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New Nightmare

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More blood!
Great. Keep coming. Chuck, Terry, pump aWay.
Don't be stingy.
Watch that arm. I can see that fake arm.
Chase, keep that claW really moving.
Jeffrey, jam it on there just like Freddy Would.
Good, good. And cut! Print that, Gretchen.
Chase, you're a genius.
This makes his old claW look like Mother Teresa's mitten.
y ou better thank them. They're very sensitive.
Chuck, Terry, great blood.
- Thank you very much. - Some of our best Work.
Hey, monkey man, Want to see some neat stuff?
Come on.
It's only make-believe.
Marianne, I gotta go.
LoW bridge.
Let's see if We can scare the P.J.'s off Mommy.
Hey, Heather.
y ou hungry, Dylan?
It should have flex ed more.
I think the servos got shorted out With blood.
Well, take it apart, pull it out...
and insulate them With some styro.
The thing Wasn't meant to be submerged, for Pete's sake.
I don't like that thing.
That thing puts bread on our table.
Is it alive, Daddy?
Heather, you're in the next shot.
State-of-the-art animatronics With bio-organic grafting.
Bull tendons, nerve bundles from a live Doberman.
Must've have picked up a signal from an Eighties Walkie-talkie.
- Sure it's off? - It's off.
Funny, it's Warm... just like a real hand.
Oh, God.
What the hell's going on here? Cut the effects!
Terry, Where is it? Terry!
Chuck, get off me!
Heather, Where is it?
Chase, Where the hell is it?
Come on.
What the fuck?!
Earthquake. Come on.
What is that?
Car alarms.
y ou OK?
y ou OK, chief?
Honey, do you have a fever?
Just another earthquake, Dylan.
Getting kind of fun, huh?
Daddy. Blood.
It's nothing, guys.
It's a scratch. Really.
Where did you get that?
I don't knoW. Picture, I guess.
When it fell. It's no big deal.
Put a bandage on it.
Don't Worry about it.
Geologists at Cal Tech...
have confirmed this morning's aftershock...
Do We have to Watch that?
...five-point-three on the Richter scale.
Thought you turned it on.
It Was strong enough to cause further collapse...
of the already badly damaged parking structure...
I'll turn it off.
Officials say that this is normal...
folloWing a quake of last Week's magnitude...
noW thought to be a massive 6.8.
Dylan, this is breakfast, not arts and crafts.
Did you get any sleep last night?
More or less.
OK, time to get dressed. I'm late.
y ou going aWay?
Just for a feW hours. Julie Will be With you.
Is there anything other than the obvious bothering you?
I think five earthquakes in three Weeks is enough.
Hasn't been another phone call, has there?
Good sign.
T Wo full Weeks Without him. Maybe he got hit by a truck.
He's closer, if anything.
It's giving me nightmares, Chase.
Did you have one last night?
It's just the earthquakes, Heather.
Maybe I shouldn't do this intervieW today.
No. y ou gotta get back on the horse sometime.
Look, you had a nut case making harassing phone calls.
I knoW hoW scary that's been.
No, you don't.
OK, I don't.
But it doesn't mean that it can't be over.
But What if it isn't over?
Maybe you should tell me your dream.
It Was nothing. I Was...
y ou and I Were Working on this movie, together for once...
and one of your special effects Went really Wrong.
And Chuck and Terry got hurt...
Well, your fingers Were cut.
Right here?
Heather, you Were probably half aWake...
and saW my fingers get nicked When the mirror fell.
Dreams are like that.
Look, if you don't Want me to go on this job, I Won't.
Just be careful, OK?
I think I can survive tWo days in Palm Springs...
supplying soap bubbles for a detergent commercial.
I guess so.
y ou guess so?
Come here.
Forty-eight hours.
I'll be back in no time.
I gotta go.
I love What you've done With the place.
Knock 'em dead.
Dylan, I gotta go. Take care of Mommy.
Dylan, I don't Want you Watching this.
Dylan, What's Wrong? What's Wrong?!
What's happening to you?
One, tWo...
Freddy's coming for you!
Someone's coming.
Are you OK, honey?
Is everything OK?
It's just these quakes. Did you feel one just noW?
No. A big truck Went by before you opened the door.
It's life on the fault line.
- Hey, tiger. - Hi, Julie.
Does he feel Warm to you? He had a fever this morning.
No, he seems OK.
Are you sure that's all that's Wrong?
Leave us alone, you son of a bitch!
L.A. Limousine, ma'am.
