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Subtitles for Natural Born Killers.

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Natural Born Killers

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE]Natural Born Killers [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.15 [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [COMMENT]ripped by -=Ghost=- [] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:55.84,00:00:57.63 What kind of pies do you have? 00:00:58.40,00:01:03.26 We've got apple, pecan,[br]cherry and lime. 00:01:03.72,00:01:05.19 Which do you recommend? 00:01:05.68,00:01:09.83 The lime is great but it's[br]required taste. 00:01:10.52,00:01:12.71 I didn't eat it for about 10 years. 00:01:13.16,00:01:15.11 And when you had it did you[br]like it? 00:01:15.60,00:01:18.67 No but it doesn't mean anything.[br]I was a different person by then. 00:01:19.16,00:01:22.35 Let's take tat cake. 00:01:22.68,00:01:25.79 And a big glass of non-fat milk,[br]if you please. 00:01:26.40,00:01:28.63 Should I make that two pieces? 00:01:29.08,00:01:30.79 No-no, Rozy. 00:01:31.12,00:01:33.31 My name is not Rozy, it's Mabel. 00:01:35.80,00:01:37.43 What ever. 00:02:34.44,00:02:36.47 God damn! It's hot. 00:02:37.36,00:02:39.31 You go inside I'll check it out. 00:02:39.76,00:02:41.83 All right we'll get a cold one[br]for you. 00:02:47.04,00:02:49.31 Oh my God! What a hell is that? 00:02:54.00,00:02:56.23 Oh, that's a Hell there. 00:02:56.96,00:02:58.95 Take a run after her. 00:03:02.36,00:03:04.39 - Hello, Marble.[br]- Wait. I'm coming. 00:03:13.56,00:03:15.27 She's sweet. 00:03:16.32,00:03:17.75 Her name is... 00:03:19.68,00:03:20.66 Mallory. 00:03:21.00,00:03:24.39 Mallory? Whatever this shit?[br]I call it <>. 00:03:42.88,00:03:45.31 Don't stop. No-no-no.[br]I'm just steering. 00:03:46.12,00:03:48.42 Hey. I think she's sweet on you. 00:03:51.40,00:03:53.47 Are you flirting with me? 00:04:03.12,00:04:05.07 You want to mess with me, do you? 00:04:05.60,00:04:08.03 You move fucker, yeah! 00:04:15.76,00:04:17.95 Yeah, this stupid! 00:04:22.24,00:04:24.75 - You son of a bitch...[br]- Don't like pointing. 00:04:33.80,00:04:35.87 You have no right for interfering. 00:04:47.64,00:04:51.07 How sexy am I now?[br]Ah, play boy? 00:04:51.76,00:04:53.35 How sexy now I am? 00:05:05.12,00:05:09.47 Damn! You've made me sick. 00:05:09.80,00:05:11.67 Enough. He's dead. 00:05:16.76,00:05:19.59 No! There is no escaping here. 00:05:20.84,00:05:22.75 Who's the lucky one? 00:05:23.20,00:05:27.51 Any, many, money, more catch[br]your red neck by store. 00:05:28.00,00:05:30.30 If the hollers let him go! 00:05:31.24,00:05:34.07 Any, many, money, more... 00:05:34.52,00:05:39.23 My mommy told me to pick up[br]the best one. 00:05:39.96,00:05:43.31 And you are it! 00:05:53.76,00:05:56.14 When people come here and they[br]ask you who's done it tell them... 00:05:56.36,00:05:59.31 ...Mickey and Mallory Knox did[br]it. Right? Say it! 00:05:59.84,00:06:02.22 Mickey and Mallory Knox did it. 00:06:02.68,00:06:04.83 Mickey and Mallory Knox. 00:06:06.48,00:06:09.15 - I love you, Mickey.[br]- I love you, Mallory. 00:08:24.16,00:08:26.11 Our world coming on end, Mal. 00:08:29.68,00:08:31.47 I see angels, Mickey. 00:08:33.60,00:08:36.03 They're coming down for us[br]from Heaven. 00:08:37.52,00:08:40.19 And I see you running on a big[br]red horse. 00:08:41.28,00:08:43.87 And you're driving the horse[br]and it's beaten. 00:08:44.32,00:08:46.99 And it's afoam from their mouth. 00:08:47.92,00:08:49.71 And they are coming to us. 00:08:51.60,00:08:53.15 And I see the future. 00:08:54.36,00:08:57.95 There's no death. Cause you and[br]I are angels. 00:09:05.44,00:09:06.99 Oh, it's poetry. 00:09:08.40,00:09:09.46 Damn. 00:09:11.20,00:09:12.79 I love you, Mal. 00:09:14.20,00:09:15.83 I know you do, baby. 00:09:17.00,00:09:19.91 I'm loving you since the day[br]we've met. 00:09:28.08,00:09:29.51 Hi, Dad. How is work? 00:09:29.76,00:09:31.67 What work? I'm unemployed. 00:09:32.20,00:09:33.91 And where you've been, eh? 00:09:34.28,00:09:36.03 Oh, you look nice, Mallory. 00:09:36.60,00:09:38.15 Yeah, you look like... 00:09:40.00,00:09:44.03 Thanks, mum. Well, I'm going[br]now and I'll be back at[br]midnight. O. K? 00:09:45.36,00:09:47.92 What are you wearing? 00:09:48.32,00:09:51.83 You'd better to put some meat[br]on you, to pounds lighter you'll[br]be Miss Ethiopia. 00:09:53.40,00:09:54.95 What a hell are you going? 00:09:55.56,00:09:59.03 I'm going to the John Lee[br]Hooker's concert with Dona. I[br]told you that yesterday. 00:09:59.88,00:10:02.83 First of all you don't tell[br]me anything. Ask for permission! 00:10:03.24,00:10:05.62 Second, you're not going out[br]in such a dress. 00:10:05.84,00:10:07.99 You stupid bitch! 00:10:08.36,00:10:10.79 I told you not to go out at all[br]if you don't trim the grass. 00:10:11.12,00:10:13.50 But mower's out of order, fuck! 00:10:13.92,00:10:16.87 That's how you're talking to[br]your mother?[br]You stupid bitch! 00:10:17.28,00:10:21.23 You watch your language! I'll[br]kick the shit out of you. 00:10:21.92,00:10:27.87 So if your ass is in this[br]house it's my ass. 00:10:28.16,00:10:30.39 So you move it upstairs and[br]take the shower. 00:10:30.76,00:10:34.43 And make sure it's a good[br]shower, cause I'm coming[br]up after... 00:10:34.80,00:10:37.18 see how clean you are. 00:10:45.92,00:10:48.59 Don't you think you're a[br]little hard under her? 00:10:49.08,00:10:52.07 I show a little tenderness after[br]I eat. 00:10:54.04,00:10:57.63 When I get up there she won't[br]see my face for an hour. 00:10:58.00,00:11:00.71 Darling, don't you think you[br]should speak nicely in front[br]of Kevin. 00:11:00.96,00:11:03.63 Don't think. 00:11:04.64,00:11:07.99 What am I - A bad guy? Did I[br]ask you to fuck my friends? 00:11:08.76,00:11:10.27 And don't tell me what to do. 00:11:10.52,00:11:13.95 If you wasn't with me you've[br]been still fucking your boss. 00:11:14.96,00:11:17.95 It must be Dona. I'll tell her[br]the bad news. 00:11:18.72,00:11:20.95 Probably your macaroni get[br]cold, Add. 00:11:31.32,00:11:34.03 - Yes?[br]- Delivery for Add Wilson. 00:11:34.88,00:11:38.42 - What is this?[br]- It's beef, lady. 50 pounds. 00:11:39.96,00:11:42.67 You wait right here I have to[br]have a word with my husband. 00:11:51.48,00:11:52.95 Who are you? 00:11:54.00,00:11:55.59 Mickey, and you? 00:11:56.36,00:11:58.23 I'm Mallory. 00:11:58.76,00:12:01.03 You gotta change your name[br]to beauty. 00:12:05.32,00:12:08.86 Hey, baby, you did it? 00:12:10.76,00:12:12.15 I could be. 00:12:12.84,00:12:15.11 Always dressing like this or[br]you just... 00:12:15.80,00:12:17.55 waiting for me? 00:12:17.92,00:12:20.91 Why do I dress like this[br]for somebody I don't know? 00:12:21.36,00:12:23.92 Maybe something inside you had[br]told you to do it, you know? 00:12:25.20,00:12:28.07 Like fate.[br]You believe in fate, Mallory? 00:12:28.92,00:12:31.75 - Maybe.[br]- Too happy. 00:12:32.28,00:12:34.43 Want go for a ride? Talk about? 00:12:40.16,00:12:42.54 Add, you promised to a doctor[br]no more meat. 00:12:42.84,00:12:44.35 I eat what I want. So what? 00:12:45.20,00:12:47.91 I mean this fucking food here... 00:12:48.20,00:12:52.31 Just I don't want your arteries[br]to kill you right at the table! 00:12:53.16,00:12:55.19 Fuck off. Keep quiet. I'll[br]not touch you off. 00:12:55.84,00:12:59.51 I haven't cried for 15 years[br]and you still haven't touched me. 00:12:59.84,00:13:01.23 And how about him? 00:13:01.52,00:13:05.27 You were drunk and you thought[br]that you were in Mallory's[br]room. That's how we have Kevin. 00:13:05.60,00:13:08.11 What? You mean Mallory's my mum? 00:13:09.04,00:13:11.71 I'm sending meat back and I[br]don't care what you'll do to me! 00:13:12.28,00:13:15.15 - You know what I'll do.[br]- Add, look. What's that? 00:13:16.08,00:13:19.62 Went with the meat man. I'll[br]be back before dawn. Love. Mallory. 00:13:20.20,00:13:21.67 Oh, stupid bitch. 00:13:22.12,00:13:24.07 - They've stolen your car.[br]- My car? 00:13:24.48,00:13:27.63 Oh, that meat man is a cocksucker. 00:13:27.96,00:13:30.31 Go call cops quickly! 00:13:42.64,00:13:44.87 Everything I see I see you. 00:13:45.44,00:13:46.95 I know, baby. 00:13:47.32,00:13:48.91 I'm going crazy, too. 00:13:50.44,00:13:53.23 Even ugly things seem[br]beautiful near you. 00:13:53.72,00:13:56.35 And no mater I'm here I visit[br]you every night. 00:14:01.32,00:14:05.83 Listen, Mickey. My Daddy.[br]He's going to move us away. 00:14:06.60,00:14:09.67 So that you can't find me.[br]I'm scared. 00:14:10.80,00:14:13.23 He can't keep me away from you. 00:14:14.96,00:14:18.74 He said if he ever sees you[br]he's going to kill you! 00:14:20.36,00:14:22.95 To kill me? When it's supposed[br]to happen? 00:14:23.44,00:14:24.91 Can I help you? 00:14:25.20,00:14:27.19 He won't leave me alone. 00:14:27.84,00:14:31.79 He always touches me. Like...! 00:14:33.04,00:14:34.43 I have to go. 00:14:35.16,00:14:37.83 If he finds out where I go[br]he's going to beat me[br]and everything. 00:14:38.32,00:14:41.19 I just wanted to say how I love[br]you and how I miss you. 00:14:41.52,00:14:43.90 Don't forget about me. You[br]won't forget about me? 00:14:44.32,00:14:45.99 I won't forget about you. 00:14:46.84,00:14:52.79 It's cool. No matter where[br]he abducts you[br]Timbuhtu or somewhere else...[br]cause it's fate. 00:14:54.00,00:14:58.03 Nobody can stop fate. Nobody can. 00:15:00.00,00:15:04.83 And one of these nights, see?[br]I'll be coming for you. 00:15:07.08,00:15:08.43 Gotta go. 00:15:15.80,00:15:17.11 I love you. 00:15:48.12,00:15:50.07 Tornado! Tornado! 00:15:50.76,00:15:52.59 Get out. Take horses! 00:15:53.32,00:15:55.91 To the bus, quickly! 00:16:16.48,00:16:18.23 Stop! I'll shoot! 00:16:53.24,00:16:54.63 Oh, break his arm. 00:16:55.24,00:16:58.07 There's no action. What am[br]I watching? Two fucking pigs? 00:16:59.08,00:17:01.59 Kill him! Kill this fucking Indian! 00:17:03.84,00:17:05.47 What a fuck you think you're going? 00:17:05.72,00:17:08.35 - I'm going, Add![br]- You're not going nowhere. 00:17:12.16,00:17:14.39 Hi, Add. Mickey is back. 00:17:15.12,00:17:17.11 Just a prick I want to see. 00:17:22.96,00:17:27.03 Oh, fucking fix.[br]Now I gonna take your eye and[br]I'll show you... 00:17:43.80,00:17:46.55 You stupid bitch![br]You're fucking around! 00:17:46.96,00:17:49.67 You shut up! You'll eat everything! 