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Subtitles for Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD2.

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Nausicaa of the valley of Wind CD2

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She's gone...
I'll take that...
Well, everybody... .
Let's do what the Princess said...
Sh.. Shit!
Who are you...!?
You killed too much of them!
The lures and the whistles won't be able to calm them any more!
It's quicksand!
S.. Shit!
It makes 2 hours already!
The insects have only increased.
Princess !
Princess !
And Mother, too...
No... I don't want to go there ...
Don't approach
Nothing here !
It's true, nothing at all !
Don't come out!
It's an Ohmu larva . The tree was infested, after all...?
Hand it over, please, Nausicaa...
No. It don't do anything wrong!
People and insects can't live in the same world!
Don't kill it!
What a mysterious place ...
I found it at last.
How do you feel?
Where is this place?
First of all, let me thank you.
I'm Asbel, from Pejite.
Thanks for saving me...
I'm Nausicaa... of the Valley of the Wind...
Where is this place?
Surprised? No wonder.
We're under the Wasteland.
Under the Wasteland?
Look, we fell down from up there... with the sand...
We don't have our masks.
So what? The air here is clean.
I was surprised, too...
Aplace like this, under the Wasteland.
What's the matter?
Nausicaa, you're impossible. Don't go far.
What a splendid tree...
It's dying, too, and water is still flowing through it...
Just like the sand under the well...
The tree fossilized, and is breaking, falling down here. ..
Are you crying?
Yes, I'm happy.
Rastel is my twin sister...
I wanted to be with her...
I'm sorry... Telling you so late...
No... I'm sorry.
I tried to kill the person who saw my sister...
So... this thing is now in the Valley of the Wind?
Strange tasting nuts, aren't they?
They're called Chico nuts... They're very nutritious.
At any rate... I would eat a whole dish of it.
The reason the Wasteland came to be...?
You're a girl who thinks strange things.
The trees of the Wasteland are born in order to purify this world the humans polluted...
Taking the Earth's poisons into their bodies,
they become pure crystals, and die, becoming sand.
This underground was built in this purpose
The insects are protecting those trees...
In thit case, it seems like we are intended to be exterminated
We don't know how much a thousand of years that will take
We can't keep on living in fear of the vapors and the insects.
At the least, we need a way to keep the poison from spreading more than it has.
You talk the same way Kushana does...
You're wrong!! We aren't planning to use a Giant Guardian in battle!
Tomorrow, if you meet everyone, you'll understand!
Well, let's sleep... Tomorrow... We'll fly far enough...
Nothing unusual.
- Going smoothly? - Yes, sir!
The upper body is almost hardened.
The more I look at you, the more you seems a cute monster.
Even for a penniless soldier like me,
the ambition which was sleeping starts to re-appear
Your similar should have slept under ground until the end of time!
Chief !
Her Highness' convoy was attacked by a Pejite refugee.
The #1 corvette ship is left, all others destroyed.
What happened to Her Majesty!
It seems that her ship exploded in the sky
Sir ?
- The people in the village haven't noticed yet ...? - No, sir !
Good! We'll go at once. As for the rest, continue the operations
Yes, sir!
Is this the luck which finally smiles to a small commoner,
or is this a dangerous trap?
Uncle Mito and the others have come back.
They're waiting for you at the acid sea, Lord Yupa.
We came back alone...
No, I'm glad to see you healthy and safe
And will you set me free?!
Don't you want to sink the Giant Guardian deep into the acid sea
and to come back home?
It remains only little of soldiers in the valley
we could beat them easily but more victims than this would be distasteful.
Neither fire nor water will work on that fellow...
You can't move it now, until it walks forth...
Don't you understand ? We can't turn back now.
By fear of another country can hold such such a power, I was sent to conquer Pejite
now that the existance of this thing is known, the close countries will send many armies, the ones after the others
there remains to you only one option
Revive the Giant Guardian...
Push back all the attacks from the other countries and live with this thing!
By an insect...?
The one who marry me will see things much more terrible
urn the Wasteland! Kill the insects!
Why do you hesitate to bring back the world to the mankind?!
Take to us this thing, as we took in Pejite.
You will not make us revive the Giant Guardian!
It's an Emergency !
Hey - give the password!
But I'm in a hurry!
Du Vent !
there remained spores
What ?
They're giving off terrible vapors, It's the panic in the valley !
Hand them over!! hurry !
