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Subtitles for Ningen Gokaku (Kiyoshi Kurosawa 1998].

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Ningen Gokaku (Kiyoshi Kurosawa 1998]

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00:00:11:License to Live|encoded and subtitled by [k] 00:00:23:Scrub right away. 00:01:29:Have you been eating? 00:01:32:The food tastes good. 00:01:35:I see... so you have an appetite. 00:01:40:You're in pretty good shape.|You certainly look healthy. 00:01:46:I got enough sleep. 00:01:49:What? 00:01:51:Ten years worth. 00:01:53:Oh... 00:01:59:Yoshii, you know,|it's really miraculous. 00:02:06:It's extremely unusual|for someone to recover fully 00:02:13:after ten years in a coma. 00:02:16:I see. 00:02:19:Let's see...|you're 24 now. 00:02:23:Yes. 00:02:25:When you get out, 00:02:27:the world won't|be quite as you remember it. 00:02:33:I see. 00:02:39:Don't worry, you'll recover|what you've lost. 00:02:47:Your new life is what counts. 00:03:08:In ten years, I've never forgotten 00:03:13:the sight of your bicycle looming|in front of my car. 00:03:21:I've heard enough of your story. 00:03:23:Isn't that called slow motion? 00:03:27:The slow arc as your body|fell on the hood of my car. 00:03:33:How it twisted... 00:03:36:Murota san, I've heard enough. 00:03:39:Besides, I don't remember. 00:03:46:I see... 00:03:50:I notified the police immediately, 00:03:53:and called an ambulance. 00:03:56:Under the circumstances,|I could have run. 00:04:00:And I've paid for everything,|even your medical bills. 00:04:06:I'm grateful. 00:04:08:It's been hard for me, too. 00:04:12:You're not the only one|who lost ten years of his life. 00:04:19:Don't forget that. 00:04:25:Here's 500,000 Yen.|I'd like to put this behind me. 00:05:17:1995: Top Ten News Stories 00:05:28:No more Soviet Union. 00:05:32:Right. 00:05:35:Was it a big deal? 00:05:38:Sort of. 00:05:50:Was Tyson really tough? 00:05:56:Sort of, I guess. 00:06:04:Turns out there weren't any|after all... 00:06:10:Martians, I mean. 00:06:14:Nope, no Martians. 00:06:19:Just as well, really. 00:06:33:I got those. 00:06:46:I've really seen enough of those. 00:06:50:You'll have a hard time|when you leave. 00:06:55:I don't care. 00:06:58:You should try to get|as much back as you can. 00:07:04:Get what back? 00:07:06:What do you mean, what? 00:07:08:The ten years? 00:07:10:Yeah. 00:07:12:What about those ten years? 00:07:15:What I lost?|What exactly did I lose? 00:07:21:It's just... 00:07:26:If I don't even know what I lost,|how can I get it back? 00:08:09:Fujimori san, 00:08:12:Yeah? 00:08:14:I guess I have to go home, huh. 00:08:18:Rather not go home? 00:08:22:Not really. 00:08:26:You can't stay in|the hospital anymore. 00:08:29:I know that. 00:08:34:Want to go on a trip somewhere? 00:10:40:I just stashed the stuff temporarily.|Does it bother you? 00:10:43:Not really. 00:10:46:I'll clean it up eventually. 00:11:03:Are these carp? 00:11:04:Yeah. 00:11:06:Can you eat them? 00:11:08:Sure. 00:11:11:Any good? 00:11:14:No idea. Never eaten one. 00:11:32:Yutaka. 00:11:34:Hey, Yutaka, where are you? 00:11:37:I'm in here. 00:11:46:Want a cup of coffee? 00:11:49:Can you drink coffee? 00:11:51:Or how 'bout a beer? 00:11:53:Coffee. 