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New Alcatraz

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Let's see if we can get something out of these guys f or a change.
-Warden. -Scott.
So we were supposed to be operational three days ago.
-We're drilling into 12, 000 feet of ice. -l know that was the plan.
We've had problems. Things aren't on schedule.
We've been without heat three of the last six nights.
-We're working on it. -ls what it is.
The problem is, we're at 8200 feet, and we ran into a rock f ormation that--
-lt's just not supposed to be there. -So drill through it.
lt's not your typical rock f ormation.
Seismics is showing us that it's hollow.
Hollow? Then it should be easy.
Right. So you gotta drill through a hollow rock. What's the problem?
Goodman? The warden wants to know why we don't drill through the rock.
You wanna explain why we don't?
lt's hollow. lt's hollow.
l heard that. Why can't we drill through it?
A high-pressure release can cause head-shearing detonation...
...depending on the consistency of the gas within the structural f ormation.
-lt's a risk. -l'm willing to take the risk.
So go ahead and drill through it.
l don't think you understand the risks.
l understand. Did you understand me? l said drill through it.
Make the call.
All right, put it back online. Drill through it.
l've sat on my ass here f or over six months.
-What is it? -Pressure f rom inside the rock.
-At least 5000 pounds per square inch. -Shit.
-What? What's gonna happen? -We got a lot of gas coming at us.
-We'll have an explosion. -You said nothing about blowing us up!
-l told you exactly-- -Next time, mention all the possibilities!
-What the hell? -Five seconds to impact.
-Chasm was pressurized... -Jesus!
-...with pure nitrogen. -ls there gonna be another explosion?
Pure nitrogen.
l don't know.
This is strange. A rock at that depth...'s gotta be at least 10 million years old.
Anything inside it probably hasn't aged a day.
-Because of the gas? -Nitrogen is an inert gas.
lt's used at the Smithsonian to seal old documents.
-Yeah, l know. -So is there gonna be a problem?
lt's an important find. We should contact geologists.
-You're right. -l gotta get this prison running.
Just get me some power.
And make sure me and my boys get some heat.
-l don't trust these guys. -Could've got us both killed.
Let's make sure there's no more screwups.
-The less we see of them, the better. -Yes, sir.
The Antarctic is the last great f rontier of palaeontological studies.
Twenty million years ago, this was a tropical f orest...
...teeming with reptiles that could be f ound nowhere else at that time.
Yes, Alexandra.
Undiscovered reptiles is just a theory of yours. Correct, doctor?
l mean, it hasn't been proven.
Actually, it's a theory that we both share.
My wife, Dr. Jessica Platt Trenton.
As you can see, l'm not alone in this theory.
The scientific community f rowns on it...
...when the only person who supports your theories is your wife.
We've been granted a research grant to do some fieldwork... the university, and will no longer be teaching here.
We wanted to thank you and say we've enjoyed our time.
We wish you luck with all of your f uture endeavours.
-So thank you, and good luck. -Thank you.
-Thanks, professor. -Thanks.
l'm gonna miss you, Dr. Trenton.
Even though l may not agree with all of your theories.
-Thank you. Thank you very much. -See you.
She's one of the more attractive palaeontology students l've seen.
lf l remember, you were the prettiest palaeontology student l've ever met.
-Really? -Really.
Why do you think l married you?
Because l got a higher score on my GMAT than you.
Well, there's that too.
That way l could study off your papers....
You think it's possible we're making a big mistake?
-Walking out on tenure? -Yeah.
-So why are we doing it? -Because--
-Why are we doing it? -Because l wouldn't f orgive you...
...if you didn't let me do some serious fieldwork.
l know it's important--
-And l'm not ready to settle down yet. -l'm not asking you to settle--
You are. Asking me to have a baby is asking me to settle down.
When the Russians learn of our purchase f rom the North Koreans...
...they may take action.
lt's not the Russians l worry about. lt's the Americans.
This does not concern them. They are medium-range missiles.
Americans have taken on responsibility of being the policemen of the world.
The Russians have their hands dirty long enough in our country.
Now it's the Americans' turn.
We have acquired target.
We are waiting for authorization to proceed.
What is it?
-Two planes trailing us. -Ask them to identify themselves.
This is Gulf 3-0. Will the planes at 10 miles at my 6:00 identify yourselves.
