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Subtitles for Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.

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Na Tum Jaano Na Hum

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When we come into this world...
God shows us everyone around us.
"Grandpa, Mummy, Papa..."
"aunt Maya, uncles and aunts..."
the tiny kids...
and my best friend Rhea
But there is that one face that He does not show us.
I wonder why
That one face He hides from us
The face we come to fall in love with
"Daughters are treated like Queens by their fathers"
"Theirs is a story so loveable and beautiful"
"They're delicate little dolls..."
"and there's no saying who will take them away"
"Daughters are treated like Queens by their fathers"
"Theirs is a story so loveable and beautiful"
"When I left my house and came here for the first time, I had wept."
And now that it is time to return home...
tears flow from my eyes again
"Daughters are treated like Queens by their mothers"
"Theirs is a story so loveable and beautiful"
"God is their protector..."
"they spend a childhood in innocence..."
"they're innocent even in adolescence"
"Daughters are treated like Queens by their mothers"
"Theirs is a story so very loveable"
"They rule every heart. They're treated like queens"
"They're birds who will one day fly away"
"Let no one leave their hand, let no one hurt them..."
"they're blessings from God"
"Daughters are treated like Queens by their fathers"
"Theirs is a story so loveable"
"I have everything, but I don't know who will come into my life..."
and belong to me
"Dear God, to begin with, I'm sorry..."
"for not writing to you in all these days"
"I missed my family very much while I was in the hostel"
"I'm sure You looked after everyone while I was away"
"In fact, I think You have paid more attention to grandpa"
"He has put on weight, hasn't he?"
"With lots of love - Esha"
To Him... like this.
"If you don't pray to God, how will He protect you?"
You can protect me. That's the duty God has assigned to you.
Didn't He tell you...? - Esha!
"Grandpa, I don't even know if God actually exists."
You are the one I see all the time. So whenever I have a problem...
won't I come to you? - Trust in God and you will know...
that He's always with you. - But I haven't even seen Him.
So how can I have trust in Him? - Trust doesn't flow...
"out of what you just see, Esha. It comes from the heart, from belief'
Close your eyes and pray to Him...
and you will yourself believe
Karan is the most handsome guy in the world!
"Karan, have uncle and aunt employed a new chauffeur?"
"Esha, Priya's in love again. - How will she know what love is?"
Oh yes. Esha won't even talk to boys.
And that's because she can talk only to Tutu
"To fall in love, you must first like the boy..."
"followed by endless chats, friendship and..."
And? - And love happens on its own
"You belong to me"
"I realise today how everything changes on someone's arrival"
"When I'm asleep or awake, there's someone with me all the time"
I felt lonely in a crowd earlier...
"and although I'm all alone now, I feel someone's presence with me"
Do you feel that too? I belong to you.
Who is it? When did you meet him?
This is Bingo and you're listening to your favourite show...
"falling in love while listening"
"If there is something you want to convey to someone, do it through us..."
with all your heart and love...
and we will carry your message to the one you love
"Who knows...? You might fall in love, while you listen!"
Who am I talking to?
I can't talk to a crowd
Can you play any song for me?
Of course! I can even sing for you.
"Is this what love is? - Sure, if you keep calling in"
You haven't told me your boyfriend's name
The one you want to play a song for. - I don't have a boyfriend
But there is someone I want to play this song for
He's the one I think about some times
The thought of it brings a smile to my lips
"Whose voice I know, deep down in my heart"
I wait for the one...
"who's in love with love. - What's gotten into you, Esha?"
Since when have you been thinking about these matters of the heart?
"Don't give me those looks, Rhea. I haven't written this"
I found it in a book in the college
I didn't even know who had written it
But it felt as if it was meant for me
"And when I heard his voice, I was convinced..."
I want to say something to the girl who called from Simla Boarding College
Simla? There was no call from Simla. - It's the one who requested...
"my favourite number, "Is this love?"
Not yet... but if she's listening to this programme...
she'll surely be. - I don't know who you are
But I have a feeling that maybe you are the one I wrote that for
"The one I wait for. The one who's in love with love, like me."
I don't even know if you're listening to this...
"but Bingu, I really wish I could get to meet her"
"I think it's possible. In fact, I can do something about it"
I want the two of you to come to my studio at 6 pm on November 12
Let's hope she's listening to this programme
"I knew it! She had to fall in love, even while she listened!"
On November 12 at 6 pm
"Bingo, there's someone here to see you"
Is she...?
She's been waiting for you since last evening
She hasn't come personally. She has sent this note for you
A note? - Yes
Did he show up? - He did
And maybe you want to know what he looks like
6 feet in height and... - Bingo...
I don't want to know anything about him
You ought to have met him
I'll surely meet him some day
"When I heard your voice on radio, I badly wanted to meet you"
"But then I thought, it wasn't right. I study in Simla..."
in perhaps the same college that you have you studied in
"My house is in DehraDun. I'm away from home, no doubt..."
but I carry the faith of my folks with me
I can't tell you anything about myself right now. Not even my name
"And I won't ask you your name either, or where your house is..."
or what you do for a living. But I sure want to be friends with you
The day I am confident that I can introduce you to my folks...
I will tell you everything about myself
"Till then, we'll write to each other"
You might probably not even want to write to me...
"for all the conditions I impose. However, if you wish..."
you can write to me at PO Box 235
I want a post-box.
