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Nattens Engel 1998

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What do you think? My grandmother's country house.
Christ, it's huge!
You could've said it was in the middle of nowhere.
This is wild. I can't believe you inherited this.
I can't wait for the housewarming. How many bedrooms are there?
And you didn't even want to come ...
Wait till you see it inside. It's unbelievable.
- Mads, will you pay the cab? - You're the heiress.
So the prince and princess move into their dream castle.
"And they lived happily ever after."
- Jealous? - Right ... I could get him anytime.
- You're an evil woman, Charlotte. - Relax, he's not my type.
Keep it. Let's inaugurate the joint.
What did your grandmother do? She must have been loaded.
She taught history at the university.
- What's with the book? - She dabbled in the occult.
She was president of the Association for the Protection of Vampires.
- It's nice to have a hobby. - Open the door.
I have to tell you something first.
- It could be a little scary. - Get out of here.
- What, it's haunted? - Tell us about it inside, Rebecca.
Okay, come in, and I'll tell you the rest ... if you dare.
We'll go up to the main hall.
- Aren't there any lights? - Damn, this is scary.
It's the story of a young priest who met a gruesome fate.
It started when a number of women were murdered, over 100 years ago.
- Death to the guilty man! - Let him burn!
Death to whom?
- We have no suspect. - We demand to see the mayor.
I found my Kristina by the harbor. She lay in the moonlight.
She looked like she was sleeping. She was my whole life.
Mr. Mayor, I can assure you that my men will find the guilty man.
Not another citizen will perish. No more loved ones will be lost!
I lost my wife to that devil.
- I am with you, Mayor Oesterskov. - Thank you, blacksmith.
Who will follow me to the harbor to catch this monster?.
- Mayor ... - Bishop Hammershoj. What say you?
It is not a human you are up against.
He is old as the wind, and evil as the winter.
He flies by night ...
... spreading death and terror.
He is the living dead, who steals the blood of those who sleep.
Superstitious nonsense! He is a vile murderer, not a creature.
Quiet! What must we do?
- A holy man must expel this evil. - Then come with us, Bishop.
- Let us rid this town of evil. - No ...
My time has passed. But Rikard ...
Rikard will go with you.
No, Bishop!
I am not ready for such a task.
- Let us find an exorcist. - Daddy!
Rikard, wait.
Only this stake can kill the one who drinks blood.
Come along, my friend.
It was here I found my daughter.
Perhaps the monster is still close at hand.
- We are too few! - Quiet!
I'll go around the other side. You stay here.
It is the monster. Now you will pay for your crimes. Your time has come!
Mayor Oesterskov, wait!
Come along, boy.
Mayor, did you get the beast?
Mayor, can you hear me?
Rikard ...
- You must stop the evil one. - Lie still. I'll fetch help.
The citizens are counting on you. The devil must not get away.
Think of your wife and child.
And who do we have here? The bishop's little errand boy?.
I ... I am not a boy.
I am an emissary of the Lord.
I have come to save your soul!
"That was how the priest, Rikard, himself became a vampire. "
"That night he fled the town, never again to see his wife and child. "
How sad.
'The evil transformed Rikard into Rico Mortiz, Angel of the Night."
Here comes the scary part. It's about me.
Are you crazy?. This is too much.
Sleep by day, eat girls by night. Not bad.
I'm meeting that guy from last week at The Rock. He's got a nice ass.
Just like you, Mads.
Rikard is my great-great-grandfather.
That explains a few things.
The priest who became a vampire?
That's wild. It's nothing hereditary, is it?
- Let's see your teeth. - Stop it, Mads.
- Does he send Christmas presents? - It's all here in the book.
My grandmother collected all the stories about Rico.
- And now she's dead. - I thought my family was fucked up.
I came here to look at the house, not play "Fright Night."
If we're going to live together, you can't behave like a child.
- Anybody want a drink?. - My grandmother's last words were:
'The family secrets are in the cellar." Whatever that meant.
- So let's go check it out. - No, I don't dare.
Come on. Maybe we'll find the family treasure, or the wine cellar.
Hello? Any vampires home?
We're from Jehovah's Witnesses, we have some literature for you.
What a great place for a party. Rock on!
- Let's go back up. - I just want to look around.
I'm freezing.
What's that?
- Wow, look at this. - Your grandma's security blanket.
Jesus ...
That's one dildo I have to borrow. You've got Mads ...
- And I'll never make The Rock. - Is that the one Rikard used?
I think so. That's what you stick in the vampire's heart.
