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Subtitles for Nikos the impaler.

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Nikos the impaler

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Calm yourself, Bran. lt'll all be over soon enough.
''La dracu.'' A year ago wouldn't have been soon enough.
l know. We all know.
lt's just all that tripe that he fed my boy... What he did to him!
Yeah, and mine! This evil has plagued us all.
What we do to him will not be enough. Not after what he's done.
His true judgment will come from the Almighty.
Christ would not waste his precious time, Vlad...
Not on crap like him.
He's a monster!
What if he overpowers them, like he did to all the others?
After what he did to Vajk's father, that man will never leave that cave.
Should we see to it ourselves?
My boy would have wanted it so.
As would mine.
My face!
Stop this madness!
Damn you !
Nikos, stop! This is the end!
Today you die!
l shall not die.
l shall never die.
Ah, but you shall, Nikos! By my hand...
And by the hand of all those here!
lf my father were here,
he would be proud to see me kill you.
You are a plague on this land.
Géza was nothing. You are nothing!
Still he mocks our land and people!
Kill him, Vajk! Kill him!
For our loved ones! - For my boy!
And mine.
And for my wife... my son...
And for the great king, my father.
Your father burns in Hell!
Then join him!
You cannot stop me.
Death cannot stop me.
Take your revenge for your family.
l will!
l will return to save my revenge.
Burn the body.
May the flames that lap at his flesh be his welcome to the underworld.
You've lost, Nikos. My people are free.
Silence the devil.
Now, it's over.
OK. Lights please, Anna.
And so, after King Vajk killed Nikos,
he was able to control pretty much all of Romania.
He was dubbed ''Saint Stephen'' because of his love of Christianity,
but he brutally forced his religion on the pagans of the Carpathians.
Yes, Mr. Lundeen?
So this dude killed the barbarian by shoving his guts down his throat
and then they make him a saint? lsn't that kind of hypocritical?
By today's standards that's probably not a prerequisite for canonization.
Yet these were very different times for Romania.
The roaming Magyar kings were losing their power,
so King Vajk made some pretty brash choices.
Yeah, dude. l'm not really getting it either.
What the hell did this Nikos do to have the king disembowel him?
Well, besides butchering, murdering,
torturing nearly 300 people, including King Vajk's father,
l'd say... very little.
ln a bad time, Nikos was considered the worst of his breed.
He was a barbarian from the Northlands,
with a very low tolerance for Romanian people
and a very high tolerance for pain.
Bad combination.
Which is why this grisly topic was brought up in class today.
Who was Nikos?
Why isn't he mentioned in books alongside such historical butchers
as Attila the Hun, Gilles de Rais or Elizabeth Bathory?
Yes, Daisy? - l read he was such a scourge to the people
that they tried to forget about him,
leaving him out of their written cultural history. - To an exent.
They were afraid that if they'd continue talking about him,
his spirit would return. - Well, that's a new one.
l borrowed the book... - From me!
lt's a book on the legends of Eastern Europe.
l'd like to see that sometime.
The main reason we don't hear a lot is because of popularity.
That part of Romania was home to another barbarian of sorts,
Vlad Tepes, nearly 400 years later.
He was better known as Dracula, ''Son of the Dragon.''
''Blah ! Lucy! l vant to sssuck yourrr blood!''
Very funny, Pete, yes. But not entirely untrue...
There's a bit of truth to every legend.
Tepes was known to dip his bread in the blood of his impaled enemies
before eating it. - Fuck, man ! That's foul!
But you're interested. Romanian art has a lot of interesting things.
This is what l'm getting to: The Bancroft Gallery on 42nd Street
has an amazing presentation of Romanian art.
There's even some history on Nikos. l encourage you to visit the gallery.
l'll be there for the opening at 7 tomorrow night.
There'll be 50 exra points of credit for anyone that goes. - 50?
Shit, that's almost worth it! - For you, yes.
OK, guys! Have a good weekend! lf anyone here needs exra credit
as badly as Pete and Ryan do, l encourage you to go.
l'll see you at the gallery. Take care.
Dude, are you going to this dumbass art show tomorrow?
l should.
l know it's gonna be gay as shit, but l could use that exra credit.
l bombed that last test so fucking hard.
Yeah, but Romanian artwork, man? lt's lame as hell.
Don't even know where Romania is. - You never know...
