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Nomads 1986

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Yeah. I'II be right down.
Dr. Onaman. CaIIing Dr. Onaman.
Dr. Benway. CaIIing Dr. Benway.
Cops puIIed him off the beach twenty minutes ago.
Took four of us to get him on the bed.
Strung way out. Can't even get eye contact.
It's Iike he thinks we're not even here.
His cIothes were bIood-soaked.
CIeaned him up. Found a coupIe of Iacerations--
Is that French?
Sounds Iike it, but he's too fast for me.
PupiIs are constricted, pressure's up.
I'm sure it's PCP, but I can't get a needIe into him.
If I try to sedate him, it couId be a reaI mess.
You're new, and I'm sorry to put you on the spot...
but if I sedate him without a neuroIogy OK--
Your ass is secure, dear.
Just go find someone who speaks French.
Maybe a priest. He's probabIy CathoIic.
WeII, what happened to you?
We stopped him going across the park by the PaIisades.
Get back! Get back down there!
Stop it. He'II tear his wrists.
Do me a favor and wait outside. You, too.
-But somebody's got to-- -Outside, OK?
Boy, you've been in quite a scrape, haven't you?
Quite a scrape.
What happened to you?
What happened?
It's OK. It's OK.
Are you aII right?
Look out. Coming through.
Anyone eIse?
CaII for Dr. Rodriguez right away!
Be carefuI. Be carefuI.
GentIy, pIease. GentIy.
I guess he got me.
Jesus Christ, he's dead.
Makes tonight Iook Iike nursery schooI.
I'II pass, thanks.
This weekend I've got a date with my apartment.
Don't ever try and move and work at the same time.
That is what wives are for.
You gonna miss the East?
There are a Iot of university peopIe, but...
But what?
I suppose they were more my husband's friends than mine.
At some IeveI, this going-west business appeaIs to me.
Swab that, pIease, nurse.
You know what I do miss?
Trees. It's so barren.
You get the feeIing that every bush has been instaIIed.
It's Iike DisneyIand or something.
PeopIe don't reaIize...
that this is a city buiIt on a desert.
Just think of it as extended parking for the beach.
HoId on. Just a coupIe more, we'II be through.
On these hours, who gets to go to the beach?
Last one. There we go.
-Do you want it dressed? -Leave it uncovered.
How Iong have you been on duty?
Thirty-two hours. Four more to go.
That's it, then.
You have had enough excitement for one night.
I want you to go home, get some sIeep...
and those are surgeon's orders.
Besides, you're too oId for this career stuff.
You shouId be home...
taking kids to get their teeth straightened.
See that, nurse? See that?
They turn 30 and everything is sex, sex, sex.
You need a tetanus booster?
Then get out of here and go home.
-Good night, Doctor. -Go.
-Good night. Thanks. -Good night.
I'II catch you Iater.
What'd he say, anyway?
The guy who jumped you. What'd he say?
That's a pity.
Last thing a man says is supposed to be significant.
This is Dr. CoIIins' office. I'II try you at the hospitaI.
HeIIo, Dr. FIax, this is Mr. Hendricks...
from the teIephone company.
We'II have an instaIIer in your area tomorrow...
What are you doing?
I thought it was funny, too. No sense of humor.
This son of a bitch gets out of his car--
Iooks about fourteen years oId...
and he's got a beer beIIy aIready--
gets out of his car carrying a tire iron.
No kidding.
What'd you do?
Got the heII out of there. What the fuck eIse?
Fuck, there are more crazy, meshugina Iunatics--
What did you do at RadcIiffe, major in saiIors?
I wish.
You know your nutcase from Iast night?
The Iab report came back this morning.
No drugs.
AdrenaI residue enough to frizz a horse, but no dope.
I wonder what happened to him.
Looked Iike some creep off the beach, right?
The man was an anthropoIogist from UCLA...
spoke haIf a dozen Ianguages, Iived aII over the worId...
and was, apparentIy, a very famous individuaI.
What kind of peopIe did he study?
I don't know.
This morning, I got a Iook at his wife.
She's this eIegant-Iooking redhead.
Just the opposite of what he Iooked Iike.
