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Nip Tuck 1x04

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Previously on Nip / Tuck:
Dr. Troy? Grace Santiago.
I'm the new psychologist.
Instead of being angry...
I'm going back to school.
Vanessa's a little hardbody, Matt.
Looks like you're dating a future prom queen.
-Back again, Dr. Troy? -Hello, Ron.
You love the car. Maybe it's time to make the commitment.
The economy's in the toilet. How can you be asking $250,000...
for something without a two-bedroom half-bath?
I could tell you, or you could see for yourself.
What do you think?
Should we head back to the office and do the paperwork?
Maybe we could work something out.
Doesn't your girlfriend need some work done?
She did.
But she had her D-cups put in last week by him.
Tell me what you don't like about yourself.
-My ass. -You'd like liposuction?
Don't need it. I'm cellulite free.
-Then the problem is.... -She has a hematoma on her right cheek.
We need to have it removed.
-Here you go. -Thank you.
-Pleasure. -I thought I had a bruise.
A hematoma is a bruise, sweetie.
When we met the other night, Shyanne...
you mentioned this resulted from a work-related injury?
Yeah, I slipped on the cheese dip near the craft service table.
So you make movies?
-Have I seen any of your work? -Maybe.
Did you catch Carnal Librarians lV?
My Favorite Cucumber?
Miss Forsythe's production company does pro-women adult films.
Strong female leads, foreplay, actual storytelling.
Very classy stuff.
Yes, and we start shooting Deflowering Petal in about six weeks.
She should be healed by then, correct?
I'm sorry. We're booked solid for the next two months.
Two months? That's not what we discussed.
I'd be happy--
Since you have a deadline, I'm sure we can rearrange our schedule.
-How does next Thursday sound? -Great.
Why did you do that?
-We agreed to set new standards. -We're living by your standards.
If I did that, we'd be out of business.
If word gets out that we're working on a porn star...
we lose potential patients.
This business lives and dies by word of mouth.
Maybe if we advertised, we wouldn't have a problem.
-Bobolit has billboards all over Miami. -Boob-o-la?
You're worried about the man who was last in our class?
He has to advertise. He's a hack.
And every time we turn people away, he's taking our business.
If we continue to do good work, the clients will come.
News flash, Sean. We're in a recession.
People cut back first on luxury items like sports cars and plastic surgery.
So picking up actresses at parties is gonna help us?
So hiring Grace is gonna help us? So doing pro bono cases is gonna help us?
I'm so sick of you always shooting me down.
Stop being such a prude.
-I'm not a prude. -Yes, you are.
You're rattled because that girl makes erotic films.
Erotic films are when you use a feather.
Porn films are when you use the whole chicken.
This girl's been through a lot of chickens.
You know what, Sean?
A tight ass might make money for her, but not for us.
We're taking this case.
-Where are you going? -First day of class.
I don't wanna be late.
Honey, I can't be late for my first day.
Are you lost?
I thought it might be fun to try something new.
You know, so we don't feel like old prudes.
Sean, are you trying to sabotage me?
You know how important today is for me.
You know, my head is completely somewhere else.
I'm sorry, you're right. I'll go make the coffee.
lt kind of sucks, doesn't it, being the oldest person in here?
I mean, look at me. I'm 26.
I'm like an old man in front of these kids.
You're the oldest person in here?
What, you see somebody else?
Wait, blue hair, 2:00.
Julia? Oh, my God.
-How are you? -I'm fine. What are you doing here?
-This is my class. -You're kidding.
I thought I was gonna be the only person my age here.
We gotta catch up. You wanna sit down?
Oh, no. I'm here to teach the class.
You're the teacher?
Actually, I'm really a doctor. I only adjunct here once a semester.
The last I saw you was graduation. I thought you applied to medical school.
Oh, yeah. But I got married instead.
Two kids, family, that whole thing, you know?
My husband and I have one in college already.
Can you believe it?
Listen, I'd love to get together.
Call my office, and we'll set up some time.
You look wonderful, Julia.
You guys went to school together?
I thought she was your mother.
Good afternoon, Miss....
Call me Sophia.
Is fixing a tracheal shave painful?
Honestly? Yes.
I asked the original doctor about the scar. He said there was--
I'm not concerned with what your original doctor said, Miss Lopez.
Nearly 20% of our work here is cleaning up other people's mistakes.
