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It's my birthday, so I decide what we do.
You're still a kid. Only 24 years old.
You're not old enough to decide anything.
Why don't we just chat like real adults?
- Trivial Pursuit! - That's a game for idiots.
I think he's proud of his ignorance.
We just don't know how to party anymore!
- Christ, we're so boring. - lntelligent people are never bored.
Let's watch TV instead.
Shit, the psycho killer strikes again.
She was a prostitute.
It appears she was stabbed.
This is such an exciting case.
- What's up? - The damn bottle!
Oh no, my little Burgundy.
- Here's to boredom! - Here's to my new job!
- I don't understand why you bother. - Doing what?
It sounds disgusting.
All I have to do is sit on my ass all night.
- How did you get in? - The door was open.
Damn, that door never closes properly.
- Are you the one? - Yes, I am.
- Welcome to Mars. - Sorry?
I'll leave you the coffee machine. But you don't get the radio.
Have you got a radio? Well, get one!
Let's do the rounds. Have they told you about the job?
No, not really.
There are still a few people around, but at night this place is like Mars.
So, what have you heard? Have they told you the whole story?
- Did they say anything about me? - No. What should they have said?
Didn't they tell you why I quit?
No, they didn't.
May we come in for a moment?
Put the key in the box.
Now turn it.
We don't need to check this room. The key's here.
Come and have a look.
Do you know what's in the tubs?
Can you smell the formalin? You can smell it, can't you?
Don't ever go in there.
I never wanted to look either. Disgusting!
- So I'll be alone here at night? - Didn't they tell you that?
Sometimes an ambulance comes in, apart from that it's just "Them."
This is the morgue.
I don't know why the hell they put a key in here.
Well, let's get on with it.
They won't do anything!
Just keep your eyes on the key.
Just keep looking at it.
Damned idiots, putting a key in here.
- What are these cords for? - They're just a precaution.
In case one of them wakes up. He can pull it and the alarm goes off.
Then you call the duty doctor. Just call.
Don't worry, it never happens.
It's cold in here, but you can still smell them, can't you?
Make sure the door doesn't close. There's no handle on the inside.
But why should it close?
- Don't forget to turn off the lights. - Why?
- This is where it happened. - What?
The scandal...
A terrible scandal.
A night watchman, years ago...
It went on for many nights.
- He did it with "Them." - You mean he...
The poor guy had his very own harem.
One night they caught him in there while he was doing it.
The senior doctor hushed it up. For the sake of the next of kin...
They say he stood outside for weeks, like a lovesick teenager.
You get bad breath, when you've worked here for a while.
Put your hand over your mouth.
Breathe out and you can smell it.
I'm right, aren't l?
- Christ, yes! - It goes with the territory.
These are the staff files.
Sign here.
Then I'll give you the keys.
I'll file this in here.
Together with all the other files.
We're all in here, you know.
Here's your duty roster.
- Is that the alarm from...? - lt'll never happen.
- Weird photograph. - It's always been up there.
You can't keep the radio.
- Have you got one? - I'm actually going to study...
Get yourself a radio!
- I'd better get myself a radio. - Good.
Just one more thing...
There's nothing to be afraid of. But it's a good thing to have.
Don't forget about the radio.
- Do you know your "Gretchen"? - We have to learn it all.
- Your director's an idiot. - He's actually very sweet.
Why can't anyone be an idiot in your little world?
Does that irritate you?
No. I wish the world was like that.
If I say... Kalinka?
If I say, "l love you." Does that sound like a bad American movie?
- It depends how you say it. - I love you.
I love you.
I lurve...
Why can't we say that anymore?
We've seen too many bad movies.
I love you.
One day you'll be the greatest actress in the world.
Then you won't be able to say it.
The lights!
- What a sick job! - It's easy money.
- Get your mom to send a check. - We have to test ourselves.
- Let's see if you've got the guts. - What do you mean?
Could I borrow a pen, please?
Isn't Kalinka enough for you?