Just Wanted you to knoW I'm out front.
I'm sorry. Can you hang on a minute?
What is it?
I don't knoW.
I just have this Weird feeling today.
Mommy? Stay home, then.
This damn caller.
He's started again?
Sick fuck.
Dylan doesn't seem to have a fever.
It's probably just your nerves.
I just meant from the shaker this morning.
Everybody's freaked out about hoW many We've been having.
And then these phone calls.
Don't ansWer it.
Ex cuse me, ma'am, but We are going to be late.
Dylan, I gotta go. Forgive me?
I'll call the cops for you.
y ou've got the number on the fridge, right?
Give them the time they called...
and they're keeping this list, supposedly.
Julie, I'm really sorry.
My nerves are a little raW these days.
It's OK.
y eah. I gotta go.
- Morning. - Good morning.
y ou played that girl.
In that movie.
With the guy With the...
y eah, sure. That's you.
That's What I love about this job.
I get to meet the stars.
I'm hardly a star.
What, are you kidding?
I love your stuff.
The first Was the best.
Where the girlfriend's cut open and dragged across the ceiling.
It Was aWesome.
And When all that blood comes out of your boyfriend's bed?
I thought I'd shit.
But they never should have killed off Freddy.
Heather, look, We gotta go.
Cutting it close, aren't you? y ou trying to get me fired?
OK! We're coming!
So, Heather, We're approaching the tenth anniversary...
of this Whole "Nightmare on Elm Street" thing.
I mean, the original, five very popular sequels.
HoW has all the success affected you personally?
I don't knoW if it really has, Sam.
God. With the ex ception of One and Three...
I pretty much stayed out of it.
Well, I'm doing a lot more television noW...
so those hours let me spend a lot more time...
With my husband and my little boy.
y ou have a little boy. What's his name?
With Dylan, does that change your feeling...
your perspective about horror movies?
No, not really.
Would you let him see one of your movies?
My son? No.
I'm sure people ask you this all the time...
Is there going to be another sequel...
and What's more, is Freddy really dead?
Of course he is. Freddy's dead and gone.
And hoW about your co-star in the original...
Would you trust him alone With Dylan?
Robert? I don't knoW.
Why don't We ask him hoW he'd feel about it?
We've got a big surprise for you and for our audience.
Let's bring him out. He is the best of the bad.
Let's say hello to Robert Englund.
Love ya, babe!
We'll do lunch!
I'm alive once again!
Freddy's back! Give it up for your Uncle Freddy!
Just When you thought it Was safe to get back into bed!
Give me five!
I'm back, and I'm badder than ever!
y ou are all my children noW!
I got to go, Robert.
Just a second. I'll Walk you.
There you go, kids.
- Thank you. - Bye-bye.
- y ou OK? - I'm fine.
Well, everything Went great, I thought.
We really got you, didn't We?
I don't knoW Why you didn't tell me.
Come on. They loved the expression on your face.
I think they'd like to see us together again.
In What, a romantic comedy?
Just because it's a love story...
doesn't mean you can't have a decapitation or tWo.
- There's a call for you. - For me?
I'll talk to you later.
Heather, it's Sara Risher over at NeW Line Cinema.
HoW are you?
HoW are you? This is a voice from the past.
It sure is.
Listen, Heather, I Won't take but a minute.
It's just that We have something to propose to you...
and I Wonder if you'd stop by the offices.
Bob Would love to talk to you.
Sure. When?
No time like the present. The car Will bring you over.
- NoW? -Just take a minute.
y ou'll be glad you did, I bet. Bye.
- Can I help you? - I'm here to see Bob Shaye.
Was Bob expecting you?
Sara. HoW are you?
- I'm fine. HoW are you? - Great to see you.
- y ou look great. - Thank you.
Bob is dying to see you. Can I get you something?
- Coffee Would be fine. - Black?
- Black's fine. - Could you get us some coffee?
- Sure. - Thanks.
I think the guy is a little bit of a jerk...
but We Won't knoW until We've read the script.
AnyhoW, I'll give you a call When l...
Listen, man, I got to go.
Call me When you get to Milan...
and don't forget... risotto con tartufi.
It's fantastico!
Take care, man. I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Boy, do you look great, Heather.
- HoW are you? - Great. I'm fine.
And I don't have to ask hoW you're doing.
Well, so far so good.
Which is Why We asked you to come by today.
- Thanks, Kim. - Sure.
Look, Heather, let me cut to the chase.
HoW Would you like to join us in the definitive "Nightmare "?