This is Gulf 3-0. Planes at my 6:00, again, identify yourselves.
They're not responding.
Target identified and attempted contact. Please advise.
Roger, Tango 2-8. Go to phase two.
Roger. Proceeding to phase two.
They're closing in on us, sir.
-What is it? -Two planes closing in on us.
Who are they?
l don't know.
The fighters are still closing.
Sir, the fighters are still closing.
lnstruments are down.
Electromagnetic pulse. Blew out all the electronics. Can you still fly?
l have no instruments. We're totally blind. We have to land.
-What do they want, sir? -They want us to f ollow them.
-Sir? -What else can we do?
We f ollow them.
Diego Garcia.
Largest U.S. military base in lndian Ocean.
What happened? Where are we landing?
Diego Garcia.
Probably our last stop.
Welcome to the International Security Prison Facility.
Presently, the temperature outside is 67 degrees below zero.
We hope you enjoy your stay.
How nice.
Mr. Breshcov.
l hope your flight here was pleasant.
Mr. Breshcov.
Mr. Breshcov.
Mr. Breshcov.
l hope your flight here was pleasant.
-Who are you? -l'm the warden.
l am defence minister of the sovereign country of Chechnya.
By what right do you kidnap me?
You haven't been kidnapped, sir. You have been arrested and sentenced... remain in this f acility f or the rest of your life.
For what?
For purchasing two nuclear missiles...
...which you were going to launch at the Russians.
Not that it is any of your business...
...but the purchase of these alleged missiles...
...was to protect my country.
The world couldn't aff ord to find out if you'd use them.
We had to take preemptive action.
l claim diplomatic immunity. l have rights!
You have no rights!
Sir, you are no longer a citizen of any country.
You're mine!
You have been tried and convicted... an international protective council.
You're now a member of an elite prison unit...
...instituted by a 35-nation committee.
-Warden-- -Shut up!
Where are we?
lnternational Maximum Security Prison, the New Alcatraz.
l know this. But where exactly are we?
Twenty kilometres north of the South Pole.
Make yourself at home, Mr. Breshcov.
Sergeant Quinn here.
-Warden. -Yeah.
You have a call f rom Puluso.
Lucky me.
Yeah, what is it?
I got a problem here. You gotta come down and see for yourself.
l have never liked surprises.
-lt's gonna be another cold night. -Freezing.
What the hell is this?
Well, it's easier to explain if you see it.
What the hell?
My God.
lt should take three jackhammers...
...a week to break through this wall.
l want an immediate prisoner count.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant Quinn here. l need a prisoner count ASAP.
-Did you see anything? -No.
All right.
Everyone present and accounted f or.
Good. So, what the hell happened here?
We don't know.
Come on.
Watch it. lt's a little slippery.
How did this get here?
Puluso, how did this get here?
-We don't know. -What do you mean, you don't know?
We came up here this morning and it was just here.
lt was just here?
lt would take a serious piece of machinery... drill a tunnel through this ice.
Could be f rom a gas buildup.
Gas buildup? Come on.
Give me some light here.
Now what is this thing?
That's the heat ex change pipe...
...we use to tap into the geothermal source.
Are you telling me you didn't cut this tunnel to the heat ex change?
Gas could've been detonated by the heat ex change...
...blowing a hole through the ice and wall.
You know, Goodman, that is--
l don't know. Maybe you're right.
Puluso, what do you think happened here?
l hope Goodman's right.
You hope he's right. What else could it be?
Nothing. l'm sure Goodman's right.
Some kind of...
...gas explosion.
Because l can tell you, it's not penguins.
How deep is this thing?
12, 230 feet.
Relax, Goodman.
l want you guys to get this wall sealed back up as soon as possible.
lf it's gas, we should monitor it f or a few days first.
You got two days. This hole is the only way out.
l want guards here until they seal it up.
Yes, sir.
Do you think this was caused by gas?
l have no idea.
Gas explosion.
l hope you're right, Goodman.
Well, what else could it be?
l don't know.
What's up?
Kelly Mitich.
-Yuri Breshcov. -How you doing?
Peter Yuvol.
So, what are you dudes in f or?
l guess you could say we are political prisoners.
Cool. Sort of like Karl Marx or something?
Sort of.
Yo, maybe you heard of me, Prince of Darkness.
