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Natural City

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How many days left?|I mean in your life span.
Moisture 20%.
Daylight 40%...
Cyborg Announcement|Return to your residence ASAP
- and report in.|- R, it's time for me to go.
If you fail to report in within 3 minutes,
MLPC will classify you as Deviant.
- Repeat! Return to your residence ASAP.|- They're calling me.
A little longer.
If you fail to report in within 3 minutes,
MLPC will classify you as Deviant.
- Repeat! Return to your residence ASAP.|- It's time, I have to go.
Let's go.
I warn you, I warn you.
If you fail to report in within 3 minutes,
MLPC will classify you as Deviant.
This simulation of Koyo,|the planet of rebirth, is now over.
We sincerely hope that you'll... day soon take the trip to Koyo
on the luxurious charter-Muyoga.
Passengers on flight 430 to planet Vintan,
please proceed to Gate 3 now.
Let's go.
Producer Dong-Jun LEE
Production Supervisor Woo-Hyun WHANG
Line Producer Sang-Ryul AHN
Associate Producer Hyo-Seok YOON
Director of Photography Jun-Kyu LEE
Director of Lighting Jung-Dal SEO
CG MAKOD|VE Supervisor Byung-Yong MOON
Title CG MDM|VE Supervisor Kyung-Aae NOH
Art Director Wha-Sung CHO, Won-Ki HONG
Miniatures/Sets|MDM Heung-Seok PARK, Sang-Hyuk HAN
Makeup Yoon-Ye KIM|Costumes Da-Hyun LEE
Sound Supervisor Yong-Hoon KIM|Recording Kwang-Ho CHUNG
Music Jae-Jin LEE
Editing Min-Ho KYUNG
Special Effects Do-Ahn JUNG|Director of Choreography Doo-Hong JUNG
Prop GUESSTONG (Hyun-Gon KIM)|Special Makeup Jae-Ho SHIN
Adaptation Seok-Jin GOH, Jae-Rim HAN
Additional Dialogue|Jong-Eun LEE, Whi-Yung YANG
Ji-Tae YOO as R
Jae-Eun LEE as Cyon
Chan YOON as Noma
Rin SEO as Ria
a MIN Byung-Chun Film
Hit it!
That's my dad.|That body on the ground.
Put everything in here.
Don't waste any.
What do you say?|Want your fortune told?
How could someone|possibly love a cyborg?
Feelings are beyond comprehension, girl.
You just don't understand.
Respect your father's last wish.
I'm out of here.
Can't believe your last wish was|to be buried with a cyborg.
It's been said that there were|two goddess statues here...
...but one of which was destroyed|during the war
Since then, no flowers can bloom here.|Still I'm planting a flowerbed...
...on this rooftop of this ruined building...
5 minutes from current position,|Ghetto L230, to the target area
The cyborg who infiltrated|the medical center is Cyper...
...a combat cyborg we manufactured|3 years ago
Cyper went missing a year ago...
but now it has taking over the medical center|with 4 other cyborgs.
We're moving in through a sewage disposal
plant in the M323 sector,|leading to NEUCOM...
...then proceed into sector L542,|the center's emergency exit.
Be prepared, people.|This is no joke.
They're combat cyborgs|and in control of the building.
Why the hell did they enter the medical
center where human DNA records are stored?
They must be working for someone else.
Their combat ability is 4 times stronger
than us.
This looks like a well-planned attack on the
center where all human DNA is registered.
Junha, nervous?
Shut up, asshole.|And stop drinking.
- He's coming this way.|- You, chickenshit.
Go for their heads.
As long as their Al chips work,|they can't and won't die.
Aim at their heads.
- Understood?|- Yes, sir!
R leads the advancing unit,|the rest come with me.
Rumor has it that some corrupt MPs|are stealing and black-marketing...
...the Al chips from deviant cyborgs.
If I lay my hands on them,|they'll be sorry.
Get ready!
We're approaching NEUCOM.
The data you requested isn't available.
Blue Wing to Purple,
moving into the M323 sector.
No signs of the cyborgs yet. Over.
This is Head Top.