00:12:32:Hey. 00:12:35:Why don't you take a walk? 00:12:40:Any friends from junior high? 00:12:50:Listen, Yutaka. I'm not|your dad and I'm not your mom. 00:12:58:You have to make|your own decisions. 00:15:09:Look what's left. 00:15:16:I guess it can stay. 00:15:21:Fujimori san,|how long did the dude ranch last? 00:15:25:Well... 00:15:29:This is how it was|when I got here. 00:15:32:Three years ago? 00:15:40:Say, 00:15:41:What happened to the ponies? 00:15:43:I have no idea. 00:16:03:Listen, you'll never believe|who's here to see me. 00:16:10:Can you guess? 00:16:12:No, you idiot,|that's not what I mean. 00:16:16:You're getting closer. 00:16:19:Remember that guy, Yoshii... 00:16:25:Right... exactly.|Can you believe it? 00:16:30:Got out of the hospital yesterday. 00:16:37:No, you idiot, I'm serious. 00:16:40:How the hell should I know...|Why should I... 00:16:50:Seeing you like this,|you haven't changed at all. 00:16:55:You think so? 00:16:56:You're totally normal. 00:16:58:Just like I hadn't|seen you for a while. 00:17:03:You've definitely aged. 00:17:05:That's normal. I'm 24 now. 00:17:08:I'm an old man. 00:17:11:Say, Kaneishi got married at 21,|he's already got two kids. 00:17:16:Wow, Kaneishi, huh... 00:17:24:Those ten years,|did they go by in a flash? 00:17:29:Well... 00:17:32:A lot happened to me, but for Miyashita,|it must've gone by in a flash. 00:17:38:To each his own, huh... 00:17:41:To each his own. 00:17:49:Akira, I got some cake. 00:17:54:Downstairs. 00:17:57:Okay. 00:17:59:It's not like there was|something in particular. 00:18:03:I know your father and I|were destined to be involved. 00:18:09:It's just that at some point|that part of destiny is over. 00:18:17:You understand, don't you? 00:18:20:Yeah, well... 00:18:22:Besides, Akira, you're|a grown-up now. 00:18:27:One day,|I just made up my mind. 00:18:31:And it turned out,|your father felt the same way. 00:18:35:So it was very simple. 00:18:37:The only problem was who|would take custody of you. 00:18:43:I'm fine on my own. 00:18:45:I know that, but legally, 00:18:47:one of us has to. 00:18:50:It doesn't matter to me. 00:18:52:It may not matter to you,|but we have to decide. 00:18:55:Why don't you flip a coin? 00:18:57:Don't be silly... 00:19:01:Say, Yoshii... 00:19:02:Yes. 00:19:03:In all seriousness, I think it was|great that your parents 00:19:08:made such a quick decision. 00:19:10:Yes. 00:19:12:There's always some reason|when two strangers live together. 00:19:18:But I think everyone wants 00:19:22:at least one chance|at a different life. 00:19:27:Pretty rough at your house, too. 00:19:29:What? Oh, yeah... 00:19:31:Not my problem . .|I'm too busy to notice. 00:19:55:House of Count Dracula 00:20:21:How about a class reunion? 00:20:23:Reunion, huh.|I really don't care. 00:23:00:Don't open that! 00:23:24:I'm coming in. 00:23:37:What are you doing? 00:23:39:Invitations.|For the reunion. 00:23:43:Reunion? 00:23:46:Why? 00:23:48:No special reason. 00:23:53:Don't have it. 00:24:01:I mean it. Don't. 00:24:06:Exotic Massages 00:24:54:Water, please. 00:25:14:How was it? 00:25:19:It's fun, right? 00:25:22:So, so... 00:25:25:But once is enough. 00:25:30:I see. 00:25:32:Just so, so, huh. 00:25:34:Yeah. 00:25:37:So, once is enough. 00:27:01:Hello. 00:27:07:Hello. 00:27:16:You've certainly grown. 00:27:19:Yeah. 00:27:43:What a shock.|I never believed Yutaka would... 