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Subtitles for No Mans Land 2001 Limited.

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No Mans Land 2001 Limited

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Fuck me, if he knows where we are.
You said it.
At least he hasn't led us to the enemy.
Guys, we'll wait until the fog lifts.
It's too risky to carry on.
With you, even drinking coffee is risky.
What a guide!
You try to do better in this fog!
Listen to him! He's always happy.
The eternal optimist.
Know the difference between a pessimist and an optimist?
-No, what? -A pessimist thinks things can't be worse.
An optimist knows they can.
You and your crap jokes. No one else finds them funny.
If you had any brains at all, you'd give up.
Oh, yeah? If I had any, I wouldn't be here.
I'd be a general or a UN official.
Or I'd open a restaurant. What's that look for?
It would help my budget if you smoked your own.
-Since you're offering.... -Who the fuck am l? Mother Teresa?
Are you crazy?
You want them to see us?
Who's going to see us? I can't even see my feet.
Put those cigarettes out! Put them out!
Hair in place?
He's something else!
First time at the front and he dozes off before we get there.
Kids these days....
-Any idea where we are? -I reckon we should be there by now.
Dawn will soon be here and it'll be easier.
I never took a relief squad to the front at night before.
We got lucky....
You think they were trying to take back the trench?
No, I don't think so.
-I think a relief squad got lost. -Check it!
Yes, sir!
What happened?
Our relief squad got lost in the fog.
-Are there any survivors? -Shit!
I'll alert HQ. Call me if there's any change.
-lf there's any change? -Yes, if the dead start walking.
I need two volunteers to inspect the middle trench.
You, the new guy. Go with him.
Him? He doesn't even know how to load a gun.
Perfect. You can teach him.
You don't need this. Nor this, nor this, nor this.
My name's Nino.
If you notice anything, come straight back.
What's wrong?
-You scared? -No.
They've got the sun in their eyes, they can't see you.
If there's trouble, wait until dark to come back.
Fucking hell.
Follow me, do what I do and don't try to be clever.
Good luck.
Don't touch anything. It might be booby-trapped.
Make a fucking effort....
Stop here.
What are you doing?
Seeing as we have time, let's have a little fun.
Look at it: "Made in EU."
My little baby.
What do you think it is?
-A mine. -A bouncing mine!
When the enemy steps on it...
...what happens, according to you?
-lt explodes. -No, nothing happens.
But when the enemy steps off it, it bounces up...
...and explodes about three feet off the ground...
...spraying out 2,000 lead bearings...
...that destroy everything in a radius of 50 yards.
I'll show you.
Move this son of a bitch.
Careful with the pin.
Lay the body down slowly, otherwise you get blown up.
Go on, tug the wire now.
Me? Why me?
Go on, don't worry, as long as there's a weight....
Do it gently, that's all.
I can't.
See that?
I invented this.
When they pick up the body the mine will blow them all to hell.
-What's your name again? -Nino.
You'll set the next one.
He looks asleep.
That's because he's still fresh. It won't last in this heat.
Try to sleep. We'll leave once it's dark.
Afterwards, we'll set more of these babies.
Where's that gun?
What gun?
Where does this trench lead?
Where does the trench lead?
Where does the trench lead?
-Really? Where, outside? -lnto the field.
Is it mined?
Where does the other one lead?
-I don't know. -You don't know anything?
Don't touch that! Get back!
-How did you get here? -We crawled.
Across the field? You're lying!
I'm not. Your side was blinded by the sun.
-And the mines? -I don't know. He knew.
Where's the map?
-What map? -Of Bolivia, stupid. Of the mines!
-Empty your pockets. -Why?
Because I have a gun and you don't. Come on.
Is that all?
-What? -Strip.
Are you stupid, or what? Because I have a gun and you don't.
You may not have noticed, but I'm in charge here.
I'm starving.
You're always starving.
-What's up? -You have to see this.
What now?
-What the hell's that? -ls he ours?
It's not written on his boxers. Call the officer.
-What do I tell him? -That the dead are walking.
Okay. Get down here.
You hear me? Come down.
He wasn't ours?
I've no idea. I only saw him for a second.
What a hawk-eye.
Let's not take any risks.
Hello. Put me through to the artillery.
-I can't see anything. -He saw him, too.
-One of ours? -God knows. He only had boxer shorts on.
Any other brilliant ideas?
If you piss me off, you go back out there.
They've stopped.