If you don't hurry, the whole valley will be destroyed!
- That's right! - Hand over the hand-hooks and flame-throwers!! - They're growing rapidly!
The tools we hand over to burn the spores could become weapons against us.
It can't be helped. Return all but the guns.
Yes, sir! The corvette is departing.
This time, don't slip up.
Gather all remaining troops from Pejite and bring them to this valley.
Oh, dear - seems it's become a troublesome matter.
Hurry! Hurry up!
Please find the Princess.
Take care of the valley. Remain quiet until my return.
Let's go to the valley
It's no use! The spore is spreading this far.
It's over here, too!
Out of the way!
What are you doing!
This one too...
Can't help but burn... This forest is lost...
If we hesitate, the whole valley will be swallowed up by the Wasteland.
There is really notthing we can do... ?
The forest protected the reservoir for 300 years...
Shit ... If those rascals hadn't come here...
It semms that it don't occur as envisaged
Let's go
You find ? It seems to me the same as before.
There are no insects...
I wonder why...
I feel my heart pounding.
It's just ahead.
If we cross those mountains, my friends are there
Something's wrong.
What's this fog ?
Asbel, put on your mask!
Insects ...! They're all dead...
Let's go to Pejite !
Be careful ! There must be Tolumekian troops over there.
An Ohmu ...
It chewed up the Center Dome ...!!
It's the end of Pejite ...
Even by destroying Torumekia, it is...
Destroying ? What do you mean, Asbel ?
It's a brig.
It's the one of my friends! It's coming down. Let's go!
Asbel ! You're alive!
What did you make? We can't reconstruct that, either.
You saw the city, didn't you... It's OK.
Even It's swallowed by the Wasteland, we'll burn it definitively.
But the Giant Guardian isn't here.
I know. It's in the Valley of the Wind.
How do you know?
We were not playing, either.
Plan 2 has already started
Tonight we'll destroy the Tolumekian army in the Valley of the Wind.
Destroy ? What are you talking about
Asbel - Who is this girl?
Nausicaa, from the Valley of the Wind.
She saved my life...
he Valley of the Wind ...
Tell me! What is it?
Asbel! Do you know? Tell me!
We will make the insects ... attack...
And you make the insects attack Pejite, too?!
How could you...
In any case, they won't bring out the Giant Guardian before it's revived.
It's to protect the world... Please understand.
So you'll kill the Valley people, too!?
Stop! Stop at once!! Please!!
It's too late!
They've set out - no one can stop it.
We were almost killed off by the Tolumekians...
Now there's no other way!
Hold her down!
Let me go! Stop! Let me go!!
As painful as it is for the moment, as soon as we take again the Giant Guardian...
we will be able to burn the Wasteland and to bring back the human world.
That's a lie! You're the same as the Tolumekians!!
You're wrong! They would only use it to destroy!
But you drink well-water, don't you?
What do you think purifies that water?
The humans polluted both the oceans and the rivers.
...the Wasteland trees are purifying them.
You say you'll burn those trees?
It's your fault, if you needed to unearth Giant Guardian!
Well, then, what should we do?!
As I see it, shall we become the Tolumekians' mouthpiece?
No ! No !
Asbel, tell everybody the reason the Wasteland was born...
Tell them the insects are protecting the world!
Asbel, please.
What are you doing?
Don't move!
Let that girl go.
Get a hold of yourself, Asbel!
I'm serious! Take your hands off her!
Nausicaa! Let everyone know... !
Asbel ! Let me go!!
The fool ...!
It's started - it can't be helped.
Well, but, he said to pack...
Don't struggle in vain - rescue the soldiers with tanks!
Sir !
The last one's been taken!
Where is it going?
I don't know. The villagers are gathering.
You think it's normal ? One or two in the forest, and we've got a bloodthirsty mob.
It's a second Pejite.
Take... this!
They've taken the tank!
Hurry, make it move!
So hasty!
They're coming!!
hurry up.
Is this it... ?
It moved !
Where are you going?!
Forward ! Forward !
Shit! Send out all tanks!
She's alive...
It was a brief dream...
Your Majesty!
While we hold the enemy in check, take refuge by the acid lake!
Be patient until the Princess returns with the gunship!
Everybody, hurry.
Hurry. Why don't you help ?
My back hurts.
They've come! The tanks have come!
Hurry. Quickly!
All RIGHT, already...
There's no mistake?