00:17:50.12,00:17:51.55 You'll listen to me! 00:17:51.84,00:17:54.71 Are you clean?[br]Are you soapy and wet? 00:17:55.36,00:17:57.43 You stupid bitch! 00:17:59.48,00:18:01.23 He's dead! 00:18:02.56,00:18:04.27 Where's the old bag? 00:18:05.28,00:18:07.39 He is dead! He is dead! 00:18:13.28,00:18:14.71 Hi, Mum. 00:18:25.36,00:18:27.15 You never did nothing. 00:18:36.44,00:18:37.47 Wait. 00:18:39.56,00:18:40.91 You're free, Kevin. 00:18:48.32,00:18:49.59 Wherever we go... 00:18:49.88,00:18:51.23 Whatever happens, Mickey... 00:18:51.84,00:18:53.55 When I look at those stars... 00:18:54.12,00:18:56.27 ...I'll know you're looking at[br]the same world. 00:18:57.12,00:18:58.79 Same moment, baby. 00:18:59.64,00:19:01.91 You know, Mickey? Everyday with[br]you is like in a kindergarten. 00:19:07.40,00:19:10.91 I think we should get new[br]things cause I need a whole[br]new wardrobe. 00:19:11.52,00:19:13.87 I'm a new woman now. 00:19:16.40,00:19:17.79 I'm a new woman! 00:19:18.32,00:19:19.71 A new woman! 00:19:42.04,00:19:43.59 Past is behind us. 00:19:44.88,00:19:46.19 It's time to grow up. 00:19:48.40,00:19:50.39 And road to Hell in front of us. 00:19:53.24,00:19:55.19 - Mal...[br]- Yes? 00:19:56.88,00:19:58.47 You marry me? 00:20:00.72,00:20:02.63 Of cause I'll marry you. 00:20:03.00,00:20:05.46 I've been waiting for you to say[br]it for so long. 00:20:07.00,00:20:08.79 And where we going to get married? 00:20:09.36,00:20:11.92 Right here, Mali. It's our church. 00:20:14.60,00:20:16.67 I've got a perfect thing. 00:20:28.76,00:20:30.19 Give me your hand. 00:20:31.76,00:20:33.59 I thought that I had mine. 00:20:34.00,00:20:35.63 Fuck you! 00:20:37.64,00:20:39.19 O.K. 00:20:40.16,00:20:42.23 It's very romantic, baby. 00:20:44.28,00:20:46.87 We'll be living in all the[br]oceans now. 00:21:00.76,00:21:03.51 God! For you, and this river[br]and everything we don't know about... 00:21:05.28,00:21:08.03 Mickey, did you take Mallory to[br]be your wife... 00:21:08.36,00:21:12.03 hold her and treat her[br]right until you die? 00:21:14.80,00:21:15.83 I did. 00:21:19.24,00:21:20.59 Oh, baby. 00:21:22.24,00:21:25.94 Mallory, you take Mickey to be... 00:21:31.48,00:21:33.71 I'm not murdering anybody on[br]our wedding day. 00:21:34.36,00:21:36.07 Fuck you! God! 00:21:37.64,00:21:38.83 I do. 00:21:40.68,00:21:43.63 For eternity. Until you and I die. 00:21:44.44,00:21:46.59 And die. And die again. 00:21:47.32,00:21:49.83 Till death do us part. Yes! 00:21:50.48,00:21:54.59 By the power is in me is God of[br]our word... 00:21:55.36,00:21:58.15 ...I pronounce you and wife. 00:22:13.40,00:22:15.70 After that there was no[br]stopping Mickey and Mallory. 00:22:16.68,00:22:19.99 They tore up the countryside[br]with the inveteracy right out[br]of the Bible. 00:22:44.20,00:22:46.55 Today I'm standing at a highway 666. 00:22:47.04,00:22:51.03 Running through towns like[br]Kortex, Shiprock, Shipsprings. 00:22:51.40,00:22:53.39 And ending in Gallop, New Mexico. 00:22:53.76,00:22:56.19 To some-a beautiful street to[br]the American landscape. 00:22:56.84,00:23:00.03 But for Mickey and Mallory Knox[br]who are still at large... 00:23:00.44,00:23:03.59 ...It's the place[br]of murder and hate. 00:23:04.52,00:23:10.43 Patrolman Jerald Nash was just[br]the first of 12 police officers... 00:23:10.96,00:23:14.79 ...that Mickey and Mallory[br]murdered during their realm[br]of terror. 00:23:15.56,00:23:21.07 Jerald and his partner Dale[br]Wrigley were parked near[br]this donuts shop. 00:23:21.96,00:23:24.47 And at the moment when... 00:23:25.00,00:23:27.71 It's 1970's[br]George-Challenger pulled up[br]cross the street at the Donut shop. 00:23:28.12,00:23:32.67 Gerald only three weeks after[br]the academy, come walking out[br]the cafe. 00:23:36.16,00:23:39.11 - Hey, you![br]The driver asked him a question. 00:23:39.52,00:23:42.39 - How a hell get to Farmington?[br]- My partner gave him[br]straight directions. 00:23:42.80,00:23:47.03 Take it on 324, take it over[br]666, and Farmington is about[br]65 miles. 00:23:48.00,00:23:49.87 Quick ride. You've got it? 00:23:50.32,00:23:52.83 When he finished, he waved him. 00:24:04.04,00:24:06.71 You're cops killing cocksuckers! 00:24:15.84,00:24:19.11 During a chase a tragic[br]murder appeared. 00:24:20.80,00:24:24.79 American bronze medalist[br]marathon bicyclist... 00:24:29.12,00:24:32.47 I always want to shoot at one[br]of 'em. It wasn't so easy to[br]get him. 00:24:33.32,00:24:35.70 We really pinched 'em all to[br]do this. 00:24:36.16,00:24:38.46 O.K. Change your orders. It[br]would be superb. 00:24:38.84,00:24:41.35 We still need a new intro by[br]my opinion. We can't[br]battologize ourselves all the time. 00:24:41.84,00:24:44.75 Repetition works. 00:24:45.20,00:24:47.07 Repetition works. 00:24:47.92,00:24:51.59 Do you think that zombie[br]can remember anything? Never. 00:24:52.28,00:24:54.79 It's chew food for the brains.[br]Whatever. 00:24:55.24,00:24:58.23 Just pick to the interview. 00:24:59.20,00:25:01.55 Wayne Gale! That's what it's[br]all about. 00:25:05.16,00:25:06.95 - What do you think of Mickey[br]and Mallory?[br]- High! 00:25:07.16,00:25:09.11 - High.[br]- Totally high. 00:25:10.64,00:25:12.19 I love Mickey and Mallory. 00:25:12.64,00:25:15.15 They're so cool! They're so great! 00:25:20.80,00:25:23.79 Mickey and Mallory-the best[br]what happened with mass[br]murdering after Manson. 00:25:24.12,00:25:25.55 Yes, they're cool. 00:25:25.84,00:25:29.75 Let's call the great figures[br]from the States.[br]Elvis, Jacky Rock. 00:25:30.08,00:25:31.51 - James Tane.[br]- Tane. 00:25:31.84,00:25:34.67 - They're super cool.[br]- Mickey! Say love you. 00:25:36.76,00:25:41.15 Jim Morrison, Jack Nickolson[br]and bloody Mickey and Mallory. 00:25:42.36,00:25:45.23 I'm not saying I believe in[br]mass murdering... 00:25:45.64,00:25:48.83 - Yes, I guess it's wrong.[br]- No, we respect human right. 00:25:49.76,00:25:53.30 But if I was mass murderer I[br]would be Mickey and Mallory. 00:26:14.44,00:26:16.59 I haven't seen the cops for[br]10 minutes. 00:26:18.28,00:26:21.35 Is there such a thing as[br]the copless town? 00:26:22.04,00:26:24.55 It would be a real[br]Paradise, Shangri-La. 00:26:25.56,00:26:27.11 Want get some hostage? 00:26:28.16,00:26:29.07 No. 00:26:29.76,00:26:31.99 What about her? From here? 00:26:33.24,00:26:34.55 What about her? 00:26:35.88,00:26:38.11 Too heavy, too fat? 00:26:39.04,00:26:40.39 What's the matter? 00:26:42.04,00:26:44.42 Do you think I'm still sexy? 00:26:49.76,00:26:52.59 Oh, baby. We might have found us[br]a motel here soon. 00:26:53.20,00:26:55.27 As soon as I see one that[br]looks nice... 00:26:55.56,00:26:57.91 ...I'll put my little[br]honey-bunny right down on a bed. 00:26:58.80,00:27:00.35 Tie up. 00:27:21.68,00:27:23.75 Want something to eat? 00:27:25.08,00:27:28.59 No. Let's stay and we'll get[br]funny action here. 00:27:33.56,00:27:35.75 You know what I've been[br]thinking about, baby? 00:27:39.64,00:27:40.91 Of cause I know. 00:27:41.44,00:27:44.79 You we thinking about riding[br]in sunflowers. 00:27:45.16,00:27:47.79 - Not far from Talsa.[br]- Of cause you know. 00:27:48.80,00:27:51.99 Or maybe you've been thinking[br]of making your hair shorter? 00:27:54.08,00:27:57.27 Or maybe you've been thinking of[br]us settling down on a boat... 00:28:01.88,00:28:04.15 and 26 inch <>. 00:28:04.96,00:28:07.26 Baby I love you when you can[br]read my mind. 00:28:08.36,00:28:10.79 I bet that's what you've been thinking about. 00:28:11.60,00:28:15.27 I've been thinking why[br]they're making these stupid[br]fucking movies? 00:28:16.52,00:28:20.63 By the by, they left kissing[br]in Hollywood? 00:28:25.28,00:28:26.71 I love you, baby. 00:28:29.40,00:28:30.75 I love your knee. 00:28:31.64,00:28:32.86 Love your ham. 00:28:34.28,00:28:35.75 I love your stomach. 00:28:37.04,00:28:38.63 And finger. 00:28:40.24,00:28:41.51 Where is it? 00:28:42.12,00:28:43.71 God damn it, Mickey. 00:28:44.64,00:28:47.71 I just took it off, so it[br]doesn't cling my hair. 00:28:48.68,00:28:50.31 Hey, baby. Look. 00:28:50.80,00:28:53.31 Even if that ring puts out[br]every hair on your head... 00:28:53.52,00:28:55.43 stays on. 00:28:55.84,00:28:58.67 If it tears up my eyeballs it[br]stays on. 00:28:59.04,00:29:01.71 Every great thing we do starts[br]with it. 00:29:02.28,00:29:03.47 Great. 00:29:04.24,00:29:05.99 If you want it. 00:29:25.44,00:29:27.90 Why are you looking at her, Mickey? 00:29:33.96,00:29:35.35 I'm going for a ride. 00:29:36.12,00:29:37.31 Oh, baby... 00:29:37.92,00:29:40.75 Hold on. I thought we can just[br]turn her into the mix. 00:29:41.60,00:29:45.07 Shut up, shut up![br]Could be so fucking kiddy! 00:29:47.08,00:29:50.43 Is she so fucking pretty? 00:29:51.84,00:29:53.47 You go fuck her. 00:29:56.48,00:29:58.07 And I just will! 00:31:21.56,00:31:22.83 Fill it. 00:31:26.36,00:31:28.27 - Can I look at your car?[br]- Go ahead. 00:31:52.52,00:31:54.67 17 bucks, Lady. 00:31:56.92,00:31:58.51 So nice Vett. 00:31:59.08,00:32:01.67 Listen, I know you. 00:32:04.16,00:32:05.71 Don't think so. 00:32:12.48,00:32:14.39 You want to touch me? 00:32:15.68,00:32:16.55 Yes. 00:32:22.84,00:32:24.67 Tell me you want me. 00:32:25.12,00:32:26.31 I want. 00:32:28.48,00:32:30.31 Tell me I'm beautiful. 00:32:30.96,00:32:32.75 Oh, yeah. You're beautiful. 00:32:33.16,00:32:36.19 - So am I beauty?[br]- Yes, you're so beautiful. 00:32:38.48,00:32:39.75 Am I sexy? 00:32:40.56,00:32:42.43 Oh, yes. Yes. 00:33:00.60,00:33:02.11 Go down. 00:33:15.48,00:33:18.55 Holly Shit. You're Mallory[br]Knox, aren't you? 00:33:35.48,00:33:37.91 It was the worst fucking head[br]I've got in my life! 00:33:38.76,00:33:41.39 Next time don't be so[br]fucking eager. 00:33:46.80,00:33:50.11 Yeah, it's called <>. It's probably[br]at your local bookstore. Buy. 00:33:50.44,00:33:52.51 Yes, I love books. I'll buy. 00:33:53.40,00:33:55.23 - An author too?[br]- Yes. 00:33:56.24,00:33:58.43 My wife never could wear this. 00:33:58.80,00:34:00.55 Perfect ass. 00:34:02.96,00:34:04.15 That's nice. 00:34:04.92,00:34:07.79 Her arm, her head. 00:34:13.92,00:34:16.19 Drop saliva drops here, see? 00:34:25.24,00:34:27.67 My type of a girl. I like her. 00:34:28.04,00:34:31.27 See what we get here, Scooter?[br]Give it up. 00:34:35.96,00:34:37.35 Ma0llory Knox. 00:34:38.16,00:34:39.59 meet Jack Scagnetti. 