Fill up this form and pay a deposit
"Sir, why do they go in for a post-box?"
A post-box is meant for those who don't want to reveal their name and address
"With every post-box, we give them a number and a key"
This number becomes their address. - And the key?
The one who receives mail can open the box and take it away
"Four years ago, when I jotted something on a book in the college..."
I didn't even imagine someone would find it
"Least of all, someone who thought so much like me"
I have faith...
that God has decided something for each one of us
"He knows when, where and how we will meet someone"
"Maybe He has decided something for the two of us, too"
Let's see how He brings us together
There are things we must leave to Him
If this letter brings a smile to your lips...
we are friends already. You don't want to know anything about me...
but there is something I want to tell you
I'm a dreamer
And maybe I have already met you
Why didn't you tell him your name?
"I can't break grandpa's trust for the sake of my love, Rhea"
Our relationship needs some more time
Until I to trust him enough to introduce him to Grandpa...
I will not meet him too
"But he can meet you, can't he? He has your address"
No. Every student at the college has a separate post-box number
What will I do over here?
We'll go to the post office tomorrow and hire a post-box
"Two, not one. I think I must start writing to Karan too"
"Esha, don't you want to know what he looks like?"
I know how he looks... want to see his photo?
"I felt as if I had met him"
"I felt as if I had lost my heart"
"Who is he...?"
"Tell us"
"How and where did it all happen?"
"Your sleep..."
"he has vanished with"
"he has given me"
"It shouldn't have happened. But it's true"
"Days have shortened... my nights are longer"
"Who is he...?"
"Tell us"
"I felt as if I had met him"
"I felt as if I had lost my heart"
"Who is he...?"
"Tell us"
"How and where did it all happen?"
"What happens now...?"
"It has already happened"
"Your heart..."
"I have already lost"
"He's mad. He has driven me crazy too"
"I've survived, but he has left me wounded in the heart"
"Who is he...?"
"Tell us"
"How and when did it all happen?"
"I felt as if I had met him"
"I felt as if I had lost my heart"
"Who is he...?"
"Tell us"
"How and where did it all happen?"
Close your eyes. - What for?
No... I'm Akshay
No! Monty!
Who's that? - My boyfriend
Stop him someone!
"Madam, how will he shoot? Your kid won't stop hollering"
"That's how my kid is, lady"
He has done 50 ads already
For sweets and vegetable dishes
I don't know what's gotten into him over here
Know what? He's Sunny Deol! He'll grow up to be Dharmendra!
"Shut up now, or I'll give you a slap when we get home!"
You're embarrassing me! - What happened
This child won't stop crying
He's laughing already!
Are you married? - No
"Hold the kid, girl... what are you doing?"
"Rahul, you're so handsome! Know what...?"
"The sight of my husband's face, scares him."
But he was happy to see your eyes. You have lovely cheeks...
and a great smile. I wish you had married me!
Will you marry me?
At least give me a kiss!
"Save me, please... - One moment. I get it"
Who was it this time? - It's Monty
Congratulations! You now have boys chasing you too!
He has boys chasing him? What a loose-character!
What have you done now? - I've done nothing
How was I to know that there was a boyfriend?
Monty's boyfriend? - Not Monty's! Tina's!
"Had those hands got to me, I wouldn't have a bone in order"
Tina's...? - Monty's!
"I wish, I had not kissed her on the very first date"
Kissed Monty? - No! Tina!
Who'd want to kiss Monty!
"She has lips like grapes, raisins for eyes..."
and pomegranate seeds for teeth and cheeks like apples from Kashmir!
Is that a girl or a fruit-salad?
"Watch it, just watch it"
I am a-kela (alone and a banana)
Just save me! - From whom?
From Monty
"The bloody ape! Ass, elephant, a two-legged rhinoceros!"
He wants to marry Tina! The Moron!
"I hope Monty's deaf, too. - He's actually Monty Mehra"
Mehra? You're getting beaten up then. - Why?
You're going to get a thrashing. - But why?
One minute...
"break his bones, if you must. But not things around"
What's up with you? We've only been talking... I swear
"Misuse your eyes, and this is what will happen"
"Mustn't I return the look, if someone looks at me lovingly?"
"Sure, go ahead. But how often?"
And this isn't love that happens all the time
You talk as if you've fallen in love many times
Have you made a single girlfriend? - A single...? Great!
Idiot! A single girlfriend is all you need
A single girlfriend...?
What if she takes ill?
Which means there is no girl you can ever fall in love with
That's the one I'm looking for. - You won't need to look
"When you see her, you'll know that for sure"
Maybe I will. But how about you?
I always meant to ask you. You meet so many girls...
"but who's"she"going to be?"
She's going to be someone with child-like innocence...
but have the maturity of an adult too
She's going to be so beautiful...
that I'll want to keep looking at her
Her smile will bring a smile on every lip
Whose eyes...
won't ever make her want to lie
That's how she will be
"I'm a crazy Jat..."
"I couldn't see the obvious..."
"that she's in love with me"
"that she could die for me"
"I was trying to tell you that there was a letter for you..."
but you just wouldn't understand. - My letter!
Let's decide on a signal first. - A signal?
Yes. This is what I'll do when there's a letter for you
"There are times when you don't need music to listen to a tune"
"There is no need for rains for a flower to blossom"
"To listen to what the heart says, you don't need words"
Tell me... what is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour? Blue.