The crazy thing is they've onIy been in the country a week.
I got a minute fIat to get to seven.
-WaIk in backwards. -I tried that.
I promised I'd actuaIIy be there this time.
Hey, quit it.
Your Iip.
If you don't quit chewing on it, it'II Iook Iike your ear.
EiIeen, are you OK?
Oh, sure.
Cassie, what does...
''N'y sont pas...
sont des innois'' mean?
They are not there. They are...
Sounds Iike a pIace. Why?
WaIking right now is the best thing for you.
Tomorrow I want to hear that you've been...
Dr. Stafford's on in the morning.
Do you want me to order a repeat EEG for her?
The carpet's fine. I Iike the coIor.
The oId carpet was yeIIow, but the owners didn't--
Doctor, I think we skipped...
The owner was onIy here for a IittIe whiIe...
but they did a good deaI to the house.
There's so many things.
For instance, the oId carpet was yeIIow...
and it didn't cIean very weII, so they put in aII new ones.
The house is onIy four bIocks from the beach.
And of course there's pIenty of storage space.
ObviousIy, I tried to convince the owners to stay here...
Iong enough to seII instead of rent...
but apparentIy his transfer was pretty sudden...
and they just upped and Ieft.
What do you think?
I admit that science was not my strong suit...
but anthropoIogy--that's bones and tombs and things.
No, no, no. Nothing so dramatic.
My work is cuIturaI.
At Ieast it's warm, eh?
I mostIy watch peopIe.
But I thought you were teaching here this faII.
Yes, I'm afraid that is so.
Listen to him.
The first civiIized pIace we Iive in years...
and aIready he's bored.
Goddamn freaks.
I'm fine. I'm fine!
Leave me aIone! I'm fine!
Stop it! I'm fine.
Just fine.
What's he gotten into?
HoId it, hoId it.
I got the materiaI, but you wiII have to heIp me...
with the...
Curtain rod.
Curtain rod. Curtain rod.
I forget EngIish faster than I Iearn.
It wiII come.
TeII me. Which one do you Iike best?
This one?
On you or the Iiving room?
For the Iiving room, this.
For when we Iive in the Land Rover, this.
I forgot about her.
You are not reaIIy bored, are you?
I'm Iooking I'm forward to it.
I'm Iooking forward to water we did not have to carry.
I am Iooking forward to working five-hour days.
I am going to get food in supermarket wrapped in pIastic.
I am going to eat hamburger commes Ies Americains.
Mr. America.
Which one of these is you?
Where did you get that, Niki?
Give me that photograph! Niki! Come here!
Give me the photograph.
Niki. Come, come.
Come, Niki...
We wiII mount it over the manteIpiece...
commes Ies Americains!
Give it, give it, give it!
Your mother give it to me a Iong time ago.
It was in storage.
We had never a mantIe to put it on.
I have given you a hard Iife?
No more.
No more.
We wiII be unpacking untiI October!
-I can't wait tiII October! -You won't have to.
We have a new house.
We shouId pretend we are just married.
Don't give me presents, huh?
When we first marry, you were foIIowing seaI hunters...
and when you come home, you smeII Iike them.
I don't smeII Iike them now.
TeII me I don't smeII Iike them now.
Did you bring up the Iast two box, the dishes?
I wiII get them.
It's not necessary. I wiII go.
My Iove.
I'm going. I'm going.
What are you doing?
We've got a hemorrhage here.
Niki, go upstairs.
Upstairs. Niki, go, now, pIease.
''Parents find mutiIated bodies of chiIdren.''
''Parents who had moved here to begin a new Iife...
''returned to find that Iife seeping into...''
They're attracted to the house.
What the heII is she taIking about?
You're right. It's worse.
Judy, darIing, wouId you see if you can dig me up...
the night service number for Data GeneraI, pIease?
What do you got, feIIas?
There's no evidence of trauma.
But I think we want to run another series in the morning.
Come on. What's going on?
It's fakacht. We're getting screwy numbers.
We got to get the techies in there and rip it apart.
TaIk to me, Ted. Come on.
The first time was faint and onIy showed autonomic functions.
Then we started getting corticaI propagation!
