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No Way Back

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Chill! Chill!
Sayonara, baby.
Now, this guy's a major sleazebag.
You're the second girl today.
I don't know what he does with them, so just expect to expect.
When you're getting ready, you'll naturally want to let your hair down.
So you just pull out this pin.
It's a radio transmitter with a range of 30 feet to cover a whole room.
Don't leave it in the kitchen or the bedroom.
Drop it where he does his business...
...where he takes his meetings and makes his calls, right?
It's very important I get to know who he's talking to and what about.
All right.
When you get to that point of no return, excuse yourself.
You go to the ladies' room, you pop one of these pills to induce vomiting.
It'll only last a half a minute. But no man will want you around...
...if he thinks you're gonna throw up during orgasm. Okay?
It'll be a piece of cake.
Hell of a way to start a career, huh?
Or to end one.
Look, Seiko....
Maybe you shouldn't go.
No, I volunteered. I can do this.
I'm fine.
I'm at your command, Mr. Grant.
Okay, looks like we're on. Redo her lips.
Okay, let's go.
You're taking a big chance with a rookie.
Yeah? Do I look worried?
You should.
The three strikes rule applies to both sides of the law.
Yeah, well, a well-timed home run can wipe the slate clean.
You're certainly due one.
I certainly am.
All right.
We're on the elevator.
Sushi again?
Eat one now, hungry in an hour.
Let's go to work.
Let me know if we miss a spot.
For God's sake, keep calm.
What is this Japanese basket-fuck bullshit?
It's not real, it's a bloody myth.
You mean, where the woman...
... is strapped to a hanging bamboo basket...
...slowly lowered onto her lover's erect penis... the basket spins?
It's not a myth.
I like this girl.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
We haven't done any father- and-son thing in years.
What are you talking about? It's just an hour drive.
We can be up at Griffith Lake by noon.
What do I get out of it?
Fresh air, scenery, nature. Shitloads of nature.
What am I gonna do with nature?
You need this. I know I do.
Yeah, be just like old times.
What's in the lake?
-Bass. -Got any catfish?
Catfish? Sure, catfish.
Trout, you know it.
Just drop in a line, you're bound to snag something.
Even an old geezer like you.
Shut your mouth, Victor. I'm not an old geezer.
You'll be eating fresh meat for a month.
I hate the way fish smells.
I hate the way it smells too, but we'll just box up what we catch...
...and ship it back.
I'm pretty good at crating things up.
Sure. Maybe next time you should just belt him.
Hey, look, you do things your way.
Subtlety's not my style.
Who do you think you're talking to?
Guys with style draw a lot of attention...
... even when they go fishing with their fathers.
So what's it gonna be?
Of course they'll be with me. My scalps are always with me.
I'm busy.
-You sure? -Next time.
-Yeah. -Have fun.
I must say...
...the Japanese do get a few things right.
No, no, no. Stay there.
That's the perfect position to start.
May I please use your restroom?
Don't keep me waiting.
Here we go. Here we go.
Now drop the pin and take the pill.
Come on.
Drop the fucking pin and take the pill.
-Something's wrong. No signal. -She may be in trouble.
I'm going up. Brodie, get me emergency services.
Got it.
Come on.
Let's see who the master race is.
Hey, hey.
Seiko, it's Grant.
Put the gun down.
Come on.
Gun's away.
All right...
...just tell me what happened.
Eight people are dead because of this screwup!
You had no business choosing an untested officer for this mission.
If you'd followed procedures, none of this would have happened.
Because of your lack of respect for the law...
...this department is now being called the KGB.
-It wasn't a good time to page me. -They were locking the gate, Zack.
Someone got hurt today, didn't they?
Someone got hurt? Why do you say that?
You're usually late when someone gets hurt.
Yeah, someone died.
-Did you kill them? -No.
Partly my responsibility, though.
Like when I cleaned the paintbrush in Seymour's milk bowl?
-You got mad at me for that. -Right.
Is the FBI mad at you?
Are you gonna lose your job?
I don't know, Eric.
