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Subtitles for Nightmare On Elm Street 6 A (1991) Freddys Dead.

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Nightmare On Elm Street 6 A (1991) Freddys Dead

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Good evening,|ladies and gentlemen.
This is the pilot speaking.
You'll notice the "fasten|seat belts" sign is on.
Passing through|a little turbulence here.
Unfortunately,|we can't get up over it...
and we can't|get underneath it, so...
just hang in there.
Excuse me, miss?
Can I have|a different seat, please?
Oh, I'm afraid|we're full tonight, sir.
You're gonna have to stay put.
Thanks anyway.
He's going to make you|help him...
because you're the last.
I really need|to change this seat.
I'm sorry.|There's nothing I can do.
I'm afraid of heights.
Don't be a pussy.
It's not fair! I was almost out!
I'll get you, my pretty...
and your little soul, too!
One ticket.
Round trip.
Hurry up, boy.
You don't wanna miss the bus.
No screaming|while the bus in in motion.
Now be a good little doggy...
and go fetch!
Spencer, I wanna make sure|you understand our situation.
In one week,|you walk out of here...
and I expect some changes in|your behavior when you get home.
I know you're hearing me.
I put you in here|because you gave me no choice.
Next time, I'll leave you here.
Thanks for the visit, Dad.
Nice job on my kid.
I expected to see|some improvement.
He isn't a Toyota.
What a jerk.
You OK?
Yeah. Dad just came by|to lay down some ground rules...
for when I come home...
no more running away, no more|setting his cars on fire.
There are other ways|to get his attention...
besides blowing up the garage.
Yeah. He barely even blinked.
All he wants me to do now|is grow up to be him...
an exact copy.
I don't feel like playing|football and date-raping coeds.
One of these days, you're going|to have to face your father.
Iook what I found|in Spencer's room.
A pipe bomb, huh?
That? Just showing the kids|survival techniques.
Been confiscating stuff|like this all week.
Where do they get it?
I'll put this downstairs|with the rest of the arsenal.
Weren't the police supposed|to dispose of that stuff?
The police are supposed|to do a lot of things.
- Get your hands off of me!|- Tracy!
- What's the problem?|- She was beating on another kid.
He was hitting on me!
She doesn't like|to be touched.
We have a session today, yes?
I have Doc's class.
Work around him.
I'm sorry, sir.
You seen this junkie before?
No. He's new.
Beautiful. Another afternoon|shot doing juvie paperwork.
Screw that shit.
Let's just scoop him up|and take him to the shelter.
Let the bleeding hearts|do the typing.
That's it. Come on, Tracy.|That's it.
Oh, yeah. She's bad.|The crowd loves her!
She's getting ready...
for the heavyweight champion|boxing match of the world.
Hey, hey, hey. Look at her go.
You know, you are sexy|when you sweat.
You ain't gettin' none, Carlos!
You wouldn't hit a guy|with a handicap, would you?
Oh, you call it a handicap?
I call it chicken, man!|Come on, let's spar.
- No, no. Forget it, Trace.|- Come on...
Don't tune out. Why don't you|talk back to her for once?
Oh, yeah, right. Like you|talk back to your father?
Let me tell you something.|I stopped talking back...
when it became hazardous|to my health, you know?
So, are we set?
Yeah. No problem.|I gave the van driver our cash.
As long as we do it before dawn,|we're home free.
We're gonna be livin' large|in Cali before the week is out.
You better be sure, man.
Trust me, all right?|I got it all covered.
I need to get outta here|even more than you do.
You don't know shit|about needing to get out!
Your family's a picnic,|rich boy!
What? You think I hang around|you morons by choice?
Least your father|didn't try to set you up...
with his girlfriend's|older sister.
Don't talk to me about fathers.
Yours come to visit, too?
Yeah...|every time I close my eyes.
That did it. Yep. OK.
They caught|one of your star pupils...
beating up|on one of our kids again.
Thought you said|you were making progress.
I only get twenty-three minutes|a week with these kids.
