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Nabi CD1

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sonpyong 1975
I'm not supposed to be wasting my time on a rabbit drumstick.
Here, have the front Iegs then.
There's an oId saying that says send horses to an open pIain,
and send peopIe to big cities.
In short, whether you're human or animaI,
you need to get out in the open and mix with the crowd.
So we're going to SeouI?
Catch what I'm saying here.
Not us, me.
I don't know who said it,
but I sure have respect for the guy.
And that's why I need to get out of here.
This pIace isn't for YOUN Min-jae.
You understand, right?
Why do you aIways have to cry Iike that?
I swear on this snow.
I'II be back in a year on a snowy day Iike today.
You trust me, right?
Look. You trust me, right? You know how true our Iove is.
How do you do?
Go home.
The shades aren't too dark?
They're just fine.
I toId you.
What are you doing?
Your coIIars are up.
Get with it.
This is a fad in SeouI.
I'm just worried.
About what?
GirIs in SeouI wiII aII chase after you.
Eun-ji, you're more beautifuI than most girIs in SeouI.
AII they have is make-up.
Have a good day.
Go home now, I'II see you.
I'II see you soon, okay?
You have to Iet go. There's nothing in it.
Let go.
The train's here. Let go.
I'm Ieaving to better my Iife. What are you doing?
Come on, pIease.
Eun-ji, Iet go.
Min-jae, Min-jae.
Don't worry. Just go home.
I'II come back Iooking good,
-Min-jae -so don't worry and go home
Eun-ji, don't worry and just go, okay?
I'II be waiting for you.
Just go now.
I'II be waiting for you.
Hey Axe, didn't I teII you to get out of my way?
Come on, just Iet me go.
Let me go!
Boss, I'm here.
It's me, Min-jae.
ReIax. CaIm down and come sit.
What did you teII me when we first met?
You said you wanted to Iive in styIe, right?
And that's why you said you wanted to become a gangster.
And now you want out? You'II just Ieave us?
I thought I'd Iive in styIe if I worked for you.
But evidentIy, there's no styIe. I want to end my thug Iife here.
So then what? What wiII you do?
I'm going to become a phiIanderer.
I'm going to seduce rich women and get them to pay up.
You may go now.
-Boss! -Just go.
Thank you, boss.
One more thing, Min-jae.
I couId careIess if you become a phiIanderer or a pIayboy.
Just don't teII anyone you worked for me.
It's a goddamn shame.
Boss, you sure you shouId Iet him go Iike that?
He's a catch, but he's no thug materiaI.
The kid has too much heart.
Sister dear...
Love is eternaI.
Imagine if there were no Iove in our Iives.
I just can't stand peopIe that try to buy Iove.
-Sister. -Yeah?
You beIieve in Iove, right?
-Thanks. -What for?
You're right.
Love is eternaI.
I must've Iost it.
My husband didn't hit me out of hate.
It was probabIy aII out of Iove.
And he probabIy stomped on me
without knowing that it was me.
He probabIy knew.
Thanks to you, I regained my rationaIity.
Thank you so much.
-No, you see... -Have a good Iife, honey.
It's way too Iate. I need to go fix him dinner.
Wait, I didn't have dinner either.
You're no good as a phiIanderer.
You shouId become a marriage counseIor.
Shut up.
You need to stop that Iove buII shit.
Just get straight to the point.
And Iook, if you're trying to pIay the game,
You don't want to be aII nice.
Get to the point.
I got some good stuff. Wanna check it out?
Thought I aImost had it this time.
-It doesn't hurt to Iook. -Hey, Dong-shik.
I'm just trying to be a humane phiIanderer, you know.
I mean, being a phiIanderer is a service-centric profession.
But then we got aII these inhumane suckers, you know.
EspeciaIIy for you two, I'm wiIIing to offer you the best,
and the most advanced, you know?
-Get out. -For aImost nothing.
I said, Ieave.
Good day.
Just watch. I'II get another chance.
Sure. That's what dreams are for.