I thought you killed Freddy off.
Well, We did, but the fans...
God bless them, they're clamouring for more.
I guess evil never dies, right?
AnyhoW, a feW Weeks ago, I got a call from Wes...
and he pitched me this really ex citing idea...
and I started thinking...
"Who better to resurrect Freddy than his creator?"
I thought Wes stopped doing horror movies.
He actually told me he hadn't called in the last ten years...
because he hadn't had any really scary nightmares.
They're his inspiration for this thing.
AnyhoW, he's right in the middle of the script.
Which means he's having nightmares again.
He's very ex cited about it.
- The nightmares? - No, the script.
And you should be, too, because you're the star.
I don't knoW, Bob.
I'm flattered, really, but I have a kid noW.
Well, so?
So I'm not sure about doing horror.
Come on, Heather. Kids love horror.
Thank you so much, Bob.
I have other things happening.
Look, We'll match any offer that's on the table for you.
No, it's not that. Look, I have a fan.
Heather, you got plenty of fans.
We've been doing marketing research on you.
y ou are rating right up there.
We've got Chase Working on a prototype for the neW glove.
We asked him to kind of keep it as a surprise...
until you and I could have this conversation.
HoW long has Wes been Working on this script?
I don't knoW. A couple of months. Why?
And since you've been thinking of making it...
has anything funny happened?
What do you mean?
Like Weird phone calls.
Or nightmares.
Why don't you ansWer your phone, Bob?
That's What We got people We pay around here for.
Will someone pick up the damn phone?
- Thanks a lot. - y ou're Welcome.
What the...
Never sleep again.
What is going on?
y ou didn't let him Watch the movie on TV, did you?
Movie? He didn't Watch anything on TV.
He Was taking his nap, and I heard him screaming.
Honey, are you OK?
Rex saved me.
He did?
Is Rex going to die?
Rex is not going to die.
I promise you, sWeetie.
Do you knoW Where the seWing stuff is in the kitchen?
We'll do an operation, OK?
Come on. Dr Dylan and Dr Julie.
Fix him up good as neW, OK?
Hey, Chase. y ou've got a call. It's your Wife.
Chase, you better come home.
Heather, I'm stuck here.
Neither Chuck or Terry came in today.
Why? What's the matter?
- Chase, it's Dylan. - What?
Hold on. The phone's breaking up.
What's going on With Dylan?
He's had some sort of an episode.
What kind of episode?
He Was just acting very strangely.
Like somebody Was after him.
It's scary. It scared me.
He Was acting like...
Like What?
Like Freddy.
Heather, has there been another phone call?
Why didn't you tell me you Were Working on a neW glove?
And Why aren't Chuck and Terry at Work today?
Forget those cloWns. AnsWer me.
Has there been another phone call today or not?
I'm coming home. I'll be there in three hours.
- Danny, I got to go. - What's up?
My kid's sick. I got to fly.
" As soon as the sun Was up...
"the Witch made Gretel fetch the Wood and kindle a fire.
"'We Will bake cookies first,' she said.
"'I've heated the oven and kneaded the dough.
"'CraWI in and see if the fire is blazing high enough noW.'
" And she pushed Gretel toWard the oven.
"The Witch Went to shut the door and bake her inside."
This is so violent.
I don't knoW Why you like these stupid old fairy tales.
Finish, please.
- They'll give you nightmares. - I like this story.
"But Gretel guessed What the Witch Was planning.
"'I don't knoW hoW to get in,' Gretel said.
"'HoW am I to manage it?'
"'Stupid girl,' shouted the Witch, rushing to the oven.
"'The opening is big enough. See? I can fit myself.'
"Quickly, Gretel came behind and pushed With all her might...
"plunging the Wicked old Woman headlong into the flames...
"banging the door shut and bolting it tight.
"The Witch hoWled..." That's enough.
"The Witch hoWled like a scalded cat...
"but Gretel ran and left her there to perish nonetheless.
"She ran to her brother as fast as she could...
"flung open the door. 'Hansel! Hansel,' she cried.
"'We're saved! The Witch is dead."'
Time for sleep.
Say hoW they find their Way back home.
- TomorroW night. - No. Tonight.
It's important.
Dylan, you knoW as Well as I do.
They folloWed the trail of breadcrumbs back to their house.
And then their father covered them With kisses...
and they Were safe.
They Were safe, and they could sleep.
- What is that? - Rex.
Come on.
Rex keeps him doWn there.
The mean old man With the claWs.
He Wants to come up While We sleep.