00:27:47:I know. 00:27:49:That's a souvenir. 00:27:52:From Germany? 00:27:53:No, Holland. 00:27:56:I was in Holland for a month. 00:28:32:Have to line them up in order. 00:28:35:Each in order... 00:28:39:When'd you start? 00:28:40:Huh? Oh, this. 00:28:43:About six years ago, I'd say. 00:28:47:Because of me? 00:28:49:No, my own problem. 00:28:53:Problem? 00:28:55:In other words...|A problem inside my heart. 00:28:59:I don't expect|you to understand. 00:29:19:Just going to buy juice. 00:29:21:I see. 00:29:27:Hey, no grapefruit juice. 00:29:32:Maybe there's some by the park. 00:29:43:This neighborhood|sure has changed. 00:29:47:Yeah. 00:29:53:Oh, sold out, huh... 00:30:14:Yutaka, what do you say|we give up? 00:30:20:Does it have to be grapefruit? 00:30:23:How about some other kind? 00:30:26:Why are you following me? 00:30:28:What? 00:30:30:I'm fine on my own. 00:30:32:I just... 00:30:43:Yutaka... 00:30:45:- Don't ask me.|- What? 00:31:04:In college you couldn't have|cared less about fishing, right? 00:31:09:Yeah. 00:31:13:Never dreamed you'd run a fish farm.|Even lose your company over it. 00:31:24:Well, you only live once. 00:31:54:Say, Fujimori. 00:31:56:Yeah? 00:32:00:About Yutaka... 00:32:04:What? 00:32:08:Would you look after him? 00:32:14:Find him a job somewhere, 00:32:17:or he could work for you here. 00:32:21:If he wants to live with|his mother, that's fine, too. 00:32:27:I can't help him anymore. 00:32:51:Yoshii! 00:32:53:I hate kids.|That's why I never had any. 00:32:56:When I see you|I'm damn glad, too. 00:33:17:Dammit! 00:33:21:What do you expect me to do! 00:33:23:He's your son! 00:33:40:Dad. 00:33:44:Yutaka. I'm sorry. 00:33:50:For what? 00:33:52:I have to leave for Hokkaido now. 00:33:56:And then on to Africa. 00:34:00:So, 00:34:03:you're going away. 00:34:05:Yeah. 00:34:10:Guess what, Dad,|there's this horse. 00:34:14:Huh. 00:34:16:It's not a pony.|But it seems tame. 00:34:21:I see. 00:34:32:Aren't you going|to see your mother? 00:34:36:What? 00:34:39:She lives in the Futaba|Apartments in Sumida. 00:34:53:Apartment number 604. 00:34:56:I'll leave her address here. 00:35:02:Coming back? 00:35:04:Yeah. 00:35:07:Try to make up with Fujimori. 00:35:11:Yeah. 00:35:18:Yutaka, I'll teach you how to drive. 00:35:21:Drive? A car? 00:35:25:I'll teach you. 00:35:53:Either you turn, or you stop. 00:35:58:I know that. 00:36:08:You're not cut out for driving. 00:36:12:Really? 00:36:15:You're doing 80. 00:36:19:What? Oh, yeah. 00:36:22:You don't even have a license. 00:36:24:Yeah. 00:37:15:That'll be 1,150 Yen. 00:37:52:It's fixed. 00:37:53:Thank you. 00:38:06:Hey, is that a violin? 00:38:08:No. A ukulele. 00:38:31:You're right. 00:38:32:I'm going to be a singer,|in New York. 00:38:54:What the hell are you doing! 00:38:56:Who the hell are you! 00:38:58:So you're the horsethief. 00:39:01:What!? 00:39:02:Goddammit! 00:39:03:Wait a minute! I didn't steal|this horse. It came here by itself. 00:39:08:Either way, you're a thief. 00:39:10:I'm not a thief. It came,|so I was taking care of it. 00:39:14:Oh, gee.|Sorry for putting you out. 00:39:18:Here we go. 00:39:22:You can't. 00:39:23:What the hell are you doing! 00:39:26:You goddamn idiot! 00:39:33:What the hell! 00:39:35:What are you doing! 00:39:37:Cut it out! 00:39:50:A down payment of 100,000 Yen,|and 20,000 Yen monthly. 