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Subtitles for No End 1985.

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No End 1985

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No End
This call is monitored
The time is 7.12 a.m.
I died...
...four days ago
I got the car out, as usual
I waited in it for Ula and Jacek
The engine ticked over. The radio forecast a low
I felt a stab of fear. My heart, I thought
But the pain never came. All I felt was fear
I took a deep breath
And that was that
I wondered if the melons on the balcony would ever sprout
By now Ula had emerged with Jacek
She walked towards the car but I moved away
I saw her having trouble with the car door
But it was like looking down
That seemed strange
After all, I was sitting at the wheel
I felt good. Everything was so peaceful...
...and quiet
Though Ula seemed to be shouting
I didn't feel dizzy after my first cigarette
I couldn't feel the keys in my pocket
It struck me I could come back to myself if I wanted to...
...and drive Jacek to school
But I felt better as I was, much better
I watched the coffin being closed
It was then that Jacek understood, because he began to cry
His hands were frozen
But he was ashamed to put them in his pockets
I went back home. It was still empty
Darek's dossier was lying on the desk
I wished I could be with him in court
I only saw Ula and Jacek after they got back
They fell asleep together on his bed
He clung to her for a long time
She woke up in the night and moved to her own bed
Ula? Tomek here
-I'm in Warsaw, just landed - Where?
At Okecie. I hope I'm in time to catch the Counsellor
- He's not here -At 7.30? You two split up?
Is that the alarm? How's that for timing?
Antek is dead
The funeral was yesterday. Call me later
- Don't talk about it at school - I won't
I'll come straight home
You'll be here, won't you? We'll see each other
Is that Mrs Zyro?
I have to see you, about my husband
Hello? I said I need to see you
- Who are you? -I'm Darek's wife
Your husband was his lawyer. You must know that
It's a political case. I must see you
Call the office
I'm not a lawyer. I'm sending them all the files
That's the point
It's about Thursday's biology. You asked me to...
The line is crossed. Hello?
You must have Darek's fiile. Hello?
Waiting for me?
I called this morning. Wake up, Sylwia
- I took some milk - All right, come in
How can I help you?
- As I said, I need that file - What file?
My husband's case
I can't give it to you
Why won't you help me?
It belongs to the new lawyer
Those are the rules. Don't you know?
Files get lost. No one knows how
But you don't care
Come on, Sylwia
Madam, you said it was a political case
That's right
I shouldn't, but if the file is here...
...I'll let you see it
Is she thirsty? Bored?
No, she likes listening to grown-ups' talk
- Nothing here - Should there be?
I wouldn't know. No, nothing
- What did he do? - A strike. He organised a strike
Who'll take the case now?
Maybe someone like your husband?
I can't think of anyone. Wait, though...
There's this old lawyer Antek trained under
- Old? - Yes
He was at the funeral. His name is Labrador
Maybe he's still in the lawyers' directory
Go to Dept.4. They'll tell you
I'd like to know who the judge is. 'Bye, thank you
Sorry to keep you. How can I help you?
Mrs Zyro told me you've rescued lots of people. That you could help me
Those were different cases
My last political case was in 1952
He got death
After that, I quit
Now I do petty crime
That woman won't be testifying. She's still abroad
Tell our client to remain silent
Take a taxi. I'll pay you back
Smuggling offences. I'm strong on those
I steer clear of politics
Have you heard of this case?
A hot potato, like all of them
You're making an old man face a hard choice
Not me, the times
I'm quite aware of the present time
But what to do about it?
Got the time?
A quarter past one
Damn it, my watch!
It's stopped. Know how I got it?
A present from Antek when he was called to the bar
Let me sleep on this
Call me tomorrow
- Heard the news? - What news?
They've done it. The scrap-heap at 70
It's gone through?
It will. You can bet on it
We're finished
What can we do?
Guess what? We've been given our marching orders
Come January and we're out!
So I've heard
But this charade... how about that for an ending?
A kind of swan song
People sometimes go crazy, madam
You needn't call me
I'll take the case. Are you free tomorrow at 4?
Who are you calling, mum?
No one. I was going to, but I forgot who
- Looking for something? - No
Just sorting things out
A man called earlier
Funny name. Gibraltar...
