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Subtitles for Narayama Bushiko - Ballad of Narayama.

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Narayama Bushiko - Ballad of Narayama

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The Ballad of Narayama
What are you going to do at Shinyashiki, Tatsuhei?
How's your Dad?
Not so well, and not so bad
Arlue, give me the axe
Grandma, how old are you?
Your teeth look so healthy
There should be no problem even eating pinecones and dried beans
I haven't eaten such things before
Grandma has about 33 teeth.
Don't be silly, only 28.
You stop counting after 28.
Surely more than 28.
Kesakichi, stop talking and go to work.
Is that smelly boy still sleeping?
Risuke, Risuke...
Harumatsu's hungry.
Did you go to Shinyashiki last night?
Did you go to that bitch's house by stealth
with the farmhand in the country?
No, I didn't.
They treat that dog like a sweet girl
The ex-master has killed
the farmhand who maltreated his daughter
I said I didn't go there.
Though a farmhand, you are still my brother
You would be disgraced if you caused some scandal
It's so smelly here, let's go over there
Uncle! I...
What happened? Don't scream
It doesn't seem so sweet now.
Where is grandma?
Mum! Mum!
You all right?
It looks like Misuiko in the paddy field there
really trouble to face her at that moment
To meet Misuiko?
She is so fat it would be impossible to make a mistake
My daughter-in-law will send me to the grave.
Within 10 days I think
You must send me there
Risuke, where's Misuiko?
Where's there?
Wash your face a little next time, ok?
I barely can breathe now....
Your Misuiko is at the field
So what, at the smelly field?
She will be smelly soon
So I don't have to go there to handle it yet
Thanks for telling me
Then go there to handle it
or it will hinder my work
She is not smelly yet
However, go there soon!
You idiot!
Why are you so nervous? However smelly she gets she cannot compare to you
OK, I won't butt into your business!
Anyone in the country knows it
So smelly!
If I finish this
I will go to the field then
What the hell is that?
Isn't that what you want?
It's without measure
Isn't that Shioya?
Oh, Suzuba, long time no see
Haven't seen you for a year, the girl is cute
But her mother
Tatsuhei's wife...
I've heard about her. So miserable...
After her childbirth, she went out picking chestnuts
and fell down from the cliff
Get up! get some drink
Has Tatsuhei gone to the hill to work?
No, to the field.
I thought I met him at the western mountain on the way here
Saw Tatsuhei?
I maybe mistook him, as I was so far away
Suzuba, my purpose coming here today is nothing else but..
Isn't this salt?
I've not made a decision to buy it
Not for business
It was Mr. Matayan of the neighbouring country who told me to send it to you
The neighbouring country?
I beg you to do me a favor for Tatsuhei's remarriage
It's so cold
The madam is coming from the neighbour country
She is called Tama
Just became a widow the day before yesterday
She will come here after the 100 days of mourning
She is 37, 8 years younger than you
I needn't make a selection for my plight
Smelly boy, don't come near me
Risuke, don't come near him if he told you not to
Kesakichi will inherit from Tatsuhei to become the master of the family
Did you go to the western mountain this morning?
Shioya said he saw you
You are getting more and more like Ribei now
He said he saw the master?
It is impossible for a man who got lost 30 years ago to be still alive
Oh, a mistake
Don't cry
You really don't know about Dad's disappearance?
It was when you were 15, and Risuke was 5
Very bad harvest that year
The girl who just gave birth was sold to Shioya
and Ribei's mother and me both are 69
That's the age to go to the mountaintop
and bad things coming together, Ribei's very disappointing
for failing to bring his mother to the mountaintop
Well rules are rules, kindness is not the issue.
and he just felt himself running away so painful
so disgraceful
you are the same
I am different, different from Dad
of course
Matsu, how many pubic hairs do you have?
I don't know.
Let me count them out for you
No, Kesakichi
I don't want it at such place
it doesn't matter
I'll pick up twice quantity of bracken for you
I'll pick up everything for you
Pick up many many things for you
Oh, so painful...
Come to my house!
Come to find how many teeth my mother has
Tatsuhei, I don't mean this
I'm just imitating your Kesakichi's song
Is that Kesakichi?
Though don't know who is that, come helping me
My son is a devil, he doesn't let me eat
even kill me
who is that outside?
