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Subtitles for No Good Deed 2002.

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No Good Deed 2002

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- Amy, what's wrong? - I need your heIp!
It's Connie, she's run away again!
She's onIy 15.
How does my daughter faII for this sIime baII?
Do you know him?
Yeah, I met him once. His name is Zip.
That's a great name, huh?
Jack, you're a cop.
Grand theft auto. You want missing persons.
You know where he Iives?
Something Iike Trump Street, or Trout Street or....
- Turk? Turk Street? - Yes, Turk Street. Turk Street.
So teII missing persons.
They've got a Iist a miIe Iong.
By the time they get to her, she'II be the age I wanted her to Ieave.
She'II be back.
Three days, Jack. I'm reaIIy scared.
- Amy, I'm.... - I know.
You're going on vacation, some music festivaI.
A week with you and your ceIIo.
- Amy, what's wrong? - I need your heIp!
It's Connie, she's run away again!
She's onIy 15.
How does my daughter faII for this sIime baII?
Do you know him?
Yeah, I met him once. His name is Zip.
That's a great name, huh?
Jack, you're a cop.
Grand theft auto. You want missing persons.
You know where he Iives?
Something Iike Trump Street, or Trout Street or....
- Turk? Turk Street? - Yes, Turk Street. Turk Street.
So teII missing persons.
They've got a Iist a miIe Iong.
By the time they get to her, she'II be the age I wanted her to Ieave.
She'II be back.
Three days, Jack. I'm reaIIy scared.
- Amy, I'm.... - I know.
You're going on vacation, some music festivaI.
A week with you and your ceIIo.
- Amy, what's wrong? - I need your heIp!
It's Connie, she's run away again!
She's onIy 15.
How does my daughter faII for this sIime baII?
Do you know him?
Yeah, I met him once. His name is Zip.
That's a great name, huh?
Jack, you're a cop.
Grand theft auto. You want missing persons.
You know where he Iives?
Something Iike Trump Street, or Trout Street or....
- Turk? Turk Street? - Yes, Turk Street. Turk Street.
So teII missing persons.
They've got a Iist a miIe Iong.
By the time they get to her, she'II be the age I wanted her to Ieave.
She'II be back.
Three days, Jack. I'm reaIIy scared.
- Amy, I'm.... - I know.
You're going on vacation, some music festivaI.
A week with you and your ceIIo.
That'II be so different for you.
I know I'm just your neighbor. I had no business asking.
You have a great time, okay?
I was pIanning on bIacking him out. I'm gIad I didn't.
It can't be that different from Iooking for a car, right?
Turk Street.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you okay?
Oh! You mustn't bother.
It's no bother. Just get out of the rain. Come on.
So you don't Iive in the neighborhood.
No, I'm Iooking for someone.
You can just set them down there.
No, no. I'II take them in the kitchen.
WeII, this way.
Thomas, we have a visitor!
Don't be aIarmed, we have a stranger in the house.
- Thomas, dear. This is.... - Jack. Jack Friar.
This is Mr. Quarre, I'm Mrs. Quarre.
Who is it you're Iooking for, Jack, a friend?
No, a suspect. WeII, not a suspect reaIIy.
A young man.
You're a poIiceman.
- I reaIIy shouId be going. - Oh, dear, don't go.
I'II put on some water for tea.
- Thanks but I have to.... - We won't hear of you Ieaving.
I must thank you for your kindness. Now, it's Indian tea.
India Indians. Not the ones we beat the crap out of.
No, I reaIIy must go.
This one's made from hard wood... Oak, mahogany.
I've got one made in Africa from ivory.
Maybe one of your cousins carved it, huh?
TeII us about the suspect.
Is he a Ione operator or a member of some vicious gang?
He seems to be an operator. Yeah.
What does he Iook Iike?
I'II show you.
He had bIond hair, bIue eyes.
Stand up.
Stand up.
- How'd you find me? - What?
I said, how did you find me?
Find you? Who are you?
Smart ass!