With that kind of attention...
you're lucky|she didn't kill him.
That's a good attitude|for a therapist.
Tracy's got some deep trauma|buried inside of her head.
Conventional therapy|is not going to work.
And dream therapy is, huh?
You're such a hippie.
I can reach these kids|through their dreams.
You give me a chance, I can help|you with your little problem.
I don't have a little problem.
I just have|a little reoccurring dream...
and I'm handling it fine.
And you are not being paid|to be a dream doctor.
I'm barely being paid.
That's why I gotta do|what I think is right.
This is new.
You like it?
These are ancient dream demons.
Supposedly they roam|the dreams of the living...
till they find|the most evil, twisted...
human imaginable.
Then they give him|the power to cross the line...
and turn our nightmares|into reality.
Maggie, cops just brought in|another kid. Real mess.
Hasn't sleep for days,|bad case of amnesia.
We need your evaluation|right away.
How long have you been awake?
As far as I can remember?
I don't know. About three days.
Looks more like three weeks.
Yeah, well,|that's the wonder of amnesia...
always keeps you guessing.
Where you from?
I don't know!
All I know|is that wherever I'm from...
I was the last.
The last what?
Look, do you have any...
caffeine pills or coffee?|Maybe some coke?
I meant the soda.
Sit down.
Why do you want to stay awake?
Because if I fall asleep...
I'm not waking up.
Why do you think that?
I don't think it. I feel it.
If I fall asleep...
there's gonna be trouble.
Water tower.
Four thousand five hundred|and sixty-seven
Bottles of beer on the wall
Four thousand five hundred|and sixty-seven
Bottles of beer
If one of those bottles|should happen to fall
What a case of...
Hey, I'll break a bottle|over your head...
if you don't shut the fuck up!
Four thousand five hundred|and sixty-six
Bottles of beer on the wall
I won't tell.
Now you're it.
Remember what you have to do.
You got to tag me.
That's it.
Come to Daddy.
Play with me.
Tell me who I am.
I won't tell.
Free me, you idiot!|I'm your fucking memory!
Oh, shit.
What were you dreaming about?
A room.
A house.
A little girl.
Something about the town|from my article.
I remember a water tower.
The article... do you remember|where you got it?
The little girl...|what did she look like?
Brown hair with...
red ribbons.
I don't like it.
There's some connection between|your dreams and his dreams...
and his dreams mean bad news.
I know you think I'm crazy,|but I can feel it.
Why can't anybody talk about|anything but dreams around here?
I'm so sick of hearing|about this bullshit!
You don't believe that.
You think solving this boy's|puzzle can help with your own.
I don't have a puzzle.
Yes, you do.
And although you think|you know everything...
you may not be ready to face|what this boy will show you.
I never said I wanted|to go back there.
I've dealt|with amnesiacs before.
Take you to Springwood,|it's gonna trigger something...
some spark to help you remember.
I don't need a spark to remember|that it was a bad place.
You want a spark? You go.
I'll stay here,|sparkless but happy.
I'll be right there with you.|Don't worry.
Kelly, we're gonna take|the van for awhile.
I told you not to let me|fall asleep.
Was that too much to ask for?
Go back.
Oh, my God! Pull over!
John, wake up!
Shit. Great.
Funny meeting you here.
Nice driving.
What the hell are you guys|doing here?
Great plan, asshole.
- It almost worked, all right?|- I can't believe you people.
Pulling a stunt like that.
Oh, my God.
Look, the first thing we have|to do is find a telephone...
and you call Kelly|and tell him where you are.
You understand?
And then we have to figure out|how to get you home.
Are you listening?
Don't scream at me!
It was your driving|that almost killed us.
Two for a dollar, right here!
Get 'em, two!
Two for a dollar!
First I want you to find|a phone, call Kelly...
and tell him you're all right.
Then I want you|to get in that van...
and drive straight back|to the shelter.
Think you can handle that...
or do I have to call|the police?
Get away from here. You go away!
"Or do I have to call|the police?"
