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Ni Liv (Nine Lives)

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NINE LIVES|The story of Jan Baalsrud
In the spring of 1943,|Jan Baalsrud met his destiny.
All his friends met their deaths.
More than 100 countrymen|helped Jan Baalsrud survive.
This film can't tell everyone's story|and does not mention any real names.
Baalsrud himself,|has supervised this production -
- so it would meet his one and most|important note: Thanks for life!
Sorry to drag you|all the way up to Lapland.
- Don't wear Mr. Baalsrud out.|- I'm in fine shape now.
I have greetings|from London and Shetland.
- How much do you know?|- Nothing.
We thought we had lost everyone.|Then you showed up here in Sweden ...
Your feet seem so large.
They were bigger|when I first came ashore.
They want a complete report.
{y:i}I don't know if I can ever give|{y:i}a complete report.
{y:i}Everything still seems so unreal.
{y:i}We were Norwegian soldiers.|{y:i}We had crossed over from Shetland.
{y:i}A cargo of weapons and explosives.|{y:i}Supplies for Northern Norway.
{y:i}Those are the facts|{y:i}that are easy to mention.
{y:i}And that should suffice|{y:i}as an introduction.
- That's it.|- Stand by.
{y:i}Yes, this is the place.
Who are you?
- Are you alone?|- My wife is asleep.
What do you want|in the middle of the night?
- Our shoes need half-soling.|- We heard you were the best.
And that we could trust you.
Who said that?
Who are you?
Hansen. The shoemaker.
- Who is the enemy?|- Who are we?
The Germans are the enemy.|They took ...
Leave!|Go away!
- You don't want to talk to me.|- What does he mean?
- Now you listen here, Hansen ...|- I'll explain everything.
- Don't wake my wife!|- What do you need to explain?
They took the Hansen|who was here before me.
What did you just say?
Don't worry.|I'm afraid myself.
All shoemakers up north are|called Hansen. I'm from down south.
I took over Hansen's business when|he was arrested. I won't say a word.
I'll forget you ever came here.
Won't even tell my wife,|although she loves the King.
I don't think you are agitators.
It happens ...|I mean ...
They try to trick us. Send out people|in Norwegian uniforms, -
- with English cigarettes,|to find out who has contact with ...
I know of someone|who has contact with ...
I've known for quite some time.
You want to talk to Konrad.|The fisherman.
I'll call him.
You can find him yourselves.
His is the only boathouse|north of here.
We apologize for coming|to the wrong house -
- and waking you up|in the middle of the night.
Just don't mention this to a soul.
- And never claim we were agitators!|- Two can play at that game.
- This is taking too long.|- Think something's wrong?
- Bring the smack all the way in.|- Is it deep enough?
- Can we forget Hansen?|- He's just afraid, poor man.
- He'll calm down.|- Is the floor strong enough?
- Eight tons of dynamite.|- Plus fuses.
It will hold.
Let's get to it.
Do you know what you're doing?
Yes.|Do you?
Take care of Hansen right away,|and we'll be sure.
Don't be late.
Skipper, get the crew ashore!|Into the boat!
Keep the boats out of the way!
Move out!
- Should I light it?|- Yes.
- How long will it burn?|- Two minutes.
50 seconds.
40 seconds.|All clear?
Prepare to board.
30 seconds.|Row!
- Dammit!|- Row!
Steer with your oar, Per.
Get your feet up.|Thank you, Tua.
It's a good thing I know|how to handle helpless men.
Take it easy.
I'm the midwife around here.|Nothing to worry about.
Where are you going?|Those are still wet!
Have you lost your mind?
I am a dangerous man|to have in the house.
Ask for Henrik across the mountain.|Give him my name.
I never give any names.
Who are you?
- I said, who are you?|- Let me sleep.
- Where is Henrik?|- I am Henrik.
Then I can sleep here.
- Who sent you?|- England.
- You're lying!|- It's the truth. We came by smack.