You Iike basebaII?
It's just a tiny IittIe bump, officer. I checked it out.
Ready for your tea?
- I don't Iike tea. - WeII who does?
Tea is for Chinks, give him a reaI drink.
WouId you Iike a shot?
Make it a Mai Tai. That's what we drank in Korea.
- Who are you peopIe? - What happened here?
This cop showed up, Iooking for us.
Me at Ieast.
That's why we kept him here, boss, for you to decide.
What did you hit him with?
- No guns. - No guns.
Do I have to post a Iist of ruIes at the front door?
It might... heIp.
Has anyone eIse a gun?
FinaIIy got a hit, shit head.
Come on, MiIIer, knock him in!
Listen, mister....
- ....Quarre. - Quarre. - It's an aIias.
I reaIIy had a photograph, not of that psychopath. But....
Shh, there's a game on.
Thank you, dear.
Don't gIoat.
I'm not gIoating, don't be a sore Ioser.
Maybe he's onto us for SeattIe.
You shouIdn't have Iet him see you.
I wasn'tjust going to Iet him waIk out of here.
The questions are: what are we going to do with him?
What if there are more of him?
KiII him.
We do not kiII him.
Because the penaIties for kiIIing are so distastefuI.
Yeah, that's easy for you to say. He didn't have your picture.
He has no picture, Hoop.
Perhaps we shouId outfit you with a wooden cIub and a IoincIoth.
Are you....
Are you caIIing me backward?
The best way to chase something, Hoop, is to Iet it chase you.
Greetings, Erin.
Business. That's what you aIways say. This is a business.
TeII the oId peopIe the scheduIe's been moved up a day.
A day?
- That's today. - That's why you'II want to hurry.
You shouId try to have a caIming infIuence on Hoop..
..rather than a infIammatory one.
Is it your pIace to teII me who not to infIame?
As a matter of fact it is.
With this rose, I thee wed.
AII things in good time. UntiI then,..
..Iover and Ioved.
Pimp and whore.
Coarseness does not become you.
That sick fuck.
It'II aII be over soon.
AII of it?
- This job, our Iast. - You and him? That over?
- What do you mean? - You know what I mean.
He hurts you.
Keeps us down.
I got to pack.
I'II heIp.
If Tyrone sees you in my bedroom....
We're just taIking, for Christ's sake.
Okay. Later then.
I never chose Tyrone.
Yeah, but sometimes you Iaugh at me with him.
He expects it of me. Don't you understand that?
Fucking cop's Iistening.
The cop's not our probIem.
So we Ieave the airstrip no Iater than 8 pm.
Don't smoke that in here.
I sure as heII won't miss you teIIing me what to do.
- ControI freak. - ControI is a good thing, Thomas.
You couId do with more of it.
ControI that.
Then we Iand in Bermuda no Iater than 2 am. Correct?
Aye aye, sir.
We refueI..
..and Hoop's piIoting the baIance of the journey to the Caymans.
- Is he taking his meds? - Yes, I assume so, why?
He asked me to teach him to fIy,..
..but I'm not responsibIe if he fIies off the handIe.
I wiII controI Hoop.
How'd you know where to find us?
I didn't.
You're not who I'm Iooking for.
I have a pict --
Yeah, right. A picture with a guy with bIond hair, bIue eyes.
I'm Iooking for a girI.
Oh, now it's a girI.
Gee, you know I just can't keep your stories straight.
- Stop it! - AIright. SettIe down.
These are too tight.
EventuaIIy I'm going to be aIone with you, cop.
Get away from him.
Is that better?
There is a picture.
And there is a girI.
Was it out of wiIIfuIness or out of stupidity you Iet him see you?
I'm sorry, Tyrone.
But I think he seems to have seen you too.
No he hasn't.
It seems he's smarter than you.
She's Iike a spoiIed chiId.
HatefuI towards those who take care of her..
..and yet totaIIy dependent. - Leave her aIone.
And Hoop is the spoiIed boy.
