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Nathalie X

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Where shall we put the presents? - In Bernard's office.
Everything okey? D'you have a glass?
François. - Catherine !
This is Ingrid. - Good evening.
And Bernard? - He'll be right here.
Doesn't he suspect anything? - No.
I wouldn't want something like that. Not that somebody would do that.
Its nice here. - Would you like to drink something?
Yes, I'll serve myself. D'you want champagne?
Where did you meet her? - As usual.
She is sexy. - Yes.
You look amazing. Why are you laughing?
Because you always say that. - You'd miss it.
Mum, for you.
Wait, I don't understand you.
Ssh, he's on his way. Not too loud.
Wait, I'll go upstairs.
Yes, now I hear you better.
Where are you?
Can't you take the next one?
Me too.
Well, the surprise is that Bernard missed his flight in Zurich.
Pity for him, but we're starting.
We all come, and... - We could fly to Zurich.
You're home.
Sorry, you should have said something. - That wouldn't be a surprise anymore.
Yes, but...I forgot about it myself.
I saw the presents. It is very kind.
Where can I make up for it with a dinner? - Not tonight.
Right, yes. Thierry and his fiance.
I'm really sorry. It must have been dreadful.
We didn't need you to drink.
You have some time still. - I'm going to get myself a coffee. Til tonight.
You have three new messages. Yesterday 17.47.
M. Barthélémy, with Richard Dumont. Can you call back?
Its urgent.
Today at 09.00.
Thanks for last night.
l'm at the airport. My flight is in an hour.
l'll miss you. We had a good fuck.
What can I say? That was the boring side.
You can't really judge in one hour.
What did you tell Thierry? - What he wanted to hear.
He can't care anyway. - He believed you.
Even better.
I've got a headache.
Taken an aspirine...
Did you find your mobile? - Yes.
There were messages on it.
I didn't listen to them - I didn't delete them.
A woman saying goodbye.
Were you with her last night?
Listen to your message. Its clear.
Do you listen to my messages?
Did you spend the night with her?
Where were you then?
Who is she? - Its a girl...
A crazy case. Nobody.
Has it been going on for long?
It was of no importance. - Of no importance? Come on!
Catherine, its not worth it. - Ok, you don't have to say anything.
I thought you placed yourself higher. - What?
Does it happen so often then? - Of course not.
Not often.
But once in a while, yes. Its ridiculous, thats why I'm not telling you.
Is that the reason?
I understand you're hurt, but...
If you'd know how I'd feel... - I don't care!
You're right. Maybe we talk too little.
But you don't say anything about yourself either.
We've grown away from each other.
You've grown away. Don't talk about me.
Its true. We don't make love anymore don't touch anymore...
I don't know if its because of me or you.
Maybe its unavoidable...
And one day it dies away.
I hope not.
How is it going then with those women?
What do you like? Actually I don't know anything about it.
I'm not going to tell you how I... - Yes you are.
Then we'll share something.
What do you mean?
I can leave you immediately too.
Are you looking for somebody? - No.
Can I do something for you? This is a private club.
A whiskey please. - Sit over there.
The whiskey, with Perrier? - No, pure.
You always get things in your mind.
You're so irritating.
Who did you get that from? - From my sweetheart.
You're in a hurry aren't you?
A glass of water, I'm hot.
Its quiet tonight.
Yea, it will get started.
D'you want ice? - Yes please.
Its fine like that.
There aren't any people yet.
When does it usually start? - Eleven, half-twelve.
D'you offer me something to drink?
If you want.
Everthing fine? Not too strange? - Its okey.
Which perfume d'you have on?
Jicky. - It suits you.
I constantly change.
Did you just come in by coincidence?
No, not really.
I work in the neighbourhood. - You seldom see women here.
Women like you I mean.
Couples yes, but a woman alone...
Would you prefer that I leave you alone? - No.
you can help me. - Why not.
Tell me.
Some girls don't go with women. l do.
Its not for me. - For who then?
I think...
that my husband would like you...
You choose in his place?
Can't he come himself? - No.