I guess it depends on how well I do over the next few days.
All right?
-Want to hear a joke? -Yeah, sure.
What do you call a mule that needs a shave?
A hairy ass.
I don't think so. That's a curse word.
Bet that troublemaker told you that.
Teacher called his dad again.
Yeah? I'm surprised he has one.
Come on, Zack. Everyone has a father...
...even the bullies.
Appears to be a 9mm, wide-tip with a blunted casing...
...deformed upon impact with the lower sternum.
Another shell is wedged between the third and fourth vertebrae...
...partially severing the spinal cord.
Left ventricle punctured by a third...
...and fourth fragment.
Right ventricle destroyed by a fifth.
Pelvic bone shattered.
Scrotum and testicles no longer attached to the torso.
Someone was in charge.
I want his name.
-Breaking in a new partner? -Sitter's not ready till 5.
Hey, Eric, let's feel that grip, boy. Come on.
Find anything?
No closet full of hockey masks.
The girl was a landlord's dream. Clean, neat, no wild parties.
It's always the quiet ones that snap.
Seiko did not snap.
No, she gunned down seven people in a fit of happiness.
Look, Zack, it's been a rough day.
Take your son to the park. Play some catch.
Come on. Supe wants us to handle this. You know how it is.
What happened?
Where's Seiko?
If you don't mind me asking... did she die?
In the line of duty.
Oh, my God.
That was one of her biggest fears.
What do you mean?
She had a lot of bad dreams about getting killed on the job.
Really scared her sometimes.
She wouldn't want to sleep alone, so--
She'd come over to my place. I'd make her Rice Krispy squares.
She kept her groceries in my fridge...
...used my shower... phone.
She called from here?
I sure don't know anyone in New York.
You think the phone company screwed up?
The phone company?
Yeah, maybe.
Look, why don't I keep these.
-I'll check it out for you, all right? -Thanks.
FBI vs. AT&T. I'd pay money to see that on pay-per-view.
I gotta go.
Seven calls. Seven calls to this guy.
Yuji Kobayashi.
You see, the way it appears to me, Fukes... Seiko could not possibly be working alone.
She was coerced by the yakuza.
This is all circumstantial at best.
I know that. But if I can get him to admit his connection with Seiko...
...then at the least, we got ourselves a prime suspect.
The heat's off the department.
And you.
Okay, Zack, I'll give you some rope. But if you hang yourself with it...
...l can't cut you loose.
I understand.
Go get him.
He was an obsessive child...
...always striving to achieve the impossible.
He would have exceeded my accomplishments...
...but he chose his own path.
He was your leader.
He was my son.
We will miss him.
I want Zack Grant followed wherever he goes.
Either he leads us to the scum responsible for Victor's death...
... or my loss...
... will become his.
-Sir? -Yeah.
Your seat belt.
-What about it? -It must be fastened before takeoff.
We're still at the gate.
But the pilot's turned on the "fasten seat belt" sign.
Until the pilot turns on the engines...
...there's not much chance of me falling out of my seat.
Still, it is an airline regulation.
I'll risk it, okay?
Charming, Grant. You'll have no problem convincing the yakuza...
...that you're a typical American gun dealer.
Unrefined and egotistical.
Fortunately, you don't speak Japanese...
...which means once we're inside, I'll be running the show.
Sure we'll get in?
As an avid art collector myself...
...I know what Kobayashi will appreciate.
Trust me, we'll get in.
--0 to 60 in 3. 2 seconds.
We start the bidding at 35, 000.
That's item 1 12.
I make the first move.
Unfortunately, many Japanese still cling to clich├ęs about Americans.
What, that we're all loud-mouthed, two-faced sons of bitches?
-Sorry. -That's okay.
Americans think Japanese are...
...stone-faced, tight-assed, rip-off merchants.
It's a good thing we're both above all that.
Friendly guy.
He's a baby.
That's the fish oil.
Matching Tattakanese swords.
Our gift to you.
They are very rare.
Accept them in the spirit of our pending relationship.
Our relationship?
What does that mean?