I'd like to make my own assessment, if you don't mind.
You have some keloids that have formed.
We might have to remove cartilage from your ear to correct the contour deformity.
My ear?
If that's what it takes to fix this, okay.
Can we talk about cost?
When I spoke to your partner...
he said that your office, especially you, does free work sometimes...
on a case-by-case basis.
I'm afraid pro bono on this type of operation is out of the question.
We do that type of work...
on people who have suffered accidents or birth defects.
Being one gender inside and another on the outside...
is a birth defect.
You think I chose to look like this?
Having elective surgery for cosmetic reasons...
regardless of the outcome, is what I consider a choice, yes.
Let's just be real, okay?
Do you have a problem with me...
that I'm a transgender individual?
-No. -Then why are you being so uptight?
The truth is, Doctor, I don't care if you like me or if you don't.
All I care about is feeling complete...
and not having everybody look at me like I'm a freak...
the way you did when I first walked in here.
If I come up with the money, will you do the operation?
Christmas has come early.
Compliments of Wallace in appreciation of a job well done on Shyanne.
Twenty of her top-selling DVDs and an invitation to her silver jubilee.
You can have the movies, my friend. I'm gonna snag the RSVP.
I'm gonna schmooze for some cooze and land us an exclusive contract.
Okay, enough, Christian.
Enough with the porn stars, and the transsexuals...
and the nonstop libidinous assault.
Wallace might be a touch handsome...
but I can assure you, she's not a transsexual.
But Sophia Lopez is.
The consult you purposely set me up with an hour ago...
to further prove your thesis that I'm an uptight prig.
I didn't know that consult was a transsexual.
She didn't give me that information over the phone.
-But, clearly, she made you feel uptight. -I am not uptight.
I'm sorry. I stand corrected.
That said, how does it feel to be judged unfairly...
which is a daily battle waged by both Wallace's girls and, I'm sure, Sophia...
to be put in a box that doesn't define you?
For your information, I break out of that box all the time.
ln fact, just this morning...
Julia and I had unconventional sex.
Is that so?
How'd it go, killer?
lt didn't.
I was clumsy and unconvincing, and she was...horrified.
I was trying to spice things up.
Julia and I haven't really been connecting lately...
and now that she's gone back to school, I'm afraid we'll become even more distant.
How do you seduce women into loosening up?
It's about charm, Sean, and confidence.
You wine, you dine, you romance.
Julia needs that. She's clearly starved for it.
How do you know that?
Every woman is.
That's good.
ln here.
Why are all the lights turned off?
I thought I smelled cumin. lndian food, cool.
Jude, this is my husband, Sean.
Of course, the plastic surgeon.
It's a pleasure. I've heard a lot about you.
Thank you. I've heard nothing about you.
Jude and I are in biology together.
We have a test we were gonna study for tonight.
I thought you were working late.
I was, but l....
You know what?
We can do this tomorrow before class.
I should probably get out of your hair.
Wait, is that gonna give us enough time to study?
Then I'm sure that it will.
-Okay, yeah. I'll give you a call. -Jude, wait.
I'm not that hungry.
You guys dig in, and get your studying done.
Are you sure?
What's that?
She snuck something in the room, underneath her gown.
This is a sterile environment.
You're risking an infection by bringing something into this room.
Either you hand over what you have, or you find another surgeon.
Your choice.
That's my son, Raymond.
I don't understand.
When a man and a women love each other, they have sex.
And nine months later--
You said you always knew you were a woman.
I didn't admit that to the world back in the day.
Amazing how far you'll go to live a lie, isn't it?
Does he know the truth about who you are?
He's the one person who didn't judge me when I wanted to change.
That's why I keep him close to me at all times.
Do you have kids?
It's a wonderful thing, isn't it...
to have something in this world that you love more than yourself?
Take away the picture and give me the gas.
I understand. I'll be good.
Put this in a plastic baggie and let her hold it if she wants.
Are they going to card me?
Tonight, you're "plus one."
Yeah. Just so you know...
I'm thankful for the opportunity to be your wingman.
I'm here to work, not to play, and you are here to learn a vital lesson.
So what if your girlfriend turned out to be a vegetarian?
She's not the only tuna in the tank.
Thank you.
Shall we review the rules?
-No drinking, no drugs. -Good boy.
Stay here. I'll be right back.
Merrill, you look like a Q-Tip.
