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Subtitles for No Blood No Tears 2002 CD1.

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No Blood No Tears 2002 CD1

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Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
Freeze, it's the police!
You knuckleheads!
We shouldn't show up at that time.
That quiet mean bastard.
We're no match to him in a fight.
So what should we do?
Two-sided, surprise, and flank attack.
Don't you get it yet?
When Bruce Lee fought Kareem in "Game of Death,"
he made a surprise attack on his vital parts.
And Choi Min-soo did the same in the Terrorist".
Mind if I smoke?
How much do you make if you work all night?
Both men and women have it hard these days.
A woman has to meet the right man, you know.
So how does the man satisfy his woman?
Like this and that.
I'll be frank.
Think of it as your lucky day,
and take a little break with me.
I'll make up for your wages tomorrow.
You crazy bitch!
Where did you learn how to drive?
- Get out. - What?
I hate picking up customers like you, so get out, damn it.
I won't. Why do I have to, you filthy bitch?
You must be crazy.
I'm asking you nicely, so get out of the car. You fucking asshole.
If it makes you happy, bitch. No need to get upset.
Think driving a taxi is an honor?
Hey. Hey, mister!
What now, bitch? What? What?
You should pay the fare to here at least.
So the great Moon-shik has to pay to a bitch like you?
Here it is.
See you later, bitch!
I can't believe this.
I'll just go by myself!
Idiots these days...
How can you leave like that?
Fucking bitch.
Wanna play rough now?
You blocked me?
Wanna get hurt?
Damn it.
You fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch!
You've got one serious track record, sis.
A total pro.
Is that so? I knew it, you crazy bitch.
Our country's stupid to let this crazy bitch drive a taxi.
- You're no better, mister. - Officer.
Is it her fault for seducing me for money?
Or is it my fault for turning her down flatly? Officer?
- Are you finished? - What?
As I told you a hundred times already,
a criminal record sticks with you forever.
I don't have the power to protect you any more.
Thanks for the advise.
Then why do you keep causing trouble?
Hey, slow down.
Hurry up, damn it.
Why doesn't this place have an elevator?
Your place is worse than this.
So is yours.
You know it's true.
Damn it!
Who is it?
I'm coming. Who is it?
My hand!
Damn it!
Pull it!
Let go, asshole!
You bitch!
You asshole!
Are you going to keep this up?
Do we have to do this even at our age?
Friendship has its limits you know.
Want a real beating?
We're not here for all the money, you know.
Let go!
Let go!
You guys and me.
We're too old for this.
No matter how, pay off your debts first.
Making it big when you're young is no use later.
Look at us.
Do we have a nice house or a lot of money at this age?
I told you before.
Tell your wife not to waste her time at home,
but to send a sad story to that TV show.
On this TV show lately,
if you say you're very poor, they'll renovate your whole house.
- Come on. - I really saw it on TV.
Okay, okay.
So don't you know where your husband is yet?
You're supposed to get into less trouble as you age,
but he never stops gambling even if his hands break.
Sorry to say this.
But please tell Chil-sung about my situation.
I won't turn on him, so tell him to wait a little.
Gotta make a living first, right?
Your glory days are all gone.
Hello, boss.
How was it today?
Hook won all the games.
Lower his weight?
No, he was overweight a bit, so...
What, you idiot?
What are you scared for?
Good work.
What are you waiting for? Count the money, and give it to her.
Yes, sir!
Who's he?
Want to fuck him?
Aren't you sick of it?
Come here.
Dumb bitch.
Don't you think KGB's share is too much?
- If he takes... - Don't overreact.
Little by little is the best for us.
Maybe it is.
But how about fixing the game and raising the stakes?
Shit, that's not up to me.
I follow how the old man moves.
If you go behind his back, you'll end up like Viper.
A light fly weight champion,
can't suddenly be a heavy weight if he has no opponent, right?
Know who the smartest player is?
A boxer who defends his title till the end,
and when his time is up, he retires like a real champ.
Damn it.
Turn it off!
What's wrong with you?
I said turn it off!
It's too damn noisy, so just shut up and drink.
Everything okay, gentlemen?
Fucking bastard.
Find anything uncomfortable, sir?
You face makes me uncomfortable, asshole.
Come on, boss.
Come on, boss? Are you kidding around with me?
I was out of line, sir.