Watch out for hostiles.
They might be preparing to ambush. Over.
This is Purple Wing One.|Something's wrong. It's too quiet.
Searching. DNA doesn't match.
DNA doesn't match.
Security alert in the M323 sector!
Head Top to Wings, the neural guns
could malfunction in the high humidity.
Switch to infrared search mode.
Roger that.
Purple Wings, take the lead,|and Blue Wings...
Hold it!|Keep your eyes on the water surface.
Blue Wing 4, check for somatological|responses at one o'clock.
Got it.
Head Top, no somatological responses,
but there's something in the water.
Coming our way fast. Over.
I don't feel good about this.|Purple, hold!
From behind!|A cyborg at six o'clock!
Shoot him in the head!
Three o'clock!
R, check him out.
The rest, hold your positions|and provide cover.
Al chip destroyed.|No somatological responses.
You stupid fuck!|You almost got us all killed!
What the hell were you thinking?!
I told you to go for the head, didn't I?!
Sir, we've located one of the cyborgs|inside the medical center main hall.
You stay back here|and call for backup.
Let's move out!
DNA match found.
Name is Cyon. Location is ruin city.
Transferring the data as requested.
This is Head top. MP Captain, Noma is|moving into medical center now and...
Purple Head and R staying behind as backup.
Purple 4, radio headquarters for approval
to activate NEUCOM's security system.
Roger that.
Watch out for friendlies in the center.
Hold it!
What's the noise?
Run the phonometer!
Strong, low sound waves, sir!
Everyone move in with me!
He must be inside.
Cut off the retreat,|leading to a sewage disposal plant!
R! R!
R! R! Do you copy?
No responses, sir!
Locate it!
It's getting very close.
It's not a mechanical sound.
What's going on here?
The heating system has overheated,|bursting the pipes.
All halt!
It's the entrance!|Close in on both sides. Follow it!
In the 2nd unit led by Captain Noma|in pursuit of the deviant cyborgs...
...Causalities increasing.
Head Top Noma, report your status!
Order R on backup to drop the wounded|and join the second unit.
Moving toward Gate 31 in Sector 2.
R! Come in!
Repeat: Backup arriving late.
Drop the wounded and join the 2nd unit|in pursuit of deviant cyborgs.
R! He's coming your way! R! R!
- R, do you read me? God damn it!|- In the 2nd unit led by Captain Noma
in pursuit of the deviant cyborgs...
...Causalities increasing.
Drop the wounded and join the 2nd unit
in pursuit of deviant cyborgs.
Shoot him in the head!
The administration doesn't know|what to do with this case.
They tried to cut down huge|amounts budgeted for the MPs...
...but with these combat cyborgs|appearing and going renegade...
...there's no way that they make cuts,|which is not a bad thing for us at all.
They must be furious about
what's happened.
That's what makes us different.|We're born to be alive.
Now all dismissed!
Hey!|Ranking officer!
Stay for a minute.
Is this guy a problem?
He's got a girl.
A girl or a doll?
I'll get him back to normal soon.
Hey, handsome, want your fortune told?
I'll make you hot tonight.
Hey! Watch it!
Ride on the Muyoga, the luxurious charter
to KOYO, the planet of rebirth...
...where you can forget all your memories.
There's a seat waiting for you.
What happened?
I'm sure Cyper N-77 didn't pull off|this stunt for nothing.
I've requested Dr. Noh of NEUCOM|to retrieve the data...
...from Cyper N77's damaged Al chip.
It's nothing but a piece of junk|with no somatological responses.
Permission to discard it, sir.
Even so, he still has 7 days|until expiration.
Give it a few more days, sir.
I've analyzed all the data thoroughly.
If you have any doubts...'re more than welcome|to check him out for yourself.
As you ordered, we've reconstructed|over 95% of his body.
But the Al chip was damaged beyond repair.|This research will do nothing but delay...
...the production of the new cyborg model
that's due on the market next month.
Close the case.
Sir! He's not completely dead.
You look tired.|Take a couple of days off?
I don't think even couple of years off|would be long enough for you.
Ignorant bastard!