Sure. Yours never stop.
How about yours? Do they ever stop?
You can't compare. We didn't start the war.
And maybe we did?
No! The Khmer Rouge! All you can do is make war.
-Us? -No, you're pacifists.
The Great Serbia, all the way to the Pacific!
Please. The whole world thinks like me.
What world? Your world!
You show our burned villages and say they're yours.
And that's my side shooting now?
You're all saints. Give it a rest.
You don't even leave the dead in peace.
It's not the same.
Really? Laying mines under the dead, pillaging, killing, raping, what's all that?
-Who are you talking about? -You guys!
I haven't seen anything like what you say.
I've seen it! I saw my village burn.
-I don't know. I wasn't there. -I was!
Haven't our villages burned, too? Who killed our people?
Your side, probably. They just shot at you, too.
They only shot at me because they didn't recognize me.
It's useless talking to you.
What the hell made you ruin this beautiful country?
-Us? -Yes!
You're crazy. You wanted to separate, not us.
Because you started the war!
-You started it! -What? Who started it?
You started the war! You started it!
Who started the war?
-We did. -You started the war.
And stop pissing me off. You're getting on my nerves.
Get out! Come on, get out of here!
Daring to say it was us.
What was all that?
I'll alert HQ. Call me if there's any change.
-What now? -Nothing. We wait till dark.
And then?
Then, if you survive, we'll crawl over to the lines.
And stop bothering me.
-So you're not going to free me. -Dream on.
Cera, you're alive!
Don't move!
Don't move!
There's a mine under you. It could explode.
-What mine? -A bounding one. Don't move.
-Are you kidding me? -Do I look like I'm kidding?
Come here. Defuse it.
-You hear me? Defuse it! -I don't know how.
Don't fool around. Defuse it! I'm going to kill you! Defuse it!
If I try, I'll kill us all.
Fuck. What is this shit?
Ciki, what's happening?
They laid a mine under you to ambush our guys.
Only they could think of that!
Kill him.
Kill the son of a bitch.
Kill him or give me the gun!
We're not like them.
Besides, he could be useful. Bring the water over.
I can't give you too much. I don't know where you're wounded.
Where does it hurt?
My head and my arm. My head's going to burst.
That's because of the detonation. I'm the same. Hold on.
What about the others?
Don't let me die here.
Don't worry. Does it hurt anywhere else?
You lucky bastard. You're unharmed. Just your arm.
And I thought you were dead.
Can l....
Throw the gun down. Don't make me shoot. Throw it down!
Get up.
Back off.
Back off!
See what you've done! Get back!
What now?
Now, we wait for dark.
I have to dress his wound.
Okay, but nice and easy.
If you fuck about...
...I'll shoot without warning, you hear me?
Let me see your hands!
I told you to kill him.
Shut up.
What are you saying? Throw the knife away.
Throw the knife away!
Back off.
Give me those.
Can I have one?
Because I have a gun and you don't.
-Sit down. -We have to help him.
Sit down!
By the way, who started the war?
Who started the war?
We did.
-You started the war. -Who cares who started it?
We're all in the same shit now.
Can I have a cigarette?
What are you doing?
-Don't move. -Hold on!
-Put the gun down. -Calm down!
-Put it down! -lf I do, he'll kill me!
-lf you don't, we're fucked. -No!
I won't kill you, I promise.
-No. -Put the gun down.
Calm down. Gently. Wait!
Okay, he takes the gun, but I keep mine.
Ciki, take the gun.
Put it on your shoulder.
Put it on your shoulder!
Don't move.
Put yours on your shoulder, too!
There, we're equal now.
Here, for your head.
Cut it out. Calm down.
I'm fucking sick of this.
What now?
I have an idea.
So do l. First, give me the cigarettes.
What is it?
-What's wrong? -Fuck!
What a mess in Rwanda.
You're really nuts.
I don't believe it.
-What is it? -There's two of them now.
-What are they yelling about? -Call the officer.
It's this morning's greenhorn.
Call the UNPROFOR for me.
I've never seen anything like it.
We ought to call the UNPROFOR.
I'll alert HQ.
I hope those aren't my cigarettes.
When I took them, I didn't think you'd need them.
But now I hope...
...that you'll die of cancer.
You know what?
Maybe you shouldn't smoke today.
Everything okay?
You haven't told me your name. My name's Nino.
What's your problem? You want what? An introduction?