I keep my feet up here.
Rex keeps him doWn there.
He's my guard.
y ou should have a guard, too.
There's nothing doWn there.
Come here.
Look. See?
It's different When you're gone.
Come on.
On, please.
OK, sWeetie.
Night-night. Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
- Daddy coming home? - He's on his Way.
He can folloW the breadcrumbs, right?
If the birds don't eat them first.
Perfect, perfect, perfect!
Come on, come on, come on.
That's me in the corner
That's me in the spot
Losin' my
Mommy's scared?
Dylan, Mommy's fine.
It Was just a bad dream.
What are you doing out of bed?
Rex Woke me up. He Was fighting.
Dylan, go back to sleep, honey.
I'm not sleepy.
Police, ma'am. Will you open the door?
Heather Langenkamp?
Is Chase Porter your husband?
There Was an accident.
It appears he fell asleep While driving, ma'am.
Is he...I mean...
Is he hurt?
I'm afraid it's Worse than that, ma'am.
Is he dead?
y es, ma'am.
Are you sure it's him?
We have his effects. y ou can confirm from that.
I Want to see his body.
No, you don't, ma'am. It's not necessary.
I Want to see it for myself.
- Can you hand me that? - Sure.
Ex cuse me.
- Could I help you? - Porter.
Chase Porter.
It's back here.
y ou said Chase?
I'm sorry.
Just sign here at the bottom. That's all We need.
I'd like to see once again.
I'm sorry?
Could you lift the sheet again, please?
More, please.
What is that?
It Was a bad Wreck, ma'am.
The head's gonna be all right for the funeral, but...
Hey, lady. y ou OK?
y ou sure?
Oh, God. What did that?
They said the truck Was tore up something aWful...
so you can imagine him not being in...
Well, exactly top shape.
It looks like he Was claWed.
That's Why We don't lift the sheet past the face, ma'am.
Sometimes it's What We don't see that gets us through the night.
So, if you'll just sign...
God is our hope and strength...
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore, We Will not fear...
though the earth be moved...
and though the hills be carried...
into the midst of the sea...
though the Waters thereof rage and sWell...
and though the mountains shake...
at the tempest of the same.
-Julie, Where's Dylan? - I don't knoW.
Dylan, grab Mommy's hand. Grab it!
Oh, my God!
Let go of me!
Stay With me.
Stay With me, Heather.
- Where's Dylan? - He's all right.
He's right here.
- What happened? - Earthquake.
y ou got knocked off your feet.
y ou got a pretty good bump, actually.
May he rest in peace, children.
And may you all get home safely.
If there's anything I can do, Heather...anything.
Thank you, Robert.
Who are you?
Baby, Wake up.
Honey. Dylan.
Dylan, get over here! Honey! Honey!
Come on.
OK, sugar, We're gonna go back to bed noW.
No, Mommy, I can't sleep there.
Honey, you have to sleep.
One, tWo, Freddy's coming for you
Where did you hear that?
Did you hear that on that movie? Did you ansWer the phone?
Dylan, Where did you hear that song?
In my bed.
In your bed?
Under my covers. Kids singing.
Way doWn there With the man.
The mean man.
What is that man doing?
Trying to get up.
Trying to get up into our World.
Where's Daddy noW?
Daddy's in heaven.
He's With God noW.
Do you have to die to see God?
I don't think so.
I think you have to pray.
And reach out.
Why does God let there be bad things?
I honestly don't knoW, honey.
Please try to get some sleep.
Can you come With me in my dreams?
I think that only happens in the movies.
But I'll alWays, alWays...
be right here When you get back.
And I'll make sure that nobody gets your toes.
I knoW his behaviour is bizarre...
but he's usually so normal and Well adjusted, John...
I can't believe it's him...
and not something outside influencing him.
Or is that hoW denial Works?
It is denial.
I don't think that's the case here.
If you're really Worried about Dylan...
have a doctor check him out.
y ou'll see. Everything's fine.
y ou're not just saying that to help a crazy friend cope?
Everything about Dylan's behaviour is understandable...
for a kid Who just lost his father.
HoW does a child process a thing like that?
I don't knoW.
I've not been able to process it very Well myself.
And you're not crazy, by the Way.
Seeing Freddy in that grave and then jumping in...
y ou didn't jump in.
That's my memory. It seemed absolutely real.
"Seemed," not "Was."
It's in my family, you knoW.
What is?
A very close relative died in an institution.
Really? If having a screWy family made a person crazy...
the Whole World Would be one big loony bin.
y ou have a crazed fan after you.
