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Subtitles for Nanguo zaijan nanguo - Goodbye South Goodbye.

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Nanguo zaijan nanguo - Goodbye South Goodbye

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Reception ain't good.|Can't hear.
Hello, can you hear?
l'm on the train.
l'm on the train.
You didn't drive?
Took the train.
When did you become so romantic?
Flatty wanted to ride the train.
Been a while since l last rode.
Gave it a try.
Not bad.|You met, right?
l know.
-Hsi here?|-He's here.
He's preparing upstairs.
Hello, Hsi.
You didn't drive, Gao?
Rode the train.
-Did you get the men?|-Everything's cool.
Come in and talk.
Be careful with that.
Been here long?
A while.
Here's two million.|Split it up.
Hello, how's the house?
Shit. 240 square meters|for only $11 million?
How much is|one square meter worth?
You figure it out.
Tell him l'm not|into giving away houses.
Don't bullshit me.|Help me with this.
You got the small bills ready?
Do your best. Please.|l need money quick.
Flatty, come split the money.
Don't just play all the time.
Please hurry.|l need the dough bad.
OK? Please. Hurry.
Houses are so hard to sell now.
Still haven't sold it?
No. Damn recession.
Timing ain't right.
What about the dogs?
How's the Mrs.?
She's in Canada.
She took the kids.|Her mom told her to go first.
Quit fooling around.
Don't worry. l'll take care|of the dogs for you.
Hey, Tung.
Lock the door when it's time.|Use the back door.
-OK, l know.|-Put some boys on the lookout.
What the hell are you doing?
Take it outside.
Take it outside, will you?
These are high bets.|Don't screw up.
Hey, behave yourselves.
Sorry about that.
Place your bets.
Money down.
Bets down.
This is competition tea.|l swiped it.
Good tea. Good aftertaste.
Good on the nose, too.
Some say it's bad|for the stomach.
But this tea got its own flavor.
This tea's got a taste.
-This green tea?|-Green tea.
lt's the real thing.
The tea yesterday tasted stale.
That was Mainland tea.
Chewing that areca|got me sweating.
Mainland tea|can't measure up to this.
Smells good.|Good on the nose.
Flat Head, this is for you.
Any luck at the table?
Didn't win.
Didn't lose either.
Here, Flat Head.
You don't get tea|like this everyday.
Beer? No.
You don't want it?
Flat Head,|what's with you today?
Don't know a good cup of tea|when he sees one.
Do l know you?
You upset?
l ain't upset.
What's with you today?|Bad mood?
l ain't in a bad mood.
Here. Where's your cup?
l'll just drink beer.
Turns down good tea for beer.
What a numbnut.
Flat Head, this cup's for you.
Don't know a good cup of tea.
Tai, he doesn't like|being called Flat Head.
But that's what he looks like.
Just call me Flatty.|Why Flat Head?
You're too sensitive.|But you have a flat head.
lt's like the word ''lose''|is taboo in casinos.
But that's what he looks like.
You asshole.
What's with you?
Hey, chill.
Don't bark.|What you barking about?
-What's bugging you?|-What you barking about?
-What you want?|-You asshole.
Flatty, drop it.
He's got some years to his name.
What's he farting for? Fuck.
lf you don't want tea,|don't drink.
You have a flat head, so what?
Everything's cool.
lf you wanna fight,|fight outside.
Don't fight here in my place.
Don't fight here, fight outside.
Tai, everything OK?
Just asked him to drink tea.|Why such a fart?
Flat Head is flat head.|So what?
Don't make a scene here.|l tell you.
lt's OK. lgnore him.
Tell him to come see me.
You're living well|and eating well.
That's good enough.
Tell him you don't do|such things.
Tell him to call me|when he has time.
Or you won't hear the end of it.
That's ancestral property.
He's a mad dog, money crazy.
l'll be back in a few days.
Chow time.
-What's the trouble?|-lt's my cousin.
Daddy's here.
My grandpa left this land|for his five kids.
Go play.
Grandpa wanted|to be buried in that land.
My cousin lost big|on the lottery.
Said they want to buy the land.
Wants to move Grandpa's grave.
