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National Treasure CD2

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it was a boat!
if, and she was beautiful.
you found the treasure?
no, but we found one crushes.
and that it took you to another one.
and single you found tracks. you do not understand Horseradish tree to it?
I already it entendi.
the legend says that she was hidden in order to maintain it far from the britanicos.
but what in fact sucedio.. it is that the legend was invented.
in order to maintain to the britanicos occupied looking for the treasure....
the treasure is a myth.
I do not create it.
then it thinks what you want. these already great.
you do what you want.
probably it is right.
not even you know if there is another track.
then that we can find out it.
and we will find out it right now.
it is seen like animal skin. that age has?
at least 200 years.
surely? clear.
if the red is invisible. as we see it?
use the furnace.
the wearing downs single they excel to the heat.
if, but this is… he is very old.
and we cannot risk to us.
you need quimico.!
Pope is very late. so that you are not going away to descanzar.
I am well.
you cannot do that.
but it is necessary. then hara somebody trained.
this good.
if in truth it has hidden message.
also habra simbolo.
in the right superior corner.
they ban to me to dismiss.
I said them.
you need heat.
we needed but juice. and but heat.
it is not a map.
they are latitudes and lengths.
or if?
they are but tracks.
that surprise.
they are latitudes and lengths.
for that we needed letters.
that is the key? the key in Silence is indetectable.
Pope gives letters me.
somebody can say to me that they mean these magicos numeros.
it is a sifrado Aguindor…
to that chido..
that it is a sifrado Aguindor..?
single it is I cosay.
each 3 numeros they correspond to a word.
usually to the chance.
in this case in letters.
it is as I number of pagina.. parrafo.. the word and the letter.
asi that, Pope, where estan the letters?
deberiamos to offer.
and to festejar that its grandfathers he found them in an old writing-desk.
in the periodic one of the new England.
Pope where they estan the letters?
I do not have son.
I do not have them.
where estan.?
it donates them to a museum in Philadelphia.
hour to go away.
I cannot believe todavia to it. all this time detras..
detras of that?
God mio.. that you do fact.
this is the declaration of independence.
if, and she is very delicate.
you robbed it.
Pope. I can explain it but I do not have time.
and it dresses the sifrado one.
that it took a to you another track… and to another one.
the treasure does not exist. I already waste 20 years of my life.
and now you destroyed yours.
and you romped to me in this.
that not it permitire.
it advanced.
I am aqui.
they are of FBI no.?
they can desatarme.?
and it does not have idea a where one goes?
if it knew already habria said.
I moor a a chair.
the garage this vacia but lack cadillac registered to its name.
and robbery my car.
Mr. Gates does not worry… we will find its car and to its son.
your Pope has pretty car.
I believe that we must of to change to us of clothes.
we see something suspicious. you do not create?
to also encantaria my to go to me of purchases but we do not have money.
revisalo takes this from its house.
usually it has money between the pagianas.
common sense. that appropriate.
avisame when llegemos.. I am hungry.
this car smells rare.
this good.
this good.
surely that this good?
this good.
it is "n"..
it is a "n".. it does not seem.
you know that. it takes sees by you complete them.
dollar but.
it sees by you complete 4 letters!
it sees by them head.
ok.. vision is for seeing the con of the treasure.
he comes from the shades and he happens in front of the house and…
he happens and that?
happen and…
that he happens?
I am not safe.
asi that you stop yourself in front of the door of your father and you say to him that you have problems.
and first that assumes he is that I am pregnant.
there is a question?
I believe that there is an interesting history.
my father thinks that there am neglected my personal life.
I already see.
sometimes you do saying to him a somebody that is not a relative I love to you.?
if. but of a time?
then my father also diria that you are a little neglected with your personal life.
asi that you acquired your sense of security of?
not to that you talk about.
these then safe of which the treasure is real.
in spite of that they say demas.
not but e spero that is real.
for my it is it from that my grandfathers I am spoken of.
sometimes I think that I can sentirlo..
single I want to know that it was not product of my head or my heart.
people no longer she speaks as your. you know?