- I heard about that boat.|- What did you hear?
- I wouldn't tell an informer.|- Did you hear that everyone was ...
You are one man too many,|if what I heard was true.
Heinrich ...
No, no ...
You can never be careful enough.|He has slept for nine hours.
Let's find out who he is.|Yell for him to get up.
You're from England, all right.
Good pronunciation.
You scared the living daylights|out of me.
- ls this an island or the mainland?|- An island. But I have a boat.
We leave tonight.
- I have boots.|- You can't ski in sea boots.
It's a long way to Sweden.
- No need to explain anything to you.|- You aren't the first.
Grit your teeth.
Frozen flesh doesn't bleed.|Just watch out for gangrene.
Eat. We have to hurry.
Mum says, there's pork at the bottom.
I'll find it.
Prepare the boat, boy,|and put the skis on board.
Had the midwife|delivered that baby yet?
You can't fool me. The stump of your|big toe is in one of her diapers.
Keep going!
Look out!
- Jan?|- Wait!
- Do we know him?|- No.
- Yes, I think I know ...|- He's bleeding.
The Germans are going from house|to house. Hide him in the barn.
- Can you take him alone?|- Yes.
- Have you hidden the radio?|- Yes. Are they far off?
They're coming this way.
I'll warm some food.
Have they been here?
They've been to my place.
- Making a midnight snack?|- It's for the calf.
- You should be at home, grandpa.|- I shouldn't have moved back north.
Go home, grandpa. It's late.
I had to come up here|to mind the future, my child.
You're going to feed the calf|with a spoon?
He's very ill.
He'll leave soon.
Grandpa can be trusted,|but old people talk too much.
- What's that around his neck?|- The bandage from his foot.
- It's still beating.|- Can you open his mouth?
He needs a doctor tonight.
- Impossible.|- We have to feed him something.
I'm most worried about his legs.|Go inside, in case someone comes.
Find some ointment and blankets.
The ladder has some weak rungs.|And get grandpa out of here!
{y:i}Wir müssen|bedtime.
- We are safe now. Go home.|- That's what I always hear.
When we grow old,|and there is trouble, -
- only the youngest need us.
- They have faith in us.|- Don't be ridiculous, grandpa.
If he is who I think he is, he needs|to cross the mountains to the border.
It will take time|if we have to pull him.
We can be back|before the Germans miss us.
Then the boys in Mandalen can|take over. No Germans up there.
- There's no ointment left in town.|- But more than enough curiosity.
His leg is blue.|Try the doctor again.
He isn't back.|How long do you dare wait?
Only until tonight. He has to leave.|There's still life in him.
What if he isn't who you think?
You and I can take that chance,|but we're involving many others.
If I can vouch for him|after talking to him ...
Then we'll all vouch for him.
- He's awake.|- Has he said who he is?
Are you hungry, too?
- What's the matter, Agnes?|- I think he's blind.
Can't you see me?
- Who are you?|- That depends who you are.
Not a bad answer.
Thank God! There's life in your legs.
It hurts like hell to begin with.|That's a good sign.
I was afraid|you had lost all feeling.
The doctor's stuck|up in the mountains.
But I'm sure|everything will be ... fine ...
If you fire now, you'll hit me.
- Where am I?|- Where are you from?
From the mountains.|Where am I?
With good people|if you are a good man.
- What's this place called?|- Furuflaten.
Can we put that gun away?
- Do your eyes burn? Not your feet?|- No.
I had to escape into the mountains.
I know who you are. That was a week|ago. No wonder you're snow-blind.
That makes 2 km a day.|I'll get you a new bandage.
Do you know me now?
Here's my wife with breakfast.|Snow-blind. lt will pass.
- Touch her, too.|- It's enough if she speaks.
Open wide.
- I almost got seasick.|- You sure got your hair washed.
- What's that in your hand?|- My clock.
- It's a snowball.|- One snowball a day from now on.