That's mine too.
What is it that brings a smile to your face?
Rains. And hot jalebis.
I love the rains.
And...? - And...
I love the laughter of children
When do I get the feeling that your laughter is like that of a child?
I don't know. Maybe it is
And what do you like? - Me?
I like you
Tomorrow's my birthday
So send me a birthday present
I wish I'd find you when I open the envelope for your letter
"I can't come personally, so I'm sending Tutu to you"
He has been with me with ever since I was a child...
and he'll now remain with you forever
"It's amazing, we're alike in everything"
But there's something else too...
which both of us have. - What?
Who marries so early?
"I lead a free life. I come home, have fun, chill out..."
"If I were married, the moment the door opened, my wife would say..."
Akshay! You're so late!
I hope this is my house!
"Akshay, you didn't tell me you have approved of a girl?"
"Rahul, you didn't tell me either. The two of you are as thick as thieves"
How was I to know that you're in such a tearing hurry to get married?
When did I know that either? - My child...
won't you introduce Akshay to your Mummy and Papa?
"Mama, Papa, this is Akshay"
"Hello, son"
"This is Rahul, Akshay's friend. But he's like my son too"
Rahul and Akshay have been together since they were kids
Even brothers fight. But between the two of them... never
Here's your opportunity. Tell them that I'm a terrible guy
We've heard Tanya telling us so much about you
Akshay is all praise for you too
But this is the first time we're meeting Akshay
"Really? But you don't know, uncle. Akshay always wanted to meet you"
But he's one of those shy-types... so he didn't come to you
"I'm glad you came here. Had he asked for more today, maybe he'd have got it"
You can't even imagine how happy I am
Look at them. They look so good together... Akshay and Tanya
"What's happening here, Tanya? - We're getting married"
You told me that we would be getting married soon
"Sure, but I didn't mean to say it'd happen in a day or two"
But what's the problem?
Will you be able to bear the shock? So listen!
My mother is the typical mother-in-law
She's giving a smile right now. But deep down in her heart...
she must be planning to torture you
As for my dad...
I don't even know what a father's love means
Money means everything to him
"He wants a Ferari in dowry, a flat in London..."
and lots of cash!
But you need not worry
"The day I get to stand on my own two feet, we'll get married"
lt'll be only you and me... at my beach-house
"But right now, we must stay away from each other"
"You understand, don't you?"
"Let's go. - What happened, my child?"
"Aunty, I do want to be your daughter-in-law..."
but I can't marry your son. Because he's a liar
"Akshay, you should have tried telling me the truth"
I fell in love with you without any conditions
But you won't understand that because you have never been in love
A girl like Tanya can't...
"Don't worry, Ma. Everything will be all right"
What will be all right?
He's not going to marry a girl of our choice
"As for deciding it on his own, this is an everyday affair..."
"Listen to me, Ma. I'll find a girl for Akshay"
Just the kind of girl all of us want. And Akshay will marry her too
"And know what? She'll be such a chatter-box..."
she's going to come out of your ears! She'll make you laugh so much...
the laughter will resonate in the household
"She'll feed you so much, you'll put on more weight!"
And know what? You'll love her a lot too
But you must promise me something. When she arrives...
"I won't get lesser love, will I?"
"This year, we've got to find a photographer..."
for our departmental store's fashion magazine
"But we've got to be very careful with it, because..."
this magazine will carry only bridal pictures
Do you like any of them? - I like this one very much
Why? - In this photograph...
the bride's apprehensions and happiness are very effectively captured
"I think whoever the photographer is, he knows a girl's mind very well"
"Wow, my child! You've looked at something all of us missed out"
"The responsibility of this fashion magazine, I entrust to you"
"Grandpa, why don't we do a music video?"
Everybody watches tv nowadays. It'll be good for our store too
That's a good idea. But who will do it?
"Anna! Remember, she did our fashion show last year?"
She must surely know someone in Mumbai who can do a music video
I'll telephone her right now! - Make a call to the photographer too
Can I speak to Mr Rahul Sharma? - This is Rahul here
I'm Esha Malhotra
We come out with a fashion magazine for our departmental store every year
We want you to come over this year and take photographs for the magazine
Interesting. What's the theme?
Have you chosen the models? - No
But we're holding an audition here. You can come over and select them
And where are we shooting it? - In DehraDun
DehraDun? - I know it's far away from your city
But it's only for a few days
"I'm sorry, I won't be able to come. - Why not?"
I forget all about a promise I made to someone
"Honestly, I can't come even if I want to"
They loved your idea of a music video.
"Have you spoken to the photographer? - I have, grandpa. But I think..."
This is Rahul here. Rahul Sharma
I've called to tell you that I can come over
When are you coming? - I'll fax all the details to you
But there's a problem. - What?
Call me just Rahul
It was great fun!
I've personally painted it
Is this a guest-house?
This is the rehearsal hall
I've called a lot of models for the fashion magazine's audition
I called so many times...
"Go upstairs, Rahul. It's on the first floor..."
"No, the second door... and Esha's waiting for you"
I'm terribly angry with you. - I'm angry too!
I called so many times. And where were you?
He sure has ruined the mood!
You're here for the audition? Do you have your photographs?
"No photographs, but I do have a camera"
"I'm sorry, I didn't recognise you"
This is the first time we've met. How could you recognise me?
I thought you were a model
Look at my face again... do I look like a model?
