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Subtitles for Na samote u lesa.

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Na samote u lesa

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X1:127 X2:590 Y1:484 Y2:516 Come on, you need your vitamins!
X1:154 X2:563 Y1:484 Y2:516 - A titchy Trabant overtook us.
X1:111 X2:608 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Did I shut the sitting-room window?
X1:099 X2:618 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Old cow can't keep to the sidewalk...!
X1:254 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:515 - I shut it, Mom!
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Good girl, and the kitchen?
X1:290 X2:427 Y1:448 Y2:510 - That too. - Good.
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Does a worm have a head? - A worm?
X1:140 X2:578 Y1:484 Y2:515 Not a head, but a front and back.
X1:300 X2:420 Y1:485 Y2:516 Presents
X1:141 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:510 We're not taking them a present. - Never mind.
X1:110 X2:609 Y1:448 Y2:510 - How d'you know which is the front? - Of what?
X1:117 X2:600 Y1:448 Y2:516 - The worm. - According to the way it's crawling.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What if it's reversing? - Worms don't reverse.
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:484 Y2:516 A black car wouldn't be pretty.
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:516 - In summer... - A Trabant overtaking!
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:448 Y2:510 - It would be hot... a black car.
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Is a worm a snake?
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:484 Y2:515 - No, it's a worm.
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Another Trabant overtaking, Dad! - Snakes are larger!
X1:292 X2:427 Y1:484 Y2:510 In the film
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:516 What if it's a big worm?
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:484 Y2:510 - It's still a worm.
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Clean up, Susie, you're all sticky!
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What if it's this big?
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:448 Y2:516 - It's still a worm. - And this big?
X1:293 X2:424 Y1:448 Y2:510 - A worm! Idiot!
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Who, Dad? - That Fiat could have passed.
X1:172 X2:548 Y1:484 Y2:510 A COTTAGE BY THE WOOD
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:484 Y2:516 Hm. Now you remember...!
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:484 Y2:516 Story and Screenplay by
X1:152 X2:564 Y1:448 Y2:516 You said no Trabant would ever overtake you, Dad!
X1:164 X2:554 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Wait till we're out of town...!
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I didn't take the thermos.
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:484 Y2:516 - He's crying, Mummy!
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What's the matter?
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I don't understand. - What?
X1:156 X2:564 Y1:448 Y2:510 - You said a snake was bigger than a worm.
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:448 Y2:516 - It is. - A worm this big must be a snake!
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:448 Y2:516 - All right, so it's a snake, and stop bothering me!
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:515 Visitors, Radim!
X1:274 X2:445 Y1:484 Y2:510 A double nil!
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:448 Y2:510 Who? - The Lavickas.
X1:111 X2:608 Y1:484 Y2:516 Where's the stork you told us about?
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Here, children.
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:484 Y2:516 Storks build nests near ponds.
X1:283 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Welcome!
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Excuse the dust. A mill's a mill...
X1:285 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:515 Well, kids?
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Good morning, Mr. Zvon!
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Here I'm called The Miller!
X1:181 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:516 I had that wheel made. But it looks antique, what?
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Children, the wheel is imitation.
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But the balustrade is original.
X1:240 X2:477 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Really, Radim...
X1:135 X2:583 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We try to keep up the traditions.
X1:250 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:510 So this is a mill.
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:484 Y2:516 This is where they ground the flour.
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:484 Y2:516 The grain was poured in there.
X1:202 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You see, children, the grain went in there,
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:448 Y2:516 was ground here. - Mind your heads!
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mind your heads!
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:516 - That's the groats mill, the plain flour mill,
X1:250 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:515 the peeling mill. - So, children!
X1:124 X2:594 Y1:448 Y2:516 The groats mill, the plain flour mill, the wheeling mill.
X1:294 X2:423 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Peeling! - Peeling.
X1:111 X2:606 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Groats were used to feed pigs with.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Groats were fed to piggies.
X1:116 X2:601 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Here the flour sacks were stacked. - All this is flour?
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I put in sawdust, but the sacks are original.
X1:132 X2:587 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'll show you something, children!
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:448 Y2:510 When the water-level gets high, we'll ask the Miller
X1:180 X2:537 Y1:484 Y2:510 to set the wheel in motion.
X1:114 X2:604 Y1:484 Y2:516 - And I'll tell you an interesting story
X1:165 X2:555 Y1:448 Y2:516 about the local water-sprite and how he helped the Miller
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:516 fight the local squire.
X1:109 X2:610 Y1:448 Y2:516 Whenever I tell that story people say: ,, You must tell us again!".
X1:097 X2:620 Y1:448 Y2:510 The groats went in here, the flour here, and here the semolina.
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Attention, children! This was for groats,
X1:149 X2:567 Y1:484 Y2:515 this for flour, this for semolina,
X1:102 X2:617 Y1:448 Y2:515 and this for double zero flour I guess? - No, that's the toilet.
X1:168 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:516 But I refuse to keep animals.
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:516 We had a dog...
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...that kept barking.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What kind of dog?
X1:308 X2:409 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Harry.
X1:257 X2:461 Y1:484 Y2:516 I got rid of him.
X1:101 X2:617 Y1:484 Y2:516 A cottage is difficult to find nowadays.
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:510 Easier said than done!
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:484 Y2:516 Maybe Kos would know of one.
X1:285 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:510 How's life?
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Good morning! - Good morning!
X1:256 X2:461 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Ah, the Miller!
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:448 Y2:516 What an honour! - Getting on with it, I see!
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We never stop.
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You're building it yourselves?
X1:327 X2:391 Y1:484 Y2:510 - No.
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:516 We've got a bricklayer.
X1:144 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:516 He charges ten crowns an hour. A good one, and cheap!
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Ten crowns?! - A rarity nowadays!
X1:180 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What was this originally?
X1:301 X2:417 Y1:484 Y2:510 - A barn.
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:484 Y2:516 I left only the foundations!
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:510 - You sure remodelled it!
X1:127 X2:591 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Comes more expensive this way,
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:448 Y2:516 but you have what you want. Where you want it.
X1:086 X2:632 Y1:484 Y2:516 Whether it's a doorway, stairs, bedroom,
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:516 kitchen, bathroom, yes,
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:484 Y2:516 living room, garage,
X1:268 X2:448 Y1:484 Y2:516 toilet, pantry,
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:484 Y2:515 cellar, hall, bath!
X1:261 X2:457 Y1:448 Y2:511 - Yes, it's true! Quite a villa!
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:448 Y2:516 - The amount of building material this eats up, though!
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:515 - The sand, lime, cement... - Look, Radim!
X1:175 X2:542 Y1:448 Y2:510 ...Bricks, shaped ones... - Nice!
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:448 Y2:516 ...lintel, trusses, I don't have them here yet,
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:484 Y2:516 nails, screws, wiring...
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:484 Y2:515 drains, tiles...
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:516 pipes, binding!
X1:131 X2:585 Y1:448 Y2:516 You've got your twin leads, triple leads, guttering, sheeting...
X1:264 X2:453 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Problems...!
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:448 Y2:516 electricity meter, a lighting conductor,
X1:178 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:516 switch and wiring boxes...
X1:127 X2:592 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You understand all these things?
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We've got this bricklayer.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:516 The cheapest man around.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:484 Y2:516 Asks only 10 Crowns an hour!
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:448 Y2:510 Including transport and food! - Where's the mortar?!
X1:163 X2:556 Y1:448 Y2:515 - Coming right up! Here it comes, Mr. Lawrence!
X1:308 X2:411 Y1:484 Y2:515 Kids...!
X1:232 X2:487 Y1:448 Y2:510 Enough sand in it? - Too thin!
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:484 Y2:510 - And now?
X1:320 X2:397 Y1:484 Y2:510 - O.K.
X1:207 X2:510 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He can't hold a brick, but he's a real expert!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:516 - He's an expert!
X1:145 X2:575 Y1:448 Y2:516 He's built three big houses here this way!
X1:096 X2:621 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Listen, Robert. The Lavickas are looking for a cottage.
X1:159 X2:560 Y1:484 Y2:516 Would you know of anything?
X1:277 X2:442 Y1:484 Y2:516 - A cottage?
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:448 Y2:510 - These kids of ours... - Fresh air for them...
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:448 Y2:516 - But something habitable, no remodelling job.
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:510 Because von Olda is...
X1:131 X2:586 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Can I manage these? ...not the type for building work!
X1:327 X2:391 Y1:484 Y2:510 - No.
X1:209 X2:508 Y1:448 Y2:516 - It needn't be big. Just - away from it all.
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:448 Y2:510 - And now? - Yes.
X1:122 X2:596 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Some place good for the children.
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Yeah, a cottage.
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:484 Y2:510 What about that one over there?
X1:090 X2:629 Y1:484 Y2:516 It should be up for grabs by the autumn.
