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Nest The 2002

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The Pepsis or 'Tarantula Hawk Wasp'...
... is one of the biggest existing wasps with a wingspan of 12 cm.
This predator...
... also likes the nectar of certain flowers in the Amazon.
It kills its victims by laying an egg in them...
... and hence it's not a real parasite, but a parasitoid.
It drags the spider to its burrow...
... and waits until the poison has completely paralysed the spider.
It then lays its eggs on top of the immobilised victim.
The larvae feed on the still living tarantula...
... from the inside.
Suburb of Strasbourg
Thursday July 14
The landing procedure has been iniated.
We're landing in few moments.
More than friends... family. - How's your baby?
Just as pretty as her mother. - Keep it.
And your daughters, Giovanni ? - The oldest is a disaster.
She always wants to sleep with Gina and me.
What's that?
Information about that asshole. We followed him to Germany.
The trial is going to be a big fuss.
Hi, Tony.
Hurry up.
Not for me.
I don't want that.
When can I come? - That's up to your brother.
Colmar, military airport.
It will be fine. We'll use silencers.
Strasbourg - Industrial Park
Jesus, you're always late. Even Spitz is already here.
You try the nightshift, asshole.
National Highway 83
Captain, they just went up the A35.
Tomorrow, the trial of Abedin Nexhep starts in Strasbourg...
... the suspected leader of the Albanian mafia.
He's under suspicion of trade in women...
... weapons and assault.
A report of Gilles Dupa from Strasbourg.
In Eastern-Europe Nexhep is the key figure of an immense mafia network.
He has been arrested during a business trip to Germany...
... thanks to a cooperation between the German, Italian and French police.
The trial being held in Strasbourg has a symbolic meaning.
Strasbourg - Industrial Park
Are you scared?
Who do you think you are? You're the woman here.
You can sit in front of the computer, that's it.
And if you're nice, who knows...
Selim, don't even think about it. I don't like you.
Go on, Martial.
Slavery is the right word.
They're stuck in a totalitarian system and have no way to get out.
Some girls even have a number burned in their skin.
As if they're merchandise, not people.
A girl that tried to escape...
... was shot in her legs.
What do you want with a gun? You're crazy.
Do Nasser and Santino know? - Shut up.
You're scared. - You're starting to loose control, Nadia.
Put that light out.
Martial was a good idea.
Believe me, Santi. We'll never go to prison again.
We'll soon be lying in the sun.
no reception
Lieutenant Laborie.
All traffic is jammed because of an accident.
Change route. Warn headquarters.
And there they are, the Parisian fire brigade...
... which recently suffered severe losses.
One colleague died on July 7 in a gas explosion.
And two colleagues...
Louis, why did you leave the fire brigade?
They're true soldiers.
Stop it. It gets to you.
Santi? - What?
Fuck you.
Fuck you too.
Here's some ammo.
Hold your dog or I'll shoot. - He's tied up.
Quiet. Get up.
Don't move. - Take my gun.
Take it.
Take his gun damned.
Get up. - Outside.
Don't try to fool us. - We're no heroes.
Everything alright? Did you tie them up well?
Martial was good, eh? What an acrobat.
Go stand on the lookout. Now you can prove yourself.
The road has just been asphalted. How can I get home now?
You'll let me pass or...
Down, down.
Is it working? - We're almost there. Farther, farther.
That's it.
P20, P21...
Thank you, Santa Claus.
That's a whole pallet. - Two pallets.
Captain, we've lost contact with the armoured car.
Understood Captain.
Headquarters for Anemone 12. Do you read me?
It's no computer malfunction. - Call major Girés.
He's in Paris, at the defile.
Colonel Fabre then. - Also in Paris.
Anemone 12, do you read me?
There's someone at that warehouse.
Someone's coming. Probably cops.
Quiet, calm.
It's the cops.
This way.
This way.
Anemone 12...
A special squad.
No. - Who then?
Get down.
Everything ok? - Yes.
You too? - Yes.
Our driver is dead.
Police. Don't move.
Who are those guys outside?
Don't move. - Don't shoot.
Hands up. - Don't shoot.
Hands on your head.
It's all my fault. - No, it isn't.
Hands up. - Calm now.
Take it. - I'm dying of pain.
I'm scared. - We're going to make it.
We'll get out of this.
I'm scared. Hold me. - I'm holding you.
Let me.
Santi? - I'm here.
Don't move.
Squeeze my hand.
Do you feel anything? - Nothing.
I'm fucked up.
No, you're not.
I'll be in a wheelchair.
I don't want that. - I'll stay with you.
I don't want that. - Stay calm.
I'm so cold. - You're strong.
I'm so cold.
He's dead. - No, unconscious.
I swear I won't leave you.
I'll get my first aid kid.
What do those guys outside want?
What do they want?
A prisoner. - No concern of ours.
Let's leave here.
They probably won't like that. - That's our problem.
We can't move Nasser like this.
We have to get out of here. - Selim is right.
If we move him now, he'll die. Understand?
Nasser is my buddy too. But he said himself:
If something goes wrong, get out.
Look for yourself, he's dying.
You should be ashamed. And you have a short-term memory.
Here are the keys. Get lost.