To exchange phone numbers and visiting cards?
We don't need an introduction.
Next time we see each other, it'll be through a gun's sight.
What's wrong with him?
Keep an eye on him.
It's for you.
Call Arizona 2.
Charlie Tango to Arizona 2, over. Do you copy? Over.
Arizona 2. I copy. Over.
I have your report. Are they civilians or military?
We do not have that information. Request permission to check.
Negative! We must be sure of the Sira-Bravo cease-fire, okay?
Affirmative. Over.
Do you know how many need to be evacuated?
Negative. Over.
Arizona 2, stay where you are. I'll talk to my superiors.
Message received. Over and out.
-Why the fuck are we here? -Good question.
I reckon it's simple: to stop the locals killing each other.
Except we can't use force or get into dangerous situations.
I'm sick of just watching.
Right, let's go.
-Georges, stay here. -We can't leave like this.
Stay if you want and figure out why you're here.
Don't fall asleep, you might move.
How can I fall asleep...
...with this shit under me?
Fuck, why is this happening to me?
We'll find a solution. Try to think of something else.
Don't let me die here.
Listen, I'm staying here with you.
If you die, I die too.
What a comfort!
Come on.
I'll check what's happening.
-Do you speak French? -French? No.
-English? -Yes.
-We came for people. -Yes.
-People, you know? -Yes.
People between lines.
-Where are they? -Yes.
Okay, you understand nothing of what I've said.
You speak English?
We are here for people between lines.
-What's he saying? -God knows, just say yes, yes.
Does anyone here know languages?
We are here, this place.
Where are the men?
Here? Here people?
-Any mine? -No mine.
-You sure? -No mine.
We go now.
Okay? We go, you don't shoot.
Shoot, no. Nobody shoots.
-Yeah. -Okay, thank you.
Tell HQ the UNPROFOR is here.
I don't want anybody shooting. Is that clear?
-Sorry about earlier. -You were right.
Why get acquainted to watch each other through sights?
-ln any case, thanks for the idea. -Let's hope it works.
What's going on? Think they understood?
-How is he? -How do you expect him to be?
-Have you known him long? -Since the war.
Since the beginning of this fucking war.
What about you and the old man?
I don't even know his name.
You're from Banja Luka.
How do you know? Yeah, right.
I had a chick in Banja Luka. Sanja.
I knew a Sanja, too.
-She had.... -This one, too.
-Blonde. -Yes.
-Tall. -Yes.
With a beauty spot.
-Sanja Cengic! -I was at school with her.
-No kidding? -I swear.
-Cera! -Yeah.
He knows the Sanja I mentioned!
What's become of her?
She's gone abroad.
I don't blame her.
-Hello. Do you speak French? -No, English.
-Okay, we are here for people.... -Yes, we called. You can go.
-It's okay? We go? -Go.
-Any mines there? -We didn't put any.
Okay. Go ahead.
-Sarajevo on line. -Hello, Col. Soft speaking.
-Hello, sir. This is Capt. Dubois. -How can I help you?
It's the first time that the two camps are asking me for the same thing...
...and I don't know what to do.
Why are you asking me and not your superiors?
They are all in Geneva for a seminar on media relations.
It seems from your report that these men...
...are stranded between the two front lines.
But we don't even know if they are soldiers or not. Is that right?
What do you expect me to do?
I can't risk the lives of our soldiers in order to save theirs.
Do I have to remind you of the precise purpose of our mission here in Bosnia?
Since it is the first time that the two camps are--
You know perfectly well that there is nothing that I can do...
...without the approval of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
I don't think the General Assembly will convene itself...
...specifically to deal with the problems of two unknown individuals...
...trapped in no man's land.
There is nothing I can do. I don't have the authority.
What should I tell them, sir?
Tell them that, as usual, neither side can agree.
Tell them anything you like. Good-bye.
Is someone coming?
Probably. See, they've stopped shooting.
I don't even know what this shithole's called.
-I'd hate to die here. -Stop being a pain in the ass.
They'll get a mine expert and it'll soon be over.
I told you, we'll leave together.
Here come the Smurfs! Cera! The Smurfs!
If they radio us, call me immediately.
What if something happens to you?
-Hello. -Hello.
-Do you speak French? -No.
-English? -A little.
One's a Serb and one's Bosnian.
How did they get here?
-Do we take the dead guys' guns? -No, it's okay.
-You're okay? -Yes, okay.
