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Subtitles for Nan bei zui quan.

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Nan bei zui quan

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Declare all valuables to Customs.
Items undeclared will be...
...confisticated plus a 1000% fine.
Fei-hung, delcare the ginseng to Customs.
Dad, we've to pay at least...
...a duty of 50 yuan.
Let's pass by hiding it...
...inside our pants.
They won't search him,
taking it for hernia only.
The idea...
Outrageous, outrageous!
It won't work.
You've got nothing but lousy ideas.
The Northern Army has imposed...
...heavy duties.
That's most unfair.
Nothing in this world is fair.
One travelling must avoid as much as possible.
Declare it.
Who's he? Why's he so snobbish?
Who's he?
Don't you know British Consul is privileged?
You don't pay duties...
...if you become a Consul.
Exempt from duties?
Watch out!
What's wrong with you?
Get up, get up!
What the hell are you up to?
He was knocked down.
Why have you given away...
...such a big ginseng?
To avoid tax!
I'll get it back in a minutes.
Let me have another fall then.
By putting everything in,
I don't have to pay tax.
What's wrong with him.
An epilepsy.
Tso, get up!
Set him free!
Dad, I'll pay tax in front.
Take care.
Don't jostle.
Follow the queue!
Catch it, master.
Come quick!
These kids really are OK.
Put it aside.
A pickpocket!
Stolen my dad's purse.
Stay where you are!
Fei-hung, don't chase him!
Come up.
Fei-hung, remember what I've taught you.
You can't win over a local boy.
Don't chase a desperate thief, understand?
But he's stole your money.
Forget it, as there's no loss.
Remember, the important thing in life is...
Forgive while you can.
Remember it.
I forgot.
A man shouldn't renege.
How should I move now?
Think, think it over.
Dad, look, many trees.
That tree's big!
Already gone.
Come on.
Can I concede the loss?
Use your brains.
What? Can't move now.
Are you okay?
How did you catch?
Sorry, old gentleman.
Young man, be careful in playing ball.
Thank you.
Have you thought it over?
Come on.
How come it's "go" chess?
I can't beat you.
Don't go away, vendor.
Dad, you don't like this.
Let me go down to buy toast chicken for you.
Just wait. A vendor will come in a minute.
No, we must go down to get a nice roast chicken.
Right, right.
You yearn for a chance to move around.
Why make an excuse? Go then.
Go, go.
Don't arouse trouble.
Be sure to come back early!
Master, what class is the compartment?
Why are the cattle here too?
It stinks like hell!
It's just another world.
The weather in the northest is OK.
I like it.
This is first class.
The number of foreigners speaks for it.
What are you doing?
Looking for a friend.
Could you possible have friends here?
Right, right.
You mustn't go in anyway.
Can't we just have a look?
No. Get away!
Get away, or I'll get hold of you!
Master, what now?
Let's try something.
Of course.
Master, the next step?
See how I do it.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
The ducks have fled!
Chase them!
Throw away the poultry quick!
Get back the poultry quick!
Hitting me?
A thief.
Sorry, I'll clear it up right away!
What are you doing?
A thief beating people!
Have a bowl of tea.
Keep closer, and I'll shoot you dead!
Don't run
First, I'm not a henchman.
I've already conceded to you.
Who cares? I won lose.
You mule, what do you want?
Simple, just apologise to me.
Apologise to you?
Of course, you've misunderstand me.
OK, sorry.
And let me box you on the ear.
Ducking? Again.
Hit me if you can!
Don't say I'm bullying you!
Ok, I'll play along.
Come on.
Come on.
Drunken boxing.
Sure, you think I'm getting dizzy?
OK, come on.
Come over.
Come over.
Come over.
Well, wait till you get sober first.
Uncle Tsao, God Serving Wine.
Cripple Li, Elbows Whirl and Knees Hit.
Any such blow is drunken boxing?
It's Holding a Jar. New to you?
Fairies Littering Petals.
Grasping Wrist and Hitting Chest.
Han Blowing a Flute.
What's this?
It's Drunken in Battlefield.
Don't worry, stand up.
This hero's kung fu is OK.
Young man, your skills are not bad either.
But your drunken boxing...
No, not powerful enough
and can't kill.
My drunken boxing can't kill?
Let's go on.
You're running out of time.
I'm young and strong. I've lots of time.
The train's leaving.
Who cares?
The train!
Wait for me. I can't keep up.
Your hand, come on, quick!
Thank you.
Have you got back your stuff?
Get up, all of you!
Get down the luggugae for inspection!
Hurry up!
What's up, please?
The British Council has lost something,
so everyone has to be searched.
Have a check.
Open your luggage, be quick!
What's this!
And that?
Bear gall.
What's that? Show me.
And that?
Deer foot ribs.
And that?
Deer tail.
Checked. And that box?