. but if they think it.
you obtained it?
I have it.
in order to be able to see the password you have to do the shade time.
when it as opposed to happens house of Pass and Stove.
clear that that talks about a..
to the bell of the freedom.
so that they do that.
so that Jhon Pass and Jhon Bell touched the bell.
and that means demas.
in order to be able to see the password you have to do the shade time.
it must talk about to like reading the map.
pense that the sifrado one was.
the sifrado one was not to be able to read what was in the map.
and to be able to read the map we must find where the shade.
it crosses in front bell of the freedom.
it crosses in front of the house of freedom in the hall independence.
a counted shade.
it is to one hour specifies.
to that hour?
to that hour?
to that hour?
this goes to you to enchant.
it excuses you let see one to me of 100 bills of dlls with which you page..?
good. because I have this very expensive clock. you I leave it in article.
detras of 100 bills of dlls there is a painting based on the original clock.
that pinto in fact by a friend of B. Francklin..
support this.
I am not going to go to ningun side.
seeing this clock. we will know the hour specifies.
that time? the 2:22…
that hour is?
almost the 3.
we lost it.
no, no we did it.
we did not lose it because.
they do not know this?
something of history that you do not know?
and that gustaria me to know Railly.
it waits for a second.
I want to enjoy the moment.
he is brilliant.
asi feels all the time?
except now…
Railly..! this good.
segun I
it is that the summer schedule was not implemented but until despues of the sprimera war.
if they are the 3 p.m. now.
in 1776 the 2 of afternoon serian.
you are a genius.
they know who was first in suggesting the summer schedule.
Benjamin Francklin.
it is of truth?
single it tell me that you said to him to my friend.
single letters… not them memory.
you remember as they were ultmas.?
if it takes… s..t..o..w..
main results.
the bell of the freedom.
in the hall independence.
imagine his impact… in century XVIII.
podia to see a miles of distance.
it does not happen.
this dark.
it was in 1846..
in the cumplańos of G. Washinton..
the final cuartadura became. despues was engaged in aqui..
possibly transfer of building of opposite until this place.
idiot. who?
not this aqui.. this ahi..
we go.
that bell is this.?
replacement to liberty in 1876..
ahi this.
I go for alla and us we see in the quarter of sciences.
in agreement.
we go.
3:22… my idea.
that you found?
encontre this.
algun type of ocular object.
vision to see the treasure to happen.
I will take this.
you would seran first espejuelos of x-rayses.
Francklin invention something asi..
I create that they were these.
that we do with them?
we watched atravez of them.
he is single. that completes time that this he was aqui.. was when they signed it.
Horseradish tree. they approximate the visitors.
taken care of.
that time?
that it is… the map of the treasure.
it says. aquii in the wall.
with two "is"
so that nonsingle it says. sees this place and gastate the treasure wisely.
oh.. no.!
like us they found?
Ian has limitless resources…
and he is ready.
I do not believe that we pruned to leave without they see us.
good then we do not want that they have the declaration or the lenses.
but in special that the two tangan.
that we do?
it is necessary to separate the insurance and the key.
we will divide ourselves.
good idea. deveras.
I take this.
you llevense that.
we see ourselves in the car. llamenme if they have problems.
as if us they catch and they kill to us?
if that serious one a great problem.
cuidala. hare.
we have it.
ahi this.
for this side.
it hopes.
ahi goes the other two.
Victor us we see down.
they go for alla.
ahi estan..
it runs.
hour to run.
aqui inside.
by that side.
if you are not a fillet you do not belong to this place.
I hide of my ex--husband.
who calvito..?
quedate ahi time that you want.
it wishes something?
it wishes something?
it callese.
I already see so that I leave it.
it gives the return.
where you were?
Ian goes to the city council…
I go in way.
to a side.
they go by the other side of the street.
ahi will wait for them.