- I'd never cheat on Kalinka. - Watch what you say.
Why don't we flip out?
For the next two weeks, let's forget the limits.
- How? - We'll challenge each other.
We can ask anything of each other. The one who backs down, loses!
- No limits? - None!
- Any challenge? - Anything goes!
What are the stakes?
The loser will be condemned to family life forever.
If I lose, I'll marry Lotte. If you lose, you marry Kalinka.
So, we'll play with destiny.
It's already resting heavily on us. Can't you feel it?
- Get your tits into that! - Pervert.
Oh sorry, I forgot, you're a priest.
I got a summer job. As a bell ringer.
- A bell ringer? - And you'll go to church on Sunday.
I'm going to officiate my first service.
He's working with corpses, and you're into crucifixions.
Don't forget, I'm rehearsing "Mephisto."
Excuse me.
What a bunch of queers, eh Guggi?
Visit me at work one night. I challenge you!
Do you know what I saw yesterday?
There was a girl standing at the bus stop. But she didn't get on the bus.
So, she was waiting for another bus...
She was a hooker. Just 17. Joyce.
- How do you know? - You're not very quick tonight.
What happened?
God, I'm restless tonight. There's a full moon.
I gave you 500 crowns!
Must be the monkeys' night out.
Stop gawking!
- I gave you 500. - It was only 50.
- I just gave you 500 crowns. - Relax.
- Want a beer with me? - Move your ass.
You shouldn't talk like that. Am I right, Guggi?
The girls are having a problem.
We're a couple of real horny boys!
You want some real cock tonight?
I guess we should do something.
Yeah, right. We're tough guys.
You've got a lovely mouth, you know.
Giddy up!
Thanks a lot! You just sat here on your asses.
- I want to go home. - We might do something else.
- Come on, let's go. - We're going to stay awhile.
Is that okay?
- Are you coming by tonight? - Maybe.
I could win our contest right now. I challenge you to show them up.
What are you doing?
A quadruple Jack Daniels, please.
- What are you doing? - Alright, Martin.
- What are you talking about? - You challenged me!
But, you can't...
Jens, don't...
Hello Fishface!
Stop bothering decent people.
Were you brought up in a foreign culture?
Isn't that a Pakistani name?
You do speak Danish, don't you? You're not Pakis, are you?
You beat up Pakis, but you're not Pakis. Then again, who knows?
When your mother's a whore, she could have screwed anybody!
That really hurt.
Jesus, that was great! I hate them!
I hate them!
"Fish face." Did you see the look on his face?
"When your mother's a whore, she could have screwed anybody!"
Let's have a smoke.
Hans Christian Andersen was a jerk.
He was a genius.
You know, every time he masturbated...
...he put a mark in his diary.
- What? - He made a mark with a pencil.
If I did that every time...
...there'd be no pencils left!
That girl, Joyce... you know, the hooker.
I screwed her.
You didn't tell me that.
She did everything I asked her to.
- I said my name was Martin. - You said you were me?
- She doesn't know who you are. - You bastard.
- Yeah, right, a stupid bastard. - You're incredible.
Want to be a bastard like me?
I'm a real bastard.
I always hurt the ones I care about. I hate it all.
I hate studying law. I hate having "fun" with the girls.
I could puke!
I could puke too, sometimes.
Give me a challenge.
Do it with Joyce.
It's not a game. Are you in or out?
Okay, I'm in.
We'll take her out for dinner.
I'm supposed to be with Kalinka.
You don't have to tell her about it.
That which does not kill you, will make you stronger.
I can't remember how I got home.
- I made you a packed lunch. - Don't go. Don't leave me alone.
- Your breath stinks. - Thanks a lot.
It doesn't matter.
Call me tonight.
Good evening.
Peter Wrmer. Homicide. Did I startle you?
-You're new here? -Yes.
A law student.
- I worked here when I was young. - Here?
- I don't know who he is. - Lewis Payne.
The picture was taken in 1865. While he was on death row.
- That's what I really need now. - What? Death row?
