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Next Karate Kid The (1994)

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Good to see you also.
Ah, Louisa, beautiful Louisa.
Although many of our families were locked up in internment camps...
weJapanese-Americans fought valiantly for our country in World War Two.
We forged a special bond of friendship with our white officers...
realizing that all of us believed in the ideals...
that forged our country.
In battles in Italy and France...
we became one of the most decorated army units in World War Two.
Today, the President of the United States honors us...
with a special unit citation.
The citation will be accepted on our behalf...
by Sergeant Ketsuke Miyagi and Mrs. Louisa Pierce...
the widow of LieutenantJack Pierce.
These men were legendary soldiers in a regiment of heroes.
Guard! Colors.
- More potatoes, Mr. Miyagi? - No, thank you, Louisa-san.
Miyagi is rice man, remember?
I am so sorry that my granddaughter's not here to meet you.
I don't know where she can be.
Julie! This is Mr. Miyagi. He was a friend of your grandfather.
Please excuse me for a moment.
Julie, I want you to come out and meet Mr. Miyagi.
- I did. I said ``hi.`` - I want you to talk to him.
You invited him here. You talk to him.
- What are you doing? - Getting some meat.
- Why? - It's for a friend.
May I ask which friend?
Why is it, whenever I come back here, I feel like I'm in a police station.
I'm surprised you don't take my fingerprints.
I worry about you, that's all. You've got to tell me what you want.
What I want is for you to leave me alone!
Where are you going? Susan!
My name is Julie. My mother's name was Susan.
She was killed in a car accident with my father, and they're both dead.
So stop trying to bring them back.
I'm sorry you had to see that. She is always so very angry.
Anybody who lose parent...
have much grief.
Grief trapped in the heart become big anger.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Have suggestion.
Suggest Louisa-san...
water flowers.
What do you mean, flowers?
Not here flower.
Flower in Miyagi garden. California.
Hi, Angel.
How you doing, huh?
How's your wing? Does it feel any better?
Come here. Can you come to me? Come here, hop to my hand.
Good girl. Let's go for a walk, okay?
Come on.
I got in another argument with my grandmother tonight.
I wish my parents were still here.
Everything wouldn't be so messed up.
You know...
if they found out you were here, they'd take you away.
Wouldn't that be awful? In some small cage.
You wouldn't know anybody.
- 544, handle code two. - We're checking it out.
Larry, look at that, up on the roof.
If she hasn't jumped yet, I'm gonna throw her.
I'll be back. You be quiet, okay?
You be quiet.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- You think she's still up here? - Beats me.
- What was that? - Look out!
You! Hold it right there!
I said hold it! Police!
Oh, come on!
Look, I've heard all this before.
Why don't you put it on a video so I can fast-forward through the familiar parts?
I love you,Julie, and I know you love me.
But these days, we act as if we hate each other.
Talking doesn't seem to help. It just makes things worse.
Mr. Miyagi's invited me to spend some time at his house in California.
He'll stay here and take care of everything while I'm gone.
This zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.
No parking.
Please do not leave any baggage unattended.
- Skycap! Here. - Yes, sir?
I've tried sometimes...
Just to talk to you and not get angry...
but everything gets messed up, and I don't know why.
Things get messed up for me too.
Grandmother barely on plane...
miss you already.
My birthday's in a couple of weeks. I guess she forgot.
Very special day. Everybody have birthday.
Miyagi make you special dinner, okay?
Tempura. Tempura, sukiyaki. You like?
No like. Okay.
Sushi. Sushi, sashimi. Huh?
Sashimi. No. Okay.
Miyagi have it. Hamburger teriyaki with French fry.
Look, I don't need a special dinner. I can take care of myself.
- I know where I'm going. - Good.
Miyagi know where you're going too. Going school.
Miyagi pick you up here this afternoon. Okay,Julie-san?
Hey, get to class. Get going.
Get to class. Let's go.
Morning,Julie. No, no, no. Those are bad for your ears.
Go to hell, Ned.
Now, I could take you down to the principal's office...
and get you into a little trouble.
Or, I could pick you up tomorrow night and take you down to the docks.
You've been to the docks, haven't you, Julie? Pretty girl like you.
Dream on.
Hey! Most girls in this school invite me.
Now, you're lucky to get an invitation.
Now, come on,Julie. You know it's going to happen.
Let go of me!
Start hanging out with me and my friends...
you can have any damn thing that you want.