The spoiIed boy,.. whom I gave a future despite the metaI pIate in his head..
..and the diagnosed psychosis.
Now, Hoop,..
..was it the BeIIe of Tacos or the King of Burgers..
..which had most recentIy rejected your services?
What are you Iaughing at, cop?!
Maybe it's good that our stay in these cIose quarters nears its end.
Brunch is ready.
No, brunch is canceIed.
The unexpected appearance by the officer has aItered our pIans.
Excuse me.
I have been cooking since his God damned appearance.
No one said anything.
WeII, perhaps brunch is just what we need.
Who wouId Iike to say the bIessing?
How about our guest?
He shouId say a prayer.
- Leave him aIone. - You have nothing to worry about.
I'm sure everything wiII go as pIanned.
I'II say the bIessing.
Thank you, Lord, for that which we are about to receive....
Ten miIIion doIIars, Amen!
You aIways forget the ketchup.
Bring me a beer.
No, thank you.
He's probabIy not used to eating a proper breakfast.
This is deIicious.
Remember you're fIying, Thomas.
I fIew 57 missions in Korea..
..and I was drunk every damn time.
- Don't you teI -- - Let him drink.
I'II fIy the damn pIane.
I'II Iet you co-piIot, shut the fuck up whiIe I'm teIIing my story.
Excuse me, dear,..
..but nobody gives a titty about your story.
I don't want this punk interrupting me.
Come on, oId man! You want to fIy? I'II Iet you fIy.
Come on. Come on. First one's free.
Are you chiIdren?!
Must I put you in separate rooms?
Take him into the kitchen.
You brought the cops.
Shut up!
You defective IittIe prick.
It's our banker friend. DeIay him.
Keep him out of the house.
Your cIothing is inappropriate. Go change it.
David. What are you doing here?
I needed to see Erin. She Ieft me a message, it's important.
She's not avaiIabIe just now.
Where is she?
FrankIy I don't know. I just came in from shopping.
I'm sure she'II get in touch with you Iater.
Why don't you go back to your office?
If Mr. Quarre knew you were pIaying hooky..
..he might not Iook so kindIy on you dating his granddaughter.
Erin! Hey!
It's happening today.
- What? - Yeah, now.
WeII, I don't know why. But Tyrone says it has to be.
Look, I can't.
If you want us to be together, you have to.
Go back to the bank and we'II see you soon, okay?
David, I'm in the street in my robe.
Look, I adore you.
Thomas! IsabeIIe!
If we're deIayed, simpIy wait at the Ianding fieId.
Keep your ceII phone on in case of a probIem. Erin!
You wiII stay and entertain our guest.
Whoa, whoa, what about David? He expects me.
I wiII deaI with David.
- Hoop! - Yeah.
So, shaII we?
Take my bags, Hoop.
Both of them.
Be avaiIabIe to take caIIs.
David may need to hear your devoted voice for reassurance.
You are art.
Do not fade.
- Are you comfortabIe? - Been better.
Hey, you okay?
May I have some water?
Water? You Iook a IittIe stressed.
- Look, miss.... - Erin, pIease. - Erin.
You need to Iet me go before that head case Hoop comes back to kiII me.
Tyrone won't Iet Hoop kiII you.
Tyrone is against kiIIing.
Do you want any kind of music? You Iike some music?
- Look, miss, pIease.... - I can't Iet you escape,..
..because then I wouId have to escape and no one escapes Tyrone.
That's ridicuIous.
Is it?
This is how Tyrone says you shouIdn't have Ieft.
It's aIright, I get ten percent off my pedicures now.
- Are you taking your medication? - Why?
You appear agitated.
Yeah, weII you piss me off.
They got a medication to make you stop doing that?
What do you pIan on doing with your share of the money?
I want... to breed dogs..
..back in Utah.
Is there a young Iady in the picture?
Maybe there is, maybe there isn't.
D --
David Brewster.
We're here. Hoop is beginning.
Why are we doing this today?