That box...
That box, not this.
That box?
That box behind you.
Ginseng, and you've already seen it!
Open it.
Show him.
All medicine.
Open it.
Open it!
Sir, he's my friend... bona fide business.
He's never been away. No need to search.
Who are you?
What have you got to say that?
His dad is a General in Northeast.
His dad's a general,
and this is his territory.
Check the next compartment.
Go forward.
Let's go.
This young man's quite capable.
Fei-hung, follow his example.
Fei-hung, put aside the ginseng.
You said the jade seal's missing?
The Emperor's jade seal... like the crown of England.
Everything combined here... not as valuable.
The British Empire's premier is my friend.
I promised to put...
the jade seal symbolsing...
the power of Chinese Emperor...
into the London Museum of Art.
I don't care how you're going to do it.
I want it back.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I know who's taken it.
go and find it!
Yes, sir.
The workers at the steel factory...
...refuse to work at night.
Anything you can do about it?
Don't worry.
I'll get someone to convince them.
They'll nicely return to work at night for sure
Go then.
The ancestor be blessed.
All of a kind!
Thank you, Patriarch.
Come on, pay up.
Cut off the nonsense and pay.
For treatment tell him to see Luk-Ah-choi.
My luck's beat you all.
Pay, pay.
One make leads to a series of others.
Madam, Master's back.
Good, why fuss?
Master's back!
What's taken you so long?
I didn't hear it inside.
Let me.
Master, you're back.
Any hardship on the journey?
No, no.
No mahjong game?
I told you repeatedly...
...not to treat when I am out.
Master, you preached a doctor's...
...parental love too.
I couldn't stand... doing nothing about a dying person.
If I did, you'd blame me.
Have they lost much?
Yes, yes.
Need my help?
Gynaecology only.
I alone can cope.
Fei-hung, you've been away long.
Now serve incense to mom's shrine.
Wash your hands before you do it.
Don't laugh.
Get a ladder for him to do it.
Did you water the plants regularly?
Yes, master.
The chips.
What are you doing?
Go and serve incense.
Get up. Go now, go.
This is mine.
It's mine, it's on my chair!
What are you doing?
Behave yourself.
Remember to come again for treatment.
Don't forget.
Madam Wong.
Mr. Chan.
Is Master Wong back?
Yes, he's inside.
What about the ginseng I told him to buy for me
He must've got it. This way, please.
Master, Mr. Chan's here to get the ginseng.
Mr. Chan, you've come...
To get the ginseng?
What are you doing?
I'm going in to get the ginseng.
Go quick.
Mr. Chan, I've bought you a big ginseng.
Sit a while. Let's chat after I've serve incense
Sorry for the trouble.
Mr. Chan, let me...
...bring you a cup of tea.
Good, thank you.
What's the matter with you? Where're you going?
If master knows the ginseng's lost,
I'll be finished.
You won't.
What are you two doing?
Mom, come here, come here.
Mom, we're finished.
The ginseng was replaced on the train.
Tso, you're finished.
Mom, what shall we do now? Do something.
Go and get a cup of tea for Mr. Chan.
What? Get tea?
Get tea
I get tea and you try something.
Do, as I told you.
Go, go.
He gets the tea. What about me?
Come. What is it behind you?
A staircase.
And above the stairs?
The medicine storehouse.
And inside the storehouse?
A box.
And inside it?
Ginseng. Thank you, madam.
It's poison.
What do you mean?
Stop making fun of me, madam.
Better let me handle it.
Mr. Chan, have tea, please.
Thank you.
Dad, have tea.
Mr. Chan.
Why serve tea now?
To show mom my filial piety to you.
A big ginseng, isn't it?
A rare genus of super quality...
...appears only once in a blue moon.
Just put it in boiling water.
After taking it, you assured...
...of potency and youth.
Why have you brought a carrot?
Doesn't it look like ginseng?
I was going to tell you it's carrot,
and a big carrot.
It neutralises...
...and other tonics.
Don't take it within 3 months...
...after taking ginseng.
All right now.
Mr. Chan, my wife really is considerate.
She showed you the carrot,
just to warn you against...
taking carrot within 3 months...
after taking ginseng.
Why doesn't it look like it?
I didn't see it.
Nor did I.
I didn't see it either.
Fei-hung, what are you doing?
I really didn't see anything.
Mom, does it look like it?
Yes, very much.
Brat, where did you steal it?
Dad's plant.
You're finished, but never mind.
Blame it on Tso.
Blame me again? My goodness!
Come in quick. Let me help you.
Are you all right? Did you trip?
It looks like it.
Of course.
Fei-hung's dad, come over.
Sorry, Mr. Chan.
What happened?
Come on, come over.
Why are you acting so furtively?
I want to consult you on something.
Fei-hung's grown now,
he must be lonesome.