- Let go of me. - What's going on, Ned?
Colonel Dugan, sir.
I caught this young lady smoking cigarettes.
What are you talking about? I wasn't smoking.
Her name is Julie Pierce, sir.
To the office. Let's go.
Curb your dog.
A member of the Alpha Elite caught this student smoking in the greenhouse.
A member of the Alpha Elite caught this student smoking in the greenhouse.
Put her record in the center file.
If this student screws up again, I want her out of here.
Of course, it depends on which rule she breaks.
No second chances. Next time, that's it.
- I agree. - All right, young lady...
you've been warned.
Now get to your next class.
It's a big school. I might get lost on the way.
McGowen, take this student to her next class. Room 238.
Hey, I'm Eric. What's your name?
Go to hell.
``Go to hell.`` That's a funny name. Is it Chinese?
Don't strain yourself. You're just another jerk working for Colonel Dugan.
So, you got a problem with that?
Hang out with morons, and you catch their stupidity.
The Alpha Elite-- it's like a championship football team.
That's what this school's known for.
Right. And you believe everything you hear?
I don't believe your name is ``go to hell.``
See you later.
- McGowen, right? - Yeah.
Colonel Dugan told me you took Julie Pierce to her next class.
- Any problems? - No.
No? Good.
Don't forget, she's mine.
Anybody home?
It's okay. It's okay.
How's the wing, huh? Does it feel any better?
Don't worry.
- What are you doing up here? - Where'd you get the hawk?
She got shot in the wing. I found her on the grass near the gym.
- Does it bite? - Yeah.
Yeah, so stay back.
So, what is this place?
One of the janitors used to keep pigeons up here.
Yeah? It's pretty cool. You got your own private little zoo.
- This is my secret, all right? - Well, not anymore.
- What do you mean? - What do I mean? What do I mean?
You tell anybody about this, and you're gonna be in trouble.
- What kind of trouble? - Well, I'll--
- I'll call Domino's Pizza. - Yeah?
I'll have them deliver 48 pizzas in the middle of the night.
That's great. I love pizza. No anchovies, okay?
I'll write your name all over the girls' bathroom.
I'll tell everyone you have some weird social disease.
I guess I'm gonna be pretty popular then, huh?
- You have a car? - Yeah.
How would you like a pound of sugar poured down the gas tank?
- You're kinda angry, aren't you? - Yes!
- I like that. - What are you gonna do about Angel?
So, what are you gonna do?
You'll see.
In the past, we've had external enemies.
Now the enemy is in our country.
It's inside our cities, in our schools.
In a war, you have to be ready and able to destroy your enemy.
Your school is clean and orderly...
because you are ready and able to give a maximum response.
Some punk brings spray paint, puts graffiti on our walls...
we spray paint his eyeballs so that he sees red.
Some kid drops a candy wrapper...
you make him pick it up and eat it.
- Do you understand me? - Yes, sir!
Are you ready and able to give a maximum response?
A maximum effort? To go to the limit?
All right.
Now, this is a bullring, and I am the bull.
My objective is to defend.
Your objective is to attack...
so take your best shot.
Does that mean anything goes, Colonel Dugan?
Try whatever you'd like.
I got him. Hit him.
- Very good, Ned. - Sir!
Where is McGowen?
McGowen, get out here.
You have a problem?
No, I don't. I'll fight for my family, I'll fight for myself...
but I'm not gonna step in there just so you can show me how tough you are.
Maybe you should fight out of anger then.
Yes! Now that's more like it.
That's what I like to see.
Get back.
I guess that made you feel like a man, huh?
Did you feel pretty good?
When the enemy is weakest, that's when you destroy them.
Excuse me.
Looking for student named Julie Pierce.
Who the hell are you?
My name Miyagi. Friend of student grandmother.
I don't care if you're a friend of the pope.
You're trespassing.
Now get your butt off school property.
- Boy, you okay? - Yeah, I'm all right.
What are you all gawking at? Let's do some laps. Come on!
I told you to leave.
Do you have a problem with your hearing?
No, hearing okay.
Then it must a problem with this old body of yours getting rickety.
- You don't move very fast. - Move fast enough when necessary.
I told you to leave.
Miyagi raised in small village...
on Okinawa.
At that time...
was a very bad-tempered bull...
live in a pasture near village.
Bull very bad. He chase children...
woman going shopping, farmer, everybody.
Then, one day, big festival.
Everybody happy.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
That day, bad bull become good soup.