It's a Pejite ship. I caught a glimpse of it beyond those clouds.
Please be careful. She was acting violently until a little while ago...
Miss Nausicaa, we're getting you out of here
Go and let the Valley know...
There may still be time if you use your kite...
It's prepared.
Asbel told us everything.
I'll take your place. Hurry, take this...
Who are you...?
I'm Rastel's mother.
Her mother...
Really, forgive us...
What we did was really wrong.
That girl...?
She'll be OK, don't worry.
Be careful, all right?
Please forgive the terrible treatment...
Nausicaa - over here!
Thank you, everyone!
Sorry I'm late...
Can you fly from here?
We'll see!
A corvette!
Take shelter! Hurry, into the clouds!!
Hold your fire !
This cloud is full of electrical disturbance.
It's no use! We can't steer!
The ship is breaking up!
Everybody! It's unavoidable, let's go out of the clouds and fight!
they anticipated
Shit - what do they think they're doing!
The clouds! Forcing us into the clouds, they mean to board the ship!
They're coming ! This is your last chance to leave now!.
I can't ! I'll stay behind, too!
I can't leave your mother alone, and this girl who took my place!!
Only you can save the people of the Valley!
Please - Go! Go for us!!
Take the ship. No prisoners ! Beat it down
Go, Nausicaa!! GO!!
Asbel !
Princess !
Mito !
Mito ! Lord Yupa !
Princess !
Hurry! Everyone...!
I'll send out the hook now!
Lord Yupa! Pull the red lever on the right!
This is the only place left. Hurry!
The door ... is breaking!
Let them come ...
Let's show them how strong Pejite is !
What's that...? A bird...
It's a warship! A gunship from the Valley of the Wind!
It's Yupa! Kill him and you'll be famous!
Surrender! The corvette will not return any more!
Princess, this is ridiculous! The engine will explode!
As long as it makes it to the Valley!
Raise it to 300!!
Dear God...! God of the Wind! Protect everyone, somehow...
They really don't want to be dislodged, apparently...
They're waiting for their return.
They believe that girl will return with the gunship ...
That could be troublesome, isn't it...
We attack now ? Before it arrive ?
You know about that ship, somehow?
That it was built before the Seven Days of Fire.
I don't know if that's true or false, but can it somehow go as far as the stars...?
it's extremly resisting, And the guns won't work against it, either...
But, if we fire in the holes...
I'm going to wait too.
If she can indeed return alive from the depths of the Wasteland...
I would have liked to be able to speak at least once to her.
Well ? Have you made a decision?
I advise you to surrender. If you do, I'll let you go.
Do you want this to be another Pejite?!
Although you're a Princess, too...
but you're very different from our Princess...
Look at this hand.
It's the same disease as Jhil's.
In half a year, it'll become just like a rock...
But, our Princess will say she loves this hand.
She told me it's the beautiful hand of a hard-working person!
Even affected by the poisons of the Wasteland,
however, you say you will live with the Wasteland?
You use fire... We tried to use that, too..., but...
Too much fire, and nothing will live...
The fire will turn the forest to ash in one day...
For hundreds of years, the forest was nurtured by water and wind.
We like the way of water and wind...
The Princess will be sad when she sees that forest...
Sir? Still no order?
Shut up.
I don't know what it was,
You are becoming emotional
Kurotowa ! Let those people go!
Hey, will we wait?
Feed the troops!
In one hour we'll begin the attack!
A meal, is it...? I'll eat it slowly...
Somebody's coming!
It's Goll and the others!
What's the matter...?
There's no wind...
No wind?
It's true... The wind has stopped...
Grandma, what's the matter?
Grandma ?
Somebody... Please walk beside me...
It's the first time that the wind stops...
Grandma, my ears hurt...
The atmosphere... The atmosphere is being filled with anger...
We're close!
We've cut through the Wasteland! Three minutes until the acid sea!
Engines slow! Descend to beneath the clouds.
What are these lights?!
Some Ohmus !
The Wasteland is flooded with them! They're approaching the Valley of the Wind...
Why...! What's doing this to the Ohmu...
Somebody is leading the herd...
Mito ! Fly towards Sirius!
Y - Yes.
It's there! Mito - a flare!
Get ready...
What's that...?
How horrible...
They're using that little one as a lure to call the others.
Shit!! I'll knock them down!
No !
Don't shoot ! Mito, stop !
Why! Why won't you let me shoot!!