Is this how they celebrate birthdays here?
When is yours?
"Rahul, this is Esha's Papa"
"This is Esha's brother, Tinga"
Here's the uncle and aunt...
"and they're Esha's cousins, Teeny and Binny"
"This is Esha's aunt, Maya. - Greetings"
And this is Rahul
And that's... - Esha's Mummy
"Mummy, this is Rahul"
"Rahul, have lunch and dinner with us from today"
"Take a family photograph for us, please"
"Grandpa, we don't have a single photograph of the whole family"
Just one thing missing
Come on!
"Where's the letter, Priya? - No letter"
But you signalled to say that there was a letter for me
That's because I saw Rahul
"Seriously, there's no letter"
There's something else this time
Ask him not to send such bulky things. - What is it? Tell me!
"Esha, Rahul is leaving"
"Writing to you today, I feel as if..."
"I can feel your face with my hand"
"You are very close to me. So close..."
"that you melt in my arms when I stretch them out for you"
"All this can come true. I'm sending something for you"
"Whenever you are reminded of me, it'll draw you close to me"
"Why did you call out to me, from the depths of your heart?"
"God! What have you done?"
"Why have I called out to you, from the depths of my heart?"
"God... what have I done?"
"Rahul, your call to Mumbai has gone through"
I went to the post-office. - Any letters for me?
"Yes, sir. There was a letter for you in your post-box"
Send it to me at this address here
This is for you. We have a reunion party at our college
There will be music and a lot of interesting people
"The dress code is blue... you will come, won't you?"
I was in another class. I wouldn't know anyone here
You know me. You know Esha too. And Esha's coming with us
"There's a party in my college. Please don't refuse, Esha!"
I gave these girls one last opportunity to talk to me today
They took notes from us at school. And they won't even recognise us now!
They ought to be taught a lesson. - How?
This is how. - Booze!
Not booze.
"This is Rahul, my best friend"
"Meet Rahul, my childhood friend. - I've never seen you earlier"
Actually we've met today after our childhood
This is Rahul. - We're childhood friends
"You aren't getting bored, are you?"
What's gotten into Esha?
"She's drunk! Do something, Rahul"
What can I do? - If grandpa gets to know...
"how Esha behaved at the party, all hell will break loose"
Go and do something
Wait... where are you going? - To stop her of course
"No, that won't help. - Meaning?"
Esha's a very stubborn girl. She won't listen to anyone
"If you stop her in that state, there's no saying what she'll do"
So then?
So early in the day today?
Rhea told me about last night
It doesn't appear likely that you'd be fond of such things
Such as?
I didn't know that drink was laced with something
It was the first time I had a drink like that
Oh really? - Really
"After the drink, you danced very well"
I know what happened last night wasn't right
You do realise your mistake...
It wasn't my mistake. - Whose mistake is it then?
It's the guy who laced my drink with something
"Esha, you mustn't accept a drink from a boy you don't know"
Please! Stop lecturing me now!
Rhea was right. - What?
You're a stubborn girl. Very stubborn
Is that what she said about me? I'll set her right!
She was right too. - Not at all!
"Rahul, you won't tell grandpa, will you?"
"Okay, I won't tell him"
But I have a condition. - What?
"We were looking for a bride all these days, and here she was"
I did that only to stop you from telling grandpa anything
I wouldn't have told grandpa anything even if you hadn't done this for me
"Because your friends' secrets, are not to be told to anyone"
Are you my friend then? - Are you feeling sorry then?
Is everything all right? - Today's a full-moon night
"Rahul, I forgot. We're leaving for Mussourie at 6 tomorrow morning"
"Yes, Anna has organised everything to shoot the music video there"
What's up? - Nothing's right
I quit
Hero and heroine. They're missing. - The heroine has made it on tv
"Landed a double role, playing daughter-in-law and mother-in-law"
And hero? - Gone too. And now me too
"Anna, do something! - Do what? Every other model is booked"
But we're still shooting. - How?
Just found myself my hero-heroine. - Really? Who?
"Madam, don't do an Adam! You're replacing the heroine, not the hero"
Madam! It's a dance! Romance
Not action
What's going on? How can anyone shoot like this?
I quit
In tears?
Crying? Over a dance? - Not about the dance
Then...? - My feet
Everyone was laughing about my feet. - Feet...?
You don't know! I know! I got clod feet
Everyone laughed about my feet. And you too
I don't think anyone even noticed your feet
"Not clod, just a bit different. - I'm so full of defects"
Everyone has defects. - And I got one too many
I got a lot of defects too
Isn't your nose a bit too long?
And your ears. Just like a monkey
And your haircut. Oh-so-common. - One minute. Everyone says...
this haircut looks perfect on me. - They say it to please you
"Take your lips. - One minute. Long nose, monkey-ears"
"Haircut, oh-so-common. And my lips aren't nice either?"
Your chin is crooked too. - Crooked chin?
Your eyes... - Squint? Or cross? Or toady?
Your eyes...
are so nice
Just like you
"I come to you..."