Think this is the army, asshole?
Just go bring me more drinks.
Drinks! Okay!
You'll never take my soul away.
I won't be defeated.
Stop, damn it!
A handsome guy hits on you, and then you get all wet, huh?
Hey, come here.
Where are you going?
Okay, I won't hit you, so come here.
I said I won't hit you, so come here.
Bitch, I said come here!
- You bitch! You fucking bitch! - Let go!
You fucking bitch!
Think I'm some worthless shit, you bitch?
Why do you pick on me when you get drunk?
What? You fucking bitch!
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
- Give it to me. - Let me do it.
I can manage.
You know how I feel about you.
I feel... I mean, I...
You... I mean...
Let go.
I feel...
Let go!
Damn it!
Hey, Mister!
Why are you picking on someone on the street?
Especially, a woman.
I'm being humiliated in public, so are you fucking happy now?
- Son of a bitch. - What?
- Let me go. - It hurts, so let go.
- Answer me. - She says you're hurting her.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Wait a minute!
Please stop it.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
I'm okay, so please just go.
He hit me first.
Just go!
Open the door!
You fucking bitch!
You bitch, watch where you going?
I knew this would happen.
Crazy bitch.
It's not even paid off yet.
What happened?
Hey. Hurt anywhere?
Don't touch me.
Tell me now, and don't whine about it later.
I see bitches drive taxis at night now.
Are you this car's owner?
So what?
How will you settle it?
Settle it?
What for? Shit, looks to me that you hit us.
You should be the one to pay.
I'll play dead on this road then.
Hey lady.
Do I look like an idiot?
This crazy bitch wants to die.
What's wrong with you?
- Hit me! - Stop it!
I'm sorry. He's just in a bad mood, so please understand.
Even if it was her fault, I'd never pay a bitch like you.
Hey, get the insurance company to handle this.
Damn it!
- So what are you gonna do? - Yes?
- I said insurance will handle it. - Wait a moment.
Hey! Can't you hear me?
Come here now!
- This is all that I've got now. - Shit!
- Also... - Think you're some millionaire?
Stop it, or you'll make it worse.
Damn it!
Hey. Satisfied?
Take it.
Take it, damn it!
- Just go. - Not enough?
- Come on! - I asked if it's not enough?
Mister, get us out of here fast.
I can't believe her.
That crazy bitch.
A star will be born
No customers lately.
Times are bad these days.
Always worrying about money is life.
But getting by is something to be grateful for.
- Hello, sir. - Hi!
- Have a nice cold drink. - Thanks.
You look nice today.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Is Jellyfish in?
He went out to buy cloth.
But he already went last week.
Who the hell are you?
You idiot.
Gamble when you have money to spare.
Instead of paying me, you gamble?
- It's not that, sir. - You don't know me well.
When I donate to church,
I calculate the interest I'll get back in heaven.
I try not to say things that may upset you,
but if the stakes keep falling like this,
there's no choice but to run it myself.
Sorry, sir.
- But times are so bad lately. - Hey, idiot.
Then how come I hear that Jungsun casino is always packed?
It's because their business is legal.
Stay out of it.
No matter how small the store,
if the owner loses focus, business goes bad.
Kim Geum-bok speaking.
This evening?
Yes, thank you.
Then I'll see you tonight.
It's so hard to make a living.
Isn't it?
Is that you?
Long time no see, captain.
Still sniffing glue, and robbing drunks?
Come on, captain.
What about motorbikes?
I'm not a kid, and I don't do that any more.
Also, I'm not sure if you know already,
but I changed my nickname and started a new life.
So stop thinking I'm my old self.
Be careful.
Some kids on glue,
fell off their motorcycles after robbing drunks.
They're at a junior college for the disabled now.
What's Kim Geum-bok up to lately?
- Who? - KGB!
KGB's real name is Kim Geum-bok?
Man, I never knew.
Was his name Bulldog?
There's this one mean bastard. Whenever he comes to the club...
So is he coming or not?
He'll come when he wants to.
Today's July 10th, right? July 10th.
Yeah, July 10th, 7:30, Room 3 is reserved for Mr. Kim.
Detective Choi.
Bring it to me.
He's a detective?
Report everything about Kim Geum-bok from today.
Who would've known that damn hotel would be a pain?
Business will do well, and the price is good. So what's the problem?