My friend is with the military.
You got any money to lose?
What are you playing?
Japanese five-card.
Your deal.
Any of you play guts?
Please...who referred you to me?
I may want to reward him.
He was a "she."
We each get three cards, you make your best hand.
Three of a kind is tops.
Take a chip...
...and put it under the table.
She works for you.
I have no female operatives.
If you're in, you keep the chip in your palm.
If you're out, you don't.
But if you stay in and you lose... gotta match the pot.
That's guts.
What was her name?
You take the chip in your palm.
So you remember her now? Please tell me.
I will tell you two things I am sure of...
Seiko did not send you to me.
...and you're not a gun dealer.
Put your hands under the table.
I'm very sorry...
...I've taken your time.
Who are you?
Get out, Gim! Go!
Gim, go!
Lower your guns!
I'm just gonna have a little talk with your boss here, okay?
You can't fuck with the United States government, asshole!
But no backup at all? What the fuck were you guys doing?
Yeah, I got him right here, no thanks to you.
I want a battalion when I bring him in, all right?
Nothing left to chance, okay?
You've made a big mistake.
Arresting you or saving your ass?
You led them here. This is your fault.
You killed Serlano's son and I'm the bad guy? I don't think so.
I have done nothing wrong.
Save your English. It sucks.
Your career is over.
No, you're wrong there.
My career's just started, I'll tell you that right now.
Who the fuck is that?
What do you call a mule that needs a shave?
Who is this?
Serlano. Senior.
I had nothing to do with your son.
Maybe not, but because of some impressive luck on your part... have the prime suspect.
I want him to stand trial...
...before me.
My career's shot full of holes already.
This is your son we're talking about, Zack.
You understand me?
Your son.
Don't you fucking touch him.
It's all up to you, Zack.
Up to you.
A private auction was the site of a full-scale gun battle this evening.
FBI special agent, Gim Takakura...
... was involved in the shootout inside.
What do you mean, he hasn't shown up?
Where else could he have gone?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight 51 1, nonstop to Los Angeles.
It's about 4 1/2 hours in, so sit back and enjoy your flight.
Can I get you a cocktail?
How about you, sir?
I was talking to the other gentleman.
-He doesn't want anything. -Wine, please.
Kiwi with that?
Very refreshing. The fuzz tickles your throat.
I'll be right back.
Don't fuck with me.
I would say the fucking is coming from you, Mr. Grant.
You may arrest me, but I'm not a convict.
In fact, you'll be apologizing to me very soon.
Yeah, I think you're right.
I'm sorry.
You know, I don't give a shit about Serlano.
Someone was bound to put that demented fuck down.
But Seiko...
...that girl had everything going for her.
So how'd you get her to do it?
What? You threaten to kill her?
Yeah, right. Save it for your defense.
That's where all the bullshit gets flung.
Your chardonnay.
And your peeled kiwi.
Actually, the kiwi is a seed-bearing fruit. I spooned them out.
-Very thoughtful. -Thank you.
-Anything else? -I'll have a pumpkin with a happy face.
Trouble in paradise?
The guy in 9-C. Typical sub-B type.
I tried courtesy, small talk, a sincere and inviting smile.
Well, this isn't training. These are real people.
Personalities go ape-shit when people get stressed out.
For all we know, this guy could have an incredible fear of flying.
Sometimes the best thing is just to leave him alone.
In the last 30 years there have been 25 million auto-related fatalities...
...compared with only 3000 caused by airline disasters.
Most of those can be traced to bad weather conditions.
Since it's summer and we're nowhere near a thunderstorm...
...there's no reason to be afraid of flying.
What you're really feeling is the fear of the unknown.
Does that make sense?
I am not afraid to fly.
Very good.
I mean, I'm not afraid of flying.
Then your rude behavior and total lack of respect for me... your natural personality and not due to stress?
Okay, you're right. I'm stressed out.
I sure hope so.
Otherwise we both just made big fools of ourselves.
-You should be sleeping. -I can't.
You could if you turned this light out.
I don't want to sleep.