"holding my heart"
"Come on, if you want to come"
"I want to"
"There's no going back for me"
"No? But keeping this promise is going to be tough"
"Think it over, my friend"
"If the going is like this, I'm going to end up crazy"
"Let's lose ourselves in each other no one will ever find us"
"I've said what I wanted to say"
"I've heard what I wanted to hear"
"Come on, if you're coming"
"I'm coming"
"No going back for me"
"Keeping this promise is going to be tough"
"Think it over, my friend"
"Touch my veil"
"Become my lover"
"Sit before me"
"Let me hold you in my heart"
"I've had all I wanted"
"I've lived and I've died"
"The day Esha won her first trophy, I was glad"
"The day Esha topped her school, I was glad"
"But today, I haven't words enough to describe my joys"
"Esha, ever since you were a child, you gave me much to be happy about"
"One after another, you always gave me something to smile about"
Found this letter for you at the post office
"Why do I feel you're always close to me? Is it because I'm in town?"
"I'm not going to try looking you up"
"But if you feel like seeing me, just look over your shoulder"
"You'll find me right ahead"
What happened?
Grandpa wants to see you
There was girl and her parents doted on her
Her laughter and the chime of her anklets filled their house
"Then one day, she got married and she had to leave with her husband"
She had tears in her eyes when she asked her father...
why she was being sent away. Didn't her father love her anymore?
"Her father choked on his tears when he said, not today, he'd reply later"
"Years later, there she was, happy at her home"
"And her father arrives and he says, how much he misses her"
"He pleaded, come home with me. And his daughter said..."
how can I leave my home? Won't my husband miss me?
And who will take care of my home?
"Here father laughs and says, there, you got your answer"
"That was just as well, because I would've missed her sorely"
"Yes, your grandmother"
"Some day, every girl must cross that threshold, she must leave..."
to make for herself a beautiful world...
among those to whom she belongs...
ones who will miss her
"Esha, I've found a boy for you. He's known to us"
Aunt Maya's friend's son. Very nice family
"And best of all, in their family..."
you will be more a daughter than a daughter-in-law
That's how dearly they will love you
"I hope you didn't tell him anything? - No, but I think I must"
Not a word to Grandpa! - I must! He's considering marriage
Then say that you aren't marrying some stranger
Aunt Maya's friend's son! - But you never met him
"Aunt Maya has, and she approves! - Who's marrying? You or Aunt Maya?"
"Rhea, I don't want to marry. I can't even think of anyone else"
He's the only one I'm in love with. And I'm telling Grandpa
Tell him what? About post box 143? - Then what am I to do?
"Enlist Rahul's help. He's from Bombay. He could find out something, at least"
"Once Rahul has found out about him, you can tell Grandpa everything"
But can I trust Rahul so much? - You trust someone you've never seen
"And after all these years, are you suspicious of Rahul?"
Answering machine speaking. Drop your message after the beep
"Ma said, you approve of my match with Esha. But do I approve of her?"
"Yes, I sent you over to look up Esha"
And I even said I'd marry her if you happen to approve of her
The thought of marriage is driving me nuts
"For a lifetime, can I possibly be in love with this one girl?"
"Anyway, if you say Esha is the one..."
"Hey, call me up"
You came to find out...
how much Esha Malhotra scores on the eligibility grades?
"You were marking me all this time, sizing me up for your friend?"
So you approve? Is that why you wanted to strike up a friendship with me?
I can't make you out anymore. Are you what you came across as?
"Or are you what I see now? But at least I know, you're no friend"
How can I marry your friend? - She is Maya's niece
"Whatever she is, I can't marry her. - Will we ever find such a nice girl?"
She must be nice
Then get to know her
She's Esha
Innocent and lovable
"Smile's cute too. Also, nice voice"
Made it all out from the photo?
Even heard her voice? Strange! - Talked to her over the phone
Wants a photographer for her fashion magazine
You like her?
"In my place, what'd you do? - Say yes, what else?"
"Now you're in my place. Ma, Rahul approves of her"
Get him married. Fast
I got to know her
"Maybe take a holiday with her, some sunsets, sunrises together"
"Until then, how will I know whether I want to marry her?"
A little carelessness can wreck a wonderful friendship
They won't approve of a courtship. - The let Rahul look her up
Why me? - If Rahul approves of her...
I'm willing to marry. - Why me? I'm going nowhere
You're the one who's invited
"Look Rahul, I don't even know what kind of girl I want"
"As for you, you always know exactly what's right"
You know me through and through. So why don't you decide?
Is she the one I'll fall in love with?
"If I approve, you will agree? - Yes"
You aren't lying? - I only lie to girls
"Akshay, this is no joke. - I know. That's why"
Hi! I'm Rahul. Rahul Sharma
"I called to say, I'm available"
How long have you known him? - Quite long
And you're telling me now? - I wanted to get to know him
So you've gotten to know him? - Yes
How many times have you met? - Not once
What does he do? - I don't know
Where does he live? - I don't know
His name? A family? - I don't know
Then what do you know about him?
That I can trust him. - Someone you've never even met?
"A trust is given, not seen. It comes from the heart"
I just got to shut my eyes and think about him and I believe him
"Please meet him, for once Grandpa"
"Dearest, I don't think we'll have to write letters any longer"
"I want to see you. I told my grandfather all about you"
"He wants to meet the person I've chosen for myself'
"28th July, 4 pm. DehraDun Boat Club"
"My grandfather and I will be expecting you"
"Yours, Esha"
After so long! How come I don't know you're coming?
We went home and we found out you're here
"And I thought, why delay introductions? So here we are"
Dug out the your childhood friend? - We can't live without each other
She's the one who deserted me and made off for Australia
How long could she stand you? Not everyone is like me
Can you make him out? The same roly-poly fat boy
And this is Grandpa's apple of the eye. Esha
Is Esha the girl you'd give up everything for?