Gates hears…
man is already enough.
dame the document.
this Phill good.
taken care of.
dejenlos to go.
we have it.
to sight to this subject?
I have not seen it.
they found the car of Gates aqui close estan it watching.
we go.
dile to the head that we have the car.
we lost it. that?
Ian I take it.
they estan well?
the two.? if, we are well.
I feel it.
everything is going to be well.
we see ourselves in the car.
we have the suspect.
that so Mr. Gates.
of the face to the car and atras puts the hands please.
we have it under safekeeping.
Gates you are dificil to find.
it can have well-taken care of.
Railly.. you know like cantactar to Ian..?
it excuses?
it is the great history.
she was the same one that try to tell them before.
by you?
no.. by Ian.
it robs it to stop it.
and hize single I.
the Dra. Chase did not have to do.
but asi Ian I even remain with the independence declaration.
because of you.
asi that these they are its options.
in catapitcia I number one.
you go to prison for a long time.
in catapitcia I number two…
we recovered independence declaration.
you help encontrarla.. and you even go to prison for a long time.
but you feel better on the inside.
catapitcia is some that it does not take to prison.
somebody has that to go to prison Horseradish tree.
so that they serve these.
in order to read the map.
the temple of the horsemen.
and free Masons.
the invisible map of the treasure.
and that decia.
aqui in the wall. nothing but.
single one crushes but.
it seems that Ian Hawke.. is not its true name.
there is something but.
track the signal.
that such Horseradish tree.
like these?
newlywed to a writing-desk.
that listens.
I want that we are in cover of USS intrepid.
you know where is?
New York.
we see ourselves 10 in the morning.
and it brings those lenses that you found.
if, the one of the lenses.
we will be able to see declaration and soon you go away.
and one assumes that I must creerte.?
I said to you that single queria rendered.
you can to you to also be left. the lenses.
also pipe of the Charllote.
ahi estare.
and dile to the agents of FBI that if they want the declaration in a piece.
you must be no they recibiran a box of confeti.
take posisiones.
everything is normal.
report its state.
all in position.
Gates this in the flight deck.
the eyes in Gates.
they do not lose it of Vista.
I have line of vision.
Gates.. follows with the glided thing.
I hope that its agents they are not those of plugs of chewing tobacco.
if Ian dara does not count itself…
as soon as he teaches to you declaration we will conduct battle.
you do not try anything. single dejanos to act.
agent knows that… when I leave fishing to the bait he does not go to him very well that we say.
Mr. approaches a elicoptero.
unit 2 watches to that elicoptero.
review data of that airship.
if they are not they I want to know who are.
I have it it comes from the north.
Gates.. these with me?
then in against yours I am not.
there is interference in the microphono of Gates Mr..
that opportune.
hello Horseradish tree!
Thomas single Edison I need a single form to make a center.
it sounds relative to him?
that devils this passing ahi.?
I do not see Gates.
it sees starboard to the point of monitoring detras of the F-18.
and you do the following thing…
who sees Gates.?
units report.
Gates hablanos..
the target moves.
one goes to starboard.
I have it. vuene towards aca.
somebody sees ours friend Ian Hawke.?
so that he goes to that side?
this in monitoring cover.
I continue being of its side.
but encontre catapitcia I number 3..
and I am going it to take.
of which it speaks?
command to the divers.!
persecution of risk!
your first.
I deceive to us.
they have line of vision?
they see Gates in the water?
nonSir… we do not see it.
you are ready.
that such Horseradish tree.
welcome to Nueva Jersey.
that you did with Avigail and Railly.?
I hope is to you. we had to guess your stature.
pregunte..que you did with Avigail and Railly.?
they are the unicos that could decirte that line of Edison.
you brought the eyeglasses?
not. it tell me that this happening.
preguntale to your fiancče.
it is the one that she directs now all.
she does not shut up herself.
she is for you.
hello. hello affection.
that so your day?
interesting affection.
now you work for Ian.?
like necesitabamos to criminal who removed to you from the safekeeping of the FBI..
and it is the unico criminal that we know.
we offered a treatment to him.
but these to safe.?
if. both we are it.