She ain't my mother.
We want some peach cobbler|here and...
- There are no kids.|- What?
Town fair...
and there are no kids.
- So what's up, Spence?|- This phone's out of order.
So is this town.
You are not kidding.
Oh, what beautiful,|adorable children!
Would you like to come|and live with us?
It's been so long since|we've had children in the house.
So long.
This time,|I swear it'll be different.
This time, I'll be careful...
and I'll hide you better,|so that he'll never find you.
Looky, I got your nose! Looky!
I want my children back!
You know they bring him!
Now see what you done did?!
- We're in Twin Peaks here.|- Definitely.
Have we seen enough?
- Yeah.|- Good.
Come on, back in the van.
That's a very good idea.
Now. Go!
I hope they make it.
Let's see what they can tell us|at the school.
- What?|- Somebody rang those bells.
Lucky us.
Trace, there's a map back here.
Did I say I needed a map?
I can't get over the way|those people looked at us.
Yeah, that was weird.
Nice going.
Takes talent to travel|in a complete circle.
And you're making me dizzy.
Do you have to do that?
You're such a high ho,|you know that?
I don't play that shit.|I need all the senses I've got.
Put that fucking thing out.
It's hard enough|staying awake...
without you lighting up|every ten seconds.
- This relaxes me.|- I'll relax you.
I'll just puncture your heart...
mess up these seats.
You need to get laid.
Would you like the map now?
No, I don't need any map.
No, of course not.
- Why'd you stop?|- Look.
Oh, great.
Give me the map.
Not a word.
Carlos, I asked you for the map!
What is this?!
I asked you for the map.
Yeah, well,|the map says we're fucked.
Look, you've had two chances.|Now it's my turn.
You'll all be expected|to pass...
both the written|and an oral examination.
Don't disturb him.
You will need to study...
Now the dates.|Got to get the dates right.
Got to keep them in order.
If you get them out of order,|you'll get very confused.
You were here.
to Freddy 101.
Freddy sailed across the sea.
These dates, they're all|within a ten-year period.
What the hell happened here?
Freddy happened here.
Here was the crucial point.
Anybody know|what I'm getting at?
Anybody? Hmm?
Come on, people!
We covered this!
This is where|they took away his child.
What child?
Taken away...
put in the town orphanage.
Freddy had a kid.
Freddy came back...
to look...
for more.
There's no way out.
Not with you driving.
Yeah, well,|you didn't do much better.
No, but at least I did it|in half the time.
Come on. Where are you going?
Look, we're just too fried|to see straight.
Let's just find Maggie.
I'm not turning myself over|for any adult supervision.
This girl's getting some rest.
In fact, I think I see my kinda|neighborhood up ahead...
You know, she's losing it.
Sad thing is,|I'm starting to like her.
That is sad.
Come on, Trace. Wait up!
This is the one.
We'll have it all to ourselves.
- Bet there's no heat.|- No plumbing, right?
You'll survive.
Come on.
Where you going?
Gonna go upstairs|and find a bed. Man, I'm tired.
I gotta find a bathroom.
This place makes the shelter|look like the Ritz.
at least it beats the streets,|right, Carlos?
Ohh, this is good.
I'm gonna get some sleep...
and I will get us out of here|in the morning.
Why do you think that kid|said not to fall asleep?
'Cause he's a lame-o freak.
Miss Maggie's pet psycho.
Where the hell are you?
Why aren't you listening|to me, Carlos?
Tracy, where are you?
Behind you.
Maybe you don't hear so good.
Maybe I clean out your ears|for you.
No, no. Mama, please,|I've been a good boy.
You don't understand.
I've been good, Mama!
Don't make me deaf, Mama!|Please! I'm sorry!
I'm not.
Oh, Carlos, lend me your ear.
Give me my hearing back!
Where is it?
Y-you wouldn't do that,|would you, man?
No, no, no! Please!
No, man!
Nice hearing from you, Carlos.
I can't find Carlos.
See what's on this TV?