What then?
Do you feel that...
Mr. Chan, your ginseng.
Still wet?
Just unearthed.
Mr. Chan, my dad... it hard.
He said it's wild ginseng.
It's to be taken only after being put... a rice container for 3 days.
To bring him a...
...small brother or sister?
No hurry, let's talk about it later.
Why not?
Your master Lu Ah-choi's birthday is coming.
It's just passed.
He'll have his birthday again next year.
That's for next year only.
Mr. Chan.
No, no.
Ginseng has to be put on the chest... get some human breath.
Rember, take it only in 3 days.
And don't forget...
tomorrows fund-raising assembly.
Master Wong.
I must take my leave.
Have you seen the ginseng?
Yes, yes.
Very satisfied!
Let me see you out.
No, let Fei-hung do it. Where's he?
Let me. Please, please.
Take care.
The Militia want you... be their coach.
They ask if you're interested.
I've already given them my word. J647
I know you did. J647
Mr. Chan has left.
What do you want to tell me?
I need your advice.
Are we to ask for...
...a 30-years deposit in advance?
Forget it. You're tired. Talk about it tomorrow
Go in and retire.
Dad, go in and retire.
How long am I going to live?
if they do pay you a 30-year deposit,
that's a good thing.
Why pull a long face?
If dad should see that plant...
Just throw the pot away.
One more thing.
What's it?
If Mr. Chan takes the fake...
...ginseng after return.
Let's wait till he is sick.
Wish he could really wait for 3 days.
Just for some water. Be back soon.
Hurry up
Hurry up
Time for dismissal. No bells
Deliver the coffee before ringing the bell
Fo Sang, my stove's going out. Stoke it
In a moment
Uncle Hing, take care
So I noticed
Time for dismissal
Ring the bell
So much hurry!
Coffrr's here
Off now.
Bells to start work!
I'm the new foreman.
Do as I told you!
What happened?
What's wrong?
Isn't it time to be off?
Today, that's no way to curry favor.
Right, we're already off.
Why did you clock-in?
He is...
The new foreman told me to do it.
The new foreman?
What a waste letting...
...the factory go idle?
So we're working overtime.
4 hours' overtime each night...
...for a month.
Hear me?
What? One month?
One month?
Quiet, everybody!
Well, Mr. Smith,
We'll work over time,
if you agree to pay us overtime.
Right, we must've overtime pay.
We've already paid you overtime pay.
The free board...
...and lodging we provided you...
already cover the OT pay, don't they?
Understand? Quiet!
Mr. Smith, free board and lodging...
are precondition.
We won't work overtime...
...if you don't pay for it.
Right, we won't work.
Let's go.
You won't work OT the 1st day of my appointment.
It means not giving me face.
It's not true.
It's a matter of principle.
Who'd work overtime without extra pay?
Let's go.
Why not?
All back to work, hear me?
Stand back, all of you!
Are you going to work or not?
Who dares to disobey?
Henry, you're great!
Are you convinced now?
They've to work.
Well, you go on with practice.
The racket! It disturbs my sleep
Any way to buy up that plot
The land is owned by Po Chi Lam gym
He just won't sell
Dawn! I must get rid of him
Fun, are you tired working along?
Why not let someone help you?
Don't you agree?
Getting help?
No female dares to kill snakes like I do.
And I can't afford... pay wages to a man.
So I prefer to be alone.
Right you are.
But a female...
...may suffer...
...without the care of a man.
Why not let me teach you kung fu... protect yourself?
I like nothing but drunken boxing.
What good is it? It can't fight.
Come to Sha Min tonight.
and I'll teach you Tsai Li Fu boxing!
I prefer drunken boxing.
What's there to see? Back to work!
So many are waiting to buy fish. Are you blind?
How much?
Drunken boxing beat Tsai Li Fu? I chop!
Master Tsan.
Wong Fei-hung.
Half fish, minced,
and a fish head, please.
Which half?
Snake gall good for the eyes,
suits elderly person best.
Boil snake soup.
You snake has fled!
Never mind. What do you want?
Give me 3 snake galls and one pheasant.
I've already reserved them for you.
Thank you.
Which half do you want?
It makes no difference.
they say your drunken boxing is OK.
Thank you.
Teach me a few moves when you've time.
I won't mince fish today.
Never mind. I'll do it at home myself.
Just do it as I told you. Stop nagging.
I want it right away.
Fei-hung, when will you teach me drunken boxing?
What good is drunken boxing?
It's so sissy.
Wong Fei-hung, you've spoken the truth.
Why don't you ask Tsan to teach you Tsai Li Fu?
What good is your Tsai Li Fu?
At least it's better than drunken boxing?
Never mind him, Fei-hung.
When will you teach me drunken boxing?
Fun, don't you prefer...
Tsai Li Fu to drunken boxing?