-Did you tell Dugan about the hawk? -You stayed after school to ask me that?
If anyone finds out about Angel, they're gonna take her away.
Is that what you call her-- Angel?
- How do you know she's a girl? - Will you just answer the question?
I'm sorry. I have to go.
Well, I'm not getting out of this car until you tell me what you're gonna do.
Fine. Have it your way.
Do you like my car?
It's an Oldsmobile 442. I saved it from the junkyard.
- It's just a car. - ``It's just a car``?
Does MichaelJordan Just play basketball?
Is Wayne Gretzky Just a hockey player?
I don't know. Is he?
No, he's not. He's great, like this car.
- Where are you going? - To work.
- You're a train driver? - Security.
- A security guard? - Yeah, that's right.
You know, my grandfather, he used to be an engineer in this train yard.
I just chase the rats. Come here, I wanna show you something.
From up here you could see the top of the world.
Come on up.
Why do you do this?
Well, for the money. What else?
My dad walked out on us about six years ago.
For a while he was sending us money, but then he just stopped.
So, I had to get a job.
I don't know, I guess he didn't think we were very important.
It doesn't matter though. This is temporary.
I'm going to the Air Force Academy. I'm gonna be a fighter pilot.
Dugan said I can get in.
That's why you joined his group?
Yep, it's a pain in the ass...
but, hey, it'll get me in the cockpit of an F-1 5.
I never think about the future.
Sure you do. What are you doing next month?
Don't know.
- What are you doing next week? - Don't care.
What are you doing in the next five seconds?
I'm gonna make you promise me...
that you won't tell anybody about the hawk.
- Don't worry. - Promise.
- Look, if it's that important to you-- - Promise!
All right.
I promise.
Talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.
Julie-san, hello.
So, how was school today?
What's wrong with you? Are you crazy?
You're supposed to knock before you come into a girl's room!
Very, very sorry. Miyagi apologize.
Very sorry. Oh, very sorry.
Okay, I'm dressed. You can look now.
Miyagi apologize. You see...
before, live with friend, Daniel-san.
Daniel-san come Miyagi room, Miyagi go Daniel-san room.
No big thing. A boy is easier.
-Just forget about it, okay? - Okay.
Today, Miyagi go pick upJulie-san at the school...
but you not there.
I went to the train yard to talk to this guy.
- No big deal. - Miyagi also talk to people--
your teachers.
Bring home homework you miss for three weeks.
Great. Maybe I'll do it sometime.
Maybe do it tonight.
Don't order me around.
Is not order. Is very small request.
I told you this morning, I know where I'm going in my life...
and I don't need any math problems to get there.
Ambition without the knowledge...
is like boat on dry land.
Forget it, I'm outta here!
Will you just stay out of my life? Stop telling me what to do!
Not trying to tell you nothing. Try teach you something.
Teach me? Look at you! You can't even speak English.
- Wow, I'm really sorry. Are you okay? - I'm okay.
Are you okay? I'm really sorry.
She came out of nowhere, man. I didn't even see her.
- You're not hurt? - I said I was okay!
Hey, look, I'm really sorry! Listen, man, I'm really sorry.
I just gotta deliver this pizza down the road. My boss has been on my case.
And I've been having trouble with my-- I gotta go! I'm sorry!
Are you sure you're okay? I gotta go! I'm really sorry!
Go ahead. Do what my grandmother does.
Tell me I made another mistake.
``Julie, you're so thoughtless. Julie, you lost your temper again.``
Julie-san, Miyagi no need say nothing.
You're doing very nice job, thank you.
You're not gonna say anything?
Have small question. Where you learn that?
Learn what?
Jump into tiger position when car almost hit you.
They no teach that kind of stuff girl's gym.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I just reacted.
My father taught me karate when I was a little girl.
We used to do it every night after school.
I thought it was a game.
Your grandpapa...
save Miyagi life...
long time ago.
Was wartime.
So, Miyagi try to say thank you...
teach him karate.
He love karate.
He teach your father.
Your father teach you.
And then they died.
Everybody died.
Miyagi understand.
Miyagi also have parents at one time.
Anger no bring them back.
My mother was a beautiful woman.
Whenever I watched her get dressed for a party...
I thought she looked like a magical princess.
My father loved her.
He was wise and funny and kind.
It wasn't right that they were killed.
It wasn't fair.
Death not fair to anyone...
but still we must live our lives.