There might be some hotties there! - l fuckin' doubt it.
lt's probably just old artsy-fartsy queers. - That's close-minded!
l'm going. What does that make me? Jerks!
Dude, Daisy just talked to us!
We're going. - To the art show? You're kidding?
No, it might be interesting.
Yeah, right. You're just going because you think
it might get you into Daisy's pants! - Never!
Well, look at you.
You come all the way over here from Hong Kong
and you're not going to this? - You kidding? l'm gonna party!
You know, Ry, maybe we should go with Anna and see if we can...
No, dude. We stick with the original plan : exra credit
and Daisy's pants!
Hey, Frank!
Oh, Miss Kane! What brings you to the university?
l work here, remember? - Oh, really?
Yeah. l've actually taught nex to you for about five years now.
Oh, you have? - Yeah, we went to the movies last week
and there was some talk about us, l don't know, starting something...
Oh, really? - You shithead!
So, what's this l hear about some art show?
How do you know? - l heard your kids talkin' about it in the hall.
lt's nothing too hot.
lt's Romanian artwork, right? - Right.
Sounds pretty nice.
You're welcome to come, but l didn't think it was your thing.
Last week you take me to see ''lnfantry of Doom'' at the Rialto
and now you think l can't stomach some creepy old Romanian art?
lf you really wanna come... - Yeah !
Come on...
Miss Kane? - Yes?
Would you do me the honor of escorting me to the gallery? - Yes!
OK, then it's a date. - lt is.
That's fine.
An art gallery?
Yeah, that's an easy hit. What do you need, Jimmy?
What do you need that for? lt makes no sense!
Alright, alright! l'll do it. What's the name of this place?
Bancroft? On 5th Avenue?
Alright, l'll see you at twelve. Right. Ciao.
You fat fuck!
Daisy, how are you? l didn't know you'd join us.
l've been doing so much research on this! lt's gonna be fun !
Oh, yes. So much to see upstairs. Let's go. - OK.
Good evening. Welcome to the Bancroft Gallery. Enjoy the show.
Thank you, sir. - Have you been working here long, young man?
No, l'm just a volunteer.
l teach at the university. - lsn't that admirable?
l love it. l care about my students, and culture.
Good for you, son. We're visiting family here.
Our son's going to school upstate.
We're from Montana. There's nothing quite like this back home!
l can imagine. - Well, let's go see what this shindig's all about, OK?
Thank you ! - Enjoy, take care.
You've gotta see the rear exhibit too, boys. lt's absolutely beautiful.
There's more? - Oh yes! My people have created a miniature maze,
filled with artifacts, weapons and more artwork. You have to see it!
Sounds wonderful. - Oh, it is! l'm so glad they finished it by tonight.
Wow! Workin' down to the wire on this, weren't you, girl?
My God! Would you look at this crap?
l can't believe these people consider themselves artists,
let alone human beings.
Some freaky shit! Looks like it's a thousand years old.
Probably looked better when first made. - This garbage!
lt's all wrong. The contrast's too heavy, the colors are wrong,
the lines undefined and shallow... - You know, Henry,
my mother always said if you didn't have anything nice to say,
you shouldn't say anything at all. - Olivia! How are you?
Still the same bitter, hardass critic, l see.
Not really, only when l'm subjected to shit like this.
What would compel you to put this crap in your exhibit?
l just can't believe it. l'm aghast.
l don't think you're getting the whole picture.
Everyone else seems to enjoy it. - Shocking.
Exactly, and the archeology exhibit nex week
will be even more shocking. That's the purpose!
l'm really not impressed. - Darling...
Go fuck yourself.
You say the sweetest things.
Hi fellas! You decided to show up after all.
Yeah, after the last midterm we both need to hit this.
Plus, there might be some fine art critics. - Yeah, sure.
So where's all the gory shit? This is ''The Horrors of Romania.''
There's gotta be some horrors around.
Take a look. You'll find something.
l'm sure we'll find something to keep us occupied a bit, right?
What's goin' on here?
Oh ! Excuse me... - No, excuse me.
Did l interrupt something, sir?
No, l was just uh... looking for the...
Door? - Bathroom.
Strange you'd miss it, considering you'd walked past it to get this far.
Must've made the wrong turn. Scusi! - One wrong turn deserves another.
Let's step back to the gallery, sir. We've to talk. - We can do that.