- No, a murderer. - Has there been another one?
They're bringing in the body in now.
- This place gives me the creeps. - Have you ever been in there?
Why not get it over with? You're curious, aren't you?
If you don't do it, you'll be haunted by fantasies.
Go on.
- Are you all right? - Shit. There was nothing but feet.
It makes you appreciate being alive.
- I saw you on TV. - Did I make a good impression?
- Are you on to him? - No, he's too clever.
- How do you know it's the same guy? - Can I trust you? Of course I can.
- He has his trademark. - Trademark?
He scalps them.
- Good evening. - This one just quit smoking!
Rolf, this is the new night watchman. What's your name?
Martin Bork.
Our young friend, Martin Bork.
- I don't like it. - It wasn't that bad.
- Why did they let you look at her? - I work there.
- How do they know it's the same guy?? - Some of us just know.
- What's that suppose to mean? - Nothing.
I'm sworn to secrecy.
- I can't tell you. - But I'm your girlfriend.
- You wouldn't want to know. - You're a pain in the ass.
- Duty nurse. - This is the night watchman.
- The alarm just went off. - The alarm?
- The alarm from the morgue. - Go and check it yourself.
- The doctor will be there in an hour. - But what if...?
Go and see if it's a false alarm.
- But what if it's not? - Don't worry, it is.
You're crazy!
You insane bastard! What the hell are you doing?
- I'm sorry. Take it easy. - Who do you think you are?
- I couldn't help it. - I almost had a heart attack.
Jesus, this is gross.
How the hell did you get in?
The door wasn't locked. And you had your nose buried in your book.
I stood and watched you for five minutes.
You nearly gave me a heart attack.
Cozy place you've got here. I talked to Joyce.
- Remember, your name is Jens. - Asshole!
- I can't help it. - Cheers.
I think you scared ten years off my life.
Now they'll think I've gone crazy. I just called the duty doctor.
So what? We're all crazy! You can keep the paper bag.
- Stupid bastard! - Love you too!
Well, did you find any ghosts?
It was just my alarm clock, I'm afraid.
- Can I offer you a sedative? - No, thank you.
It'll make you sing hymns, while watching a slasher film.
I'm okay, thanks.
Just don't freak out again.
We don't have time for screwed-up kids.
Those things'll kill you, you know.
Could that be the lady, I wonder.
Have fun!
Good evening. Please allow me to congratulate you both.
- Congratulate us? - Yes, on your wedding.
- Would you like to order now? - Sure.
Oh, you'd like to...
- We'll have the lemon sole. - I don't like fish.
Oh yes, that's right.
We'll have the veal then.
- So, where do you come from? - Home.
- No, I mean... - Copenhagen.
What the hell are you doing?
Martin said I had to do it right away.
- You called? - No.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to leave.
Could I have a word please?
You're going too far, Martin.
- Cheers. - I can't hold my liquor.
How much to drink a glass of whiskey?
100 crowns.
Let's drink.
Just a minute.
You need a little more.
I didn't say how big it would be.
Bottoms up!
Drink it all, Joyce.
You're dribbling. That wasn't part of the deal.
How much for a smile?
So smile.
Not good enough. Make it look like you're really having a good time.
Tell me you love me.
- Give me the money. - I earned it.
- How much to give the money back? - 100.
100 crowns for giving the other 100 back!
Here. Give me my 100 crowns.
Listen, Joyce...
I'll give you 200 crowns if you can say that you love me.
I love you.
That didn't sound quite right.
Can you believe that, Jens?
I'll add another 200. It's all yours if you can make it sound real.
I love you.
Sorry. I just don't believe you, Joyce.
How are you feeling?
- Why do you take this shit? - What's it to you?
I own you tonight!
Tell us about your customers.
- What's your weirdest experience. - Why?
Just answer the question.
One guy pays me 1,000 crowns just to pretend I'm dead.
He covers me with a sheet and puts a tag on my toe.
That sounds familiar.
But I wouldn't bring anyone home that I didn't really know.