00:39:56:Fujimori san, I'll earn the money|to pay you back, I swear. 00:40:00:All right, all right. 00:40:11:Hey, you! 00:40:13:Don't let it die. 00:40:14:Shut up! 00:40:16:Give it a rest. 00:40:41:Everything OK? 00:40:57:It's dead. 00:41:01:I think it's alive. 00:41:03:It's not moving. 00:42:03:If I dance with you my dear 00:42:09:Tonight will last forever 00:42:15:My heart soars|with our fleeting love 00:42:22:To this melody of joy 00:42:27:If I sing with you my dear 00:42:32:Tonight will last forever 00:42:38:Moonlight shines|on my heart filled with love 00:42:45:Time plays its own song in passing 00:42:53:This moon-shadowed stage 00:42:59:Is our own private ballroom 00:43:04:Even as the trees|and flowers slumber 00:43:10:On this exquisite night 00:43:42:Oh, shining light 00:43:48:Love's aroma fills|the star-studded sky 00:43:53:Closing my burning eyes 00:43:59:I offer a prayer to the night 00:44:05:This moon-shadowed stage 00:44:10:Is our own private ballroom 00:44:16:Even as the trees|and flowers slumber 00:44:22:On this exquisite night 00:45:08:That's the place. I'm positive. 00:45:12:It's a fish farm. 00:45:42:Hello. 00:45:43:Yes. 00:45:45:Is there a Yoshii living here? 00:45:49:Yes. 00:45:50:May I see him? 00:46:47:It's sort of... 00:46:51:weird. 00:46:55:Same here. 00:46:59:I was expecting to see Dad. 00:47:04:He's not here. He's in Hokkaido. 00:47:11:I see. 00:47:19:I get it. 00:47:24:Aren't you supposed to|be in America? 00:47:27:I was. 00:47:30:But I came right back. 00:47:32:So where were you? 00:47:35:Tokyo. 00:47:37:That's a completely different story. 00:47:42:I've been living with him. 00:47:48:You could've called home. 00:47:51:What for? 00:47:52:...worry... 00:47:55:Who's going to worry? 00:48:01:What do you know? 00:48:08:You spent ten years|in the hospital. 00:48:11:So what? 00:48:21:Fujimori san is|an old friend of Dad's. 00:48:25:I see. 00:48:27:You never met him before? 00:48:29:No. 00:48:38:Watch out for that root. 00:48:48:Kasaki, are you sure you|want to work here? 00:48:52:Yes. 00:48:54:Don't you have|other things to do? 00:48:58:No, I don't. 00:49:01:Nothing. 00:49:08:Must be tough. 00:49:11:It is. 00:49:13:You've been with Chizuru for... 00:49:16:Four years. 00:49:19:Five, I guess. 00:49:25:What do you do for money? 00:49:28:We don't have any. 00:49:35:But, I mean, 00:49:38:couldn't you sell that sports car? 00:49:40:To you? 00:49:42:No. 00:49:46:Am I a geek? 00:49:49:What? 00:49:50:People are always telling me|I'm a geek. 00:49:57:That I'm annoying to be around. 00:50:00:I see. 00:50:01:Supposedly I was|a genius 'til junior high. 00:50:04:That must be quite a burden. 00:50:08:Yes, in fact. 00:50:12:You know, I say, it's much easier|to be a geek than a genius. 00:50:39:What is it? 00:50:40:Look what I found. 00:50:50:We only had one birthday party|for you in the hospital. 00:50:56:When you turned 17. 00:51:11:What a joke.|There we were at your bedside. 00:51:15:Singing Happy Birthday,|or something. It was too ridiculous. 00:51:21:Hey! I remember. 00:51:25:What? 00:51:27:Maybe it was a dream,|but I kind of remember. 00:51:32:You - singing Happy Birthday. 00:51:36:You were in a coma. 00:51:39:But I remember. 00:51:43:Cut it out! 00:51:45:That's impossible. 00:51:57:Do you know where Mom is? 00:52:09:She wasn't in that apartment. 00:52:13:1-6 Asukayama, North District. 