Twelve countries hired me to hack the U.S. government.
One time l shut down f our defence networks in one day.
Very good.
l'm sorry we did not have opportunity to utilize your services.
Yeah, me too.
So where are the rest of our fellow prisoners?
There's only six of us. l hear they're bringing 20 more a month.
ln six months it'll be a goddamn rave, especially if they're all as hot as her.
l'd have lesbian sex with your dead grandmother bef ore l'd consider you.
lsn't she sweet? Patricia O'Boyle, lRA.
She has a little thing f or me.
l can tell.
How are you doing?
As good as can be expected under the circumstances.
l'm sure you dudes know Jose's work.
The American Embassy in Buenos Aires.
l think we heard something about this.
And the quiet gentleman at the table behind us, Ben Shad.
lraqi. Chemical weapons builder.
So let's get serious.
When we gonna bust out? l know you're thinking about it.
You need someone f or the technical side of the operation. lt's me.
Systems analysis, overriding program systems. l'm your guy.
Bust out to where? We're in middle of South Pole.
Couple tycoons like you can get an ops team in here to rattle this cage.
What the hell?
l hear something in the tunnel. l want some backup.
Did you hear that? I need some backup.
Jankins, there's nothing there.
Did you hear that? l want some back.
lt's probably the heat ex change. Check it out.
You gotta be kidding. You want me to go inside?
Jankins, get in there and check it out.
That's an order.
Goddamn it.
Jankins is hearing something in the ice tunnel. He's calling for backup.
Why don't you and Goodman go down and help him out.
Aw, Jesus....
Isn't there anyone else available?
lt's your department.
Did you guys hear that?
l got Puluso and Goodman headed there.
Great. l'm feeling safer already.
Just the heat ex change pipe.
l told you.
Why'd you have me come in here?
l wanted to make sure. Want me to tell them to go back to bed?
Fuck them. They can come down here and f reeze their asses off with me.
They're gonna be pissed.
So what?
-What was that? -Say again. l can't hear you.
Say again?
Jankins, do you read me?
Jankins, do you read me?
Jankins, do you read me?
Quinn, where's Jankins?
He was-- He was in the tunnel.
Get him out here, will you?
l lost contact with him.
Go into the tunnel and see what happened to him.
l'm not going in the tunnel.
Why not?
lt's not our job to check out that tunnel.
lt's part of engineering.
Part of engineering? That tunnel didn't even exist two days ago.
Goodman and l are engineers, not soldiers.
Why don't you send some guards down here and get Jankins yourself.
They're sleeping.
Well, so were we, asshole.
He wants us to go in that tunnel and get Jankins.
Jankins is a bitch.
-What? -What?
-Hey. -Hey.
We got a letter f rom the university. They want us to talk to the department.
Give them a call.
lt's kind of serious. They want to review our grant.
So they take our grant. We go back to teaching.
-l don't want to. -lt'll be fine.
-How do you know? -l don't.
-Okay. -What? What?
Just because we don't want the same things at the same time... doesn't mean l'm not ever gonna want them.
Do you have a timetable you'd like to share?
l'd love to be let in on the secret.
Someday. Just not right now.
-l'm sorry. -Someday.
Generally, when you meet someone, you get married and want kids.
You want me to put my career on hold while you stomp around the world.
You don't have to do that.
Do you think this is the ideal place to raise a child?
-You don't have to stay here. -l'd be at the motel with our baby.
-lt's not gonna work like that. -How's it gonna work?
l don't know. But we would figure it out.
No, l would figure it out!
-Dr. and Mrs. Trenton? -What?
l'm sorry. Can we help you guys?
l would like to talk to you about a recent discovery in the Antarctic.
-How old is this material? -72 hours.
They were drilling and hit a rock f ormation that was pure nitrogen?
Yes, sir.
They want us to go head the team?
Yes, ma'am.
-Count me in. -Wait.
-Robert! -Honey, please.
Captain, why have my wife and l been given this honour?
There are 20 equally qualified palaeontologists you could've gone to.
You two published a thesis...
...on undocumented Antarctic reptiles.
We're gonna find those here?
l don't know. l was ordered to ask you to join the team.
lf you don't want to, l'll ask Dr. Keener of Berkeley.
Come on. He is a hack. We can't let this slip by.
Can you ex cuse us f or one second, please?