Pupils, don't you agree?
It depends on who's the master.
My Tsai Li Fu beats your drunken boxing.
If I lose to you.
I'll pay for the fish and fish head... bought today.
Tsan, isn't that a deal?
Yes, it's a deal
Master Tsan, I'm afraid...
...I may hurt the passers-by.
Let them be the witness then.
Neighbors, ladies and gentlemen.
l, fishmonger Tsan, will have...
...a fight with Wong Fei-hung.
Be our witness.
Come on.
Don't worry, just a token fight.
Go ahead.
Why don't you use drunken boxing?
Great, Fei-hung, you've won.
No, I drew with...
...Master Tsan.
Right. Again.
Master Tsan.
Mom wants me.
Excuse me. My mom wants me.
Your fish.
Well, how much?
It my treat.
Thank you.
All right now. It's a draw.
Buy anything you want.
Getting your food free?
Didn't you fight?
You may get the hell from dad again if you did.
How can we afford... good the ginseng?
Just sell my diamond necklace...
...from your dad.
No way.
Why not?
You're finished if...
...takes the fake ginseng.
Thank you, mom.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
He's the man wanted by Consul.
You follow him.
I'll bring men, OK?
Wong Kei-ying sells his wife's... only in emergency.
Try to cut down the price, understand?
Yes, what a nagger.
Let's go.
Is the drought so serious?
The province... known for infertility.
There's no harvest and no rainfall.
How can it not be serious?
My friend told me one whole family there...
shares one pair of pants only.
Who wears it then?
Any member that goes out.
Mr. Chiu, so you're here.
Sorry, I'm late.
Mr. Chiu.
Don't mention it.
Don't mention it.
Don't you have an appointment...
...with my wife in ABC Cafe?
Are you one player short again?
No, I'll help you to raise funds.
Aren't you coming with me?
Right, I'll try to get a donation from Tsan.
Go quick, don't keep them waiting.
Excuse me, Dad.
Don't arouse trouble.
I won't.
This way.
Go and bring men.
Since everyone's here,
please explain the procedure.
Good. This...
Since Po Chi Lam's in trouble, we must...
...answer Master Wong's request for donation.
Please don't misunderstand.
The donation is not for Po Chi Lam.
It's for the relief of draught victims.
The donation goes to whoever's in trouble.
We're all Chinese, right?
Don't come over unless I tell you to.
Hurry up!
Has anybody disclosed this?
And you?
I didn't.
Don't frame me.
Whoever revealed it gets his face boxed in.
You'll get it for sure.
Luckily... face's OK.
We're no busybody.
Who's busybody then?
They're every inch a busybody.
Cut it out! Show me quick!
Show us quick!
Open it quick to show us.
It's valuable!
It's beautiful!
Show me.
It's understood this is to put in your custody,
and I'll redeem it as soon as I can.
OK. At worst I'll pay a higher price.
don't begrudge it. Produce it.
Did you see what it was?
No, may be... expensive item she tried to sell.
We'll snatch it all the same.
Be careful not to...
...expose your identity.
You act, you help.
Listen, don't wear it to show off.
You may ruin me.
Don't worry,
I'll enjoy it at home only.
When will be our game?
What's wrong?
Thief! Thief!
Wait for me here.
Fei-hung, over there.
Luckily you ran fast.
Fei-hung, great, you've got it back!
My dear son!
Fat, hello.
Thank you.
What happened?
You've hit me.
You can't get over by saying 'sorry' only.
What do you want then?
Kneel down and kowtow to say 'sorry'.
Not so serious.
Never mind them.
They're birds of the same feather.
Nonsense, bitch!
None has called me...
...that for a long time.
You couldn't escape our attention.
You exchanged eyes...
...with that man.
You look wretched...
...even in a foreign suit.
You're hitting my mom!
Mom, are you OK?
Hitting my son?
Mom, is it serious?
Don't dream of leaving her if you...
...don't apologize on your knees.
You're really going too far.
What did you say?
It means fight.
Fight, fight.
What happened to your mouth?
It's all right.
My necklace's in that wallet.
Pass it over quick!
Darling, fling it over to me.
Who's that young man!
Wong Kei-ying's son.
Po Chi Lam.
His drunken boxing is terrific.
It's a superb!
How's drunken boxing? Show me.
He's Wong Fei-hung. I'm on good terms with him.
Fei-hung, teach them a lesson... . .
with drunken boxing.
Dad may give me hell.
Don't worry, I'll outtalk him.
Why don't you promote...
...Po Chi Lam's image?
Come on.
What the hell do you live on?
A bunch of fools! Four beaten by one!
Come on!
Is this drunken boxing?
I think so.
Not bad.
Not too powerful.
Just so-so.
You don't understand.
Go, go.
Hold it quick!
Get us much wine as possible.