Don't just fool around.|Get some food for General.
He's elder cousin.
But, frankly,|who's afraid of whom?
People will laugh|when they hear this.
What's he selling the land for?
He does nothing|but play the lottery.
-Any areca left?|-No areca upstairs.
Get Liu to buy some.
Feng, chow time.
You eat.
So he's bugging your mom?
Bugging my mom. He's mad.
Some kind of man. Money crazy.
What's your take on this?
How to deal with this.
-Take him away.|-Yeah.
My cousin won't talk to me.
He knows what l'm like.
-He just bugs my mom.|-Where you going?
Take this to General.
What about me?
l'll feed you later.
A bowl of rice|to know you better.
Pretzel, a bowl of rice|to know you better.
You hungry.
l must be a cheap girl.
Give me your bowl.
l want lean meat. Not fat.
No lean meat.
lt's OK.|Just not so much fat.
This piece OK?
Not this piece.
-She said not this piece.|-lt's cool.
This piece is like|dried bean curd.
Here, let me feed you.
Shanghai at night
Shanghai at night
You are a city with no nights
Glorious lights
Clamoring cars
Music numbs the heart
You see her
Smiles with regard
Who knows her heart is tart
Night life
ls lived
For living
Wine is drunk for forgetting
Live for today|and youth is wasted
Fuzzy dawn, quick awakening
My investment at Shenyang|is taking shape.
What shape?
Video arcade.
But it's a swan song.
What do you mean?
lt's too late. Swan song.
l contacted my friend|in Shenyang.
-What friend?|-Friend in Shenyang.
Do l know him?
l told you, you don't.
Thinking about Shanghai.
What for?
To invest.|Open a restaurant.
Entertainment.|Everything is good there.
What you hear is always good.
But they won't talk|when they failed.
Like in the stock market.
l know people|who went over there...
and got cleaned out.
But if you have relationships...
Everything will be cool.
Who are you bringing?
Flatty and Pretzel.
What for?
To see what we can do.|Disco, restaurant...
What can they do?
Don't look down|on our combination.
Perhaps we can|shake up the city.
Ash tray. Snub it for me.
You don't think so?
But if you don't|rub things hard...
sparks won't fly.
lt's better to plan|everything ahead.
Right, and you're good at that.
l'm not like that.
l like it unpredictable.
Give me a little time.
We'll have everything.
Hsu, have a seat.
Have a seat there.
Have something cold.
Anything is fine.
Fatso, get me a coke.
This case is getting difficult.
What you mean?
But you know my boss.
He won't take shit.
Talk to him. lt's hard|doing business in the Mainland.
But l tell ya,|he won't take that.
You're making it hard for me.
You can explain things to him.
ln the Mainland, they play|a different tune everyday.
Every fucking thing needs money.
From top to bottom,|everyone asks for money.
This time, l was going|to take some dough...
and go back for one more run.
OK, l'll see if l can help you.
Yeah, is that Ying?
l'm busy now.
He's here. Just got here.
l'm busy. l'll send Flatty.
You wait at the door.
What about Pretzel?
Goin' wild again?
OK, you wait at the door.
l was just talking to Gao.
lt's hard doing business|in the Mainland now.
Everyone wants money,|top to bottom.
Flatty, go pick up Ying.
You OKwith Pretzel?
lt's no use talking shit to me.|She's gone bonkers at work.
You told Gao you take care|of things in Shenyang.
You said you're tight|with the cops.
And now this?
l don't care about|your business.
l just want my money back.
lt's not like|l don't want to pay up.
With such short notice,|how can l get the money now?
That's your problem, not mine.|Back then you said no problem.
Now l don't care.|l'm telling you.
You ain't leaving today.
Tell your family|to bring money here.
Money don't come, you don't go.
You're forcing it|down my throat.
How do you want it?
-And how do you want it?|-How?
Why you hit me?|This ain't right.
Gao, say something.
He can't say nothing.|l'm calling the shots.
This ain't right.|Why you do this?
lt's not like we're strangers.
Why you push me?|l mortgaged my house.
l don't care|if you mortgage your wife.
lt's not my business.|l just want my money.