Dad, he's Neeko's Tatsuhei
Oh. I see
He wanted to die last night
He had done that once before
We thought that he would go to the summit this winter
because he's already 70
So did your mother.
Kesakichi, are grandma's teeth ghost teeth?
Wretch! she likes you so much
No longer let you eat
I envy you
I won't live for long
but it isn't good either, to be like me, so healthy
able to eat but nothing else
I also want to come to the summit
I don't want to die in my bed and be buried near there
The result is same
All our souls will come to the summit in the end
All of us will meet at the summit together
Your husband is also waiting for you
Though I have no idea about my husband
No one knows where Ribei went
He only left his gun at the valley
He died long ago
though he was a bit thick
but not a bad man
I have no idea
you are so wretched
Wretchedness does not matter, but humiliation does
Kinba is almost dead
When will she die?
Maybe in 1 or 2 days
The woman will come in two months
then mother could relax
it doesn't matter whether she comes or not
I don't want this woman. If I would remarry
my wife will look after Yuki
I don't care.
Furthermore, we can't afford additional two people
Wretch, don't eat
Your brother will marry Ameya's Matsune
Wretch, shut up!
Is it too large?
Not serious
A great coffin!
How about Kinba
She just died
Really? Hurry up
Mum, still alive?
Not yet, I got well after eating the baiqiu
It's baiqiu
The harvest is bad this autumn
The grass grows too quick
Are you coming to worship
Is this Tatsuhei's home?
Aren't you Tama from the neighbouring village?
Although I could worship there
But they tell me to come here
Because they said there are good things to eat here
So I come here stealthily at midnight
Oh, you must be hungry
Come in, quick
Why are you there?
You should come in early
Because I'm alone, that's not good
though brother said he would take me here
He was in drink while worshiping
Shioya said grandma was kind, told me come here early
it's my duty to take you here
that would be fine, I would follow you
though I would tell Shioya
I'll come to the summit soon
It also will be OK later
No, no, God will cry if I go early
These trout were all caught by me
Are you able to catch a trout?
No one could catch more than me, in my home or village
I know where they are
I will tell you later
You can eat all these things
There are many sun-cured, too
I go to call Tatsuhei
Help yourself
Only two?
Don't tell anyone else, Risuke
What did you pick up?
Give me some
There's nothing
Give me
This smelly boy, smell ugly
You are also a farmhand, I'm a farmhand of your uncle's generation
Don't be too exalted
Eat slowly, call Tatsuhei now
I'm of the age to come to the summit, my teeth all broken
better than before
so do I
Reichu is moving, Reichu?
He is greeting you
Baby Shiro
Baby, come here
Shiro! don't move! freeze! Shiro!
Aen! Aen!
Aen, very efficient
The snake has been done
This new house has something strange, like a ghost
There was a barn before near the doghouse
and a farmhand lived in it
He assaulted my daughter
finally he was killed by father
I was sick, haven't die when come to the mountain
the farmhand that was killed by father haunts us now
After I die
you will serve as the one-night wife of the farmhands by turns
One farmhand each night?
Yes! then come to worship the God
also let the farmhands worship the God
if you don't do this
the farmhand will make trouble in this house forever
Aen! it's your duty! you must do penance!
I know, don't be anxious
Screw up, I know
I will do certain penance
You are lying
I'm not lying
Who told you?
The lord of the new house
it was his last words last night
to whom?
Of course Aen
Then why how you know?
From Aen.. I just passed by
Wretch! you must have gone to tempt Shiro!
Wretch! I didn't
The stinky guy gets crazy, because too stinky
He was abandoned by Shiro, he's mad
Mad! mad!
they have the impertinence to disdain me
God, please let me cure the stinky sickness soon
Let Aen's husband die soon, and..
Wretch! you cheat me
I know all the things that occurred yesterday
You spied on brother and his wife?
Did you seek?
Are you talking about mother's teeth
Mother said don't tell anyone else
I'm talking about Shiro at the new house
Wretch, what about mother's teeth?
You know?
Come here
Let me give the guy a lesson
Always perpetrate a fraud
Brother.... mother
I like your teeth, like stone, solid and big
I want to kill you
If I go, what about you?
Be law-abidng
I'm a pig, in front of brother
Yes, listen to me, all will be OK
Don't you feel stinky?
What will happen to Stinky?
I think mother doesn't care about my stench
It feels like a sword
Now it's raining inside me.
The baby seems much bigger than before
When will it be born?