Enjoying yourself? - Yeah, it's incredible.
l can't believe it. This place was so terrible.
l know. That's why l teach it to my students.
Violence's the only way to get their attention. - Gore sells!
lsn't that unusual! My goodness, l've never seen... Could l touch it?
lt is really the strangest... Euh, what a funny feeling!
Oh, shit!
Ah, Madonna!
Shit! - Calm down !
That's New York!
Bernie, did you hear that?
Yeah. - Did you hear that?
Yeah, l think it came from outside. - Are you sure?
Yeah, it definitely didn't come from here. Probably some punk kids.
OK, thanks.
Miss Bancroft?
Yes, Judah? - Everything's OK. Bernie said it came from outside.
Of all places to have an art gallery,
l can't believe l opened it downtown. - Don't worry.
Don't worry? These people are scared of their own shadows.
You know how hard it is to keep them happy?
Whatever it is, it's over.
l think you should make an announcement.
Thanks, Judah. - You're welcome, Miss Bancroft.
Gather round, everyone, please. So please, don't worry.
The noises you heard came from somewhere outside.
My security has assured me you're far safer here than on the streets.
The show's going to continue as planned.
This is nothing major, nothing at all.
Enjoy the exhibit, everyone!
l'm drowning here. - So l've noticed.
Can't you do something to calm them down? - Like what?
Go out and fire my gun a few times, show them they're safer in here?
l'm having a drink. l'll be back in a few minutes.
OK, but don't leave me stranded here. - l won't.
Come on, Daisy. lt's not gonna kill you. - Back off!
All we say is have coffee with us.
We're only here for a few more minutes.
The show just started. - So? Heller saw us here.
That's all we need for the exra credit. - You're so pathetic!
Yeah. So?
Come on, it'll be fun ! - l said to back off.
What a fucking disaster!
Bernie? You're still back there?
This is a private area.
Professor Heller? - Yes, Pete?
You want us to do anything here? - What do you mean?
l don't know, write a report?
No, you fulfilled your requirement by showing up. - Really?
l take it that Ryan's not having much luck over there?
Yeah, he's eating it pretty hard.
Maybe l can be of some help.
Ryan ! - Yeah?
l think l have an answer for your question. - My what...?
You asked me about the Magyar recession in the 1400s,
if problems were caused by feudal disputes in Hungarian provinces.
l checked with another professor and he said you were right.
l was impressed! - You actually said that to him?
l don't have a clue what you guys are talking about.
Now l know why you guys are single.
What? - Dude, he was trying to help you score!
What's he supposed to be, Lou? - He sure is ugly, that's a fact.
His name was Nikos. He's a barbarian from the Northlands.
Legend has it he killed over 300 Romanian and Hungarian people.
Wow. You don't say!
Look, it's right here. - Oh, yeah.
There he is. - Oh, look. lt says ''Nikos.''
He was killed at the hands of King Vajk and an angry mob in 1002.
My professor said he was disemboweled.
He was disemboweled. This much the history books are correct about.
Some say death wouldn't stop him. He planned on returning to life
just to destroy all the descendants of those who'd killed him.
This book says noblemen from the north found his house
and found crazy occult stuff, like dead cats and human parts.
From his looks, that's not surprising.
He was trying to find a way back from the dead.
That's over a thousand years ago. l don't think he's coming back soon.
Who knows? There's lots of things in this world we don't understand.
Yeah, like who'd paint something like this?
They could've given him some warm Autumn colors!
Nikos wasn't the first man obsessed with living forever.
Marcus Aurelius was obsessed too and so was Michelangelo.
Yeah, guess where they're now...
So gross. Look at this, there's guts falling out all over the place.
l know. Can you believe people like this actually existed?
lt's so... - Barbaric.
l mean, no matter what, l totally hate Kenny, but l wouldn't kill him!
Oh God! My stomach's turning.
This guy used to impale people on metal spikes.
Who the fuck would do something like that? - Dracula.
Bela Lugosi himself, perhaps? - No, the real one.
This is just an effigy of one of his victims.
After he impaled them, he'd dip his food in their blood.
He'd eat under their twitching bodies,
so if something fell off, he'd eat it too.
He's known to most as the first cannibalistic nobleman.
Jason ! She's just fucking with you ! - No, l'm not.
Jason? You're OK? - l'm just feeling really funky.
That chick out there just mentions guts and you lose it.
Fuck! - Oh, l'm sorry! l'm sorry.