Take him away.
-Where you taking me?|-That's for us to decide.
-You, stand the fuck up.|-l'll get the car.
Why you do this?|This ain't right.
Damn, power out again.|Just our luck.
Hsu, l'll see what l can do.
What's going on?
l need to go.
Flatty, what's the deal?
What's with Pretzel?
Slit her wrist again?
Ying, don't go yet.
Stop fooling around.
Flatty,|what the hell's going on?
Then why is Pretzel like this?
Someone tell me what's going on.
Tell your big brother.|What's the deal?
Some kind of screwup again?
You can see it.
Her account at the gigolo joint.|They asked her to settle up...
and she tried|to give them the shaft.
Made a huge scene.
How much she owe?
How much she signed for?
Over a million.
Over a million?
Flatty, did you know that?
l knew.
You knew?
Why didn't you stop her?
Shit, always|giving me situations.
How can you do that?
l don't understand.
Are you gonna pay|for the million?
lf you're so good,|you deal with it.
You're becoming a burden,|you know that?
Non-stop trouble.
Enough already.|Yelling won't get you shit.
Your uncle? He's sleeping.
No can do.
l wouldn't wake him up.
No, call back in a while.
Call back in a while.
Why don't you tell me.
You tell me, and l'll tell him.
Found one?
Then move in.|lf you found one, move in.
Call me a little later tomorrow.
Uncle wants to sleep some.
What landlord?
Shit, you guys|got food all over.
Help your big brother|maintain the environment.
You don't even|close the bathroom door.
This is manners.
The whole world knows it.
No wonder l always lose|at the table.
What you say?
What landlord?
Give me the number.
Yeah, 708.
Tell your mom to calm down.
Moving is not war.
Give me the number.
Give me the number, you hear?
You give me the number.
Last name Wu.
What's the number?
What's going on?
Said to come by at 10:00.|What's the time now?
Where's Yueh?
Not here yet.
What took you so long?|What's wrong with you?
The moving company|had not showed up.
Why didn't you call?
Tung, did you call?
l did. Just now. No answer.
You know what time this is?|No answer.
Shit, they're fucking|playing with me.
They play with us,|we'll play with them.
What's going on?
Just hurry up and move.
Do you know what time this is?
Uncle, your stuff's|still not packed.
Couldn't you help me pack?
l'm afraid to touch your stuff.
Who has the nerve|to touch your stuff?
Told you to take care of it,|but you didn't.
The whole family|was waiting for you.
Enough talking already.|Uncle was busy.
l'll help him pack.
Let the moving company|get that stuff.
Will you take care|of your stuff?
Yeah, get busy.
Pretzel, give us a hand.|Don't just sit there.
Wait, l still|got something down there.
Sister, be careful.
What's Pretzel up to?
Always eating.
Always fooling around.
Enough already.|Just stop talking.
You should be glad|she's helping.
Hi, have a smoke.
How did you know l want a smoke?
-Where did you get that tattoo?|-Needled it myself.
-Looks good.|-Needled it myself.
Looks better than mine.
Yours is done by power needle.
-Yeah, power needle.|-Mine is done by hand.
Needled it yourself, heh.
Were you trained?
l needled it myself.
How did you do that?
Regular needles.
Let me see.
All done by hand.
What about the color?
Used pigment.
Pigment for mixing paint|will do.
What you think of mine?
You know what this is?
That's Japanese.
Ghost head, spitting water.
From Tokyo.
From Tokyo?
Tokyo and Kyoto, any difference?
Big difference.
You're good. One look|and you know it's Tokyo.
Always hated reading,|just loved drawing.
Quite an expert on this,|aren't ya?
Studied it,|whenever l found time.
l was my own guinea pig.
My own guinea pig.
The squid ready?
Food is here.
A coke, please.
-What?|-A coke.
How many?
One bottle.
-What?|-A bottle of coke.
And some sweet chili.
Sweet chili.
-Hear that?|-What?
-A bottle of coke.|-OK.
And sweet chili.
Miss, some rice|and chopsticks, please.
Sure, one moment, please.
Rice right up, l'll get it.