That's right. He asked about some file
I know. I'll turn out your light when I go to bed
- Jacek? Good night - Good night, mum
He was in the car, waiting. I'd been on the phone
Maybe if I hadn't been late
- A heart is a heart - But it can't be a coincidence
- You couldn't have helped - I'd have been there
Don't think about it
What can I think about?
You're still young. You've a nice kid. You're a good translator
Ulka, you and Antek weren't very close lately
That's true. But now it seems we were
Does that make sense?
He's gone
Tomek... ten years ago you were close friends
Later, too
I know, but when we first met...
Did you know about certain photographs of me?
In the nude? He told me
- Showed you? - Of course not
- How did he find out? - A "well-wisher" sent them
I found them yesterday. He'd cut out my face
He knew I'd been a guide, and hard up for money
I could have explained
Why didn't he say anything?
Why did he cut out my face?
- Did he have many such cases? - Recently, yes
- What's this? - A note
That's what his wife must have been looking for
"I'm glad you're defending me
"You're young and you understand. The first in a month
"You're right about having to return to society...
"...but with honour
"I'll do as you say
"No politics. But I'll admit to being a strike leader
"They trusted me though I hadn't been in Solidarity
"I wanted to settle grievances, not to wreck the machinery
"I'm worried about my family
"Tell Joanna not to take Sylwia to dad
"Best wishes from me and my cellmates. Darek
"I'm glad you don't want me to act insane"
Who'll take this?
I've been away too long. Otherwise I might myself
- I put her on to Labrador - He won't take it
He already has
What's this?
The question mark. Is it yours?
By Labrador's name
You poked around in daddy's things
- No. When? - Yesterday
You scrawled something...
...with a felt-tip. Don't lie!
You're lying
You know I'm not lying
I'm going to Praga. Want to come?
No. Give me the keys. I'll stay at home
Wait a second
It's Antek's wife
- What did they take? - Guess!
Contraband books. You had some lying around
Yes, I was reading Brandys
- Notebooks? - Yes
Any cassettes?
They took them all. Plus a typewriter, letters...
- From Maciek - Did you have any notes?
Some English notes
I bet you didn't get a receipt
- I was too scared to ask - Show me
"I hereby request the return...
"...of the property confiscated in the search..."
Requisition. They hate the word 'search'
And 'request'? What are you requesting? Right?
- Won't it be impolite? - Why shouldn't it be?
Give me some paper. I'll do it
- What's happened? - I... my car broke down
Remember this? I showed it to you
The list of lawyers
- It wasn't torn then - What else?
- That wasn't there - Of course it wasn't
Maybe the boy...
- It couldn't have been him - Then who?
It's Antek warning me off Labrador
So what now? No, that's stupid
I must go. I may not get a taxi
- I'll go with you - I can drop you, sir
- I have a car - No one says "sir" here
The Institute. Is that OK? I'll get ready
What Institute?
For cancer research. Radiotherapy
You looked through that file
I didn't know you. I was afraid
There was a message. Something about...
...not taking the child to see dad. I don't get it
I do
What shall I tell Darek? I'm due back soon
All you know. But remember, everything here is fine
No problems
For you
- Drop by sometime - I will
"I'm worried about my family
"Tell Joanna not to take Sylwia..."
You'll ruin your eyesight
Zyro did a good job on our client, didn't he?
Go away
Like some tea? At this time of day, it's...
Today? What time?
I'll be there
Run along
Make sure the door is shut
Maybe you know what you want? To make things better?
Fairer, right?
But where?
- In Poland - Which Poland?
You don't want to talk to me?
Am I being too blunt with you?
Well then, which Poland?
- Ours. There is no other - Ex actly
Socialist Poland?
Can you imagine a different Poland?
- Not really - There you are, then
The only Poland you want to make better is a Socialist Poland
And that's what you have to say
Never mind what you think
You're pending trial
Ever been in a courtroom? Judges are a fixture
They respect their job
They may be tired, but they're well aware history is like a wheel
Let's give them a chance
- Know what that means? - Yes. A sell-out
There's always some leeway between selling out and compromising, son
There is. But you have to find it
The evidence against you is thin
They're only interested in leaders. Don't make it seem...