- Leave some snow on the floor.|- We'll be ready to go in two days.
- Are we going up high?|- 1000 meters. We're at five now.
I'll be fit enough to walk on my own.
You won't have to carry me|a kilometer into the mountains.
- You're so quiet.|- No ...
- Martin ..?|- Yes.
- Is there much light in here?|- Just a candle.
Would you like a drink, Jan?
Do I need one?
- This is how we look.|- Let's look at the remaining nine.
The doctor is coming in a couple|of days. Don't worry about your feet.
It probably isn't as bad|as you think. The ointment helps.
Were's the drink?
- Could you leave a knife for me?|- The doctor's coming tomorrow.
Not if the wind picks up.|You won't make it across the fjord.
Don't talk nonsense. You're blind|and you made it across the fjord.
- Leave me a knife.|- Why do you need a knife?
- You have a gun.|- I have seven rounds. I need nine.
- Promise to wait until tomorrow.|- I'll wait as long as I dare.
- Why is Martin out in this weather?|- He went to look after the boat.
- Does he need a doctor for that?|- The doctor has a boat, as well.
The doctor had his bag with him.|Is his boat sick?
- Come to bed, Martin.|- I just stare at the ceiling.
- He has a week's supply of food.|- His feet ...
- You'll have to carry him. Rest now.|- There's only one thing to do ...
Cut it off before it spreads.
- I've taken on too much.|- No, it's getting calmer out.
- Are the skis in the boat?|- Yes. Don't forget the ice axes.
Ready, Ole? Do you have|what the doctor gave us?
- Yes, but you'll be the surgeon.|- You have to give him the shot.
Yes. He won't feel anything.
- When will you be back?|- Tomorrow afternoon.
- Be careful on the way down.|- The climb will be the worst part.
- So many men?|- Ask Agnes.
Cheers, grandpa!
- What did he say?|- He's going out for moonshine.
I told him he'd better be careful,|if that's what he's up to.
Is it any wonder|I'm proud of that boy?
My God!
- He spared me that job.|- We have to bandage him.
He's awake.|He must have nine lives.
And he'll need them all.
- Did you hide the boat?|- I did my best.
- How far to a Swedish hospital?|- Two days, if we are lucky.
They'll know more in Mandalen.
Know this:|We want him across the border.
The Germans know|that he must get to Sweden.
But that is also all they know.
Right now he is on his way up|the other side of the mountain.
Here in this room I have pounded|common sense, Bible history -
- and the ABC's into your skulls.
Spit in your hands now, boys,|and show me it wasn't for naught!
Has this old teacher|taught you anything?
- Ivar?|- I'm doing what I did in school.
You were a slow learner|back then, too.
- Have we agreed on a meeting point?|- Where is it?
- You can't miss it.|- Germans!
I heard something crack.|Was it the sled?
No, thank God.|It was just my chest.
- Jan has passed out again.|- Turn the sled around.
He has a nice view.
Let's go again.
Is he passing out again?
We have to turn the sled around.|All the blood's gone to his feet.
We made it, Jan!
There's no one here.|Call out, boys!
Spread out and look for them.
{y:i}Where I'd like to be a guest
{y:i}where my heart feels best
{y:i}and the closest of ties are found
{y:i}I remember, I remember ...
Keep singing, children!
They're going from house to house.|They've been to my house now.
Sing children.
I'll go see the Lapps.|They're our best chance.
What if there's an inspection|while you are gone?
Sing children!
Drop by|my wife and children tonight.
{y:i}As spring dawned anew
{y:i}my deep longing for you
{y:i}made my cry and cry again ...
Please, Martin. Get Amund home|before darkness falls.
The others will fix some food.
As long as I have alcohol,|you won't get rid of me.
I'll come and look for you, tomorrow.
I'll send a card from Sweden.
Anything else I can do for you?
Light a fire if you hear wolves.
Don't forget the password, Jan.