No more coke.
Then l don't want it.
But this is good.
-No coke?|-No.
You want it?
-l'll take it.|-You take it.
Flatty, a bowl of rice for me.
What about the house|in Shanghai?
Didn't you get our aunt|to handle it?
She found one.
lt's OK.
Then buy it.|When is it gonna be?
Maybe next month.
Next month?
Good, l'll go with you.
-No problem.|-No problem?
You remember l told you|about the guy in Shanghai.
Chang's friend.
He did well in business|in Shanghai.
He tried to establish|relationships.
Gave people things|for connections.
But he ran out of money.
So he gave them|sausages he made.
But the sausages were so good,|everybody wanted them.
What happened?
Started selling them.|Sold out quick.
Made it a business|and made a fortune.
Accidental success.
Have supper.
Uncle Gao.
Something to talk to you.
Dad, you eat.
Go down south day after.
-Day after?|-Yeah.
My friend,|his land is condemned...
by the government,|plus the pigs on the land--
the government|wants to buy them pigs.
The government authorized the|Farmer's Co-op to buy the pigs.
The government people|and the Co-op people...
want to skim some money off,|sell all the pigs as stud hogs.
We're gonna milk|every drop of it.
lf it's a deal,|we'll stock up on pigs.
Sell 'em all as studs|and split the money...
government, Co-op,|landowners, and us.
-Know what l mean?|-You got the drift?
They condemn the land,|claim what's on top, too.
That includes the pigs,|but not the houses.
-Houses don't count?|-No, just the pigs.
How much are the pigs worth?
Key is to sell them pigs|as studs.
Big difference in price.|Huge difference.
Do it for a day|and you roll in dough.
We'll round up the pigs|and sell.
-What day?|-Day after tomorrow.
Find time to go down.
-Bring some drinks.|-No more drinks now.
l'll get some later, OK?
To see what's up.
Bring your boys. My men|in the south will back you up.
Pack heat,|you need to scare them...
or it'd be tough|splitting the money.
l mean, splitting is simple.
l want a third,|landowners a third.
Government and Co-op|get one share, not two.
l don't want a quarter share.
l want a third, a third,|and a third.
Government and Co-op|can split a share.
Everybody wants a cut,|but who'll get the most?
You get more, and l get less?|No way.
The local brothers|will come out.
Local boys are OK.
Grandpa fainted again.
What's with your dad?
Uncle Gao.
This way, Elder.
We sell the 2000 pigs|a different way.
Sell the government|as stud pigs.
They send them to the Co-op...
and the Co-op|sends 'em back here.
We sell them 6000 pigs|the same way.
When you get 'em back,|give 'em back to the sellers.
There'll be a profit.
Any trouble calling them studs?
You just sign it,|no one would check.
Yeah, you sign here,|who would check?
The more profit,|the more we share.
-lt's like a coordinated effort.|-Yeah, coordinated effort.
Don't get bogged down|on who sells them.
lt's not a personal thing.
What l mean is,|l'll sell the 6000.
No problem,|we'll let Elder sell.
But, Elder, we have to claim|those 2000 as studs.
Do we have to?
This won't be easy.
lf not this way,|Elder would be taken.
No, there's nothing to be taken.
Elder must feel right about it.
Yeah, and you have|to take care of me.
Those 2000 must be studs.
Then you'll make a killing.
Go buy 6000 pigs,|let Elder claim 'em.
You can only claim|with Elder's signature.
The same way--|claim 2000 as studs.
Coordinated effort.
Are you OK?
lt's OK.|lt's better if he barfs it up.
l failed my father.
Ying wanted me|to open a restaurant.
Fuck, the fortune teller said.
l have some tough fights|ahead of me.
l'm only running a restaurant.|l'm so fucking tired.
And l still have|big fucking battles to fight?
l just want|to open a restaurant.
Running a restaurant and still|have to fight for my life.
Motherfucking shit.
Then l don't want to run it.
How can l propose to Ying?
Been doing this for ten years.|Nothing to show for.
Fucking nothing.
How can l talk about the future?
You at Bali lsland?
At Hsiao Kang?