You didn't pay for the wine.
Charge it to Mrs. Wong's account.
They're fighting over there.
Go over quick!
Where's he now?
Why's he missing?
Over there.
Hurry up!
Oh, no, I'll go with Yee to call the police.
Don't call the police.
Fei-hung, catch!
Dad won't let me drink!
I will.
You're finished if you're beaten...
and yur gym ruined.
And white wine, red wine.
Can your son drink it adultrated?
why not? It adds to the strength.
Can you make it?
I think I must drink a bit more.
A little bit. Give it to me.
Thank you.
Get up!
Why crouch over there?
It's strong. What wine is this, mom?
I don't read English,
it has a cross & a zero.
Good Wine!
Lu Tung Pin, Drinking Gives Herculean Strength.
Gripple Li, Elbow Whirl and Knees Hit.
Old Han, Holding Jar with Drunken gait.
Uncle Tsao.
Fairies Serve Wine, Choking the Throat.
Come on!
Chang Kuo Lao, Drunken, Throwing cup...
...and kicking Continuously.
Lan Tsai Ho, Serving Wine on One Foot.
Han Hsiang Tsu, Grasping Wrist,
Attacking Chest, Playing Flute Drunken.
This is Angel Ho.
Serving Wine with Swaying Wait & Drunken Gait.
Twist, twist, I twist.
What blow is this?
Angel Pisses.
I've never seen it before.
Uncle Tsao, Cleaning Whiskers at the Brook.
Drinking Removes Myraids of Woes.
Go, go.
Your son wants another kind of wine.
I don't have any.
Go and find it.
Master, so you're here.
What's it?
Master, Fei-hung got beaten.
God on Birthday Celebration.
Are you out of your mind?
Wake up!
I'm your dad!
What happened?
Great father and son.
So it's you, dad!
Why did you fight again?
What on earth is it?
You should come earlier.
Fei-hung fought brilliantly.
The thugs snatched Fa's diamond...
...necklace from Mrs. Wong.
With the little money from you,
I couldn't buy it.
Why did you sell the diamond necklace?
Who's got any diamond necklace?
Mr. Wong.
Why hide Po Chi Lam's financial trouble?
Why raise funds under the pretext of relief?
Po Chi Lam's all right.
Keep the money in custody.
Don't drink anymore.
He's deadly drunk.
Mrs. Wong.
Don't drink no more!
Mr. Wong.
Let's help him back.
You get the wine...
Let me help you.
Why are you standing there?
Go home.
Yes, master.
They're gone.
Go now.
Me, too.
Where's he going?
What's there to see? Follow him!
A bunch of fools!
You're not any good either.
You meant to tell on me?
You meant to tarnish our image.
You brat!
Now everybody thought I raise money...
...under the pretext of relief!
Are you broke?
You're even selling my jewelry.
Who's selling it?
I showed it to Fa as an example only.
because she...
...likes the pattern.
Don't deny.
Mr. Chiu's wife asked him...
...for money to buy it.
Did you lose much on mahjong games?
Fa could've lied to her husband... get the money.
You only believe others, not me.
Is there justice?
Mom, you're OK, you have a way.
Be on your knees properly!
See how drunk you are!
Kneel properly!
I told you nit to use...
...drunken boxing or fight.
But you're disobedient.
Are your wings getting stiff?
You're drunk, you hit your own dad!
I'll kill you.
Why are you hitting your son?
He helped me only because I got beaten.
You prefer to let me killed...
...than have him use drunken boxing?
Like mother... son!
I wouldn't let him use drunken boxing...
...for his own good only.
What's wrong with that?
You expected him to stick to that...
...old medicine shop all his life?
You really make my temperature rise!
You never learn!
Who made a mess of this...
...pot of mine?
Oh, I forgot to...
...fling away this pot!
You're responsible.
why fuss over such a triffle?
Master, why get so excited?
I ruined the plant.
I sold the necklace because I lost in gambling.
And I forced him to use...
drunken boxing.
And I made him drink as he did.
Curse me!
Kill me, I asked for it!
Don't go too far!
Don't just take the blame...
...yourself for anything!
You resent it?
Beat me!
Don't think I daren't lay hands on you!
Why cry? I haven't done anything.
Come on, beat me!
Kill me, and be a man!
Hitting my own wife, why not?
I'll kill...
Just kill me!
One body with two lives of the Wongs!
Are you pregnant?
Why on your knees?
Come. Get up!
You told me to kneel.
And I'll do it accordingly.
I kneel, kneel.
Well, I'm sorry, all my fault!
Great, I'm going to have a small brother!
Get up, come on!
Leave me alone! Keep away!
I crouch!
Watch out!
Put me down!
I hate you! I'll back-somersault!
My fault!
Put me down!
All my fault!
I'll spin one full circle.
Keep cool, it was all my fault!