I used to see them so bright in my mind...
so clear.
Now all I have are these photographs.
Julie-san, parents leave you...
more than just the photographs.
Leave you with very valuable legacy.
- What legacy? - Karate.
What's so special about that?
Karate here.
But, this time, you too young to understand...
true value of karate.
For once, I wish you could give me an answer I could understand.
Answer only important...
when ask right question.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
How come my makeup's all over the bathroom?
Too much makeup.
Bathroom have too much makeup.
What do you mean, ``too much makeup``?
There's no such thing as too much makeup.
Julie-san, it become problem when--
The problem is my teeth.
I just realized. They don't match my nose.
Teeth fine, nose fine.
Everything fit just fine.
I've been thinking about this karate stuff my dad taught me.
Do you think I could still do it? I'm not real strong.
Many kind of strength,Julie-san.
Well, I thought maybe you could give me a few lessons...
so if Dugan's guys try to hassle me, I could take care of myself.
You want a lesson? You pay Miyagi.
Pay you? With what? I'm broke.
Miyagi take four homework paper payment one karate lesson.
- No way. - No way, no teach.
All right.
Two math papers for one lesson.
Two math paper, one history paper.
Okay. Deal.
Let's start right now.
Good. First, we wax the car.
This hand wax on, this hand wax off. See?
Forget it. I'm not waxing anybody's car.
But first we wax car, then we work engine.
This new kind karate. Very much fun.
Fun? The mall is fun.
You have money for gasoline go mall?
I told you, I'm broke.
Then no need go mall.
You know what? I don't think you know anything about girls.
Miyagi have much to learn about girls.
Boys easier.
I still want to go to the mall.
But I thought maybe you could loan me some money.
No need loan money.
Family across street have three young boys need baby-sitter.
Miyagi told them you'd be very happy take job.
Hi, I'm Julie.
- What are you doing here? - Miyagi figure...
children no have enough toys, so bring more.
Nerf balls, flying disk.
All kind good stuff. You just have fun.
`` Have fun``? Mr. Miyagi, they don't need any more toys.
They need three child-sized straightjackets.
Sun is warm, grass is green.
If todayJulie-san get angry...
Just you repeat those words.
Take deep breath in through nose.
Sun is warm, grass is green.
Everything work out.
The sun is warm, the grass is green.
Get her! Get her! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
- Move! Go! - Got ya!
Let's get outta here!
You planned that whole thing.
Baby-sitting sometime good exercise for karate student,Julie-san.
Well, when do I learn how to break boards and stuff like that?
Why break boards? What boards do to you?
That kind stuff no teach you how to conquer anger,Julie-san.
- Understand? - Yeah.
Julie Pierce-- I knew it. Cops said it was a girl. Let's go.
Julie, what's going on? Looking for an education?
- Surprise. - Where you going,Julie?
-Maybe she left something in her locker. -Let go of me!
She's feisty, feisty.
Get her!
There's no way out,Julie!
I know you're in here,Julie.
Come on,Julie. I'm not that bad.
Let's just talk.
Let's try to be friends,Julie.
I hope I didn't scare you,Julie.
I didn't mean to.
I just want to see if we can work out some of our differences.
I really don't like McGowen.
I thought maybe we can...
talk about that a little bit.
You should have let me take you to--
You're real pretty in the moonlight, but this is nice.
Get off!.
Sometimes I like it different. Where you going,Julie?
Get her, will you?
Come on, guys, move it!
Don't let her out of this courtyard!
- Here we come,Julie! - Get her!
Don't let her go! Open the door!
I'll see you at the docks. Don't forget, we have a date.
Officer, I'm so glad you're here.
So what you doing at school this hour,Julie-san--studying?
I was trying to feed Angel.
Angel. Rather you act like angel.
Angel's a hawk, Mr. Miyagi.
- Hawk? - Yes.
It's a long story.
Miyagi ready to listen to long story.
Get in car, please.
You're mad at me, aren't you?
Julie-san, try to protect hawk is okay, good.
But should have told Miyagi.
Dugan talked with the principal. They kicked me out of school for two weeks.
Now I'll never catch up with my classes.
Maybe I should just forget about school...
forget about my life.
Why can't I just lock myself in my room and listen to music all day?
No, please.
Too hard on Miyagi ear.
Have better idea.
Tomorrow we go special place.
Go visit longtime Miyagi friend.
- Hi, Eric. - What are you doing here?