X1:138 X2:579 Y1:484 Y2:516 Old Ma Jerabkova's sinking fast,
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:484 Y2:516 it should be free by Christmas.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Breathe deeply, Susie, so your chest expands!
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:448 Y2:516 - So you could have that when she goes.
X1:204 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:516 But it's probably damp.
X1:144 X2:574 Y1:484 Y2:516 Maybe that one would be better,
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:448 Y2:510 with the red roof. - Which one?
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:448 Y2:516 - There, the red roof with the white gable.
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Do you know which one? The one with the wooden barn.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:484 Y2:515 - The Cervenkas live there,
X1:123 X2:595 Y1:484 Y2:516 a motorbike ran over him last year.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:484 Y2:516 And he's in pretty bad shape,
X1:186 X2:530 Y1:484 Y2:516 won't be here long either.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:484 Y2:516 She's going blind,
X1:109 X2:608 Y1:484 Y2:516 will be going to a Home for the Aged.
X1:113 X2:606 Y1:448 Y2:516 But that's right in the village. You probably wouldn't like it there either.
X1:172 X2:548 Y1:448 Y2:516 Hey! Did you ask Komarek? - Over by the wood?
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Yes, that's it. Go and ask him!
X1:156 X2:563 Y1:448 Y2:516 He wants to move to Slovakia, to join his son.
X1:146 X2:573 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's all getting too much for him,
X1:195 X2:521 Y1:484 Y2:516 the milking, the feeding,
X1:174 X2:542 Y1:448 Y2:516 the cleaning, the chopping, the cooking,
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:484 Y2:516 the loading, unloading,
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:516 the ploughing, the sowing... - What a lovely place!
X1:238 X2:479 Y1:448 Y2:516 - God help ye! - Thank ye kindly!
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:448 Y2:510 - God bless you! - Hello!
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Good afternoon!
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mowing, are you?
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mowing, that's right.
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:448 Y2:515 - Coming along all right? - Yeah, it is.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Nice place.
X1:287 X2:430 Y1:484 Y2:510 - That it is.
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:448 Y2:516 - How old are you, friend? - Seventy.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:448 Y2:515 - Wow, that's something! - Nice, isn't it?
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I say! - You don't look your age!
X1:152 X2:567 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You live alone, Mr. Komarek? - Yes, yes.
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:448 Y2:510 - His hearing's bad, you must shout at him.
X1:234 X2:486 Y1:448 Y2:510 Do you live alone? - I do.
X1:105 X2:613 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We hear you have a son in Slovakia!
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:516 - In Presov. - Don't you miss them?
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:484 Y2:516 - If you miss them?
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They're asking if you miss them?
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I hear you, but I don't know!
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But this is a lovely spot.
X1:118 X2:601 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Ask him straight out if he'd consider moving to Slovakia,
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:484 Y2:516 and letting them have the cottage.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You want the cottage?
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:448 Y2:515 - We would consider it, we like it here, what?
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We haven't seen it inside yet!
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Come and look, then!
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:484 Y2:516 A lovely spot!
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 - A fairy-tale cottage.
X1:130 X2:587 Y1:448 Y2:510 - We'll be quite envious, won't we, Radim?
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Peter, don't cut yourself!
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What's your dog's name? - Isha.
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:484 Y2:516 - May I stroke him?
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:448 Y2:510 - He's never hurt a soul. - Isha!
X1:314 X2:403 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Kids!
X1:271 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The quiet...
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Don't step in that, Peter. - Like a picture!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 - So romantic! - Come along in.
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:484 Y2:516 - An old Czech idyll!
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:448 Y2:515 - I have some stuff in here! But I'd clear it out,
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:484 Y2:510 restuff the straw mattresses and...
X1:186 X2:534 Y1:448 Y2:516'd have a nice room for your vacations!
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:448 Y2:510 - It's very damp, Olda! - It's not that bad.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:448 Y2:516 Just needs more airing to make a pretty room.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:516 - See, damp and rotten!
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Well, a couple of planks need replacing.
X1:163 X2:554 Y1:484 Y2:516 - A very nice place you have.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Cozy, what?
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:448 Y2:510 - How does it flush? - Just leave it!
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Beneath the rustic beams of yeasteryear...
X1:269 X2:448 Y1:484 Y2:516 - That's right.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Are there mice? - Why would there be mice?
X1:131 X2:587 Y1:484 Y2:516 - It really breathes rustic poetry...
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:510 - It's mildew I smell.
X1:156 X2:563 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Why would there be mildew?
X1:272 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Come here!
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:484 Y2:516 - At least 100 years old, this.
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Older, chum.
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What a pretty wardrobe!
X1:271 X2:446 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Let's buy it. - Yes.
X1:109 X2:610 Y1:448 Y2:516 Heavens, Mr. Komarek, when did you last wash your dishes?
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:448 Y2:516 - When I run out of pots, I do it in one go.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Let's get it done, Vera!
X1:269 X2:449 Y1:484 Y2:515 Mr. Komarek,
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:515 what about... - Get out, beast!
X1:272 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'll tie her up.
X1:105 X2:613 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mr. Komarek, what would you say to
X1:142 X2:576 Y1:484 Y2:516 letting the room to the Lavickas,
X1:160 X2:558 Y1:484 Y2:510 for weekends and vacations?
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:510 What do you say? - O.K.
X1:097 X2:622 Y1:448 Y2:510 A musician from Prague used to spend his time here.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:510 And he loved it here!
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:484 Y2:510 That viola is his.
X1:143 X2:575 Y1:448 Y2:510 I keep waiting for him to fetch it, I've waited and waited.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:516 But he'll be coming.
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:484 Y2:510 - When did he leave it here?
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Wait, when...?
X1:164 X2:554 Y1:484 Y2:516 During the first... World War.
X1:256 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:516 Beams, planks,
X1:308 X2:408 Y1:484 Y2:515 tiles...
X1:315 X2:403 Y1:484 Y2:510 Damn!
X1:124 X2:594 Y1:484 Y2:516 Look, they would be here with you,
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:516 and when you decide to sell out, you'd make them the first offer.
X1:132 X2:585 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What would the monthly rent be, now?
X1:117 X2:601 Y1:484 Y2:516 - How much would you care to pay?
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What about a hundred?
X1:124 X2:594 Y1:448 Y2:516 - O.K. To cover the insurance and things.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:484 Y2:515 - And a bottle or so, what?
X1:097 X2:622 Y1:484 Y2:516 - And when would you think of selling?
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Well... - Mr. Lavicka is asking...
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I heard! - When do you think?
X1:194 X2:523 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I'd bring in the harvest, sell the cow in winter
X1:132 X2:585 Y1:484 Y2:516 and do no more sowing in spring.
X1:272 X2:445 Y1:484 Y2:516 Say 'please'!
X1:233 X2:487 Y1:484 Y2:516 Where's your cap?
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Forgot it.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:448 Y2:516 Go! - He forgot his cap!
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:448 Y2:516 You're sitting on it! He's got it, Dad!
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:515 Well, here we are.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good morning! - Good morning!
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:484 Y2:515 Heavens, what a lot of stuff!
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Here's something for you, Mr. Komarek.
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:448 Y2:510 - But there was... - Hello!
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Hello! There was no need...!
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:448 Y2:516 - We've arrived, Isha! - Good morning!
X1:283 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Welcome!
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:448 Y2:510 - May we auntie Isha, Grandad? - No!
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Susie, don't be cheeky,
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:448 Y2:510 Mr. Komarek isn't our Grandad. - Just let them be!
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'm a Grandad anyway, so what...
X1:151 X2:569 Y1:484 Y2:516 But leave the dog on the chain!
X1:152 X2:568 Y1:448 Y2:516 He'd get used to running about and would't want to go back
X1:176 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:516 to his kennel. - I hope he hasn't got fleas.
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He'll have a flea or two. But they're dog fleas,
X1:193 X2:524 Y1:484 Y2:516 they leave people alone!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good morning! - Good morning!
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:448 Y2:510 - This is Tony. He catches snakes.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:448 Y2:516 - There are snakes here? - I should say!
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I summer, mostly. Vipers, too.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Do they nest here?
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Not here! In the wood, or on the paths.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You're preparing the floor? How kind of you!
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Tony's a handy chap.
X1:109 X2:609 Y1:484 Y2:516 He'll show you how he catches them.
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:484 Y2:516 - How do you do it?
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Tell them how you do it!
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:484 Y2:516 - There's nothing to it!
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Say how you catch them!
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:516 - In my hand!
X1:127 X2:592 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Aren't you afraid they'll bite you?
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They won't bite me.
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I guess you wear gloves.
X1:100 X2:617 Y1:484 Y2:516 - No, I catch them with my bare hands.
X1:293 X2:426 Y1:448 Y2:510 - A viper? - Yeah.