00:34:45.40,00:34:48.39 Hey, exactly what do you expect[br]as to be going right now? 00:34:48.84,00:34:50.67 Where exactly we supposed to be? 00:34:51.16,00:34:53.03 What town is it down here? 00:34:56.20,00:34:58.47 Oh, it's a fucking cheese. 00:35:02.08,00:35:04.51 Quit looking in the rear view. 00:35:04.84,00:35:07.79 Put the lighter on a floor, Mickey. 00:35:08.40,00:35:09.83 Relax. 00:35:11.96,00:35:14.47 Mal, did you relax. 00:35:26.04,00:35:28.39 Make a left, O. K? I think there's[br]a town. 00:35:28.80,00:35:30.63 All I see-desert. 00:35:32.96,00:35:36.19 That's right Cochise! Go eat[br]some more fried bread. 00:35:42.12,00:35:46.47 It's true, Mali.[br]Mine ain't kickin' in yet. 00:35:56.52,00:35:59.75 Turn left...[br]Turn left to what, stupid bitch? 00:36:00.96,00:36:04.91 Oh, you! Stupid bitch,[br]stupid bitch. 00:36:05.84,00:36:09.83 You, stupid bitch? Mickey,[br]that's what my father used to[br]call me. 00:36:10.48,00:36:12.63 Can't you be more creative or not? 00:36:13.40,00:36:15.63 You're loosing it. You're[br]loosing it. 00:36:17.56,00:36:20.15 Snakes and birds ain't nothing[br]out here. 00:36:21.64,00:36:24.27 I'd go down to a lawman for[br]a gallon of gas. 00:36:24.80,00:36:27.47 Let me tell something.[br]It's 90th, isn't it? 00:36:27.96,00:36:30.34 And a man has to have choices. 00:36:31.12,00:36:34.39 - A little bit of variety.[br]- What're you talking[br]about <>? 00:36:34.76,00:36:37.63 Hostages? Do you want to fuck[br]some other women now? 00:36:38.08,00:36:40.67 Is that what you're talking[br]about? Who did you pick me up? 00:36:41.08,00:36:44.78 Why did you take me out of[br]my fucking house and killed[br]my parents with me? 00:36:45.20,00:36:48.39 Ain't you committed to me?[br]Where are we fucking going? 00:36:49.00,00:36:51.51 Just relax, all right? That's[br]me-your lover. 00:36:51.84,00:36:54.27 Not some demon. Not your[br]father. Right? Just relax. 00:36:54.60,00:36:57.03 No, you're not my fucking[br]lover. You're not my fucking lover! 00:36:57.24,00:36:59.95 You're not loving me. You're[br]not fucking loving me? 00:37:31.00,00:37:35.31 Hey, listen. We have tobacco.[br]Lots of tobacco. 00:37:36.80,00:37:38.59 You have gas we can buy? 00:37:38.92,00:37:40.67 I don't think he speak[br]English, Mickey? 00:37:40.96,00:37:43.79 Push comes to shove, we can[br]snatch that donkey and right out[br]of here. 00:37:46.76,00:37:47.71 Come in. 00:37:53.80,00:37:55.07 Come in. 00:37:58.84,00:37:59.95 Oh my God! 00:38:01.64,00:38:03.19 Is this a friendly snake? 00:38:03.68,00:38:05.39 It's a rattle snake. 00:38:08.28,00:38:10.71 My name is Mallory. 00:38:11.84,00:38:13.95 This is Mickey. 00:38:15.20,00:38:17.27 Hi. How are you doing? 00:38:27.04,00:38:28.39 We are not from here. 00:38:42.92,00:38:45.35 Its kinda like a <>[br]or so. 00:38:47.52,00:38:49.27 Is that your wife? 00:39:17.16,00:39:19.79 Oh, he die? Is that your baby? 00:39:30.04,00:39:31.99 Feel demons here, Mal? 00:39:32.48,00:39:34.39 I think we are the demons. 00:39:40.04,00:39:42.55 She's crazy, isn't she? 00:39:45.32,00:39:48.55 She's afflictive. 00:39:49.16,00:39:52.59 She's lost in the world of spirits. 00:39:53.88,00:39:56.39 Can you help them, Granny? 00:39:58.52,00:40:01.31 Maybe they don't want help. 00:40:14.84,00:40:19.75 Once upon a time a woman[br]was picking brash. 00:40:22.84,00:40:28.15 She's found a rattle snake in snow. 00:40:30.16,00:40:33.51 She brought it home. 00:40:35.04,00:40:37.31 And treated her. 00:40:40.36,00:40:45.75 But one day the snake bitten[br]her cheek. 00:40:48.72,00:40:52.15 And before dying the woman[br]asked her "Why did you do that"? 00:41:00.24,00:41:04.87 And the snake answered:[br]"Listen, you knew I'm a snake". 00:41:41.48,00:41:42.91 Who you out there fucking? 00:41:43.24,00:41:44.75 - Your father.[br]- You bitch! 00:42:09.12,00:42:11.95 Grandson, be a man. 00:42:28.92,00:42:30.39 I said shut up! 00:42:31.12,00:42:33.50 - Come here, you peckerhead.[br]- Oh, no! Don't hit me. 00:42:40.92,00:42:42.71 I hate you little asshole! 00:42:58.24,00:42:59.99 This is so bad! 00:43:00.80,00:43:03.91 - Why did you do it, Mickey?[br]- I didn't mean it! I didn't[br]mean it! 00:43:06.08,00:43:09.07 I've been seeing demon for[br]20 years. 00:43:10.60,00:43:12.11 In my dreams. 00:43:14.56,00:43:16.15 I've been waiting for you. 00:43:18.44,00:43:19.79 Oh, God. 00:43:21.44,00:43:23.27 Come on... 00:43:23.64,00:43:25.79 Bad, bad, bad! 00:43:26.88,00:43:28.71 - Oh, Mal...[br]- Bad, bad! 00:43:30.92,00:43:33.95 You're bad people. What have[br]you done? 00:43:37.84,00:43:40.51 O.K. Get it together. 00:43:42.88,00:43:44.15 It's O.K. 00:43:45.04,00:43:46.87 Come on! 00:43:58.76,00:44:00.27 Come on now. 00:44:01.20,00:44:03.15 Mali, let's go. 00:44:04.44,00:44:05.31 Come on. 00:44:07.32,00:44:10.07 Why, why? What did you do that for? 00:44:12.64,00:44:15.31 It was an accident. This[br]all fucking thing is crazy. 00:44:15.72,00:44:20.07 - No. It's not an accident, Mickey.[br]- I'm a human, Mal, and I made[br]a mistake. 00:44:20.84,00:44:23.87 - You are to understand me.[br]- You killed a life! 00:44:24.40,00:44:26.91 He fed us! He took us in there. 00:44:27.88,00:44:29.67 Mal, this is a harsh indictment. 00:44:32.52,00:44:34.82 - Leave me alone![br]- Hold it! Hold it. 00:44:36.44,00:44:38.74 I got bit, I got bit! 00:44:40.08,00:44:41.75 Hold on, Mal! 00:44:44.36,00:44:46.63 - Hold on, Mal![br]- I think there are more. 00:44:47.04,00:44:49.31 - Hang on![br]- There is more. 00:44:51.16,00:44:52.99 - Oh shit! 00:45:10.48,00:45:11.79 You know something? 00:45:12.36,00:45:14.87 Bad asses don't die, Mal. 00:45:26.80,00:45:27.99 It's O.K. 00:45:29.00,00:45:31.67 You're just dreaming.[br]This is a dream, Mal. 00:45:38.84,00:45:40.35 My name is Pinky. 00:45:40.88,00:45:42.63 Oh, yea. I remember now. 00:45:43.04,00:45:45.75 My brother gave me this name when[br]I was six or so. 00:45:46.20,00:45:48.95 He sad you're about as big as[br]my little pinky. 00:45:51.56,00:45:54.67 I really don't like these[br]cheap motels. Give me the creeps. 00:45:55.44,00:45:56.79 Me too. 00:45:58.28,00:45:59.95 Hey, are you a real cop? 00:46:00.44,00:46:02.03 Yes, I am. 00:46:03.00,00:46:04.51 You're not gonna hurt me, are you? 00:46:04.76,00:46:08.23 I never hurt anybody in my life.[br]I'm a law! O. K? I'm your protector. 00:46:09.56,00:46:13.03 Come on. Put off your shoes. 00:46:16.00,00:46:17.22 You're pretty. 00:46:18.16,00:46:19.71 Step upon the bed. 00:46:20.64,00:46:21.99 Step on a bed. 00:46:23.60,00:46:25.83 This is nice. Move around. 00:46:27.28,00:46:29.47 Move around for me. 00:46:32.44,00:46:34.03 Yes, like that. 00:46:34.72,00:46:36.95 Come on down here. Really slow. 00:46:37.64,00:46:39.83 Give me a kiss. Give Big Jack[br]a kiss. 00:46:41.52,00:46:42.95 - Like me?[br]- Yea. 00:46:43.44,00:46:45.23 Thank you. Pinky... 00:46:45.72,00:46:47.47 ever been strangled? 00:46:50.04,00:46:52.23 Eh, come on. Give me a kiss. 00:46:58.32,00:46:59.35 Pretty. 00:47:02.24,00:47:03.46 Come on. 00:47:05.72,00:47:07.87 Hey, bitch! It's a joke. 00:47:08.76,00:47:10.47 I just joked. 00:47:23.08,00:47:24.14 Bitch. 00:47:25.36,00:47:26.34 Mickey! 00:47:27.72,00:47:29.59 I'm coming to get you. 00:48:02.76,00:48:05.67 No, I'm not gonna make it. I[br]feel so cold. 00:48:06.12,00:48:07.91 You gonna make it, Mal. Get mad. 00:48:08.76,00:48:10.87 Just get the stuff. Just get[br]the stuff then. 00:48:12.68,00:48:13.59 All right. 00:48:19.48,00:48:21.83 Once they were average citizens. 00:48:22.28,00:48:24.95 Living nothing-ever-happens lives. 00:48:25.64,00:48:28.47 But then these sweethearts began[br]a cross country murder spee. 00:48:28.84,00:48:31.43 Which was lasting only[br]three terrifying weeks. 00:48:32.84,00:48:35.22 but has left 48 known bodies[br]in it's wake. 00:48:37.44,00:48:42.19 Including Mallory's own mum[br]and dad. 00:48:44.04,00:48:45.23 Oh shit. 00:48:46.84,00:48:47.75 Excuse me. 00:48:48.60,00:48:49.79 Hey. 00:48:52.76,00:48:53.63 Chief? 00:48:55.28,00:49:00.22 Rattlesnake took a chuck out of[br]us a ways back. 00:49:00.68,00:49:04.22 Me and my wife are pretty sick[br]to be dying you can't tell. 00:49:04.68,00:49:08.51 So how's about you ungluing[br]your ass from that boob tube... 00:49:09.12,00:49:12.66 ...some snake juice... pronto. 00:49:18.88,00:49:20.99 They started as lovers but... 00:49:21.80,00:49:23.27 Found, yeah? 00:49:27.80,00:49:29.83 They stormed in with shotguns... 00:49:30.24,00:49:33.59 ...and after the[br]liberating establishment of all[br]the firemen they could find. 00:49:34.04,00:49:37.23 and various personal[br]idiosyncratic knickknacks. 00:49:37.76,00:49:40.87 They killed every customer in[br]the place without any hesitation. 00:49:44.48,00:49:47.11 But they always leave one[br]clerk alive. 00:49:48.32,00:49:52.02 To tell the tale of Mickey[br]and Mallory. 00:49:54.64,00:49:56.27 Oh, idiot. 00:49:57.36,00:49:58.42 Mal. 00:50:00.88,00:50:02.10 Oh, a piece of shit! 00:50:06.16,00:50:07.19 Mal! 00:50:07.92,00:50:09.63 Mal, cops! 00:50:10.00,00:50:12.19 Go get the car! 00:50:12.72,00:50:14.63 I'll get the snake-bite juice. 00:50:32.24,00:50:33.38 No, please! 00:50:37.28,00:50:39.95 Well, that was sweet.[br]Snake juice? 00:50:40.36,00:50:41.99 We don't carry it. 00:50:49.00,00:50:50.87 We don't have it, hospital. 00:50:51.28,00:50:53.95 Yahembey? This shit keep it hard? 00:50:55.64,00:50:58.63 I'm the only clerk left. I'm[br]the only clerk left. 00:50:59.00,00:51:01.43 - You forget something.[br]- Oh, what's that? 00:51:03.48,00:51:06.47 If I don't kill you, what will[br]they talk about? 00:51:08.00,00:51:09.06 Shit! 00:51:15.92,00:51:16.90 Mal! 00:51:29.52,00:51:30.99 I forgive you, baby. 00:51:38.92,00:51:40.39 All right! Get off of him. 00:51:50.84,00:51:51.82 Fuck you! 00:51:53.36,00:51:54.27 Fuck you! 00:51:56.52,00:51:57.58 Damn. 00:52:06.04,00:52:08.79 Hey you, bloody cookie, it's[br]Jack Scagnetti! 00:52:09.28,00:52:12.39 - You put the gun down![br]- Fuck you, Skagnetti. 00:52:13.48,00:52:15.47 I'll cut her tits off! 00:52:15.88,00:52:19.11 Go ahead, Skagnetti.[br]I'll get her some silicon implants. 00:52:19.52,00:52:21.79 I swear to God, I'll cut her[br]tits off right now! 00:52:22.88,00:52:26.15 - You ain't got the balls![br]- He ain't gonna do it! 00:52:26.48,00:52:28.99 - Shut up, fuck you![br]- Mickey is alive. 00:52:31.28,00:52:33.84 Watch this. Do you like that? 00:52:34.88,00:52:36.83 - O.K., O.K.[br]- You put the gun down! 00:52:37.32,00:52:40.71 - Don't cut her.[br]- Put your hands where I can[br]see them and step out in the light! 