Sam. Sam.
Look into my eyes. You're doing great, Sam.
-Look at me, baby. -Zack.
Come on, Mrs. Grant, big push. One last push.
Sam, come on! Push!
That's it. There he is.
Mrs. Grant, you have a boy!
-Pulse dropping! -Sam!
What's wrong? What's wrong?
What are you doing to her?
-Get him out of here! Get him away! -What are you doing?
We have to let them do their job!
Stay here.
Stay with us! Stay!
Again! Come on, one more time.
Give me 50 more right away. Right away.
We lost her.
Shouldn't fall asleep on the job.
Too much at stake if you botch this assignment. Why isn't he cuffed?
-Who are you? -I'm Mr. Serlano's contingency plan.
If anything goes wrong, I take over.
And then all deals are off.
I'll bring him in like I said.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to wake you...
...but we'll be experiencing turbulence.
I'd ask that you remain seated with your seat belts fastened.
-We should pass through this quickly. -Too much chardonnay.
There is another restroom around the corner, sir.
I'll wait for this one.
Mary was right, you are an odd one.
She should talk.
Give her a break, she's new up here.
Lack of experience isn't her problem.
She'd be annoying anywhere. Land, sea or air.
Have a cup of coffee.
It'll help wash down that foot in your mouth.
I smell fresh-brewed.
I'll bring you back a cup.
That's okay, I'm here. I'll have one now.
-Cream and sugar? -Black.
It's a gun!
-Where is the cockpit? -Oh, I don't think--
-Shoot me. -Stop.
What the hell do you think you're doing? You can't come in--
This is a hijack.
-Where do you want to go? -Down. Now!
You're digging yourself a hole.
This won't win you any points with a judge.
Enough lies!
You pretend to be a lawman while working for the Mafia.
I was never to see a real judge.
I was to be executed by a man who does not care of my innocence or guilt!
Your dishonesty is the real crime here, Agent Grant.
The only reason this plane will never make it to Los Angeles!
-Is there a code? -No, it's from the inside.
We better radio for an emergency landing.
No radio. Just land.
-There's a storm system down there! -Land!
We're making an emergency landing.
Be sure all carryons are--
There's a small field 0.2 degrees to the south.
How small?
I don't want to die!
Okay. We're down.
Hey, you guys okay? Boy, that was some kind of flying!
Now what?
Get out of the way.
The hatch.
He took Mary.
You want to untie me? Hey!
What is it?
-It's Zack. -Zack? Where is he?
-Arizona. -What the hell's he doing in Arizona?
We found him.
Are my feet glad to see you!
You okay?
Didn't want to be charged with kidnapping, so he dumped me!
Stay here. Stay here.
You can't just leave me...
We're out of here!
Step away from the car.
I don't think you're going anywhere.
Excuse me.
Step away from the car.
Thank you.
Oh, shit.
Okay, I gotcha.
I gotcha.
Good decision.
All right, no more bullshit, no more bathroom privileges.
We're driving straight through.
We're walking straight through.
-Your father make puzzles with you? -No.
You could do a puzzle by yourself.
I don't understand that.
I used to make these with my son.
My dad's job is very important.
Oh, is that right?
-Very important? -Mr. Serlano!
-Well, so is mine! -Mr. Serlano, phone call!
Yeah, all right, all right!
Hold your horses!
What the hell are you talking about? How could he get away from you?
No. No, no, no.
You just stay there. The scouts are on their way.
He had his chance. Now it's my turn.
How much is Serlano paying you?
For a man to turn bad, it must be a lot.
I could offer you more.
No, you couldn't.
Then it's not money.
-Shut up. -Why am I being treated like this?
Karma. You do shit, then shit happens to you.
-I did not hire Seiko! -No?
She decides to give a stranger a call before going on a killing spree?
I don't think so. Stay in fucking front of me.
-She wanted yakuza's help. -Yeah?
I couldn't give it to her. She went after Victor herself.
Yeah, right. Why would Seiko want Victor Serlano dead?
-Revenge. -I should have thought of that.
Why won't you believe me?