X1:110 X2:608 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Don't try telling me you take a poisonous viper in your bare hand!
X1:266 X2:453 Y1:448 Y2:510 - He does. I've seen him.
X1:321 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 Look!
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:448 Y2:510 When I see a viper... - Just wait a moment!
X1:217 X2:500 Y1:484 Y2:515 Children, come here!
X1:076 X2:642 Y1:448 Y2:510 This gentleman catches poisonous vipers with his bare hands!
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:510 Listen to how he does it!
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:448 Y2:510 - But there's nothing to it. - Do tell them!
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'd rather show you.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:516 I want to start lunch. I need my pots and pans.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Not just now, Vera!
X1:232 X2:487 Y1:484 Y2:515 In summer I sweat,
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:448 Y2:510 and my jacket... - Smells of the sweat.
X1:299 X2:418 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Smells.
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:448 Y2:510 The viper gets a shock. - Gets a shock!
X1:132 X2:586 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Doesn't know what's happening.
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:484 Y2:510 I reach in for it
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:484 Y2:516 and my hand smells the same.
X1:091 X2:626 Y1:484 Y2:516 - And that's what scares the viper most.
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:484 Y2:516 And that's what scares the viper.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:484 Y2:516 That's Tony!
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:484 Y2:510 - See? It doesn't bite.
X1:258 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Unbelievable.
X1:111 X2:608 Y1:448 Y2:516 - So, Olda... Excuse me, I have to do my cooking!
X1:124 X2:596 Y1:448 Y2:510 Where did you put the baking-pan? - Unbelievable!
X1:131 X2:589 Y1:448 Y2:510 Do you know why a cow's useful? - It eats flies.
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:484 Y2:516 - It gives us milk.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I thought we buy milk.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What's the cow's name?
X1:316 X2:402 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Cow.
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Can we call her Jitka?
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Yes, she won't care.
X1:312 X2:405 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Jitka! - Cow!
X1:252 X2:468 Y1:484 Y2:516 Is that any use?
X1:113 X2:604 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Hey, the water's coming here down the slope.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:510 The wall can't breathe.
X1:223 X2:497 Y1:484 Y2:510 I'll lead the water off
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:484 Y2:516 and the damp must disappear.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:448 Y2:516 Next time we come, the wall will be dry.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:484 Y2:516 You gave me a fright!
X1:313 X2:404 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Here!
X1:091 X2:628 Y1:448 Y2:516 Mr. Komarek! What about felling down this plum-tree?
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:484 Y2:515 It's old, and it won't let the sun in.
X1:086 X2:632 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The plumes are always full of maggots.
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Goat! Goatee! Come here! - I'd have guessed that.
X1:122 X2:595 Y1:448 Y2:516 - But when you put them in a barrel the plums and maggots ferment...
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:484 Y2:510 and ah - the Slivovitz!
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:484 Y2:515 Wait, when it's ours!
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:510 The floor's repaired. You can dance on it now.
X1:175 X2:545 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Wait, Mr. Hruska! How much do we owe you?
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Oh, don't mention it.
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Don't give him anything. He drinks up all he gots.
X1:267 X2:450 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Indeed, yes!
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:484 Y2:516 The work, the new planks...
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:516 Come on now... all right...
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Well, if you insist...
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Be seeing you!
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Why on earth did you give him that money?
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:484 Y2:516 - For repairing the floor...
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:515 - Is it our floor? - No, but it will be!
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:516 - That isn't sure yet.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 And we pay our rent,
X1:137 X2:581 Y1:484 Y2:516 so it's his duty to mend the floor.
X1:122 X2:596 Y1:448 Y2:516 Olda! You mustn't be such a softie! People see it straight away
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:516 and take advantage of it.
X1:118 X2:600 Y1:448 Y2:510 I know you're in love with the place, but do think twice!
X1:145 X2:573 Y1:448 Y2:516 100 Crowns a month for such... ...a damp hole!
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Firstly it's no damp hole,
X1:130 X2:589 Y1:484 Y2:516 secondly I'm getting the damp out
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:448 Y2:510 and thirdly... - Good afternoon!
X1:109 X2:608 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...I'm investing in my own property.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:448 Y2:510 Good afternoon! - Good afternoon!
X1:239 X2:478 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'm Ferry Kokes.
X1:115 X2:605 Y1:448 Y2:516 Would you lend me your spare tyre? For an hour, to get to town with?
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Yes, of course.
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:515 Can't even shake hands,
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:516 look at the sight I am.
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:448 Y2:516 Seven holes! Hopeless trying to mend them!
X1:210 X2:510 Y1:484 Y2:516 Did she leave an egg?
X1:273 X2:445 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Not an egg. - Pity.
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:448 Y2:516 We're practically neighbours. - Really?
X1:104 X2:614 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes, really! I've got a cottage here two years now.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:484 Y2:515 I was mad about it,
X1:130 X2:587 Y1:448 Y2:510 so I bought it old man and woman included.
X1:117 X2:600 Y1:484 Y2:516 They wanted to end their days here.
X1:121 X2:599 Y1:448 Y2:516 Now I've got strangers in the house and I can't get rid of them.
X1:163 X2:554 Y1:484 Y2:515 Come and see us some time,
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:448 Y2:516 and thanks a lot! Thank you!
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Not at all. - Thank you.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'll bring it back tonight!
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:448 Y2:510 - There's no hurry! - Seven holes.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:510 And that was a second time!
X1:283 X2:434 Y1:484 Y2:516 Thank you.
X1:264 X2:455 Y1:484 Y2:516 I enjoyed that.
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Coffee's ready too.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:516 - What's the time? - It's past six.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Oh, I'll have to be going!
X1:180 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:510 I'll take the coffee with me.
X1:233 X2:486 Y1:448 Y2:510 Where's he going? - I don't know.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:484 Y2:516 Good evening.
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 Once upon a time
X1:126 X2:591 Y1:448 Y2:516 there was a Kingdom which was neither large nor small.
X1:106 X2:613 Y1:484 Y2:516 All its inhabitants were happy people.
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I haven't heard this one before! Go on, I'm listening!
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:448 Y2:516 - The ruler of this Kingdom was a very old King.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I bet he has three sons. - This King had three sons.
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Didn't I say so?
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 - One day he asked them
X1:189 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 to find a really wise man.
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:484 Y2:516 The youngest son set out at once.
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:448 Y2:510 He went around the kingdom from town to town
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:516 looking for a wise man.
X1:140 X2:580 Y1:448 Y2:516 But in that Kingdom people were neither stupid nor clever,
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:448 Y2:516 neither ever nor good, neither cowardly nor brave,
X1:186 X2:533 Y1:484 Y2:516 neither ugly nor beautiful.
X1:280 X2:437 Y1:448 Y2:510 Children! Come here!
X1:313 X2:406 Y1:484 Y2:510 Listen!
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:448 Y2:516 Do you hear? - Something tinkling.
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Do you know what that is? - No.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The angelus, or evening bell.
X1:111 X2:608 Y1:484 Y2:516 In the country they always ring a bell
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:516 at this time of evening.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 - It's coming nearer, Dad!
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:484 Y2:516 - No, that's just the wind!
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:484 Y2:516 The bell is fixed up
X1:141 X2:579 Y1:448 Y2:516 in a bell tower and the bell-ringer stands below
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:484 Y2:516 and pulls that bell.
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The bell-ringer's coming up, Dad!
X1:120 X2:597 Y1:484 Y2:515 - No, children, this is Mr. Lawrence.
X1:212 X2:508 Y1:448 Y2:516 But it really did sound like the angelus.
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good evening. - Good evening!
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Finished for the day? - I put him to bed early,
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:484 Y2:516 so he's up bright and early.
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:448 Y2:516 And what about you? How are you doing?
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We're not here long yet...
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Quite a job, if you ask me.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 The first thing you'll need are
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:448 Y2:516 some decent tools. A good hammer...
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Don't rock me! ...and pliers...
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...a pipe cutter, a shovel...
X1:183 X2:534 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Stop rocking me! ...a spade, a pick-axe...
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:484 Y2:515 ...a trowel, a water-level...
X1:250 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:510 a wheel-barrow!
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:448 Y2:516 A screen... - Stop rocking me!
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...a gimlet, a chisel, a plane,
X1:211 X2:506 Y1:448 Y2:516 a vice, a file, a rasp... - Supper!
X1:215 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Excuse us, Mr. Kos,
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:516 ...sandpaper, a big rake... - we have to go - my wife...
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Come along! ...A small rake...
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:484 Y2:516 Well, be seeing you. Goodbye.
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:484 Y2:510 And a frame saw!
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:448 Y2:510 Here I am! - Come on!
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I'm not too late? - No!
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:448 Y2:516 What's the time? - A quarter to ten.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Come and look, then!