00:52:17:She's probably using|the name Iwatani. 00:52:22:Iwatani? 00:52:25:Her maiden name. 00:52:30:Oh. 00:52:33:I won't see her. 00:52:52:Kasaki, looks like you're a natural. 00:52:57:You think so? 00:53:00:You fit right in. 00:53:03:Not too geeky? 00:53:07:Not at all. 00:53:10:You think this|profession suits me? 00:53:33:Listen, are you watching this? 00:53:36:Not really. 00:53:39:Can I turn it off? 00:53:43:I have to ask you|a serious question. 00:53:47:What? 00:53:49:Mom's no longer part|of this family, 00:53:53:and Dad's really like|financially incompetent. 00:53:58:Incompetent? 00:53:59:He can't|handle his own finances. 00:54:05:I think it's about time|we made things clear. 00:54:10:I think we'd all feel much better. 00:54:12:What? 00:54:15:In other words, 00:54:17:the two of us should legally inherit|the house and the property and split it. 00:54:22:Fifty-fifty, of course. 00:54:26:I'm sure we can convince Dad. 00:54:29:Say the house is 300 tsubo. 00:54:32:At 50,000 Yen per tsubo, 00:54:36:It'd be 150 million. 00:54:38:Even after taxes,|that's about 50 million, each? 00:54:42:But...what about...? 00:54:44:What about what? 00:54:45:The dude ranch. 00:54:48:The dude ranch!? 00:54:50:What are you talking about? 00:54:55:Ouch! 00:54:56:Get out!|And don't ever come back! 00:54:58:Who's coming back, you idiot! 00:55:00:Who the hell do you think you are!|After sleeping for ten years! 00:55:04:Well who the hell are you! 00:55:06:Cut it out. It hurts. 00:55:12:I've had enough! What's wrong|with this family! 00:55:15:Oh, excuse me. 00:55:19:See you 'round. 00:55:20:Yes. Thanks for everything. 00:55:25:Get out!|What the hell are you doing! 00:55:27:Putting on my shoes!|Can't you see! 00:55:29:Get the hell out! 00:55:31:That hurts. 00:55:34:You're just an over-grown kid! 00:56:02:Hey, wait! 00:57:30:Oh, hello.|Is this the Iwatani residence? 00:57:37:Um, um, it's me... 00:57:42:Can you tell...? It's me... 00:57:46:Of course you can't tell. 00:57:56:Wow... it really is you... 00:58:02:Wow. 00:58:05:Stop staring at me. 00:58:07:Oh, let me.|It's been such a long time... 00:58:15:Wow... 00:58:19:-You have time, right?|-Yeah. 00:58:21:Wait inside a minute.|I'll just finish up. 00:58:44:Check the stitohing on these, OK?|And pull any irregulars. 00:58:49:OK, I will. 00:59:09:What about your work? 00:59:10:It's fine. Have a seat. 00:59:12:OK. 00:59:20:-Have some.|-OK. 00:59:28:Last night was a real shock. 00:59:32:You calling out of the blue|- quite a shock. 00:59:35:Sorry. 00:59:39:What are you up to these days? 00:59:41:I'm living with Fujimori san. 00:59:44:Fujimori san? 00:59:46:A friend of Dad's from college. 00:59:51:He runs a fish farm|on our land. 00:59:56:Say, did you know|Chizuru went to America? 00:59:59:Yeah. But she's|back in Japan. I just saw her. 01:00:03:What!? She's in Japan? 01:00:08:I see... 01:00:14:So you saw her. 01:00:16:She seemed fine.|Hangin' in there. 01:00:19:I see... 01:00:22:That's a relief. 01:00:27:Iwatani san, there's|a phone call for you. 01:00:31:I'll take it.|Wait for me, OK? 01:00:42:Say, what...|Do you have to go? 01:00:45:Yutaka, please come again.|My house, next time. 01:01:05:Don't you have someone new? 01:01:06:That doesn't matter. 01:01:09:OK, I'll come again, for real.|Sometime soon. 01:01:35:Hey, thanks. 