I'm teIIing you.
I'II find someone, hit it big, and Iive in styIe.
You'II see.
Hey, Dong-shik.
I'II show you how it's done today.
She's mine.
It'd be great if you couId heIp, but if not, I have a pIan.
Just remember when you first came to our store.
If I bIurt it out, you know your oId man won't be happy.
We'II taIk over a drink.
What an honor to be getting a drink from Hae-mi.
That's for your medicaI biII.
If you're thinking the oId Hae-mi, think again.
I make a caII, you're dead.
Keep caIIing if you want money for medicaI biIIs.
I can't pay you a penny other than medicaI expense.
You bitch! Since when did you...
turn aII arrogant and condescending.
You fuckin' whore!
Who the heII are you?
Let's run, ma'am!
Get him!
It shouId be safe here. This pIace is temporariIy cIosed.
You're aII wet.
Ma'am, if it weren't for me today, you wouId've gotten in big troubIe.
Choi back there... he's known for beating women.
Anyway, he must've reaIIy Ioved you, huh?
Stupid bastard.
Ma'am, Iove is eternaI.
Imagine if there were no Iove in our Iives.
You beIieve in Iove, right?
WeII... uhhh...
AII you do is rip off women?
I don't rip off anything.
You said you wouId go hit it big in SeouI.
And aII you are is a phiIanderer?
What did you used to teII me?
Wait, because you'II be back?
It's been five years since you Ieft.
Eun-ji. It's reaIIy you, huh?
Wait a second. Is it reaIIy you?
Was it that hard to make a caII?
I never crossed your mind?
Of course, I did.
I thought you were dead.
You know what, it wouId've been better if you were dead. What's this now?
WeII... I thought of kiIIing myseIf.
But it's me we're taIking about. You know, YOUN Min-jae. Remember?
I wanted to hit it big and Iive with you tiII death do us part.
Has it reaIIy been five years?
One thing though, do you have to be that rude to me?
What's wrong, Eun-ji?
I'm OH Hae-mi. The Eun-ji you know died five years ago.
What? Eun-ji?
Hey, Eun-ji.
Eun-ji, you can't just Ieave Iike this.
Let's taIk and catch up.
Hey, Eun-ji. Locked, huh?
Hey, roII down the window for a sec.
Eun-ji! Come on, roII down the window!
I swear on this snow.
I'II be back in a year on a snowy day Iike today.
Eun-ji! Don't worry. Just go home.
I'II come back Iooking good, so don't worry and go home.
Eun-ji, don't worry and just go, okay?
Let me get another bottIe pIease.
That's enough.
I won't put it on the tab, don't worry.
Sir, how about a shoe shine?
No thanks, I'm good.
Come on, I'II shine them reaI good. Give it a try.
I said, no thanks.
Come on, you know you want it.
I got some good stuff here. Want to take a Iook?
-I'II make it shine Iike a mirror. -It doesn't hurt to Iook.
You bastards. Don't you see I'm trying to get some reading done?
HoId on, who might this be?
Do you know me?
I had dreams about you, and you don't remember me?
I think you're mistaken.
You're Gwang-paI from Kyungsang province aIright.
It's me. WANG Do-chuI from ChoIIa.
I'm not CHO Gwang-paI.
Hey, Iow-Iife.
You ruined my Iife and you don't remember me?
You stinking bastard.
ReIax, Do-chuI, wiII you?
It reaIIy wasn't my fauIt. I got the stuff aII for you.
I didn't know that it wouId have side-effects Iike that.
Do-chuI, I'm trying to move on with my Iife now.
I even have a wife with a baby inside.
So you were Iiving happiIy whiIe my famiIy was getting screwed.
No, man. I'm bareIy getting by.
You bastard!
Do you know what happened to my dick after I took the piIIs you soId me?
It won't get hard and it's been sIeeping ever since.
It's sIeeping?
-It won't get up. -ReaIIy?
-No more erection. -None?
I turn impotent overnight.
My wife hits it off with this guy next door.
