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Subtitles for Night Wish - End of Innocence CD2.

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Night Wish - End of Innocence CD2

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We were something like 2 hours behind the schedule.
And after 3 songs the local police came and said that we must stop.
The concert permit was about to expire, we'd still have time for one more song.
There's a girl behind you, film her!
Luckily we understood we'd better start drinking.
The chief body guard was an army instructor or something.
And our lighting guy, a jiujitsu expert and an all-around superman -
He just had to try...
He started wrestling the guard just a little at first, just for fun.
Then when Tommi twisted as hard as he could, the guard calmly pressed -
a spot behind Tommi's ear, and Tommi fell right flat on his back -
He totally lost his hearing, and got knocked out!
The guard started massaging the spot behind his ear again -
his ears started ringing, and he could slowly rise up again.
Not a good try!
Gen! Gen! Genghis Khan! Enslaver of nations!
Happy birthday to you...
l'm the only one sober, the rest are on the juice.
OK, it is Tommi's bachelor party.
Tommi's bachelor party in Brasilia, Brazil...
Just water, only water.
Kesä! Pottu! Kesä! Pottu!
Talking about the security... - Jukka's little dive in Moscow...
The first time we were in Russia the local record label guy warned us -
that the crowd is really wild, the fans are really enthusiastic.
Especially the front row - it can even be a little dangerous -
so be careful, don't go too near the front of the stage.
Of course we had to go and shake their hands after the gig.
We had a small accident, but Doctor Rock is already on it!
Doctor Vänskä tends to the wounded.
There's a super disco on that boat...
The story of Nightwish ends here, l think, probably.
We come from Russia. - Welcome home then.
Yeah, home sweet home... Now we'll have peaceful stay in Kitee...
-Maybe we could go to sauna and have a few beers...
We have a few cans with us!
ln case somebody gets thirsty!
How long have you had this rehearsal place?
A few years...
lf l have to choose whether l'll pay the rent or buy a guitar...
l will buy the guitar.
-This is starting to look bad...
This is my last month's rent. - Please don't!
l'll live.
Why did you lose your innocence then?
Maybe it was the success... - Success surely did it.
Everybody says that it doesn't do a thing, but it does.
lt affects you unconsciously, it will change everybody, always.
Everything was totally different when we started recording Wishmaster.
lt was the most fun l've ever had in the studio, at least for me -
l was present during the whole production.
For me it was the easiest of our albums.
Wishmaster is sort of an intermediary album.
There's nothing new in there that wasn't already on Oceanborn.
The production's a bit better, the songs are equally good -
Everything's just a bit bigger. With Century Child we started afresh.
lt's snowing... even the sky weeps for us!
How many times l've told you not to mess with the cords!
Just play those damn drums! - Got no sticks now, pal!
This comic book is really exciting...
Tarja makes up...
l got you another cymbal!
Maybe there's too many?
Give me a break!
Here or there? ls this a better place?
A fork, a knife and a napkin too? - Naturally!
My "little angel!" - More like a "large angel"!
Hey wait, that was a good one!
How are you supposed to keep a straight face?!
l am supposed to bring souvenirs to mommy bear...
lt's been a long journey and... let me connect.
Oops, this was the longer version.
Kama Sutra of Kerava presents!
lt's yer ol' bulldozer of love!
Aw! The tape started too late!
Now that's what l call unnecessary footage...
l'm getting there!
Like two testicles they are!
Can you blow rings with it?!
So l understand nobody else wants a puff?
l wonder if this is relevant at all? - Maybe...
Pants down! - Here's some entertaintment for you guys...
Do you think we'd get our asses kicked if we did that?
Naah... - Let's do it.
lt's a deal? - lt's a deal.
lt's one of those things... never mind the bollocks.
Stupid story... -Maybe we'll continue the official line.
Stupid story... -Maybe we'll continue the official line.
l wanted a young boy's voice to recite a poem.
Of course it had to be good English, a native speaker.
We got Neil Hardwick's son Sam to recite the poem.
lt might be that Dead Boys Poem is the best song we ever wrote.
We've been able to... l don't know.
lt is such of a personal song... A sort of a...
The basic idea is that if l were to die tomorrow -
lf l really died, there'd be so much l wanted to say.
There are so many people whom l should thank -
So many l should apologize to but haven't apologized.
So many people who l should tell to go fuck themselves -
but haven't had the guts to do so far.
l just had to write a song for them.
A Finnish man rarely voices his thanks or apologies -
but with music it's easier, at least for me.
My mother and father are the best people in the world -
but l haven't been able to tell them what they mean to me.
lf they listen to the song, read the lyrics, maybe they'll find -
themselves there, too, and understand.