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:510 You wouldn't believe me.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:516 It's nearly ten and they're still asleep.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:510 Sometimes till twelve!
X1:250 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 - How can they? - The just do.
X1:225 X2:494 Y1:484 Y2:516 Well, slept your fill?
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:448 Y2:510 - If you went to bed when the chickens do...
X1:123 X2:596 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Can I bring in the eggs, Grandad?
X1:116 X2:602 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes, go and see if they've laid any. - A bright boy!
X1:279 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:510 - That he is.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good morning! - Good morning!
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I bet you do the old man's shopping too?
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Well, of course...
X1:108 X2:610 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Don't over do the good relations bit!
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Good morning! - Better to keep your distance.
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:510 Let him be! - Is he the owner?
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:510 - The former owner!
X1:105 X2:614 Y1:484 Y2:510 With water there he's more scare still.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But surely, I'd like to...
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Just leave them alone.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:484 Y2:516 I dug the hole because of them!
X1:125 X2:595 Y1:448 Y2:516 They could have gone to a Home. - A lovely chateau it is!
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:448 Y2:516 But they refuse to budge. Say they have it in writing.
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:448 Y2:510 So I sweeten it... - Riffraff!
X1:252 X2:465 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...up for them.
X1:304 X2:414 Y1:448 Y2:510 Thanks. Thanks!
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:448 Y2:516 I'm repairing the chimney, nobody can stop me doing that.
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:484 Y2:510 I'll make life such hell for them...
X1:142 X2:576 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The pancakes are getting cold!
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:484 Y2:516 And you stand here gabbing...!
X1:294 X2:424 Y1:484 Y2:516 - My wife!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Good morning! Goodbye!
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I'll smoke them out.
X1:232 X2:487 Y1:484 Y2:516 Drop in some time.
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:516 Look, Grandad sowing.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:515 - That's a farmer, Susie.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:448 Y2:516 - But Grandad sows too. Right!
X1:279 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:510 - He sowed.
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:484 Y2:516 He's giving it up.
X1:099 X2:619 Y1:484 Y2:516 He'll sell the cow and won't sow again.
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's pissing and pissing.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:516 Mum! It's pissing and pissing.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What are you saying? - Grandad said it.
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:484 Y2:510 - So take a look!
X1:120 X2:599 Y1:484 Y2:516 Mr. Komarek can speak as he likes.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:516 But no dirty words from you!
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:484 Y2:515 See, children?
X1:120 X2:598 Y1:448 Y2:516 These were lamps used in the past. - In antiquity?
X1:133 X2:586 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What do you mean by antiquity?
X1:092 X2:627 Y1:448 Y2:516 Your grandfather still did his homework in such a light.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:515 - I would, too!
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You'd spoil your eyes! - Did Grandfather spoil his eyes?
X1:104 X2:613 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Grandfather had a different problem.
X1:139 X2:578 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I hope we can put in electricity!
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But why?
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:448 Y2:516 It wouldn't be the thing in this sort of cottage.
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 We'll furnish it in period style
X1:147 X2:570 Y1:484 Y2:516 and all our friends will envy us.
X1:169 X2:548 Y1:484 Y2:516 - For not having electricity...
X1:305 X2:414 Y1:484 Y2:516 Funny...
X1:256 X2:464 Y1:484 Y2:510 What was that?
X1:301 X2:416 Y1:484 Y2:510 - A hunt.
X1:166 X2:551 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I think somebody's arrived.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Who'd be arriving...
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I don't know.
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:448 Y2:516 Chase those chickens out and please go and look!
X1:220 X2:500 Y1:484 Y2:516 What are you doing?
X1:157 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Trying to cut some firewood,
X1:258 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:516 But the thing...
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...keeps choking...
X1:238 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 Can't get it to run.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Did this ever run?
X1:257 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:516 - It'll run again!
X1:132 X2:587 Y1:484 Y2:516 Hruska said the magneto is weak.
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:448 Y2:510 Try turning the handle for me. - Where? Here?
X1:310 X2:408 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Right.
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:510 - The cooler's cracked.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:448 Y2:515 - We'll keep it filled. Come on, now!
X1:268 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:516 Keep turning!
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:516 Wait! We must heat the plug.
X1:293 X2:425 Y1:484 Y2:510 Now wait!
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 What on earth are you doing?
X1:268 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:516 Keep turning!
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:484 Y2:516 Glory be!
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Bring some water, quick!
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's boiling!
X1:292 X2:426 Y1:484 Y2:516 More gas!
X1:250 X2:468 Y1:484 Y2:516 More! More gas!
X1:107 X2:612 Y1:484 Y2:516 When I'm cutting, you must turn it up!
X1:315 X2:403 Y1:484 Y2:516 Again!
X1:268 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:516 Keep turning!
X1:315 X2:403 Y1:484 Y2:510 Water!
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:448 Y2:516 Water! - Where's Daddy?
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Maybe he's branding a cow.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Branding? - Hurry!
X1:129 X2:589 Y1:448 Y2:516 - We're off to look for mushrooms. Coming?
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:448 Y2:516 We're off to look for mushrooms. Coming?
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:448 Y2:516 What? ...coming mushroom-hunting?
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'll catch you up.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:516 Here, children! Quickly!
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:515 The ants built all this,
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:484 Y2:516 pine needle by pine needle,
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:516 with its ant highways...
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:448 Y2:510 See? Here's one now... Iook.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 - This ant's carrying rice!
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 - That's an egg, you silly.
X1:314 X2:404 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Egg?
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:448 Y2:510 Good day to you! - Hello!
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:448 Y2:516 We're looking for mushrooms, but they don't seem to be growing.
X1:310 X2:407 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Hello! - Hello!
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:484 Y2:516 You have to get up earlier!
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:448 Y2:516 - We enjoy our sleep. - I know, I saw you.
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Saw us? - I just had a peep.
X1:237 X2:482 Y1:484 Y2:510 Komarek insisted.
X1:230 X2:490 Y1:484 Y2:516 There was a mayor
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:516 who slept that long,
X1:132 X2:587 Y1:448 Y2:510 but he had the sleeping-sickness! - Who said...?
X1:174 X2:546 Y1:448 Y2:516 - The postman. But you wouldn't know him.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 He comes round at eight.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Then we don't know him.
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:448 Y2:510 - This is awful! He shows us off like a circus act.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:484 Y2:510 - But the weather's on our side!
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The weather report said rain.
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:510 That's the last straw.
X1:198 X2:521 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But not us, hey Marta?
X1:132 X2:586 Y1:484 Y2:510 We like it here even when it rains.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:515 Then the water wheel works,
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:448 Y2:516 and I'll tell you the story about the water-sprite.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:484 Y2:516 - This really is a lovely place.
X1:129 X2:590 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Do you know what we love best?
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The early mornings.
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:484 Y2:516 And the evenings.
X1:248 X2:471 Y1:484 Y2:510 We lie and listen
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:516 to the frogs tooting.
X1:101 X2:616 Y1:484 Y2:516 Such an unpleasant sound elsewhere.
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 Here they just do:
X1:262 X2:455 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Higher, dear!
X1:167 X2:553 Y1:484 Y2:516 What do you do about mice?
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:448 Y2:516 Great, what? - Are they for supper?
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes. Don't touch!
X1:109 X2:610 Y1:484 Y2:516 Ask your Dad to bring some water in!
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:510 This oven bakes like a dream!
X1:215 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I never tried baking.
X1:108 X2:610 Y1:484 Y2:510 Hasn't been used since the wife died.
X1:171 X2:546 Y1:484 Y2:516 She baked a good cake too.
X1:155 X2:561 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I'm leaving them to cool, then I'll ask you to taste them.
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:448 Y2:515 Does the water flow or... - Quite, children!
X1:142 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:516 Yes, that's them! Take the pail back, I want to talk
X1:245 X2:471 Y1:484 Y2:510 to Mr. Lawrence.
X1:306 X2:412 Y1:448 Y2:510 Water! - Water!
X1:238 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Aren't you good.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mummy, look, the goat!
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Look how hungry she was. - God, my cakes!
X1:287 X2:432 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Let go! You beast!
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:448 Y2:516 Greedy thing! Greedy! Goat!
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:448 Y2:510 Mr. Komarek, look at this! Just look at this!
X1:132 X2:586 Y1:448 Y2:516 - What is it? - Why don't you keep her tied up?
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:515 Ate six, bit into two.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Damned glutton! She's greedy, the devil!
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Our supper gone. - Don't worry about me,
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:516 I'll finish those she started. - Hardly enough for the children.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Father gets a tin again.
X1:271 X2:446 Y1:448 Y2:516 Get out, you! Get out, you!
X1:281 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:516 Impossible,
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:484 Y2:516 life with the hen-coop and goat.
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Don't be cross. Taste this!