I'd have to kiII you to make up for what I've been through.
Anyway, you're dead today.
Come here!
Hey, drugs cause different reactions on different peopIe.
Don't come near me. I'm gonna run.
How fast do you run a hundred meters?
Thirteen seconds.
I can do that in tweIve seconds fIat.
I ask for your mercy, man.
That's not happening.
You stinking bastard!
CongratuIations, sir!
CoIoneI, it's about time you find the right woman, sir.
Your nephew's had enough hard work.
That's right. That's right.
TeII him to come in.
Is someone here?
They sent someone from the 32nd division.
Isn't that the Samchung RevivaI Camp?
I guess he's in a hurry for reIocation.
Captain Hwang from 32nd division, sir.
Happy birthday, sir.
Leave your gift there and Ieave.
Hey, where are you from?
What, sir?
Where were you educated?
United Armed Forces academy, sir.
No wonder he's running errands with a captain rank.
I don't think where you come from is important as a soIdier.
-How dare you... -Wait, wait...
Then, what do you think is important?
It's one's patriotism for his country, sir.
That's respectabIe.
I shouId have someone Iike that under me.
Since you came, have some dinner before you go.
This is no pIace for him to join.
No, no.
Since you're here aIready, eat before you go.
Wash your face with this.
There's a guest.
He said he was a hometown friend.
HoIy cow.
What brings you here?
You can go now.
This house is awesome.
What's this here?
Are you crazy? Where do you think this is?
What? I'm just here to visit an oId friend.
What happened to you?
Did you find a goId mine or something?
How did you find me?
It's not too hard.
How many peopIe in Korea do you think drive fancy cars Iike that?
Hey, Eun-ji, those are aII expensive stuff, huh?
Are theses antiques?
Eun-ji, are these reaI goId? You found a goId mine, didn't you?
With just a few of these, you couId Iive in styIe.
You want them?
Of course.
Then take them.
ReaIIy? You sure I can take these?
As Iong as you don't get caught.
Who's going to catch me?
Don't you want to know who the owner is?
It's someone that can easiIy kiII any one of us instantIy.
Then don't teII him.
Then take them.
I'm reaIIy taking them, okay? What the heII, why not?
Fuck it. I'm not taking them.
If I take them and go into hiding,
they'II never find me as you said.
But then, what's going to happen to you?
You said the guy can kiII any one of us,
so that incIudes you too, right?
I'm okay, but you shouIdn't get hurt because of me.
You Iook reaIIy good. Look at where you're Iiving.
You have a sIick car and everything. Don't get in troubIe because of me.
You need to Iearn, girI.
Anyway, this is some styIe we got here.
What brings you home at this hour?
I was nearby. Just wanted to get changed.
Ummm... the thing is...
Take my cIothes first.
Are you stiII smoking?
What did I teII you?
I said bad habits are better rid than done!
Once you taste something new, you forget the vaIue of the oId.
Don't go anywhere and stay home.
Eun-ji, Iook, you okay?
Just go.
What's going on? TaIk to me.
Just go.
Eun-ji, wake up. What's going on?
PIease go.
You're in danger, go.
I'm begging you. Just Ieave.
You can't stay here. Just go.
Come on, go. PIease go. You gotta go.
Min-jae, go.
So you're home, huh?
Remember me?
You know, the day you threw noodIe soup at me.
Look at what you did.
How is it? Looks good, right?
Why don't you try running again?
Now that I know where you Iive.
CouIdn't you forgive me?
You IittIe piss ass.
My dick's dead.
So now it's your turn.
You dog!
They caII me buIIdog.
Stop right there!
Stop, you fooI!
I said, stop.
Get him!
Sir, Iisten. PIease heIp.
What are you two?
Excuse me.
I just need to get him. So just do as you were.
-Come here. -what?
I just have a personaI business with this guy to take care of.
Come here!
Crazy fucks.
I think your expression is a IittIe excessive.
Don't you know where this bus is headed to?
This bus is going to the Samchung RevivaI Camp.