In my experience, criminals have a moral problem with honesty.
-I'm telling you the truth. -I don't give a shit.
You're Serlano's problem now, not mine, okay?
I'm tired of your bullshit! I know you had Serlano killed! Admit it!
Start spilling your guts or I'll spill them for you.
-I've already told you the truth. -Tell me!
Tell me you had him killed!
I didn't.
This is your last chance.
You tell me or your life is over.
I did not kill Serlano's son.
Is this a bonding moment or what?
Mr. Contingency wins again.
I'll take that.
Come on!
Very good, Zack.
I didn't think you'd catch him, but you did.
You know, you should be kissing my ass.
If I hadn't come along, our little import might've escaped.
At least now your kid has a fifty-fifty chance.
What do you mean fifty-fifty?
He gave me his word.
Provided you brought his man in. You didn't. I did.
It shouldn't change anything.
I don't make the rules.
-I want to talk to Serlano. -Sorry.
This is fucked.
Don't worry, Zack.
Mr. Serlano really likes your boy.
If things don't go your way, he might adopt him as his own.
Wouldn't that be ironic?
Guy you've been trying to nail for five years...
...becomes the father of your son?
Sounds like a fucking Greek tragedy.
Radio that we have them.
Tell the copter to pick us up...
Have the main unit meet us at Eagle Rock.
Got it. Eagle Rock.
We're gonna take a trip now.
If there's any trouble from any of you...
...l will shoot you all. Those are my orders.
-I don't understand. -It's easy.
I point the gun, I pull the trigger.
How can you kill three people just because some guy tells you to?
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.
Dusty trail!
We got a car coming!
Drop it!
-FBI! Put them down! -Keep your beat on them!
We just want Grant and Yuji Kobayashi.
Sure, Zack, go ahead.
Take Yuji with you.
Come on, Zack.
-I can't. -What?
Which side are you on? Get over here!
Hey, I made my choice.
Don't do this, Zack.
You can't get away.
Yes, he can.
Help, somebody!
Me? I'm not a fugitive!
-Drive the goddamn car! -But I can't see a thing!
Go! Go! Go!
-Oh, no! -Out of the car!
Oh, shit!
Go! Go! Go!
-Good job. -Good job?
This is not my job! I'm not a getaway driver!
It was a compliment.
"Your hair looks pretty," that's a compliment!
-I don't want to be good at this! -You do.
-I don't! -Yes, you do.
In this business you'll live longer.
This business? The hostage business?
-He's not exactly my hostage. -What would you call him?
My problem.
We got a lot of problems.
Tell me about it.
Fasten your seat belt, please.
-Listen here-- -Something's going on.
I don't know what's going on.
-Fukes is crying. I swear. -No, she wasn't.
-Agent Dundreff? -Yes, ma'am.
Put out an all points bulletin for the arrest of Agent Grant.
He's to be considered extremely dangerous and be treated as such.
That's absurd. That's Zack we're talking about.
Just do it.
So how old is he?
-Your son. -Second grade.
Seven. Oh, that's a cute age.
Love to see a picture of him.
I don't have any.
You lost your wallet?
I don't have any photos of him.
-None? -No.
-Not one? -No. Can we drop this?
Shut up.
Shut up!
Can you be quiet, just for a few miles?
-I'm upset. -So?
-I hum when I'm upset. -Well, don't.
-Perhaps you should try it. -I don't want to.
Music is a very powerful ally. It soothes the savage beast.
Go find yourself some bears to serenade. I don't want to hear it.
Typical sub-B.
That's it. You want to cuss me out?
Enough with the letters. Use whole words!
They're not cuss words. They're personality types.
We're taught how to spot problem passengers...
...which I'm afraid you are "on land, sea or air" !
Sorry I called you annoying.
What was going through my head? You're an absolute joy.
-I don't believe that. -What?
I sense sarcasm in your apology.
-Really? -Yes.
It's upsetting.
Oh, I'm sorry. I am sorry.
I'm completely, without exception...
...the fucking sorriest I've ever been in my whole fucking sorry life!