- Or up his ass. - That must be wonderfully painful.
Let's hear more about your great-grandfather, the vampire.
Rico traveled around the world before returning to Copenhagen.
He was now an experienced vampire who could change his form.
From young to old, human to bat.
How is it you kill a vampire?
You have to drive a stake through its heart.
They weaken at the sign of the cross, but you have to believe in it.
- Their servants are easier to kill. - Well, you can't live forever.
Remember the girls who disappeared a few years ago? It was Rico.
- To avenge a city that expelled him. - You can't really believe that.
- You're whacked! - Listen ...
An evil shadow had fallen over Copenhagen, -
- and the city began to fear the setting sun.
It's true enough. A lot of girls did disappear.
- I don't think they were ever found. - Maybe they're here in the cellar.
- The police didn't do anything. - But someone did.
Tim was standard, hard-luck criminal trash.
The only thing he was good at was girls and guns.
Rico sent one of his servants after Tim when he got too close.
Sweet dreams, baby.
Tim gathered his friends in the shelter of the church.
This would be the night Rico's reign of terror came to an end.
There's no sex in this story.
- All right, boys, are you in? - Rico's got to die.
The old bastard ... Did we take any holy water from the church?
- It's garlic they don't like. - Your falafel breath will be enough.
- This is like a movie. - It's the real thing.
We'll do him with a stake like this. It's at Suzy's.
- Fuck that, we'll pop him! - Bullets won't do it.
No, but I ain't going without guns. We'll go by Frankie's.
Gun-Crazy Frankie? Didn't he move to Greenland?
Man, I'm gonna go up and fuck that whore.
- Look at that fool! - It's no use. She's yours, Tim.
Baby, let's drop the intro, I'm kind of busy.
Come on, Tim.
Tim, let's go. Frankie won't wait for us.
- It's teeming with homos out here. - Relax, he's just about to come.
Nice revolvers. Dependable.
9mm Mauser.
Colt Python, 9mm. Four-inch barrel.
- You got anything else? - Oh yeah ...
This here is the shit.
Browning automatic. 9mm. 14 rounds.
13 in the clip, one in the chamber.
Martin, this is all you. Tim ...
You can put anyone down with this badass.
Just like this badass here.
Tim, what do you want with all this shit?
- Who are you gonna mess with? - Rico. You know him?
- You don't mess with Rico. - I do.
- Here's to Tim. - All he's missing is the holy stake.
It was at the club where Tim's girlfriend, Suzy, worked.
- That Tim had pretty good taste. - And this Rico just slept?
How sweet ...
- The boy thinks he can stop you. - My servants are waiting for him.
Tim went to the club, where Rico's servants socialized with the staff.
I don't know where he is.
- Not these little boys? - Crucifix!
Suzy, get the stake!
Shit, now what? Ronnie, watch out!
Come on.
Ronnie, look out!
Hey, fuck-face ... smile.
Here, Tim!
Here, Ronnie!
Do it, Suzy! Right in his heart!
Ronnie. No!
Suzy, here!
- Wild ... - We used to go to Club Paradise.
They played shitty music. Rebecca, no more stupid stories.
You only believe what your hairdresser tells you.
- What about Tim? - He wanted revenge.
They went to Rico's crypt. It was time for the beast to die.
There's only two bottles of holy water left.
You take the stake.
What about me? Aren't I going with you?
Okay, but you wait inside. We'll have to deal with his errand boys.
I smell trouble.
Here. Take good care of it.
Take this, Martin. Tim, be careful.
Martin. Martin ... Let's do it.
What the hell was that?
Shit! There's never a lighter around when you need one.
Jesus Christ ... That was one wild bitch.
Tim went on alone. He found a staircase that led into the darkness.
The stink of death intensified with his every step.
Son of a bitch ...
Let me out!
You'll be able to enjoy them both for a very, very long time.
You're brave, but you lack style.
- Did they live? - He licked his wounds.
But he sent one of his new vampires after Tim.
I remember Tim.
It was on the news. One of my friends knew him.
You should sell these stories.
The Angel of the Night returned some years later, with renewed strength.
Tim and his friends were defeated, and now served Rico.
There's a story about how they were sent out to find a certain girl.
Give me a break, Reb. Forget it.
- You've got a pretty bizarre family. - I know it's mad, but I believe it.
They're cool stories. Really. Come here. I mean it, honey.
What's this?
Rico's coffin?
Yes, it is.
Now I know why it stinks so bad.
- You can see inside. - Where?