X1:277 X2:440 Y1:448 Y2:510 - No thanks. - Come on!
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:484 Y2:515 Real cream, what?
X1:275 X2:442 Y1:484 Y2:510 Goat cream!
X1:208 X2:512 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's you, Mr. Komarek?
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:516 I didn't recognize you.
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You're a peach, Mr. Komarek!
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Well, a funeral, you know...
X1:270 X2:448 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Who died? - Old Petrina.
X1:189 X2:530 Y1:484 Y2:516 He was ill for a long time.
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:515 Well, that's life.
X1:242 X2:476 Y1:484 Y2:515 Come and watch,
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:484 Y2:516 it'll be a grand funeral.
X1:145 X2:573 Y1:484 Y2:516 The priest is coming from Brod.
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We're not dressed for it.
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Mum! We want to see the funeral!
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We want to see a funeral!
X1:120 X2:597 Y1:484 Y2:510 - The children should see a funeral.
X1:272 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Just watch!
X1:141 X2:578 Y1:484 Y2:516 You needn't join the procession!
X1:206 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:516 We sing this at school.
X1:225 X2:494 Y1:484 Y2:516 Is it a funeral song?
X1:090 X2:627 Y1:484 Y2:516 - No, probably the deceased's favourite.
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Who is Mr. Deceased,
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:484 Y2:516 the one with the trumpet?
X1:098 X2:620 Y1:448 Y2:516 - No, no! The one with the trumpet's a musician.
X1:118 X2:600 Y1:484 Y2:510 The 'deceased' is the one who died.
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:448 Y2:510 When somebody dies, he's called the deceased.
X1:142 X2:577 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But why if that's not his name?
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:484 Y2:515 - He is deceased,
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:510 but his name is Petrina.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 Mummy, he's crying.
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Don't cry, love!
X1:236 X2:483 Y1:484 Y2:515 He was old and ill,
X1:218 X2:501 Y1:484 Y2:516 and glad to die, see?
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:484 Y2:510 - But I don't understand.
X1:083 X2:635 Y1:448 Y2:515 - What? - Who died, Mr. Petrina or Mr. Deceased?
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'll explain later.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's a bit overgrown!
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:484 Y2:510 There's never time...
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Your wife died young.
X1:117 X2:601 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Not a single grey hair on her head!
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:510 A weak chest she had.
X1:148 X2:572 Y1:448 Y2:516 I had,, When I Put the Horse out to Pasture" played for her.
X1:252 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:516 It was her song.
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'll be going to the pub.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:516 Well, goodbye!
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Goodbye!
X1:138 X2:581 Y1:448 Y2:510 Are they going to cry at the pub? - No.
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:448 Y2:516 They buried him, played for him, they can do no more for him,
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:484 Y2:516 that's life, now they can go
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:516 and enjoy themselves.
X1:153 X2:566 Y1:448 Y2:516 Don't keep pinching bilberries, so your mother sees
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:484 Y2:510 how rich the forests are.
X1:258 X2:459 Y1:484 Y2:510 - A mushroom!
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Typical!
X1:281 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:510 Mum! Mum!
X1:312 X2:405 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Mum! - Mum!
X1:157 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:510 Look how rich the forests are!
X1:128 X2:590 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You picked them all by yourself?
X1:283 X2:434 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Well, no...
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:484 Y2:516 Look at the garden Mummy made!
X1:253 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:516 All by yourself?
X1:180 X2:537 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But the fence is your job!
X1:114 X2:605 Y1:484 Y2:516 You picked them by yourself, Peter?
X1:270 X2:448 Y1:448 Y2:510 Twice. - How's that?
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I spilled them.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:448 Y2:510 This'll be the scene when we're all alone here.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Will we do nothing but eat?
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:515 We'll eat and sunbathe,
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:484 Y2:516 and go swimming,
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:484 Y2:516 and paint the house...
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:448 Y2:510 - And fool around! - That too.
X1:192 X2:527 Y1:484 Y2:510 It's ideal for the children.
X1:151 X2:568 Y1:484 Y2:516 I always won every fight, Tony.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Not any more you don't.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I always beat you!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You wouldn't beat me today.
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You? Every time!
X1:255 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Not any more.
X1:267 X2:450 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes I would.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:515 Come with us, forester.
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Where? - Outside!
X1:292 X2:426 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Right. - Let's go.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Now you'll see something!
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 There's nothing to it!
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:510 - You've never tried!
X1:208 X2:509 Y1:484 Y2:510 - But I've seen it done.
X1:220 X2:497 Y1:484 Y2:515 Children, remember.
X1:189 X2:530 Y1:484 Y2:516 First speak to the animal,
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:484 Y2:516 so you don't frighten it.
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:484 Y2:516 Don't be scared, old girl!
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Her name's Jitka. - Don't be afraid!
X1:157 X2:560 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Your master's forgotten you,
X1:237 X2:482 Y1:484 Y2:516 but we'll help you.
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:448 Y2:510 Now I can sit, because she knows about me.
X1:312 X2:405 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Jitka! - Cow!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:448 Y2:516 - No, don't be afraid, children! She's not rearing...
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...just chasing the flies off.
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:448 Y2:510 Komarek! - Come on!
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:448 Y2:516 Get in there! Jenik! - Don't give up!
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:484 Y2:510 Go on! Go on! Go on!
X1:135 X2:582 Y1:484 Y2:516 Jenik, get in there! Don't give up!
X1:259 X2:459 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Jenik, at him! - At him!
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Jenik! Good, Jenik!
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Mr. Komarek! Mr. Komarek! - Here I am!
X1:159 X2:558 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Kick him! - Don't be afraid of him, Tony!
X1:255 X2:462 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Give it to him! - At him!
X1:135 X2:583 Y1:484 Y2:510 Shouldn't we fetch Mr. Komarek?
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Wait a moment!
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:516 This one's empty too.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:484 Y2:515 He milked out two at lunchtime,
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:484 Y2:510 now I'll have to walk round
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:510 and do the other two.
X1:131 X2:586 Y1:484 Y2:510 That's it! That's it! Don't be afraid!
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:484 Y2:516 Empty, too.
X1:094 X2:623 Y1:484 Y2:516 So the situation has changed, children!
X1:093 X2:626 Y1:484 Y2:516 I think the delay turned her milk cheesy
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:484 Y2:516 and it stopped up the little holes.
X1:136 X2:581 Y1:448 Y2:510 Should have given him a Nelson! - I did.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Fancy me not noticing. - It was that fast!
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Good evening, Mr. Komarek. You'll have to go home...
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Pity you didn't come sooner! ...your cow...
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Take a seat! This is my Praguer.
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Hello. Kalous. - Good evening. Lavicka.
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:448 Y2:515 - You two've met. - Ah, Mr. Hruska.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I beat him again!
X1:272 X2:445 Y1:448 Y2:510 This is Fiala. - Lavicka.
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:510 I would not advise that.
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 Everybody with re...
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:510 ...haired person - Re... red...
X1:287 X2:431 Y1:484 Y2:510 - has ter...
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:516 ...terribly. - Terribly... bitter meat.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes. - Your tongue would...
X1:305 X2:413 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...sting.
X1:293 X2:424 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Enough.
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:484 Y2:516 We sent the right messenger...!
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:448 Y2:516 Come, children! Hold the light for me.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:484 Y2:516 Daddy said...
X1:129 X2:588 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Daddy's done his milking, Susie. Now I'll try!
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good night! - You beat me, Johnny!
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Good night!
X1:154 X2:563 Y1:448 Y2:510 Good night, Tony! Good night! - He beat him!
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Good night!
X1:273 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:516 I slayed him!
X1:111 X2:607 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I wonder how you'd have got home,
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:484 Y2:516 had I not come to fetch you.
X1:278 X2:440 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What is it? - A hole!
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:484 Y2:510 - There's another over there!
X1:151 X2:568 Y1:484 Y2:510 I made a mincemeat of Hruska.
X1:253 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:510 Where are you? - Here.
X1:133 X2:587 Y1:484 Y2:516 Have any matches, Mr. Komarek?
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes.
X1:317 X2:400 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Milk!
X1:317 X2:400 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Milk!
X1:271 X2:447 Y1:484 Y2:510 Have a taste!
X1:299 X2:419 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Can't...
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Haven't had a drink yet!
X1:278 X2:441 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I have. - You have?
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Yes. - Don't wake the children!
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Who did the milking?
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:510 - We did. The children shone for me.
X1:215 X2:502 Y1:448 Y2:510 - The children shone! - The children shone!
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:448 Y2:515 You in there, Mr. Komarek! You here, Olda!
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They held the lamp!
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:516 They held the lamp.
X1:284 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:510 What now?
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:448 Y2:516 - That's music. He sure can play.
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Couldn't he wait till morning?
X1:302 X2:416 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I'll ask.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:510 What do I ask?