I thought so, but my personal shopper talked me into it.
She said it was retro.
That dumb bitch gets the boot on Monday.
Smooth operator, that Wallace.
I take it she invited both of us so we could put in competitive bids.
Or are you still a party crasher like you were in college?
I'm pleased to announce these days I walk through the front door.
I guess the bouncers around town take pity on those hair plugs.
Or have you sunk to palming hundreds?
Since my billboard went up, all the bouncers know me on a first-name basis.
-Is that right? -Fame is power, my friend.
Free entry, comped drinks, the hottest available poonanny.
I am living the life.
-How are you guys doing? -Great.
Business is booming.
Is that right? That's not what I hear.
Has cheap fame made you omnipotent, Merrill?
You can make fun all you want, slick...
but the billboards tripled my business in the past month.
I work 18-hour days just to keep up.
-Sounds exhausting. -Sounds like I need a partner.
Was that an offer, Merrill?
Maybe you and l can have lunch some time.
That would be a consolatory meal...
because I'm going to kick your ass and win this contract.
You're a better surgeon than me, I'll give you that...
but you're no longer a better salesman.
-I like the outfit. -Really? Thanks.
You need to stand out in this business if you're going to make it.
Have, like, a gimmick.
That's why I'm always sucking on something.
Oh, my God. That sounded awful.
Are you in this business, too?
I'm an agent.
So I guess you want to be an actress.
I'm trying to be.
Wallace has a strict star system now.
She says you got to start at the bottom and work your way up.
So right now, I'm a fluffer.
So tell me, what exactly does a fluffer of your caliber do?
Give head to guys to keep them hard and stuff in between shots.
So fluffing all day, that's got to be a real turnoff after a while, right?
Actually it gets me really horny.
That's why I have to keep sucking on these.
So, what happens now?
I tried to stop her from packing, but I can't reason with her.
-Mrs. Kuzman, where are you going? -Home.
What kind of brothel are you running here?
She's got a point.
Look, Ronnie, I want the car. I just signed a big contract.
But you're going to have to work with me. It's still obscenely pricey.
Let me call you back. Thanks.
Mrs. Kuzman just stormed out of here, and I don't blame her.
-Why'd she leave? -Go look in our recovery room, Christian.
lt looks like we're running a casting call for Messy Mouths ll.
-Excuse me. -You're overreacting.
Wallace has guaranteed us 10 of her girls a month.
That's implants, lipo, reductions. Who gives a shit if Kuzman bolted?
It's one thing to bring business in. It's another to drive it away.
Take off your judgmental blinders, Sean.
The line that divides the porn industry and plastic surgery is a thin one.
-We're both selling fantasy, aren't we? -Can I say something?
From a patient's perspective...
it's very important to feel comfortable in your surroundings, post-surgery.
See? It's a psychological issue as well. That settles it.
We can't provide proper medical care for most of our patients...
by taking on a contract that offends them.
-Then they'll go to Bobolit. -Fine.
You haven't been here long enough to put in your two cents.
Let me explain something to you, Dr. Santiago.
Without Wallace, we're losing money...
and that means cutting back on gratuitous expenses...
like excess employees.
Dr. McNamara? Sophia Lopez, line three.
Dr. McNamara? I'm at Dade County.
Something terrible has happened.
Sophia Lopez just called from emergency. Some sort of problem.
Can you keep an eye on things?
Sure. Absolutely.
Merrill. Christian Troy.
I'd like to take you up on that lunch offer.
-What is it? -I need your help.
-It's Marcy. -Who?
Marcy, my best friend. She's in trouble.
A week ago, she had a gender reassignment surgery...
by the same doctor who did my neck. She's been bleeding.
What's the opinion of the doctor who examined her?
The nurse stuck us in here two hours ago. Nobody wants to touch her.
I think I'm dying.
I'd like to take a look, if that's okay.
-Have you dilated today? -No. Am I supposed to do that?
-What's going on here? -This woman's hemorrhaging.
You need to get her into surgery now.
-What are you, a doctor? -Apparently the only one on this floor.
Why hasn't this patient been cared for?
Do you have a problem with her being a transsexual?
We're really backed up right now. I'll see what I can do.
Sophia, go wait in the lobby.
-Hello? -Hit the switch to your left.
I got your message.
I know why you wanted to meet me today.
Because I told you I was an agent.
The truth is...
I'm not.