I'm gonna take the van.|I'm gonna look for him.
Give me some room!
Don't fall asleep, man!
Get out!
Spencer, get out, man!
Carlos, man...
we were just looking for you.
Don't fall asleep, man!
Spencer, you stupid stoner!
We shouldn't even be here.
We're supposed to be|finding out about you...
not some dead killer's kid.
We might be talking|about the same thing.
The whole town's obsessing|on this Krueger character.
Don't you start.
But why else|would they be afraid of me?
Why else am I still alive|when everybody else is dead?
Skip, skip, skip to my loo
Skip to my loo, my darling
Martha, no running.
Everyone hold hands.
Oh, you've come back.
How nice.
Do you remember me?
Well, of course I do, my boy.
I remember|every one of my children.
Especially you.
What a pretty little girl|you were.
And I remember you...
and you.
Do you remember|the Krueger child?
Of course.
Who was it?
We're not permitted to disclose|a child's real identity.
Oh, Melissa. Melissa.
You must let Bobby|have the ball.
Come here. That's all right.
We share.
I wonder who has a little|bare footie around here?
"K. Krueger."
Could mean anything|from Kevin to Kyle.
All it really means is there was|a child here by that name.
No. It's me.
I'm his kid.
That's why he's kept me alive.
He's trying to play|some sick game with me.
He is dead, all right?
He's dead,|and you're not his kid.
How do you know?
She remembered me.
She remembered me, too...
and fifty other|imaginary friends.
Let's get out of here.
Let's draw a picture.
We can draw pictures all day.
There you go.
Clippety-clop, clippety-clop.|Isn't that fun?
I can't believe I found you.
What are you still doing here?
I can't find Carlos...
and Spencer's wasted|at this old house.
We gotta get to them|before Freddy does.
- Who's Freddy?|- I'll tell you on the way.
Come on!
God damn it!
All right. Once again.
This is your brain.
This is your brain...
on drugs.
Yeah! What are you on?
Looks like a frying pan|and some eggs to me.
Hey, Spence.
Let's trip out.
Now he's gone!
He must've fallen asleep.
You two look here and upstairs.|I'm gonna look downstairs.
They're not here anymore.
Just humor me,|will you, please, and look?
Where am I?
Jump, boy.
- Dad?|- Be like me.
Father knows best.
Oh! Oh, stop!
I'm not like you!
I don't wanna be like you!
Be like me.
Now I'm playin' with power!
All right.
Super Spencer!
Great graphics.
Whoa. I'm here.
I found Spencer!
OK, hold him down.
Oh, shit.
Hold on. Hold on to him.
- What's happening to him?|- He's stuck in a nightmare.
And it's kicking|the shit out of him!
- Wake him up.|- He's too wasted.
- Spencer! Jesus.|- It's Freddy.
We've got to get him out.
I'll go into his dream.
I'll try and bring him out|before he gets killed.
That's crazy.
What do you call that, rational?
Right... left.|Right, left, right, left. Pow!
He's getting trashed.
I have to go in.
What about Freddy?
Freddy won't hurt me.
I'm family.
OK, so how are you gonna go in?
you're gonna have to lay me out.
What? What is th...
- Just fucking lay me out!|- Wait a second!
- Doc told me a different way.|- No time to talk! Just do it!
Jesus Christ.
I told you I knew an easier way.
Concentration meditation.|That's what Doc always says.
This place is incredible.
Pow! Bam! Splat!
Is that him?
Jump, boy.
Ow! Stop!
Oh, shit! Spencer!
Come on, John! Let go of me!
Get out of here! Now, Tracy!
Hey, You forgot the power glove.
Boing, boing.
Be like me. Be like me.
What do you know?
I beat my high score.
Great to be back in business...
thanks to you.
Daddy's waiting for you,|little girl.
Shut the fuck up, man!
Spencer's gone.|I couldn't stop it.
John's still in there.
I couldn't wake him up.
Come on! Snap out of it!|What are we gonna do?