My God! What is that?
Oh, by the way, thanks for dinner earlier.
You're welcome.
God, my stomach ! - You gonna be OK?
l'm gonna be alright. You just go have some fun.
Did you see that inbred chick from Montana, that old woman?
Yeah, stay away from that, that could be contagious.
Who dresses these people? - Probably their pets.
Well, if you're sure you'll be OK, l'll go out and wait for you.
Yeah, you go flirt with those cute college boys.
l'll be out in a minute.
Hope everything comes out OK!
The legend says he'd return to take revenge on the rest of the world,
which was obviously started by one of his followers
who wanted to instill fear in the remaining Romanians.
There's a question of validity to that one.
No one knows how the legend started.
Aren't you the one who says there's a bit of truth to every legend?
Yeah, a little bit of truth, though not every legend is real.
Maybe he said he was coming back for revenge
and then it all got blown up out of proportion.
This is getting really old.
We could get dogged at some place with alcohol and good music.
Wanna roll? - Yeah, Heller seems cool anyway.
OK, l'm gonna drain the lizard,
then maybe we'll hit Anna's party and make this night start happening.
Sounds good, man. l'll stand here and look good.
Hey! - Yeah?
Did Olivia hire you for the night? - No, l'm just a volunteer.
Look, can you watch the door for a sec? - Why?
l gotta run back make sure everything's cool.
No problem. - Nice. Thanks, buddy.
Miss Bancroft?
Bernie, you still back there?
Bernie, you there?
Oh shit!
Oh, God! Oh shit!
That sure sounded like a gunshot.
He should know. Probably in some militia.
Hello, Police! There's a lunatic trying to kill me!
Somebody call the fucking police!
Lou, let's get out of here!
What the hell!
For Christ's sakes!
What happened? - Who's there?
l'm in the stall. What happened? - A power failure, l guess.
Jesus. How glamorous is that? - Yeah.
Well, l guess that's my cue to get out of here. - Me too.
See you later, dude!
The goddamn doors won't open ! - This is insane!
Calm down ! There has to be an explanation for this!
A murderer's here, that's what up! - A what?
l saw him slash open another guy
with my own fucking eyes! - Oh, my God!
Who was he? - l don't know, just saw this big black shape!
Pete, calm down ! You're freaking everyone out. - l am?
Go see the fucking mess he left! There's a killer here, man !
Why don't you believe me? - Alright. l will go.
Dude, what's going on?
We need to get out of here, man. Now!
What is it? What happened?
You know, maybe we shouldn't be back here.
Why not? l'm trying to find our way out.
Maybe the killer's crawling around here too. - He ain't back here.
How do you know?
l've been to New York, l know how it works. - Oh fine.
What the hell?
What is this?
lt's those kids again !
Damn !
What did they do now?
This is blood. This is real blood!
Where did Pete and Ryan go?
Those fucking kids? To the rear exhibit, looking for a way out.
lt's a maze back there! - l told them. They wouldn't listen.
What's the deal? Let's go get them.
No. lf they get out, they'll get help.
We need to stick together, keep an eye on each other.
Agreed. Let's stand here so nobody can pull any funny business.
l need to get Jason. He's still in the bathroom.
OK, l'll watch your back. You go in there and get him, OK?
Calm down ! Calm down, woman.
Look, it's just a mask.
Oh, really?
For goodness sakes! - l got an idea. - Yeah?
You stand over there. l want a picture of this. - Oh yeah !
Don't forget the flash, the kids will love this.
This camera doesn't need a flash.
Good. Good.
Jason !
Oh ! Jason !
Get out of here!
C'mon, get out!
Come on ! - No!
Come on !
Jason !
Oh, God!
See anything, man? - Can't see shit. Your lighter blows. - Sorry!
Give me the flashlight. - Fuck that, get your own.
Fine, l will. We're going back to the front. - What?
l don't see shit here. - lt's no better there!
At least we have safety in numbers. - Fine.
OK, let's go.
Which way do we go? - What? You mean you don't know?
Good. Let's take one more. - OK.
Oh, my God! Reba!
Where's the other kid? - He's...
We have a real problem here. - What?
He's... - Dead. Someone cut his throat. - Oh, my God!
Wait. How'd the killer get in? Nobody saw a thing!
lt was dark! He could've slipped by!
l can't see down the hallway, you know.