Tso, get a chair for madam
My wife, sit down, please!
My fault again.
Are you all right?
You framed me.
Only an accident. Get up!
You did it deliberately.
Nothing wrong with your belly?
Don't touch me!
It's all right.
Thank God!
Mrs. Chan wants to see you on urgent business.
Take a rest.
Dad's OK, he's as sophiscated as ever.
Master Wong.
Mrs. Chan, what is it?
Master Wong, look.
This is not ginseng.
I showed it to a doctor,
and he said it's a poison plant.
I knew you wouldn't cheat me with an imitation.
I'm afraid you've been fooled.
Luckily, my husband took only half of it.
He's now only half alive.
What are you doing?
Time for you... repay my favor now.
Beat it for me.
Uncle Ho, go get the antidote Lingtzu.
Boil it and feed it to Mr. Chan.
He'll be all right in time.
Master Wong, I've come to...
...tell you about it only.
I won't disturb you any more.
Who did it?
Master, youg master did it.
Not my fault.
Don't you know this...
...could be fatal?
And you've ruined...
Po Chi Lam's reputation.
Mom, the ginseng grown by dad...
I'll kill you!
Brat, I'll kill you!
Imitation ginseng kills, don't you know?
He knew it for sure.
I sold the diamond necklace...
to buy a ginseng only.
A slip of the tongue!
To evade payment of duty.
Your son hid the ginseng in someone...
...else's luggage and it got lost.
To evade tax for me? Outrageous!
I may be poor, but I'm honest.
Dishonesty is worst than starvation.
Now you've brought...
...this way!
You want to drink?
I'll let you drink it now.
Drink it, drink it like hell, come on!
Drink it like hell!
How dare you fight back?
I've brought you up for nothing.
Get out of my sight!
You're not my son!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Stop it, master!
Stop it, master!
Get out!
Get out! You're not my son!
Stop it!
Get up!
Master, stop it, please!
Master, don't.
Are you out of your mind? He's your dad!
Get out!
Tso, after him!
Thanks for the trouble.
Don't mention it.
Boss, here you are.
Thank you.
Same as usaual
Please be seated. I'll be with you right away.
Fei-hung, your dad wouldn't let you loose,
this is to protect the image of Po Chi Lam.
I see a generation gap.
Let me toast dad. Drink!
No, we won't continue.
Don't drink after this. It's bad for health.
Name a song.
I want to name a song.
What will you name, sir?
Dad's nice. I'll sing it myself.
Dad's nice.
No one's better than dad.
His child's like a straw.
If I misbehave, he boxes me on the ear.
No one's better than dad.
He takes his son for a sandbag.
Punches, kicks, yes. Embraces, never.
No one's better than dad.
A pity I never know.
Look, it's that guy.
I thought it was a dinosaur.
His drunken boxing is terrific.
Well, let me take on him.
It's deep night, don't awake others!
What are you doing?
None of your business,
none of your business either!
Whoever interferes will be eaten.
Run quick!
Stand back, or you'll be eaten too!
Keep away!
Keep away!
Why don't you play?
I'd like to try your drunken boxing.
Dad won't let me fight it.
Watch out, he feigns only.
What's wrong? They say it's terrific!
Wong Fei-hung?
Excuse me.
Why hit him?
Nothing for you.
Stop him from getting closer.
Henry, you said...'s terrific?
How come?
He wasn't like that in the day.
Ask them and you'll be convinced.
Why hit me?
Isn't your drunken boxing powerful?
Show me.
You call that drunken boxing?
Take his life right now!
Mad? With so many around,
just teach him a lesson.
King of Drunken Boxing?
Wong Fei-hung.
Something wrong.
Over there, Master Wong.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
He even gets dizzy.
His dad.
What did you say?
Don't be sorry.
When young,
we ran around naked too.
If I had been present,
this might not have happened!
Young master, don't be sad.
Let me tell you some good news.
All girls in the city...
...yearn to marry you.
Are you happy now?
Don't cry. Come on, wipe your face.
Where's my dad?
In the garden.
Fei-hung never forgets he once...
...won with drunken boxing.
I've my reason for not letting him use it.
There's nothing wrong with drunken boxing.
You've to dink to fight it,
and you may get drunk.
Let alone fighting, you can't even stand steady.
He get into trouble because of this.
Don't drink so much then.
No, he must drink a proper portion,
before it becomes effective.
He gets powerful but feels no pain when beaten.
So it gives the wrong...
...illusion of being powerful.
A drinker knows...
...he can't stop drinking.
Is it worth being...
...a drunkard to use this move?
Water floats but also capizse boats.
A good thing must've something had in it.
Yet a righteous fighter like Fei-hung.
should be excusable for drinking a bit more.
Master, your words are...
...too profound for me.
What is "excusable"?
How does "water floats, also capsizes boats"?