Something happened at school, and I got suspended for a little while.
We're going out of town for a couple weeks. Can you feed the hawk for me?
What'd you get suspended for?
It's a long story. I'll tell you later. Can you feed the hawk?
Yeah, no problem.
Good. It's raw meat every other day and keep the water bottle filled.
Well, I'm gonna miss you.
You gonna miss me?
Maybe? I'm not accepting any maybes today.
Eric, watch out.
I want an answer. You gonna miss me?
- Not if you break your leg. - That's not the answer I want.
I want an answer.
- Yes. - What?
Yes, I'll miss you.
Julie-san, you get five gallon unleaded regular...
and some chocolate bar with almonds.
- Hi. - How are you?
Can I get five gallons of gas and some chocolate bars with almonds, please?
- Ted, what are you doing? - I'm not doing anything.
Hello, dog.
Nice puppy.
Very nice dog.
How'd you do that, Mr. Miyagi? That dog was about to attack me.
- Anything possible if not afraid. - I wish I had your courage.
- Wish I had chocolate bar with almond. - I got 'em.
What the hell you think you're doing? Look at my dog.
You turned him into a damn chicken.
Sometime animal have more sense than human.
Yeah? Well, you watch your mouth, old man.
- Come on, let's just get outta here. - You ain't going till I say so.
Hey, let girl go.
- Watch it, Ted. - What are you gonna do, old man? Fight?
Fighting not good.
Fighting not good. Somebody always get hurt.
Right. I totally agree.
That was great, Mr. Miyagi.
No, not great.
Miyagi always look for way not to fight.
Miyagi hate fighting. Was most unfortunate.
`` Unfortunate``? Come on. Aren't you glad you kicked some guy's butt?
Not want to kick anything.
Was most unfortunate their butts attached to small brain.
Now what?
Now we wait.
Sorry. Sorry.
There's this loud bong going off, and I couldn't sleep any longer.
So I thought we'd get some breakfast.
Earth to Miyagi.
Come in, Mr. Miyagi.
Good morning,Julie-san.
Rock garden is very sacred place.
Is example of inner peace.
Sand represent ocean.
Big rock,Japan.
Small rock, Okinawa...
- where Miyagi born. - So?
So, go visitJapan.
- What? - Hurry up. Get on big rock.
All right, I'm on Japan.
Think I could buy a TV set while I'm here?
No, no, no. No TV set.
First, you fake front kick at opponent.
Roll hip, come around, make round kick, land on Okinawa.
- That sounds hard. - Try.
That's impossible.
Anything try first time impossible, but must try. Do again.
Is there a trick to this-- something I haven't figured out?
- Pray. - Pray?
Great. Wonderful. That's a big help.
Very good,Julie-san. Try again.
When little girl growing up...
parents always say, `` Be good...
wear pretty dress, no fight.``
Then, when same girl grow up...
when in time in dangerous situation, she hesitate.
Oh? So when is it okay? I mean, how do you know when to f--
When you have full respect for self...
respect for others, that answer come.
What are we supposed to do here? Pitch some hay?
Julie-san must learn be alert.
Must know all times where is trouble.
- All right, I'm alert. - Open eyes.
My eyes are already open. What am I supposed to do?
Boy, am I hungry. I could eat a big juicy--
What's the problem?
What'd I do wrong?
Julie-san try to kill cockroach.
What? Like you've never tried to kill a cockroach before?
Monks here believe...
negative action cause suffering and pain.
So, therefore, within monastery walls...
nothing is ever killed.
Well, that's a stupid rule.
Where you going?
Is stupid when neighborhood gangs...
kill each other with no reason.
Is stupid when countries fight wars.
Not stupid to respect all living things.
Yeah, I bet you've killed a cockroach.
Miyagi don't live in monastery, Julie-san...
but still respect all living things.
By the time I'd left the army...
I had learned one thing:
When you go into battle, you must be strong.
Eric McGowen?
- Yeah. - Eyes forward.
Your mother's on the phone.
You're not finished here. You don't leave here until I say so.
You leave here, and you can forget about that recommendation...
to the Air Force Academy.
That'll be it for you. You'll end up flipping burgers the rest of your life.
- Mom, what's wrong? - Eric, it's me,Julie.
Julie. What's going on?
Sorry I had to call you at school, but the place I'm at has no phone.
I wanted to make sure Angel's okay.
She's lonely. I think she misses you.
I hope this phony call doesn't get you in trouble.