What about our grant? What about our commitment here?
This is a breakthrough.
A nitrogen-filled chamber that's 9000 feet under the ice.
lt's a chance to see something that's 20 million years old.
lt's in pristine condition. lt's gonna look like it was f ormed yesterday.
You're right.
l know.
So when do we leave?
You're to be on a flight tonight.
-Tonight? Wait a minute. -Wait. Wait.
You're in charge.
l guess that's great.
-Sit back here? -Yes.
-You all right, doctor? -Fine, thank you.
First time in the Antarctic?
My wife and l were here on a dig in the summer of '97.
Not bad in the summer. But this time of year? Forget it.
Months of solid night.
What can you tell me about this place?
-You weren't briefed? -Barely had time to pack.
The captain didn't say a lot. We figured it's a research or mining operation.
Captain Thomas is a little light in the loafers...
...when giving out inf ormation.
Okay, can you be more specific? l don't get the joke.
lnternational high-security prison.
They call it New Alcatraz.
We're going to a prison in the middle of the Antarctic?
lnternational prison f or the worst of the worst.
-Never heard of it. -You won't.
Remember that national security document you signed?
That means you don't talk about anything on this mission.
We were hired to lead a research team down to a rock f ormation under the ice.
Not this bullshit.
l don't know anything about any rock f ormation.
l do know that you and your wife are supposed to be experts...
...on Antarctic reptiles.
We're palaeontologists. We study f ossils.
-Fossils? -Right, f ossils.
-Would you tell us what's so f unny? -How long you been awake?
Long enough to hear about the prison. What do you know that we don't?
l got a report that there was some sort of...
...snakelike creature running around in the prison.
l was told it may have been hiding in this rock f ormation...
...and somebody drilled through it.
Alcatraz Approach, requesting vectors...
...f or our PAR approach to runway in use. How do you hear me?
Alcatraz Approach, requesting vectors...
...f or our PAR approach to runway in use. Do you hear?
And so you brought your soldiers here to catch the thing?
-lf the need arises. -So why are we here?
We deal with dead things, not live ones.
You're our pros f rom Dover.
A lot of pros f rom Dover got killed dismantling bombs in World War ll.
Take it easy, Dr. Trenton, Mrs. Trenton, we'll take care of you.
That's Dr. Platt, major.
Prepare f or landing.
l can barely see the wings. How can they land this thing?
Your guess is as good as mine, doctor.
Great, thank you. Very helpf ul.
Can't see squat.
We ain't got no approach lights, no beacon.
l'm gonna go see.
-What's the problem? -Can't see.
We got no approach lights, no beacon.
Do we have f uel to make it back to the coast?
Well, l don't want to ditch this plane on some ice field.
We have to put her down somewhere...
...because we're flying on f umes.
l say we roll the dice and land the beast.
l guess it'll be anybody's guess as to where the runway is.
Good luck, captain.
Here. Come here.
Hang on.
Jesus Christ!
Reverse throttles now!
Hold on!
-Teaching job's looking good now. -All right, let's get ready to move.
-You okay? -Yeah.
After we ref uel this beast...
...can't be on the ground more than 12 hours.
After that, y'all better plan on taking the next transport.
Why is that?
The fluids on this plane will be f rozen. l'll be waiting f or it to thaw.
When's the next transport?
-30 days. -30 days?
Relax, doctor.
We'll get you on the plane.
Twelve hours.
The main access doors are about 150 yards.
Make sure you keep the person in f ront of you in sight.
You need a tracker to find the doors?
lt's August in the Antarctic.
Are we lost?
The doors should be here!
Then let's go back to the goddamn plane!
Good luck finding it.
Now what's the matter?
lt's dead.
-How are we supposed to get inside? -McCarthy, get up here.
Override this thing.
How big is this place?
When it's f ully operational, 25, 000 prisoners will be housed here.
-How many are here now? -l don't know.
-Where the hell is everybody? -lnside.
-Who else has a key to this place? -l'm it.
What happens if something happens to you?
We're locked in until somebody lets us out.
Jesus! What the hell happened here?
They were shooting at something.
-Freeze, or we'll fire! -Fuck you. You f reeze.
All right. Everybody take a deep breath and listen.
Men, stand down.
Stand down!
This is our rescue team.
-We came to help. -Good.
What the hell is going on?