I can accept that.
Put the brakes on!
Put the fucking brakes on!
See what your goddamn humming does?
You son of a bitch!
Put the fucking brakes on, you piece of shit!
Shit! Fuck it!
You son of a bitch!
You prick.
I don't care what he said.
I'm not the one screwing around.
I got him. You want him or not?
Look, Serlano, we had a deal, all right?
-So where is he? -You get Yuji when I get my son.
Now you're suddenly a father?
-Not quite. But it's cold. -Thank you.
You are very thoughtful.
It's the training.
He is planning my death.
I don't believe that.
I mean, I know he's stubborn and rude...
...but he's a good person.
-So am l. -I'm sure.
When you're not hijacking 747s and all.
Zack's son is in danger. That would drive any parent crazy.
I agree.
I'd probably make the same mistake.
I'll be at your place around noon.
No, Zack, that won't do.
We'll meet at Griffith Lake, outside of Barstow.
Griffith Lake.
Eric and I are going on a fishing trip.
Oh, and, Zack, you be there at 8 a.m...
...or it won't be worms I'll be using as bait.
That may not be enough time.
It better be.
Yeah, right.
I finished that puzzle for you.
-How's the car? -Shot.
-Can she fix it? -No.
I guess we'll have to borrow hers.
Are you really turning Yuji over to the Mafia?
It's "Yuji" now?
Even he said you don't believe he killed this guy's son.
Do you? Are you 1 00 percent sure?
He's a member of the yakuza.
He's bound to be guilty of something.
You're sentencing him to die!
If I don't do this, I'm sentencing my son!
You choose.
That's the way life is.
We're losing her!
Do you mind my asking...
...why you don't have photos of your son?
Every time I look at him, I think of his mother.
Where is she?
She's dead.
It's been, like, seven years now.
I'm sorry.
You know, I once served a medium-rare Swiss steak... Patrick Stewart.
Who's Patrick Stewart?
Patrick Stewart. Picard. The greatest starship captain that ever lived?
What about Captain James T. Kirk?
Old news!
You're shunning the guy who went first where no man had gone before.
He was a D type, sub-A.
He kicked Klingon ass, babe.
He always broke the prime directive. Picard never breaks it.
He's an old bald guy. He couldn't break a date.
-For Pete's sake, grow up! -Grow up?
I don't believe you sometimes.
How about you, Yuji? Who do you think was best?
-Yeah, right. Ask him. -Sulu.
He should've been captain.
What should I do?
Oh, shit.
We can't outrun him in this. You better pull over.
You got your I.D.?
It's in my flight bag on the plane.
-Swap seats. -What?
Swap seats.
Just keep your head low.
Under my legs.
Step out of the car.
I don't think that'll be necessary.
What's FBI doing with a stolen vehicle?
It was required to complete my assignment.
-What assignment? -That's classified.
Who's he?
Robbery suspect. That's all I can say.
He's lying.
He's working for the Mafia.
-Criminals. -I'm kidnapped.
I'm being taken to the Mafia to be killed.
That's enough of your shit!
The officer doesn't have time to listen to your fantasies. Right?
I got time.
Step out of the car.
Hey, cowboy, this is not necessary.
I want you to shut up.
Step out of the car, sir.
Right over there.
This is not good.
You have any I.D.?
-You're a long way from home. -Not my choice.
Stay here.
I need a verification of an FBI agent.
His name is Zack Grant.
I.D. number is AB-55...
...from the L.A. office.
He's transporting an Asian businessman by the name of Yuji Kobayashi.
Present location is 45 miles east of Barstow on Route 1 6.
Everyone out of the car!
Two years of training...
...a couple of years as a beat cop...
...and then another six to get to the rank you're at?
Then you just chuck it all.
Chuck it all for some score. What, to buy a Porsche or something?
I don't get it.
I don't understand how a man of law can go bad.
He has his reasons.
You're even worse, miss.
Me? What did I do?
You women are always talking about... you want to be treated with equality and respect.
And you end up falling for a loser like this guy.