Why? - Because she's just like you
Am I going to end up with someone like you?
We ought to get married on the same day
But not to the same girl
"Were it not for you, I'd never have found out what love is like"
And I'd go through life without love
You mean so much to me
You're a brother
A friend
"Aunt Maya said, they approve"
Akshay is a very nice boy. We've known the family for ages
"Esha, I think you should consider him. - But Grandpa..."
maybe he never got my letter
"Esha, I approve of Akshay too"
What do you want? - To see you happy
Rahul is like a son to me. Akshay and Rahul are childhood friends
"We've known Rahul for quite sometime, but we never knew he's family"
This one. - Oh no
"But you must, this is part of the ritual"
For you. We'd like to see you wearing this for the engagement
I think you'll look gorgeous. I'm keeping it here
Everyone is waiting outside. For you. Akshay is here too
I've never seen him so glad. He wants to get married right away
"I never came to size you up, Esha. I just wanted to find out..."
"whether you're the girl whom Akshay would care for, all his life..."
whether you're the girl who'd evoke anyone's feelings
"And you are that girl, Esha. I didn't mean to hurt you"
"Trust me, Esha"
"Why should I trust you, Rahul?"
"Look at me, could I ever lie to you?"
6 months?
"No, he's the astrologer"
How can some astrologer decide when I get married?
But there are no auspicious dates. - Then I stay here for 6 months
"When I didn't want to get married, you were after me. Now I'm willing"
Why are you taking so long? - Not so soon.
No one will be able to make it from Bombay. How about an engagement?
"I'm here, Esha is here. Rahul is here, you're here"
Who needs anyone else? - As you wish
We'll talk to Maya right away. - The talks are over
"Now, engagement"
Where's Esha? - Over there
He never received your letter. He wants to see you. Today
"No word from you in quite some time? I wondered..."
"if providence has drawn us close, we must meet"
"But this is taking too much time. I can't wait any longer"
"Whenever I shut my eyes I can see you"
"I open my eyes and you're lost"
"I hope I don't lose you before we have met"
"I want to see you. August 10"
"8 pm. At the Ram Temple. I'll carry the doll"
"You carry the plane I sent you"
"Will you come?"
"Your beloved stands at your doorstep..."
"he brings love"
"He says, don't wait, come with me..."
"we're losing our years"
"Let's make love first, you can act coy afterwards"
"Give me my moments of joy, you'll still have the rest of my life..."
"to make me miserable. - What kind of a lover will you make?"
"Are you naive? Are you crazy?"
"Lightning sears through my heart"
"Your beloved stands at your doorstep..."
"he brings love"
"The bride is yours"
The girl presents the ring to the boy? - Right
One minute
I'd like a word with Esha in private
What is the matter? - I'd like to ask her something
"I always thought, girls are two kinds. Those we romance and the one you marry"
"For me, you're the only girl I could romance and marry too"
I've had girls. But for the first time I feel love
"Maybe, you too have a past? Someone you have loved?"
But I don't care to know about him. All I know is...
"we got a lifetime ahead. Together. Esha, will you marry me?"
"Hurry, there's the car"
This astrologer is something else. Finds a date ages away
"If you say so, I could stay back, a while...?"
We could chat over phone. No problems at your end...? Shouldn't be
I think Grandpa is suitably impressed with me
But one problem. I don't know how you find me
"Trust me, I'm not that bad"
"Akshay, why are you doing all this? I haven't said yes about marrying you"
Neither did you say no
See what's happened to me. - What's happened?
"Take a good look. - Sure, so what?"
I'm looking like an ass. - Same as always
Only more stupid
I'm looking like a monkey. Get me some clothes. I haven't any
Been in that all your life? - You don't get me
What would wear when you're going to date your favourite girlfriend?
"What she'd like, obviously. - Like...?"
"Well, she likes just about whatever I wear"
You saved me! I was about to wear the colours of spring
But where are you going? - To see Esha
She's arriving in Bombay
"I never slept all night. What to say, never been in love before"
I'm getting sentimental
Let me introduce you
Introducing the whole lineage
What do I tell her?
I've managed the introductions. Upto you to strike a friendship
Rahul lost his mother at three. His father migrated to Canada
Left him with the grandparents. - Why didn't he take Rahul along?
Rahul reminded him about his mother. Then he asked Rahul to migrate
But Rahul couldn't bear to leave me
"Doesn't seem as if he hides a sorrow behind that smile, does he?"
He's always making people laugh. - That's my Rahul
Akshay and Rahul grew up together. They're inseparable
"For each other, they'll do anything"
What a friendship! They never needed another friend
Their likings are similar too
"They love each other so much, they're inseparable"
I worry for Rahul. He never makes his feelings obvious
Akshay demands whatever he wants. But Rahul...
will even forego what he's entitled to
"Only 3 things for a happy life. Nice food, nice cars and nice women"
"My birthday, isn't today. - Hardly matters. For me, it's today"
"I've missed the whole lot of them, let me make up for all of them"
So much food?
That's one huge...
Fish? - Pick of the trawlers
The flower is for fragrance
Do you expect me to start? No Indian-woman tripe
I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat non-veg
Hadn't an inkling you're a vegetarian. You never eat non-veg?