- That's too risky. - What do you mean?
My girlfriend brought that psycho home...
- Then what happened? - I'd rather not...
Tell us.
I had to identify her body. He'd scalped her.
- I know what you mean. - Like hell you do.
Have I finished yet?
Do you think you've met him?
Can I go now?
I'm exhausted.
Why does Lotte tolerate him?
One of his one night stands phoned here and asked for him.
Jane or Joyce or something.
He shouldn't give people our number.
Where is that idiot?
You're looking good.
Are you wearing anything underneath?
- Where's Jens? - He's probably on his way.
- We're about to begin. - There he is.
- Are you drunk? - I've just got a slight hangover.
Cross your fingers for me.
- Joyce called my house last night. - What did she want?
- Was it really necessary? - It's nothing to do with me. Honest.
So, who gave her my number?
- I've got a challenge for you. - What?
Don't take the sacrament.
Lotte will kill me!
"Eat. This is my flesh given for you."
"Do this in remembrance of me."
This is the body of Christ.
This is the body of Christ.
I can't do this.
This is the body of Christ.
This is the blood of Christ.
This is the blood of Christ.
This is the blood of Christ.
I can't drink it...
- Lotte, baby, I got sick. - You idiot!
- It was the lukewarm wine... - Shut up!
You can't yell at me here. It was the damn hangover.
- Can't you just change the water? - Do you think it's that easy?
You make a mess of everything.
Grow up! You thrive on bullshit!
You are so childish.
- I'm crazy about you. - Crazy about me?
Can't you say love anymore?
If that's how you want it, then I won't feel anything either.
Great. No more responsibility. We're both past feeling.
- But you're the most loving person... - I've had enough of loving.
I'm crazy about you.
I guess I love you.
You stink of puke.
Not as much as the baptismal font!
You never took the sacrament.
Daddy's home!
- Jens speaking. - It's me. Are you at home?
- Have you been here tonight? - You'll have to speak up.
- Have you been here? - This is a recording.
- So, how are we feeling today? - Just wait and see.
She's down there.
Now listen...
Let's go and see if she's gone back to bed.
She was there a moment ago.
Which one was it?
The scalped one.
Good morning lnge Carlsen.
This young man claims you've been up and about.
Well, what do you know. She's dead as a doornail.
But she was there. Just as real as you are.
She must be playing a trick on us then. Wake up.
She won't wake up.
- What's going on? - I'm sorry, Wrmer.
I just wanted some back-up in case there were zombies to fight.
But it's only Carlsen who's playing up.
- She wasn't here a minute ago. - Nothing unusual in that.
They often go for a quick stroll.
Do you want me to get rid of him?
But I saw her!
- It's like a bad movie. - What do you mean?
The hero sees something strange. But then it turns out to be nothing.
Sometimes its hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
But this was real!
When I've been working hard I feel as if I'm in a glass bubble.
Or in a movie.
When I'm trying to catch a murderer, I try to think like him.
I somehow dissolve. Right and wrong cease to exist.
But I know I've got him when l look in a mirror and see his face.
- Only then can I return to reality. - But I did see it.
You saw what you saw. No harm done, and forget the doctor.
He's just a little too liberal with his own medicine.
You can always reach me here.
I don't really want to go back.
- Do we have the money we need? - I could ask Mom for the rest.
- But you hate asking her for money. - I just want some peace.
- I don't ever want to lose you. - You won't.
If you drink less... hard, and wash behind your ears, I'll be yours forever.
It's Jens...
- We've been wild. - Lotte's tamed him.
- Will you marry me? - What did you say?
Will you marry me?
That damned job.
- I'll go with you. - You can't.
Have you got a knife?
In the top drawer.
Your friend's got problems.
That detective... The one with the psycho killer.
Soon we can leave all this behind us.
Thank you.
- What are you and Jens up to? - It's just some bullshit.
- Time for my rounds. - Can I come too?
If you dare.
It's so quiet.
You can hear the blood rushing.