01:01:55:Isn't this area getting risky? 01:02:36:No, to the right...and higher. 01:03:15:Your timing's really fantastic. 01:03:18:You're just in time for the|completion of the dude ranch. 01:03:22:Wow, that's amazing. 01:03:23:-You going to Africa right away?|-More or less. 01:03:26:But you can stay a couple days, right?|We're almost finished. 01:03:31:I see. 01:04:34:They've got sleeping bags. 01:04:36:Oh, I see. 01:04:37:And flashlights, too. 01:04:38:Oh, I see. 01:04:40:How 'bout taking this? 01:04:43:-What?|-This. 01:04:46:Africa sounds pretty good, too. 01:05:37:Is this how you want it? 01:05:41:Yeah. 01:07:48:Here's the deed to the property, 01:07:51:my bankbook, and my seal. 01:07:55:Oh, and here's|my official seal, too. 01:08:03:You and Chizuru split it.|Do whatever you want. 01:08:17:Reunion|Horikiri Junior High 01:08:25:Who showed up? 01:08:27:About 20 in all. 01:08:29:Not bad, right? 01:08:31:But we all got into it, right? 01:08:34:You were too into it, man. 01:08:36:Me? You think so? 01:08:38:Absolutely.|You were like a little kid. 01:08:41:They thought you'd|been asleep for ten years. 01:08:46:Antique Books 01:08:48:Reminds me of old times. 01:08:51:Used to steal their comic books. 01:08:53:Yeah. 01:09:14:I remember.|The combination to this lock. 01:09:29:What do you say? 01:09:33:I could go either way. 01:10:19:I think I'm gonna go. 01:10:21:Yeah? 01:10:27:Thanks, guys, for stickin' around. 01:10:30:-Sure.|-Sure. 01:10:44:See you. 01:10:54:Sorry to trouble you, but when|Fujimori san returns, please inform 01:10:59:this man in Environmental Protection. 01:11:04:But don't tell Fujimori san.|This could become a police matter. 01:11:10:And you don't want to be involved. 01:11:13:No sign of him or his truck. 01:11:16:I see. 01:11:19:Got away, huh... 01:11:22:About time we left. 01:11:28:Whatever you do, don't discuss this. 01:11:33:Illegal dumping of industrial waste,|willfully and habitually at that. 01:11:37:The press will have a field day.|You don't want that, do you? 01:11:51:-Look, a horse.|-You're right. 01:11:54:Where'd it come from? 01:11:55:Wasn't this place a fish farm? 01:12:38:It's not open. 01:12:41:I see. 01:12:43:Sorry. 01:12:48:How 'bout a pony ride instead? 01:12:59:Hey, that's not a pony. 01:13:52:I came by to have a look. 01:13:55:I see. 01:13:58:It's finished. 01:14:00:Yeah. 01:14:02:Sure brings back the past. 01:14:07:Over here. 01:14:11:Come over, inside the house. 01:14:20:Just you here? 01:14:21:Yeah. 01:14:24:That's the fish farm,|but it's closed for now. 01:14:28:I see. 01:14:47:What are you doing? 01:14:49:What? Just a little... 01:14:52:It's your house. 01:15:25:I fixed a room for you upstairs. 01:15:29:What? It's OK, right? 01:15:31:Yeah... 01:15:38:But Yutaka... 01:15:40:I do exactly as I please. 01:15:44:So you should do the same. 01:15:49:I'm sure it'll work out. 01:15:57:I understand. 01:16:13:Good horsey.|Where did you come from? 01:16:20:You don't know? 01:16:26:Thanks for the food. 01:16:28:Thanks for the food.|Try the fish, first. 01:16:32:OK. 01:16:37:Is it good? 01:16:39:-Yeah.|-Oh, I'm glad. 01:17:16:Taste good?|You sure act like it. 01:17:22:I'm not really|a carrot-lover myself. 01:17:25:Try some bamboo? 01:17:31:Here, it's bamboo. 01:17:33:Nowhere else to go, huh? 01:17:36:No. 01:17:40:Stay here awhile. 