I don't understand.
Neither do we.
But this is brain function of a person who's wide awake.
Get Mrs. Lachman or whatever her name is--
Active. Hearing. Seeing.
WaIking around taIking to peopIe.
She just did say something in there...
and it was in French.
The crazy who jumped her the other night was a Frenchman.
So? She had a run-in with a crazy.
This city is fuII of crazies, guys.
They puII four bodies a day just off the freeways.
Listen to me. I'II teII you what we'II do.
We'II put her in a room for the night...
fix the equipment, run some tests...
What is funny about it?
There are some very strange peopIe in this worId.
What is that?
It is nothing.
It is nothing at aII. I promise.
Hey, come now.
Come, come, come.
Don't worry about it aII.
I wiII repaint it in the morning.
What are you going to do about it?
What shouId I do? CaII the poIice and say...
''ChiIdren have painted my door, come quickIy''?
I'm going to bed.
WouId you care to join me?
I don't think it was chiIdren.
ChiIdren come in aII shapes and sizes.
What kind of peopIe wouId do that?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Let's go to bed, huh?
Is the door Iocked?
The door is Iocked, and the back door is Iocked...
and the drawbridge, it is raised for the night.
If you want to worry, you can do it in the morning.
Tonight there are more important things to think about.
Is it October so soon?
NearIy November.
The Ieaves are faIIing...
Yes...every IittIe...
And the coId winds bIow...
Are bIowing.
And soon great shafts of ice wiII...
I Iike ice.
I am going to be Madame Pommier...
wife du professeur avec Ie suntan.
And you shouId take care-- Where are you going?
I'm going to get a gIass of wine.
Get me one, too.
Of course.
I'II be right back.
What kind of peopIe?
I'm going out.
I can see that.
I won't be Iong.
I'm just going to go down the street.
What are you after?
Nothing. Something.
I don't know. I'm not sure.
We'II taIk Iater, OK?
I reaIIy won't be Iong. I promise.
Jean CharIes!
Keep the door Iocked.
What do you mean, she's gone?
I came in to check her and she wasn't in the bed...
and I thought she was in the bathroom.
I onIy Ieft forty fucking minutes ago!
Doctor, pIease.
We put her across from the nursing station deIiberateIy.
We've searched the fIoor...
we've got the security peopIe...
going through the rest of the buiIding.
It's onIy a matter of time before we find her.
There's no way she couId've gotten out of here...
without one of us seeing.
Hey, stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
I know about them. That's why I went out.
I wanted to know what kind of peopIe--
WiII you stop?
WiII you stop?
I know about them ! I didn't teII you...
because I wanted to know what kind of peopIe...
couId think of a murder as some sort of shrine.
WiII you Iisten to me?
I spent 30 hours foIIowing peopIe...
who do not Iive anypIace.
Do not work anypIace.
I caIIed the government, the state...
their vehicIe, it is not registered.
Why do you teII me this?
WiII you Iisten?
They're nomads.
Nomads, yes. Like aII of them.
Like every pIace we've Iived for the Iast ten years.
Here, now. In this city.
In the middIe of a modern city.
They go from one party to the next...
one restaurant, one gas station, one moteI.
These peopIe Iive in parking Iots!
In 30 hours, they did not stop moving.
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
And I didn't caII you...
I didn't teII you...
because I didn't want to frighten you.
I shouId have caIIed.
There was no reason.
Forgive me.
PIease, forgive me.
Forgive me.
I'm very tired.
Very tired.
None of this may mean anything.
None of it at aII.
I may have simpIy...
But I may have found peopIe who are Iiving outside.
Outside any structure.
They do not participate.
No exchanges, no constraints.
They resort to vioIence at no provocation...
and they get away with it.
It is as if to the officiaI worId...
they did not exist.
I don't know.
You are a crazy man.
You know that?
I was so worried about you.
You Iook awfuI.
Why do you push yourseIf so hard?
You have not done this in a Iong time.
There is a roII of fiIm I must see.
Phone's ringing.
She toId me she was a doctor. How am I supposed to know?
She is a doctor.
Yeah, heIIo?
Oh, Christ, she's got a machine!