Next year.
Would the baby's face be like me or its father?
Like grandma
Grandma said he would be premature
What sin does a premature baby have?
It is from procreating too young
Grandma dislikes me
She said I am like Arha in the song
who is helpless
Come to my home to eat tomorrow
We will limit one bowl per person from tonight
Matsu, you are excellent in that aspect
but are awful at making a fire
I'm sorry every time
Anyway, there are many in mother's home
Penance to the mountain God
What can I do to help them?
Then don't go!
The unborn child is so bothersome
How can we prevent them from occuring?
Everybody must make a decision quickly
I want go to bed
Everybody get up!
Hurry up!
Where are Tatsuhei and Kesakichi?
They have gone
Where? the rain-house?
Your home, you have no need to go
You go look after Yuki
The sound heard just now is rain-house
He had the impertinence to steal the beans harvested ten days ago
I caught him
Then appease the mountain God, follow the rule
Go search!
Find! Find!
It's a bit thick, it's in Ameya's potato field
Less than half of this
No wonder we harvest so few this year
It's been picked back early
Look, so many!
Ameya's father had also been sacrificed to the mountain God
Forgive me!
Because there are so many people in my home, we are hard up
Many persons? Who sired them
one by one?
I'm wrong, I know I'm wrong
Kesakichi! Kesakichi!
Kesakichi! I beg you!
Isn't Matsu your wife?
this and that are two different things
Everyone's house is hard up.
The daughter of Ameya has theft in her bloodline
Two generations must be sacrificed to the mountain God
Where's Aen?
This time you could just apologize
We must have a plan
Aen's father died just now
Everyone come to distribute
The beans are good, let me eat some
Don't simply eat, come to the mill
The food in the pot is just enough for one bowl per person
Winter will come
The woman has come after all
The food supply is enough for five months
I hope so
Is our food going to be enough for the winter?
No, we must find a solution
Otherwise I won't be able to sleep
I don't care about him, he would steal again
Then what do we do?
That is why I called you to come to discuss
We will gather at Makichan's home
You also should go
I will come to each house to summon them
You are working hard
We must make a decision tonight
If we decide to eradicate Ameya's home
We can't let Matsu escape
You must realise this right now.
But she was married here,
The baby in her womb belongs to Neeko's home
That would not be reasonable.
Tatsuhei, it's because you are like this
that others say you are soft like Ribei
Who says? Who says I am like my father?
Oh, you hurt me...
Let us discuss with grandma
Let's gamble tonight
Then divide it into three parts, is it ok?
One person just loses out, is it ok?
I take it
Too many! too many!
I'm so sorry
It would be good if it's a girl
A girl does not need to be killed, and could be sold
Matsu, Matsu
Hasn't Ameya eaten tonight?
You bring these to them
Tonight you should sleep there to look after them!
Too hot!
Come quick
Kesakichi had better not go
Why? Don't ask why.
Does it taste good?
Let me go!
Wait! Matsu
Wait! Bastard!
There's my baby in Matsu's womb
Go back
Grandma, where is Ameya's daughter
Where is Matsu!
Arlue, don't mention anything about Ameya
Go to sleep! quick
Kesakichi, come in to warm yourself
Grandma, you cheated me
It was you who asked Matsu go back to Ameya
Why? Why did you ask her go back?
You got her killed, grandma!
You beast! You devil of a grandma
Mum, why didn't you tell me?
I will go to the summit this winter
My mother's home's grandma has gone to the summit
I also should go, since the grandma has gone
Living here is very hard
I can meet Matsu at the summit
Meet Matsu
Never mind, the household is already reduced by one
Her unborn child has also died
We can get through this winter
There might be another child born soon
Idiot! Don't worship there
Worship the Shinyashiki God later, quick!
Bastard! put off your underwear
Move up, quick
Wrong! Not there. bastard
There! Move your waist there
The day before yesterday is Shouzo's turn, last night is Gen's turn
We take turns from the west
Then it will be my turn tonight
Stinky guy! serve you right! You have been passed over.
so do you
Your wife has been killed, you can no longer have a woman
better than you, no wife
you laugh at me, Harumatsu
you look down on me, bastard
well, I can't bear anymore, wretch!
wretch! Harumatsu
it is said Aen have abandoned you...