Railly this aqui doing something rare with the computer.
I am. they rake.
I am following you atravez of the GPS.. if they give the return where we do not want.
we will know it.
if Ian wants traicionarnos.. we will call to him to FBI
and to say to them where these.
and where to find Ian.
and in where this?
in the street of opposite.
in an intersection.
desifraste the track!
she was simple.
aqui in the wall. Wallstreet and Broadway..
Horseradish tree. has something that I did not say to you.
we made believe Ian him who quedaria with the treasure. it was the unica form to make cooperate it.
I already arrive.
ahi we go.
Horseradish tree.
these good?
you rompio algun bone.
a jump asi can to kill a man.
he was brilliant deberias to try it.
the declaration. and the pipe.
all yours.
asi nothing but?
asi nothing but. wise person who cumplirias your promise.
now. he tell me where this my treasure.
aqui this.
the map decia that aqui.
aqui was a wall that it was constructed like defenza…
in order to maintain a the Britanicos was.
the door principa l was aqui.
soon they changed it of name to Broadway.
asi that. Wall ßstreet and Broadway.
I animate.
it waits for a minute Horseradish tree.
Ian.. if you break the treatment.
FBI estara aqui in minutes.
perhaps you escape, or perhaps no..
it was all that decia the map?
asi is.
no.. Horseradish tree. your you do not know to fanfarronear.
in order to be able to do it. you need to have all letters.
there is something but that you want decirme.?
we have to enter the Trinity church.
so that you do not say to him to demas that they are united. I am sure that they estan close by aqui.
these good?
your that you create?
I am reen.
dejalo to go Ian..
when we find the treasure.
hazlo now… or your deberas to decifrar what lacks.
good luck.
Horseradish tree. I believe that no you distinguish the gravity of the subject.
let us see the map.
he is… something....
he is in truth something.
admirable. echale an eye.
Parkington lane.
underneath Parkington Lane..
so that the map it brought aqui. to us.?
whereupon proposito.?
single it is another track but. Pope.
but you are right. it must be in favor of aqui.
a street within a church.
inside no.. down.
under the church.
I feel it.
nothing of this is your fault.
we go.
it watches.
it watches the cooperative status of this type one finished when llagemos at the end of the way.
when that happens no longer it is going to us to need.
then we will look for that permanesca status to our favor.
I continue thinking it.
then also I must think it.
Horseradish tree.
it is a name.
Parkintong Lane..
he was a teacher of the Masons..
taken care of.
they do not step on it.
who it loves to put to the frightful hole first?
quedence aqui.
and if somebody leaves without my. use its imagination.
we go?
they have fire?
taken care of.
it watches what you are above.
they see aqui.
so that that it never passes me to my.
that he is this?
it is a candelabrum.
it takes.
it watches the elevators.
it is a system of weights.
as they constructed this?
just as like they constructed piramides.
and the Chinese wall.
if. the extraterrestrial ones they helped them.
we go. that we hoped.
I am not going to lower in that thing. he has 200 years and a pile thermites.
Pope… you do what says.
taken care of.
the meter.
subete to the elevator. it jumps!
Horseradish tree!
it takes my hand.
we go.
it takes. Avigail.. follows!
it jumps!
low. low.!
the declaration!
confias in my?
no.. Horseradish tree!
it holds!
I feel it. I feel haberte sent…
tapeworm that to save the declaration. no, you do not feel it.
I had done just like your.
in truth?
huviera I them wire drawing to both.
that he is this?
where this the treasure?
this is?
all this for anything.
it must have something but.
there is nothing but.
another track. no longer there are but tracks.
that is everything. acavo.
there is no treasure.
estaras not playing with me… truth Horseradish tree?
your you know where this.
you do not do it. you cannot leave aqui. us.
if I can. unless Horseradish tree says the following track to me.
there are but no tracks.