Why not?
Is he handicapped?
D'you want a threesome?
No, he knows nothing about this.
Didn't you recognise me? - I wasn't sure.
A coffee please.
His name is Bernard.
He often goes for a coffe before work.
How shall I describe him?
He wears a blue scarf, a dark jacket.
A couple of newspapers...
He is big, brown hair, strong. You could call him attractive.
And if he asks what I do? - You learn languages to become a translator.
Excuse me, d'you have a light?
I was asking for a light.
And I sat down again.
He pretended as if he was reading.
But then he stood up, and approached me.
What did he say?
The usual. If I cam there often, to my work...
I told him about the language courses.
He said he had to go to an appointment and asked for my name.
I didn't answer.
We have to think of a name. I don't know if Marlène
is your real name.
We'll call you...
Nathalie...Yes, Nathalie.
What does your husband like? What gives him pleasure?
He has his own wishes.
Its always free between us... been classic.
Maybe he likes to be hugged.
How did he look at you?
He fell fast.
You chose well.
Shall I pay you now? - Yes.
You can check.
No, its fine.
How are you getting home, Yolaine? - With a taxi.
No, I'll give you a lift.
This dinner has to unify our loneliness we both have.
But it doesn't subject you to anything of course. Come.
See you, Yolaine. See you, François.
François had a lot to tell you.
I asked about his love life. - That must have been something.
He's going for the 'adventure' Why not?
He's not going further. He pays.
He is scared and runs away. He's scared of a real relationship.
And you? Do you sometimes sleep with a prostitute?
Why d'you ask that?
You can say if you like. - No, thats nothing for me.
I find it disgusting.
Have you had a good day? - Um, no.
I had an important appointment and it was terrible.
I didn't like the others thoughts so was screwing around.
As a result: it ended.
Gryner was perplexed.
And you?
I was finished early. I went to buy shoes. Quite expensive.
Are you still reading? - No.
Aren't you sleeping? - Of course not.
Then maybe you should get up. - Getting up or not, what difference does it make?
No, please. - Its midday and the sun is shining.
You can ask Nora to clean up. - Absolutely not. She steals stuff.
What? - Towels, cutlery...
But I have to keep quiet. You should fire here since you're paying her.
How evil that person is. Disgraceful. !
Your husband called me. Very charming.
We asked ourselves why we never saw each other. - You never want to leave the house.
Or you obstruct it.
He's busy, he's often travelling.
He's quite funny though. He got me laughing after two sentences.
You're lucky. Such a cute guy. - Yea, he can definitely show himself.
You never talk about it.
Maybe you find it normal, but... - He's been cheating on me for years.
Yea, that sucks. But its not unusual.
Is it tasty? - Yes very nice.
D'you want to drink something? - Coke.
A coke please.
Everything alright? - Yes. We saw each other again.
He was sitting in the same place. With his coffee and newspapers.
He had to go off to work and gave me a date before lunch.
He paid for a drink.
But it was very busy.
So he suggested a different place.
We went to a hotel. - The bar of a hotel?
No, to a room.
How so, to a room?
Yes, it happened automatically. He got what he wanted.
You went to bed with him?
Thats not it! Thats not what I asked for!
What then? - I didn't ask you to get down on him.
He came down on me, as if he hadn't fucked in 10 years.
You understood me wrongly.
It was decided. You're a normal average girl, Nathalie.
After how much time does your Nathalie go to bed?
I don't know what you want.
I made a mistake.
Hurry up, we'll be too late.
Is there something?
Go without me, I don't feel too well.
Don't do that to me now. - I thik I'm getting a flu.
Are you angry?
Why would I be? - People say these things...
which they don't want to say.
D'you want an aspiririne? - I already took one.
I'll be back early.
Good night. D'you want to drink something? - A whiskey please.
I have to go now, but I'll be back.
What d'you want? - Sorry about this morning.
Its ok.
You didn't say it. - What?
The hotel, the room, how it went. - Sorry, I don't have time.
I paid you.
We'll change clothes here.
Lets think...
It was a nice room. With red colours..