That's What's making you crazy. Probably Dylan, too.
I never mentioned that to him.
Kids knoW When something's bugging the parent.
y ou have no idea Who this is calling?
- Freddy, for all I knoW. - Come on.
He's a man.
Or a boy With a deep Freddy voice.
Six Weeks, and you're surprised you got Freddy in your dreams?
Hell, Sonny Bono, after a While...
began seeing his stalker everywhere, even at Mass.
HoW many times did Letterman call the cops...
thinking that Woman Was doWn in the kitchen again?
Really gets under your skin if you let it.
y ou really think Dylan's OK?
Dylan's fine. y ou're fine.
y ou're hurting, but you're fine...
and you're definitely not crazy.
My Worst fear...
that Whatever madness is in my family I have...
and I've passed it onto Dylan.
- Make sure he's OK, John. - Are you all right?
Are you OK? Are you sure? Does anything hurt?
Dylan, are you all right?
Honey, are you all right? Are you sure?
God Wouldn't take me.
Oh, my God. Oh, honey.
It's unbelievable.
- y ou doing all right? - Hanging in there.
y ou knoW the guy that Was calling me all the time?
He started again...
and he's putting stuff in my mail again.
Listen, the S.O.B. probably read about the funeral...
in the papers or something.
Sick mother.
That's the last thing you need right noW, I'm sure.
Actually, it's been giving me Freddy nightmares.
Wait a second. NoW, let me get this straight.
y ou're having nightmares about Freddy? As in me?
No. It isn't you. He's scarier.
More evil?
y eah. HoW did you knoW?
Call it a guess.
Pretty damn good guess.
Anyway What I Was calling about Was...
have you seen any of the script by any chance?
No. Wes Won't shoW it until he's finished.
At least that's What he told me.
When is it gonna be done?
The Way he's Writing, Who knoWs?
It's so Weird.
I asked him hoW far he Was at the funeral.
What did he say? Oh, yeah.
" As far as Dylan trying to reach God."
Whatever that means. Weird, huh?
Putting your kid in the script.
Robert... have you been having nightmares?
Look, We need to talk, but not over the phone.
Can I come over?
Actually, Heather... today's no good.
There's something I have to finish.
TomorroW maybe, huh?
OK, tomorroW. But early in the morning.
And meanWhile, Robert, take care, OK?
y eah. Sure.
Damn it!
One, tWo, Freddy's coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, better stay up late
Dylan, don't sing that song.
Nine, ten, never sleep again!
Dylan! Stop it!
No! Don't!
Never sleep again
Never sleep again
Never sleep again
Never sleep again
I touched him.
Any history of epilepsy in your family?
Was there a trigger event, trauma, shock?
y ou haven't shoWn him the films you've made, have you?
The horror stuff?
His father just passed aWay.
I'm sorry.
But I'm convinced those films can tip...
an unstable child over the edge.
Dylan's not unstable. He's just upset.
We'll run a battery of tests and knoW in a feW days.
Does he have to stay overnight?
Anything more happen We need to knoW about?
Like What?
Sometimes What a child says or fantasizes...
Will give a clue to What ails him.
Did he say anything While he Was still lucid?
What do We have here?
Too soon to knoW for sure.
The early symptoms point to childhood schizophrenia.
Dylan, can you hear me?
Dylan, you have to fight it, Whatever is after you...
and you got to come back to me.
y ou can't make it alone. Do you hear?
If you can hear me, tell me What you need to feel safe.
Rex? Is that What you Want?
Well, Rex is at home, and that's Where you should be.
But you got to get better before they'll let you come home.
Do you understand?
Home. Home, that's right.
That's Where I Want you, sWeetie.
And, you knoW, We're not that far aWay.
Look right out there.
Past the freeWay is our home.
But to get there, you have to come out from Where you are...
so that they'll let you come home to Rex.
And to me.
Time for your medicine, coWboy.
- Here you go. - What is that?
Something to help him sleep.
There you go. It looks good.
There you go.
Good. Good. Attaboy.
Come on, lie doWn and take a little nap.
y ou should get some rest, too.
He's going to be fine. We're gonna do some tests...
and then you can come back later.
Can you get that other side, please?
I grabbed his things.
These are his favourite pyjamas here.
Honey, I've got to go.
I love you, Dylan.
Remember What I said.
We'll take care of everything.
Wake up, lady!
Don't lose it noW!
Seismologists at Cal Tech...
have counted over 300 temblors so far.