- Shall I never lie with you... - No, no.
You always forget that bit.
Let it out.
Damn it. I'm suffocating.
I can't breathe in here.
Do you know why?
Have you ever heard of talent?
Is that theater?
- Never seen that before. - It's no great loss.
- Are you Kalinka? - Yes.
It's about your boyfriend.
You have to make him stop.
Filthy bastard! What the hell are you up to?
- What am I up to? - Your slave girl came to see me.
- Who? - Joyce.
Tell me she's a screwed up junkie who just happened to drop by.
Tell me it's all bullshit.
I can't.
Are you crazy?
- What the hell were you thinking? - Take it easy.
- You behave like a jerk. - It was just a stupid mistake.
Was that why we had to do it in the morgue?
Was I just a stand-in for her?
- What? - Do you want me to play dead?
Is that what turns you on?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Calm down.
- Do you believe her? - Did you sleep with her?
No. It was nothing.
Did you enjoy it?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you enjoy it?
- How are you Martin? - The doctor just gave me an earful.
- Did you do your rounds last night? - Of course.
Come with me.
- What's that? - I haven't got a clue.
It looks to me like a woman's body lying on its stomach.
- The legs were spread somehow. - I don't know anything about it.
The doctor tells me that you're the only one who's been down here.
Wrmer, come over here.
Do you know anything about the drops of semen over there?
- Who else could have been in here? - I don't know.
Someone's trying to frame me. That doctor...
I'm just as confused as you are.
But the murder victim has played tricks twice now.
And you've been involved both times.
- Do you have any enemies? - No.
- Any debts? Old grudges? Anything? - No.
You've got a girlfriend, haven't you?
What about affairs? Maybe you've hurt someone?
There is someone.
A hooker called Joyce.
- I went out with her. - Martin!
The girl down there was her friend. She had to identify the body.
- She called me at home one night. - Blonde and skinny? I know her.
But how could Joyce...
The killer moves in her circles. Who introduced you to her?
One of my friends. It was just a joke.
What's his name?
Jens Christian Arnkiel.
Martin... I don't want to worry you.
But I have to be frank with you. If I'm right...
...there's someone very dangerous breathing down your neck.
Maybe you've unwittingly become his link to Joyce.
What do you mean, link?
Can I trust you?
Well, maybe the murderer wants the murderer to be exposed.
I don't get it.
A psycho thinks like a psycho.
His only way out is to find another victim...
...and then make someone else look guilty.
He's gained Joyce's trust. Now all he needs is to find her killer.
Her killer?
You can't be serious.
Why does Joyce suddenly call you? Think about all that's happening.
Even Rolf's starting to suspect you.
This is too far out.
Don't worry. I don't suspect you.
The old night watchman...
It must be someone who knows his way around here.
I'll look into it. Where did that semen come from?
I don't know.
We'll analyze it. Can we have a sample from you?
Hello Jens.
What's up?
What are you doing with Joyce?
Run that by me again.
The police can't find the murderer. Then this guy turns up.
He rapes the body of one of the victims and threatens a hooker.
- So they have a suspect? - Yes.
It could be the wrong guy.
So who do they suspect?
Come on...
I'll only ask you once. And be honest with me.
Is it you?
What are you talking about?
What the hell's wrong?
What's the hurry?
Take it easy.
I paid 400 crowns for that.
- Do you know where Joyce lives? - Yeah. Up there.
I've never been abroad.
Have you?
Do you know where the Himalayas are?
I'd like to talk to Joyce, please.
- Joyce doesn't live here. - But I was told that she...
Have you got 100?
Try upstairs.
The line's busy.
Feeling better now?
If you hadn't got out of there... What did she look like?
Poor girl.
We have to call the police. We can't just leave her there.
Martin Bork here, the new nightwatch. You showed me around.
It's 11 o'clock!
- Is it hard to quit? - What are you talking about?
You forgot your knife.
You can keep it. Good night.
- A 16 year old prostitute... - They've found her.