Same thing with some of my best friends -
and the whole Nightwish thing, that in the last five years -
has grown to be such of a big part of my life, if not the biggest.
The band mates and everything connected to it.
How important they are...
lt's hard for a Finnish man to tell it to their face.
Or apologize to them... You'd rather write a song about it.
And write the kind of lyrics that Dead Boys Poem has.
Read it there, because l can't say it to your face -
and maybe you'll understand.
Slaying the Dreamer is maybe the other side of the coin then?
lt is exactly that.
l don't have the guts to go and say to somebody's face -
that you're an asshole, a total jerk-off of a person.
So l write a song about it, and hopefully they recognize themselves.
Tarja does death grunt on this one!
That's it!
Heavy Metal as good as it comes!
What did you get? - Books about Hungary.
Oh, they're books... -Pornographic publications!
Tarja is a kinky girl...
Toilet? lt's that one over there...toi!
l just let myself in the toi!
You've got to have a true metal fork.
Then Wishmaster came out in 2000, the album release show was -
at the Kitee lcehall, and there we also got our first gold albums -
these four, including the Sacrament single and Oceanborn...
And now, "Kiteen Pallo 90" kicks in.
Make no mistake about who wrote that tune! Posh...
An anthem made for the Kitee baseball team a couple of years ago.
Then the boys are going to Brazil!
ln the summer we toured South America... - Forgot about that one!
lf l had to name the tour that l have the most fond memories of -
it' d have to be our first South American tour.
Damn, it was so cool...
At that time we'd yet to experience all the fans and glamour -
that can come for a rock band.
When we went there, our album had just come out...
Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Mexico...
and an intermediate landing in Bolivia -
where we had a press conference.
A press in Hungary...
Nice scratching in Barcelona! - He's got crabs!
This picture was in a magazine? -Yup.
The camcorder just ran out of batteries!
Mind your step!
People fainting and running after our van, banging the windows...
We were like "so this is how it is!"
Not very many lighting guys do their laundry in an embassy!
Maybe we could take a pee in the bushes as in Finland.
Well, this is a Finland away from Finland.
Remember to fight, too! -And take a squat crap!
How do you do!
Pleased to meet you.
We'll take the group photo first.
Rapid byxor!
Sumi the Finn!
Keppi guys in Brazil!
Sauna at 8.30...
Bachelor partee!
Hey, German police!
"Browner is the cornhole of a lad so nice and gay"
"Dip a stick therein and gangrene will eat it away!"
The driver shows some skin!
Vitun Pulu!
- Mom!
You can check it out on the DVD!
l think everybody in the band, and in the crew, -
has two personalities, and the other comes out on the tour...
After a few nights on the road, 4 AM in the morning after the gig -
and you've had a few drinks, you're a totally different person.
These guys are really dangerous...
Kill, kill!
At least they have backstage passes...and a roll of paper?
He must be a wanker!
lt's of course a part of yourself - but it's still a different person!
He's probably passed out... or missed the flight...
You'd spot him right away... l wonder what's happened?
There! No...that keijo has too much hair....
l was looking for a bald guy!
Goddamn! - So shall we go? - You Teletubby...
l thought you passed out, missed the flight, took the wrong flight...
- Have some of that! - Gee!
Last call for T Stolt, T Stolt...
Drummer! - Light show!
The new material sounds like l can't drink before the gig -
l got to be able to sync the lights with the music!
lt is so wrong, this is a personal revenge!
- Tommi! Your jacket looks just like the one Jackson wore in the "Beat lt" video!
Left...straight ahead.. says Nevalainen on the door..
Please don't!
Sample some! Take as much as you can with a single gulp!
- You spineless morons!
lt's going to be on the DVD, right?
Some ice...
Some good whiskey...
And a drink is done.
Secret ingredient, dishwashing liquid!
l want more bombs for the next tour!
Was that intelligent enough?
Jukka, what happened? Did you break something?
"Droopy the bear l was named for my ears hang so funnily!"
"l am just a nice little bear - and chubby too!"
"l play with children all of the time"
"l am just a nice little bear - and chubby too!"
"And children love me so!"
l'm the Nightwish lighting designer...
You know guys, it's 9 AM on a Sunday morning...
Hey, the church is at 10! The priest is onstage about 10.30...
lt's still very early...
Some Winnie the Pooh-erotica... he's got his mouth full of honey!
That guy is too much!
Maybe it is a bit of a clichéd picture you get on the DVD -
but who wants to see me stretch before the gig, or go jogging...
Or Tuomas writing a SMS-message or reading a book in bed?
Of course it's not like that all of the time...
l've got to go and check the fire in the sauna...
But as we all know, people do have a drink or two in this scene.
...even a one too many...
But you only live once, you know.
Oops. -Seems like we broke a bottle now.