It was good up to there, but there was a catch.
The hotel didn't have a license to run a club,
and that local gang seemed to be managing it.
But when he sold it to me,
he never mentioned it, and then took off to Japan.
It's embarrassing.
I couldn't make a big fuss about it.
So I offered to meet the gang and solve this with money,
but that gang flatly refused me.
They said no matter how much, they'll never sell it.
Just a bunch of country boys who raised their gang on a farm.
I wanted to live comfortably, but this happens.
You have to be careful.
Country gangs are tough on their territory.
If you're not careful, you'll stir up a hornet's nest.
Can you ask your prosecutor friends to help?
It's hard for them out of Seoul.
Even if I ask around,
it would be hard without some special investigation to act on.
Mr. Kim.
Ever hear about the United Handicapped Democrats?
You mean the United Liberal Democrats?
No, it's not the political party.
Well, the name isn't important.
In other words, they're rejected gangsters.
They have nowhere to go, and nobody wants them,
so they move as a group.
They're really useful in dealing with tough problems.
What are you doing here, you old farts?
We're security guards for this hotel, idiot.
Okay, I got it.
So move over there and guard.
What a bunch of impolite bastards!
Listen, assholes! When your parents were kids,
we were fighting for the meanest bosses there was.
Is this old fart crazy?
He hit an elderly! Help me!
When your wife caught you, I never saw you run that fast.
You should've helped me then.
Know how much trouble I got into?
So what about you?
Forget about it, and just eat this.
You good-for-nothing idiots.
Rather than doing your jobs,
you two always chat away while eating pork.
Think you're at a restaurant?
I told you to bring that bitch, not stuff your faces!
Know what's happening out there?
It's filled with young guys.
Any second, we'll have to play chess in Liberty park.
Damn it! I'm gonna burn that dancing school down!
Stop standing around, and drag that bitch here now!
Take care!
Thank you.
Sorry about before.
Money doesn't solve everything.
I was just trying to be considerate.
Do you feel okay now?
You shouldn't rub it in like this.
Excuse me. I know it was my fault, but it was partly yours, too.
So what then?
If you were in a regular car, I would've just left.
But it was a taxi, so I feel bad.
If you're sorry, stop babbling and leave.
Screw this.
Think I don't have a hot temper, too?
Think you're big shit?
Who do you think you are?
I have nothing to do with her!
Isn't this against the law?
Damn it. Who the hell is she?
She was also there, so we just brought her.
How old are you two?
Can't you tell the difference between meat and shit?
Shut up!
Before I yank all your teeth out!
Noisy bitch.
Want me to give up, is that it?
If I had any to give, I would.
Hey, that's your problem.
Then sell my body at this age?
That's a great suggestion.
Like in your good old days,
break safes and hand the goods over.
Or go to the whorehouse and spread your legs.
Think it over carefully.
Boss, even competition in that business is tough.
This is no joke.
But can you even pay back interest behind that wheel?
I got a job for you, so how about it?
I've lost my kid and everything because of stealing.
so how can I do it again?
So what are you gonna do?
Why pick on me? I'm not the one who spent it!
Then find your husband, bitch!
Seeing what happened back there,
Iooks like your life is really shitty, too.
It's none of your business.
And if you wanna talk, take off those sunglasses.
It's annoying.
Can't you respect other people's tastes?
What does a blue eye have to do with tastes?
Are you always that cynical to people?
It depends on whom.
We're not friends, you know.
I came to apologize, but you make a fool out of me.
Anyway, what's the use if you're not cooperative.
You asked for a drink. So just drink.
What's wrong with you?
I told you not to run in here!
- Damn, it's noisy. - Stop crying!
You drive me crazy!
- What's wrong with you? - Make him stop crying!
You're leaving?
Everything okay? The total is 20,000 won.
You little pest!
Stop crying!
Why don't you stop?
He's not some dog, you know.
If you finished eating, just leave, okay?
- And mind your business. - That's enough.
Don't worry, we're leaving.
Let's go.
Those kind of bitches make this country worse.
- Forget about it. - Just leave.
He's just drunk.
Son of a bitch.
- Honey, are you okay? - Fucking bitch.
Grab her! Grab her!
Hey, stop there!
Are you crazy?
He was an asshole.
Nice work.
I always do.
Whenever I see a guy beat a woman, I can't...