-But you are? -l'm Dr. Robert Trenton.
This is my wife, Dr. Jessica Platt Trenton.
-What's going on? -l'll tell you what's going on.
There's some kind of oversized snake...
...that's killed-- eaten six people. l say we get on your plane...
-...and fly f ar away f rom here. -Snake?
We came down here to take care of a problem.
Not to evacuate it.
Fuck that. We're out of here.
Let me make myself clear. No one's going anywhere.
l'm the only one with an access key to get out.
Quinn. Easy, gentlemen.
Quinn. lt's okay. Come on. Don't do this.
Stand down. Stand down.
Trust me, will you?
-ls someone going to brief me? -l'd be glad to.
Major Larsten, Warden Ryan.
l apologize f or my men. We've been through hell.
Two weeks ago...
...there was a break in one of our walls.
The next night, a guard and two engineers were killed.
Washington told us to seal the lower part until you guys got here.
Since then, this thing...
...has broken our barriers and killed three more guards.
Ex cuse me. This ''thing''?
-This is a big, giant snake? -Big?
That's an understatement.
Let me show you.
We recorded this...
...two nights ago.
Holy shit!
That thing's over 80 feet long. lf it's related to Serpuca Largas... could be the missing link. -So you're the experts?
l guess you could say that.
-This is the layout map of the f acility? -Yeah.
-Show me the wall where the hole was. -Right here.
-The heat ex change. -Yeah, exactly.
lf it's a reptile, it looks f or the warmest place.
And f ood.
Do you realize this could be the most significant discovery in history?
-This is like a real-life Jurassic Park. -l saw Jurassic Park.
-Everybody got killed. -Not everybody.
This is not a movie. l got a prison to run here.
Major, l want you to make me believe...
...that you can hunt this thing down and actually kill it.
Yes, sir. So the most logical place to find this snake is the heat ex change?
lf that's the warmest place, absolutely.
All right.
My men and l will head east down the access tunnel...
...and we're gonna divide. McCarthy and Simmons... go down west.
We'll drive the snake to the heat ex change and kill it.
Okay, wait. ls there no way to capture this thing?
Would you give me a break?
This ain't a game reserve. l got six people dead!
l want out of this place too, but we can't abandon ship.
You must understand the significance of this find.
Doctor, when it's dead, it's all yours.
Meanwhile, major, let's put this operation in gear.
Yes, sir.
Let's go!
-What is this place? -Security control room.
One man can watch the entire f acility.
We're moving down the east tunnel. Nothing so far.
You'll reach the divide in the tunnel... about 20 meters.
McCarthy, Simmons, move down the west tunnel.
We're at the end. lt's all clear.
You guys should be at another intersection.
McCarthy, left. Simmons, right.
Sir, are you telling us to proceed by ourselves?
Damn it, McCarthy!
Keep moving!
All right.
Let's go.
Sir, l think l hear something directly ahead of me.
Make sure you have a target bef ore you fire.
This place is loaded with exposed gas lines.
Sir, l saw it. l just saw it. lt's headed down S-23.
Repeat. What access way?
-Repeat. What access way? -Lost the target.
-l'm moving back. -Damn it, McCarthy! Keep moving!
Keep moving. Damn it, McCarthy. Keep moving.
-What's on surveillance? -l don't see a thing.
Work with me. You've got to see something.
There is nothing on the screen.
All right, hold it.
Warden, how many guards do you have?
-We have six. -All right.
I need them to move east up the main corridor.
-What the hell f or, major? -l need help down here!
Just do as l say!
This thing...
...has already killed three of my men.
This isn't my problem.
lf we want to get out alive, it's a problem f or all of us.
This is bullshit, Fred, and you know it!
They should have just evacuated us.
They were sent to deal with this thing.
My men are guards...
...not big-game hunters.
Mr. Quinn, my friend, you and I have been through a lot together.
Now, I want you to get your men...
...and go down there, understand?
This is a direct order.
And what are you gonna do if l don't?
l'm gonna fire you.
And replace me with who?
First real son of a bitch l can find.
This is Sergeant Quinn.
l need all guards to meet me at the access way to the lower south entrance.
l'm going with you.
Welcome to the party.
Doctor, you were sent here as an expert, not a soldier.
l'm not doing anything here.
-Where are you going? -With you.