What did you say?
I need an expIanation.
Your expIanation wiII be your share of the money.
- Is Erin there? - No she's not.
But I have compIete faith.. wiII be abIe to swindIe your bank without her.
Just make sure you're avaiIabIe for me when I enter.
You don't Iook so good.
That's because you're used to Iooking at you.
Maybe that drink wasn't such a good idea.
- What shouId I do? - What shouId you do?
Find that picture so you can see I was teIIing the truth..
..and you can teII your friends.
I'II Iook a Iot better when I'm not waiting for someone to kiII me.
Listen, I couIdn't find the picture. Okay, I waIked the whoIe bIock.
Oh, God.
PIease, don't die. Don't die, pIease.
How you doing, Ieatherhead?
I got the generator set up in case this storm messes with the Iights.
How's it Iook?
Oh, it Iooks great.
I've been thinking about some of those missions....
- Has the pIane been fueIed? - Yes.
And I'II be here just as Iong as you need me.
Excuse me, sir.
I put your kit in the fridge.
You couId have Iet me die.
Cop dead from a diabetic coma. It's perfect.
Dump the body somewhere.
Nobody wouId ever know I'd been kidnapped.
I guess I owe you one.
I mean that.
I noticed your suitcases were packed.
Were you supposed to be somewhere eIse today?
Not on Turk Street.
Like where?
The Berkshires.
Fantasy camp for frustrated musicians.
BasketbaII junkies go to MichaeI Jordan's basketbaII cIinic.
I get my fix pIaying with Yo Yo Ma.
Your apartment struck me as IoneIy.
Don't cops dream?
Nightmares mostIy.
I don't trust you Ieaving here without seeing Erin.
Then by aII means you shouId caII her for reassurance.
I trust she's at home.
Women taIk.
Some excessiveIy.
- Yes? - We got probIems.
The system is patched into a backup power source..
..that's more compIicated than I thought.
Can you deactivate it?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm working on it.
It's just going to take some time.
- How much? - I don't know.
- Two, three minutes tops. - Do it!
Did I hear what I just heard?
I was a state sponsored prodigy untiI Moscow coIIapsed.
My peers became prostitutes, musicaIIy or otherwise.
I met a man in a bar.
Tyrone became your ticket out.
He said he saw my potentiaI. I fIattered myseIf he meant my music.
So you guys are robbing a bank, right?
Just smiIe.. you teII me about the FederaI Reserve.
You reaIIy don't know who we are?
I'm just a cop who finds stoIen cars..
..who's Iooking for a Iost girI.
And Iook, you found one.
You are not Iost.
It wouId take a search party to find me.
What are you doing?
Ladies and gentIemen, pIease caIm down.
- I'm sure the probIem wiII be fixed momentariIy. - Send the money.
Send the money! Send the money!
Sir, I'm sorry, I'm sure the probIem is just momentary.
I don't have moments.
TeII your officer to wire my Ioan immediateIy.
We wire funds eIectronicaIIy. Our computers are down....
WeII, to heII with your computers!
My funds must be sent by 6 o'cIock.
I'm afraid that if wiring the funds is an impossibiIity....
Have you heard of this device?
Can it not be used with your approvaI to transfer funds?
Sir, pIease, pIease just caIm yourseIf.
If you'II just step into my office. WouId you mind?
Do you know ''Chanson Triste'' by Du Parc?
Do you Iike being tied up in a chair?
Or wouId you rather pIay some beautifuI music?
How much are we taIking about?
Ten miIIion.
Our spread is substantiaI. It went to committee.
Now, think Iender IiabiIity, sirs.
If those funds aren't in escrow by day's end.. company wiII Iose a one hundred miIIion doIIar contract.
So consider that to be your true exposure.
My Iaptop is charged. I couId modem it through.
I'm caIIing my Iawyer.
Sir, that won't be necessary. Get the Iaptop.
I missed a few notes.
That's a nice piece. I never pIayed it before.
I know what I want for saving your Iife.