We come to help you. My name is Neil.
He needs help.
-ls he wounded? -Yes.
We must not move him. Mines.
We move him, mine explode.
-He's on a mine that could blow. -Thanks for the translation.
What the fuck happened here?
-Okay, don't worry. -Yes, but....
Oh, shit.
A bouncing mine. These guys are crazy.
What a fuck-up. We need the mine squad.
Sarge! Charlie Tango calling.
Okay, I'll come back in two minutes.
Michel, give them water and food.
What did he say?
Arizona 2 to Charlie Tango, come in.
Arizona 2, we have orders not to move. Things are too risky.
We're already on the spot. Everything's under control.
Both sides are respecting the cease-fire.
We have three evacuees and need a mine expert.
Who's speaking?
Sgt. Marchand.
You have 5 minutes to pull out...
...and 15 to call me from the checkpoint.
And report to the duty officer on your return!
Sir, could you send a mine squad? We have an emergency here.
The only emergency is to pull out.
I repeat, for the last time, I want you out in 5 minutes...
...and call me in 15 to confirm...
...that you're back and that your men are safe.
Or I'll have you arrested. I'll be expecting your call.
Get back in.
What for?
We must leave.
-What? -They're leaving.
-You'll come back? -I don't know, my boss said we must leave.
I'm sorry. I'll try to come back.
Thank God we can count on you.
If you want, I take you with me.
-What? -We can go with him.
Really? Thank him nicely and tell him he can fuck off!
-Ciki, go. -Shut up.
Go and bring back help.
I'll come with you.
-Where are you going? -With them.
-You're going nowhere! -Why?
This is all your fault. If you stay, your side won't shoot.
-They won't shoot, I swear. -You're staying here.
You're going to shoot me? Go ahead!
Stop fooling around!
Stop, guys!
Okay! Cool! Stop!
Lower your weapons!
Michel, get in!
What happened?
-What a fuck-up. -They're maniacs!
Shut it!
-I knew this would be shitty. -Shut it!
-You're crazy, you maniac! -I warned you.
I'll kill you for this! I swear!
I've fucking had it with you.
Keep cool just a while longer. Screw them.
It'll be dark soon and I'll think of something.
How does this shit work?
I'm sick of asking you!
Fuck knows!
It explodes when you take the weight away.
Here we are at a Bosnian barricade near the town of Tuzla...
...talking to the Bosnian Commander.
How do you feel about the talks in Geneva?
I'd like to go there. Would you go with me?
Are you resentful that people are talking while you are suffering?
What happened?
It's very confused. We go now and bring some help.
-Why don't you tell them the truth? -Who are you?
I am Jane Livingston, Global News Channel...
...and this is Sgt. Marchand, otherwise known as Arizona 2.
Stop the engine.
-How do you know that? -We were listening to your radio frequency.
Since we were in the area, we thought we'd come and verify.
-You listened to our radio? -Absolutely.
It's the best way to get fresh information.
Are you going back? Why do you need a bomb disposal unit?
Stop the camera.
-Can you take us there? -No, I have to go.
That's right.
You're just here to distribute humanitarian aid.
Okay, we'll go without you. Come on, let's go.
You can't. It's too dangerous.
Is that an order?
Okay, stop filming, please.
Yes, all right.
Maybe I can help you if you'll help me.
We have an English TV crew here.
They know everything.
Other crews are on the way. They picked up our frequency.
I didn't answer their questions.
Hello, Captain. This is Jane Livingston of Global News.
I can hear everything you're saying.
Are we to assume that the UNPROFOR are doing absolutely nothing...
...for those who are wounded and trapped between the two fronts?
Who made this decision? Are headquarters aware of the situation?
You know very well that you have no right to listen or to use this frequency.
Get off it immediately or we'll confiscate your press card. Over.
Is that a threat?
Listen, Miss Livingston, I was not in any way threatening you.
Please, try to understand. We are doing what we can.
At this moment we are in negotiations with both camps to arrange a ceasefire.
As you know, the situation is extremely complicated and takes time.
That's a lie.
Can you tell me where these negotiations are and who's in charge?
I have my second unit on hand here who could cover it immediately.
I have no more information for the moment.
You're telling me that negotiations are taking place...
...but you don't know where they are or who's in charge.
At the same time...'ve requested that your soldiers who were on the scene return to base.
I just carry out orders.
Who issues these orders? Can I have a name?
I cannot disclose military affairs.