Hi, my name is Strawberry.
With real skin and flesh,
more realistic than
any other robot...
How's it going
Uh? Almost done...
this time is for sure.
Hold on. Come on with me.
There's a new interface out for A-line.
I bet it'll speed up the job.
I've paid you enough.
I'm quite aware of that.
Level with me, man.
Can you save Ria or not?
With this new chip, I know I can.
How much do you need?
What's it called? Cyper or something...|It was delivered to the scrap yard today
It's all scratched up, man.
I told you not to shoot it in the head.
I want 20 units for it.
Here you go.
Thanks, you take care!
Watch your fucking back, bitch.
This is the last, man.
To summarize... the combat
Cyborg manufactured on April 23, 2077...
...CYPER N77 broke into the NEUCOM
medical center with four other deviant cyborgs.
He searched the entire DNA database
on the main computer and transferred it.
Cyper searched files on human DNA?
Guess he did.
Where was it sent?
I'm pretty sure I can find that out.
By the way, that coffee looks really good.
Can you make me a cup?
Find out by tomorrow.
Noma!|You don't have any friends, do you?
Destined to meet a noble man?
Not bad at all.
Attention, please.|A message from the Health Department.
The infection rate of the Yijola Virus
has risen 0.2% over last year.
Please refrain from
aberrant sexual pleasures, and...
...those who often travel to the ghetto areas
should be tested at local clinics.
What's going on, old man?
What happened to your hand?
- It's nothing.|- Yeah, tough guy.
Get me a bottle.
Hi. What can I get you?
What do you think you're doing?|Get over here and clean up here.
Yes, sir.
He can't even recognize you now.
Expiring soon?
Yeah, soon.
It's a shame, you know.|I've had him for a long time.
Let me tell you. You never wanna
get emotional with a cyborg.
- A bowl of noodles, please.|- You got it.
Hey, handsome.|Want your fortune told?
If it's good,|I'm all yours for free.
Wow!|It means we're a great match.
What the hell do you think|you're doing?
Great for chopsticks.
You're new at this, aren't you?
- What?|- Can't you tell MPs from civilians?
Consider yourself lucky.
Other MPs would have dragged
you to a clinic.
Why don't MP fuckers|have name tags on?
Hey, cancel my order!
It's almost done.
- I'm out of here.|- It's coming, lady.
A doll's better, huh?
10 new girls are coming in next week.
I need registration cards for them.
My hands are tied.
What the hell!
Get her down now!
Shit, 3 years already?|Those bitches expire way too soon.
Spill it. What do you want?
I'm taking Ria.
I'm taking her home with me.
Didn't you just see her?
When cyborgs start messing up,|it means they're done for, man.
She won't even be able to|do the laundry.
I'll exchange it with one of the new
models coming next week.
I'll fix her and live with her.
Live with her?
Sure, why the hell not.
I'll get your registrations.
You're taking her tonight, right?
Hey! Wrap Ria up for him.
Thank you.
Hey, buddy.
What are you doing here?
You're looking good in that coat.
Don't you have the slightest|shred of guilt?
Three of our men died|because of you.
Noma, do I look|like an idiot to you?
Noma, lend me some money.
Come on, what are friends for?
You're suspended for 3 days.
I don't think that's long enough|to set you straight, though.
Hey, Ria.
Let's get out of here.
I own you now.
This was trashed in the scrap yard today.
You know who this is?
Man, I had such a hard time|smuggling this body in!
Hey, You! Here me out!
This was a combat cyborg|with an incredible Al chip.
Isn't this chip state-of-the art?
It's too messed up.
This is nothing. It's almost new.
All the MPs said this cyborg was the best.
Doesn't matter to me.
I'll give you 2 units.
You know Dr. Giro?|I better give this to him.
4 units.
Forget it.|I'll just pack up and go.
Be nice... 2 units more, ok?
Did I wake you?
Get over here now.
I've got a nice present for you.|Hurry!
My name is Strawberry.
I'll give you the best pleasure|you could ever imagine.
How'd you do it?
She's human. She's got all the
data from that cyborg Strawberry...