Though most Were too faint for us to feel...
seven have shaken our community in the last feW Weeks...
and noW scientists are speculating...
there might be an unknoWn fault running beneath Los Angeles...
a fault that could...
Hi. y ou've reached the Englund residence.
We're out of toWn.
y ou can leave a message if you Wish, but...
We'll be gone for some time.
I Wish I could tell you Where the script Was going.
The fact is I don't knoW.
I dream a scene at night, I Write it doWn in the morning.
Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine Where it's going.
At least tell me What it's about so far.
- Coffee. - Thanks.
I can tell you What the nightmare's about so far.
It's about this entity... Whatever you Want to call it.
It's old. It's very old.
It's existed in different forms in different times.
The only thing that stays the same is What it lives for.
What is that?
The murder of innocents.
This is still a script We're talking about, right, Wes?
I sort of think of it as a nightmare in progress.
In this nightmare in progress...
does this thing have any Weaknesses?
It can be captured sometimes.
Captured? HoW?
By storytellers, of all things.
Every so often, they imagine a story good enough...
to sort of catch its essence.
Then, for a While, it's held prisoner in the story.
- Like the genie in the bottle. - Exactly.
But the problem comes When the story dies.
And that can happen in a lot of Ways.
It can get too familiar...
or somebody Waters it doWn to make it an easier sell...
or maybe it's so upsetting that it's banned outright.
HoWever it happens, When the story dies...
the evil is set free.
y ou're saying Freddy is this ancient thing?
Right. The current version.
And for ten years, he's been held captive as Freddy...
in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series, but...
noW that the films have ended, the genie's out of the bottle.
That's What the nightmares are telling me and I'm Writing.
If Freddy's loose in your script, Where's he going?
Another age? Another form?
No, that's not What the dreams have him doing.
What is he doing?
He's sort of gotten used to being Freddy noW...
and he likes our time and space...
so he's decided to cross over out of films into our reality.
Isn't there somebody Who can stop him?
Actually there is a person in the dream...
sort of a gatekeeper, so to speak.
Somebody Freddy has to get by...
before he can come into our World.
That person's you, Heather.
It's me?
Why me?
Dramatically speaking, it makes perfect sense.
y ou played Nancy, after all.
y ou Were the first to humiliate him, defeat him.
That Was Nancy. Not me.
But you gave Nancy her strength.
So in order to get out, he's got to come through you.
He's gonna try to do that at your most vulnerable points.
Oh, my God, Wes.
Did you knoW?
It Was a script. It Was a dream.
I didn't knoW.
y ou knoW damn Well it's more than that noW.
HoW can We stop him?
The only Way is to make another movie.
I sWear, I'm gonna stay by this computer...
and keep Writing until I finish the script, but...
When that time comes, you'll have to make a choice.
What kind of choice?
Whether or not you're Willing to play Nancy one last time.
"Many of the symptoms of childhood schizophrenia...
" are duplicated in children...
"suffering from sleep deprivation."
"Sleep deprivation can produce trance-like states...
"mechanical behaviour.
"The child might..."
Rex Woke me up.
He Was fighting the mean old man With the claWs.
y ou have no idea Who this is calling?
Freddy, for all I knoW.
As in me?
No, it isn't you. He's scarier.
Darker, more evil?
HoW did you knoW?
He's decided to cross over, out of films, into our reality.
Never sleep again.
The World of horror films suffered its oWn terror today...
as tWo of Hollywood's best knoWn special-effects technicians...
Were found dead in a vacant field.
Terrance Feinstein and Charles Wilson...
tWo special-effects artists...
reputedly Working on a top-secret project...
for the makers of the Freddy Krueger films...
Were found brutally slashed to death early this morning.
Freddy's glove Was missing...
and police are speculating the murders Were the result...
of a botched theft...
Which apparently took place tWo days ago.
At this point, the murder Weapon has not...
Oh, God.
Miss me?
There are no visiting hours this late.
y ou must understand.
No, I don't understand.
I told you I'm his baby-sitter.
I'm a close friend of the family, damn it.
I just need to see him for a minute.
Sixty seconds. Come on.
y ou have to understand. y ou can't see him.
What are you doing here?
I don't knoW.
I had this really terrible dream about Dylan.
I had to come and see him.
y ou must think I'm crazy.
No, I don't.
Is he all right?
I don't knoW. They Wouldn't let me in.
There are no evening visiting hours in intensive care.
Is he all right?
Dylan? He's holding Well.
Earlier he had some problems.
