
There is too much injustice in the world
I pretend seeing nothing if you insist.
What's wrong?
Na Cha is riding the Wind Fire Wheel,
holding the Fire Spade, storming the sea
Most of our sea soldiers are finished.
It's raining blood! How's Aoguang?
How's this possible?
Help me down. I'll take on Li Jing.
Don't take away from me.
Open up...
Look what's inside?
Put it down.
I'm conducting a deal
What's this?
Look what's crawling?
What are you laughing at? No laughing.
What a shit!
You come over here.
Hand in half the goods when entering.
Got it. 2 of the 4 melons belong to you
You disrespect officials. I'll take all.
Come over quick.
Come out.
A snake...there's a snake!
Savior, you make miracles.
Sujuan, don't be scared.
Savior was nice to us.
He won't harm us even when he's a ghost
If someone wasn't nice to me before,
will they feel scared now?
Of course.
Don't go. They're looking for you.
I died once. What should I fear of?
Catch him.
Seize and hit him
I wonder how the soldiers would be like...
realizing they're hitting their captain.
Relax, the official will take care of it
If I don't kill Na Cha,
I will feel restless.
If we lead Na Cha to the sea bottom,
we can trap him with a net.
He's no fool. Will he come?
Lord, 3rd Prince mentioned...
Na Cha had saved a couple.
The man is called Y ang Gen. If we...
Who are you?
Want to die?
Go on, hurry up
T o goof off? Want to die...
Hit them hard.
Listen to me.
King Tsou is ruthless now.
The people in mainland are suffering.
Qi Zhou carries out a kind policy.
Leave at once and go to Qi Zhou.
Don't get caught and become enslaved
Thanks, lord...
Di Shun gave his throne to Xia Yu...
A Ghost...
The King must be mistaken.
Na Cha killed himself in front of you.
Could he be reborn from resurrection?
It's him definitely.
Well, even if he's re-born,
he has nothing to do with me.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong person.
Li Jing, how convenient!
I think Na Cha will come to see you.
You may tell him
A woodcutter and a village woman...
have been retained at my palace.
If he's got to fight for justice,
ask him to come to me.
That's got nothing to do with me too
Lord, there's a ghost...
Lord, there've been reports...
Na Cha performed magic, busted the gate,
and freed thousands of slaves.
I'm going to catch this scoundrel
Be careful...
People of Chentang Gate took my advice.
They're heading for Qi Zhou.
You take the same road. You'll catch up.
Aoguang, see how you can make trouble?
Inside my Magic Ring,
you'll be burnt to ashes quickly.
Look at your evil daring!
Show me 3 pieces of his scales.
I'm generous,
but you can even spare me a few scales?
Captain, where are you going?
Kneel at least when you see your father.
I've scraped myself to settle the debts
I've nothing to do with you.
My master transformed me from a lotus.
Why should I kneel down to you for?
Arrest him.
You two thieves...
always bullying the people around
I'll teach you a lesson today.
I know you lead the troop for the slaves
But I'm here. Don't even think about it!
I think you'd better resign and,
follow the people to Qi Zhou.
It's better than helping the cruel Tsou
How can you forget I'm your father?
When you broke my statue made by...
the people, didn't you consider I'm your son!
Li, the tower can stop me for one time.
Unless uncle Randang always be with you!
I may pass this tower to you,
hold this tower and never put it down.
You can never comfort people with it.
But Na Cha is still young.
There must be something to stop him.
It's hard to determine who's right...
and wrong between both of you.
All I can do is leave you this tower.
It really depends on you two...
to become reconciled.
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