Why are you back?
l'm still at Chiayi.
l'm going back|in the afternoon with Flatty.
Let's do this.
We should be heading back|to Taipei tonight.
You fly down here.
You come first.
Across from|the Chiayi train station.
Easy to find.
Chia Hsing Hotel.
Chia as in Chiaya...
and Hsing.
l'm in 607.
Leave a message if l'm not in.
Get going.
Big Brother's bike|sounds like junk metal.
Big Bro, your bike|is going to blow up.
So far away.
Almost there.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
Tastes good.
Bro, give me some bean curd.
You're such a drag,|get it yourself.
Sit here.
lt's OK. l'll eat outside.
Our ancestral downhill.
Was it condemned|by the government?
What's our share?
l don't know.
Why don't you know?
Heard Uncle said...
about two or three million.
Where's my share?
You wrote|and said you don't want it.
But l later sent|my lD card and seal.
Right, l received those.
Took them to...
Took them to Uncle.
After that,|l don't know anything.
Let Uncle handle everything?
-Gave everything to them.|-What did they do?
l'm not sure.
What do you mean not sure?
That's it.|They took things over.
l didn't get mine.|Donated it for Mom and Dad.
They attained nirvana.|lt said so in this book.
l'll show you.
-Bean curd.|-lt's all meat.
There's bean curd.
-Want it?|-No.
Here, l'll show you.
lt's written here, you see.
''Cypress Tree|strives to become God.''
That represents our dad.
''Autumn Cassia|shades with Virtue.''
That's Mom.
''Regal Seedlings sprout|into Fine Warriors.''
That's us, the brothers.
''Treasure Everywhere|and Blessings Forever.''
That says we brothers|are doing good.
lt's because of the donations|that Mom and Dad become gods.
Attained nirvana, become gods.
How can you not know|about my share?
What they did with it?
-You said Uncle took it.|-Right.
You don't know|what they did with it?
l don't.|l didn't get involved.
Uncle called all the shots.
lt's eating up your chopsticks.
lt's OK.
So you took your share|to the temple.
Yeah, took it to the temple,|for the gods.
lf l want my share,|l talk to Uncle?
You have to ask Uncle.
lt even eats onion.
Hungry dog.
Won't stop eating.
l donated my share|to the gods of the temple.
That's why Dad|became God of the City...
and Mom is lnterim Buddha.
So what's your decision?
Haven't decided.|Lots to consider.
My sister called me|a few days ago.
Said she has type-C hepatitis.
Sometimes she faints.
lt's very serious.
Her husband wants her|to stop working.
My sister asked|if l can go over and help out.
What did she do in America?
Real estate.|For some years. Did well.
She wants me there to help her.
Nothing l can do.
What do you mean?|Did l ask you to go?
Aren't you opening|a restaurant in Shanghai?
How's that happening?
There's no stopping me|in Shanghai.
First, l want|to fulfill Dad's dreams.
Then l want to see|about doing business there.
Didn't you say a restaurant?
How can l go to America?|Don't even know English.
How can l live?
Not everyone goes to America|and knows English well.
When my sister went,|she didn't know a word.
Can learn there.|Learn in that environment.
She said most of her business|is with Chinese people.
l'm dying to have|a change of scenery.
Also for Wei Wei.
l don't want her to stay here.
School here is too tough|for kids.
You ever thought about it?
Hello, what?
l'm at the hotel.
Now what?
Where are you?
Come in, this is like your home.
Come in.
Come in quick.
Sit down.
We don't see you anymore.|You don't come back much.
Uncle, that land we split up.
How many shares?
l don't know how many shares.
How much was one share,|do you know?
Ming takes care|of all family matters.
l had heard that...
you didn't want your share.
l sent my lD card and seal.
That l don't know.
Don't know who you sent it to.
No one cared|that l sent those back.
l don't know.
Who did you send it to?
What do l know?|l just sent it back.
-How do l know who took it?|-Who did you send it to?
Even my brother didn't know.
No one knows.
Why don't you wait for Ming?
Just see how much you have.|Give me that and l'm on my way.
l don't know how much.|Ming took care of things.
Your side took some, our side...
l'm not sure.