We're gonna pick him up|and get the hell out of here!
Not again.
He's not gonna get me again.
Nothing is gonna|make me get off this bed.
Damn it!
I hate this house.
Up here!
I know why you let me go.
Do you think I'm your daddy?
But you let me live.
Only long enough for you|to bring me back my daughter.
Your daughter?
And now...
she's gonna take me|to a whole new playground.
Oh, my God, Maggie!|What's going on?
Come on, Maggie. Let's go!
Let's get out of here!
Let's get the hell out of here!
Lt... it's not a boy.
Come on!|We gotta get out of here!
Now! Come on!
Let's go!
You forgot|where you came from, kid...
but I know where you're going.
It's traveling time!
What's wrong?|Maggie, get in the van!
Come on!
We gotta get the hell|out of here!
Oh, God.
Let's go!
Whatever happened...
it wasn't your fault.
Carlos, Tracy, and Spencer...
stowed away in the back|of the shelter van.
They were trying to escape.|Can you believe it?
So I took them to the phone.|They were supposed to call you.
John Doe and I were gonna|check out the school.
But Tracy got separated.
And then they ran away.
What the hell|are you talking about?
I'm talking about Carlos|and Spencer and the John Doe!
Kelly, they just disappeared!
Been handling|too many cases, Maggie.
Those kids were never here.
I would've remembered|any new arrivals.
Kelly, I'm talking about|forty-eight hours ago.
I brought you a John Doe.
Don't tell me|you don't remember that!
You the one who's handling|too many cases!
Get some rest, Maggie.
And then...
we got back and...
no one remembers John or Carlos.
It's like they never existed.
I've been hearing strange shit.
Like some of the kids|are dreaming about Carlos.
And they don't even|remember him.
I remember him.
Because I can control my dreams.
I'm not fooled|by this thing you saw.
Whatever he is...
he's fucking with the line|between dreams and reality.
He didn't just kill Carlos|and the others.
He erased them.
It's not a boy.
You're getting ready|to kill somebody.
Defend myself.
It's your mind he'll go for.
Your fear.
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.
Maggie, what are you doing?
Who are they?
Let me have that.
- I have to know.|- I don't know.
I don't know who they were.|They wouldn't tell me.
They have rules|about no contact.
Oh, there's been contact.
Find me.
Find Daddy.
You're it.
Come to Daddy.
I won't tell.
Oh, God.
Fred, please...
I won't tell.
We need to talk, Loretta.
Go inside, honey.
I won't tell.
I told you never...
never to go in there.
I told you that! I told you.
You were such a little artist.
No, it can't be.
I know who I am.
You're my blood.
Only you could have|brought me out...
in your mind.
But you can't be my father.
They took you away from me...
but I made 'em pay!
I took all their children|away from them...
and now...
that's over.
Come on.
The shelter.
Time to start all over again.
But this isn't Springwood!
Every town...
has an Elm Street.
Tracy girl...
Daddy's home.
Daddy... you're dead.
I'm home, darling.
Come say hello.
I don't want to, Daddy.
Come on, give Daddy some honey.
No one has to know.
You're not my daddy.
Come on, Tracy.
Here! Do you love me now?
He's dead!
My daddy's dead.
No honey for Daddy?
What's with kids today, huh?
No respect.
You can't scare me anymore.
Oh, you better speak up.
Must be my deaf ear.
Kung fu this, bitch.
This is my dream,|and I do what I want.
Might be your dream...
but it's my rules!
Doc... I need to talk to Doc!
Come on!
Doc? Doc, is that you?
Yeah, Tracy. Where are you?
I'm over here|in one of the lockers.
You gotta get me out!
Where the hell are you?
Right here.
You taught her a lot...
but there's so much more|to learn.
How about this, Doc?
Sticks and stones|may break my bones...
but nothing will ever kill me.
Well, let's see now.
First they tried burning me.
Then they tried burying me.
But this... this is my favorite.
They even tried holy water.
But I just keep on tickin'...
because they promised me that.
The dream people.