How much drink is a proper portion?
I won't drink any more.
You're grown.
Get up, shame on you.
go and thank your two friends now.
Come on, thank them.
Is he naughty?
Don't touch him. He's asleep.
Come again for treatment tomorrow.
Does Wong Fei-hung live here?
What if he does?
I want to get something from him.
What's it at this late hour?
I can't tell you.
Did those men send you here?
Skirt kick!
Don't misunderstand.
You old dog!
What did you say?
Have you had enough?
You're hitting my mom?
Fei-hung, let me help you.
He's hitting my belly.
Dad, help!
Come on!
Did you get hurt?
I feigned only to make dad fight.
You brat!
Fei-hung, he's...
Stay where you are!
Stay where you are!
We'll join to kill you!
I told you not to move.
I told you not to move!
Are you all right?
I'm Wong Kei-Ying. And you?
You're the coach of the Militia.
I'm Fu Wen-chi.
The last decorated...
...Manchu officer?
It's nice seeing you.
Go in.
Mom, what did dad say?
Damn the...
...military honors.
Don't you understand?
You won't understand no matter how I explain.
Everything's in a mess.
Have you found it?
Search closely.
Fei-hung, have you got it?
Where is it put?
Finished! Finished if it can't be found.
What are you doing?
It's hot. I'm keeping cool over here.
You've a good sense of humor.
Where's that stone I brought back?
What stone?
What's this?
I don't know.
Is it the one I brought back?
I don't know.
I've found it!
You took it away while I was using it.
Mr. Fu,
you came from Beijing to Canton,
and got back the jade seal.
The jade seal is a Chinese Royal emblem.
It mustn't be taken away by foreigners.
Right you are.
There have so far been over...
...a dozen Emperors in China.
Missing one jade seal is not too serious.
If you tolerate the plunder of a jade seal now,
tomorrow he may...
...pull down the Great Wall.
Then our children will have to go aboard... see Chinese treasure.
Don't you know why the Allies...
...invaded Beijing?
To seize the large territory of China.
Would they restain themselves...
...if you don't collect yourself?
It's but natural that might wins.
You won't win respect without spines.
Anyone gets bulled if he bullies himself,
I do. Thanks for your guidance, sir.
Come on, drink.
Let's drink.
What happened? Why so quiet?
They left without saying a word.
Let me go and see if Tsan has come.
Where's everybody in the street?
Chop them, kill them!
What a crowd. Fei-hung, you got first.
I'll lead.
Fei-hung, grasp it.
Go, sir.
How's the situation?
No problem.
We Ax Gang...
...never miss.
So much the better.
Come on!
Undress now!
Follow me!
After him!
What are you doing?
No boat today. Why stand there?
Come quick!
Stop chasing!
Help him up quick!
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Sir. Are you all right?
The jade seal...
Don't worry, sir, I'll get it back for you.
We'll get it back for sure.
Forget it. You can't beat them.
Sir, hold on.
I'll help you back to Po Chi Lam.
My dad will treat you.
Don't die. He'll help you for sure.
Wake up!
What's on your mind?
Why didn't you tell me you would come here?
Neither did you.
Have you found the jade seal?
I'd have left if I had found it. Come.
It's pitch dark. Have you brought fire?
Light it quick!
You want to get back this.
You really are too naive.
I've already taken photos of you.
Intrusion into a consulate means invasion.
I can punish you any way I like.
Kill us if you've the guts.
Do you understand what I said?
We planned to buy the land...
...of Po Chi Lam, but failed.
Now we've thrown out those boxers
Right, Po Chi Lam has been in power for too long
Now it's our turn.
Send someone to Po Chi Lam,
and tell him his son sneaked...
...into our consulate illegally.
and see what he says.
Only if he agrees to sell the land...
...of Sha Min to us cheap,
we'll free his son.
And we can sit back and relax.
He really is foolhardy.
A consulate is foreign territory.
Any intruders are shot on sight.
I'll go and talk...
...sense with them.
Sit down!
You think it so easy?
It's already vexing enough... have a son captured.
They merely wanted to be heroes.
They're not criminals.
It was all your fault.
You taught him patriotism
You lack the dignity of a mother.
Are you blaming it on me?
Try to do something, I beg you.
I can't.
Nor can I.
The truth is obvious.
The British are after the land of Sha Min.
You mean giving it...
...away to them?
If he wants to be a hero, let him,
and don't take him for a son.
If you won't help your son,
I'll beg his mother to.
Sister, your son's in trouble
and now none wants to help him.
Please show me your divine powers.
Release them.
OK, release them.
Are you all right?
Your mom's over there.
Master Wong.
They've beaten you badly.
I've beaten them even worse.
Master, are you all right?
Yes, only a bruise.
Master, where are we moving to?
What do you mean?