00:52:42.08,00:52:43.30 Oh, kill them all! 00:52:43.68,00:52:45.03 I'm coming out! 00:52:46.12,00:52:47.71 He has a very big gun. 00:52:48.72,00:52:50.87 Put your hands where I can[br]see them. Good boy. 00:52:51.52,00:52:53.55 Now step out in the light. Come on! 00:52:55.24,00:52:58.15 Step outside big shot. 00:52:58.60,00:53:01.87 Someone get this bitch. 00:53:03.80,00:53:06.23 Come on! Get the big bad wolf. 00:53:08.64,00:53:10.51 Come on, come on. 00:53:14.24,00:53:15.67 You're in my light,[br]motherfucker. Shove over. 00:53:17.28,00:53:19.03 Hold the fire! Hold the fire! 00:53:19.84,00:53:21.19 Hold the fire. 00:53:22.08,00:53:23.43 Don't kill him. I'm going to[br]fuck with him! 00:53:23.88,00:53:25.75 One camera all you can[br]muster, Jack? Huh? 00:53:26.08,00:53:27.99 You're not the biggest[br]star, cocksucker. 00:53:29.52,00:53:31.75 You're on, you and me, one on[br]one, let's go. 00:53:31.96,00:53:33.67 Fuck you. Bring it! 00:53:34.04,00:53:35.83 Fry this cop killer! 00:53:44.68,00:53:46.19 How's that feel, big shot? 00:53:47.20,00:53:48.79 Cop killer! 00:53:49.56,00:53:51.39 Fuck you! Fuck you! 00:53:52.16,00:53:53.99 Hey, Mickey! Want drink? 00:53:55.56,00:53:57.03 - Fuck you![br]- It's a joke. 00:53:58.80,00:54:00.51 Where is my baby? Where is she? 00:54:03.08,00:54:05.75 Let her go. Let her go. 00:54:07.44,00:54:08.95 You O.K., baby? Yeah, you're[br]all right. 00:54:09.52,00:54:11.79 Those boots were made for walking. 00:54:12.64,00:54:14.59 And that's just what they'll do. 00:54:15.64,00:54:19.59 One of these days these boots[br]are gonna walk all over you. 00:54:20.12,00:54:21.79 Oh, oh, oh. 00:54:23.72,00:54:26.10 Hey, no pictures! No pictures! 00:54:57.80,00:55:00.59 Always wanted to meet[br]you, Scagnetti. I really[br]respect you. 00:55:01.32,00:55:05.59 You know what? I even bought[br]you book and I read the whole[br]damn thing. 00:55:05.88,00:55:07.51 - Yeah?[br]- How 'bout an autograph? 00:55:10.68,00:55:11.66 Warden... 00:55:13.60,00:55:14.79 Jack Scagnetti. 00:55:16.08,00:55:18.31 Dwight McClusky.[br]Welcome to Hell. 00:55:19.56,00:55:21.07 Great to meet you, Warden. 00:55:21.68,00:55:23.71 So how are my two[br]favorite assholes? 00:55:24.00,00:55:26.43 We got them two ratfucks there.[br]Want to see them? 00:55:26.76,00:55:28.43 - Why not?[br]- Let's go. 00:55:28.80,00:55:30.23 - I've seen you on TV.[br]- Yeah? 00:55:30.52,00:55:32.31 I even read your goddamned[br]book. I'm impressed. 00:55:33.00,00:55:35.23 Surprised Hollywood ain't found[br]you yet. 00:55:35.44,00:55:37.59 Your story would make a lot[br]better movie than that[br]<> shit. 00:55:38.12,00:55:41.23 I'll tell you something,[br]Scagnetti. In all my days in[br]the penal business... 00:55:41.60,00:55:44.11 small amount of days,[br]right boys?[br]- Oh, no. 00:55:44.48,00:55:47.11 ...Mickey and Mallory Knox[br]are without a doubt the[br]most twisted, depraved pair[br]of shitsfucks... 00:55:47.44,00:55:50.47's ever been my displeasure[br]to lay my goddamn eyes on. 00:55:50.96,00:55:55.11 I'm telling you these[br]goddamn motherfuckers are a[br]walking reminder of how fucked[br]up this system really is. 00:55:55.80,00:55:57.91 Don't get me started, O.K.?[br]Don't get me started. 00:55:58.36,00:56:00.23 Dwight, call me Dwight. 00:56:01.00,00:56:02.99 They killed a shitload of[br]inmates and guards? 00:56:03.24,00:56:05.67 Three inmates, five guards,[br]one shrink all in one year's time. 00:56:05.96,00:56:07.87 - Open that Goddamn gate.[br]- Psychiatrist? 00:56:08.40,00:56:11.31 Yes, Miss Mallory strangled his[br]ass when he made a mistake... 00:56:11.60,00:56:13.75 ...of asking her what here[br]parents were like. 00:56:14.00,00:56:16.03 She done it all on tranquilizers. 00:56:19.64,00:56:21.55 Ain't love grand? Ain't that[br]the truth? 00:56:22.56,00:56:24.39 It's like that other big lie. 00:56:24.88,00:56:26.87 Love makes the world go round. 00:56:29.16,00:56:32.03 I need to talk to you[br]something. How's fella like you[br]get to be a specialist on psychos? 00:56:32.48,00:56:34.75 I'd recommend having your[br]mother killed by one. 00:56:35.00,00:56:37.23 After that happened I developed[br]an interest. 00:56:37.68,00:56:40.35 I spent the first part of my[br]life in Texas. 00:56:40.68,00:56:43.35 - That's why you don't have accent.[br]- I don't wanna talk like[br]those assholes. 00:56:43.64,00:56:46.07 - My mother was from Texas.[br]- I mean other assholes. 00:56:46.52,00:56:48.87 The ones who beat the shit out[br]of me. Anyway... 00:56:49.20,00:56:51.76 When I was eight we went to play[br]in the park. 00:56:51.96,00:56:54.52 The same day Charles[br]Whitman started[br]shooting strangers... 00:56:54.72,00:56:58.03 ...from the top of the[br]University of Texas. 00:56:58.36,00:56:59.71 - And you was with her?[br]- Sure I was. 00:56:59.96,00:57:01.79 The thing is I didn't hear[br]any shots. 00:57:03.24,00:57:06.83 One minute I'm with my mother... 00:57:07.64,00:57:10.51 ...And all for a sudden[br]chest explodes, she hits[br]the ground, she hits the ground. 00:57:10.96,00:57:14.55 Her forearm flies off, her[br]hit explodes and I'm not[br]hearing any of these shots. 00:57:16.72,00:57:18.59 Boo, chest exploded. 00:57:30.28,00:57:32.47 I spent all goddamn day laying[br]on the grass, 00:57:32.72,00:57:35.39 being eaten alive by fuckin' ant's[br]and thinking what happened with[br]my mum. 00:57:36.48,00:57:40.10 And since then I've got a[br]strong opinion about[br]the psychopathic fringe... 00:57:40.36,00:57:43.03 ...thriving in America's fast[br]food culture. 00:57:43.24,00:57:45.83 I tend not to exhibit the[br]self discipline, becoming a[br]police officer. 00:57:46.20,00:57:48.63 You got it right, Jack.[br]You don't mind do you if I[br]call you Jack? 00:57:53.28,00:57:55.51 We got an army of shrinks in here... 00:57:55.88,00:57:58.18 that talks about mania[br]and schizophrenia and multiphenia. 00:57:58.64,00:58:02.23 It makes me sick.[br]This is bullshit. 00:58:03.28,00:58:05.99 Mickey and Mallory Knox are not[br]the sickest I've ever seen. 00:58:15.68,00:58:17.71 So why me, Dwight? What's[br]this really about? 00:58:18.36,00:58:20.07 Can you feel it, Jack? 00:58:20.52,00:58:22.39 - Silence in the air?[br]- Yeah. 00:58:22.80,00:58:26.07 It's the one thing you don't[br]want in prison, Jack.[br]Silence. 00:58:26.88,00:58:28.39 You, boys, all right? 00:58:28.88,00:58:30.99 - What a fuck are you looking there?[br]- You all right? 00:58:31.40,00:58:33.39 I said what a fuck you're[br]still looking at? 00:58:39.44,00:58:40.39 Drop it! Drop it! 00:58:40.60,00:58:42.11 Try it on, big boy. Try it on[br]there son of a bitch. 00:58:42.60,00:58:45.27 Now come on up here! Boy! Now[br]sit your ass up here. 00:58:47.64,00:58:52.11 Stick his ass in F block for[br]a month. Then bring him to see me! 00:58:54.12,00:58:55.10 All right? 00:58:55.48,00:58:57.91 Jesus Christ, Dwight, you could[br]be on American Gladiators. 00:58:58.28,00:59:00.87 30 minutes a day, shake and[br]roll it. Somebody goes for you... 00:59:01.08,00:59:04.11 go straight for[br]their throat, right? 00:59:04.76,00:59:07.39 Mickey and Mallory got the[br]whole prison worked up. 00:59:08.04,00:59:10.47 Like sharks to chum bait. Smell[br]of blood drives 'em nuts. 00:59:11.12,00:59:13.55 80% % of these assholes are[br]violent offenders. 00:59:13.76,00:59:16.63 - We're 200% % capacity.[br]- This ain't a prison anymore,[br]it's a time bomb. 00:59:18.36,00:59:20.47 - Fry the pricks.[br]- We tried. 00:59:20.88,00:59:23.83 Every time we do they kill[br]somebody new and we gotta start[br]all over again. 00:59:24.20,00:59:26.43 Sounds like a hemorrhoid you[br]can't get rid of, Dwight. 00:59:26.96,00:59:29.26 That's why we're sending them[br]for testing to Nystrom with you. 00:59:29.48,00:59:30.91 Lobotomy Bay? 00:59:31.36,00:59:34.31 Vegetable land. Home of[br]the criminally insane. 00:59:34.60,00:59:37.03 - That hasn't been done in years.[br]- We got a stage one ruling. 00:59:37.24,00:59:39.75 It won't stick with these[br]assholes do-good shrinks around[br]but it'll get 'em under... 00:59:39.96,00:59:41.91 ...your control for a couple[br]of hours.[br]- Than what? 00:59:42.16,00:59:45.63 You're a celebrated law man.[br]Public loves you. 15 years on[br]the force. 00:59:46.08,00:59:50.23 - Best-seller out in paperback.[br]A modern day Pat Garrett with[br]a deadly axe to grind with maniacs. 00:59:51.16,00:59:54.23 That is why you've been chosen[br]to deliver Mr. And Mrs. Knox. 00:59:54.92,00:59:57.55 We, the prison Board, know once[br]you get 'em on the road... 00:59:57.96,00:59:59.67 - An accident.[br]- Fire. 01:00:00.00,01:00:01.91 - Escape attempt.[br]- Anything. 01:00:02.28,01:00:05.43 Jack Super Cop Scagnetti will[br]be there to look out for[br]his public's best interest. 01:00:05.76,01:00:08.67 - I'm getting the picture[br]here, Dwight.[br]- Cause nobody in their right[br]minds will cry for two pigfuckers... 01:00:09.20,01:00:11.39 if they happen to take a[br]little lead! 01:00:11.92,01:00:14.43 A lot of lead, Jack.[br]You write a script. Call[br]it anything you want to. 01:00:14.88,01:00:18.07 "The Extermination of Mickey[br]and Mallory Knox". 01:00:18.36,01:00:20.99 I don't give a shit. I'm giving[br]you my best men. Kavanaugh[br]and Wurlitzer. 01:00:22.24,01:00:25.59 We got a special dislikin' for[br]this punkolas! 01:00:27.88,01:00:29.87 Have we found our man? 01:00:31.04,01:00:35.79 You know her, you love her,[br]you can't fucking live without her. 01:00:36.16,01:00:37.47 Mallory Knox. 01:00:52.28,01:00:55.79 Hey, Knox. Somebody out here[br]that wants to meet you. 01:01:16.64,01:01:17.83 Jesus Christ! 01:01:18.20,01:01:19.95 She does this all the time. 01:01:20.32,01:01:22.03 She didn't change a bit, no? 01:01:23.32,01:01:24.51 So where is the other half? 01:01:24.72,01:01:27.67 We got his sticking ass in[br]the deepest, darkest cell in[br]the whole dungeon. You can't[br]see him right now. 01:01:28.52,01:01:30.59 - He's got a special visitor.[br]- Oh, yeah? Who's that? 01:01:30.88,01:01:32.19 Wayne Gale. 01:01:32.60,01:01:34.83 Wayne Gale? The TV scumbag? 01:01:35.16,01:01:37.43 We call them media, Jack. Don't[br]you like the media? 01:01:37.64,01:01:39.99 A worm in my bloodstool's got[br]more attraction to me than that. 01:01:40.36,01:01:41.99 The guy lives to fuck cops over. 01:01:42.20,01:01:46.55 Can't you say no to media,[br]Jack? You want this job? You[br]come to say hello. 