You lied to me?
I know you want help with your career and that's why you called me, but....
But you know what?
You got a great gimmick, so I'm sure you're gonna....
It's okay. What's wrong?
I went to the doctor...
and I'm sick.
I got NGU.
Nongonococcal urethritis.
Some guy I was fluffing must have given it to me.
That means I gave it to you.
I don't have any symptoms.
And this is where I get my freak on when the parties move outside.
Good thing you're rich, Merrill.
Nice place.
My problem is I'm never around to enjoy it.
I'm working seven days a week. That's where you come in.
I'm listening.
By myself, I've managed to become the biggest plastic surgeon in south Florida...
but with your skills, we can be the surgical destination for half the globe.
I'm talking Hollywood elite, European royalty.
We charge twice the price and get all the time off we need.
All you got to do is bring your talent.
What am I worth to you, Merrill?
You want numbers? I'll get my lawyers to draft an agreement.
I want parity.
I want a guarantee that all decisions are arrived at by both partners...
and I want it in writing.
No problem.
This is a good move for you.
Those cleft palates Sean's bringing in ain't helping you retire early, okay?
Don't get me wrong. I like Sean.
He's a conservative family man, and that's great...
but you and I are more alike.
We're ambitious, single, good-looking.
And we understand that in business, success is the only standard.
Merrill, my friend Heidi wants to come swimming.
Can we go pick her up?
She's going to have to sit on your lap.
Screw that. You drive. She'll sit on my lap. You've got to see the car.
Can you believe it? $250,000 and no back seat.
Who would want one of these?
-Not me. -Well, you can't.
Monterey blue. They only made three.
Call me this week. I want an answer.
Is she going to be okay?
She's in surgery now.
Another 24 hours, an infection could have set in.
That would have been a problem.
I want to know the name of the doctor who did this.
He does a lot of work on transgender individuals.
He's known in the community.
You have to file a malpractice suit.
-Why would you protect this butcher? -I'm not protecting him. I'm protecting us.
You saw how the doctors treated us here?
How you treated me when I first came in to see you?
If we go to court, we'll be judged, paraded...
like freaks, deviants.
I won't do that.
What if next time he kills someone?
You want that on your conscience?
What if that person were you, Sophia?
Think about your son.
Think about Raymond.
He loves you.
He needs you around.
I'll help you.
I'll make all the calls.
I'll testify in court so you don't have to.
Just give me this doctor's name.
Dr. Marcus Grayson.
What are you doing? I've been looking for this book all afternoon.
I have a test coming up tomorrow.
Why were you reading this?
You can't tell Dad. Promise me.
We've been getting along so much better, and he'd just be so disappointed in me.
I am disappointed in you, too, Matt.
How could you have sex without wearing a rubber?
-You're smarter than that. -She almost dragged me into the closet.
-What was I supposed to do? -You say no, Matt.
What in the hell were you thinking, bringing him to a porn party?
Julia, she's a client. I was there on business.
He needs to be tested for HlV, too.
Why would you say that?
Do you think she gave that to me, too?
You're going to be fine.
At worst, you've got a bacterial infection.
We'll start you on doxycycline as a precaution.
It'll clear up within a week.
You want to go wait for me in the car, please?
I'm sorry. You're right. I shouldn't have brought--
What you do with your life...
and where you stick your dick is your business.
What you do with Matt is mine. From now on, you stay away from him !
You're being way too dramatic.
Come on. You can't lay down a law like that.
Matt's like a son to me.
And he is a son to me...
and a real father would never do what you've done.
You'll never be capable of being a real father, Christian.
Want to know why?
Because real fathers would never turn someone they love...
into a filth-loving moral-less bottom feeder.
Real fathers want their sons to be more than they are, not carbon copies.
Hello, Marcus. It's been awhile.
You know how delicate GRS is, Sean.
Fistulas are fairly common...
when you're dealing with vaginal construction.
-I'm sure.... -Marcy.
Right. I'm sure she's just going to be fine.
You know, I still have all my notes from your class.
Why aren't you teaching anymore?
Well, when the university...
denied me tenure...
I went back into private practice.
Then about five years ago...
I had to deal with this malpractice bullshit...
and it killed me.
Didn't you have insurance?
I did. I can't afford it now.
Marcus, that's crazy.
It's no crazier than half the stuff they do down in Mexico...
which is where most of these transsexuals go because they can't afford it up here.