-Dad, what's the matter?|-Ming, you're back.
Flatty, what's with you?
What are you doing back at home?
l had some money here.|l want it back.
What money?
What are you now?|Heard you're a punk in Taipei.
l'm here for my money.|l ain't a punk.
What money?
You look terrible, being a punk.
What's with you?
Just give me my money,|and l'm gone.
Why didn't you take it|when we asked?
l sent my lD and seal.
All the houses got their shares.
l don't care if they got theirs.
Everybody got his share.
You just get me my share,|and l'm gone.
Why give it to you?
Everybody got his,|why give yours now?
What? So you're a punk.|You packing heat?
What's with you?
A punk.
Come home and blackmail.
What are you now?
Nothing, so what?
Fuck you, let go.
Cuff him.
Rotten egg. Punk.
Big Bro.
Flatty, Big Bro's here.
What happened?
Who did that?
We went to his brother's house.
His brother didn't have|the money. Sent us to his uncle.
Went to his uncle's,|and his cousin came with a cop.
No two words,|and they beat Flatty up.
They even cuffed him.
Dragged him to the station|house and beat him up.
Said if we don't|leave Chiayi tonight...
then we'll never leave.
l'll get them back.
Big Bro, they even hit me.
Your cousin's a cop?
First Precinct.
l got beaten|at the First Precinct.
Big Bro, where's your gun?
-l swear l'll get them back.|-OK, you listen to me.
We have to keep our cool|on this.
Your cousin's a cop.
lt's easy for him|to deal with you.
He can send his men|to rough you...
or he can plain arrest you.
He can shoot you|and plant a gun on you.
Said you shot first.
You ain't gettin' them back.
Can't we call our guys?
You don't get it.|They have too many tricks.
Wai of Tainan Warriors Temple--
They beat me like this.|lf l had a gun, l would've shot.
OK, l know how you feel.
Wai of Tainan Warriors Temple|is a real-life example.
So we just let them beat us up?
Let them beat us up.
Fuck, where were you?
l've been looking|all over for you.
Didn't turn on your cellular?
Listen to me.
Lend me your gun, will you?
Just lend me your gun.
l got mixed up, that's why.
Fuck, it's my cop cousin.
That's right.
At betel nut's vendor.
Yes, l know that place.
After 9 p.m.--|9 p.m. sharp, OK?
Trouble? No trouble at all.
Don't worry.
9:00 sharp. Fine.
On the left.
There's an areca stand.|United Areca Stand.
On the right.
-Wait a while.|-Here?
Orange here?
-Orange?|-Orange, no.
ls Orange here?
What do you want him for?
We're supposed to meet here.
l have no idea.
-You got a phone?|-Yeah.
Hsi. Gao here.
l got a situation here.
Somethin' to do with Flatty.|See if you can get me somethin'.
l'm in Chiayi.
Need to be careful.|The other side is the heat.
No, he just got into trouble.
See if you can get two.
Turn right at the light.
A bit to the side.
Next to the flashing light|should be the place Ying Valley.
Yeah, l saw it.
Wait a while.
ls Orange here?
He's out. Back in a bit.
He'll be here.|l'll make a call.
Ju Chi.
Ju Chi train station.
Train station to Mt. Ali.
OK, l understand.
Look for Kung.
One 92,|one China-made Black Star.
OK, l'll call you.
OK, say your name,|that you sent me. OK, l know.
Hsi got things set up.
Hello, Fly?
Orange said|he'll be at Ying Valley.
He's to meet me,|but he ain't here.
l'll sing a song|from before you were born.
Lots of love, lots of hate
A world of desire
Male revenge
How do you know
The most important thing|about a man is to have guts.
The shame l took|when l was down.
Abandoned by the one l love.
Wanted to end|the pain of lost love.
The lowly ones, they kill|themselves or hurt others.
You can see|on the paper every day.
Nothing but love and hate,|kill and hurt.
These are really foolish people.
Oh, l'm here to drink...
but now l'm talking such talk.
But you should not|say such things.
l really listen with interest.
Looks like you are a manly dude.
You would be abandoned|by women, too.