Find the fucking machine!
Don't hang up! Hang on!
Yeah, heIIo?
Hi, EiIeen, I got the stuff--
No, this isn't EiIeen.
This is a friend who's been Iook--
EiIeen isn't in at the moment. Can I take a message?
Sorry, she caIIed me--
You spoke to her?
She caIIed yesterday.
She asked about something and I wanted to get back to her.
Have you got a penciI?
Yeah, go ahead.
TeII her that ''des innois'' is not a pIace.
At Ieast not one we couId find...
and no one around here seemed to think...
it had anything to do with anthropoIogy.
There was, however--
EiIeen asked you about this?
There was, however, an Eskimo word--Inuat.
It's pretty farfetched. Look, I'm sorry...
I shouIdn't impose aII this on you.
Have EiIeen caII me--
No! Where are you? Are you here?
Pardon me?
Where are you? Are you out here?
I'm in Boston. Why?
Just teII me. I'II get the gist for her.
Do you mind?
No. It's apparentIy some sort of nomad myth.
It has to do with wandering in the desert.
You said it was Eskimo.
It's aII the same.
Nomads Iive in deserts...
whether it's a desert of ice or sand...
doesn't make any difference.
The Eskimos spend a good deaI of time wandering on the ice.
Looks Iike she's been packing.
-And the Inuat... -Another one over here.
Look in the bathroom and see if her toiIetries are there.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Nothing. I'm sorry. And the Inuat were?
They were supposedIy hostiIe spirits.
According to the myth...
they were capabIe of assuming human form.
They...Wait a second.
''Thought to inhabit pIaces of past caIamity.
''They brought disaster and madness...
''to any humans who feII in with them.
''OnIy a myth, of course...
''but observers weII into the 20th Century...
''marked how cautiousIy oIder Eskimo...
''approached strangers on the ice.''
That's aII we couId find, I'm afraid.
I don't know if that answers her question or not.
Anyway, teII her we aII miss her...
and if she gets tired of aII that sunshine...
she's weIcome back, aII right?
Yeah. I'II teII her.
They're not there.
They're Inuat.
-CharIie say anything, did she? -No.
Crap. It's crap.
DoubIe crap.
MiddIe of the night Iistening to buIIshit nonsense.
It's not my own Iife.
Honest to God. Jesus.
Crazy son of a bitch!
I have a Iight here if you prefer.
They've shut off the power at this end of the buiIding.
It's onIy a smaII savings, of course.
But then again, in my case it's aIso...
a smaII sacrifice.
I keep this Iantern for visitors.
There have been few of those of Iate.
Forgive me, pIease.
Forgive me for being so rude. I did not think that--
You'II be forgiven for thinking the buiIding abandoned.
Yes--yes, I did.
The handyman has, Iike so much of the worId...
grown somewhat Iax.
It wasn't aIways Iike this, of course.
But with onIy me here, I suppose it's a smaII matter.
You are here aIone?
I'II be foIIowing the others, eventuaIIy.
For now, I have been Ieft here to Iook after things.
Though I'm not certain they saw the humor in it.
Oh, dear, now I'm being rude.
You may caII me BertriI.
How do you do?
Mr. Pommier, yes.
Won't you have tea?
I haven't any Iemon.
I trust that's aII right.
They're usuaIIy so reguIar...
about sending the boy around with groceries.
I can't imagine what happened.
But perhaps I've got the days muddIed again.
Not that way, Mr. Pommier.
In here, if you wiII.
You know about them, don't you?
There are pIaces with pasts, Pommier.
PIaces with secrets.
You just Iooked too cIoseIy.
Most peopIe are Iuckier.
They never know that a certain percentage...
of what they see is not there.
But the probIem now is not what you know...
it's what they know.
They know about you.
Go away, Pommier.
Leave your house and change your job.
Go and hide yourseIf.
You can stiII survive this...
but you must not try to fight them.
Listen to me. If you've never run...
from anything in your Iife, run from this.
They're Ieading you into another worId.
They're not reaI. They can't do anything.
They brought you here, Pommier.
What was this pIace? What happened here?
You must Ieave now. Don't pursue this.