At first there was no hesitation... maybe because it went so fast.
We took something from the minibar.
I said nothing.
He neither. But I saw from his look that he really wanted me.
He looked at my breasts. I stretched a little.
He understood that I wanted him to have his way with me.
I unbuttoned my blouse and styled my hair
as if I didn't know my blouse would fall open.
He came to me. I felt his breathing.
I think he was already very excited.
Then he grabbed me by the neck
and asked me to lie down on the bed naked with my eyes closed.
He turned off the lights,
except in the bathroom.
Then he took off his clothes.
I didn't see him, but I felt his eyes cast on me.
He lay down on me.
I felt his mouth in my neck,
his tongue on my breasts.
And then here.
Shall I continue?
He wanted to take my immediately, but I found that too fast.
I stood up and took another glass. I was thirsty.
He came behind me.
He stood against my back.
I started to move my thighs.
He took his cock in his hand and touched me all over.
He asked if I liked it.
He wanted to hear me say it.
Then I gave him a condom
and he came inside me.
He barely moved, as if he was scared to cum too soon.
Suddently he pulled himself out
and took me to the bed.
There I slowly jerked him off, carefully.
I didn't want him to cum immediately.
Then I went on top.
I thrust my head backwards.
Often men don't want to be stared at. They concentrate on what excites them.
How long did it last?
I don't remember. Quite long.
When he came to orgasm, he supressed his scream. I think he enjoyed it.
And you? How did you feel?
It did excite me some how that he didn't know you were behind all this.
But for the rest nothing. When I'm with a customer, I don't feel anything.
Did he notice it?
I pretend. Thats my job.
Now I must leave.
Hi Alice. - Hi madam.
Everything alright? - Yes thank you.
Hi madam.
Come along.
Was it here the first time also?
With me its not alright, and with you...
He was too late.
He hadn't had lunch.
Did he order that?
He doesn't like Vouvray. - I do.
D'you want some?
Its my glass. - Thank you.
Tasty no?
Did it happen before? - Before and after.
Sit down.
This time he undressed me. But not completely.
I cam from the other side of the room
slowly moving towards him whilst I gave him a tight look.
I stroked my nipples
He came closer.
Then he started licking them and bit them softly.
He then placed his fingers in my mouth.
He has nice hands, and a nice skin.
You think so? - Yes. Its a soft skin.
I took his hand and brought it between my thighs.
He went inside my underwear and pushed his fingers inside.
It was quite brutal, but expert-like.
I closed my legs. He liked me giving resistance.
He penetrated me.
It lasted a long time. And then he came to orgasm.
This time without supressing a scream.
He didn't want me to leave.
Didn't he go back to the office? - Not immediately.
He was tired and fell asleep.
I waited til he breathed normally again.
I had a cream in my handbag.
I put some in the palm of his hands. This smell.
I stroked his cock with it.
I put some on my stomach.
When I felt he was about to cum, I grabbed him and fucked him.
Then I kissed him, quickly.
I thought he'd like it.
After that we smoked a cigarette.
He gently took my hand.
I still had appointments and wanted to get up.
He stopped me: ''I don't want you to leave.''
A girl like Nathalie would have stayed right?
Is that how you see Nathalie?
About like that, yes. - Watch out.
He lies like anything. He isn't allowed to dump you immediately.
I don't expect that.
Living in a hotel must be nice.
Was he talking about me?
He said he had a woman whom he loved deeply.
Yes, apparently he really loves me.
Have you been doing this for long? - I don't keep count.
At what time do you start? - At seven.
How many days a week?
Normally four. More is possible too, if I want.
You smell good. What fragrance is that?
D'you like it? I bought it today.
No, I'm exhausted.
She's there. Shall we go?
See you later.
Everything alright? - Yes, with you?
Bitch! Talking about bitches, d'you know what I had to do?
A woman wanted the exact same spots as you.
The previous week she came too. Make-up Marilyn Monroe.
For the lips she wanted help from me.
Did you see him?
Yes, but I was on the point of not going. - How come?