That kid was in the bathroom when this shit started. Where's he now?
Ryan might be a punk sometimes, but he's no killer.
You don't know that.
What about the back hall? He wasn't there, but the killer sure was.
You watched him all night?
l noticed you at the front door... - Shut up! This isn't helping!
We're all gonna stay here. We'll be safe!
You guys, where did those two old people go?
You heard that shit, right? - Yeah.
l think the fucker's back here.
What do you want me to do? - Nothing.
l just wanna get the hell out of here. - That makes two of us.
Man, this really sucks.
Oh fuck! - Dude, what's goin' on?
lt's blood!
Fuck! Run !
lt's gonna be alright. - We need to get out of here, Frank.
l know that. Don't you think we all know that? - lt's just...
l know. lt's just a lot going on.
l think l'll give up on Romanian art for a while.
Hey, you're OK?
Oh... yeah. - You're sure?
Yeah, l'll be fine.
That guy in the bathroom...
ls he... l mean, were you and him...
He was my boyfriend.
Oh man, l'm sorry. - Thanks.
We'll meet face-to-face with that fuckin' killer and rip his head off.
We'll get out of here. You'll see, you'll be OK.
Yeah, l just don't wanna go yet.
Just hang in there, OK? l'll see where the others are.
They're all getting killed by this kid. - lt's not him!
lt's Nikos. He said he was coming back. He did.
That's ridiculous! - Look! l'll show you.
''According to legend, his power was forever held in his cursed mask.
Whoever disturbed it had awoken the spirits inside
with the touch of warm blood.'' - Bullshit!
lt's his mask. He's coming back!
You said there were other exhibits, archeological displays.
Someone found his mask and brought it.
Someone splattered blood to wake up a 1000 year-old barbarian?
Fuckin' genius!
Alright! Sounds crazy, but you're not offering shit to the situation.
Well, l think that little punk kid makes more sense
than a dead European warlord that's been dead.
lf you don't stop that little shit, l'll take care of him myself!
Don't go back there! You don't know what's there. - Bite me, doorman.
Professor Heller! He's back there! He's coming this way!
You gotta do something!
Oh, my God! - Your arm!
OK... That blows.
Oh, shit!
Who did this?
How should l know? l was here listening to your stupid ass.
l knew it was the other kid! Where is he? - No, not Ryan.
He... He's dead.
lt was a... big man. - Nikos!
That's it. Whoever's in the back room is killing us.
We've gotta make a break for it! - lt's Nikos. - Please, not now!
You saw Pete's face when l said that? He knew it was Nikos, too.
He did say the guy had a mask. - Come on. Not you too, Don.
You know, Henry? l'm sick of your shit. l've had it with you.
l don't care who's doing this shit!
lt wasn't any of us, and we've still a chance to get the fuck out.
He's right. We gotta get out.
l didn't wanna leave, but we can't stay here.
lf we lived this long there's a reason.
How are we gonna get out?
The front door's locked. There's no windows here.
What about the back room? - lt all started there.
Fuck that. l'm not going back there! - Then what help are you?
This fucking sucks. - This is crazy!
Alright. l'll go to the back exhibit. Who joins me? - Count me in.
l'm with you. - Good luck. - Let's do it.
Come on.
Oh, fuck you ! Go ahead, beat it.
Good luck.
Nikos! You fuck!
Keep movin', keep movin'!
Come on, man !
C'mon, prick, let's see what you got!
Fuck you ! C'mon out. Let's see what you're about.
You're what we're running from? You ain't shit!
Fuck you ! How's that?
Frank! - Hurry up!
Keep going!
We have to get rid of him! - What?
lt's in the book. The power's in his mask!
lf we get close enough... - Close enough?
l wanna get away from him!
Daisy! We have no time for that! We have to concentrate!
On that!
He's coming!
Let me up!
Help me out!
Come on !
This way!
Please hurry!
l can't go on !
Are you gonna be OK? - What did we do to him?
He's not here! Please be OK, Daisy!
lt's all too much. - l know.
Everybody keeps dying!
lt's over. We're gonna be OK!
He's still up there! Come on !
lt's in his mask!
Officer! Help us! - Whoa, whoa! What can l do for you?
Someone is trying to kill us! - Welcome to New York.
No, no! Look!
Jesus Christ! - See? l told you, but you didn't listen.
Gotta get more men down to the Bancroft Gallery.
He's getting away!