What's that?
They say pIaying the ceIIo is Iike dancing.
Show me.
You'd have to put the gun down. It's crazy.
I beIieve in the concept of a man and a woman.
And the man owing her one.
I mean, you did say that, didn't you?
That you owe me one.
Don't do this.
Damn you.
Put your hand on mine.
I couId break your neck.
I shouId.
Yeah, you shouId.
Are we done?
Yeah, we're done.
We're even.
Mr. Abernathy, this disk contains aII the routing information,..
..account numbers and passwords. It's your authentication.
Great, just a IittIe more paperwork.
..about Erin.
He insists on meeting Erin at his pIace.
We don't have time for this.
Do we know where the banker Iives?
Yeah, it's over the mountain. It's a hauI.
- You've been there? - I drove her a coupIe of times.
I thought they used to meet in restaurants.
WeII, maybe he cooks.
Go there.
Tyrone caIIed.
He said it couId be another coupIe of hours.
I sent WiIIy for dinner.
Tyrone? And you trust him?
This job is no different from SeattIe..
..or Sydney or DaIIas or Miami.
And he stiII needs us.
UnIess he thinks he can take a bus to the Caymans.
But this is our Iast one.
Then he wouIdn't have caIIed.
Do you think we'II be happy in Fiji?
- We can have sex on the beach. - Oh Thomas!
Let's go wait in the airpIane.
You know I won't have sex on airpIanes.
But this one's on the ground.
When was he Ieaving the bank?
He shouId have been here 45 minutes ago.
She gabs on the phone, even as the outcome remains unsettIed.
Not even you wouId be that dim-witted.
Maybe the two of them are working together.
- Get out of the car. - What?
- Get out of the car. - Why?
Watch for him.
Hey, it's raining out here!
Then go inside.
- Get in! - But there was a accident.
I don't want to hear about it. Get in!
- You see that? - What?
This! This! This! This!
- Just how wouId he find you? - Not by Iooking.
He knows where I'd go.
He can hear me think.
What wouId he do when he found you?
Maybe he'd kiII me.
Maybe you couId prevent that from happening. Maybe...
Maybe he and Hoop are coming back to kiII you.
You worked your way partiaIIy free from the bonds.
You'd have no choice but to kiII them in seIf-defense.
So give me the gun.
We couId wind up with ten miIIion doIIars.
You know what happens to cops who have ten miIIion doIIars.
They eat their service revoIvers.
- They can't.... - Open your mind, Jack.
You're more than a cop.
I'm more than a thief.
You'd know that if you're paying attention.
I have been.
And I know.
Where is she?
Hey, banker boy!
What are you doing in my house?
You shouId thank him.
Look what a spIendid effort he made infiItrating your bank today.
Where's the disk?
Ahh gee, it's Iocked!
There's no fucking disk!
Where is it?
Hey, what's this, huh?
Go ahead,..'s password protected.
Okay! Okay! Okay!
But I just risked everything for Erin.
You think I'm going to bIab now just to get out of a beating?
WeII... tick-tock.
What time is it?
They haven't caIIed.
Must've Ieft you behind. Or shouId I say they Ieft your ass?
- They wouIdn't. - No, and a fine ass it is.
You can keep sitting on it untiI my cop friends start Iooking for me.
Or you can cut me Ioose, come in with me and teII what happened.
I'm to bIame now?
Go ahead, but that stiII doesn't change the facts.
They didn't need you and Ieft your ass.
Shush! God!
Why has the phone been occupied?
I'm sorry, I didn't even know it was off the hook.
Why didn't you check it?
How couId I know it was off the hook?
Your friend here insists on seeing you..
..before he gives us our information.
You must have fucked your way into his heart.
Hoop's on his way for me. I have to get ready.
So this is your first crime?
- No embezzIement, no juggIing.... - No. Nothing.
Not even as a kid?
- No shopIifting, no peeping tom? - HardIy.
So this reaIIy is your inauguration.
Take my advice...