I had a problem. Women's things. But he still wanted to go to the hotel.
He wanted me to undress, but I refused to.
He could touch me under my clothes I said.
But he wanted to cum together or not.
He asked questions about my life. I just made up some stuff.
He also told a lot about himself.
And abou you.
He had the feeling that at present you were somewhere far away.
I asked myself if he knew about it, if he was violent.
How he would react.
Hello? - I'm still here.
Am I bothering? Are you free tonight? - No. Not tonight.
Pity. I'm not working. - Come eat something.
Come Catherine. - Til later. I'll call you.
Who was it?
Your mother?
Big secret.
Everything ok?
Eat, it'll get cold. Now that we're with the three of us.
How was he? Calm? - Yes.
He saw people he knew and waved to them.
What kind of people? - A couple.
Was it a young woman? And old one? - Like you.
He found it annoying that they saw him.
I was wearing this skirt.
My shoulderband was constantly sliding off.
One time he did it good again and stroked my shoulder.
I took his hand under the table and slid it through my thighs upwards.
I wasn't wearing any underwear. He noticed.
He hesitated, but didn't do anything.
And suddenly he got what he wanted.
I told him I was going to the bathroom...
and that he should join me over there.
I waited a few minutes in the ladies room with the door ajar.
I wasn't sure if he'd come.
Just when I wanted to go back upstairs he came.
We went inside the cabin.
He pushed me against the wall and kissed me bitingly in the neck.
He opened up my legs.
Then a woman wanted to come inside but he blocked the door shut.
We were thrown out of the restaurant as if we were thieves.
It was all for nothing.
We walked through the street.
He constantly looked at me, as if he still wanted to ask me something
but wasn't sure how to put it.
I felt he was still excited.
We walked through a carriage gate
There was a patio behind that...
with a some small stairs. I went to sit over there.
He stayed on his feet.
Motionless, without touching me.
I took my dress off. I was stark naked.
We didn't care about people passing by.
I went up the stairs. He came after me.
We heard voices coming out of the rooms.
On the last step I leant against the window.
There he took me.
He fucked me. It was hefty.
And then...
something happened.
Nathalie also cummed.
Nathalie... you?
With me it never happens whilst I work.
But you did enjoy.
That's your fault.
Do you still love him?
I don't know.
Please, madam. - Thank you.
Your mother called. - I'll call her back.
Can you help a sec? - Of course.
How old were you when you had your first period.
And your job? - Dancer. Classical ballet.
D'you use preservatives? - No.
D'you want a child? - Absolutely not.
Don't you take any precautions whilst having sex then?
I've never done it before.
I'm listening.
I tried it once.
It was a disaster. I couldn't.
It hurt so much I got into a panic.
I don't know if I am like everybody.
See you miss. - Thank you.
Hi Alice. See you tomorrow. - Hi madam.
What are you doing here?
I saw your sign. I hesitated but decided to come.
Was that wrong
I'll get changed.
Do you also get girls like me? - Sometimes.
I couldn't, we know each other.
I shouldn't have come. - This is my job.
Did you see him again? - Yes.
We can talk about it later. - We're here now already.
I don't want to speak about it here.
Start already.
What happened today?
Oh yes, I had to sit on my hands and feet.
He pulled my thighs apart. With lack of some type of lube he spat.
And then he said something like: ''I want your ass, I'm going to take you.''
I let him his way... - You can stop now.
Are you shocked?
You wanted all the details.
Is that how he really talks?
Vulgar words like that are nothing to him. - Not my fault.
And you gabble it off like that...
Its slutty in...
Slutty? Yes, and then?
You have no idea what they all saw.
He is not a customer like any other. - You are no customer as any other.
It can't work every time. - What d'you mean?
I can't help that I get excited.
I know thats how you make your living
But your tricks to excite men
will surely not work with everybody.
You could better leave.
Go look for somebody else.
As you see I'm back in real estate, my first profession,
Ok, its still quite empty,
but the potential is enormous.
I didn't invite you for no reason. I'm in search of resources.
You saw, and now the appraisal comes,
that the area is flourishing.