Ian.. so that no losses and we spoke of this.
you do not speak again.
this good.
the track.
where this the treasure?
the stairs. Pope.
change the status son.
it is part of free Masons..
in the temple of the king salomon habia stairs.
and it meant the way that tapeworm that to follow itself.
in order to define the light of the truth.
the light is the track.
and that means?
the old church in Boston… where Thomas Newton.
colgo one lampara to warn that the Britanicos approached.
it must look for in stairs underneath the church.
you have to take to us with you.
for that. it stops that they escape in Boston?
ademas.. is a load less in than to think.
and that so if we lay.
they did it?
that so if there are but tracks.
SABRE where to find them.
we see Horseradish tree.
there is no another exit. it returns!
we are going to die.
everything is going to come out well.
I feel haberte shouted.
all this small good.
it was false.
she was one crushes false.
the eye that all sees it.
that it is what sees?
when Ian of he counts returned to kill to us.
of nobody he forms we will die.
nobody morira.
there is another exit.
atravez of quarter of the treasure.
they ten.
it seems that somebody I arrive first.
I feel Horseradish tree.
one has gone away.
Horseradish tree listens.
it could no longer have been from that him conto history long ago.
no longer it matters.
tapeworms reason.
no, not it tapeworm.
this is real.
and that wants to say that the treasure is real.
we have the company of the minds but shining so that your you brought aqui to us.
you did it. by all.
your grandfathers. all.
and never eh been so happy to me for having mistaken.
single pense.. that encontraria the treasure.
then. we follow looking for it.
I enter to him.
this good.
I do not want to be kill-joy but it does not go if possible.
so that to where I, we are catched.
where this the other exit?
it does not have sense.
so that the constructors had that to have I throw a tunnel to repirar.
in case of a landslide.
sera asi of simple?
the secret descanza in Charlotte.
books of the library of Alexandria.
possible sera?
he is so great.
these something rare.
I suppose that it means something.
Railly.. these crying?
it watches.
asi nothing but?
asi nothing but.
you finish giving to me with which you negotiated.
the declaration no he is negotiable.
at least for my no.
as it is your supply?
that so a bribe?
let us say of 10 trillions of dolares.
then you found the treasure.
five floors down of your shoes.
you know that it frees Masons creian.. that the treasure demaciado great for a single person was.
even for the king.
for that reason mantenia hidden.
asi is.
the founders creian the same of the government.
I imagine that he applies for the treasure also.
darcelo to people.
they divided to all.
there are thousands of years in histories ahi down.
and he belongs to him to the world.
to all.
truely you do not know the concept to negotiate.
the Dra.. goes away totally without positions.
nothing in its registries.
this good.
I want the credito for the family Gates.
with attendance of the Sr.Railly Pooll..
and your that you want.
I do not want to go to prison.
I cannot describe that gustaria me not to go to prison.
somebody has that to go to prison Horseradish tree.
good if you have a elicoptero I believe that I can help.
stop. FBI..
quiet. above the hands…
this arrested. by kidnapping. and attempt of murder.
and to transfer in propieded of the government.
this good head.
they want in the Cairo proxima to us week for inaguracion of exibicion.
they sent a private jet to us.
that amused.
10 % ofrecian to you and to have your line of Jets private Horseradish tree.
and you rejected it.
we already spoke of that. it was too much.
I could not accept it.
me dolio the finger by a chip by everything a month.
proxima time that we find treasure that redefines the history of the humanity.
your beams the call for the fleet.
that chistoso.. to you that, you remained with the girl.
it is truth.
disfrutenlo.. I dsfrutare my 1%.
1%.. that stinking.
05% sera…
I feel much your suffering.
for your information Horseradish tree. I like the house.
escogi this house so that 1912..
if somebody became something in amused history… bla, bla, bla..
you had yourself bought one but great.
hize something for you.
if.? that.?
a map.
a map!
to where it takes to me?
already descubriras.
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