You know, I stoIe my Dad's car once.
- ReaIIy? - Yeah. Drove it to Mexico.
What happened?
Drove it off a cIiff.
Never even toId my father.
ApparentIy, driving isn't one of your taIents.
- Come on in here! Come on! - Jack, pIease.
Come on! Keep coming.
Come on, pick up the phone!
- What are you doing? - Pick it up!
Pick this up!
- I can make it Iook Iike he died escaping. - Don't.
Now you go get some more rope.
Remember what's to happen Iater.
Not untiI we have the disk and the password.
Just me.
Just you.
How fetching you Iook, my dear. Perfect for a Iate date.
I tried to be there but he Ieft without me.
Quick, what's the password?
We need some time together.
WeII, there's no time.
WeII, certainIy a short interIude can be squeezed in for young Iovers.
Give me the gun.
Give them fifteen minutes, no more.
I did it! I did it!
I knew you couId. Come here, come here.
Not giving Tyrone the password was so smart.
God, who knows what he wouId have done if I wasn't here.
So what is it?
Oh no, no, no. I'm going to the Caymans with you.
You cannot be seen with Tyrone. Not now, not ever.
I'm onIy going to be gone for a few days.
Then we can go away together Iike we pIanned.
I don't think I can wait any Ionger.
Oh, you poor thing.
As soon as we get the money. I promise.
Enough promises.
Oh, shit.
I was dreaming,..
..we were on this beach.
I Iooked wonderfuI in my bikini.
What the heII are you puIIing?
Our young friend became difficuIt.
DifficuIt? You haven't seen difficuIt, I have.
You try a battaIion of gooks squirting napaIm up your butt.
That is difficuIt!
....and you've been aptIy rewarded. - Now you Iisten to me, ass-face!
The bank couId stiII figure this thing out.
- Hoop! - Banker boy!
Did you have fun, huh? Your time's up, I'm sorry.
Stop it!
Did you have a good time?
- Was your dick hard? - Stop it!
- You fuck! - You're unbeIievabIe!
- It's not his fauIt, it's my fauIt! - Shut up!
Stay out of this! This is not about you!
Stay there!
What's the matter Romeo?
Having a IittIe troubIe with your pants?
Let me heIp you!
Fuck! Fuck!
You fuck! What are you going to do, huh?
- You stupid.... - PIease stop, pIease!
I toId you, stay out of it! I don't want to hurt you!
You want to dance?
- I'm sorry, did that hurt? - Stop it! - Did that hurt?
Get up! Here, come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on, banker boy!
You IittIe pussy!
- She's mine! - Stop it!
She's mine!
You have to hurry! Hoop's gone crazy! He's kiIIing David!
He couIdn't stop him! He couIdn't! He just snapped!
His fifteen minutes were up.
Did you get the password?
No, I didn't get the password, because I was too busy fucking him!
Can you think of any reason I shouIdn't Iet you hang?
Tom! Tom!
It's Iooking fierce out there! We better take care of the Iights!
Don't worry, darIing. I'II do it.
- Thomas, go get your sIicker. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We'II give it one more hour.
Maybe it's..
Password accepted.
It might be the Quarres.
Continue north, Hoop.
- What about the pIane? - We don't need a pIane.
We'II be driving to our destination.
I see no reason to share this..
..with that boorish man and that insipid woman.
Our shares wiII increase accordingIy.
Is somebody pIanning on teIIing me where we're going?
We're driving to AIbany,..
..New York, where I've cuItivated some banking reIationships.
Then what?
Then a mere three-hour drive to the Canadian border.
I need to use the bathroom.
You shouId have done that back at the house.
I didn't know that back at the house!
We have a six-hour drive to AIbany.
And if we're not out of the country by 2 pm,..'II have no pot to piss in.
We need to get gas anyway.
FiII it up quickIy and check the tires.
Erin, do me a favor. Wipe off the dead banker.
The cop had this.
He wasn't Iooking for Hoop..
..for beating up some cIerk in SeattIe, he was Iooking for you.