He's getting away, the killer! - What?
C'mon, gotta get out of here. Hurry up!
She's dead!
Oh, God! No! - She's dead!
Where is he?
Where is he?
We have to go! We have to run !
We have to get help!
Long day, huh? - You're tellin' me.
l'm ready to hit the sack. - Me too.
l need to take a shower first,
so l'll meet you back here, OK? - Yeah, that works.
What a day!
Hollie, is that you?
Hey buddy! We're closed.
Hello? Who's in here?
Hey buddy! We're closed!
Hey buddy.
What's goin' on?
Hey mister!
l said we're closed.
Halloween isn't for a month.
You're damn right.
Get the fuck outta here, Doctor Doom.
Or l'll call the cops.
You heard me!
We know it sounds crazy! - That doesn't happen every day.
You gotta believe us! - A guy dressed as a barbarian
killed everyone in the gallery? - No, he lS a barbarian !
This isn't working. Gotta hear the whole story. - You're hearing it!
Another report from Minneola Health Club, down the block.
Two more bodies, real messes.
Shit! This is bigger than both of us.
Gotta call a few guys from the station.
No prob', boss. Be right on it. - Thanks, Felice.
And now back to you, guys.
Hi! Welcome to the movies.
Theater's on your right. - Thanks. - You're welcome.
Hi. Can l help you?
Hi. Can we get some Kit Kats, please? - Kit Kats?
That's three.
Out of five, two is your change. Thank you. Enjoy the show.
Hey, buddy.
Mind if we take a look inside?
A killer's on the loose. Found two bodies nex door.
Can we inspect the theaters? - l guess it's cool.
You won't bug if you're quiet. - What are you showing?
A German horror flick, ''Zombie 80'' or ''90,'' don't know.
You're busy tonight? - No, pretty dead, actually.
There are a couple of folks inside. - Seen anything weird?
Other than that movie? No.
OK, thanks.
Look at this violent shit. - l know. Not the best for tonight.
You got that right. l hate this stuff.
Fuck this, all is cool. - Yeah.
We might as well head out. - You got it.
Something just occurred to me. lf... this is a horror movie,
aren't these people supposed to be screamin' and laughin' at this shit?
Yeah, usually.
Oh shit!
Station ! Got another massacre on the 5th !
About a block away from the gallery!
The Bellmore Theater! We need backup right now!
Put him down, motherfucker!
Put him down ! Drop him!
Johnson !
Where is he? - l don't know!
Seven feet tall, a metal mask... Not that easy to hide!
l told you to keep it quiet.
This is too much !
Yeah? - There's a fuckin' psycho... in my theater!
He tore apart two cops! Everyone's dead in there!
OK, where is he? - Right around the corner.
Well, let's go! - Fuck that! You didn't see what he did!
Yes, we have! Trust us. - Come on !
l'm going in ! l'm not letting him get away.
What if he comes out? - l don't know! Grab his mask!
Oh, yeah. Grab his mask. Why didn't l think of that?
We could've solved this long ago. - Shut up, dammit!
Where are you?!
Hi! Can l help you? - Yes! l'm looking for a man.
Then you're in the wrong place, honey!
He's wearing a long black cape and a mask!
Sorry honey. This ain't Gotham City. - Seriously!
He just came in through the front door!
Well, what if we check out the back? That work? - Yeah.
C'mon, baby. Follow me, sugar.
l don't see him. - Well, that's too bad.
l don't know how he got here without anyone noticing.
A man could pass by this place, and l wouldn't even bat an eye.
This is serious! Even if l wasn't looking for a reincarnated barbarian,
you're just not my type.
Get the fuck off me! - Oh, come on !
''l'm looking for a man.'' What a load of shit!
There's a killer in this place!
You look scared. Maybe l should hold you.
Get off me!
Well, didn't take long to loosen her up.
Oh God, help me!
Somebody help me!
Call the fuckin' police!
What did you do to Addy?
Oh, God! Thank God! Are you OK?
He's in the bar, come on ! - Alright, alright!
He killed her! - He punched right through her!
Alright! Everyone calm down !
Where did he go?
Shit! Where did he go?
Corey, you go check the rest of the bar. - Yes, sir.
l'll check the rest of the block.
This time, you two are coming with me.
l got you, babe!
So tell me. What is this all about? - We already told you !
l don't mean your bullshit story about Conan the Barbarian.