The priest! He got me!
- It's not funny. - Fucking idiot.
- Were you scared? - Moron. This isn't a toy.
- It's bleeding. - Let me look at it.
- Careful! - Calm down, it's no big deal.
It sounds like you're already married.
- No way. - What was that?
- We found Batman's grave. - Then it's true.
That's why I inherited the house.
- My little grave robber ... - Stop, this is important.
I'm really tired of your house and your vampire uncle.
- You're talking about my family. - You read about them and ignore me.
- I might as well fuck that bat. - Fuck you, Mads.
It's fine with me.
This vampire crap isn't good for you. You need help.
- I certainly don't need you. - Thanks.
- Goodbye. - Come on, Mads.
Nice going, Reb.
- What's wrong with you? - It's just a big mess.
All my family is dead, and now I inherit this house ...
Why do I always fall for the irritating ones?
We'll go into town, you can talk there.
Be good to him, Rebecca, he's a good man.
Are you coming?
- Hello, this is Mads. - What the hell's keeping you?
Hi, Peter. Can you come and get me?
- Do you have to ask Rebecca first? - Can you pick me up?
Hello ..? Assholes!
- We can just make The Rock. - Is this Latin, or what?
Yeah. It says ...
'The Angel of the Night will fly again, -
- in the light of the full moon."
"Light seven candles ...
... and speak the seven forgotten names."
- Let's go. - Tell me what the rest says.
It's Saturday. Remember what that means?
You go. I'm gonna take a look at this stuff.
- I'll see you. - Whatever. Take care of yourself.
- Is she coming? - Forget Rebecca. She's out to lunch.
She's gonna stay here and dance with the dead.
- What are you doing? - Hello, I need a cab.
- What's this place called? - I don't know. The boondocks.
Angel something ...
Angellund Estate, that's it. Will it be long?
Maybe there's a translation somewhere.
Why don't you have a car?. You're a stylish guy.
There's some good CDs. Granny was one swinging lady.
Check this out. This chapter is about ...
... Rico searching for a girl. The chosen one.
- Like every other guy. - Listen to this ...
"Rico must impregnate a girl every 100 years -
- and drink the blood of his own child, or he will turn to dust."
That's disgusting. Who could think of such a thing?
"He found the chosen one, Marie Leman."
That's her. It was in Copenhagen.
"Rico hypnotized her and brought her to his villa."
"Here he impregnated her."
'When she woke up the following morning, she remembered nothing."
Rico fucked her, and she couldn't remember?. Not much of a lover.
He'd hypnotized her, okay?.
"Marie and her boyfriend Alex looked forward to the birth of the child."
- That's scary. Go on. - 'The night was dark and stormy."
"Marie and Alex were on their way home after childbirth class."
Okay, babe. See you later.
- Yeah, maybe ... in 100 years. - Come on, I'll be back on Monday.
You know I go hunting with the boys every other weekend.
They're picking me up at six in the morning, so ...
- Why don't you get some sleep? - You and your trigger-happy pals ...
Come here.
Sleep well ... Careful!
I'll call you.
- I don't wanna hear any more. - Stay here.
"Marie became aware of the truth through her dark dreams."
"The hypnotic veil was lifted, -
- and Marie could now remember it all. "
Alex here. Talk to me, baby.
Alex, it's Marie.
I have to talk to you. Please give me a call. Bye.
The poor girl. Isn't there anyone to help her?
I hope to see you on Sunday.
Dear God, give me strength!
- Esiah, what has happened? - There is no time to lose.
I must go to Denmark. There is a woman in need of my help.
You mustn't go. You are needed here.
The beast is awake!
You mustn't go, my son. It will be the end of you.
God has chosen me.
- Do you take your vitamins? - Yes, but I feel so alone.
I have nightmares every night. I think I'm going crazy.
- Isn't your boyfriend any help? - Alex isn't the father.
- What do you mean? - It's all still a little blurry.
I couldn't fight back. And Alex is ready to be the proud father.
I'm against abortion, but I can't take this.
An abortion? Your pregnancy is too advanced.
Don't you believe in God?
Shit ... My doctor's an idiot, too.
What about that priest? Isn't he supposed to help Marie?
Here he is.
Hi, baby.
Is something wrong?
- A number 12 ... What do you want? - I'm not hungry.
Of course you are. One 12 ... A number 10, one 18 and two Buds.
No, one orange juice, one Bud. And a Jack Daniels, no ice.
- I want to have an abortion. - It'll work out fine.