Just take care of yourself. And don't pretend to be tough.
Don't waste your life when you're young.
They'll be unpopular in three weeks, too.
What have you been busy doing lately?
Somebody try to make you a singer again? Huh?
Can't you hear me, you bitch?
Stop bothering me!
I'm sick of it!
Let's break it all.
Break it.
Shit, break everything.
Break it all.
Don't come closer.
I won't stay still any more.
Hey, put it down.
Standing up to me now?
Am I your punching bag?
Crazy bitch, I ought to...
Don't make me throw it.
Is something wrong, sir?
There's some trouble at the hotel I bought recently.
Ever heard about the United Handicapped Democrats?
Oh, so it's related to politics.
No, that's the United Liberal Democrats.
How many times did I tell you?
Learn what's happening in the world.
Do I have to teach you every single thing?
This time there's another problem.
They joined that local gang and are asking for money. Damn it.
I'm getting my back stabbed.
Can't you deal with it legally?
I looked into it, but it's no use.
What's worse is if I do so...
What's this? What happened?
What's wrong with it?
I don't know. I swear I never touched it.
My eyes are telling the truth.
If you so happened to...
If we succeed, this is your big chance.
You can't live with dogs forever.
So let's get things started.
We don't have time.
Yes, sir.
Damn it.
What did I tell you, sir?
Using old-fashioned tactics for investigating is useless.
Just worry about calling the big weights.
I'm telling you this one's really big.
Don't worry about the police.
What the hell are you doing?
You haven't collected the money properly.
And that rotten little bitch. She didn't even pay the interest.
That problem will be solved this week.
If it's not, I'll tear her to pieces.
You're not even some part-time gangster,
so why can't you do things right?
If you did like you said,
everyone in here would've been torn to pieces already,
with even their organs ripped out!
The problem is that people think you're too soft.
Times are different from back in your days.
If you're not business minded, then nothing gets done.
This is your last chance.
If I don't get the money by this month, I'm dead.
And you know if this happens,
you're not safe, either.
Understand what I'm saying?
Then I'll see you later.
I'll just get to the point!
I had it up to here.
If you don't pay by this week, then we'll have to do a job on you.
- This is the last... - I can't hear you, so please call again!
Nothing's good on TV.
I'll be late.
Life is so tough.
Isn't it?
Bitch, shut up and just drink!
I want to fix the game, and make big money soon.
I want to fix the game, and make big money soon.
I need to use the money fast.
Boy, you worked really late.
People living alone usually cook anything.
They also get fed up with instant food.
So they often skip some meals.
Oh my.
Is she your kid?
She's absolutely adorable.
Come and eat.
Pour curry on it.
But your kid must be somewhere else.
Stop talking nonsense and get to the point.
Until now, nobody came to visit me without a reason.
So don't beat around the bush.
I have to work again tonight.
You're so straightforward.
Looks delicious.
I said get to the point.
You're so stiff.
Tell me.
I think. I've got something that might help you.
What do you think about working together?
It's not a very hard job.
Well, it's slightly dangerous.
But the money is more than worth it.
You seem to need it.
Plus it's a bit hard to do alone. No, I could do it by myself.
Well, if I explain it in detail.
Get out.
I said get out of my house!
Take the money.
You rude bitch.
Think I'm some idiot?
You hang up on me?
I know where your daughter is.
So if you want her to be safe, do the right thing.
From now on, never hang up until I finish.
- Hey! - Yes?
Don't seat too many people over there.
And clean this place up right.
This isn't a pool, so get rid of it.
How many times do I need to repeat it?
I told you idiots to set up a lock.
- Set up a lock - Is that you?
So you want me to transport the money?
Shit, who the hell are they? Get down there!
- You! - Freeze, it's the police!
This is all.
And when the fake cops storm in,
all you need to do is slip right out.
What if I get caught?
Everything is planned out.
The fake cops can't get found out, too.
So they'll pretend to arrest people they know.
What about timing?
They'll be much better at sticking to the clock.
But wouldn't a woman be conspicuous?
What do you want the money for?
Why do I have to tell you that?
Cause I need something to trust to you.
Now you get it?
I'm getting it removed to become a singer in Japan.
If I screw up, the pros will find out.
If they do, what can they do?
Hurry it up!
Their money is already stained,
so can they report to the police or what?
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