- So when are you coming back? - I don't know.
Well, you better make it soon, okay?
See ya.
I'm sorry I tried to kill the cockroach. Look.
This time I'm not gonna get taken by surprise.
That very good to hear,Julie-san.
You're in here. I know you are.
- Feel alert,Julie-san? - Totally.
- Ready to defend self? - No problem.
Then do with blindfold.
Come on. How can I block an attack if I can't see?
Then you use ear, nose, skin, feet.
Learn to use all senses.
I did it! I was focused! Totally focused!
Must open senses wider,Julie-san.
I'm really sorry. I thought you guys were asleep.
I'm outta here. I'll get outta here right away.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mr. Miyagi.
What's going on?
Just monks having good time.
I thought they were supposed to be spiritual leaders.
Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance.
Mr. Miyagi, I can't do this. I've tried a thousand times.
You remember what I say first time we do this?
Praying mantis always drop to one knee before strike.
Yes! Yes!
I did it! I did it! Yes!
``Congratulations``? That's all you're gonna say, is congratulations?
- Don't I get a belt or something? - Buy belt mall.
I mean a karate belt-- brown belt, black belt.
- Why need belt? - So everyone knows I'm good.
You know you good. That the important thing.
Come on. Even Elvis Presley got a black belt.
Borrow from Elvis next time see him.
Wax on, wax off.
Very good,Julie-san.
Miss spot.
This called footwork kata.
Footwork, footwork, footwork! That's it!
One more time! Whoa! Boom!
Tomorrow we go home.
Time go back school.
Yeah, I know.
I wish the monks had had dinner with us. I would have liked to say ``good-bye.``
Monks discover something aboutJulie-san.
Think they like tell you something. Come.
Okay, I confess. I killed a spider in my bedroom, but it was an accident.
I even buried him and said a little prayer.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dearJulie-san
- Happy birthday to you - This is great.
It's the first cake I'm ever gonna eat with chopsticks.
Blow candle, make wish.
Maybe you get it.
Monks agree...
to giveJulie-san one wish and one gift.
Well, my one wish was that you guys would come visit us in Boston.
This is difficult.
We have not left monastery for many years.
Wish granted.
Now receive gift.
Your gift is demonstration of Zen archery.
So, where's the target?
You're looking at it.
Excuse me?
Abbot will shoot one arrow--
not for points.
If master small thing...
anything become possible.
Miyagi volunteer for this honor.
Thanks for the arrow.
Good morning,Julie. Welcome back.
Good morning, Mr. Wilkes. Listen, I'm sorry about what happened.
Well, I guess you learned something.
Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.
I don't quite understand your answer.
The answer's only important if you ask the right question.
- Hi, Eric. - How you doing?
Great. How are you?
Just fine. Welcome back.
So, tell me-- where did you go?
I can't tell you.
- What do you mean, you can't tell me? - You'd never believe me.
Hey, I haven't been up to see Angel yet. How is she?
- She's fine. She's doing good. - Is she?
- Yeah. We're best friends. - Really?
- You want some milk? - Thanks.
Look who's back in school.
Looks like Ned and his friends are still mad at me.
Yeah, well, you're not the only one they're mad at.
- I quit Dugan's group. - You what?
Come on. I'll tell you about it.
So, tell me about the Air Force Academy. I thought Dugan could get you in.
I don't need Dugan. I can do it on my own.
He's been giving people orders for so long, he's got their brains fried.
I want to be like Angel.
I don't want to be someone--
Where is she?
She was in here yesterday. I fed her.
She had a broken wing.
- She couldn't fly away. - I don't know.
What's the matter,Julie?
- Did you lose you little birdie? - What did you do with her?
The one that can't fly?
It might end up in a Dumpster.
What are you-- a tough guy?
- Tougher than you. - Stop it, Eric.
- Yeah? - Don't! Eric!
- Where's the hawk? - I called Animal Control, McGowen.
A man came, and he put it in a cage.
- Stop it! - I bet you he's gonna kill it...
and then he's gonna stuff it.
- Eric, stop. Will you stop? - Come on, man!
Stop, Eric. Forget about him.
Oh, I'm not done with you yet, McGowen.
One way or another...
we're gonna finish this thing.
Hi. Hi.
Hi, Angel. How'd they treat you in there?
Angel ready to fly.
That's impossible, Mr. Miyagi. She's got a broken wing.
Take chance. See what happen.
Nothing's going to happen.