First of all, I must request authorization from my superiors.
Fine, go ahead. I'll wait right here for your answer.
I'm preparing a news report which goes off in half an hour...
...and it will be fascinating to monitor the response...
...of millions of our viewers who will watch the show.
Thank you, Captain.
Arizona 2, are you still there?
Affirmative, Charlie Tango.
Stay there until further orders. Over and out.
Message received, sir.
-Could l-- -No, please, not now.
Why are you doing this?
I'm sick of being a bystander.
-What would you do? -What I'd do?
I'd stop the madmen ruining this country. We have what it takes.
Aren't you neutral?
You can't be neutral facing murder.
Doing nothing to stop it is taking sides.
Magnificent. Will you say that on camera?
I may be mad, but I'm not stupid.
-Jane. -Yeah, I'm coming.
I'll be right back.
-What's wrong? -My leg's itching.
You want to blow us away? I'll scratch you.
Again. To the left.
There. That's good.
I need the toilet.
Piss in your pants.
It's the other.
It's okay.
Easy for you to say.
Here at the Bosnian barricade...
...we do not know if this is yet another mission impossible...
...or if, indeed, they will actually decide to do something.
Thank you, Jane.
Let's take a look at the history of UN involvement in the Bosnian conflict.
Martha, get me Capt. Dubois, please.
He just called, but I told him that you were out.
Call him back and tell him I'm here.
You're pushing Bosnia-Herzegovina... follow the same path of horror and suffering... Slovenia and Croatia.
You'll lead Bosnia into hell and this may end up...
...exterminating the Muslim people!
Radovan Karadzic didn't wait long to carry out his threat.
Bosnian Serb paramilitary forces, largely helped by the Yugoslav army...
...furiously attacked Bosnian cities...
...that were defended only by armed Bosnian civilians...
...and the rest of the police forces loyal to the Bosnian government.
Serbs started massive attacks against civilian targets...
...spreading fear and terror and introducing a new term: ethnical cleansing.
The world community finally decided to do something...
...after Serb artillery massacred people waiting in lines for bread.
UN Security Council decided to send to Bosnia...
...9,000 troops supported by the American 6th Fleet.
At the moment when the whole world expected military intervention...
...French President François Mitterrand lands in Sarajevo...
...a city that was already under siege.
Bosnians received him as a savior, but he had different plans.
After meeting with Radovan Karadzic, he opened Sarajevo airport...
...and started wide-scale humanitarian aid action.
UN troops were assigned to protect and follow the UNHCR food convoys...
...without any right to interfere in the conflict.
Today, Bosnians are still denied the right to defend themselves... an imposed UN weapon embargo...
...although, at this very moment, war continues without any signs of pacification.
The tragedy of the Bosnian nation continues...
...and the only help they've got now is 120 grams of humanitarian aid per day.
For those joining us now, we have news from Bosnia...
...where some men are caught in no man's land.
Our correspondent Jane Livingston is there.
We're waiting to see which measure will be taken by UNPROFOR.
Is there anything you'd like to add, Jane?
Olivia, I would like to repeat the words that I heard here only moments ago.
"Neutrality does not exist in the face of murder.
"Doing nothing to stop it is, in fact, choosing.
"It is not being neutral. "
Thank you, Jane. We'll come back to you later.
That was Jane Livingston, live from Bosnia. We'll be back after this.
Martha, gonna need a helicopter and a map of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
How was it? We haven't had an opportunity like that in a very long time.
I know. I just hope it will make them move their asses, you know?
Yeah. That's right.
Okay. I'll call you as soon as we get there.
Shit! We weren't the only ones listening to the UNPROFOR, obviously.
Hi, John.
Okay, guys. We have the go-ahead.
Stay here while we check things.
Come on. That's not what we agreed.
It's too dangerous now. You can move in with the mine expert.
No! You said that you would take us up....
Fucking French.
Really, I'm sick of it.
Give me the photo in my pocket.
-Which pocket? -The top one.
This one.
Let me see.
-Why do soldiers always carry photos? -I've no idea. Let me see.
I can't see like that.
-Think I'll see her again? -Cut it out, of course you will.
Stop it, for God's sake!
You stop!
Watch the knife!
Stop now!
It's over! You stop! Help is coming.
The mining squad is coming. You understand? You tell him.
The mine squad's coming!
I'll kill you for this!
It's good for you.
Help coming.