Its blooming amazingly. - My wife.
Good evening.
Still in Stasbourg? - Yes, and very glad.
Call me sometime - Marianne !
See you.
A great woman. She worked with us for six months.
No. Actually not.
Good night.
This place is nice, althoguh I don't know what he wants with it.
We'll make it. - Its already succeeded.
You know I have to leave. A flight. - It did give me pleasure though.
Thank you. - Here.
No, not now. - Yes, like that I don't owe you.
Okey then. See you tomorrow, hon.
See you, François. And congratulations.
How are you?
He often travels huh? Sorry, not my business..
I'd like another glass of champagne.
Thank you.
Do you like this music? - Yes very good.
What is it? - Joy Division.
Don't know them. - The singer hung himself.
The groep Joy Division used to be called Wallsaw
and is now called New Order and world famous.
They're actually friends of mine.
D'you play any instruments? - Guitar.
And you sing also? - Yes.
You're not going to hang yourself are you? - No, absolutely not.
Is there something?
I think I'll go home. Where can I find a taxi?
We have all the time.
Come have a drink with me.
I'll take you on the stairs.
Open your eyes... Yes, great.
I had all the trouble finding you.
Who told you I was here? - I went to the bar.
D'you want to do this job as... - Yes, why not.
I find it quite fun I have a diploma.
I have to think about the future.
So you'll stop with it some time? - Of course.
It is certainly not my call in this world.
But we've not reached that point in time yet.
I received your message.
What did you want to say?
That I went to bed with a man.
Quite a cute man. And quite rough too.
Did he also pay? - I let it go. I was drunk.
That helps.
I thought about something again.
We can't leave it as it is.
Oh no?
I thought we were done. - I don't.
I saw him again.
Did he call you? - No, I did.
I was in the mood. I thought I wasn't going to see you again.
We had talked. I had a dreadful day.
I was just put out of my flat.
He was very sweet, he listened. That gave pleasure.
He acted as if your problems hurt him.
No, not acted.
And where are you sleeping now?
He offered to hire something for me. - But you refused.
I told him I'd think about it.
I'd find it awkward against you.
You see this flat is sub-divided.
This is the southern side.
The kitchen is fully furnished and there's a lot of storage space.
Is it for two? - No.
Excuse me... Hello?
One moment... Take your time looking around, I'll wait outside.
Its really a bad time, I'm with customers.
Do you like it? - Yes.
But you don't have to pay. - Yes I will, it will help you.
Where would you go otherwise? To a hotel?
I'm used to this.
I once opened one in the Antilles, in Saint-Barth'.
How long? - Two years. It didn't work out.
There I restarted. Resumed.
Haven't seen him in a while.
Say that you're going to visit some family.
Call him in a couple of days. - Why?
What do you want?
Let him wait.
Frustrate him. Miss a couple of dates.
Then I won't have to tell you anything anymore.
Marlène !
Where were you? Your client's waiting for half an hour already.
Put him at ease. I'm sorry.
No problems, she's coming right away.
Oh, you're there?
Did you receive my message? - No.
Another crisis with your mother.
Again. - D'you want to join me for lunch?
Where d'you want to go? - To La Frégate.
You look tired. - A little, but its ok.
D'you have worries? No, not really.
Tell me.
No, nothing.
I don't get enough sleep lately.
D'you want some wine?
D'you have Vouvray? - Sure madam.
I didn't know you liked to drink Vouvray.
Shall we go away next week for a couple of days.
Can you free yourself? - Its not easy. I've worked a lot.
I thought you couldn't leave Paris?
Yes, but I want to get out.
No, I can't.
Are you disappointed?
Yes, I'm disappointed. Very disappointed.
I don't get it.
What are you running away from?
I'm not running away at all.
You feel so bad here?
No, you're a sweetheart.
But I'm bored out of my mind.
Sorry, don't take it personally. - Stay down.
Well no. It itches like anything. Maybe I have lice.
How late is it? I'm going to the hairdressers.
No, I'm not going to the hairdressers.