Angel decide, notJulie-san.
Come on.
I told you, Mr. Miyagi, she can't fly away. She has a broken wing.
We don't know that yet.
Now, let wind touch bird.
Maybe if you believe...
Angel believe too.
Now release.
Okay. Fly away, Angel.
What's wrong, Angel? You're free. Go on. Fly away.
Sometimes, when live in cage too long...
whole world seem like very big place.
You're strong, Angel.
I know you are.
Fly away. Fly free.
You healed her, Mr. Miyagi.
No. Angel heal self.
But your faith give her courage to fly.
Come. We go.
I'm really going to miss Angel.
I used to talk to her a lot. I told her everything.
You lucky you have Angel talk to.
She no talk back.
Maybe now you talk Miyagi...
or your friend, Eric.
He asked me to the senior prom. I didn't know what to say.
What problem? You no like boy?
Yeah, I like him...
but it's a formal dance, and I don't have a dress.
Even if I did go, I probably wouldn't fit in.
What would happen if they started doing an old-fashioned waltz or something?
I don't know how to waltz.
All things possible,Julie-san.
I have to admit, though, it was nice to get asked.
May I help you, sir?
Oh, yes.
Want to buy dress.
Formal dance-- very important.
Of course. Well, as you see, we have all sorts of styles.
Do you like an A-line, or do you like a tea length?
Do you like off-the-shoulder?
Miyagi like everything, but dress not for me.
Dress for teenage girl.
Of course. Well, what kind of a girl is she? Is she trendy...
or conservative?
We can do a silk charmeuse or a crepe de chine.
Girl have good spinning back kick...
but need work on sword-hand block.
Yes, that's very helpful.
Is she tall?
Not too tall, but not short.
Not fat.
Not skinny. Slender.
Like this.
Hi, Mr. Miyagi.
What are you doing?
Today we practice karate inside house.
Here, in the parlor?
Today Miyagi show you new kata.
First, lead with left foot, right punch.
- Then Julie-san follow. - Okay.
Side step, punch.
Punch, side step.
Feet together.
This time, Miyagi move, you counter.
Feet together.
Once more.
- Counter. - Okay.
Feet together. Just a minute.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
I can't believe it. I'm dancing.
Where'd you learn this?
Miyagi invent new kata called `` Karate Waltz.``
Actually, Julie-san grandpapa teach.
Was in World War Two, France.
He tell Miyagi, ``You can dance.
You can fight, you can dance, you have good footwork.``
I still don't know what I'm going to wear to this thing.
Oh, yes. Miyagi forget something.
You stay, practice. I be right back.
Late birthday present from Miyagi.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Miyagi want you to go dance.
How'd you know my size?
That was very difficult part.
It's too bad you never had a daughter, Mr. Miyagi.
You would have been a good parent.
Thank you.
One minute.
As a new parent, may I have this dance?
So, you call Eric, you tell him we go dance.
What do you mean, ``we``?
Miyagi drive car.
Mr. Miyagi, it doesn't exactly work that way.
Okay, then Mr. Miyagi stay home, wait like anxious parent.
Come on.
I'm Eric. I'm here forJulie Pierce.
I'm Eric McGowen.
Oh, yes. Honored to meet you. Miyagi here.
I'm taking Julie to the dance tonight.
Oh, yes. Of course...
you bring her home by 1 0:00?
Well, see, the dance goes to midnight.
So, why don't I bring her back around 1 :00?
What you do for extra hour?
Treat her with respect.
Treat her with respect for one hour.
Friend Eric here.
You can come in, Mr. Miyagi.
I wish my parents could see this.
Oh, parents watching.
I still remember what you said to me at the monastery...
about keeping them in my heart.
It's a way to love someone even if they're not with you.
Parents very proud...
like Miyagi--
very happy.
Oh,Julie-san, tonight you are beautiful woman.
Enjoy dance.
Maybe Miyagi celebrate too.
Take monks for ride on town.
See you later, guys.
- Who are those people? - Friends.
- I like them. - I like them too.
That is a nice dress.
You better watch the road, Eric.
You know, you look like you, but you don't look like you.
- One way. - You are so beautiful.
It's a one-way street, Eric!
Do you really want to do this?
`` Boston Bowl``
`` Boston Bowl``
Don't touch this ball, all right? This ball cost serious money.
Sorry. Don't understand English.
Look, don't talk either.
What the problem?
Don't breathe, don't move. I don't want any distractions.