...the strike was your idea
- It was everyone's idea - Sure, but it won't look that way
But I was elected. I had the list
Suit yourself
There's no evidence, no committee, no leader
- Is that right? - Right
Not quite, but near enough
I told you, there's always some leeway
Now, have you ever been to a demonstration?
Why only once? I'll tell you why
The opposition were wearing the same uniform you wore in the army
You wanted to take part, but couldn't
Psychiatrists call that...
Zyro was against pleading insanity
He was a wonderful man, Antek
But I'm 40 years older, and I can't do it his way
Maybe I'm past it, or less gifted
He was my pupil. Probably better than me
He was, you might say, an artist
His way shouldn't have worked, but it did
My way is to take a scalpel and hack
You two must have hit it off
Pretty well
Evidence was beneath him
So were politics
He'd appeal to people's consciences, even their emotions
But I can't take chances. I've only one objective
To get you out of here
Is there anything you need?
We're thinking of a hunger strike
What for?
Whose hands do you think you'll be playing into?
Got any better suggestions?
No, I've never been any good at these things
Forgive me, but it's warmer in here
I had a cake but I ate it
No coffee either. Tea?
No, thank you. What's this?
Antek's notes on that kid's case
Can you decipher them?
The odd word
"The law demands...
"The law demands too much of people today
"It kills what is...
"It kills what is most precious in human relationships"
This is underlined
"If the law is against Ioyalty and trust, then it is immoral
"No government should be...
"...should be interested in ruling over a divided nation"
Is it a question or an ex clamation mark?
I never could read his writing
He wouldn't want me... take this case
He wanted that boy to go free
Do you miss him?
Very much. I miss him very much
What's that?
"It's coming. It's going to erupt..."
- Want some? - No, thanks. We're listening
I took the parcel yesterday
- It's awful there - Poor old granny
First she wouldn't let me in. Then she cried
Did that girl get her things back?
- Have you got your things back? - Not yet
She took in one of the blokes. Hence the search
But they missed him
Antek put someone up once who was out after curfew
He hid him from me. Later he was afraid
- What of? - I don't know
Someone's asking for you. He won't come in
Meet each other
- Marta Duraj - Urszula Zyro
Are you related to the lawyer Antoni Zyro?
Antek? I'm his wife
I knew him years ago
How is he?
He died...
...a month ago
- Cigarette? - Thanks
You knew him?
When he was a student.
He came round one night
A girl and I were sharing a cabin by the beach
We'd gone to bed
He'd been swimming and his tent had been stolen
He was still dripping
He sat on the bed, soaking wet
Afterwards... he stood there...
- Scrawny, bandy-legged - He wasn't bandy-legged
- He was then - Then what?
He wanted to be a judge. He was into Camus
The penitent judge...
I read it later. Was he a judge?
No, a lawyer. That's what he always wanted to be
Remember anything else?
- I don't think so - Anything at all?
He left soon after, to do a course
That was that. Were you married long?
11 years
A long time. Was it a heart attack?
Yes. How did you know?
He mentioned his heart at the time
Everything OK?
Everything's fine
They're on hunger strike
Labrador said Antek was his own man
We'd all like to be
But Antek really was
No one told him what to do
He wrote things were getting harder
But his letters were marked 'Censored'. What's this?
A photograph. I've just found it. Ring a bell?
Summer of '67
How skinny he was!
Who are the girls?
I've forgotten
He fancied this one
- Brunette? Named Marta? - No, blonde and thin
Rather like you
We always fell for the same girls
Including you
I'm still carrying the torch
Ula, I want you to know that...
What are you looking at?
His hands are like Antek's
- You didn't hear. I said... - Don't say it
Forget I said it, then
Oh, my God!
That's my car!
Rush round to the pound. Got money?
Yes. Will you wait?
No, I'll get the bus. Off you go!
My husband died 36 days ago
There one moment... gone the next
I assumed I loved him, on and off at any rate
The house, my work...
I had everything
But I didn't realise
I can hardly believe there were bad times, that I hated him
It's only now I realise I was happy. I can't accept it
I can't
I keep seeing him. I can't forget him
You seemed to have hands like him
You wouldn't understand. It's my problem
Sit down a moment
I've bought a pair of trainers for Sylwia
They were available
Who was he?