If we kill the Ohmu's little one, we won't be able to stop the stampede!!
Then what can we do?! As it stands, the Valley will be destroyed!
Calm down, Mito!
I'll return the little Ohmu to the herd. I'll try!
Princess, what are you doing?!
Mito, let everyone know!
Princess!! You don't have any weapons...!
That's not one of our flares!
About 20 leagues. I think that it is on the other side of the lake.
Do you think it's the gunship?
it is a hazard warning signal it is indeed the ship
One hour... Let's go.
Won't you wait?
I chose the way of blood finally.
Armored troops - forward!
Your Majesty, don't you enter...
Here is fine ...
A gunship!
An air raid!!
Don't shoot!! Stop. Won't you stop??
Await orders here! Don't attack!!
Your Majesty!
What happened to that girl!
- Where is the Princess!? - She's not riding in back!
It's the Ohmu! A herd of Ohmu is coming this way!
- What?? - Ohmu?
The Princess stayed behind to stop the stampede alone.
There's no time left to fight!
Everyone, run to the high ground! Hurry!!
Grandma, I can see red lights!
It looks like they're multiplying rapidly...
They come by here!
Hang on tight to Grandma...
Nobody can stop them now...
Remain calm!!
It's still all right!
Mito... I'm dying anyway, I will die in the Valley...
The Princess would never give up - you can't give up!
All right?! Give us all the time you can!
I will come back at once!
Your Majesty! That's impossible?!
Soon they will be here!
If it doesn't work now, when will it work?
Don't shoot! Listen to me!!!
Shit... That one looks like a bird!
That person's not an enemy. She was crying out something.
That person is hindering this operation - everyone's an enemy.
If we don't quickly release the lure in the valley, it's we who will be in danger.
She's coming...
Fire when she's well in range .
Now ! Fire !
No !
it is a tunic of Rastel
Get out of the way!!
Don't be angry... Don't be frightened...
I'm not your enemy...
I'm sorry... I can't ask you to forgive us...
It was more than cruel...
You mustn't move!! You'll open your wounds!!
Be a good boy, don't move...
Oh no ! They find us !
Come here!
It's no use! If you go in with wounds like that...!
The acid water is no good!
Gentle child...
I am all right... Now they'll all be here to bring back you...
They aren't coming in that way!
Ohmus ! No ! That way is the Valley of the Wind!
They are filled with anger.
If I'm not able to calm them, the Valley will be...
Fools ! They attracted themselves the ohmus.
We're saved...
Let's take off at once. Check out the engine...
Stop !
We can explain!
Carry us... I will return that baby to the herd!
It's ridiculous, doing a thing like that. The herd won't stop...
I only want you to carry us to the front of the herd...
Carry us!
But... You'll die, too!
Will everyone die, Grandma?
It cannot be determined... We can only wait...
Here are such incontrollable small beasts
- Let's retreat. - Idiot.
If you know where to hide, i listen to you.
Don't run away! Wait!
Stand your ground until Her Majesty returns!
Her Majesty... Oh! It's Her Majesty!
It's falling apart... It was too early.
Burn them !
What's the matter...?!
So that's the descendant of the most evil clan on the face of the earth?!
Amazing... So that's why the world burned...
Her Majesty Kushana...
Burn them!
What's the matter with you, monster? Can't you fire at once?
The Giant Guardian is dead...
That way is best.
The anger of the Ohmu is the anger of the Earth
What good is it to survive, if we must count on such a thing?
Princess !
It's the Princess!
- In a place like that...! - It's crazy...
Princess !
The red light i they eyes is going out...!
The anger has disappeared from the atmosphere...
They've stopped... . The Ohmu have stopped.
Princess !
The Princess is dead...
She quieted the Ohmu's anger with her own life...
That child protected the Valley...
What are these lights ...?
Ohmu, thank you...
Thank you...
It's a miracle... It's a miracle!
What sympathy and friendship it is...
The Ohmu are opening their hearts...
Children - substitute for my blind eyes and look well for me...
The Princess is wearing a deep blue dress.
It looks just like she's standing in a golden field.
"That person, wearing a blue robe,
shall stand in a golden..."
Grandma ?
Finally, the old legend became reality...
It's Mehve! It's the wind...! The wind has come back!
Traduction du japonais : SUE SHAMBAUGH et MIHO NISHIDA
Adaptation anglaise : Nygritch
synchronisation : Lau
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