It's like she's acquiring new memories.
Behind the cerebellum in human brains,|there's a section called the L-region...
...that composes a particular DNA sequence.
And, remarkably, it's compatible
with the memory chips of a cyborg.
So I picked up this woman from the slums
and transformed her into Strawberry.
The answer to our problem was human!
Find her.
Why? Feeling guilty about using a human?
I'm not deaf, bitch!
What're you doing here this early?
Get down here quick. Now!
What a fuss over some stupid sticks.
What does this mean?
Who picked them?
Come on, what does it mean?
An ivory of fate.
It means an unavoidable bond.
No wonder! Just my luck!
Guess you liked him, huh?
Hey, big guy!
My name's Ang.
I'm an information hunter.
People call me Mr. Know-it-all.
You know this girl?
That's Cyon.
What's about her?
You know her?
Come on, hurry.|This is her house.
Signe 225 clear.
Elle 663 clear.
Noma, I traced the transfer and|its final destination.
It was a cyborg smugglers' area.
After that, it's untraceable.
Isn't this fishy
...smugglers and cyborgs?
How many smugglers in that area?
About 5.|And Dr. Giro is one of them.
Dr. Giro?
You know that crazy scientist|who got kicked out of NEUCOM.
You mean the lunatic monster who did|a somatological test on his own body?
Find out what project|he worked on in NEUCOM.
Okay. Oh, one more thing.
I know it's illegal, but I hacked into...
...Dr. Giro's computer.
Should I tell him this or what?
He called R around 2 o'clock this morning.
Forwarding the file on it now.
Good work!
Did I wake you? I've got a present for you.|Hurry!
This is Head Top. Station MPs|along Dr. Giro's research center.
You know what this is?
That's a lighter that MPs use.
This MP guy is looking for you.|I only showed him your empty house.
Watch your ass, girl.|Don't get caught!
Eh? Isn't that him?
Hey, this isn't a clinic!
The Yijola virus has been|spreading like crazy.
I don't have all night.|Come on. Let's get it over with.
- Data Research for M342 area.|- Let's finish this quickly.
Human, non-citizen from the ghetto.|Name is Cyon.
Chief Noma!|R is taking a girl to Dr. Giro's lab!
L sequence matches
She's it!
Go bring your doll now.
You're under arrest for the unlicensed|production and distribution of cyborgs.
This is my beat.
You're on suspension.|Remember?
Wake up, asshole!
Black-marketing Al chips
wasn't profitable enough?
What are you, a dog?
Why the fuck do you|follow me around?!
Yeah, I need money.
What are you gonna do,|arrest me?
I caught you red-handed.
Take him now!
We'll see about this in two days.
I'll be off suspension then.
What'd he do to me?
Where the fuck did he go?|What the hell...
Sir, please excuse him this time.
He was the best MP before.
You know the doll that|he seems to have fallen for?
What's her expiration date?
3 days left. After that, I'm sure|he'll be back to normal.
What do you think you're doing?
Get up!
You give MPs a bad name.|Get up and run!
Look at yourself.
How does it feel bowing down to
your friend because of some cheap doll?
Do me a big favor.|Shut the fuck up, will ya?
An incoming message from NEUCOM,|your cyborg maker.
The cyborg Ria registered in your name|has just 3 days left until expiration.
From tomorrow, it may begin to malfunction
and its memory capacity will decrease
Please disposal of it
at the NEUCOM discard center.
What's the matter?
I want to dance.
Would you get me some water, Ria?
I'm a dancing cyborg, aren't I?
But I want to be alone with you.
I told you I was sorry.
Do this for me, man.|Let Ria dance here.
No fucking way.
Not even if she's in good shape.
What happened to the registration|cards you promised me?
You'll get them soon.
I swear, give me some more time.
You're unbelievable, shit-head.
I know you're on suspension.|And I also know they might kick you off the force.
Where are you?!
Come on, where the hell are you?!
You didn't have to bust up|my boys like this...
They cost me a fortune.
What a temper...
There you are, Ria.
Go dance. Get out there
and have fun!
Drop by anytime. Okay?