My father
- Where's Sylwia? - With a neighbour
I can't take it any more
Darek on one side, my father on the other
He brings me newspapers, with articles exposing them
People like Darek and me
I can't go on
Fuck the lot of them!
I'm scared, Ula
What of?
Some of them go abroad. Others die
But Darek...
He'll go to jail
- And I'll be on my own - Who has died?
Two days ago
I've translated the Orwell. He wanted to read it
You don't care, do you?
You see all these tragedies, but only yours matters
Yes, you're right
Yesterday I did something bad
Very bad. I was unfaithful to Antek
But he's dead
I don't know why I did that to him, when I can still feel his touch
I wish I could help. I have this address, at Jelonki
It's this young fellow. He helped Marta
You met her here
She was terribly hung up, and it did her good
- Want to try? - What?
To forget
That's bad news
I want him to get out, not to starve
You'd better tell him to start eating
To take some soup at dinner, and to be the first
I'll arrange a visit
I can go, but not to tell him that
Why not?
He'd kill me
Do you want him free?
But I won't tell him that. I'm his wife, can't you see?
Do you think it'll get to anyone?
Certainly not to those that matter
Human torches, but no water...
We've been there
Don't be stubborn. This will harm him
OK, I'll tell him. And you can go on playing the silent wife
Someone told me to show you this
They've formed a new union at the factory
- Do you know these people? - One of them. A friend of Darek's
They grew up together
Can you spare me a moment?
A client of mine's been hit with a tax claim. He bought a car abroad
What do you mean, bought? A client of yours?
It was a gift. That's tax-free
I'm only a trainee. But I know how you feel
Is there any way I can help?
How are you off for money?
I forgot that's why I came. I've brought your money
Keep it. I only wondered how you were managing
We could fix something
Thank you, I'm all right. Better than before
Could you lend me the paper? Give it to me?
Hello, Judge
We'll soon be meeting professionally
- That's right. How do you know? - I was told
But first I have some business with you
Not much
Always at your service
If you're interested, I'm hearing a fascinating case
Here's what you'll do
Go to that factory and ask that fellow if the new union...
...would be prepared to show they care about workers, even strikers... standing bail for Darek
- Do you have a name? - Of course
Damn it! Where's that paper?
It was here a minute ago
It can't have vanished
- Buy another one - Newspapers now cost 5 zlotys
- Even the Party's? - All of them
Lie down, lie down
I haven't done this before
But it is possible
- Is this man alive? - Yes
But he can't be with you?
- And he never will? - Never
I shall now put you to sleep...
...and try to erase him from your memory
Please, lie down
Flat, relax ed...
...eyes open
Now look at me, and let your whole body go limp
Legs, arms, stomach, face...
Every muscle relax ed
Now lower your eyelids, gently close your eyes
You feel light, your muscles are relax ed, your eyelids refuse to open
Now raise your arm. It's light...
It takes no effort. You're asleep
Now lower your arm
You can't feel your arms, your legs, or any part of your body
Your mind is blank
No longer thinking of him
Alive or dead, he's gone, no longer there
You won't want to be with him...
...see him or talk to him
You don't want to be with him
When you wake, you will have forgotten his voice, his face...
You won't want to think about him
Now I'll wake you
You're beginning to feel your body
To feel heavy
You're waking
When I count to zero, you'll wake
Five... four... three...
...two... one... zero
You've woken
We may have to repeat this. Please, come again
Do you feel all right? A glass of water?
Did it help?
What happened, Jacek?
Had a bad dream?
A nightmare?
Come on, tell mummy
- Don't you want to tell me? - I do
You and daddy
That's nice
I've never told you this
I woke up one night
The light was on in your bedroom
Daddy was on top of you. You were both naked
That's what I dreamt now
What were you doing?
Making love
Yes, love
You were born because daddy used to cuddle me
Now you love me. You're cuddling me
Hello, Counsellor
- Are you with someone? The coffee - It's for you
I thought you'd be more responsive
Suppose I spring a little surprise on you
Like bail for Darek...
...from the new, legal, respectable union
Would you release him?
- So the new union would... ? - They would
What about him? That's the rub, isn't it?
I'll talk to him, if I think there's a chance
I don't decide alone
You think it'll be oil on troubled waters?