01:17:43:Is that OK? 01:17:45:Stay until you want to go. 01:17:53:What? 01:17:56:I'm sorry. 01:17:59:What for? 01:18:00:The other day. 01:18:03:Oh, that. 01:18:05:Hey, hand me the plyers. 01:18:07:Oh, and about|the color of the roof. 01:18:12:Um, so was this nail a bad idea? 01:18:18:Look what you've done! 01:18:21:Thank you for everything. 01:18:31:Chizuru made the eggs. 01:18:34:I see. 01:18:35:They're fab. For real. Try 'em. 01:18:37:Milk Bar 01:19:01:Thanks. 01:19:11:Can you hand me a clothespin? 01:19:38:If only for a moment. 01:19:40:What? 01:19:43:What? 01:19:45:Just for a moment, 01:19:49:couldn't we all be together again? 01:19:52:Yes, well... 01:19:57:I think it's possible. 01:20:01:Of course things can't|go back to the way they were, 01:20:06:but it is possible. 01:20:23:Need eggs, right? 01:20:44:It's dinner time. 01:20:57:Thanks for the food. 01:21:08:Kasaki san. 01:21:11:How about running|the fish farm? 01:21:14:What? 01:21:15:Fujimori san says|you're a natural. 01:21:18:Oh... 01:21:21:Well... 01:21:23:You should if you want to.|As a separate business. 01:21:27:We're covered on the ranch. 01:21:34:It's just as I thought. 01:21:38:What? 01:21:39:I'm just a geek. 01:21:43:No, you're not.|That's not what I mean. 01:21:46:No, I knew all along. 01:21:50:It's not right for me to be here. 01:21:52:It's fine for you|to stay here, but... 01:21:55:No... 01:21:56:No, no. that's OK. I'll leave soon.|Something will work out. 01:22:07:I bet Chizuru will want to stay here. 01:22:13:And you know, that's for the best. 01:22:17:You're her family, after all. 01:22:37:Kasaki, tea. 01:22:39:OK. 01:22:40:For everyone. 01:22:42:Oh, thank you. 01:22:44:It's no bother. 01:22:56:The horse ate an inch|of plywood today. 01:23:00:Really? I wonder how it tastes. 01:23:03:The Foreign Ministry has|notified that the Dolphin, 01:23:07:a Filipino ship, bound for|Mozambique, sank near Malaysia today. 01:23:15:It has been confirmed that|the passengers included 01:23:20:Japanese members of the|Holy Volunteers, on their way 01:23:25:to a conference sponsored by|religious group's African chapter, 01:23:29:scheduled for later this month. 01:23:33:Although rescue efforts continue,|no survivors have been found. 01:23:38:The Japanese passengers|feared dead. 01:23:42:The captain's log|lists them as follows: 01:23:47:Ichinose Osamu 01:23:50:Kikuchi Eiji 01:23:52:Nabeshima Michiko 01:23:54:Shiga Megumi 01:23:57:Nakatani Yayoi 01:24:00:Yoshii Shinichiro 01:24:02:Oh, no... 01:24:13:What? 01:24:14:These ten are presumed|to have been aboard. 01:24:20:We have just learned|that The Dolphin... 01:24:24:Oh no! 01:24:27:...collided with|an Indonesian freighter. 01:24:31:Yoshii's residence. 01:24:32:The accident was presumably|caused by heavy fog 01:24:38:covering the area. 01:24:43:It's the Foreign Ministry. 01:24:52:Yes, we'll be at this|number. Please keep in touch. 01:25:00:Thank you very much. 01:25:07:What did they say? 01:25:08:They don't have any details|yet, but they'll keep in touch. 01:25:13:I see. 01:25:24:And bread. 01:25:35:What can you do... 01:25:40:What can you do... 01:26:05:Hello...|Yes, this is Yoshii... 01:26:10:What! 01:26:12:Here are the latest|pictures from the scene. 01:26:14:Get in here, come, quick!|Look! See! 01:26:18:I was in my cabin, 01:26:20:when I suddenly|heard this huge bang. 01:26:23:So I just ran outside. 