I don't care about those things
how can I lose sense because that?
let you become a bridegroom
is that Aen meet me?
idiot! not she
listen! only one night!
no later
really? when?
won't be long
but you must start with a clean slate
don't play the field and bait Harumatsu
like a fox
only one night
just like what I said last night
bear only one night!
what should we do if he killed Harumatsu?
Then we would be hard up this winter
What will happen if he plays the field
You ought to know!
I beg of you! Only one night for him!
He is so stinky, and has no money to give others
and no potatoes
It's whom stolen the potatos slinkingly
though reluctant, can't you bear?
you are so boring! I see
because you abandoned Risuke
he has no mood to work any more.
Can't you bear only one night? even though he is stinky...
I'm very sorry, but not him...
I would die!
But it was your late husband's last words
Maybe he said it was all right to skip Risuke
I went to the grave this morning
to beg not to have to couple with that stinky guy
Suddenly a butterfly as big as this arrived
though it's autumn now.
A butterfly?
Yes! fluttering there happily
It seemed very happy
So I come back reassured
My nose is not so sensitive, I can't smell him
so I don't mind this
Are you saying ok?
Though I'm not unwilling
I haven't been used for a long time ....
Don't worry, it's his first time ....
I will go tomorrow
Tonight we could invite all the people of the mountain
and it's not too early now
Go and call everyone together, quick
Hurry up
Otherwise they will have gone out to work
I saw Ribei
Just now at the grassland of the mountain
I go to call every one
you... Ribei
It's the soul
Now your soul could not be forgiven
So you linger there
I want to go to the summit
I won't call you, idiot
I went to hunt for a bear with father when I was only 15
and killed him here when I came back
I said to father after considering
"It's better to carry grandma to the mountain"
And he said "What do you know?" and got angry suddenly
We began to fight. I killed him with my gun then laid his bones there
I liked Ribei, but he made me ashamed.
It was not you who killed him, but God
Don't tell the others, understand?
Tama, you'd better put out the fire
Kesakichi, when finished there
bring the cloudy wine here
Shake it well
Tatsuhei, though it's early, go and wash
Arlue, that's ok
Tama, come here
Grandma, wonderful!
If you watch carefully during the day, you can see the trout playing
close it stealthily in the night
you have a try
Tatsuhei told you to lend your body to Risuke, is that true?
Don't do that, reject him
Spread your hands
Yes, just like this
Now I have taught you all the things
Don't tell anyone else about this place
You can only come here by yourself
Though it's hard to go to the mountain, toilsome
The wine is good, Suzu is so crackerjack
You must obey the rules of the mountain
1. You must not talk on the way to the mountain
2. Don't let yourself be noticed by anyone when you leave home
3. The road to the mountain is the piedmont of the other side of the mountain
Pass the winter-tree, climb over a second mountain, there will be a pool
Walk around the pool three times, then walk over the ladder
Make your way over a mountain there will be a ravine
Cross the ravine, then proceed two miles and a half
On your way there are seven bends, that is Seven-Valley
When you pass through Seven-Valley you will arrive at the saddle back...
From there is the road to the God
There's a road to the God, but sometimes it is hard to see...
The higher you climb, the better. God is waiting for you there
You mustn't look back while you go back from the mountain
There's no need to go up to the mountain if you are unwilling
You can also return from the saddleback.
Also don't let others know this
I'll tell you what you ought to know
It can be used if necessary
What do you want to do?
Tie him up
Do not want to go to the summit
It would not be long
We would meet at the summit
For the sake of God, for son, you'd better go now
Don't worry about home
Dad! let's go home!
It's a rabbit's tooth! it's a amulet
Do you want to go back?
Mum! are you tired?
I don't want to, how about Mum?
Our ancestors have gone to the summit for hundreds of years as we do now.
There will have been thousands of persons like you
25 years from now I will go there too.
Kesakichi will carry me
And another 25 years later Kesakichi must go too.
We have no means but this to survive.
Is the God waiting for you at the summit?
If it's really there
It ought to snow the way it says in the ballad.
Dad! go to the summit!
Snow, it's starting to snow.
Mum! it is starting to snow
Mum! it's so cold!
Mum! you're very lucky, as it is snowing while you go to the summit
Mum! it is really starting to snow
It's so cold!
It is just starting to snow
Wonderful, are you hungry?
What's the matter
Grandma is so lucky
Just like in the ballad.
What a savory aroma!
Let's all eat at home starting from tonight.
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