Here you go.
You guys look great together.
Gosh! That's him
Cyon must be at work now...
Ria. You wanted to dance, right?
I'll be on it someday.
I'll be on it someday...
with Ria.
It was that MP asshole, right?
Does he owe you a grudge or something?
He just smashed into your house!
Open the damn door!
Give me the money. You put|a damn road through my house!
You're a joke.
Where am I gonna sleep|from now on?!
You can stay here.|Till I find some money.
Damn, my ears.
What are you, seducing me?
You don't think I'd stay here, do you?
A visitor for inmate number 02373.|Opening Cell 37 on level 3.
You'll be out in two days.
Two days? That's too long.
I've got the girl.
I smell your doll's decaying husk.
We're running out of time.
Noma, what's wrong|between you and R these days?
You two used to be good friends?
Look! We're in!
You know what project|Dr. Giro worked on at NEUCOM?
Neural transfers!
A discard notice for your cyborg|has arrived!
What's this?|I knew it.
Thanks to your love,|Adonis now is in a good shape.
- 25% moisture is recommended.|- What are you doing?
Moisture 25%. Sunlight 40%.
What a joke!|Get a grip, girl!
Worry about yourself, bitch.
What does he want with|a doomed cyborg like you?
Do you ever know what being alive|is all about?
45% sunlight is recommended.
Cyborgs like you don't do the world any good.
You scared me!
What a joke!|Why do I even bother?
Tell your MP I'll be back in two days|for my money.
I'm the fuck out of here.
Programming for combat completed.
What's wrong?
Ria! Where is she?
Where'd she go?
I told her to go.|She's no good for you
Hey this is the only place you can find her.|Where is she by the way?
God, this is killing me.
Look! She's here!|I can go now, right?
Thanks, kiddo.
Sorry, Cyon,|I didn't have a choice.
Hey!|What is it you want from me?
You planted these flowers?
Get to the point and beat it.
Meet me here at 7 am tomorrow.
You'll have your money then.
I'm sorry.
- Come on, drink with me.|- Almost done.
- What takes you so long in closing time?|- What's so hurry?
Anything wrong?
You'll be off
suspension tomorrow, won't you?
Come on, drink.
Pour me a shot.
Tell me.
Have you killed anyone?
Killing's no easy thing.
Get out of here, kid.
Go home.
I want to drink more.
You're helpless.
You smell like liquor... Liquor...|We're running out of time.
Wow, money!
This is all I have.
If you fuck up this,|we're dying together. Understand?
Make it happen.
Your cyborg, Ria is expiring in 1 day.
If malfunction begins, discard it
to the scrap yard immediately.
Come to bed, Ria.
To get on the Muyoga tomorrow,|we better go to bed early.
Can I live until this Adonis blooms?
Come to bed!
I said come to bed!
What the hell's wrong with you?!
R likes this music.
R likes the rain.
R likes smoking.
R takes up the biggest part
of my memory.
Noma! Someone's using|our satellite camera.
Looking for something.
I bet it's the same guy who|hacked into the security system.
He's zooming in on this girl.
That's her.
I'll be back soon.
A Code Red! The deviant cyborg,
Cyper has been located.
He's on his way to sector L032,
in pursuit of a non-citizen named Cyon.
All MPs report to the area.
This is a Code Red. A Code Red.
Noma! I got a report that the discard manager|of NEUCOM was founded dead and...
...the security camera showed
that Cyper killed him.
Set up a perimeter around the area
and send in backup ASAP.
Got it. ETA on ground support|from the north is 3 minutes.
What's wrong?|Having a bad day?
Gongbang, can I stay here?
Whatever. Since when did you start asking|for my permission?
Don't cry.|The world is supposed to be painful.
I know you're tougher than that.
No, I'm not.|I'm not tough at all.
Not at all, my ass!
Go take a nap.|That'll make you feel better.
- Gongbang!|- Uh?
Purple, stand by.
We're going in.|R, provide cover fire.
Set your weapons|on automatic aiming.
In five seconds.
Cease fire!
What is it?
Smoke bomb, sir!