01:26:27:I guess we hit another|ship, which was, um, it was, 01:26:33:the other ship|had flipped over. 01:26:37:And I thought|this is really bad. 01:26:42:Actually, I work as a volunteer... 01:27:01:Look. He's still going. 01:27:05:He's actually enjoying this. 01:27:08:Yes. 01:28:05:Oh no, I'm not angry. 01:28:13:You don't need to. 01:28:19:No, really, it's really OK. 01:28:49:Leaving? 01:28:51:What? Yes, pretty soon. 01:28:57:Come back any time. 01:28:59:OK. 01:29:00:YOSHII DUDE RANCH 01:29:13:Milk please. 01:29:15:A hot dog and orange juice. 01:29:18:I'd like a cup of coffee. 01:30:48:Hey, the convenienoe|store's over here. 01:30:50:I'll get something here. 01:31:00:Milk. 01:31:02:OK. 01:31:25:Murota san, right? 01:31:28:It's you. 01:31:30:It's been awhile. 01:31:34:What are you doing here? 01:31:38:It's my place. 01:31:44:Oh, I see. 01:31:47:Hey, what about you? 01:31:52:Doing road work nearby. 01:31:56:Huh. 01:31:59:That's a coincidence. 01:32:01:-You think it's funny?|-No. 01:32:03:Yes it is. Go ahead, laugh. 01:32:06:Here. 01:32:10:I never thought I'd see you again. 01:32:14:Neither did I. 01:32:19:No charge. 01:32:23:Why not? 01:32:24:It's on the house. 01:32:28:Some kind of revenge? 01:32:32:Nothing like that. 01:32:37:I didn't want to see you. 01:32:41:Me either. 01:33:57:C'mon! Hit me. 01:34:02:Why are you doing this! 01:34:06:Oh, no.|Just tell me why! 01:34:11:I ruined your life.|You ruined mine. 01:34:15:We're fifty-fifty. That's|just how it is. 01:34:19:I agreed to that. But you're|not allowed to be happy. 01:34:25:Happy... 01:34:28:You don't get it. 01:34:29:Yes I do! 01:34:35:No you don't! 01:34:37:You were just supposed to|stay asleep in that hospital! 01:34:42:Probably... 01:34:46:That would've been better. 01:35:19:How's that!|What's next! 01:35:23:The horse! 01:35:25:-The horse!|-Don't' you dare! 01:35:36:C'mon! Hit me! 01:36:22:I came from somewhere, 01:36:27:and I will go somewhere. 01:36:38:It's about time|I woke up. 01:38:06:Fujimori san! 01:38:10:Sorry. Had some|things to take care of. 01:38:13:I see. 01:38:17:Anything unusual? 01:38:21:Your fish died. I'm sorry. 01:38:26:Oh... 01:38:33:I can't find anywhere|to dump this junk. 01:38:38:Mind if I use your land? 01:38:40:Fine. 01:39:33:Thanks. 01:39:35:Sort of like it was|when I first got back. 01:39:39:Yeah... 01:39:42:So, what's next for you? 01:39:48:Wanna come with me? 01:39:52:Yup. One second. 01:40:50:Wait a second. 01:40:55:The horse...|What about the horse? 01:40:59:It'll fit. 01:41:38:Not gonna work. 01:41:39:Take your time,|there's no rush. 01:41:42:OK...wait a minute. 01:42:11:Hey, you OK? 01:42:12:Yeah. What a shock. 01:42:27:Fujimori san. 01:42:28:Yeah? 01:42:30:Where are we going? 01:42:33:Wherever you want. 01:42:36:Somewhere far away. 01:42:37:You're on. 01:42:40:We'll go far away. 01:42:46:Hey, Yutaka. 01:42:48:Yutaka. 01:42:55:Oh, sorry. 01:42:59:Can you move? 01:43:00:No. 01:43:03:I see.|I'll call an ambulance. 01:43:08:Yeah... 01:43:09:Say Fujimori san, 01:43:11:Yeah? 01:43:15:Am I dreaming? 01:43:25:This is no dream.|It's all real. 01:43:32:I see. 01:43:35:Did I exist? 01:43:43:Did I really exist? 01:43:48:Yes. 01:43:51:You absolutely existed. 01:43:54:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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