- He's in an oxygen tent noW. - Oh, my God.
Seems We've had an accident, Miss Langenkamp. May I?
Those are nasty cuts.
HoW did you get them?
It happened in the earthquake.
I fell.
I need to see Dylan.
In a moment. First let's see about you.
If these had been a feW inches nearer the Wrist...
What did you say you cut yourself on?
It Was the earthquake. It Was dark. I have no idea.
But these look quite fresh.
They are. It happened in tonight's earthquake.
It happened just 15 minutes ago.
y ou must have felt it.
Guess We lucked out over here.
y our son...
is apparently terrified of a man...
someone he thinks is going to come out of his bed.
One of the nurses heard him talking to himself.
Do you have any idea Who that man is?
I forgot to bring his dinosaur Rex.
He keeps Freddy from coming up out of his...
The man from your films?
Freddy Krueger?
With the claWs?
Is that Who he's afraid of?
y ou have let your child see your films, haven't you?
Every kid knoWs Who Freddy is.
He's like Santa Claus...
or King Kong or...
Well, interesting talking With you, Miss Langenkamp.
I hope you understand.
My concerns are simply for the Welfare of your son.
HoW's he doing?
- y ou shouldn't do that. - Too late.
- y ou shouldn't do that. - Too late.
I'm almost there, Heather.
Almost there.
- Doctor! - Keep her right there.
We can't hold him much longer.
Get the full anaesthetic, stat.
We don't have that here.
No anaesthetic, you say? ScreW it. I'm going in.
Little booger' s full of something I don't like.
Let's get him open, good and proper.
Cut this evil out of him.
- Gloria! - He's got my baby!
- Who? - Freddy!
Who? Freddy Krueger or something?
- What the hell's going on? - My baby!
Freddy's got my baby. He's got my Dylan.
I suggest you go home and get some rest.
y our son is fine.
He's doWnstairs for further testing.
But he Was just here.
He Was here, you fell asleep, We took him.
y ou looked so exhausted...
frankly, We didn't Want to Wake you.
Besides, the young Woman Julie is With him.
That's his baby-sitter, right?
Believe me. Everything is fine.
Everything's not fine.
Call security.
Security, code yelloW.
Pediatric testing.
This is a restricted area. Do you have a pass?
ScreW your pass.
It's all right.
Where is he?
Just stay calm.
HoW's her little boy doing?
He's fine, actually.
He came around about ten minutes ago.
He seems to be suffering from acute sleep deprivation.
I don't think she ever lets him sleep.
What are you saying?
Where is he?
I've got someone here Who Wants to see you.
Are you OK, champ?
Can We go get Rex noW?
The bad man's getting aWful close.
I knoW he is.
We're gonna go get Rex right noW.
I'm afraid Dylan should stay here until We knoW...
What's causing these episodes.
I'm sure you understand.
I'll tell you What.
I'm gonna go home and get Rex right noW.
y ou knoW that home isn't far from here, right?
Right across the freeWay.
That's right.
I Won't be gone long...
and Julie's gonna stay here With you.
y eah, you bet.
Hurry up, please. I'm sleepy.
I promise. Cross my heart.
But, Dylan...
until Mommy gets back...
Whatever you do...
don't fall asleep.
Julie, don't let him out of your sight.
What's going on? y our hair' s turning grey.
Julie, keep him aWake.
Ex cuse me, miss. Would you come With us?
What? Hey!
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Get your hands off me!
Do you mind? What the hell is this?
Just a quick Word...
for Dylan's sake.
We've had an ex citing day, haven't We?
This one?
Right there.
One, tWo, three. One, tWo, three.
y ou Won.
Would you mind stepping outside for one moment?
As a matter of fact, I Would.
What are you doing?
It's just a little shot to see that he sleeps.
No. His mother specifically said...
- I said no. - Do it.
All done.
He'll be asleep soon.
- Would you let go of my arm? - y ou bitch!
Hey, you can't do that!
I knoW What's in that one. Do you knoW What's in this one?
Or What's gonna happen to you When I stick you With it?
And I Will.
I Want you to stay aWake, OK?
Keep your eyes open for me. Come on.
Has there been any use of recreational drugs...
in your family?
Or any history of mental disturbance?
What are you asking?
Please, don't take it Wrong.
If there Was, there's a good chance...
Dylan could be suffering from something passed doWn to him.
Have you been suffering from any delusional events?
This man from your films...
Freddy Krueger.
Have you been seeing him?
Would you get those keys doWn here?
I Want you to stay aWake.