Hold your fire!
Who the fuck popped the smoke?!
A deviant cyborg, Cyper has kidnapped|a female named Cyon. A Code Red is in place.
Cyper is considered very hostile|and dangerous.
The computer suggests there's an 88%
possibility that Cyper will head into the city.
The hostage is a non-citizen and
not a priority. Green light to kill on sight.
Why Cyper?
Why did Cyper kidnap|a civilian girl?
Noma! You know what project|Dr. Giro worked on at NEUCOM?
Neural transfers!
Run the phonometer!
This is a sound that humans make.
The final destination Cyper transferred
the file to was a cyborg smugglers' area.
Isn't this fishy...
smugglers and cyborgs?
Dr. Giro?
You know that crazy scientist|who got kicked out of NEUCOM.
He was in contact with R.
Ami, give me Cyper's DNA structure.
DNA search in progress.
Now, match it with Cyon's.
- What?|- Now!
The L sequence of Cyper's DNA
is a perfect match with Cyon's.
Well, their L sequences match.
Dr. Giro... Dr. Giro...
Now, see if it matches Dr. Giro's.
- What?|- Now!
The L sequence of Dr. Giro's DNA
is a perfect match with Cyper's.
They match, too.|What's going on here?
Hey there.
Giro transferred his consciousness|into Cyper...
As Cyper's body is expiring soon,|he's found a human body...
...with the same sequence,|and that's Cyon.
So, if Giro's consciousness is gone,|it means he's already dead?
So high! Scary!
Okay, I'm coming.
Here's the Al chip you like so much.
The real Dr. Giro was Cyper.
What's lying there is|just a doll.
You've been used, you dumb shit.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
It's over, stupid!
Let him go.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!!
I'll kill you!
let's get away on Muyoga.
This should be enough.
Why are you doing this to me?|Tell me why.
I needed your body...| save my Ria.
You sell your body anyway.
If Dr. Giro infiltrates into NEUCOM, he'll|take control of all of NEUCOM cyborgs.
And soon, the whole city
Accordingly, I ask your permission
to give an emergency order.
Time is running out.
From now, a Code Red is in effect
in sector L032 at NEUCOM.
Set security to maximum and
those in the sector stay on full alert.
R, do you read me?
R? I know you're there.
Cyper will break into NEUCOM.
I'll just get to the point.
This isn't just your personal matter|anymore...
The fate of the city is in our hands.
I need you here.
Come to your senses!
Welcome to Muyoga Station.
What? I told you not to interrupt.
A Code Red is in effect|in L032 at NEUCOM.
Relax, guys.|Don't do anything stupid.
Seal up the main control area!
You heard him. Hurry!|Close up the outer walls!
Closing all the walkways|into the main control.
Activate all the combat cyborgs.
Target the MPs.
You've got 5 minutes.
Okay, okay. I'll do it myself.
Noma, Cyper got to Dr. Noh.
It's too late. He's aiming for
the main control center.
A Muyoga charter, N337, for KOYO,
is departing in an hour.
All passengers proceed to gate 27.
A Code Red! It's an emergency!|Notice to all MPs.
A Code Red is in effect.
The NEUCOM main control room|has been occupied by Cyper.
A civilian named Cyon is being held hostage
All MPs report into NEUCOM!
Gate 86 closing.
Programming all combat cyborgs
in NEUCOM with the MP's data
Done, my friend.|Can I go now?
Check the status on the main control.
All the outer walls have been closed.
What the... Combat cyborgs are being
programmed with MP personal data.
And two of them
are already on the hunt.
Present location of MPs?
They just entered the building.
Cross-program the combat cyborgs
with false data and you work with me from here.
Wow, finally we see the petals.
We're almost there!
Until Adonis can bloom in full,
check the daylight and moisture.
Wait here.
I'll go buy tickets.
Noma, the second unit has been|wiped out in Sector L.
How many combat cyborgs are out?
About six, so far.
Where are they now?
I lost them around Gate 11.
Watch your back.
I think
they're hiding close by.
Bend Over!
Split from the center!
Move! God damn it!
Purple Four got caught!