Well, back to business.
l'm not really up to it right now.
Say something... who called you just a while ago?
Mom called. - Did you tell any lies?
-White lies. She asked how l'm feeling and l said that l feel great.
- l hope that didn't ruin everyone's mood...
l remember the South American people, the normal people -
they have this culture of hugging and kissing, it's very charming...
They're hugging you all the time, it doesn't mean anything special
lt's just friendliness...
- Are you sure you've got enough foam in there?
A Finnish hillbilly from Karjala could learn something from them...
We're in Kitee, at the S-Market supermarket. Legendary indeed!
lt really, like, rules man! Rules!
Wait a sec...
There's nothing apart from Nightwish going on in Kitee!
Nightwish keeps the whole town rolling! Nightwish rules!
Kitee is like a mini-sized Finland.. - lt's a double edged sword...
Most of it is very positive...
You've got to come with us! - Good evening from Night Owl!
lmage is everything...
lt's a shitty job, but someone's got to do it!
You always got to have a spare one...
This is just the thing again!
Look there! Really dangerous keijos...
Please accept our apology for we do not have toast in our arms...
These are really dangerous keijos... -Fuckin' lethal man...
Especially that one.
And that guy. From Tohmajärvi.
Don't speak a word of Finnish, just Tohmajärvi or Russian.
Fuckin' dangerous keijos. This is just the thing again!
Soon we'll find ourselves at Karhu-baari with our asses whupped!
There was a bit of an aftermath with the Russian Night Owl show,
The heart of Kitee nightlife -the Karhu Bar.
- Jukka! This is really good! - What is it? - Lordi!
"Dunces and Bitch Driven pulled a healthy crowd"
What the fuck is Tero doin'?!
Finnish people have as many emotions as the South Americans-
but we are just not able to show them...We can't or won't.
We are afraid to.
Tuomas, what do you long for?
During the winters, this is just the thing that l long for.
- l hadn't really been abroad before touring with this band.
And of course it then felt that Kitee is such of a small place.
- l haven't been able to find a place quite like this anywhere.
But when you've been there and done that...
Each time you're abroad, you always miss the peace -
the small town; home... Kitee... or as it's now, Joensuu.
But when you've been home for a month or two -
the idea of going abroad feels enticing once again.
What is this place, then?
This is our summer cottage.
For me and my family it means so much more than just a summer place.
l don't miss anything here. That does it.
What makes Tuomas tick, what makes him write such music?
What makes him write such lyrics?
Yeah...what could it be?
Who knows. l bet even Tuomas doesn't know.
ls it success? l don't think so, it has never been a reason -
for us to make music; or for Tuomas to write songs and lyrics...
What could it be then? -Longing?
Yeah, but for what? - That is just what we're asking you.
Those are just the kind of questions, that when the album is done -
l remember when l got Century Child and read through the lyrics -
l felt l had to call Tuomas, for it seemed the guy was really down.
What's happened to our Tuomas, he wasn't this bitter before...
lf you're going to write songs like Tuomas does -
Those kind of grand compositions
There just has to be a greater force that motivates him.
A strong feeling, like longing, or love, or something like that...
lf you managed to fulfil that craving one day, what could you do then?
Nothing! What else could your next album be then but meaningless?!
There just wouldn't be a purpose anymore.
Fuck! l'm nervous!
You're all assholes!
Now you broke something...
Last year was the worst year of my life in many respects.
For a year, we'd constantly been touring and doing gigs.
Tensions arose inside the band...
There was generally a bad vibe on the gigs.
Hey, stop somewhere, l've got to take a leak!
Welcome to Finnish winter. A normal day on the road.
As you can see, it's nice and warm in the bus
And our joy knows no boundaries.
Aw, it's all fucked up... beyond redemption.
Take him out for a walk!
Dude is all anxious and freezing...
Don't, don't, don't!
Didn't feel a thing!
And here we go again!
Siihen ralliin! Siihen ralliin!
l just have to...
ls my hair OK?
- Anybody have some dough? Some hillo anyone?
l need some batteries... - You won't get any money from me.
Mr. bus driver, Urkki Kekkonen.
And the first redneck starts brawling...
Get the fuckin' camcorder out of my face!
Somebody will get his ass kicked when we load out.
"Nightwish - the new album Century Child"
What do you long for?
So this is the question, no further details?
What l really miss is -
a right kind of balance... ln everything l do.
A balance for my whole life... What l definitely want is -
that l wouldn't have to be so stressed up all of the time.
l miss the feeling of happiness.
The feeling of being proud of yourself...
The feeling of being able to forgive yourself.
l'd want to find a balance, not a routine, definitely not.
The right kind of balance in everything l do...
That's what l've been looking for for the last 10 years -
but haven't been able to find. That's the thing that l want.