For l was abandoned by a woman|three years ago.
The blow to my spirit|pushed me toward suicide.
But l changed my outlook.
Look at love lost|as an experience.
Applied myself|and worked hard...
so l can be here|to get to know you.
Oh, abandoned three years ago.
Do l have the pleasure|to know this customer's name?
My name is Lin.|l am Lin Ching Hua.
Oh, Lin Ching Hua.|You're Mr. Lin Ching Hua.
l'm so glad|you are someone famous...
that l can drink with you.
lndeed an honor for me.
False affection
This is not the way
Debt of three years
ln my heart forever
Much obliged for your presence.|Have a seat.
Let me introduce Hsi|from Taipei.
-Greetings.|-My name is Li.
-Tung, got cigarettes?|-Pour the wine.
Give me a cigarette.
Mr. Li, today we're here|to talk about Flatty.
Flatty and our man Gao.
You seemed|to have taken them away.
Part of this,|l tell you, involves--
Uncle Senator is here,|so l'll be honest.
Part of this|involves my family...
and part involves our interest.
Uncle Senator is here today.
Flatty is my cousin.
We had some conflict|about money.
For that he went out|to borrow guns.
You heard people said|borrow guns. That ain't true.
How'd you know he borrowed guns?
This l can tell you,|l had informers.
l have my own stoolies.
He was talking everywhere.|That upset me.
Of course,|this is also family stuff.
On the personal level,|l need to take care of this.
Not like this--
On the official level,|l also need to take care of it.
Excuse me, Uncle Senator.
l'll be frank.|You release the men to me first.
Then we talk about details.
This kid is--
-Right now, this kid--|-ls his relative?
Kid is my man. His cousin.
This kid?
-They took him away.|-They took him away?
That's right.
Here, drink before talk.
Here, Senator.
You release my kid,|l'll take him back to Taipei.
Here, let me talk to you.
ln truth, this matter--
This is your relative,|and you took him away.
Did the station know about this?
The people above|had paid attention.
Paid attention,|but not understood?
Not understood yet.
OK, this matter with your|relative, let me smooth it out.
All right.
How else can you deal with this?
This matter,|not good to let it grow.
Senator, since you've spoken,|then you be the judge.
This friend from Taipei,|l saw him grow up.
lt's OK, Senator, you speak.
This matter,|let me smooth it out.
l tell you about this matter.
His request is this:|that you release him.
Don't say things|as do this, do that...
get guns, round up the boys.
We didn't, Senator.
The kid is my man,|l told you that.
You release him,|l take him back to Taipei.
Yeah, that's his suggestion.
He said since l'd spoken,|things are smoothed over.
Since l'm here,|l'll bail him out.
What if this kid...
when you take him back,|you should talk to him.
l will.
Frankly, he's a cop.|He's not afraid of guns.
Senator, l'll be|responsible to you.
Mr. Li, l beg your pardon.|The senator had spoken...
or else l wouldn't release them.
Good, no problem.
No, l'd have to release them.
We're all brothers.
-Senator, you had spoken.|-Drink up.
You had taken care of so much.
Since you'd spoken,|l'll let you bail him out.
As long as he doesn't act up,|it's OK.
Tung, have a drink with Mr. Li.
-Mr. Li.|-Here.
Thank you.
Sit down and talk.
You release the men,|and l take them back to Taipei.
-You leave me your pager number.|-Leave me your phone number.
Anything happens,|l'll be responsible.
lt's OK. l'll call the Senator|if anything happens.
Hsi, let me say this.
l had bailed the men out|for you.
Senator, l'll be responsible.
l've told Mr. Li|l'll leave him my number.
Call me if anything happens.|l'll be responsible.
l tell you,|don't make me lose face.
No, l wouldn't dare.
Senator, l wouldn't dare.|Don't say this, Uncle Senator.
My number.|Call and l'll handle it.
-Good.|-Beg your pardon.
Pull the key.|You can go.
Fuck you.
-What are you up to?|-Nothing.
Fuck, how do they know l'm here?
They are smarter than we are.
Look for the key.
You still playing?
Big Bro, light me a cigarette.
Big Bro.
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