I'll get reinforcements. Keep an eye on them...
...and clean his wound.
Take this. Call me if there's a problem.
-What's happening? -Okay, you'll be able to film.
Are you sure?
Everything okay? Are you all right?
-Sgt. Marchand. -Capt. Dubois.
-Captain, can you tell us what's going on? -Just one moment, please.
-Can we have an interview later? -I told you, one minute.
-What's going on? -A hell of a mess, sir.
It's really tense. We just had to intervene.
We're taking no risks. Any trouble, we pull out, okay?
-What about the reporters? -We let them film everything.
Isn't that what you wanted?
I'm not stupid, Sgt. Marchand.
Ladies and gentleman, I am Capt. Dubois.
In a few minutes, I will take you on the site.
I suppose you all have your press cards, helmets and flak jackets.
Sgt. Marchand here is going to brief you now.
We have there a soldier that is laying on a mine. We have to de-mine it.
Nobody can go in the hole. It's too dangerous.
Don't go around because we don't know if there are any mines.
The situation is extremely complicated and I want your total cooperation.
Whoever will not respect the rules...
...will be thrown out and their press card will be confiscated.
Go now into your cars. We'll leave in a few minutes.
Please go.
-You never mentioned a man on a mine. -I didn't?
I forgot. Shall we go?
-We wait for the mine expert. -He isn't with you?
Ours were busy. They're sending a German.
He should be here at 3:30. It's 3:30 now.
Bang on the dot.
Capt. Dubois. Do you speak French?
-English, of course. -Of course.
-You know the situation? -No, we had no time for a briefing.
We don't have much time, so you follow us, I will explain you.
Over there. Follow us.
At this very moment the UNPROFOR are trying to help the third soldier...
...who is lying on a mine.
The absurdity of war continues, taking on a different guise.
How will all this end? Stay tuned to Global News.
Jane Livingston, live from Bosnia.
Excuse me...
...can I make interview with you?
Go fuck yourself! You're the last thing I need.
Fucking Balkanian. What the fuck are you doing?
-I just thought-- -Don't think.
I'm the one who thinks around here.
Excuse me, would you like a cigarette?
Do you speak a little English?
-Little. -I can do interview with you?
-How do you feel? -Okay.
-Do you feel tired? -Yes.
Was it you who put the mine underneath the other soldier?
Fucking bastard. Cut!
I'll kill him, even if it's the last thing I do.
-What's wrong with you? -I should have killed him.
See that? I spared him and now...
...he's tried to kill me with my own knife!
How do you feel?
Great. Couldn't be better.
First, they shoot at me, then I wake up on a mine...
...the whole world's watching me, I need to shit...
...and you piss me off with your stupid stories.
It'll soon be over.
-You are okay? -Yes, I'm ready.
Now, I need everybody out of the place.
We need the safety parameters at least 30 meters.
Okay. I'll do it.
Move everybody out.
Okay, please, now, you must go back. We will start de-mining.
Michel, let's get going!
You must leave now. De-miner wants everybody out.
You, out.
Yes, he out, too. Later, when we finish. Understand?
They'll bring him out later.
If I need a translator, I'll find one.
Let's go.
Calm down!
You cannot stay here, okay?
Tell him if he stays here we will not start working.
It's a question of security. Say it to your friend.
He's not my friend.
I know, but please, I have no other translator. Tell him.
-They'll do nothing until we go. -I don't need a translator!
Go fuck yourself, asshole!
Keep your cool. Just go.
I'll wait for you up there.
Keep an eye on him.
You can probably just make out behind me, as I'm speaking to you...
...the Serbian soldier, limping, closely followed by the Bosnian soldier.
These two men, at least, will be walking to their safety.
But they will be leaving behind the third soldier...
...who is still patiently waiting on the mine...
...for the bomb-disposal expert to save his life.
For him, the ordeal is not yet over.
This is Jane Livingston, live from Bosnia...
...for Global News. Stay tuned.
Get lost!
Fuck you!
Asshole! I give him bandages and he refuses them.
They're all maniacs!
-It's John here. Are you still there? -Yes. Hello?
Okay. Listen, this is really great, but it would be fantastic if you could...
...get the story of the guy on the mine.
I'll try. I mean....
Maybe you could get a close-up of him when they're clearing the mine?
Yeah, I'll try.
Have you interviewed the other two guys yet?
No, unfortunately they won't let me get anywhere near them.