Detective Wrmer revealed that the police have a suspect.
We haven't arrested him yet. But we have the evidence we need.
We know who he is. We will arrest him tonight.
Sources say that the suspect is a young law student.
They think it's him.
Why do they think it's him?
I'd like to speak to the doctor, please.
This is Martin Bork. The weirdo from Forensics.
Joyce told me to say hello.
I have personally asked for your removal. Go home.
- I thought you'd want me to stay. - Go and see a psychiatrist.
- Do you think I'm a psychopath? - You wouldn't be the first.
- Goodbye. - The first...
Rolf Ericksson, homicide. I'd like to speak to Martin.
We don't know where he is.
Joyce has been killed.
The police are here.
- I'm going over there. - It's too dangerous.
- Martin didn't do it. - Stay here.
- How do you know it's him? - We know.
- Martin is not the murderer. - We don't make the evidence.
So he's the suspect just because some weird things happened?
It's not just that.
And besides Joyce exposed the killer herself.
- She wrote his name. - What did she write?
- His name. - What name?
Martin, of course.
But we changed names. Joyce thought he was Jens.
So if it was him, she would have written Jens.
- That makes you the prime suspect. - No...
- There was no name. - Kalinka was there.
There was blood, but no name.
- And the murderer was there. - Kalinka.
Can I use your phone, please.
This is Martin Bork again.
That story about the nightguard who was a necrophiliac...
- Who was he? - I don't know who he was.
But people talked.
- Was he sent to a mental hospital? - No.
- What happened? - The whole thing was hushed up.
The bastard is still out there somewhere.
Where's his girlfriend?
"Dismissed on recommendation of Doctor K.K."
"Will never be given future employment."
It's Peter Wrmer.
Joyce has been murdered. We've got to talk.
I'll come down to the station.
We have to get to the bottom of this. I'll pick you up.
Are you still there?
- Maybe I should go home first. - No, I'll pick you up.
Are you innocent?
But who else could it be?
Was it you, Martin?
I'll talk to Rolf instead.
It's 1:30 a.m. You're under arrest.
How could you? What have you got against hookers?
Do they offend your respectable mind?
What you've done to these girls is simply ungodly.
Just talking about it makes me sick.
I love the smell of this room.
Come on. Hit me!
You can't be serious.
Get a hold of yourself.
I've destroyed your life. How much more can you take?
Come on, hit me! Hit me!
Or I'll scalp your girlfriend.
He's gone mad!
- He can't get in here. - He didn't do it.
- Why didn't you call? - The murderer was still there.
What's more, they swapped names. Joyce thought Martin was Jens.
It must be Jens then.
Or someone who didn't know about the names.
What should we do?
- I was worried about you. - He knocked me out and escaped.
- Something's wrong. - What about Kalinka?
This is Jens.
- Where's Kalinka? - How should I know?
- Her bike's outside. - He probably took her with him.
Take him to the station. I want to take another look at Joyce.
- Why would they try to escape? - Take it easy.
Handcuff him. We'll get the others.
- Come with me. - But you've got your doubts too.
- Doubts about what, Rolf? - Nothing.
What the hell...?
Have you ever been killed before?
I'll be back for you.
This is crazy. You can't do this.
- What do you want? - Just the usual.
Your hand...
Come on, we'll be late.
It's raining.
It's only a shower.
We're so damn predictable.
We're just like our parents.
My god, you look like my dad.
That's odd. You look like my mom.
If this had been a movie, they'd call it "The Nightguard."
- The great heroes end up married. - So it seems.
They often challenge each other and suddenly one of them says:
I challenge you.
- Let's hear it. - Says the other.
- Say no, says the former. - Say no?
Say no to the priest, says the former and smiles.
Do you think I'm afraid to say no?
I mean, what's a "no"? You want to hear me say no?
It was a joke.
Don't do it, Jens.
Jens Christian Arnkiel... you take Kalinka Martens to be your lawfully wedded wife?
It's actually the other way round. It should be me who...
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Navigators The 2001
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