Keep your eyes open for me.
Where's Mommy?
She'll be back. NoW stay aWake.
There are drugs and treatments, Miss Langenkamp.
We could...
put Dylan in foster care for a short While.
Just long enough to run some tests on you.
Keep your eyes open. Do that for me, OK?
Come on. y ou can stay aWake. Stay aWake for me.
I Want you to stay aWake.
Keep your eyes open.
Dylan, What's the matter?
Julie, behind you.
There's nothing there.
Dylan, What's Wrong?
Dylan, stop it. y ou're scaring me.
I Want my son out of here right noW.
Very Well.
As soon as We can gather the appropriate papers.
y ou don't understand.
If Dylan falls asleep, then...
I got it.
Dylan, get out of here!
Ever play skin the cat?
Come on.
Help me.
What the hell's going on?
y ou can't go in there. No.
Wait, Wait.
Code yelloW to paediatric testing.
Where's my son?!
Where is he?!
Have you seen my son?
He Was just here.
The boy.
No Way he's going anywhere. He's been heavily sedated.
He doesn't have to be aWake to be on his feet.
- What? - He sleepWalks, you idiot.
He's fully capable of Walking out of this hospital.
Oh, shit.
John, it's Heather. I need your help.
Why? What happened?
Dylan's run aWay from the hospital.
I don't knoW if he's Wandering or headed for the house...
but I think Freddy's after him.
I knoW that sounds crazy, but...
y ou're right. That sounds crazy.
Oh, my God.
y ou knoW that home isn't far from here, right?
Right across the freeWay.
Krueger, you bastard!
Take me!
Are you OK?
y ou OK?
My son is out here!
Let me go! Dylan!
I'm sorry. What happened to you? Are you all right?
I'm fine. Have you seen Dylan?
Take it easy, take it easy.
Relax. He's right there. What happened?
Oh, God.
What's going on, Heather?
What in the World happened?
I knoW hoW Chase really died.
- What do you mean? - Fred Krueger did it.
y eah. Sure.
y ou saW him, didn't you?
Coming for you
Nancy, let's go outside.
He'll be all right.
I'll be right back.
What the hell is going on, Nancy?
Why are you calling me Nancy, John?
Why are you calling me John?
Nancy, pull yourself together...
before you make yourself and that kid nuts.
Would you call Robert?
Robert Englund.
- The guy Who plays Freddy. - Freddy Who?
Freddy Krueger.
Nancy, Freddy's dead.
Don't start losing it like your mother did.
I love you, sWeetheart.
Don't forget that.
I love you, too...
Get yourself some rest, Nancy, please.
One, tWo, Freddy's coming for you
Who's there?
Listen, Daddy. I've got a proposition for you.
I'm gonna get the guy Who did it...
and I Want you to arrest him When I bring him out, OK?
Nancy, just tell me Who did it. I'll go get him, baby.
Fred Krueger did it, Daddy.
y eah, sure.
Dylan's sleeping pills.
Say hoW they find their Way back home.
It's important.
Too late, Heather.
Too late.
Join you.
y ou've given me a Way to join you.
Almost there.
"The more she read, the more she realized...
"What she had in her hands Was nothing more or less...
"than her life itself.
"That everything she had experienced and thought...
"Was bound Within these pages."
"There Was no movie.
"There Was only...her life."
It's just me.
Are you OK? Are you all right?
Where's the man?
I don't knoW.
He had me, but then he let me go.
Meet your maker.
Pick a pet for the rugrat, bitch.
Fuck you!
Get over there, Dylan!
Take this!
Come here, my piggy. I got some gingerbread for you.
Where's your mommy, piglet, huh, huh?
One, tWo, Freddy's coming for you!
Come to papa.
Gonna eat you up.
Leave him alone!
Dylan, get out of there!
Are you OK?
Honey, honey.
Oh, my God.
We're saved. The Witch is dead.
And his mother covered him With kisses, and they Were safe.
"thanks for having the guts to play Nancy one last time.
" At last Freddy's back Where he belongs.
"Regards, Wes."
Is it a story?
y eah. It's a story.
Read me some.
"We open on an old Wooden bench.
"There's fire and tools...
" and a man's grimy hands...
"building What soon is revealed as a gleaming set of claWs.
" And the claWs are moving noW...
" as if aWakening from a long and unWanted sleep.
"Then the man lays one trembling hand flat upon the table...
" and With his other picks up a thick, sharp blade.
"Behind the lights, faces Watch from the darkness...
"ready to laugh or scream in terror."
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