"Suppose your lover asks you to eat non-veg, what would you do?"
"If he loves me, he'll never say that. - Welcome sir"
You never try to change someone you love
"Akshay, why do you want to marry me? - What a question"
Anyone would want to marry you
"For marrying me, so much is enough?"
It was love...
at first sight
So it's my features that you love
"Once I'm fat, you won't like me"
That'd be the end of your love? - How fat...? Won't happen
No dearth of health clubs and beauty parlours in Bombay
"You don't even know me, we haven't even had a conversation"
How do you know you'd like to spend the rest of your life with me?
"My heart tells me, you're the one. - If you could trust your heart..."
why did you send Rahul to size me up?
"When Tina was angry, I gave her a diamond bracelet"
"When Rupali was cross, I sent her flowers"
But how do I woo Esha? Beats me
"I sent you to look her up, that was my only fault"
One thing she didn't know? - I was about to tell her
"A few kids later, I'd tell her, no?"
What do I do?
"This once, I can say nothing. - Should I ask the girl in black?"
"Akshay, if you really are in love, put the question to yourself'
"Yes, we're at the hotel. Yes Pratap, all of us"
Pratap is an old friend of his. All our friends are coming
Everyone wants to meet Esha. Where is Esha?
Should be coming. She was nervous about meeting so many people
And Maya? - Went to the beauty parlour
"She'll come to the party directly. - Yes Pratap, coming in"
"Dad, why don't you go on? - But Esha is expected"
Rahul and I will receive her
Let's go in
How sweet of Uncle Pratap to throw a party for you and Esha
I hope Esha likes the dress I took from that model
I even asked the model what her favourite perfume is. One second...
What's up? - I'm dead
If Esha sees me with them...
I'm done for! Are you laughing?
I'm off
"Tell Esha, something urgent came up. Please, handle this"
"show me money"
"The next song will be played on the request of Pappu, Anupam..."
"Aditya, Uday and Akash."
"Is this love?"
"Yes, this is love"
"Without you, nothing amuses me..."
"time doesn't pass"
"Is this love?"
"Yes, this is love"
"Without you, nothing amuses me..."
"time doesn't pass"
"Let me tell you something, dude. Your girlfriend is drop-dead gorgeous"
Look... - Isn't she your girlfriend?
"Rahul, let's go."
"Well tell me, what's her price?"
Leave her for me after you're through. - Damn you!
"No use, Rahul. Let's go, please. People are waiting for us. Please!"
"Hey man, no hard feelings."
I wish to give you a good news.
"Akshay, my very old friend's son, is engaged to Esha."
"She's the daughter of DehraDun's famous businessman, Inder Malhotra."
I want all of you to warmly welcome our new family member.
"Now, Akshay and Esha will begin tonight's dance."
"Why did I..."
"fall in love with you?"
"I didn't find you"
"Now I'm lost"
"You never walked out of my dreams"
"Neither did you walk into my arms"
"Why did I..."
"fall in love with you?"
"I didn't find you"
"Now I'm lost"
"You still linger in my dreams"
"But I never had you in my arms"
"I have no complaints against you"
"I rue my fate"
"Why does heaven..."
"decide the fate of hearts?"
"You never walked out of my dreams"
"Neither did you walk into my arms"
"Why did I..."
"fall in love with you?"
"I didn't find you..."
"now I'm lost"
"Why I am ruined..."
"I could never tell"
"I cried so much..."
"but not a tear I could shed"
"I could shed no tear"
"You never walked out of my dreams"
"Neither did you walk into my arms"
"Why did I..."
"fall in love with you?"
"I didn't find you"
"Now I'm lost"
"You could never walk out of my dreams"
"Neither could you..."
"walk into my arms"
"Rahul, take me away."
Everyone is ogling at me.
"They're watching you, for you're looking so pretty. That's it."
Look into my eyes and say that you aren't lying.
Akshay is your friend. For his sake you'll lie too?
"Akshay loves you dearly, Esha. And that's no lie."
"Had you been in love with me, would you bring me here like this?"
"Esha, I want you to meet someone."
What're you doing?
"Never mind, dear. Our house is nearby. Take her home, son."
"Go home and have a change, dear."
"Akshay, I can't marry you."
I'm going back tomorrow. Only you can stop this wedding from happening.
"Somehow stop this wedding, please."
"What're you saying, Esha? I can't do this."
I... - I don't love you.
Why do you want to marry a girl who doesn't love you?
"Akshay, I tried hard to reason."
But you aren't the one with whom I can spend a lifetime.
Are you in love with someone?
You won't understand.
"Who is he, Esha? - I don't know."
All I know is that I love him dearly.
How is it possible? - We used to write to each other.
"Slowly, I fell in love."
Haven't you spoken to him yet? - No.
"Not even over the phone? - No, but I've heard his voice."
D'you have any photograph of his?
And his name?
I don't know.
"I told you, you won't understand."
"No, I understand everything."
"Then you'll stop this wedding, won't you?"
"Because I figure, there's no such boy."
I also understand that someone has taken you for a ride.
"This isn't love, Esha."
Mere letters don't stem love. To love someone you need a real human being.
"Whom you can see, you can feel, with whom you can talk to."
"But the boy, whom you are talking about, doesn't exist at all."
He exists. I just got to spread my arms and reach for him.
"Then spread your arms, Esha... go and find him."
You'll find only me.
So you aren't stopping this wedding?