Fine. Just take me anywhere, but here.
I don't care what camp it is, just take me.
RevivaI sounds good.
You bastard.
Either you Iet the both of us go, or take both of us.
I'm not Ieaving this bus without him.
Fuckin' asshoIes. KiII them!
Do you Iike it?
You can never Ieave me unIess I dump you.
Are you crazy? What are you doing here?
FoIIow me.
I'm sorry. OnIy if I hadn't showed up.
It hurt a Iot, right? What does he do anyway?
Why do you have to Iive with a guy Iike that?
Two years after you Ieft for SeouI,
everyone in town Ieft because an army base was moving in.
That's when Butcher PaI-bong offered to find you for me in SeouI.
The day we came to SeouI, PaI-bong soId me to a Geisha house and Ieft.
PaI-bong... fuckin' asshoIe...fuck.
It's aII my fauIt.
Then I was introduced to this soIdier who said he couId find you.
He said he couId find you for sure.
I was stupid for beIieving him.
If I had known the shore was this cIose, I wouId've came aIready.
It's great here.
Thank you god for finding Min-jae.
Are you here for Hae-mi?
She's been shocked by a sudden externaI impact.
She needs to rest.
What now?
What about it?
Isn't it pretty?
It doesn't sting?
For me.
I'II go with this one.
Get him the butterfIy just Iike me.
ButterfIies aren't for men.
But it's something to remember me by when you go to SeouI.
Christ... WeII then.
This one's okay, I guess.
Why do you have to cry Iike that? Okay, okay.
Let me get the same one.
They said you'II be okay if you get some rest.
I'm reaIIy not the oId Eun-ji.
I've changed a Iot.
That's okay, Eun-ji.
Can you forgive me?
You didn't do anything wrong. There's nothing to forgive.
I'm the one that shouId be asking for forgiveness.
Can you keep a promise?
Don't go anywhere and Iet's run away together.
Okay, okay. I won't ever Ieave you untiI death do us part.
You said you Iiked the sea, right?
We'II Iive in a pIace with a sea view.
I'm taIking about where we're going to Iive.
With huge paIm trees and a hammock, sipping freshIy squeezed juice.
That's right!
We'II put up a camp fire and
cook up rabbit Iike before.
Let's do that, okay?
Let's Iive Iike that, Eun-ji.
Yes, sir.
Why did you want to see me?
I want to become one of your men, coIoneI.
What did you say was the most important thing as a soIdier?
I said patriotism, sir.
Then, where shouId you be showing your patriotism to?
My country, sir.
Your country, huh?
Let me ask that again.
Where shouId you be showing your patriotism to?
You, sir.
You're reaIIy giving me these cIothes, right?
Are you serious about Ieaving?
You don't need to know.
I'm going to go Iive in styIe with Eun-ji in a remote pIace.
Live happiIy ever after, you son of a bitch.
I'm out.
See ya.
YOUN Min-jae. Take him.
What's wrong? What is it?
What the heII?
Get off of me.
What are you doing?
Let's go.
Hey, Dong-shik. What's wrong? Off of me.
Dong-shik, Dong-shik! What is this?
No, I'm not.
YOUN Min-jae. Odaesan crime famiIy member.
Okay, okay. I'm one of them,
are you happy now? Now Iet me go.
Eun-ji's waiting for me.
I said Eun-ji's waiting for me, you son of a bitch!
Hey, Do-chuI, I guess this is it.
I feeI Iike I'm back in the army.
It can't be as bad as the army.
You never know.
I bet this pIace is way worse than the army.
As far as I know it couId be worse than the army.
Look at their eyes, man.
Did I ask you?
I'm just trying to be nice to you boys.
Show some respect, wiII you?
-Who do you think you are? -what?
Hey, dip shits. Just shut the fuck up.
What are you on a picnic?
You suckers.
You'II repeat what I say.
Trainee ruIe of conduct Number one. I'II do as toId.
One, I'II do as toId!
Two! I'II take aII beatings.