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:448 Y2:516 - If he could wait till morning. - Alright.
X1:300 X2:418 Y1:484 Y2:510 He can't.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:484 Y2:516 - This is and awful holiday!
X1:128 X2:591 Y1:448 Y2:516 In the morning that old motor-saw, at night he plays the violin.
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:510 - That's a viola.
X1:136 X2:581 Y1:448 Y2:516 He just says he'll sell the cow and won't sow again next spring.
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 - It's impregnated, but the damp could spoil it.
X1:160 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 - But he's not doing anything.
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:484 Y2:516 - He's a slow country type, Vera!
X1:108 X2:610 Y1:484 Y2:516 It takes him a while to get into action.
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We made a basic mistake!
X1:125 X2:594 Y1:484 Y2:516 - What are you looking for, Radim?
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:484 Y2:515 - We wine and dine him,
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:484 Y2:516 do his errands by car,
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:484 Y2:516 we're company for him
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:448 Y2:516 and we pay rent; he'd be crazy to move!
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Why not be friendly?
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:448 Y2:510 - We're overdoing it! Look at Kokes...
X1:253 X2:464 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I'm not sure...!
X1:196 X2:523 Y1:448 Y2:510 Expect me to dig a hole in front of his door too?!
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:448 Y2:510 - No! But we're practicing the other extreme!
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:484 Y2:516 - It just needs more patience.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:484 Y2:516 - And don't give him a break!
X1:205 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:515 Keep asking him! Has he written his son,
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:484 Y2:516 has he found a buyer for the cow!
X1:092 X2:626 Y1:484 Y2:516 And start wading through the red tape...
X1:109 X2:609 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Mr. Miller, you promised to show us the mill wheel
X1:118 X2:599 Y1:484 Y2:516 when there's enough water, and tell
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:448 Y2:516 that water-sprite story. - Yes, the story.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:516 Today's the day, then.
X1:193 X2:527 Y1:448 Y2:516 Now I'll tell you the story of the water-sprite
X1:208 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:516 who helped the miller.
X1:119 X2:598 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Remember we have children here!
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:448 Y2:515 - I know. The miller stood here,
X1:209 X2:510 Y1:484 Y2:516 he set the thing going,
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 then he was fetched away...
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 It's only a legend, of course!
X1:179 X2:538 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'd love to hear that again
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 when it's quiet some time!
X1:128 X2:590 Y1:484 Y2:516 - So they want to hear it again too!
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 Everybody enjoys it!
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:484 Y2:510 Goat! You beast!
X1:265 X2:453 Y1:484 Y2:510 Goat! Goatee!
X1:253 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:516 Where are you?
X1:280 X2:437 Y1:484 Y2:510 Come here!
X1:265 X2:453 Y1:484 Y2:510 Goat! Goatee!
X1:248 X2:471 Y1:484 Y2:516 Damned glutton!
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:484 Y2:515 Some idiot, Mr. Miller is.
X1:267 X2:452 Y1:484 Y2:516 No! Hey! Hey!
X1:288 X2:432 Y1:448 Y2:510 What is it? - A flea!
X1:250 X2:468 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Some insect...
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I saw it jump in here.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:484 Y2:516 - A little grass-hopper, maybe!
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Grass-hopper, my foot...!
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I'm itching, Mummy! - So am I!
X1:271 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Let me see!
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:448 Y2:510 Just look at this! Look at this!
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:448 Y2:510 Your grass-hoppers! - How could there be fleas?
X1:255 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:516 - From the dog!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 I told you it keeps scratching!
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Komarek said dog fleas
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:516 don't bother people!
X1:274 X2:444 Y1:484 Y2:510 - I don't care
X1:264 X2:452 Y1:484 Y2:516 what he says.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:484 Y2:510 We're all bitten
X1:138 X2:581 Y1:448 Y2:510 and I refuse to spend my holiday in a flea-hole!
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Where've you got to, goat?
X1:305 X2:412 Y1:484 Y2:510 Goatee!
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:484 Y2:516 Do as you like, then!
X1:274 X2:445 Y1:484 Y2:516 You still up?
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We've got fleas!
X1:278 X2:441 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You have? Good night!
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:484 Y2:515 Mind out, children!
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:516 Keep your distance!
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:448 Y2:510 - First show him it's you, so he's not scared!
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:515 - It's me, don't be scared!
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:448 Y2:510 Come here! Come on! Come here Isha!
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:448 Y2:510 Don't be afraid! Hold still!
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:510 You'll fell better too!
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:484 Y2:510 Don't be afraid!
X1:300 X2:418 Y1:484 Y2:510 That's it!
X1:179 X2:538 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Those are only dog fleas, people don't catch them!
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Hold still, Isha!
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:484 Y2:510 - The kennel too!
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Come here, Isha!
X1:325 X2:394 Y1:484 Y2:510 Wait!
X1:297 X2:420 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Devil! - Doggie!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Show yourself!
X1:198 X2:521 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Is Mr. Komarek home?
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:484 Y2:515 - He is, come in!
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:448 Y2:510 Doesn't your dog have fleas? - Yes.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:516 But only dog fleas, people don't catch those.
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:484 Y2:516 I've had just about enough.
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:484 Y2:516 How can I make any plans?
X1:135 X2:584 Y1:448 Y2:510 You'll have to talk to him. He must tell us will he sell or not!
X1:162 X2:558 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He promised to sell the cow and not sow again in spring.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Has he written to Slovakia? He hasn't.
X1:128 X2:592 Y1:448 Y2:516 Has he found a buyer for the cow? Nope.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:484 Y2:516 He's done nothing!
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We should remind him...
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I can just see you...
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:516 You must speak forcefully! Will you sell out? When?
X1:135 X2:584 Y1:448 Y2:516 You won't sell out? Alright, we'll find something else.
X1:293 X2:424 Y1:484 Y2:510 Come on!
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:448 Y2:510 Good afternoon, Mr. Komarek. - Good afternoon!
X1:168 X2:551 Y1:448 Y2:510 - God bless! - Have some coffee with us?
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Well, if you insist.
X1:259 X2:458 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Here you are. - Thank you.
X1:254 X2:465 Y1:448 Y2:516 I might break it! Here you are.
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'm used to my own mug.
X1:298 X2:420 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Right...
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:484 Y2:516 Autumn's drawing near...
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Doesn't time fly.
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What are your plans afterwards? - Afterwards?
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:484 Y2:516 Winter'll be coming, the snow...
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What about Slovakia?
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They have hard winters too.
X1:300 X2:418 Y1:484 Y2:510 Oh dear!
X1:241 X2:478 Y1:448 Y2:510 My son wrote... - So he's written?
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They have snow-drifts 2 m. High!
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Of course, in Slovakia... We went to Slovakia and...
X1:122 X2:596 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We want to talk about the cottage.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Yes, you should buy it.
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:448 Y2:516 Yes! It's all the same to you. - Exactly!
X1:114 X2:604 Y1:484 Y2:510 That's what we wanted to talk about.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I'd keep my little room and the rest'd be yours.
X1:116 X2:603 Y1:448 Y2:516 I'd keep an eye on the place for you, you'd have milk...
X1:129 X2:589 Y1:484 Y2:510 - You mean - live on here with us?
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes. When I die, it'll be all yours.
X1:150 X2:567 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We'll have to think about that.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 We hadn't thought about that.
X1:160 X2:560 Y1:484 Y2:516 Don't we get along famously?
X1:187 X2:533 Y1:484 Y2:516 But it is great here, what?
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:515 - So look, Olda.
X1:104 X2:614 Y1:448 Y2:510 I finish here the day our holiday does! - No rush!
X1:141 X2:576 Y1:448 Y2:516 - It's as clear as daylight. - Everything will turn out alright!
X1:099 X2:618 Y1:448 Y2:516 - As clear as day! Nothing will change! Fleas, chicken droppings!
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:448 Y2:516 I'll put a harness on him! You'll groom him,
X1:091 X2:627 Y1:448 Y2:516 we'll be crammed into one damp room - and the only difference will be that
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:516 except that we'd pay 20,000! We'd be crazy!
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:448 Y2:515 Home, children! - Look here, Vera...
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Make your choice. Either me or the old man.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good morning! - Good morning!
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Hello, what's up?
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:448 Y2:515 - The kids are flea-bitten and Vera's worried,
X1:165 X2:555 Y1:448 Y2:516 They were dog-fleas, is there no danger of rabies?
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:484 Y2:516 Sorry to bother you, pal.
X1:271 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Let me see!
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:484 Y2:510 We've never had this here before.
X1:175 X2:545 Y1:448 Y2:516 Where did you catch them? - At the cottage.
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'll prescribe you some powder.
X1:252 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Can I scratch? - Yes.
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:448 Y2:516 Listen Olda... Do mushrooms grow there?