It's too expensive. I at least offer an alternative.
But if you can't do the job right, what kind of alternative is that?
Excuse me?
Look at this place.
I can see why you're having problems with these surgeries.
Don't talk to me like that, Sean. I was a doctor before you were born.
I almost invented most of these procedures, remember?
No, this is not Johns Hopkins...
but I can do what most other surgeons can't.
Now, you had a great deal of skill, but you had no bravado...
and it takes a combination of the two...
bravado and skill in order to be a brilliant surgeon.
I'd rather be a good surgeon who helps people...
than a brilliant surgeon who hurts them.
Is this about what I do...
or do you have a problem with who I do it to?
I think you have the problem.
What I have a problem with is you destroying people's lives.
Look at you.
Can you even hold your hands steady?
You reek of alcohol.
Don't confuse yourself into thinking you're a hero...
working on the disenfranchised.
You're just a sad old drunk who can't retire...
because he doesn't have anything else to hold onto.
You're the one who inspired me to be a surgeon.
I wanted to be you.
You're gonna be me, Sean.
You are on my path.
You're a success now.
Forty is when it starts.
The dutiful wife gets tired of your hours...
and your lack of emotional intelligence.
She'll stay around for another five years, if you're lucky.
Mine left when I was 50, but she'll leave.
When Father's Day comes around, and Christmas, and Thanksgiving...
and you sit alone with your...
and the thoughts of all these people whose lives you've saved...
except your own.
So, yes, I drink.
Either you shut yourself down, or I will.
Sean, I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
God help me. I didn't mean to.
-So, where are you? -Take a look to your right.
Is that your car?
I landed an exclusive contract.
Thought I'd treat myself. I'm leaving it to you in my will.
That is not the only reason to celebrate, Matty.
Your test came back from the lab. You are as clean as the day you were born.
Oh, my God.
-Seriously? -Seriously.
I'm proud of you, kid.
You cheated your first STD. Way to go.
Don't do it again.
Your mom's probably calmed down by now.
I thought we'd go over and tell her the good news together.
You drive.
You're gonna love this car.
Swear to God, you drive down the street, the girls are going to follow you home.
Look, no, thanks.
I don't want to meet girls because of the car I drive...
or pick them up at strip clubs or porn parties.
I'm not you, man.
-I was only trying to cheer you up. -Yeah, I know.
Look, I got last period, so I gotta....
-I gotta head off. -Wait.
Maybe we could go see a movie or something.
You gotta at least go for a ride with me.
I'll see you.
Keep out of the sun for at least three weeks...
and remember to put the ointment on.
But otherwise, it's very...
You think so?
What happened to Dr. Grayson?
He's retired.
It's okay.
He won't hurt anybody again.
I talked to one girl. He did a good job on her.
Maybe he doesn't always drink.
You're not....
Sophia, his office was unsanitary.
-His practices-- -I know that.
I also know I'm a bank teller who makes no money...
who hasn't yet become who she's supposed to become.
I'll help you find that person...
free of charge.
You'll be my doctor?
Are you serious?
You're very progressive, Dr. Sean McNamara.
It's Christian. Can you hang on a second?
What's up?
I'm ready to revisit the Wallace Forsythe issue.
I've come to the conclusion that with money flowing in...
we're free to take on more pro bono.
Additionally, I think you're right.
I need to loosen up.
So what if they're in porn. They're not hurting anybody.
Yes, they are.
I terminated that contract this afternoon.
What are you talking about?
We have standards here, Sean, that are more important than making money.
What made you change your mind?
-I'm kind of in the middle of something. -Sure.
Sorry about that.
So Wallace Forsythe calls me this morning and says she's bringing me her business.
-Does that mean you're coming with her? -Not today, Merrill.
You're kidding me. I'm up to my ass in tit jobs.
I need you.
The timing's not right.
I understand.
My door's always open, Christian.
You let me know when you're ready to walk through it.
Not a ding and only 50 miles on it.
But I think you're making a mistake.
This car tells the whole world who you've become.
Which is why I'm returning it.
Thanks again for making dinner.
We'll get you to ace that next test, Jules. Don't worry.
I don't care how much pasta I have to boil.
So, guess what I found under the bed this morning?
You want to watch?
We have a new client...
and I need to brush up on these procedures.
-Maybe this weekend? -Sure.
Come in.
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