You waste away your best years...
...while countless nice guys are dying of loneliness.
Classic C type.
Excuse me?
You're not married, are you, officer?
Do you live with your mother?
Of course not.
She lives with me.
What, am I gonna put her in a nursing home?
Now, see, he would probably do that.
-Leave his mother out of it. -Just button it up.
Grab the wheel, Yuji!
The keys.
Fuck the keys. Get the gun!
Dead or alive now, Zack! Dead or alive!
Come on, Yuji!
Like bagging caged rabbits.
Open the door.
Open the door!
Open the door!
Okay, I was wrong! I apologize.
I apologize for dragging you into this mess.
I apologize for putting your business...
...and your people in jeopardy.
My evidence was circumstantial. I shouldn't have brought it forward.
Things just got out of hand.
I'm convinced you had nothing to do with the death of Victor Serlano.
And you're not a cold-blooded killer.
You won't leave us. It's not how you work.
Seiko was my sister.
I couldn't get near Victor...
...but with your help...
...Seiko could.
-You sent her up there? -You were right all along.
I did have something to do with Victor's death.
And I am a cold-blooded killer.
Open the door!
Mary, get out of my way.
Yuji, you can't just leave us here!
Any guy kills his own sister couldn't give a shit about us.
You really killed your own sister?
She wasn't supposed to die!
-I told her to plead self-defense. -She couldn't do that, Yuji.
She couldn't live with the guilt.
I didn't want her to die.
She wasn't like you.
She based her life on the American system of justice.
When you put her in the middle, you wrote the end of her life.
But Serlano killed our godfather!
Now he's gonna kill my son.
And you were going to sacrifice me.
Give me another option.
Give me another option.
Does it hurt?
Not really. I do it very quickly. It doesn't feel a thing.
There we go. All right, get low.
How do you like that?
-Want to hold it? -Sure.
No, sit down. Be careful.
Look at that. You're a fisherman.
It's 8:00, Mr. Serlano!
It's 8:00!
Yeah, I know!
All right, come here.
We're done?
Yeah. Yeah, we're done.
But this is fun.
-It is? -Yeah.
I'm glad you brought me here.
Maybe you can get my dad to come here.
Yeah, well....
Believe me, Eric, I've tried.
You know, I hate to tell you this.
I don't think your father cares about you.
I'm going out.
I get Serlano.
What is it? What's this about?
We'll handle it.
-Hold it! -Is this Griffith Lake?
I have trouble folding those too.
You're not supposed to be here!
-I am if there's fish to catch. -There's no fishing.
What about that man and boy?
They're not fishing!
-I see rod and reels. -You're in the wrong place.
I'm supposed to learn fly-fishing from this guy who was the adviser--
You're lost. Get out of here.
You guys part of a hunting cult or something?
Get her the hell out of there!
Hey, it's a damn Fed car!
Come on, come on!
Check it out.
-Come on, Zack. -Dad?
Show yourself.
Where the hell are you?
All right, enough of this, Zack. Enough!
This was not our deal!
Shell wedged between third and fourth vertebrae...
...partially severing the spinal cord.
Left ventricle punctured... a third and fourth fragment.
Right ventricle destroyed by a fifth.
Pelvic bone shattered.
Scrotum and testicles no longer attached to the torso.
Don't make me use this!
Let me have that gun, son.
You're not my father!
There! I see bubbles!
Oh, God!
Come on! Come on!
He's not breathing.
He's not breathing.
Come on.
Come on.
I love you, son.
Thank you.
Not a good time to page me.
They were locking the gates, Dad.
-Someone got hurt today, didn't they? -Nope.
Then why were you late?
-We're going to a game? -No, I bought you a hat.
-Jeez, what do you want? -Typical sub-B.
You're spending too much time with Mary. Want to hear a joke?
-Polly wants a big fat cracker -Doo dah, doo dah
If he don't get it It don't matter
All the doo dah day
-Gonna squawk all night -Squawk!
-Gonna squawk all day -Squawk!
You know it's a Dodgers game. You know that, right?
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