What is it? You want to go with him, Nadia? Run away, cowards.
It's not running away. - What is it then? I'm staying here.
I'm staying too.
So what are you going to do?
He's not the problem.
That guy in the car is.
He's what they want.
Hey, cop. - What are you doing?
Let that guy go. - Never.
Fire, bitch.
Drop your gun.
This way.
This way.
Listen up.
Do you read me, Giovanni? - Yes.
Someone must have heard the alarm. - I hope so.
Who are all those dead guys?
He's cold.
It'll be fine. - I can't feel anything.
He can't move.
Let me know if it hurts.
Santi, let us go home, please.
You can't move.
I want a blanket. - I'll get you one.
It's so cold in here.
What's he doing?
Santi, we must get him out of here.
This leads to the canal. But it's very narrow.
He's an incredible acrobat, both in the air and underground.
Isn't that right, Martial ?
Are you hurt? Let me see.
Your friend isn't going to make it. He must be somewhere warm and quiet.
In the control room. Your wound isn't serious.
This is for him.
How much ammo have you got left?
Look outside. What do you see?
Nothing. Why?
They removed their casualties.
From a distance it seems like nothing is going on here.
Giovanni agrees to give them weapons.
Only you can decide that.
I'm asking your opinion. - Giovanni and I are not allowed to have one.
Don't hide behind orders like that bulletproof mask.
You're getting emotional.
Fuck you.
You're all going to die. Understand?
They'll kill you.
You don't frighten me. I won't have mercy on you either.
A woman...
can you handle this?
Give me.
It's all hands on deck. Take it.
And no joking around.
Or you'll have me to deal with. - Oh yeah?
Can you handle this?
Safety pin off.
... and aim with your laser.
Haven't you got anything else for me?
Shut up. - Stupid bitch.
What are you doing?
We're all in the same shit.
Hey, you there.
Come down and get this on.
Have you got any weapons? - A short rifle.
Get him.
Don't shoot. I'm the security guard.
Do you have a gun? - No.
Take it. - I'm not a part of this.
I have to watch my screens.
What's your name? - Spitz.
Make yourself useful, Spitz, and put on this vest.
Warn me immediately if something moves on your screens.
Come on.
Careful with his head.
Are you managing?
Lower, lower.
Managing? - Let it go.
Where's Martial? - Gone for help.
Hang in there.
Don't worry, we'll be lying in the sun soon.
What's that?
Don't be foolish. Come back.
Come back, Spitz. - Don't shoot. I surrender.
I surrender.
Don't shoot.
Get out, bastard.
Out of the way - Put him back right now.
Lower those weapons.
They can have their leader. This has to stop.
Get back. - Shut up.
Get out of the way or I'll shoot him.
Do you know who that asshole is? He raped hundreds of women.
I don't give a damn.
Is that clear?
You don't understand, Selim. That guy stays here.
Put him back. - What's wrong with you?
What's in there?
Let go.
Is that your kid?
A cute one. How old is he?
Exactly one year.
I have a son too. My mother looks after him.
How old is he? - Six.
A big one.
And his dad?
I wanted to do it on my own. - I didn't.
Northeast. Movement at ten o'clock.
Southeast. Movement at nine o'clock.
Movement at three o'clock. - And at five o'clock.
Shit, we'll never make it.
They're regrouping. - They're going to slaughter us.
They're coming in either way. - We must buy some time.
If we take cover here, we can overlook everything.
Not enough cover.
But what else?
I don't know.
We'll build a wall of containers. Bullets won't go through it.
With loopholes. - We're building a container wall.
All exits have to be sealed. That will stop them for a while.
How much ammo do we have left? - Ten magazines.
I've got two. - One box of shells.
I've got eight bullets.
That's not much.
Shall we do it?
You stay here.
I have a plan to buy us some time and get help.
What is it? - I'll escape.
I know what I'm doing. You'll just have to trust me.
I'm coming with you.
We haven't got enough chains. Take that forklift truck.
To the right.
I'm coming back for you, Nasser. I swear.
With an ambulance.
You know, Selim...
You handled it alright. I blew it.
No you didn't.
Take good care of her.
We're counting on you.
I'll be fine.
Good luck.
Connect, come on connect.
It won't stop, damned.
Calm down. - I want to go home.
It's my fault, my fault.
I'm staying here to guard that motherfucker.
Slut. - No you're the slut.
When I was a little girl...
... a dog like you beat me...
... and dumped his seed in me.
I have sworn I would crack his balls some day.
What are you doing?
You're hurting me. Stop it.
That's no use. Get lost.
Down there.
Come one. - I'm staying with him.
You have to go with them. - No.
The cellar is our only chance. - Leave a weapon behind.
Four bullets. - Come on.
Get out of here.
Go on, Santi. Go on.
I'm dying.
You won't leave, will you?
Nonsense, you're not dying.
Let's go.
We're all going to die.
The sun, brother.
The sun...
Turn around.
Make sure it's spread everywhere.
They're coming.
But what about you?
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
Beat it. This is a secured area.
It's an inferno, bodies everywhere.
Are there any survivors?
Get out of here, son. It's too dangerous.
Captain? Some survivors have been found.
Go away.
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