Master Wong has sold the land in Sha Min.
What had dad done?
To help you, Master Wong did it.
He sold the land... to the consulate.
Fei-hung, I covered up for you each time,
but not now.
You like to...
...butt in?
I regret not having taken dad's advise.
It's not too late for you to repent now.
Learn a lesson...
...and forget the past.
Take it as a lesson.
Go back.
When will there be sailing for HK?
In 10 days.
Have you completed production?
No problem.
Close the factory...
...for the time being lay them off.
After the shipment leaves,
find cheaper workers.
They always force us to work overtime.
If we refuse, they beat us up.
Now they dismiss us...
...without paying.
and we have... starve.
There are no good foreigners.
Tsan, what happened?
Let's talk about that later.
The one who hit us is the foreman...
...of the steel factory.
Tsan, forget it.
The less trouble the better.
What? That kid's cocky.
He beat us if we refused to work OT.
And he stops our work at will too.
Look, they've promised us nothing.
How could the factory have suddenly closed?
I've lately found they've...
...been acting furtively.
They msut be up to no good.
Fei-hung, what now?
Go with Uncle Hing...
...see what's happened.
Is there really something fishy?
Then we'll try to do something, okay?
Let's go.
Looks valuable.
Why's the curio hidden... the steel for shipment.
I'll go and tell them.
Go quick.
Go quick.
Go quick.
This way.
Get them!
Run quick!
Leave me alone!
Young master, we're leaving.
Go into hiding!
Madam, we're leaving.
Good, take care on the journey.
Mind your belly.
I will.
Keep on writing.
You know what to do.
I'll remember what you said.
I'll visit the drought zone for a few days.
Don't worry, leave everything to me.
Take care now that...'re pregnant.
I will.
I must leave.
Master, I want to have a word with you.
If it's a son,
call him Wong Tai.
If a duaghter, call her Wong Fei.
You're only 4 months' pregnant, still early.
It may be premature.
It's taboo.
I'll be away for a few days only.
Fei-hung, remember.
Master Wong, time to leave.
I'll rein Fei-hung in.
Take good care on the road. Come back early.
Take care.
You may come out.
They really ship away the Chinese treasure.
Wonder how Uncle Hing's.
I've got him involved.
Don't be silly.
No Chinese would tolerate...
...seeing treasures being shipped away.
What now, mom?
Come with me.
Mom, where are you going?
Beat the bastard!
Dad said...
Madam, you're pregnant.
Only 4 months, nothing serious.
Auntie, we told Master Wong...
...nothing would happen to you.
Right, that son of the bitch is lucky.
Tell Fun to get helpers.
Fine, I'm on my way.
See you at the bridgehead.
Fei-hung, let's go.
We're leaving.
Take care.
If anything happens to me,
take care of my dad.
Damn your dirty mouth!
One without ambitions... not my worthy son!
I'm leaving.
Don't ever come back if you get beaten.
Yes, mom.
Protest unreasonable closure,
demand reasonable compensation!
Protest unreasonable closure,
demand reasonable compensation!
Don't get carried away
What are you doing here? Go away!
Hand over the treasure or we won't let you go
You bullshit!
Hand over Uncle Hing quickly...
...or we'll be nasty.
So what?
Throw them out!
Don't move!
Don't shoot!
Fei-hung, come and rescue Uncle Hing!
Come on!
Go and rescue Uncle Hing.
I know where he is.
Good. Keep an eye on him.
Wong Fei-hung's rushing in!
Stop him!
Don't you know what you're doing?
He's helping foreigners ship away...
...China's treasure. Why help him?
State treasure? What about our empty stomach?
Others will do it if they don't.
I won't let you do it.
Have you got the guts?
We saw through... as you tripped.
Didn't that consulate beating hurt enough?
I want to try it again.
Fine, I'll get you carried away horizontally.
Too much talk.
Go kill him.
Come on!
Finish him off!
Come on!
Drag him over, quick!
Drunken boxing.
Just so-so.
Come on.
I also have a fist.
Water floats but also capsizes boats
Now you are beyond help
Fit to it
Dawn you
Mr. Wong, thank your son for his efforts... protect a national antique.
You really are a good father.
General, we might as well tell you.
Master taught Fei-hung...
...drunken boxing.
So your drunken boxing is even more powerful?
Yes, thank you.
Like father like son.
Where's Fei-hung?
to demonstrate his boxing,
Fei-hung wrongly took industrial...
...alcohol affecting his eyes.
But the doctor said it can be treated.
He's so active,
he'll be sorry if he can't see anything.
This is only a temporary symptom.
Over here.
Take photos.
Let's go in to see him.
Good, good.
Please, please.
Hang it up.
He's here.
What's he doing?
Practicing blind boxing.
Master, he's a quack.
He said the alcohol not only ruined his eyes,
but his brain too.
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