Two, I'II take aII beatings!
Three! I'II eat as served.
Take off everything you're wearing except your skin and bone.
You have ten seconds. Execute!
Take off your watches, neckIaces, and rings.
Freeze! You wiII saIute the commander with 'AIIegiance'.
SaIute Iike a man, and beIIow forth your 'AIIegiance'.
-Got that? -Yes, sir!
Now onIy put on your pants. Execute!
SaIute to the commander.
At ease.
Most of you were deIinquents in the reaI worId.
Our society wiII no Ionger toIerate peopIe Iike you.
With regards to this, the army has decided to heIp you revive
into a worthy human being.
The program wiII Iast for weeks
with its focus on rebuiIding your body, spirit, and mind.
I'm Captain HWANG Gi-duk, your unit commander.
I hope you'II foIIow your instructors' Iead without troubIe.
SaIute to the commander.
Stay stiII!
Can you pIease Ieave that?
Shut up.
Can't beIieve you're cutting it.
I said, shut up.
It hurts.
You don't have anything to cut, asshoIe.
Dreaming of Miss Yang from Daemyung aduIt barbershop.
Shut up and get out.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You're dead once we're out of here.
You think they'II Iet us out to eat?
How can you be fuckin' hungry right now?
You stupid bastard.
I'm coId and hungry, man. Shit.
Patience, RefIection, Patience, RefIection,
Patience, RefIection, Patience, RefIection,
Who are you?
I'II expIain that to you Iater.
I have something to teII you.
You know Min-jae, right?
You know, YOUN Min-jae.
That's right.
A bunch of soIdiers dragged him away that day and
next thing I know, I get this notice in the maiI.
But you see, the Samchung RevivaI Camp is supposed to be way more
than four weeks of revivaI training.
They say it couId take anywhere from six months to a year.
Once you're in, they
don't Iet you out safe
can prepare about ten grand, he may be abIe to work something out.
You know, that's the money. For about a thousand, he said.
But I just can't afford for that money so I come here to...
Get out.
If it's too much five is good.
I said, get out.
WeII then maybe two grand?
Get the fuck out!
Want me to get out?
I shouId've gone with two grand from the start, shit.
Man, I was too greedy.
Is this a butterfIy?
That's a pretty sorry butterfIy.
Stay stiII. Boss is trying to take in the art work.
Go away.
Go away? You fuckin'...
Do you have a death wish?
You disgusting fIab of meat.
Hey, why wouId you wanna bother this scrawny kid?
Get off, you fat fuck.
You okay?
You don't Iook Iike you beIong here.
What brought you here?
No way. You were a gangster? You?
How scary. What's your name?
YOUN Min-jae.
I'm WANG Do-chuI. Think of me as your big brother from now on.
As Iong as I'm here, you don't need to worry.
I got your back.
Hey, Iisten.
If any of you gets near my boy here, I won't Ieave you aIone.
You got that, or what?
What's wrong with those guys? Fuck.
Come on, move.
Wash what you can for the next one minute.
Come on, hurry up now.
Over there, sir.
How are you Captain Hwang?
Sorry for intruding Iike this.
That's okay, Hae-mi. What brings you here?
My cousin's in the camp.
Oh, so he's a soIdier?
No, the poIice had some things mixed up and brought him here.
I was thinking maybe you couId heIp.
If it's your cousin wouIdn't it
be a Iot easier if you ask the coIoneI.
WeII, the thing is...
The Corp commander is paging you, sir.
Hey, I'm sorry. I need to be excused.
HoId on, wait.
What's his name?
Min-jae. YOUN Min-jae.
He shouId be out safe in four weeks.
Can I see him now?
I'm sorry. Visitings are prohibited.
But, Iet me see what I can do.
Thank you. And one more thing...
I wouId appreciate it if you don't teII this to the coIoneI.
Yes, ma'am.
Count, One!
Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Count over!
Numbers one to three may go in and eat.
The rest of you, get on your heads!
On your heads, shitheads!
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North by Northwest (1959)
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