-No, you're not. -This is really important to me.
-Jessica, no. -l am going with you.
Simmons, where are you?
Keep your eyes open.
Major, it's coming straight f or you.
-How f ar? -100 meters and closing fast.
Simmons, where are you?
Major, here it comes. You should open fire now. Open fire now!
-l would open fire now! -l don't see anything.
You don't see anything? lt's in f ront of you!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Goddamn it. We've got a man down.
-What happened? -He's been shot.
Major, wait f or Quinn and his men to get there.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
We should continue on f oot f rom here on out.
What f or? l'm not walking with that snake on the loose.
-l want to get in and out. -Snakes can't hear.
They don't hear. They sense vibration.
-These carts create vibration. -So what?
-He's right. They attract it. -Come on. You gotta be kidding me.
-l'm serious. We shouldn't use carts. -We're not walking.
Any of you wanna walk?
l didn't think so.
You may be the expert, doc, but no one's walking.
-Now, get back in the car. -No. No way.
Enjoy the walk, asshole.
Come on, you son of a bitch!
We got a major gas leak. Tell your men to pull back!
Quinn, you heard the major.
Get back out of there.
Quinn, did you hear that?
-Quinn? -Major!
What was that?
Quinn? Major!
Come in.
Quinn, can you hear me?
Jesus Christ!
-Shit! -What?
We gotta get out of here. The heat, the flames!
-Oh, my God! -Unbelievable.
-l have to document this. -Don't do anything to aggravate it.
lt's the greatest discovery in history. You don't want a picture?
l just don't want to die.
Gonna run f or it on three.
Ready, one, two...
-l can't! -l'll get it.
Take my hand.
Jessica! Jessica!
Jessica! Jessica!
-What are you doing? -You're alive.
-My wife is dead. -What about Quinn? The major?
-Everyone is dead. -Shit!
Where are the others?
-What others? -Prisoners.
-ln their cells. -Let's get them.
-What? -Let's get them.
Let's get them? Why?
With their help, we escape. The plane leaves in under f our hours.
We'll leave, but we're not taking prisoners.
-They're killers. -lt's not a moral question.
lt's simple f ucking math! lt's simple mathematics.
-Hold on! -lt's not a moral issue.
lt's mathematics. With the prisoners' help our chances of survival go up.
Do you get that?
Do you get that?
That is if they don't kill us first. Do you understand that?
All right, here they are.
Do you know what's going on with the loose snake?
We're all stuck inside here right now.
-We need your help to escape. -You need our help to escape?
That's right.
-l'm not opening these cells. -l'm not here f or a violent crime.
-We can work out a deal. -Shut up.
-Always the tough lrish whore, huh? -lf we help...
-...we go f ree? -He doesn't have power to grant that.
He's right. l don't have that power, but l'll tell you what.
You got a better chance escaping once you're outside than you do now.
You have a deal.
-Let them out. -What's the point?
We're all trapped in this prison.
They know more about breaking out of prison than we do. Come on.
Mr. Breshcov, l'm going to ask you f or your word of honour...
-...that if l do this thing-- -l give you my word.
You will not be harmed.
l want to make one thing perfectly clear...
...right f rom the top--
l said, no one is to be harmed.
-We need weapons. -No. l'm not giving you weapon--
So now we need weapons.
These weapons are live, so watch out--
Let's go, guys. Come on. Move, move. Come on, boys.
-You need a gun? -No. Right up here.
All right!
l say dynamite the outer wall, then dig.
-The walls are 2 feet thick. -l can override the mainf rame.
-Tell the access doors the power's on. -The lock can't be overridden.
-No shit. -Nice idea, though.
Wait. Snake breaks in through heat ex change.
lce tunnel intersects heat ex change pipe.
We go through break in ice tunnel and climb out heat tunnel.
Runs a few feet below the ice at the top.
Small charge, blow through to surf ace.
How do you know that?
Some of us were not considering spending rest of our lives here.
Good idea, but there's a flaw. The heat ex change room...
...has two ways to get there...
...the main access tunnel or through the chamber room.
The snake's been in both areas. lf it's not in one, it's in the heat ex change.
-We divide in groups. -Then we cut power in half.
This is not about power. The snake can't be in two places at once.
-Both groups have 50-50 chance. -lf it's in the heat ex change?
Then we're all dead.