Not at all. Just a good old lawyer's trick
- Know my answer? - Yes
Screw it
Ex actly
I'll be seeing you
Get yourself a coffee. The judge drank yours
You know I joined you to wait things out?
Naturally. I'm not blind
Criminal cases, divorces... that was fine
But the way you're handling this...
Listen, no one's forcing you
I'll give you good references, anyway
Look what your wife gave me
She did?
The way of the world...
Know any of these people?
My friend from childhood
- He joined the strike - Precisely
I'm planning to see him
What for?
To stand bail for you, to vouch you'll be a good boy
I won't
You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth
Seize your opportunity. He's your friend, isn't he?
He was
All right. But his bail can get you out of here
Then you won't be facing a summary proceeding...
...or more than one suspended sentence. Can't you see?
You can't win now. Pretend you're passive...
...if you want to stay in the game
I've never begged a prisoner... agree to be released
Don't start now
- Not eating? - No
Think it'll change anything?
Damn it! I can't watch you kill yourself
I can't allow...
Then don't. Shout it from the rooftops
Go ahead, die! Jump out of the window
No way
It's barred
You all decided to live, didn't you?
- Who? - You... the others
Your kind
Your response to martial law was: survive!
You didn't charge the tanks
Was that wrong?
No. But you have to be logical
If you decide to live... must learn to endure
Point 5: consequences and conclusions
Antek's dead. He can't save both his skin and his honour
My way's unacceptable. That leaves one option
We level with him
Let him decide himself
You shouldn't have taken this case
I had to, my boy. I admire that man
I told him he had to survive...
...not waste time on gestures
His kind of integrity is important...
...not just to him
People want to be brave. They need ex amples
- What are we in the end? - Defenders
Yeah, you can say that again
Murderers, thieves, beg to be sprung
An innocent man refuses
After 45 years at the bar, he makes me ask myself :
Whom do we really defend?
Against whom? Against what?
- Noticed we have the same name? - All the time
At least we can tell him that his family's being taken care of
That they're provided for
He needn't worry
Who'll tell him?
You, of course, Mietek
But I'll also tell him what I think
What's this?
An underground tape. Know it?
Look what I've got
- What is it? - A canister
Tear gas
Where did you get it? Where have you been?
Constitution Square
Stay away from places like that
It still stinks
You're all I've got left. Promise me
Labrador is willing, but tired
He has his methods, but you're too much for him
That's good. The crunch is coming. You have to shout
Never mind those bars. You'll be heard
Plead guilty. Say yes, I organised the strike
I want to fight
I only regret I realised so late
The strike was a pretext for something bigger
The men supported you because they wanted to fight too, but didn't dare
You showed them the way, and you don't regret it
It'll look just like another trial
We'll invite observers
With luck, they won't be admitted
And both sides will think something's afoot
The whole of Warsaw will be talking. Know what they call that in Cracow?
They have a special word for it
Here's what Counsel will say :
"I do not ask the court for special treatment
"The accused is a nobody. Nobodies are legion
"But this nobody is also a brave man
"And courage is contagious
"He is dangerous because he speaks the truth
"And no bars can confine him
"The work of this court, and these proceedings, are futile
"The accused knows that futility and impotence breed rage"
- You mean hate - Don't you feel it?
Zyro spoke of clarity
He said both sides must wipe their glasses
That you have to try and find your way again
Each man must find it himself
Himself, even if everyone else is...
- He has to - That's poetry
Labrador said there was no evidence
That I'd have to kowtow and get out of here as fast as possible
That's mere pragmatism
It amounts to selling out
I'm proposing a third possibility
Say your aim was to subvert the system
No, it wasn't that
What then?
Never mind how clear you are about that
Say you wanted to subvert the system
At least you'll go to jail for something
You're facing a minimum of three years
And maximum?
You've got it! Let the issues be sharp and clear
Or we'll still be queuing for a bar of soap
Still not eating?
Hold on a few more days
The worse you look the better
What's the matter?
Come on, damn it!
You use that word too often
I'm sorry
The hunger strike has ended
- When? - Yesterday
You've won
I have
We're defenders
Here's the bail
We should make the most of it
Yes, we should
- What's today? - The 3rd
Take it to the judge
Tell him I'll be there in an hour
Get going, damn it!
I came to say goodbye
I'm leaving
It's not easy telling you, or anyone for that matter
- Where are you going? - Back, via Canada
Opting out?