01:01:51.52,01:01:52.95 I have a television show. 01:01:53.48,01:01:56.19 And every couple of weeks we[br]do-it's our thing about[br]<>... 01:01:56.80,01:01:58.99 ...we do a profile on a[br]different serial killer. 01:01:59.20,01:02:00.59 Technically, mass murderer. 01:02:01.16,01:02:02.35 Whatever you want. 01:02:02.96,01:02:06.11 Anyway the episode we did on[br]Mickey and Mallory was one of[br]the most popular ones. 01:02:06.48,01:02:08.03 Ever do one on John Wayne Gacy? 01:02:08.52,01:02:09.50 Yeah. 01:02:09.88,01:02:12.03 - Who got the higher rating?[br]- You blew him away. 01:02:12.28,01:02:14.27 What about that crazy[br]motherfucker Ted Buddy? 01:02:15.00,01:02:18.51 Oh, that crazy guy? You got[br]the lager Nielson Share. 01:02:19.12,01:02:20.39 - You're big. You're huge.[br]- O.K.? 01:02:21.00,01:02:22.59 What about Manson? 01:02:24.36,01:02:25.79 Manson beat you. 01:02:27.12,01:02:30.23 - Yes, It's hard to beat a king.[br]- Yeah, yeah. 01:02:30.64,01:02:32.59 Anyway Julie my producer and I... 01:02:32.88,01:02:35.83 ...we've waited a long time to do[br]a follow up episode on you. 01:02:36.24,01:02:37.83 And the time has definitely come. 01:02:41.60,01:02:44.67 I feel it's apparent to[br]anyone who's hip to what's[br]going on... 01:02:45.64,01:02:48.47 ...that these prison boys[br]have thrown the[br]Constitution straight out[br]the fucking window. 01:02:49.12,01:02:52.11 You and Mallory may be killers[br]but nuts, insane? 01:02:52.56,01:02:55.39 Today they wipe clean your mind,[br]because they feel your actions are dangerous. 01:02:55.88,01:02:58.47 Tomorrow they want to clean my[br]mind dump me into fucking syndication 01:02:59.00,01:03:02.07 cause they feel what I say[br]is dangerous. Where does it[br]all end? 01:03:03.72,01:03:07.39 Now I have interviews with[br]the Prison Board and[br]the psychiatrist, Emil Reingold... 01:03:08.08,01:03:11.70 ...with the warden,[br]Dwight McClusky, tell you,[br]Mickey they look bad. 01:03:12.76,01:03:15.75 Now if you give an exclusive[br]to Wayne Gale... 01:03:16.24,01:03:18.47 we are talking a media event here, 01:03:19.08,01:03:22.43 some promos on the Super Bowl.[br]The network will cream for it![br]Oh, my God! 01:03:23.68,01:03:25.39 Great idea, Julie! 01:03:26.60,01:03:30.11 We are talking about nothing[br]less than television history. 01:03:31.24,01:03:35.15 The first sit-down[br]in-depth interview the[br]most charismatic serial[br]killer ever. 01:03:36.32,01:03:39.23 One day before he's being[br]shipped away to a[br]mental hospital... 01:03:39.64,01:03:42.39 ...for the rest of his life! 01:03:42.76,01:03:44.59 This is Wallace and Noriega. 01:03:45.08,01:03:49.47 This is Elton John confessing[br]his bisexuality to Rolling Stone! 01:03:50.08,01:03:53.67 This is The Maysles Brothers[br]at Altamond. This is the[br]fucking Nixon / Frost interviews. 01:03:56.32,01:03:58.15 What do you say, mate? 01:03:58.96,01:04:01.31 Why in the hell are you[br]lettin' this scumbag do[br]this, Dwight? 01:04:01.52,01:04:04.03 Oh, relax. If I don't, we'll[br]be excoriated in the press. 01:04:04.28,01:04:06.91 If I do, it'll be weeks before[br]they can clear it. 01:04:07.20,01:04:11.19 - Legal, appeals. M&M are gonna[br]to toast before that ever[br]happens. Right, Jack? 01:04:11.60,01:04:14.55 Nobody's gonna give a flying[br]fuck about two dead losers. 01:04:15.12,01:04:17.42 - What do you say?[br]- Time, motherfucker. 01:04:17.88,01:04:19.23 Hey, hey... come on! 01:04:20.56,01:04:21.78 Hey, come on! 01:04:22.44,01:04:24.27 Leave him alone, he's a[br]human being, for Christ sake! 01:04:24.80,01:04:27.23 Wait a minute. Just let him[br]answer me? 01:04:27.96,01:04:30.15 What's your answer? 01:04:32.64,01:04:33.83 I say, go for it. 01:04:39.16,01:04:41.07 - In any case he says <>.[br]- I thought he would. 01:04:41.92,01:04:44.35 But we're gonna keep contact to[br]a minimum. 01:04:44.60,01:04:47.63 O.K. you just give me a large[br]room I'll take it from here. 01:04:48.04,01:04:49.47 We're stealth journalists. 01:04:50.28,01:04:53.15 If I was you I'd worry more[br]about promos start hittin' the[br]air next week. 01:04:53.52,01:04:55.43 You'll be a national face, Warden. 01:04:55.68,01:04:57.39 A hero to the public. 01:04:57.68,01:04:59.83 It's true. Who knows? You[br]could even launch a new[br]career here. 01:05:01.08,01:05:04.07 Julie, my producer, is gonna[br]fax you in the morning[br]with details. 01:05:04.44,01:05:08.19 I've gotta get back to the[br]Rotten Apple. I'm doing a[br]benefit tonight for the[br]homeless transsexual veterans. 01:05:10.92,01:05:14.79 Dearest Mallory. Once told me I[br]had no feelings. 01:05:15.88,01:05:17.23 You're right ant you're wrong. 01:05:17.88,01:05:20.39 I've got more feelings now that[br]I ever had before. 01:05:22.84,01:05:26.38 I've been reading a lot and[br]doing yoga with this guy. 01:05:26.76,01:05:28.43 But he pissed me off. 01:05:29.68,01:05:31.39 He's not around here any more. 01:05:32.00,01:05:36.23 At night I pretend you lying[br]next to me. 01:05:36.80,01:05:40.79 I lie in my cell imagine[br]kissing you. 01:05:41.80,01:05:46.27 Not making love but just[br]kissing for hours and hours on end. 01:05:47.80,01:05:52.35 I remember everything about[br]our time. I remember every[br]secret you ever shared. 01:05:53.96,01:05:56.63 I remember single time you laughed. 01:05:58.52,01:05:59.95 And you dancing. 01:06:01.32,01:06:02.83 O my God, you dancing. 01:06:03.88,01:06:08.47 I lie on my bed and go over[br]every day, every minute of[br]our happiness. 01:06:09.44,01:06:13.47 I take it all as it comes and[br]I live that day again. 01:06:15.84,01:06:18.40 That way, when I get to our[br]first kisses. 01:06:19.32,01:06:21.07 And it's not just memories. 01:06:22.16,01:06:24.43 I feel that joy again. 01:06:26.36,01:06:29.35 Doctor Reingold, are they insane? 01:06:30.92,01:06:32.23 Insane? 01:06:34.56,01:06:35.54 No. 01:06:36.64,01:06:38.35 Psychotic? Yes. 01:06:39.40,01:06:40.83 It's right after the super Bowl. 01:06:41.12,01:06:43.71 We've got 'em in their homes,[br]game has just sucked... 01:06:43.92,01:06:46.79 ...And they want to see that[br]guy Mickey. What's he like? 01:06:47.20,01:06:49.19 Mickey and Mallory shocked[br]a country numb with violence. 01:06:50.08,01:06:53.07 These guys want to tear[br]their wive's heads off. Yeah,[br]but some of them... 01:06:53.84,01:06:58.47 Mickey and Mallory know[br]the difference between right[br]and wrong. 01:07:00.20,01:07:02.11 They just don't give a damn. 01:07:02.60,01:07:05.39 This will be the most talked[br]about event in television history! 01:07:06.44,01:07:09.11 They were sexually abused[br]as children, Dr. Reingold? 01:07:10.00,01:07:12.95 I can't imagine... I don't think. 01:07:14.16,01:07:15.59 I would say-no. 01:07:17.08,01:07:19.31 When you suggested that I marry[br]you daughter... 01:07:19.52,01:07:21.79 ...after I got her pregnant[br]that exactly what I did. 01:07:22.08,01:07:25.03 Now you listen to me.[br]If you blow this... 01:07:25.40,01:07:29.18 ...CBS will be eating your[br]lunch next season and I'll be[br]there with them! 01:07:29.80,01:07:32.10 Cause I'm out of here! I'm out! 01:07:33.16,01:07:36.27 Mallory Knox sad that she does[br]want to kill you. 01:07:37.08,01:07:40.23 I never really believe what[br]women say to me. 01:07:40.76,01:07:44.15 Margaret, darling, I don't[br]know what you think you found... 01:07:44.56,01:07:46.55 ...but it's not what you think[br]it is. 01:07:47.24,01:07:48.75 Just tell me who Ming is? 01:07:48.96,01:07:51.75 Ming? There's no Ming. That's[br]a fucking restaurant. 01:07:52.56,01:07:55.63 What do you mean going through[br]my drawers?[br]I don't go through your drawers. 01:07:56.08,01:07:59.95 Davey, this looks like it was[br]cut with a fuckin' meat[br]cleaver. And where are my[br]close ups? 01:08:00.64,01:08:03.59 Now listen less of this shrink. 01:08:04.28,01:08:06.91 I love the cop at the doughnut[br]shop and I love McClusky. 01:08:07.52,01:08:10.08 Cut in on him in the middle of[br]that horrific fuckin' laugh. 01:08:11.52,01:08:14.39 Freeze frame on him. Don't even[br]let him answer. Then cut to me[br]at the trial. 01:08:15.20,01:08:18.47 Their subsequent trial turned[br]into a sick, pathetic circus. 01:08:19.56,01:08:23.39 The nation caught Mickey[br]and Mallory fire. 01:08:24.08,01:08:26.43 Mike Griffin is who these[br]misguided should be revering. 01:08:26.88,01:08:30.75 Mike Jerome Griffin was killed[br]in the line of duty these[br]sucking degenerate bags! 01:08:31.24,01:08:32.63 We want Mickey. 01:08:33.32,01:08:35.03 "Kill me, Mickey" 01:08:39.36,01:08:40.99 What do you think of this[br]turnout, Mallory? 01:08:41.28,01:08:43.07 I've never had more fun in my life! 01:08:45.04,01:08:46.91 Scumbag! 01:08:49.64,01:08:52.83 Ming, Ming, first of all slow[br]down. Speak English. 01:08:53.40,01:08:55.07 You're a paranoid. 01:08:55.80,01:08:57.35 Nah, she's not o to us. 01:08:57.72,01:08:59.99 I don't give a fuck what the[br]I Ching says! 01:09:00.68,01:09:02.39 Just don't put anything on[br]paper. Ever. 01:09:04.24,01:09:06.99 If she calls back, you say[br]<>. 01:09:07.40,01:09:08.91 Number five, may I take[br]your order? 01:09:09.32,01:09:10.99 What do you want to say to[br]your fans? 01:09:11.20,01:09:12.71 You ain't seen nothing yet. 01:09:22.16,01:09:24.72 How the hell did you let this[br]show go live, Dwight? Couldn't[br]help it. Just got out of hand. 01:09:25.00,01:09:26.43 Doesn't change a thing, though. 01:09:26.76,01:09:29.87 Gonna move them in the[br]morning. Just a little bit ahead[br]of schedule, that's all. 01:09:32.20,01:09:34.71 You know, Dwight, when I do[br]these two ratfucking douche bags... 01:09:35.40,01:09:38.39 ...I'll go right up there with[br]Jack Ruby, huh? World famous, huh? 01:09:38.88,01:09:40.19 Hall of Fame! 01:09:41.04,01:09:43.55 You'll be bigger, Jack. Lee[br]Harvey Oswald was a pussy. 01:09:44.60,01:09:46.90 Oswald might have been a pussy[br]but he was a great shot. 01:09:47.24,01:09:48.55 You hear, guy? 01:09:49.72,01:09:51.63 - Hear what?[br]- It's dead quiet. 01:09:52.04,01:09:53.91 It's dangerous when it's[br]really quiet. 01:10:42.76,01:10:43.67 A-hem-O.K. 01:10:44.04,01:10:46.42 Testing 1, 2, 3. Wayne, don't[br]blow us. 01:10:48.24,01:10:50.23 Hey, how goes it, brother? 01:10:51.04,01:10:53.55 Doing some hard time? What'd[br]they get you for? 01:10:54.00,01:10:55.14 Murder. 01:10:55.52,01:10:57.47 Yeah, that's a rough one,[br]there. I'm with you. 01:11:25.44,01:11:26.55 Show time. 01:11:27.60,01:11:30.11 And Dallas, your Cowboys are[br]the Super Bowl Champions. 