Bend over!
Now up!
Above your head!
Now up!
Now it's in the back!
Noma, we don't stand a chance.
The number of combat cyborgs
is multiplying...
Location of the main control area?
Gate 5 on level 64.
Is the security system in place?
No, not yet.
Can you open the walkway|into the main control center?
There are 3 outer walls along the way,|but I think I can.
Do it and request air support.
Keying in the emergency opening code|for the first outer wall.
Opening in 5 seconds.
Opening of the first outer wall confirmed.
Descending to target level.
The main armor is up and hot. Over.
Opening of the second outer wall confirmed.
Roger that. Proceed as planned.
Target GH-1 locked on. Over.
Opening of the third outer wall confirmed.
Noma! It's wide open.|The last outer wall is open.
The third outer wall opened.
Target locked. Coming in hot.
Emergency breakout!|Emergency! Main Head?
The target has explosives on it!|Negative on firing!
Negative on GH-1.
Target is too close.
Permission to
switch to Balkan guns.
- She's moving!|- Switch to Balkan guns!
- The target is moving toward us!|- 280 meters, 270 meters...
She's too fast!
Ascend! Ascend!
90 meters.
Move back! ...No! No!
Everyone Stand by!
A MP chopper just exploded in midair|...after being attacked by a cyborg
The exact cause of the explosion|and the number of casualties...
...are unknown at this point.
To summarize, cyborgs have taken over
the main control center of NEUCOM...
Don't retreat!
All MPs keep your positions!
What's the situation?
We've failed to shut down|the main center...
...and the neural transfer|is in progress as we speak...
Permission to activate|the self-destruct system, sir.
In one minute, the consciousness will|cross into the target object.
A Warning notice from|self-destruct system at NEUCOM!
Activating the self-destruct program might|paralyze over 82.4% of city labors.
Accordingly, please take cautious of|self-destruct program activation.
The self-destruct system has been set.
And the power supply into the main|control area has been cut off.
Control area has been cut off.
- The system activates in 10 minutes.|- 10 minutes left.
We've got to go now too.
This is N327, Head Top to Wings,
all MPs clear out. Out.
System failure.
Neural transfer failed.
Impossible to input MP data|into combat cyborgs
Self-destruct system activating|in 10 minutes.
What are you still doing there?
Still people are in the main control center.
It's an order!
Get out now!
Sir! He has the capability to control|the self-destruct system and...
...still 10 minutes left|till self-destruct system activation
Move out!
Noma! Noma!
Warning! All civilians proceed
to the nearest
evacuation facility.
All the gates out of the building closing.
Self-destructing in 7 minutes
Self-destructing in 5 minutes...
Emergency exit is open now.
Evacuate 1 minute before the self-destruct.
It's you, the motherfucker.
Remember what I said?
I told you we'd die together|if you fucked up this time.
Stupid asshole!
Time is running out...
She's waiting for your soul...
Should get into her...
I even did a somatological test|on my body.
But what am I getting for that?
I will live forever...
From her body,|I'll move into the next one.
I'll live forever.
I'll live forever.
Forever... I shall live forever...
You've been always my problem.
Stupid jackass!
Her body is decaying...
Stupid jackass!
Time until self-destruct, 3 minute.
Emergency exit is open now.
Evacuate 1 minute before the self-destruct.
Get up.
Get up, asshole.
Get up. I said, get up...
Noma... Get up...
I'm sorry... get up, please.
I am sorry...
Noma... Get up...
I am sorry...
Warning! Warning!
Self-destructing in 2 minutes.
Emergency exit is open now.
Evacuate 1 minute before the self-destruct.
Go find Ria.
She doesn't have much time left.
The simulation for Koyo,
the planet of rebirth now is completed.
For an extension,|please recharge your card.
Emergency exit shutting down!
Self-destruct countdown begins...
The Adonis... the flower R chose for you.
Its floral meaning is 'beautiful memory.'
You're lucky...
You had someone to stay with you
and leave with you.
People say that there were|two goddess statues here...
who carried the souls of those|who died lonely...
...with flower pollen to heaven...
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