Go get it, Jane. Come on!
As soon as you get it, we'll go live again. Okay? Good luck.
Thank you.
Don't move.
Fuck, what a job.
They say a mine expert only ever makes one mistake.
-Two mistakes. -How come?
The first is when he chooses the job.
What is happening?
There's too much stones. I can't approach the mine.
I don't even see what kind of mine it is.
I know. Wait.
-ls this the mine that is under the body? -Yeah.
I can do nothing.
-What? -It's impossible to de-activate...
...this kind of stuff once the mechanism is on.
This man is already dead.
Are you sure? Can't you put something between him and the mine?
Maybe another de-miner knows better.
You can call whoever you want.
Nobody, nothing in the world can de-mine this stuff, not in these conditions.
At least I don't know about it.
Deus ex machina. He's all we needed.
Why are you here? Do you consider it such an important mission?
We consider all our missions to be of the utmost importance.
Our job here is to expedite the peace process in this country.
You didn't want to intervene. It was your soldiers...
...who were sick and tired of waiting, who initiated the action.
I'm afraid you got the wrong end of the story here.
This is a simple new system of command.
If it's effective, then the unit in the field will have much greater mobility.
What do you have to say about the Americans' accusations...
...that Europe's incapacity to do anything is due to UNPROFOR's internal problems?
I've heard no such accusations. You must judge for yourself.
The UNPROFOR is perfectly fulfilling its mission. Thank you very much.
What are the relationships between the British and the French?
I think we'll have to deal with that later. It's far too complicated.
-Thank you. -My pleasure.
-How's it going? -We have a problem, sir.
-What problem? -One of the soldiers is on a mine.
It's impossible to defuse it.
The mine disposal expert says it is impossible to defuse it.
This whole fucking business stinks to high heaven, as I said from the start.
If the journalists get one whiff of this, they'll crucify us.
What did you decide? What are we going to do?
Get back into the trench. Pretend to be busy.
-We've got to buy ourselves some time. -Excuse me to repeat--
Get back into the trench!
That's an order.
Captain, what's happening?
The mine disposal expert has begun his job.
You will be informed as soon as he will be finished.
-I think it's going to take a little while. -Can we approach?
Unfortunately, for security reasons, I cannot allow that.
You wanted to kill me with my own knife?
Oh, shit.
Quick! Tom!
Is that how you thank me?
Don't come any closer!
You're all the same!
And you vultures film it?
You get good money? Does our misery pay well?
-Did you get it? -Yes.
Captain? Over here, please.
What do you think--
Take it easy.
There was no other solution.
Marchand! Put the bodies in the car. We're going.
-What's happening? -The mine expert's defused it.
-He has? -Yes.
Colonel, sir, can we just have a few questions?
Ladies and gentleman, what can I say? You see the conditions we work under.
Our focus now must be on the remaining soldier.
We hope to be able to save at least one life.
-Can we come closer? Can we film it? -Eventually.
He's in critical condition and has to be taken to a hospital immediately.
When he's in a fit state to answer your questions, you'll be informed.
The press conference tonight at 22:00 at the Holiday lnn... which time I shall be happy to answer any of your questions.
For the time being, I must ask you please to prepare to leave the field...
...since I can no longer guarantee your safety. Night is beginning to fall.
Please, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to go.
Thank you.
-What's going on? -We took out the mine expert's gear.
-What about him? -lf you have an idea, let me know.
-We can't leave him there! -You have a solution?
You heard the mine expert.
I hope you understand now.
It's not our business, so we stay out of it.
Everything all right, Captain? Good work, gentlemen.
I'm very pleased.
I have no doubt that in the fullness of time you'll be duly compensated.
You've got the contact numbers from Dubois?
Call them, will you, and notify them that they're dead.
Then I'd like you to notify each side...
...that we have information that the other side... planning to commandeer the central trench this evening.
Could you call me the liaison of the Bosnians, please? Thank you.
-Well, see you round. -See you.
I wanted to thank you.
-You got your report. -Yes.
Are you okay?
-Ready to go? -Sorry?
-Are you ready to go? -Yes.
Let's not hang around, let's go.
-I hope we meet again. -I hope so.
Remember the press conference tonight, 22:00, all right?
I know what you're thinking, Sergeant.
It wouldn't make any difference, you know. It wouldn't change anything.
Off you go.
Are you sure you don't want me to film the trench?
No. A trench is a trench. They're all the same.
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