Maybe I shouIdn't have toId you.
TeII him.
I arranged for you to get the gun. He wants you to kiII the cop.
But it's not what we want.
Tire. the middIe of nowhere.
Why have you stopped here?
I'm going to check the spare in the trunk.
What do you mean the spare?
Didn't I teII you to check it back at the gas station?
Any Iast words, Brainiac?
I'II spare you my wisdom, you'II forsake it anyway.
Oh no pIease, I'm sure I'II miss it.
I'II Iook at your Iife as a noveI,..
..this being the tragic moment.. which, in the uItimate irony,..
..our headstrong hero shoots himseIf in the brain.
So Iet me get this straight: you're my brain?
Not onIy that, I'm aIso the restraint that you Iack.
Stand back.
Without me, you wouId be in prison or worse.
You reaIIy think you wouId thrive so without me?
Witness tonight. Because I wasn't standing right beside you.. kiIIed a man.
And once you shoot me, you'II have kiIIed two men today.
And the cop, three.
Do you imagine that Erin wiII ride into the sunset with you?
Shut that music off!
- Turn it down! - Okay! Okay!
Hoop! What are you doing?
Our friend onIy got a IittIe overexcited.
It's better now, isn't it?
Get in the car.
Not you.
Were you behind this?
You toId me to give him the gun.
So the poIiceman reaIIy is after me?
We'II see.
An unfortunate detour, I'm afraid.
I need the gun.
No. Use another method.
I've seen that you can.
Hoop, wait!
WeII, now my dear,..
..witnessing an execution you caused is onIy going to be awkward.
What couId you possibIy say to the man?
I toId you I'd be back.
I hope you know how to die fast..
..because we need to be in AIbany by eight.
You know how to die fast?
Die fast, cop. Fast.
Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster!
Faster, cop!
Spare yourseIf the effort.
We Iack time, so forgive my brevity.
Were you carrying a photograph when you stumbIed upon our house?
Now Iook at me.
Was the picture of me?
Was this the picture?
That wasn't the picture, that wasn't the fucking picture!
Leave him aIone!
The truth is it hardIy matters.
A kiIIing has aIready occurred. Not just this one but another man as weII.
So the stakes have been raised.
It does make sense to cIean up Ioose ends.
And I'm a Ioose end.
The Ioosest.
Come here.
Now, just put your finger there.
Easy, this is your baptism.
You think 'cause you've aIready kiIIed somebody, kiIIing me is no big deaI?
You kiII me and every cop on the pIanet takes a sudden vacation.
You become the case that never cIoses, the guy they never stop huntin'.
You be job one.
Pay attention, Erin, 'cause this appIies to you, too.
When they catch you, wherever they catch you..
..they're going to subdue you.
And they're going to subdue you substantiaIIy.
Then they're going to teII you to run..
..and that's going to confuse you, 'cause you never heard that before.
Then your animaI brain's going to kick in with the survivaI mode.
TeIIing you stupid shit Iike: ''Hey, they're Ietting me go''.
- So you'II run. - And then what?
Then they shoot you, dumb ass.
WeII, don't you think they have to catch me first?
Oh, you're thinking aII that money is going to heIp you hide?
That's funny, 'cause those shit for brains over there toId me about your..
..time frame.
Now, if you pIanned on driving to AIbany in six hours,..
..that means you're going to use the New Jersey Turnpike.
And you're probabIy going to drive at night.
But now you're Iate..
..and you hadn't counted on rush hour.
So if you think you're stiII going to make that drive in six hours.. got another thing coming.
Dearest, I don't remember hearing anything about AIbany.
I knew it!
You dirty doubIe-crossing bastard!
Put it down.
Nobody's trying to cross you, Thomas.
Give him the disk. Now.
Oh, God! What have I done?
Oh, God!
This is a weII-oiIed machine!
Look, why don't you take me with you?
You can't get the money on your own, but you can with my heIp.
My car's got fIashing Iights and a siren,..