01:11:30.36,01:11:33.11 Right after the game stay[br]turned for a special[br]<> on watch. 01:11:35.04,01:11:37.31 Mickey Knox is the most[br]dangerous man in America. 01:11:37.84,01:11:40.27 Wayne Gale is not afraid to[br]meet him one on one. 01:11:40.64,01:11:43.10 To learn what 48 people died for. 01:11:43.44,01:11:46.43 Is this man insane? Or does[br]he belong where he sent so[br]many others 01:11:46.92,01:11:47.98 In a grave. 01:11:48.60,01:11:50.75 Mickey Knox, thank you for[br]this time. 01:11:51.00,01:11:53.27 I have some questions to start[br]with if you don't mind. 01:11:54.32,01:11:56.47 Well, that's really nice, Wayne. 01:11:56.92,01:11:59.55 Mickey Knox, when did you[br]first start thinking about killing? 01:12:00.80,01:12:04.91 Birth. I was thrown into a[br]flaming pit of scum forgotten[br]by God. 01:12:09.36,01:12:10.99 What do you mean by that? 01:12:11.44,01:12:14.35 I mean I came from violence. 01:12:14.72,01:12:17.43 It's in my blood. My dad had[br]it, his dad had it. 01:12:17.72,01:12:19.91 It's my fate. My fate. 01:12:20.44,01:12:23.15 Do you believe in fate? No one[br]is born evil, Mickey. 01:12:23.92,01:12:27.23 It's something you learn.[br]What about your father? How did[br]he die? 01:12:29.72,01:12:32.99 You were only ten years old,[br]and there's a lot of speculation... 01:12:35.80,01:12:38.10 I didn't kill my father and I[br]don't want to talk about it! 01:12:38.56,01:12:39.91 Hey, hey! Watch it, watch it. 01:12:40.28,01:12:41.99 Sorry, it's O.K. It's O.K. 01:12:42.84,01:12:45.59 Go on to something else, O. K? 01:12:46.44,01:12:47.79 Please, let's do. 01:12:48.28,01:12:50.99 So tell me how can you look at[br]an ordinary person... 01:12:51.40,01:12:54.47 innocent guy with kids,[br]and then shoot him to death? 01:12:55.60,01:12:57.79 How can you bring yourself to[br]do that? 01:12:58.04,01:13:00.34 Innocent? Who's innocent?[br]You innocent? 01:13:01.00,01:13:03.19 I'm innocent, yes. So I am. Off[br]a murder definitely. 01:13:03.80,01:13:07.99 It's just murder, man. All[br]God's creatures do it in some[br]form or another. 01:13:08.48,01:13:11.75 I mean you look in the forest[br]you got species killing[br]other species. 01:13:12.12,01:13:14.50 Our species is killin' all[br]the species includin' the forest. 01:13:15.36,01:13:17.43 We just call it industry[br]not murder. 01:13:17.76,01:13:21.43 But I know a lot of people[br]who deserve to die. 01:13:23.24,01:13:25.75 Why they deserve to die? 01:13:26.52,01:13:28.63 I think everybody got... 01:13:29.04,01:13:32.31 ...something in their past.[br]Some sin, some awful secret. 01:13:33.28,01:13:37.63 A lot of people walking[br]around there, already dead.[br]Just need to be put out of[br]their misery. 01:13:39.24,01:13:41.54 That's where I come in like[br]fate's messenger. 01:13:42.64,01:13:45.75 Except a corn of wheat falleth[br]to the ground and die[br]abideth alone. 01:13:46.24,01:13:50.83 But if it die, it bringeth[br]forth much fruit. 01:13:51.80,01:13:55.67 Oh, the theory that everyone[br]meets a serial killer[br]halfway thing? 01:13:55.96,01:13:58.52 - Is that what you're saying?[br]- The wolf don't know why he's[br]a wolf, the deer don't know[br]why he's deer. 01:13:58.92,01:14:01.11 God just made him that way. 01:14:01.64,01:14:04.67 You're saying the world itself[br]is predatory, when a mountain[br]lion takes down an elk... 01:14:05.12,01:14:07.15 ...because it's the elk's time[br]to go. 01:14:07.68,01:14:10.27 And all the b.s. liberal[br]agenda about saving the[br]animal herbs... 01:14:10.96,01:14:13.47 ...only serves to overpopulate[br]the balance of nature. 01:14:14.40,01:14:16.19 Maybe you're right. 01:14:16.68,01:14:19.31 I don't think so but maybe. 01:14:19.60,01:14:21.83 Corporate predators,[br]environmental predators,[br]nuclear predators. 01:14:22.12,01:14:24.07 Life is a hunt. I've seen it. I[br]was there. 01:14:24.48,01:14:27.95 When the hit the fan at Grenada,[br]I saw it all go down at Grenada! 01:14:32.64,01:14:35.39 So tell me, Mickey, any regrets? 01:14:35.80,01:14:39.19 I mean in 3 weeks 50 people killed.[br]Not too cool, Mickey. 01:14:40.24,01:14:43.47 52, but I don't spend a lot of[br]time with regret. That's a[br]wasted emotion. 01:14:44.20,01:14:46.95 Seriously, you must have[br]some regret. Rack your brain. 01:14:47.60,01:14:50.35 Well, I wish that Indian hadn't[br]got killed. 01:14:50.68,01:14:52.75 Bad, bad, bad, bad! 01:14:54.80,01:14:56.47 One of the last victims. 01:14:57.20,01:14:59.95 Man had a rattlesnake sitin' in[br]the corner. 01:15:00.60,01:15:01.87 A rattlesnake? 01:15:02.44,01:15:04.43 Could pick it up, pet it. 01:15:05.44,01:15:07.47 - He saw it.[br]- He saw what? 01:15:09.08,01:15:10.83 The demon. He saw the demon. 01:15:11.52,01:15:13.67 The demon? What demon? 01:15:14.48,01:15:17.15 Everybody's got a demon in[br]here, O. K? The demon lives in here 01:15:18.16,01:15:22.87 It feeds on your hate. Cuts,[br]kills, rapes. 01:15:23.20,01:15:26.23 It uses your weakness, your[br]fears. Only the vicious[br]survive. All right, I'll tell 'em. 01:15:27.12,01:15:30.82 We're told we're no good pieces[br]of shit from the time we[br]could breathe. 01:15:31.32,01:15:33.70 After a while you kind of[br]become bad. 01:15:34.52,01:15:37.51 But you know after an Indian[br]we were going to quit killing. 01:15:38.12,01:15:40.35 - An old man took it out of us.[br]- What happened? 01:15:40.88,01:15:43.18 Well, it was just a mistake[br]you know... 01:15:43.80,01:15:46.31 ...Man was trying to help us.[br]You know, pet us. 01:15:47.16,01:15:50.51 Same dream I had when I was a[br]kid, I guess. 01:15:50.88,01:15:53.03 I was running with animals[br]in darkness. 01:15:53.96,01:15:57.31 Mister rabbit bloody fang, 01:15:58.24,01:15:59.75 Christmas hat. 01:16:04.28,01:16:07.43 A little madness is coming on and[br]I don't know we're just[br]running. I'm just... 01:16:08.64,01:16:11.95 ...Mister Rabbit. I'm eating[br]every other animal in the forest. 01:16:13.28,01:16:18.75 Death, just death becomes what[br]you are. I'm drunk and lucky. 01:16:20.08,01:16:22.07 You know about realization, Wayne? 01:16:22.44,01:16:25.39 I mean all this is just illusion. 01:16:27.20,01:16:30.11 Mister Rabbit says the moment[br]of realization... 01:16:30.72,01:16:33.31 moment of realization is worth... 01:16:34.76,01:16:36.39 ...a thousand prayers.[br]918[br]You're crazy, mate. 01:16:39.20,01:16:41.55 I don't think I'm crazier than[br]you are. 01:16:41.88,01:16:44.15 I'm extremes. Dark and light.[br]You know that? 01:16:44.52,01:16:47.43 I'm light with Mal... Mal... Mal. 01:16:49.44,01:16:51.51 There's your shadow on the wall. 01:16:53.96,01:16:56.03 You can't get rid of your[br]shadow, can you, Wayne? 01:17:06.64,01:17:09.07 Now you know the only thing[br]kills the demon... 01:17:11.12,01:17:12.26 ...Love. 01:17:13.84,01:17:17.54 That's why I know Mallory is[br]my salvation. She was teaching[br]me how to love. 01:17:18.40,01:17:19.83 I forgive you, baby. 01:17:20.12,01:17:23.15 Yeah, it was just like... being[br]in the Garden of Eden. 01:17:25.72,01:17:27.95 Only love can kill the demon. 01:17:29.04,01:17:30.83 Hold that thought. 01:17:47.96,01:17:50.47 Are these guys in your eye line?[br]I'm sorry. 01:17:51.08,01:17:52.87 You want some powder? 01:18:09.56,01:18:11.19 Rise and shine, Mallory. 01:18:11.80,01:18:13.23 Turn around and face the wall 01:18:13.44,01:18:15.23 Relax, fellas. We wanna have[br]a little talk, is all. 01:18:15.60,01:18:17.35 Mr. Scagnetti, don't get close[br]to her. She'll kill you. 01:18:17.76,01:18:19.63 - One way or the other she'll[br]kill you. 01:18:20.04,01:18:23.11 Relax, guy. Read my book.[br]I've met women who were crocodiles. 01:18:23.52,01:18:26.15 But this little lady I think[br]she's got a sweet streak for me. 01:18:26.92,01:18:28.67 It's O.K. Come on. 01:18:30.52,01:18:32.03 Sir, we're not allowed.[br]- That's O.K. Come on. 01:18:35.16,01:18:36.22 Smoke? 01:18:37.16,01:18:38.71 I know you smoke. 01:18:39.80,01:18:41.79 I'm here not to hurt you, Mallory. 01:18:42.08,01:18:43.71 I want to be your friend, O.K.? 01:18:44.60,01:18:46.71 If I've ever met a girl who needs[br]a friend... 01:18:47.76,01:18:48.90 ...It's you. 01:18:50.32,01:18:51.83 You're a very pretty girl. 01:18:52.80,01:18:54.71 Remember the last time you[br]got fucked? 01:18:55.80,01:18:56.67 Remember? 01:18:57.84,01:18:59.59 What I want to do-just close[br]your eyes... 01:19:00.28,01:19:02.95 ...and remember the last time[br]ol' Mickey gave you the high[br]hard one. 01:19:03.52,01:19:04.71 Thinking about it? 01:19:07.32,01:19:09.83 Better forget cause it's not[br]gonna happen any more. 01:19:10.08,01:19:13.70 When they get through with all[br]that electroshock shit got lined[br]up for that cocksucker... 01:19:14.12,01:19:15.71 OI' Mickey ain't gonna be worth[br]a shit. 01:19:36.28,01:19:38.58 - And was it really worth it?[br]- Was what worth it? 01:19:38.88,01:19:40.71 Was massacring all those[br]people worth being separated... 01:19:41.20,01:19:43.91 ...from your love for the rest[br]of your life? 01:19:44.80,01:19:48.79 You mean, was an instant of[br]my purity worth lifetime of[br]your lies? 01:19:49.20,01:19:51.39 Please, explain to me. Where's[br]the purity that you couldn't[br]live without? 01:19:51.68,01:19:54.91 in the 52 people who are no[br]longer on this planet... 01:19:55.24,01:19:59.31 ...because they met you[br]and Mallory? What's a[br]fucking purity is that? Why you[br]do it? 01:20:00.24,01:20:01.91 You'll never understand. 01:20:02.12,01:20:04.35 You and me we're not even the[br]same species. 01:20:04.72,01:20:06.83 I used to be you and than[br]I evolved. 01:20:07.28,01:20:10.79 Where you're standing you're a[br]man. Where I'm standing you're[br]an ape. 01:20:11.76,01:20:14.35 You're not even an ape,[br]you're a media person. 01:20:15.40,01:20:18.23 Media is like a weather, only[br]it's man made weather. 01:20:18.88,01:20:20.75 Murder? It's pure. 01:20:21.92,01:20:23.63 You made him impure. 01:20:24.48,01:20:26.71 You buy and sell the fair. 01:20:27.08,01:20:28.51 You say why? 01:20:28.88,01:20:30.55 I say, why bother? 01:20:31.96,01:20:33.47 Are you done? Great. 01:20:33.76,01:20:38.11 Now let's cut the b.s. and[br]get real. Why this purity that[br]you feel about killing? 01:20:38.48,01:20:40.86 Why, for Christ sake, why?[br]Don't lie to me! 01:20:41.64,01:20:45.99 I guess, Wayne, you gotta hold[br]the ol' shotgun in your hand and[br]it becomes clear. 