That too complicated f or you, you wild, Protestant whore?
Come on! Come on, baby!
-We won't get anywhere by fighting. -Then let me kill him.
-We'll have a truce. -No fights.
l'm the one in charge here. Don't f orget.
You were in charge until all your guards got whacked!
Want to take a vote on who's in charge?
Any one of us could kill you...
...with his bare hands.
Good. Now, this is understood.
Warden, Mitich, O'Boyle, go with Dr. Trenton.
-The rest come with me. -You're sticking them together?
They're trying to kill each other. They won't kill you.
-Hope you can shoot that gun. -What do you expect?
-l'm not here f or killing anybody. -Worse. You shut down AOL.
-What is it? -Thought l heard something.
Did you see something? Come on.
-We're all clear. -So are we.
Ben! Where the hell did he go?
What do you mean, he's gone? He left?
Quit whining. Just shut your mouth.
-Shut up, you lRA bitch. -l've waited f or this...
...since l laid eyes on you!
-Knock it off. -Not until l shoot the bastard!
l've been waiting f or this since l laid eyes on you!
How you like them apples, Patty?
Knock it off! Jesus Christ!
Get out of the car!
-Are you happy, doctor? -What the hell's wrong with you?
l told you, not until l shoot the little bastard.
Goddamn it, Mitich!
l ref use to get killed down here in this hellhole, Mitich!
Let's get out of here.
Yuri, come in. Come in.
Patty and I are the only ones left.
-I repeat-- -Where are you?
Patty and I are the only ones left.
-Everyone else-- -What happened?
We're too f ar underground to get transmission.
What is this place?
Blueprints l stole say it was used f or storage.
Storage f or what?
Water, f uel, f ood.
The only f ood l see in here now is us.
Go. Go!
-Who are you? -Jessica Platt....
Your husband said you were killed.
lt's Dr. Trenton's wife.
Follow me.
l thought you were dead.
My husband. Where's my husband?
He's with the other group.
How did you get here?
This-- This snake, it chased-- chased me...
...through the air shaft.
l crawled....
Cover me. Then come.
There's no way in hell l'm going through there.
We don't have a choice. Plane leaves in an hour. We have to go.
No, we'll backtrack, find another way.
We don't have time. We have to get on the plane.
There are no snakes in lreland, not one on the whole goddamn island.
-So what? -So what? They're evil creatures.
Look, l need you to promise me one thing.
Fine. What?
You gotta promise me that no goddamn snake does away with me.
Fine. But l guarantee you, if we stay here...
...we are definitely gonna die, snake or no snake.
Do you see it?
Stop! Come on!
Come on!
We have to wait f or Robert.
First we get to the plane. Then l come back f or him.
No, you won't.
Listen to me. We have to move.
-We can't leave him behind. -Trust me.
l will come back f or him.
Now, let's move.
Here. Come on.
Come on.
Oh, God.
Where is the plane?
-l have absolutely no idea. -Let's go this way!
Come on.
You all right?
You all right?
Help me!
-Come here! -God, help, please!
Help me! God!
Help me!
Please help me!
Oh, God! Help me!
Please, no!
Help me, please!
Please help me!
Help me, f or f uck's sake!
Goddamn it!
Robert, Robert, get up. Come on. Get up.
Open the door! Come on, open the door!
What happened to you?
-Are you all right? -l'm fine.
Are you hurt?
No. What happened to you?
-Thank you very much. -Thank you.
She reminds me of my wife. Very tenacious.
Know what? Maybe now you'll get a chance to see her again.
No. She died in the war.
l'm sorry.
Okay, let's get this baby started.
Let me check this.
What the hell?
-What was that? -lt's flying heavy.
-Yeah, l noticed. -Maybe there's ice in the cargo area.
l checked it bef ore we left.
You guys better strap in tight! We're in f or rough chops ahead.
What the hell was that?
What, what?
Look out, look out. Go, go, go.
Oh, shit.
Got any ideas?
Yeah! Get the snake off the plane!
l don't know!
What are you doing?
l have an idea!
Attract its attention!
Go to the back!
-You're out of your goddamn mind! -Go!
Throw it back!
Oh, my God!
All right, close the door.
-You all right? -Yeah.
-Hey, can you still fly this thing? -ls that snake gone?
Hell, yes.
Then l can fly this thing.
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