The ones that gave me this job.
In dreams...
I am forever!
Too bad you're not.
Thank God.
I think I've got a way|to get him.
So what's the plan, Doc?
You can't get him|in the dream...
but if this can come out,|he can come out.
And if he can come out,|he can bleed.
- And die.|- Right.
How will you know|when I got him?
I'm gonna find you with this...
and then I'm bringing you out.
You've got to be holding him|to carry him out.
I know.
He's gonna try and trick you|just like Tracy.
He'll try to use your eyes|to fool you.
You'll use these.
Get the hell outta here.
You want to live?
These mean nothing here...
but in a dream,|they can be anything you want.
He got inside your head.|You get inside of his.
That's my job, isn't it?
Be careful. He's good at|finding out what hurts the most.
That's why you gotta take me|with you.
I can't.
It's gotta be me and him.
All right, Doc.
Put me in.
Strap her in.
Take a deep breath.
Get inside his brain.
I'm in his memories.
Son of a hundred maniacs
You ready for it, boy?
You been a waste|since the day I took you in.
Now it's time|to take your medicine.
Thank you, sir.
May I have another?
You want to know|the secret of pain?
If you just stop feeling it...
you can start using it.
Child killer!
We know what you want.
I want it all!
Of course you do.
Then open up.
And you shall be forever!
Don't worry, baby.
Mommy just had|to take her medicine...
for snooping|in Daddy's special work.
But you won't tell, will you?
I won't tell.
But you did tell, didn't you?
And now it's time|to take your medicine.
You killed my mother!
She's got him!
Let's get her out of there.
I've got you!
I had him!
Where the hell is he?
Maybe the trip killed him.
No... because|I'm still seeing things...
the way I did in my dream.
It's not over. Let's go.
The cops were supposed|to pick this stuff up.
I'm glad they didn't.
We'll have to hit him|with everything we've got.
Check out this knife.
- Hey, put that away.|- That's too small.
Guess so.
You sure that's big enough?
Still believe|he's gonna show up, huh?
Come on, Tracy. Over here.
I can feel it.
You're real here.
It wasn't my fault.
It wasn't.
You saw what they did to me|when I was a kid.
You saw.
I loved you.
And your mother.
I tried so hard to be good.
I know, Daddy.
But when they took you|from me...
it wasn't right.
Oh, I knew you'd believe me.
Come to Daddy.
Over here!
I'm OK.
Maggie, watch out!
- Where's the key?|- I don't know!
The lock's jammed!
I didn't need a glove...
to kill your bitch|of a mother...
and I don't need one now!
Come on.
Let go.
I'll show you how.
Like you showed my mother?
And Carlos?
And Spencer?
Give Daddy the glove back,|princess.
Give it to me!
Gimme the glove!
In your dreams!
Oh, Daddy, I remember when we|used to hold hands together...
when I was a kid.
I didn't like it then, either!
I forgot how much it hurts|to be human.
Go ahead...
put it on.
It's in your blood.
That's it. Put it on.
Feels good, doesn't it?
Yeah... come on.
Let your daddy show you|how to use it.
Happy Father's Day.
Come on, Doc!
Come on! Let's hurry!
Let's get outta here! Come on!
Oh... kids.
- You all right?|- Yeah, I'm OK.
Freddy's dead.
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Nashan naren nagou (1999) - Postmen in the Mountains
Nashville 1975 CD1
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Nashville 1975 CD3
Nathalie X
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2
National Lampoons Vacation 1983
National Security
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Nattens Engel 1998
Natural Born Killers
Natural City
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Navigators The
Navigators The 2001
Near Dark
Ned Kelly (2003)
Needing You
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Negotiator The CD2 1998
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Net The
Network 1976
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New Nightmare
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Ni Liv (Nine Lives)
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Night At The Opera A 1935
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No Good Deed 2002
No Mans Land
No Mans Land 2001 Limited
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No Way Back
No way out
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Nobodys Fool 1994
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Non ti muovere
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Normais Os 2003
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