- This child is evil. - You're not getting an abortion.
It's gnawing at my insides. it's eating my soul.
- Not now. What are you on about? - I was all alone and ...
Yeah ... Honey, do you need help?
No one can help me.
Master ...
The chosen one wishes to kill your baby.
- That must not happen! - What shall we do?
You were to watch the chosen one until she gave me new life.
- Master, let me explain. - Be quiet, slave.
Tonight we take the chosen one.
Damn keys.
Go away.
- Marie speaking. - It's me. Are you okay?
I'm coming over so we can talk.
- Are you all right? - Alex, I think I'm going crazy.
Take It easy. We'll work It all out. Trust me.
- I'm on my way. - Alex, it's not your child.
- What? - I tried to tell you.
What the fuck is this all about? What are you saying?
- He forced me. - He forced you? Who did?
- You won't believe me. - Who is the fucker?
First he was young, then he was old.
You're sick. I can't go on. It's over. I'm finished with you.
Don't leave me!
Stop it! Stop it!
Rebecca's all alone down there. Let's go get her.
You can't stop right in the middle. Let's see what happens.
"Marie's world fell apart. She couldn't go on."
Are you sure she's home?
Is she dead?
Alex, don't leave me.
Where am l?
- What are you doing? - I'm taking you to the father.
- To the real father! - No!
Easy now, I'm here.
Take care of the child, Marie.
Alex, don't hang up!
Rush through the storm. Let the rain wash over your tracks.
They're going to kill me!
Marie, you can run, but you cannot hide.
- Where are you? - Meet me at home!
- Hurry! - Marie, goddamn it!
The goddamn keys!
- Hey, Banderas, move. - No, it's not him!
Are you okay, baby?.
Let her go.
Damn, you guys are ugly. Let her go.
- Esiah! - Banderas.
Well, Frizzy?.
Are you okay, baby?.
No heart, no life.
Marie, it's been a while.
Marie, I'm going to take care of you.
You will sleep beside me, safe and warm.
- I'm going gray because of this. - I got the shakes.
What a wild story.
Imagine if it was true. Let's see how it ends.
"Marie didn't know the house. She passed through it slowly. "
"She found her coat, and the holy water. "
Walt a second. Where did she get that?
There's some pages missing. The priest must have given it to her.
Come to me, Marie.
My life!
Die, you devil!
- That's what we found in the cellar. - And Rebecca's down there.
What the hell is she doing? It's a good thing he's dead, huh?
- What happened to Marie? - "Marie said goodbye to Alex. "
"Rico and his servants were defeated. "
"Marie went to South America to serve the Lord. "
Look. There's more.
It's some names. "Brujah." What is it?
- Fuck it, I want to party. - What are you doing?
What am I doing? Mads, Charlotte! I'm coming up!
Rebecca, come.
Come to me, Rebecca.
Raise me from my grave.
Give me blood, give me life.
Who are you?
- This is a great song. - What are you doing?
Light seven candles and say the seven forgotten names.
Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, -
- Nosferatu, Toreador, -
- Tremere, Ventrue.
The blood of the family.
And the blood of the family will wake the Angel of the Night.
My blood.
- What a vamp you are. - And a good one.
Jesus, Charlotte.
- Stop. Rebecca could walk in. - Come on, we can't live forever.
Rise, Rico Mortiz.
Embrace the night and the eternal life.
Oh God, I'm coming. I'm coming!
Christ, I needed that.
We're not finished yet.
Help me!
No! Mads!
Mads! Charlotte!
- Rebecca? - What the hell's going on?
Rebecca, here!
- What the hell are you doing? - What are you doing?
I'm free!
It's Rico.
Come with me, Rebecca. I am your family.
- Rikard is my family, not you. - Do not speak of that weakling!
- You must die! - Let her go, you bastard!
Mads, stay still. I'm going for help.
Rebecca, you have to stop him.
Get him in the heart.
Come, Rebecca. Dance with me.
Your blood must run through my veins. Make me strong.
Make me young, as I once was.
Once you were a loving man who cared for those he loved.
This is your family.
You once had a heart!
Let go of me!
- Mads, you idiot! - What's going on?
There's more between heaven and earth than you think.
My little angel.
That's the cab. Come on.
Mads, wait!
What about Charlotte?
- There you are. Any problems? - No, just drive.
Any more of you? What is it, Halloween?
- You got money? - Yeah, just drive.
So, Rebecca, what about us?
- Mads, we need to talk. - About what?
I think we should find another house.
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