Sure. But why make things tough?
There's nothing for me here
The world I remember from photographs has gone
Smiling faces, a helping hand...
Everything clear and simple. It's all gone
- It was his world, wasn't it? - Yes, it was
People have withdrawn, split up...
I no longer know what's good or bad
Some people I can't see
Others I don't care to see
I've tried going it alone, but alone is alone
I hoped...
I'm leaving
Antek is here
Forget him
- I saw him - In a dream
No, I saw him
I could have asked him...
Where are you going now? Can you give me a lift?
Come in
We've started
I don't want to eat, I don't like fatty food
I want to be thin and well-proportioned
Eating doesn't give you pleasure
Your bodies cannot feel hunger
You're asleep
Asleep, asleep...
- Well? Has he gone? - He's gone
- You want to lose weight? - No!
I want to repeat the treatment
But if he's gone?
I want to anyway
You lied to me
He's dead, isn't he?
You see...
I don't communicate with the Beyond
Daddy used to bring me here to see grandfather
Can I?
- For a moment - Go on
I love you
Do you hear? I love you
Mum, I've something to say you won't like
- I love dad's mum more than yours - I know
You've hardly ever left me here
Well, now I will. Look, there's granny!
He's very fond of you. He told me in the car
He's a good boy now. Very good
Off you go. And don't worry
Are you going far?
- You didn't say goodbye - See you
When it's for longer, we should say goodbye. Goodbye, mummy!
Goodbye, Jacek
In the name of the Polish People's Republic...
...the Warsaw Metropolitan Court, on 6th November 1982...
...after hearing the evidence against Dariusz Stach...
...finds the accused guilty as charged...
...of offences against Article 46...
...of the Martial Law Decree...
...and Article 12 of the Special Regulations Law
Waiving summary procedure...
...this Court sentences him to 18 months imprisonment
Ex ecution of the sentence is suspended for two years
The prisoner Dariusz Stach is hereby released from custody
You're free to go
Congratulations, sir
Thank you
You shouldn't
We'll leave in a minute
We're leaving
Now I'm on this side of the fence
My last day, my last case
May I read you a poem I've found?
"And I don't even know how I happened
"To change from wolf into mangy dog
"Maybe my muzzle lost the wind's dark touch
"My howling no longer scowled at the sky
"A flicker of fear, not a boisterous flame
"Stormed upon my back
"Maybe no one needed to put this collar on me
"And I myself crawled over
"To beg fawning and dog-like
"Lord, who lovest even those who grovel
"And can kindle pride in a worm's pale blood
"Help open the throat of one mutely shouting
"And tell me to walk free even though I'm weeping"
Na Cha The Great
Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
Na samote u lesa
Nabi CD1
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Nacktschnecken 2004
Nada Mas
Naissance de lAmour La
Naked 2002
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Naked Gun 33x3 - The Final Insult
Naked Gun The - From the Files of Police Squad
Naked Jungle The (1954)
Naked Killer
Naked Lunch 1991
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Name Of The Rose The CD1
Name Of The Rose The CD2
Nameless - Los sin nombre
Namnam buknyeo (2003) - Love Impossible
Nan bei zui quan
Nanguo zaijan nanguo - Goodbye South Goodbye
Napoleon Dynamite
Narayama Bushiko - Ballad of Narayama
Nashan naren nagou (1999) - Postmen in the Mountains
Nashville 1975 CD1
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Nashville 1975 CD3
Nathalie X
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2
National Lampoons Vacation 1983
National Security
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Nattens Engel 1998
Natural Born Killers
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Navigators The
Navigators The 2001
Near Dark
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Needing You
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Net The
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New Nightmare
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Next Karate Kid The (1994)
Ni Liv (Nine Lives)
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Night At The Opera A 1935
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No 3 Limited
No Blood No Tears 2002 CD1
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No End 1985
No Good Deed 2002
No Mans Land
No Mans Land 2001 Limited
No News From God
No Way Back
No way out
Noam Chomsky Distorted Morality (2003)
Nobody Someday
Nobodys Fool 1994
Nocturne (1980 I)
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Noises Off 1992
Nomads 1986
Non ti muovere
Norma Rae
Normais Os 2003
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