You'll not marry me?
"All right, Esha... I'll stop this wedding."
But on one condition.
Find the one you love and bring him to me.
Then I'll stop this wedding. I promise.
"What happened? Where to find him is your problem, isn't it?"
"You said you know. So go, find him, Esha. I won't stop you."
"Believe me, more than you, I shall await him."
Can you tell me post box 143 belongs to whom?
"Sorry madam, it goes against our rules."
I have no other way to contact him. Please tell me.
"Look madam, I can tell you nothing. Why don't you ask him who he is?"
"Stay here and relax, wait for him. He does check in once a month."
I want to close post box 143. - All right.
But first you must empty the box.
"what have You done?"
"Dearest, this is my final attempt to find you."
I want to meet you.
At least for once... at least for the last time.
I'm about to get married.
But I'm not marrying until you meet me.
"Because, I can survive without you, but I cannot live with someone else."
Esha loves someone else.
D'you know who he is?
I know.
"Look Rahul, I want you to call her up and say that you don't love her."
"Rahul, Esha is in love with someone whom she hasn't even seen."
Nor has she ever met him. Nor does she know his name.
Mere letters made her fall in love.
But who will reason with Esha.
"That's why, pretend to be that guy and call her up."
I can't do this.
Why not? - This is wrong.
What's wrong about it? You don't love her...
I can't do it. Period.
"If you don't help me, I don't know what I'm going to do."
"Let alone love, I can't even look at any other girl."
I know this is wrong.
"But I really love her, buddy."
All my life I'll look after Esha.
"Even if I find flaws in her, I won't complain."
I'll do what she wants me to.
I'll become what she makes out of me.
"I'll give her all the joys, she'll forget sorrows and pain."
"And you know, if she's with me, she'll forget him."
You love her so much? - Dearly.
"Even if I had been in love with her, I'd have given her up for you."
I wish to say something.
Who are you?
Now there's no need to know who I am.
What's important is... we can't ever meet.
I'm going.
You can't do this.
This is what I have to do.
This is what's right.
"For us, you have no right to decide all by yourself."
Some decisions are not in our hands.
It's up to me to wait for you.
To love you is up to me.
You made me trust you.
"We never met, but I always felt you by my side."
"As if, you're watching me every moment."
"And now, you want my feelings back?"
I can give you nothing.
All I want is your company.
Why are you doing this?
I never asked you anything. Please...
ask me nothing.
"Can I ask, you love me?"
Have you ever been in love with me?
"If you can't read my silence, how can you understand my words, Esha?"
At least you can speak out my name.
I don't even know your name.
What's your name?
What is your name?
I can't tell. - Why can't you tell your name?
Won't I ever get to know the name of the person I love?
"Tell me your name, please."
You know my name.
There are many who have my name.
What is your name? Why can't you tell me your name?
I'm ready to forget everything. No matter if you don't meet me...
"No matter if you don't love me, but for once..."
"just once, tell me your name. Please."
"Just for once, tell me your name."
"Go sweetheart, I have faith in love"
"I shall wait for you"
"Go my love, I have faith in love"
"I shall wait for you"
"I shall go farway..."
"faraway from your thoughts"
"Although, my love..."
"I shall not be able to forget you"
"In you, I found a reason to live"
"Oh, but what has it come to be?"
"I'm still living without you"
"How unfaithful of me"
"Go away, my love, for happy days to return..."
"I shall wait for you"
"Yes my love, I have faith in love"
"I shall wait for you"
"I shall go so farway..."
"faraway from your thoughts"
"Although, my love..."
"I shall not be able to forget you"
"I shall go so farway..."
"faraway from your thoughts"
"Perhaps, somehow..."
"if you find news of me..."
"just remember me..."
"if you can"
"Go my love, my life is with me"
"I shall wait for you"
"Go my love, I have faith in love"
"I shall wait for you"
"I shall go so farway..."
"faraway from your thoughts"
"Although, my love..."
"I shall not be able to forget you"
"Rahul, how does one fall in love? - Love...?"
"Love just happens. How, you and I never know."
Namaskar to all Indians in Canada.
Let me tell you something important.
An Indian photographer Mr Rahul Sharma staying in Vancouver...
for the last four years is exhibiting photographs today...
in Richment shopping mall. You must go and see his works.
"Because, you will find an Indian bride's image..."
through the eyes of Mr Rahul Sharma.
"Stop, Rahul. C'mon, stop."
I looked for you everywhere.
Four years!
"You're in front of me, I still can't believe my eyes."
Are you angry with me?
How are you?
"Buddy, I know what I made you do was wrong."
"You asked me to get married, and then you vanished."
Didn't you ever miss me?
"You always said, I'd really fall in love someday."
"But... - No buddy, I couldn't marry Esha."
Maybe we were not made for each other.
"I was in her sight, but her eyes were always searching for someone else."
"She was before me, but not with me."
Then how could I marry her?
And Esha...?
She's still waiting for him.
I reasoned with her. But she feels he'll come someday. Can't help it.
"I find the guy strange, too. He's in love with love..."
"he talks with the wind, he lives in the skies, he flies."
Wonder who he is.
All I want to know is that...
"if he loves her truly, why hasn't he appeared as yet?"
Why didn't you tell me? - Had you been in my shoes...
what'd you have done?
She still awaits you.
You know my name.
I'm Rahul.
And I madly love you.
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