X1:283 X2:435 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Tons, pal!
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:448 Y2:510 A lovely place. - I know.
X1:170 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:510 But while Komarek's around Vera'll never be satisfied!
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He won't sell? - He wants us to buy it
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:484 Y2:515 with him included,
X1:135 X2:582 Y1:484 Y2:510 and we'd have to wait till he dies.
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:448 Y2:516 How old is he? - Over seventy.
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What did his father die of?
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:484 Y2:516 Heart and lungs are sound,
X1:291 X2:429 Y1:484 Y2:516 no vertigo
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:510 takes life with humour
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:516 digestion excellent!
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:484 Y2:516 He'll outlive us yet, chum!
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:510 This drives Vera berserk.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:448 Y2:516 We just live with the animals and can't keep the place clean.
X1:315 X2:402 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Wait!
X1:220 X2:500 Y1:484 Y2:516 Has he got a visitor?
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:484 Y2:515 - No, he talks to the radio.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...I'll fulfil three wishes for you.
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Mind it's not a trap, boy!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 He has nobody else to talk to.
X1:205 X2:514 Y1:484 Y2:516 We're going for a walk!
X1:131 X2:586 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He had three wishes and wasted two already.
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:516 The ants will help him,
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:516 he helped them out too.
X1:288 X2:429 Y1:484 Y2:516 Good day!
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:484 Y2:515 A bastard, that Kokes.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:516 He's stuffed up their chimney.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:484 Y2:516 They'll freeze in winter.
X1:137 X2:581 Y1:448 Y2:516 - What have they done to him? - Nothing. They don't want to die.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:484 Y2:516 Water's the best way.
X1:262 X2:457 Y1:484 Y2:516 They jump out
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:484 Y2:516 from between your fingers.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:484 Y2:516 This way it's sure.
X1:120 X2:597 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Would you care that the place had no electricity?
X1:144 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Definitely not. You've got electricity in Prague.
X1:102 X2:617 Y1:484 Y2:516 D'you know what I'd do with that roof?
X1:308 X2:409 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Tile it. - Yes.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 With old corrugated tiles.
X1:132 X2:586 Y1:484 Y2:516 And I'd let grass grow in the yard.
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Grass, right.
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:448 Y2:510 - You'd leave that threshold? - Yes.
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:484 Y2:510 I'd leave those stones.
X1:300 X2:418 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Vaclav,
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:484 Y2:516 why aren't you my wife?
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:484 Y2:516 Coming to Oumerice, boys?
X1:285 X2:434 Y1:484 Y2:516 - No. Why?
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Local feast-day there today.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Good morning. - Good morning!
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:484 Y2:516 High time, too!
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 They are our guests!
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:484 Y2:516 - These are my Praguers!
X1:160 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Grandad! Look who's come!
X1:295 X2:423 Y1:448 Y2:510 Johnny! Sit down!
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:448 Y2:516 Help yourself! - Thanks. Enough!
X1:271 X2:446 Y1:484 Y2:510 Thanks a lot.
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:516 Roast duck! Haven't had that for a long time.
X1:268 X2:450 Y1:448 Y2:516 Bon appetit! - Bon appetit!
X1:268 X2:450 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Bon appetit! - Bon appetit!
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:448 Y2:516 Help yourself, Johnny! - Yes, yes!
X1:122 X2:595 Y1:448 Y2:510 - You must starve yourself all year! - Oh no!
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:510 The young lady cooked for me - Mrs. Lavicka.
X1:309 X2:409 Y1:484 Y2:516 They...
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You don't know these gentlemen. They're from Prague.
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:484 Y2:516 Stop it, grandad...!
X1:247 X2:469 Y1:448 Y2:510 Just ignore him! It's sclerosis.
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:484 Y2:516 Do help yourselves!
X1:309 X2:409 Y1:448 Y2:516 They... They...
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:484 Y2:515 - Come, Grandad, to bed!
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:448 Y2:510 You must remind him of somebody. Take no notice!
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:484 Y2:515 You don't know them, Grandad!
X1:300 X2:417 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They...
X1:208 X2:509 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Guess how old he is. Ninety-two!
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:484 Y2:516 - That's a good age!
X1:215 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:510 - He must take a rest.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:448 Y2:510 - They... - You don't know them!
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:484 Y2:516 - They look a sight!
X1:284 X2:436 Y1:484 Y2:510 Who is he?
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:484 Y2:510 - The old man?
X1:266 X2:453 Y1:448 Y2:510 - My father. - Your father?
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes! - Your step-father?
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:484 Y2:516 - No, my own!
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:448 Y2:510 Well, goodbye, Mr. Komarek! Take care!
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:448 Y2:516 Be seeing you! - Goodbye!
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:484 Y2:516 Come here, goat!
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:448 Y2:516 Home already? - Yes, holiday's over.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Good afternoon! - Good afternoon!
X1:220 X2:499 Y1:448 Y2:515 Good afternoon! I have another week,
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:484 Y2:516 and hope to finish here.
X1:122 X2:596 Y1:448 Y2:516 We still have to set in the windows, finish the chimney...
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Don't rock me! ...finish off the electricity,
X1:134 X2:584 Y1:448 Y2:516 build the fireplace, I want to do the bathroom ceiling,
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:484 Y2:510 but I don't have a Rabitz wall.
X1:266 X2:453 Y1:484 Y2:510 - What's that?
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:448 Y2:516 Wire netting. You nail that to the ceiling...
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:484 Y2:516 First you daub a bit of cement...
X1:252 X2:467 Y1:484 Y2:516 Help! Catch me!
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:484 Y2:516 Looks like a job for me!
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:510 I can't find him!
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Didn't he ride through? - Must be inside!
X1:254 X2:463 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Mr. Lawrence! - Mr. Lawrence!
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Mr. Lawrence! He must be inside!
X1:254 X2:463 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Mr. Lawrence!
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I'm not working for you again!
X1:280 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:510 It's the end!
X1:208 X2:512 Y1:448 Y2:510 - But all that's left now are the windows
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:448 Y2:516 and the chimney! - I've finished with you.
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Anything wrong?
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The beer's gone.
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You've only got the walls to do,
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:448 Y2:515 and the ceilings... - No, take me home!
X1:250 X2:467 Y1:448 Y2:516 - We'll be going. - Goodbye!
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:484 Y2:515 - But... Mr. Lawrence,
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:448 Y2:510 I'll never rock you again! - No! No!
X1:212 X2:507 Y1:484 Y2:516 I've finished with you!
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 You'd cripple a man!
X1:145 X2:573 Y1:448 Y2:510 We have a cottage by the wood, but it's not ours.
X1:134 X2:583 Y1:484 Y2:510 Grandfather Komarek lives there.
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:447 Y2:516 He's very... He isn't our grandfather either.
X1:125 X2:594 Y1:484 Y2:516 He's very kind, but he's in the way.
X1:141 X2:577 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Wait, Susie! How can you write
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:516 that he's kind and in the way?
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:484 Y2:515 - How do I write it, then?
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:484 Y2:515 That he's kind, that's true.
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:448 Y2:510 - He is in our way, that's true too.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:484 Y2:510 - But how can she
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:448 Y2:516 put it like that, he's kind and in the way.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:484 Y2:516 - How do I put it, then?
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:448 Y2:516 - That he is kind, that he means to move away
X1:134 X2:583 Y1:484 Y2:516 and then the cottage will be ours.
X1:131 X2:587 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Right, that he's kind because he means to move away.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:448 Y2:516 - No! He's kind, full stop!
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:448 Y2:516 When he moves away, the cottage will be ours.
X1:117 X2:603 Y1:484 Y2:516 Decided to spend the winter in bed?
X1:227 X2:493 Y1:484 Y2:510 Where does it hurt?
X1:169 X2:550 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Everywhere. Don't even enjoy my smoke.
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:484 Y2:516 We'll have to get you down!
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Down? Where? - To the car and to hospital.
X1:267 X2:452 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Hospital? I'm not going!
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:448 Y2:510 - It's pneumonia, Mr. Komarek. That's serious.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I've never been to hospital.
X1:175 X2:544 Y1:484 Y2:515 If I'm to die, I'll die at home.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:448 Y2:516 - You won't die, but you can't lie here!
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 And you can't lie here ill. - Don't worry, Mr. Komarek,
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 you'll be back in a few days.
X1:252 X2:465 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Stop fussing...
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:484 Y2:516 I'll dose myself with linden tea.
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:484 Y2:516 I sweat and I'm well again.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Look here, Johnny,
X1:161 X2:555 Y1:484 Y2:516 they won't bite your head off!
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I'll take care of your place. - Yes.
X1:221 X2:496 Y1:448 Y2:510 the feeding... - Of course.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:448 Y2:510 ...and everything. - Of course.
X1:238 X2:479 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Don't you worry!