Perhaps we can make a small contest.
Say, buck a point?
Just a minute.
Do you believe these guys? It'll be a piece of cake.
Contest covered.
Why do they keep their eyes closed?
It's called Zen bowling.
No have to see pins, only have to think about target.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
For getting you in trouble with Ned and his friends.
You're worth it.
Help me get him down.
You all right?
- I hit my arm. - Yeah?
Whose idea was this?
Ned's. Dugan said it would be all right.
Leave him alone, McGowen.
This is real smart, Ned. I think you broke your buddy's arm here.
At least he was brave enough to try it.
Why don't you Just mind your business?
- You're okay, right? - Yeah.
- Those guys are idiots. - Right here, McGowen.
- Oh, yeah? - Don't fight.
McGowen just challenged me.
I'm not letting him get away with this.
None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for me.
What? What are you talking about?
Hey, listen, I'm glad this happened.
Forget about Dugan. I don't need him.
I'm gonna live my life my way.
Sometimes that's difficult.
Not when I'm with you.
So, Mr. Miyagi is teaching you karate?
- Yeah, a little. - Yeah?
So, if I try to kiss you, will you use it?
- The sun is warm. The grass is green. - What?
What was that?
Let's go, McGowen.
Are you all right?
I'll see you at the docks, McGowen...
if you're brave enough to go.
- You all right? Look at this. - Yeah. Let's call the police.
Why? What's the point? They're Just going to lie about what happened.
- What are we going to do? - We are not doing anything.
I'm going to settle this thing once and for all.
- Where's your little buddies, Ned? - I didn't think you were gonna show.
It's one on one.
One on one, man. Now I'm gonna teach you how to fight.
You want a piece of me? Now's the time.
Let's go.
Remember the bullring, McGowen?
As I recall, you didn't think much of that particular exercise.
Maybe now you wish you'd paid more attention.
I got a piece of you, didn't I?
Yes, you did. Now it's payback time.
Well, son, this time you've bitten off more than you can chew.
- Let me have him, Ned. - Not now, Charlie.
We're a team. We're gonna do this together.
- Come on. Come on! - Light it.
Come on, McGowen, let's go.
Come on, Eric.
Pick him up.
We haven't even started yet, McGowen. Come on.
You wanted me, McGowen. You wanted a piece of me, right?
- Well, you got it. - Get up!
You're not that tough. Come on.
Come here! Come here!
You're not gonna quit. Come on, quitter.
Oh, come on, McGowen. I thought you were tougher than that, pal.
Higher. I want to see his eyes.
- Thanks for showing up, McGowen. - Anytime.
Pick him up.
Come here. Come here.
Finish him off.
What are you all looking at?
What do you think I've been training you for?
Ned, kick him.
Do it!
- Dugan, he's down. - Pick him up!
- Do it. - Please.
- Get out of here. - Come on.
Come. I call police.
McGowen was speeding around in his car. Obviously he had a car accident.
That's a lie, man.
Is no accident when fight is five against one.
Ned here could have beaten McGowen with his arms behind his back.
Come. We go.
Julie-- What?
What, are you kidding me?
- Let me fight him. - You want to fight me?
Julie-san, no fighting.
- Please. - Colonel, she wants to fight me.
If I'm ever going to respect myself, I have to do this.
Mr. Miyagi, please tell her she's gonna get hurt.
Julie-san right.
Now is time.
Just remember: True strength come from inside.
If you're gonna do this...
you put her away.
Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir. - All right.
Guys, this is really embarrassing.
But okay.
Give me your best shot.
Slow down!
Use your strength.
That was really good,Julie. It really was.
Stop this!
But it wasn't good enough.
Come on!
All over,Julie-san. We go.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
The war is not over because one battle's lost.
- Charlie'll fight her. - No, sir.
- Come on, Charlie. I said, fight her! - No, sir. What are you doing? No!
You're crazy, man.
- Morgan, you fight her. - Colonel, it's over.
Ned, get up and finish the job.
I said, get up and finish the job!
- No more. - What?
It's not over.
Then we finish.
I'm gonna put your lights out.
Time put your lights out.
You said you had all the answers, Colonel.
- You were great. - Not great.
You kicked some butt.
Julie-san, how many times Miyagi say fighting not good?
I know. Somebody always gets hurt.
Mr. Miyagi, come on, admit it:
We kicked some butt.
Fighting not good...
but if must fight, win.
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