Who's this guy? - Didn't you hear the women?
He put his bare hands through someone! He's not human !
Still not buyin' it. There has to be a rational explanation.
Nothing rational's happened tonight.
lt doesn't make sense.
How he'd get in without being seen, take out on the people in the theater
before they get out of their seats? - l don't know!
Neither of us know! We told you everything!
The people in the gym, the movie theater, the bar...
lf l didn't know better, l'd say the guy was a wizard.
What? - A wizard. Like that Larry Potter kid.
You need something wicked up your sleeve to pull this shit off.
Hey! Get the fuck outta the way!
What was that?
''120 Deaths of Fu Manchu.'' Not here this week.
Maybe you come by nex week, it will be back. - Come on.
Nothing interesting ever happens here anymore. - Uh?
Well, l can get you another tape. You have a favorite director?
Maybe nex week you come by for the...
Honey, can you please get me a drink back there? A soft drink?
Your wish is my command.
Whatever. - That's nice. ls he your boyfriend?
So, do you have the video or what?
Oh, look at that guy!
Cool outfit.
Look, that rocks! Hey, Halloween !
That rocks!
What the hell...?
Look at this! ''Terror Firmer''!
The director's incredible! ''The Tox-Box''! - No kidding!
1-2-3-4! All four of them!
Well, that's ''The Toxic Crusaders,'' the cartoon, you see?
Look, two disks of ''Terror Firmer.'' - Come on.
Look what l found. ls this that hot chick from Australia?
What's her name, Debbie...?
''Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D.'' We wanted to see that, right?
We need to see that. - We've all seen this, over and over!
D'you have ''Bloodsucking Freaks'' in here?
Lloyd, l think we should go now!
OK, we'll get you a ''Citizen Toxie'' poster.
What the hell is it? - We'll pick up a...
One moment, man.
You want a piece of me? l'll show you something.
l'm gonna rock your world.
Oh God!
Kill him!
Here! Here!
Check it! Does it work? - Hello? Hello?
Help us! - Hello!
lf anybody's there, could you please help us?
Please come to ''112 Video World''!
Help us!
Sure! Ninjas! Why the fuck not?
That certainly lacks class.
What? - Him!
What the hell's going on?
Why don't you go in, see for yourself?
This makes no sense!
Where are the cops? They're supposed to be here now.
We need help here!
l'm going in there! - No! - l wanna see what's in there!
Oh shit!
Guys, they were freaks! - They were ninjas!
They went into the alley! - Alright, calm down.
l wanna go in ! - No! You're not going in ! - Stay here.
Just stay behind. - You have to see that!
OK, come on ! - lt's alright. - Yeah !
There's a lot of them! - lt's alright, ma'am.
Where are they? - Don't worry. Stay behind me. - l'm frightened!
l'm telling you ! - Stay calm.
They're around there! - Come on.
Hold right there, freak show!
Master, come to us!
l am the Master! - Ruhe!
This is the Master!
Entschuldigen Sie!
But, what are you doing?
l do as l wish.
l create you.
l brought you to life.
You did not make me!
l am the high commander!
You worm!
lch kann lhnen nicht helfen.
l am the Meister!
Liebchen ! Liebchen !
Where are you?
l've been waiting for you in the video store.
You are nothing!
Well, now l have a new Führer!
My Princess of Darkness! - Yes, my master.
Ninjas! Come!
Holy shit!
See, l told you !
lt's happening!
Stay here, don't move.
Princess of Darkness, kill him!
No! Oh God!
Princess of Darkness!
Ninjas! Strike! Kill!
Frank! - Sandra!
We won't take your shit anymore, Nikos.
We're from New York!
You son of a bitch ! - Why are you doing this?
You !
Nikos will never find me. Or my children, or my children's children.
l want my revenge!
The mask! Daisy said it was the mask!
Take it!
Sandra! lt's the mask!
lt's the mask, Sandra!
Keep breaking it!
lt's over.
Do you know where's this gold sword everyone's talking about?
Got me!
lt's a major piece of evidence. We'll have trouble finding this guy
if we don't get the weapon, or find some prints. - Best of luck to you !
So, how much do you think that thing is worth?
What's wrong?
Frank, what happened?
Are you OK?
What is it?
What's going on?
ls something out there?
l'm fine.
l'm fine.
Everything's OK.
Subtitling by SUBS Hamburg
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