- Hello, gentleman.|- Hello, gentleman.
I'm sure he's here.
Wait for me!
In this weather,|I'm sure they've taken him.
I promised I would check on him.
It's strange to think he only heard|my voice. He never saw me.
- Well, aren't you vain!|- I'm so glad it's over, Martin.
Over here!
Here ...
I'm sure he's around here.|Just a few more minutes.
Wait!|He has to be here.
- Don't forget to buy stamps.|- Hold it!
My pack is full of empty bottles.
I just wanted|something to fill them with.
We aren't done yet, grandpa.
All the worse for you.
- What do you mean by that?|- What you're doing isn't safe.
People are talking. People have|seen traffic crossing the fjord.
All I've done is promise|some people liquor.
One liter for Folmar,|one liter for Andrik at the store.
Two liters for Old Erik|down on the docks.
He enjoys a drink. One liter for ...
- Have you been telling people ..?|- Quiet! Both of you!
It must have been tough,|since Amund broke three ribs.
Who has a still?|I need 5-6 liters.
Take this.
Now open that.
There's your liquor!
Never forget|the most important details, son.
It'll be my job|to keep people's mouth shut.
You rascal!
I'm sorry, grandpa.
Martin, you can save yourself|that trip up the mountain.
A Lapp is driving the "calf"|across the border today.
How do you know that?
Go out and clean up,|and stop asking so many questions.
About those bottles ...
I just happened to have a stash.
{y:i}Over here!
{y:i}No, I think over here!
{y:i}Try to locate him.|{y:i}Look over here, on this side.
{y:i}This way.
{y:i}Come on! Let's go!|{y:i}That must be the right side.
Are you sure there's no use?|There are other Lapps.
They cursed us in Norwegian,|Swedish and Finnish.
- So the trip was a failure.|- It won't be this time.
- The wind's picking up.|- Especially up in the mountains.
- Berteus, go back home.|- Why?
Five young children,|are five good reasons.
- My youngest has pneumonia.|- Go, Berteus.
Ready, boys?
We have to turn back!
Don't pack any more|than Martin needs.
I'm adding some for Jan, too.
He's been up there a week now.
I know. I'm doing it anyway.
They're away fishing.|I'll go alone this time.
- Where are you going?|- With you.
Stop her.|A new storm is brewing.
- A new storm is brewing ...|- They tend to.
You realize|I'm going to get a dead man?
Yes, Martin.
You go up.
Now you can see, Martin.
He's dead.
No, you can't kill this old fox.
He's alive!|Dig! I'll get the backpack.
He's alive!
Tomorrow we'll have 1 00 reindeer|follow you across the border.
- You have more lives, Jan.|- Let's go tell the men.
Now your clock is right again.
Only one more.
I get such bad manners from this.
You have food and liquor|in your sleeping bag.
Don't forget to light a fire|if you hear wolves.
I knew you were pretty, Agnes.
Hello, gentleman!
God, how I have waited for you!
There's still life in you, honey.
There's life in him, too, grandpa.
The Lapps don't believe me.|Tell Martin we'll get him tonight.
He was expecting you today.|Don't screw it up.
And on the ninth day ...
On his ninth life ...
There he is!
We have to turn back!
We'll try again tonight.
No! Oh, no! Don't come!
I'm moving. See?
Like this, and like this.
I count. I counted. I have counted.
I am. I was. I have been.
I am Jan.|Jan Baalsrud.
I used to live outside Oslo.
My father is still alive,|as are my brother and sister.
My mother is dead.
I am, as you can hear,|in full command of my senses.
And I want some truffles.
Waiter! My truffles!
Not trouble, truffles!
Do you see that man?
Show yourself!
Here come the pallbearers|to take him away!
Here they come|to lower him in his grave!
Over here.
That's it.
There are few mourners|when you're far from civilization.
Oh, go away!
Ivar!|Reindeer tracks, Ivar, everywhere!
Go! Get across the border!
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