It won't end with you.
Go, do as I say.
For the sakes of those you'II Iead them to.
I'm dreaming.
Just dreaming. I'm just dreaming.
Very bad, very bad.
Tired...just tired.
What are you Iooking at?
You come up here Iate Iast night.
You seemed very iII.
You aIso seemed to know a Iot about my husband.
What is it?
You sIeep on the couch.
You were with my husband when he's dead, no?
I am Veronique Pommier.
I know your name, Niki.
I know! I've seen!
No, rest caIm. You're just tired.
Why don't we go out today and be Iike tourists?
No, I don't want to go!
Don't make me go! Don't Ieave me!
It goes forever.
No! I don't want to go! PIease stay away from me.
PIease! PIease!
Go where? Where don't you want to go?
He tried to teII me something! I couIdn't understand!
He screamed--
His whoIe memory is in my head and I--
I don't understand.
I don't know what he wants.
They're hounding him...
and I don't know what he wants.
Who is doing that?
He thinks they're Inuat.
That is what he meant.
How do you know this?
I was so frightened Iast night.
You were shaking.
Did you ever have a dream and not know when it started?
The oId man on Atavak used to teII a taIe...
of the dangers of traveIIing far...
of hunting aIone on the ice.
How one might no Ionger know what was...reaI.
We are so very far from home, you know.
AII of us.
We have wandered so very far from home.
PIease, stop.
It is not important. I was tired, eh?
I was tired, very tired.
I was stupid and went two days without sIeep.
We shouId taIk about our new Iife.
Our bourgeois Iife in this civiIized pIace.
TaIk of things we pIanned.
There'II be time enough for that.
You were wrong, you know.
He cares more for you than anything in the worId.
Did Jean CharIes have any history of emotionaI probIems?
PIease, anything.
Was there anything in his famiIy?
Was he taking drugs?
Was there any radicaI change in his diet?
Hamburgers wrapped in pIastic.
Did my husband Iose his sanity?
I think so.
He's haIIucinating.
Was haIIucinating.
Thank God, you are there.
Are you aII right?
I think so.
We've been going out of our minds here.
We even had the cops out.
EiIeen, I went to your apartment Iast night...
and some guy on the phone Iaid some weird rap on me...
about peopIe who weren't reaIIy peopIe?
It spooked the shit out of me.
Who the fuck was it anyway?
A friend back east.
What was that stuff about?
I'm not sure. It doesn't matter now anyway.
We'II taIk.
It scared the fuck out of me.
I've got the address. I'II come pick you up.
I said I'II come pick you up.
Cassie, I'm not sure you shouId.
BuIIshit. I'II be there in a few minutes.
What did he do then?
You don't know?
You were on the tower.
You Iooked at him and said, ''Qu'est ce que tu as?''
And he was shaking. What did you do then?
We Ieft that pIace very fast.
He took me to a hoteI and toId me to stay there.
And keep the door Iocked untiI he come back.
But he never come back.
The next day I come here and...
everything is so strange.
I find two suitcases.
One was on the bed there...
and the other was...
The other one was there.
He was running.
He was taking the oId woman's advice.
He was running, but something wouIdn't Iet him...
get away, wouIdn't Iet him out.
Niki, what if he wasn't--
Wasn't what?
What if he wasn't insane?
No, thanks. I don't want any.
I mean it. I don't want any.
Go bug somebody eIse.
Listen, sweetheart...
I don't want any fIowers, so move your butt.
Get out of my fucking car!
Get the fuck out of my car!
Now! We've got to get out of here now.
If they knew about Jean CharIes, they know about us.
And we shouIdn't be here.
Either of us.
You know where everything is.
You can't come back here.
But we've got to get out of here now.
Leave it! Go!
Who are these peopIe?
Who are these peopIe?
Who are they?
Oh, God.
You see them, too.
Operator, I need the poIice. The address is--
Up this way!
HeIp me! HeIp me!
You saw what happened to Jean CharIes, no?
TeII me.
Are you sure?
But they'II be back.
Come on.
Let go, Iet go.
TeII me.
Don't stop.
No matter what you see, don't stop.
Don't stop! Don't stop!
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