01:20:46.48,01:20:48.43 Like it did for me the first time. 01:20:48.84,01:20:51.63 That's when I realized my one[br]true calling in life. 01:20:52.20,01:20:53.71 And what's that, Mickey? 01:20:54.20,01:20:55.47 Shit, man... 01:20:56.20,01:20:58.47 ...I'm a natural born killer. 01:21:00.12,01:21:01.31 And... commercial. Two minutes, guys. 01:21:02.84,01:21:03.98 Did you get that? 01:21:04.48,01:21:05.67 All right, Mickey! 01:21:21.68,01:21:23.71 - Hello, Wurlitzer here.[br]- We got a riot in B wing. 01:21:24.04,01:21:25.67 - Oh, shit![br]- Thanks. 01:21:27.52,01:21:30.11 Every fucking moron in the[br]world just saw that, mate. 01:21:31.72,01:21:34.55 Warden, we got a riot going on[br]and it's out of control. We[br]need help. 01:21:34.92,01:21:37.15 God Almighty, shitfire! Where at? 01:21:37.64,01:21:40.43 In the rec room. B wing.[br]We're outmanned already. We[br]need help. 01:21:40.72,01:21:44.42 All right. You mobilize the[br]men, I'm on my way. 01:21:45.16,01:21:48.59 Mr. Gale, close them cameras[br]down. We got a riot in B wing. 01:21:49.60,01:21:53.14 - Just a sec, we have to[br]finish. We're live![br]- You sure as hell are finished. 01:21:53.72,01:21:56.75 They got guns,[br]hostages, explosives. Close[br]that camera down, Turn 'em off! 01:21:57.04,01:21:59.47 We'll never get this chance[br]again. We'll be famous! 01:21:59.68,01:22:01.19 You stay here and shut up. 01:22:01.40,01:22:03.91 I gotta find out what's going[br]on before I can let you[br]film anywhere. 01:22:04.20,01:22:06.79 The whole world is watching![br]We'll never get this chance again! 01:22:07.48,01:22:08.46 Fuck you! 01:22:08.68,01:22:11.51 This asshole is trying to tell[br]me what I'm gonna to do in my jail! 01:22:11.96,01:22:13.23 - Fuck you![br]- This fuck don't know what[br]he's dealing with! 01:22:13.72,01:22:15.63 But we do. 01:22:15.92,01:22:18.99 Keep your fingers on the[br]triggers of your shotguns[br]and follow me. 01:22:31.40,01:22:33.19 This is a tough room. 01:22:33.56,01:22:34.78 All right, one more. 01:22:36.16,01:22:37.83 Mother says to sister: 01:22:38.36,01:22:42.27 ...You can go with Bobby, but[br]you got to take little Johnny. 01:22:42.80,01:22:44.59 O.K. 01:22:46.12,01:22:48.03 So they go, they come back. 01:22:48.48,01:22:51.59 Mother grabs little Johnny[br]aside says <> 01:22:52.12,01:22:54.42 But Johnny can't talk. 01:22:56.24,01:22:59.15 Mother says <> 01:22:59.84,01:23:01.59 Little Johnny goes. 01:23:02.88,01:23:05.51 Oh, they were kissing? What else? 01:23:06.44,01:23:07.87 You've heard this one? 01:23:08.56,01:23:10.86 What else? Little Johnny goes. 01:23:14.68,01:23:16.19 He felt her up? 01:23:17.08,01:23:19.67 What else? Little Johnny goes. 01:23:21.52,01:23:24.71 They took off their clothes.[br]What else? 01:23:25.88,01:23:27.47 Little Johnny goes. 01:23:28.68,01:23:30.98 They did that? What the hell[br]were you doing? 01:23:31.64,01:23:33.31 Little Johnny goes. 01:23:34.56,01:23:35.91 Little Johnny, no! 01:23:38.36,01:23:39.23 O shit. 01:23:58.88,01:23:59.86 Drop it! 01:24:01.12,01:24:02.67 The gun, God damn! 01:24:03.88,01:24:06.15 Smart move. O. K, empty the shells 01:24:07.88,01:24:09.02 Where are you? 01:24:10.28,01:24:12.84 Man, I'm all right. I'm O.K. 01:24:13.36,01:24:15.19 All right, new friend. Get[br]your camera. 01:24:15.76,01:24:17.19 - Where is Roger?[br]- Right here. 01:24:17.64,01:24:20.20 - Where's Scotty?[br]- He's hit. I think he's dead. 01:24:20.72,01:24:21.83 Oh, shit. 01:24:22.36,01:24:23.79 Put the shells on the table. 01:24:25.68,01:24:28.24 Drop your belt! Hands behind[br]your head! 01:24:29.40,01:24:32.11 - Get the camera going yet?[br]- N-no, wait. 01:24:32.52,01:24:34.43 - It's too bad for you.[br]- N-no, wait! 01:24:34.96,01:24:38.07 I got a shoulder pack with[br]remote Beta on it.[br]I can get an image off of that. 01:24:38.40,01:24:40.51 Very innovative. Put it on[br]your shoulder. Let's go. 01:24:41.12,01:24:44.23 We're gonna play <>. Everybody follow[br]me out. One big, happy family. 01:24:44.92,01:24:46.79 Shooting everything I do. 01:24:47.20,01:24:48.55 Kavanaugh, get up. 01:24:49.40,01:24:52.31 Take me to Mallory's cell and[br]you hope she's in one piece. 01:24:52.72,01:24:56.03 Everybody, get behind[br]Kavanaugh. Press up against[br]his back. 01:24:56.64,01:24:57.75 Let's go! 01:24:58.24,01:24:59.79 Young lady, you want to come[br]along with us? 01:25:01.12,01:25:02.43 Go, go, go! 01:25:03.64,01:25:04.70 Go. 01:25:05.60,01:25:06.91 You got the keys? 01:25:12.04,01:25:13.91 Stay with me. Stay with me. 01:25:15.52,01:25:16.79 Help me! 01:25:34.52,01:25:37.35 That's my camera. You motherfucker! 01:25:44.00,01:25:45.03 A... 01:25:45.60,01:25:48.31 Oh, now I remember you.[br]You're Jack. 01:25:53.68,01:25:56.11 I'm not as really bad as they say[br]I am. 01:25:56.88,01:25:59.31 I'm actually a very nice person. 01:26:03.12,01:26:06.43 Yeah, I know. I've done some[br]pretty bad things myself. 01:26:07.84,01:26:09.47 I killed somebody. 01:26:15.76,01:26:16.90 No shit. 01:26:20.32,01:26:22.07 You know what I'm thinking about? 01:26:23.76,01:26:24.95 Sex. 01:26:25.32,01:26:27.19 Sex, fucking. 01:26:32.12,01:26:35.11 I think about hands on my tits. 01:26:36.76,01:26:40.23 And I think about flash[br]against flash... 01:26:41.04,01:26:42.15 sweat. 01:26:44.24,01:26:47.07 My mind drives me crazy. 01:26:49.08,01:26:50.14 Seat down. 01:26:56.28,01:26:57.87 What do you want me to do? 01:26:58.52,01:27:00.90 I want you to kiss me and[br]squeeze my nipple. 01:27:02.84,01:27:04.63 You're so specific. 01:27:05.72,01:27:06.78 Squeeze it. 01:27:07.92,01:27:09.99 - You like a bit of pain?[br]- Harder, Oh. 01:27:26.20,01:27:28.23 Sexy maniac, fucker? 01:27:29.04,01:27:30.75 Stupid dick! 01:27:31.60,01:27:33.47 Oh shit, shit. Open door! 01:27:35.40,01:27:37.31 You want a sexy little whore? 01:27:40.16,01:27:41.59 I'm trying, I'm trying! 01:27:51.84,01:27:54.55 Fucking bitch broke my[br]fucking nose! Give me that gun! 01:27:56.64,01:27:58.27 I'll kill you! I'll fucking[br]kill you! 01:27:58.60,01:28:00.95 - Put it away.[br]- Give me that fucking mace. 01:28:01.28,01:28:04.27 You fucking whore?[br]So you wanna play bitch? How[br]about this? 01:28:06.12,01:28:07.55 Get down! 01:28:17.52,01:28:19.71 And now a special report[br]from channel 6 news. 01:28:20.56,01:28:21.83 I'm coming on. 01:28:22.12,01:28:25.51 Good afternoon, I'm Antonia Chaves.[br]This is a watch special report. 01:28:26.24,01:28:29.03 I've being told, that we are[br]taking you right now live[br]to Patanga penitentiary... 01:28:29.36,01:28:34.63 ...Where Wayne Gale continues[br]his interrupted interview in[br]the middle of a riot. 01:28:35.32,01:28:36.83 Wayne, can you hear me? 01:28:37.12,01:28:39.50 Wayne, tell us what's[br]happening? Are you safe? 01:28:40.04,01:28:43.19 It is Wayne Gale. We're live.[br]I'm continuing. 01:28:43.68,01:28:46.14 What you can tell about all[br]blood here? 01:28:46.68,01:28:50.71 ...the final chapter in a book[br]of Mickey and Mallory is not yet[br]to be written. 01:28:51.08,01:28:53.19 Are you in danger, Wayne? Can[br]you tell us are you in danger? 01:28:53.40,01:28:55.59 The real war is braking out[br]of here. 01:28:55.92,01:29:00.11 It's a thing I've never seen! 01:29:01.32,01:29:04.11 - What's happening, Wayne?[br]- Down, down, down to Patanga! 01:29:05.48,01:29:07.86 And Patanga is real! 01:29:09.68,01:29:11.27 I know you like it? 01:29:11.76,01:29:13.95 Hey, Jack, Mickey is back! 01:29:26.04,01:29:28.31 It's like a Mexican stand on. 01:29:28.72,01:29:31.02 It's quite time to talk,[br]yeah, Mickey? 01:29:31.36,01:29:35.03 Put the gun off.[br]Put your hands behind your head. 01:29:35.48,01:29:37.31 Or will you wound me? 01:29:37.72,01:29:41.03 - I blow your head off, Scagnetti.[br]I never wound anybody, you know! 01:29:42.16,01:29:46.47 I'm quite between your eyes! 01:29:47.00,01:29:49.23 Take a shoot. 01:29:57.04,01:29:59.39 O.K. Jack. You win. 01:30:07.68,01:30:08.79 Oh, baby! 01:30:10.04,01:30:13.23 Ladies and gentlemen. They've[br]been waiting for this kiss and[br]it's coming. 01:30:13.76,01:30:16.59 They doing what nobody ever[br]told 'em and maybe never they'll[br]do it again. 01:30:17.00,01:30:20.19 At this moment they are the[br]two only people on the Earth. 01:30:37.52,01:30:38.71 Shut up, Jack! 01:30:47.00,01:30:48.63 Losing your clutch, Jack. 01:30:49.08,01:30:51.15 I have no shells. 01:30:57.84,01:30:59.87 You still like me? 01:31:09.72,01:31:11.27 - What's this?[br]- List of prisoners. 01:31:11.56,01:31:13.99 I asked the list of hostages! 01:31:14.24,01:31:15.87 Hostages? Where can I find it now? 01:31:16.12,01:31:18.39 Just do it. 01:31:25.56,01:31:27.47 All right. O my God! 01:31:29.04,01:31:30.26 Why those gates are open? 01:31:30.88,01:31:32.91 Close them. 01:31:33.20,01:31:35.19 - They are keyed, sir. 01:31:35.72,01:31:38.02 - There's a fire.[br]- I see! 01:31:38.56,01:31:41.43 It looks like Hell. 01:32:18.80,01:32:20.71 - Warden![br]- What's up there, Ponty? 01:32:21.08,01:32:23.31 - I'm Pratt Tony.[br]- Fuck your name! 01:32:23.88,01:32:25.67 Mickey and Mallory Knox lose. 01:32:27.04,01:32:28.39 Scagnetti is dead! 01:32:29.24,01:32:31.83 And we're live on TV! 01:32:33.04,01:32:34.99 And we're live on TV?! 01:32:35.56,01:32:39.55 Jesus Christ on a fucking[br]rubber cross! 01:32:40.32,01:32:42.11 Is it happening to me? 01:33:48.08,01:33:50.23 Come on. Yeah, come on. 01:33:52.04,01:33:52.95 Come on. 01:33:54.00,01:33:56.35 Come on, Mickey. This way. 01:34:05.96,01:34:06.79 Damn. 01:34:07.68,01:34:08.74 Who are you? 01:34:09.72,01:34:11.07 My name is Owen. 01:34:12.12,01:34:13.51 And what a hell do you want? 01:34:13.80,01:34:15.55 I want you to take mi with you. 01:34:16.76,01:34:17.90 Where are we? 01:34:18.28,01:34:21.35 That's the place where I come[br]when the things are getting[br]off head. 01:34:22.08,01:34:23.35 Call 'em. 01:34:25.04,01:34:26.23 Go, Kevin. 01:34:28.00,01:34:29.11 Follow me! 01:34:29.40,01:34:31.78 We are in B wing. Where're we[br]going Owen? 01:34:32.12,01:34:34.47 Out through. 01:34:34.92,01:34:36.19 Oh, oh, oh, hold on. 01:34:36.68,01:34:37.99 O.K. 01:34:38.56,01:34:40.59 Don't shoot. I'm Wayne Gale! 01:34:40.84,01:34:42.19 Don't shoot, I'm Wayne Gale! 01:34:44.40,01:34:45.62 Motherfuckers! 01:34:46.72,01:34:48.07 How are you doing, Wayne? 01:34:48.44,01:34:49.75 Fucking great! 01:34:50.40,01:34:52.70 - You got feeling?