When you think of a song like "Gethsemane" -
The bottom line of the song...
lt gets extremely personal.
lt's all there, and at the time it made me feel a lot better.
There's nothing taken out... You can read it all there.
Or when you think about "Everdream"...
lt is such of a personal song.
Opening up about my feelings, the way l miss a certain person.
lt's pretty much all in there.
When you get one thing done, there's always something new.
When that no longer is the case -
l'm afraid there'll be no new Nightwish album either.
Nothing bothers me!
l just get moody when my blood sugar runs low!
l'm still pissed off occasionally, but not as often as a year ago.
A year ago l was pissed off constantly.
Every time an artist works, be it a painter, musician or actor,
the art never fails to somehow reflect the artist's state of mind.
Personal relationships didn't work at all -
and l generally hated myself most of the time.
l kept thinking about a lot of stuff,
and on top of that was the band thing.
lt felt like the walls were closing in.
We knew we had to go to the studio in December -
to record a demo, and l should have been writing new songs.
You can hear the mood on some of the songs...
l put an end to Nightwish in Autumn 2001 .
lt was mainly the self-hate again, some 24. year crisis.
l started thinking what l've done, what still needs to be done -
what kind of a person l am, l was not satisfied with anything.
On top of that, my personal relationships were a mess.
And also, Nightwish, which still is the most important thing for me -
was going through its most difficult crisis at the time.
lt all sort of piled up... in the Summer and Fall of 2001 .
After our last gig in Nivala l personally called it quits.
The next day l called Spinefarm and Drakkar -
and said "End of story, Nightwish is through, l won't do it no more."
lf all goes well, we might do an album, but we'll never go onstage.
l told the others, it got really tense, we quarrelled alot -
and l knew then that this just couldn't work anymore.
l went straight to Kemi to visit Sonata Arctica's Tony -
and for a week we went hiking in the woods of Lapland.
l felt really damn good, l'd gotten it all off my chest.
l didn't have this burden called Nightwish anymore -
l could start a new life.
We talked about it with Tony and l felt really great.
l'd told the label people that l couldn't take it anymore...
And this was the beginning of a new life.
lt was a bit scary that l didn't feel poignant, l felt just great.
But now, after a year, l realize l would have -
made the biggest mistake in my life if l had quit then.
As l let time go by and steered clear of the other guys -
l regained faith in myself, realized the beauty of this thing.
And where we'd gotten in 4 years, it didn't deserve to end like this.
All problems could be solved.
The first thing on my mind was that if Nightwish were to go on -
me and Sami just couldn't work in the same band.
lt was a fact, and the other fact was that l couldn't tell it to him.
Don't know if l'm too gentle or too cowardly, but l couldn't do it.
He'd been my friend for 10 years, and l couldn't tell him that -
l just can't continue in the same band with him, he'd have to leave.
l'd rather quit the whole band than go and tell it to his face.
That's one of the things l regret the most in my life.
That l couldn't tell it to him myself... l'll regret it all my life.
lt was a lousy thing. As a friend and a bandmate -
l really should have told him personally.
lt would have been fair to say the least.
lt was a bad mistake, but what can you do about it anymore?
Ewo called and told Sami. He came to see me right after.
We talked about the way things are for about an hour.
Sami said "OK" and left. We haven't talked since.
A terribly lousy self esteem, that's the tragedy of my life...
or at least the main reason for the tragedies in my life.
l'm not able to really appreciate anything l do -
but Nightwish is the kind of a thing, that every once in a while -
l get a glimpse that l'm really doing something worthwhile...
And the things l've envisioned...
They've done a lot of good things for the people around me.
And add to that there are fans who tell you -
that your music is the only thing that keeps them alive -
saved them from suicide and so on...
That's when l feel l've managed to do something good.
l've noticed that l've lost most that remained of my innocence.
ln two things l've managed to keep it intact.
l've always been loyal, and l've been true to the music.
These two things l won't compromise.
lf l didn't have them, life would be even more strenuous.
Music in itself is such of a beautiful thing.
The spirit in the band is currently simply marvellous, -
better than ever, and not just because of Marco.
l think the whole band has now reached the level -
where we don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore.
We'll just make good music, be a good band.
Check out the color scale... - Very good scale!
Vodkotin! - Vodkotin...
- Vodkotinta!
Tarja too, grab a vodkotin!
Shitty band, shitty equipment, -No commercial potential!
- lf l could get back my childhood... - And those pants!
This is the end of this ralli!
Tarja will get shitfaced before the gig! - lt will be on the DVD!
We'll end our documentary right here!
While waiting for my inheritance...
Not even the X-mas spirit could survive in this weather!
Don't put that on the DVD!
We're out of film!
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