I can also cut everything. - No, you'll hurt yourself!
Good night.
Well, tell him you don't feel too good.
That you'll ring him back tomorrow.
You don't have to give any explanations.
I'm your mother.
No, not so well.
No, a hair problem.
My mother.
Hello. Nathalie. - Yes miss.
Are you professional? - Yes.
Nathalie works at a hairdressers.
I'm not saying anything, but we will give a treatment.
That kills any nits. After that I'll trim the points.
i'll put some rolls in it, the foam on it and then you'll see nothing anymore.
I trust you. I guess I have to.
How d'you know each other?
We work in the same neighbourhood.
You're neighbours then?
Do you know Bernard?
Why are you lauging like that idiot? What did I say?
...wanted to forget
A cheery song.
In the summer streets
You I don't forget
That summer street
Any a girl that was walking there
''All dreams'' rhymes with ''coming to an end''
Nothing will happen what you dream
Gone before it even started The time of a dance
A chorus in rhymes
Its nice.
Before I used to love that tune.
Now it doesn't make me feel anything anymore. I'm really dry now.
No, you sung it really well. - What d'you think?
I'm going to say sleep well.
You still have to come and visit me.
Goodnight mum - Goodnight.
A nice photo.
I was seventeen then.
I prefer you the way you are now.
Nothing needed?
Can you pass me those cigarettes?
Thank you.
Want one?
Nice armband
Bought it in Morocco. - Silver?
Too big.
Was this your room? - Yes.
Then I'm sleeping in your bed?
Did you ever bring home guys?
That happened some times.
By the school there was a bar.
There've been some. Not many.
I was quite a hot chick.
One forgets things.
Wasn't there one who meant more to you?
Yes. One.
It was very intense. I broke it down.
But I stayed thinking about it for years. Even whilst it was going well with Bernard.
Because it was going well?
Its getting late.
One coffee, one beer. - One coffee.
How was your day? - Good, good.
Yes? - You have days everything is quite ok.
Why? Who did you see? - Nobody in particular.
Row four.
I had lunch with Thierry yesterday.
Yes, it was very nice.
We never talked so well with each other.
Afterwards his girlfriend came. Very smooth.
Aren't you feeling well? - Yes I am.
Why did you want to see this? Good reviews?
You wanted to see it. - Oh yes, thats true.
Didn't you remember? - No.
I don't feel well, I'm going home.
I'll go with you. - You don't have to. You can stay.
It was about time. - Ammunition.
Have fun. - Bubbles heat me up right away.
Thats nice. In this drowsy weather I'm really cold.
We come from the south. - Me too. Well, I worked in Cannes.
In Cannes?
We have a shop in Nice, but I'm from Cannes.
That's my city. When were you there?
About six years ago. - We're doing a confectionary fair.
A buddha, how sweet.
Good night.
lsn't Marlène there? - Upstairs, with clients. Don't disturb her.
D'you want to drink something? - No thank you.
Can I see Simone? - A beauty. I'll introduce you.
Are you feeling better?
How was it?
Not bad, not bad at all.
The main part was longwinded, but it was good.
Its already late. D'you want to have something to eat? - I'm not hungry.
Why do you watch that rubbish.
He came and lay down on me.
He wanted to cum on my face.
I asked myself whether you'd want that. l hesitated.
And then I said yes. But shyly. As if it was the first time.
He came and stood above me. And jerked himself off.
I got it all over my face.
It was warm.
And then he left again.
I stayed alone, naked in the room.
I must have slept for a while. I drank something, I was thirsty.
I wanted to call you, but...
I stood up, the window was open. I looked outside.
It was raining lightly, but it wasn't cold.
I didn't feel like going.
I have to go to London, its definite now.
I'll be back tomorrow morning or in the evening. Did you see my black sweater?
And your passport.
Morning mum.
Marie's here.
She lost her keys, thats why we slept here.
Oh hello. Come inside.
I'll come right away.
Is this where you receive clients? - Not really. Friends.
Friends... but not Bernard.
No, not him.
I thought you wouldn't like that.