[br]- Oh, man. I'm alive. 01:34:53.16,01:34:55.59 For the first fucking time in[br]my life! 01:34:56.08,01:34:57.95 Let's kill all these motherfuckers! 01:34:58.48,01:34:59.67 - Give me that.[br]- Why? 01:34:59.88,01:35:01.19 You're not sane, Wayne. 01:35:01.56,01:35:03.35 Take this. 01:35:04.16,01:35:07.51 Let's go! 01:35:22.40,01:35:24.96 End of the line, Knox. 01:35:25.24,01:35:26.79 One move and he's dead! 01:35:27.08,01:35:29.07 He's already dead, dick. 01:35:30.08,01:35:31.83 You've got shit! 01:35:32.28,01:35:33.15 Fire! 01:35:34.08,01:35:37.31 - Lf you shoot I'll blow his[br]head off![br]- Don't shoot, don't shoot! 01:35:37.68,01:35:39.39 Shut up, gale! You prick! 01:35:39.80,01:35:41.91 Mickey, Mallory! Just let me say. 01:35:42.20,01:35:43.47 Put your hand up! 01:35:45.96,01:35:47.18 Now shut up! 01:35:47.60,01:35:49.67 Mickey, I'm in the place.[br]Come. Come. 01:35:50.36,01:35:51.75 Move. Let's go, Mal! 01:35:52.20,01:35:53.75 You fucker wound me! 01:35:59.44,01:36:01.87 60 seconds and I'm coming up! 01:36:05.80,01:36:07.83 Think, think, think. 01:36:08.88,01:36:09.83 Fuck. 01:36:12.20,01:36:13.07 Yes? 01:36:15.68,01:36:16.87 Hello, Margaret. 01:36:18.72,01:36:20.47 - How you doing, Mal?[br]- I'm all right. 01:36:22.36,01:36:23.87 Done good, baby. 01:36:25.52,01:36:28.59 I want you to know no matter[br]what happens... 01:36:29.68,01:36:30.99 ...I love you. 01:36:43.08,01:36:45.31 I love you more than I ever[br]loved myself. 01:36:46.28,01:36:47.63 I know that, Mickey. 01:36:48.28,01:36:49.79 I'm never coming home. 01:36:50.48,01:36:54.31 Can't you get it I'm alive. For[br]the first fucking time I'm alive! 01:36:56.04,01:36:58.99 Because I don't love you any more.[br]I love Ming. 01:37:00.24,01:37:02.91 Yeah, that's right. Ming is[br]not fucking restaurant. 01:37:03.64,01:37:06.75 Take the rest of the money[br]it's yours anyway! 01:37:07.08,01:37:09.03 And one more thing: you're a[br]piece of shit! 01:37:09.36,01:37:12.15 It's good to be with you,[br]Wayne Gale. You do a lit good[br]for people. 01:37:13.20,01:37:15.43 Why don't blow them up? 01:37:15.64,01:37:17.91 We have more things to do! 01:37:18.12,01:37:20.87 These two will die today![br]You hear me, Sparky? 01:37:21.24,01:37:23.59 They will die! 01:37:23.96,01:37:26.79 Let it be the last fucking thing[br]I do! 01:37:28.56,01:37:29.91 You know what I say? 01:37:30.72,01:37:34.50 I say to Hell we go back to[br]our cells. 01:37:35.52,01:37:38.59 Let's go out there and[br]run downstairs. 01:37:39.12,01:37:41.35 And go to Hell. 01:37:41.80,01:37:45.03 And than we'll die, and then[br]we'll be free. 01:37:47.44,01:37:48.79 That's poetry. 01:37:50.44,01:37:52.71 We'll do that when all rest fails. 01:37:53.04,01:37:55.19 I've just left her. That's right. 01:37:56.00,01:37:58.75 Put the bottle of champagne in ice. 01:37:59.12,01:38:01.50 I'll come home. 01:38:02.20,01:38:03.51 I love you, Ming. 01:38:04.04,01:38:06.19 Ming? Ming? 01:38:10.12,01:38:11.67 Hold this. 01:38:12.96,01:38:15.79 - You married?[br]- I don't want to die. I don't[br]want to die! 01:38:18.32,01:38:21.23 - I had a question: Are you married?[br]- Yes, I am. 01:38:21.76,01:38:23.15 Do you have children? 01:38:24.04,01:38:26.79 A boy and a girl![br]I don't want to die! 01:38:27.12,01:38:28.75 Mal, could you come here please? 01:38:30.08,01:38:32.64 The only way we can get out[br]of there... 01:38:33.16,01:38:36.39 ...if they don't want kill you[br]more than they want to kill us. 01:38:36.76,01:38:38.35 Mister Journalist! 01:38:41.16,01:38:43.27 O.K. Hold that. 01:38:44.20,01:38:46.15 Duncan Hamolka - Wayne Gale. 01:38:46.92,01:38:48.14 How are you? 01:38:48.68,01:38:50.98 You want reality? You've got it. 01:38:52.92,01:38:55.95 My name is Wayne Gale! 01:38:56.32,01:38:58.47 I have 40 million people! 01:38:58.76,01:39:02.83 I'm a respected journalist. 01:39:04.76,01:39:08.23 I'm wounded I have a camera,[br]we're live! 01:39:08.84,01:39:10.75 If anybody doesn't let us go[br]I'll do everything... 01:39:11.20,01:39:14.35 disclose McClusky! 01:39:14.92,01:39:17.27 I'll do materials! 01:39:17.52,01:39:20.63 I'll show all the conditions of[br]the prisoners! 01:39:21.20,01:39:23.23 Don't move! 01:39:23.64,01:39:26.15 My name is Wayne Gale! I have[br]a camera! We're live! 01:39:26.60,01:39:28.63 You're on camera, we're alive! 01:39:29.92,01:39:34.11 - You think you go far?[br]- I go outside. 01:39:34.48,01:39:37.43 - It will never happen![br]- It is happening. 01:39:39.40,01:39:42.03 My name is Wayne Gale![br]I'm a friend of Bill Clinton! 01:39:42.48,01:39:44.55 If anybody puts me in danger... 01:39:44.76,01:39:46.55 - Open the gate![br]- Open the gate. 01:39:47.28,01:39:48.95 - My name is Wayne Gale![br]- Thank you, guy. 01:39:49.32,01:39:51.70 I'm a star of American movie! 01:39:52.84,01:39:57.19 I'll personally put your head down! 01:39:57.60,01:40:01.71 All by myself! 01:40:02.24,01:40:04.35 Some day, perhaps. But not today. 01:41:12.64,01:41:15.55 This is Wayne Gale.[br]Unfortunately no longer alive. 01:41:16.16,01:41:18.46 I'm wounded. 01:41:19.24,01:41:22.07 I've left my wife and my[br]girlfriend has left me. 01:41:23.24,01:41:25.59 Don't look like God! That was good. 01:41:26.08,01:41:28.51 Mickey Knox's plan worked. 01:41:29.40,01:41:31.78 We went into front door to my[br]news minivan and get away. 01:41:32.20,01:41:34.63 When we were followed by[br]patrol cars... 01:41:34.92,01:41:38.95 ...Mallory shot Duncan Hamolka. 01:41:39.56,01:41:41.07 Show 'em ear. 01:41:42.48,01:41:44.91 O my God! That is so grace. 01:41:46.36,01:41:49.47 Why helicopters were not there[br]I don't know. 01:41:50.12,01:41:52.63 Maybe they've not enough time. 01:41:53.12,01:41:56.11 - Wayne. 01:41:56.52,01:41:59.31 - What a fuck is there? 01:41:59.68,01:42:02.47 So without any further to[br]do: Mickey and Mallory. 01:42:07.64,01:42:10.31 So, Mallory after[br]Mickey's incredible rescue... 01:42:10.72,01:42:12.15 ...what next to do? 01:42:12.80,01:42:16.79 I just wondering when Mickey and[br]me will be alone together. 01:42:17.32,01:42:19.47 And if I could wait that long. 01:42:24.60,01:42:27.03 Do you know anything about riot? 01:42:28.08,01:42:30.38 No we have nothing to do with[br]that riot. 01:42:30.84,01:42:33.99 That was...[br]How to call? 01:42:35.32,01:42:36.75 - Fate?[br]- Fate. 01:42:37.48,01:42:40.23 They say we mastered the[br]whole fucking thing... 01:42:40.80,01:42:43.15 ...You know we are not going[br]to keep all this stuff. 01:42:44.68,01:42:49.47 But the truth is it was fate. 01:42:51.64,01:42:54.07 Oh, yes. Fate it was. 01:42:55.00,01:42:57.43 And you saw it in[br]<>. 01:42:57.68,01:42:59.55 Do you believe in[br]reincarnation, Wayne? 01:42:59.80,01:43:01.63 Yes, I believe we've been[br]living many times. 01:43:01.92,01:43:03.67 So, what's next for the Knox? 01:43:04.36,01:43:09.03 Well, I think we can lay on a[br]big king size bed. 01:43:09.80,01:43:10.91 And sleep. 01:43:11.84,01:43:13.23 For about two days. 01:43:13.56,01:43:15.31 And I've been thinking about[br]being mother. 01:43:15.76,01:43:20.03 And Mickey and me will do it[br]as quickly as possible. 01:43:22.36,01:43:23.95 - O.K. We gotta go.[br]- Hold on. Hold on. 01:43:24.32,01:43:26.15 And how are you going to disappear? 01:43:26.56,01:43:28.79 You're the most famous couple[br]in America. 01:43:29.16,01:43:32.55 It was an underground railway. 01:43:33.00,01:43:34.14 Finish. 01:43:34.52,01:43:37.43 Let me just do... 01:43:38.68,01:43:40.95 Yes we'll do some, Wayne. 01:43:41.40,01:43:44.35 But you'll not be looking at[br]camera and acting stupid. 01:43:44.88,01:43:47.18 You'll be stand near the barrels[br]of our shotguns... 01:43:47.60,01:43:50.06 ...and we gonna blow your[br]brains out. 01:43:53.76,01:43:56.55 Right, right, right.[br]Cut, cut, cut! 01:43:57.44,01:43:58.99 That's a fucking joke, right? 01:44:01.08,01:44:02.63 Come on, don't shoot! 01:44:03.04,01:44:05.83 I thought during escaping it was[br]a kind of a band between us. 01:44:06.48,01:44:08.51 No, not really. 01:44:08.96,01:44:11.26 You did it for rating.[br]You don't give a shit about us. 01:44:11.68,01:44:14.27 And about anybody accept yourself.[br]That's why nobody gives shit[br]about you. 01:44:14.80,01:44:17.71 That's why helicopters were[br]not there. 01:44:18.08,01:44:20.38 Hold on. What about that[br]fucking Indian? 01:44:20.92,01:44:23.83 You've said you've done[br]with killing. 01:44:24.28,01:44:26.11 You've said that love beats[br]a demon! 01:44:27.00,01:44:29.07 I am and it will. 01:44:30.44,01:44:34.47 - It's just you the last one, Wayne.[br]- Maybe you'll be not fucking[br]kill me? 01:44:34.80,01:44:38.03 This is not about you, evil maniac.[br]I even like you. 01:44:39.00,01:44:41.59 But if we let you go we'll be[br]just like everybody else. 01:44:42.32,01:44:44.95 Killing you and what you[br]represent is... 01:44:46.20,01:44:47.99 ...our statement. 01:44:48.76,01:44:50.63 I'm not hundred per cent sure[br]what it will say... 01:44:51.16,01:44:53.75 ...but you know Frankenstein[br]killed doctor Frankenstein. 01:44:55.16,01:44:56.38 Wayne. 01:44:58.32,01:44:59.95 Have some dignify. 01:45:01.60,01:45:03.79 O.K. What's than? 01:45:04.28,01:45:06.55 Life is a cruel thing. Nobody[br]told that it will be easy. 01:45:06.92,01:45:09.11 First day you killed you[br]became our! 01:45:09.48,01:45:12.35 To public, to mass media! 01:45:15.04,01:45:17.67 But the point is what are we[br]doing next? 01:45:18.24,01:45:20.51 Let's like Solomon Rugdi come[br]and go. 01:45:20.80,01:45:24.39 Books, talk shows... 01:45:25.00,01:45:27.67 Give interviews... 01:45:28.12,01:45:30.50 You know how huge we can be? 01:45:31.36,01:45:34.19 - Let's make a little music.[br]- Wait, wait, wait! 01:45:36.56,01:45:38.94 Don't Mickey and Mallory[br]always leave somebody alive... 01:45:39.16,01:45:40.55 tell the tail? 01:45:40.80,01:45:42.99 We are. Your camera. 01:45:47.24,01:45:48.43 O.K. 01:46:20.12,01:46:22.63 I'll miss.[br]Come on. Let's go. 01:46:23.20,01:46:24.59 O.K., baby. 01:46:38.20,01:46:40.19 Can we hear?[br]I can't hear. 01:46:41.32,01:46:42.43 O my God. 01:46:51.52,01:46:52.71 My Dad... 01:46:53.52,01:46:54.99 People, I... 01:46:58.36,01:47:01.19 Because they were doing sex.[br]That's what I thought about. 01:47:02.72,01:47:05.07 He punch me... 01:47:06.04,01:47:08.34 He slapped me again. 01:47:11.36,01:47:14.79 I just want to say, you know.[br]Can we...
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