X1:135 X2:583 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I wouldn't beat you today, Tony! - Hm.
X1:142 X2:575 Y1:484 Y2:516 - There'll be pretty nurses there!
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:448 Y2:510 - What good's that to me? To an old man!
X1:177 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:516 Have you arranged things? - Arranged what?
X1:288 X2:429 Y1:484 Y2:515 - The sale,
X1:308 X2:410 Y1:484 Y2:510 all that!
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:516 - With you staying on here, we would hardly...
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Who says I'm staying?
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:510 What would I do here? - But we didn't know that.
X1:179 X2:538 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Hruska's buying the cow, I shan't sow again,
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:510 I'll die and that's that!
X1:226 X2:491 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Don't think of that.
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Yes. - You must get well now!
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Yes.
X1:213 X2:506 Y1:448 Y2:510 Good morning! Are the Kokess here?
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:484 Y2:516 - We're just expecting them.
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:448 Y2:516 Good morning! I'm looking for the Chief!
X1:274 X2:444 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Over there!
X1:257 X2:461 Y1:484 Y2:516 Good morning!
X1:120 X2:597 Y1:484 Y2:516 - I 'phoned, about Komarek's fields.
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:484 Y2:516 - You're Komarek's Praguer.
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Yes. - How's the old man?
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Still in hospital.
X1:160 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The Co-op's not too keep on
X1:109 X2:609 Y1:448 Y2:516 getting those fields up on the slopes, we'll make them into pastures.
X1:121 X2:597 Y1:448 Y2:510 - So you'll confirm the Co-op taking them over?
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Yes, give it to me!
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:484 Y2:510 - When can I fetch it?
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:448 Y2:516 - I'll do it on the spot. Don't like red tape!
X1:256 X2:461 Y1:484 Y2:515 Joe, over here!
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:448 Y2:510 My regards to the old man! - Thanks.
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:484 Y2:515 Hell, this is the fifth time!
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:448 Y2:510 Look at this! Look at this! Maruna!
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:448 Y2:516 How many times have I said you must sweep the yard properly?
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Go and get stuffed! - This is the fifth time!
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:448 Y2:510 Goodbye! - Chick-chick-chick!
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:484 Y2:516 Goodbye! Goodbye!
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:510 A trash-bin with foot pedal. You don't have that either.
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:448 Y2:516 Hello, Mr. Kos! - Hi there, neighbour!
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Looks like you're all set except for the letter-box.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:484 Y2:510 - How's life?
X1:102 X2:616 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Oh, all those rubber stamps. I've seen enough of them! You have...
X1:273 X2:444 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I know! ...record...
X1:141 X2:576 Y1:484 Y2:516 - The land register, geodetics...
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:448 Y2:510 - The Co-op. - National Committee.
X1:134 X2:584 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Regional National Committee... - Agricultural Agency.
X1:254 X2:464 Y1:484 Y2:516 And the Notary.
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:448 Y2:510 But now things look so bad with Komarek...
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He's still in hospital, but he comes of good stock!
X1:134 X2:584 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Wait... You don't seem to know! - Something's happened?
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Very bad!
X1:117 X2:602 Y1:484 Y2:516 He was getting no better at hospital.
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:448 Y2:516 So the poor old boy asked to spend his last days at home.
X1:121 X2:598 Y1:484 Y2:510 At least that's what Hruska told me.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:448 Y2:516 Hruska's looking after him. The grate!
X1:151 X2:568 Y1:484 Y2:516 I knew I'd forgotten something!
X1:221 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:516 D' you have a grate?
X1:310 X2:407 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Hello! Hello!
X1:310 X2:407 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Hello! - Hello!
X1:231 X2:490 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Hello! Been waiting long?
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:448 Y2:516 - A couple of minutes. - The notary, Mr. Grulich.
X1:256 X2:462 Y1:448 Y2:510 - The Lavickas. - Hello!
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Hello! Hello! Hi!
X1:310 X2:407 Y1:448 Y2:510 - Hello! - Hello!
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:448 Y2:510 - You see, Mr. Komarek... - That's the owner?
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:448 Y2:515 ...the letter... - Yes, that's the owner.
X1:178 X2:542 Y1:448 Y2:510 ...didn't answer our letter so now we don't know.
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:484 Y2:510 - We'll soon see.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:515 If Komarek has died,
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:484 Y2:516 it would be complicated, what?
X1:107 X2:611 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Such a sale takes years sometimes.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:484 Y2:516 Somebody inherits,
X1:179 X2:537 Y1:448 Y2:510 I had a case the other day with nine heirs to a house.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:484 Y2:516 - That could happen here too.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:448 Y2:515 - Eight of them agreed to sell. One refused, and that was that!
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:448 Y2:510 So now it'll drag on for years. The owner should have left a will.
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Daddy, he's crying!
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:448 Y2:516 What is it, Pete? What don't you understand now?
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:484 Y2:510 - Gran... dad... died.
X1:301 X2:417 Y1:484 Y2:510 Go on...!
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:484 Y2:516 They're just talking...
X1:222 X2:498 Y1:484 Y2:516 ...just pretend, see?
X1:082 X2:636 Y1:448 Y2:516 - He may not have died, maybe he just can't hold a pen any more.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:484 Y2:516 - How many heirs are there?
X1:157 X2:561 Y1:484 Y2:515 - A son in Slovakia, a father...
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:448 Y2:516 - Was there a Will? - Hardly.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:448 Y2:510 - But they had a preliminary... ...sales contract.
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:484 Y2:516 - So they should have the right...
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:448 Y2:516 - But such a contract alone means nothing.
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:484 Y2:516 Probably not even witnessed.
X1:259 X2:458 Y1:484 Y2:516 - Probably not.
X1:153 X2:566 Y1:448 Y2:516 - No good, then. - What do you mean, no good?
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:448 Y2:516 But he has the right to decide who is to inherit his property!
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:448 Y2:516 - But as a dead man can't make any decisions...!
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:510 - I'm not saying he can! - The Will is decisive!
X1:321 X2:398 Y1:484 Y2:510 Look!
X1:287 X2:431 Y1:448 Y2:510 Children! - Grandad!
X1:283 X2:435 Y1:448 Y2:510 Isha! - Welcome!
X1:295 X2:424 Y1:484 Y2:516 Featuring
X1:233 X2:486 Y1:448 Y2:516 Properties Costume Designer
X1:289 X2:430 Y1:448 Y2:516 Wardrobe Continuity
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:448 Y2:510 Assistant Director Assistant to Head of Production
X1:205 X2:516 Y1:448 Y2:510 Assistant Set Designer Assistant Cameraman
X1:271 X2:448 Y1:448 Y2:516 Set Designer Make-up
X1:270 X2:450 Y1:448 Y2:510 Sound Editor Film Editor
X1:292 X2:427 Y1:448 Y2:516 Music by Played by
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:484 Y2:516 Conducted by
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:484 Y2:510 Head of Production Team
X1:197 X2:522 Y1:484 Y2:516 Director of Photography
X1:282 X2:438 Y1:484 Y2:516 Directed by
X1:273 X2:446 Y1:448 Y2:510 Produced by Dramatist
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:484 Y2:510 THE END
Na Cha The Great
Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
Na samote u lesa
Nabi CD1
Nabi CD2
Nacktschnecken 2004
Nada Mas
Naissance de lAmour La
Naked 2002
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Naked Gun 33x3 - The Final Insult
Naked Gun The - From the Files of Police Squad
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Naked Killer
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Name Of The Rose The CD2
Nameless - Los sin nombre
Namnam buknyeo (2003) - Love Impossible
Nan bei zui quan
Nanguo zaijan nanguo - Goodbye South Goodbye
Napoleon Dynamite
Narayama Bushiko - Ballad of Narayama
Nashan naren nagou (1999) - Postmen in the Mountains
Nashville 1975 CD1
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Nashville 1975 CD3
Nathalie X
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2
National Lampoons Vacation 1983
National Security
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Nattens Engel 1998
Natural Born Killers
Natural City
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Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD2
Navigators The
Navigators The 2001
Near Dark
Ned Kelly (2003)
Needing You
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Nell (1994)
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Net The
Network 1976
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New Nightmare
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New York Stories
Next Friday
Next Karate Kid The (1994)
Ni Liv (Nine Lives)
Nicholas Nickleby (2002).CD1
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Nicotina 2003
Night At The Opera A 1935
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No 3 Limited
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No End 1985
No Good Deed 2002
No Mans Land
No Mans Land 2001 Limited
No News From God
No Way Back
No way out
Noam Chomsky Distorted Morality (2003)
Nobody Someday
Nobodys Fool 1994
Nocturne (1980 I)
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Noises Off 1992
Nomads 1986
Non ti muovere
Norma Rae
Normais Os 2003
North Sea Hijack 1980
North Shore
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