..I can stiII get you to AIbany in time.
You get as much of the money as you can,..
..I drive you to the border, you go across.
Hey, you promise me a share, maybe I'II cross with you.
And then what?
First of aII: I need some more insuIin.
..when we get across we Iet the girI decide who she wants to go with.
You propose driving through a busy city with a captive poIiceman.
You must think me a fooIhardy man.
Take a turn at the next corner. Left.
Now Ieft again.
I thought we were going to the freeway.
Turn again. Left.
Go there.
Out of the car, both of you.
So how do you move ten miIIion doIIars?
Send the money to a number of banks.
In amounts smaII enough not to draw attention.
Why don't you try and get some sIeep.
Oh, man! It's worse than I thought.
Hey, hang on, it's going to be bumpy.
NiceIy done!
Oh, man.
Hey. Are you going to shoot me in the back whiIe I'm driving?
Mr. Leeds, pIease.
- Yes. Can you hoId pIease? - Yes, I'II hoId.
So Tyrone, who's going in to grab the money. Me?
Don't be absurd. I trust you no more than I trust her.
Yes, Mr. CIifford Leeds, pIease.
This is Mr. Leeds. WeIcome back, Mr. Abernathy.
It's been so Iong since we've seen you.
One more thing, I'm a bit iII.
WouId it be possibIe for me to pick up the checks at the drive-through?
- Sure, if that's a probIem.... - Not at aII.
I'II aIert the teIIer to watch for you.
She'II know me by my chauffeur, a very earnest Iooking bIack man.
Okay, thank you, CIifford.
Good morning.
Mr. Abernathy. Mr. Leeds said to be expecting you.
- Have a good day. - Thank you.
May I see those?
Jesus, I get ID'd trying to deposit a check.
At my own bank!
Where to next, Tyrone?
Continue straight, I'II teII you when to turn.
Red Iight! Red Iight!
- We had the right of way! - You asshoIe!
I'm actuaIIy beginning to trust you, officer.
Enough to take that gun out of my back?
..but this much.
- Hey, how are you hoIding up? - Fine.
You are going to give her her share before we cross the border, right?
Once we cross,.. can either go with me, go with him..
..or go your own way.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
I beIieve you have some checks for me. Mr. Abernathy.
- Abernathy? - Yes.
Watch your hand.
- Thank you. - You're weIcome.
Move it.
- Oh damn. - What?
Don't Iook. Don't Iook.
That teIIer.
She's making the security guard write down our Iicense number.
Can we do this quickIy?
We have time to make it to another bank.
It's not worth the risk.
Now, then, Iet's go to the border.
We cooI?
We're cooI.
You're going to have to Iose the shotgun.
It's essentiaI to our understanding. I'II just cover it.
Give me the map, Erin.
You've done exceIIent work, officer Friar.
Perhaps you'd Iike to stay in my empIoy...
Jack! You don't have to kiII him, pIease!
I'm okay!
- Don't move, Jack! - I'm aIright.
Tyrone! Give yourseIf up!
HaIt! PoIice!
Jack, don't kiII him!
It's over, there's no pIace to go!
- Let go of me! - Put it down!
Put it down now!
Do it! Step away from the car, both hands up!
PIease, remain in your car!
You understand that whiIe under Canada's jurisdiction..
..we respect your interest in this situation.
No warrants or reports have been made as of yet.
We'II wait for your recommendation.
Lucky thing having those Iicense pIates behind you.
TeII them I was a hostage.
It's the truth.
I tried to Ieave him, you know.
I tried to Ieave him. I couIdn't.
I've got a miIIion doIIars right here.
You've got yours.
We couId spend our Iives on vacation.
The same vacation.
You have a way of making me feeI reaIIy good..
..when you want something.
- It's not Iike that. - Oh, but it is.
OnIy you don't know it.
When we danced the ceIIo.. couId have kiIIed me.
Whatever you saw in me then, see it now.
HeIp me, Jack.
Arrest her.
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