I also prefer you do it elsewhere with the others.
He's quite calm with me.
I don't know whats going on inside him.
He went crazy in the flat. He thought I had somebody else.
I couldn't really say it was you. - Poor devil.
He was jealous.
I actually like that though.
Did you feel flattered?
Not only that.
With men jealousy is a reflex.
And after that everything was alright again? - Yes.
He undressed you...
He was excited, you gave him a blowjob, he fucked you.
No, he couldn't.
I saw him suffering and didn't insist.
But it did touch me somehow.
How so, touched you?
He felt he was using me and didn't want that.
Because he respects you in such a way...
I think he's serious. - No.
He wants to live together with me.
He couldn't have possibly said that?
If he knows who you are... - Tell him, then we'll see.
Naked in a hotel room its possible, but in his world...
What's special about it, except that no more fucking happens?
I couldn't care less about him anymore.
Thats not true, otherwise you would have left him.
I'll see you later.
Come, there's a table over there.
A glass of champagne?
Hi, Djamel. Two champagne.
Hi, joke. - Fuck off.
Don't be so annoyed.
Men amongst themselves! Now if they were homo's...
Do you have somebody in your life?
Everything alright?
You know everybody here. - I come here after work. Cosy no?
We're going out to a club later.
Good? Do you like to dance? - I don't dance very well.
Yes, I quite like it.
I didn't see him. But you looked with such a gaze.
We're lost aren't we? - I know exactly where we are.
I thought you were quite rude to him.
What's that?
Strange no?
Are you alright? - Yes.
He had a strange smell. A smell of daffodils.
Daffodils are really yellow right?
Can you make perfum with daffodils? I really doubt it.
Last time I went inside a taxi they were playaing jazz.
Hi sir. - What was playing?
I want to go home.
I'll take you.
You lost your hairbrush?
D'you have breakfast? - No, just an apple.
Have a good day.
I was worried.
You could have told me.
i didn't know where to call.
Were you really worried?
Very worried.
Are you surprised by that?
I thought you wouldn't be that worried.
Did you meet somebody?
I guess you can call it that.
For how long?
A couple of weeks.
Yes, I thought so.
Who is it?
I thought you'd like it.
I don't know what you mean. - Stop lying all the time.
Don't deny that you're with somebody. - Absolutely not.
I know.
What d'you know?
Say it if you know.
Its so obvious. - No... its not.
Look at me.
I don't understand you, Catherine.
What have I done wrong to you?
You can tell me everything you know.
What is your star sign? Twins?
Then you have a strong ascendant.
Shall we order another bottle?
Can I ask you something?
Are you shaven?
Excuse me a sec, I'll be right back.
We didn't make a date.
He wants to leave me.
You were right. He does want to leave me.
Did he say that? - No.
Not with so many words. But I feel it.
He really keeps his distance. And acts cool.
He heardly says anthing.
He doesn't even lie about what he does in his time.
Maybe you're mistaken.
I don't think so, no.
You didn't talk with each other, right?
No. - Marlène, your client's waiting.
Meet you at the bar of the hotel?
I have to pay you, no? - No.
Everything alright? - Yes.
With you? - Yes.
I like the sphere here.
D'you often come here? - Once in a while.
What d'you want to drink? - A whiskey please.
I still don't know what you want to tell me.
You'd be angry if I did. - No.
No, I can understand.
Maybe I broke something.
Are you listening. - Yes.
If you had another man, you would have told me.
But everytime I say something... or do something...
it doesn't seem to get through. You're angry with me.
It can't end like this can it?
Why not?
Because I love you.
Who is that girl?
No idea.
I'm going to move house.
I was waiting til you came.
You're husband didn't look at me, he only gave me a fire.
He didn't see me, you have a different taste.
I stole from you.
Yes, you lied to me.
It was a chance like I never got one.
Not having to do it.
And you wanted it so much.
I just made up everything.
If I would have said it, we wouldn't have seen each other again.
This is a cheap joke.
Now you won't believe me anymore.
We're coming late. - I'm hurrying.
And what if we didn't go?
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